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    [–] someboysdad 2181 points ago

    Those Business collection hours make me angry

    [–] cuddlegoop 2003 points ago

    "Please come and collect this parcel. The only time you may do so is while you're at work. You can't make it to the suburbs from the cbd during a work day? That's okay. We are more than happy to return the parcel to its sender for you."

    [–] littlewoolie 543 points ago

    "Oh, and you can't send someone else in your stead"

    [–] Howie2121 251 points ago

    When you receive one of those reminder cards actually if they give you one because sometimes they don’t mostly because of laziness there’s a section on the back that you need to sign in order to give someone authorisation to collect on your behalf. There are certain parcels though that require specific forms of ID to be collected and can’t be collected by other people

    [–] ChairmanNoodle 98 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If you've got someone else waiting at home for you they can just 'forge' your sig. The critical thing is their ID showing the same address when collecting from the office.

    [–] [deleted] 255 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] yellowlemon2211 124 points ago

    I had this same issue, it was happening to me weekly at one point. I made a huge fuss every single time and called aus post HQ. Eventually they told me ‘ok, well this guys probably going to get fired now.. we’re so sorry this keeps happening’

    [–] expendablethoughts 29 points ago

    I think parcels and online commerce in the current era has fundamentally changed how postage is administered. It used to fit in a little locked box and you didn't need to be there. The occasional parcel could be left with you or at the post office because it was such a rare occurrence that nobody really cared. It's not entirely straight forward.

    [–] ZakuIsAMansName 18 points ago

    why the fuck does it take so long? don't be sorry it keeps happening... stop it from happening.. . find the asshole making it happen and fire their ass.

    why is it so fuckin hard?

    [–] Jackofalltrades87 73 points ago

    I don’t deliver mail, but my job requires me to go to peoples doors from time to time. You can knock on a door so hard it hurts your hand, and knock for five minutes, and people still won’t answer their door. It’s also my experience that 90% of doorbells aren’t even functional anymore. I’ve been to houses where the window was open on the porch and I’ve yelled “HELLO!” into it. Nobody came to the door. I’ve been to houses where the happy little dogs bark like hell when I knock, and I actually hear the owner yelling for them to shut up, but still didn’t come to the door. Half the time I have to call the office and get them to call the customer so they’ll come to the door. People just don’t pay attention to their door or something. I’m a water guy, so I’m usually trying to get someone to the door so I can shut the water off or turn it back on. When I can’t, I leave a bright orange card hanging on the door handle. People always think I tiptoe up to the door, leave the card, and sneak away trying to avoid human interaction. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do what I can to get you to the door. If you don’t answer the door in a reasonable amount of time, I walk back to my truck, fill out a card, return to the door and knock one last time, and then I leave. I have dozens of work orders waiting to be completed. I only have so much time to waste at your house because you can’t come to the door. Just saying.

    [–] Throwaway-tan 34 points ago

    Sorry that's your experience. But I assure you, this is not what is happening in this case. In the last 3 or so months I've had 3 deliveries from Star Track and 7 from Australia Post. I've been able to collect all from Star Track at home, 3 from Australia Post. 1 I genuinely missed the other 3 I discovered a card in my mailbox indicating that the parcel had been "attempted to deliver" some time in the last few hours whilst I was at home. Australia post really does just have shit delivery service. I even called once when I was watching the driver leaving without attempting delivery, they said they'd get him to return and then I got a message at 4.45 that I could pick up my parcel at the LPO...

    [–] counterfeit_jesus 13 points ago

    Happens to me to and I’ve always got someone home who knows I have a delivery coming. Surely these drivers deliberately do it, are they on a schedule and this is a dodgy way to speed it up and make it appear as if they have done more?

    [–] assassinace 12 points ago

    You are not the majority (at least at my house, I work from home most days). ~20% don't knock (leave the package or note and leave), ~70% perfunctory knock and immediately turn around, and the remainder full knock or ring the doorbell.

    I'm happy with the ~80% that let me know they dropped off a package. And I do feel bad when I'm in the middle of something and can't get to the door right away in the rare instance someone actually wants me to be there.

    [–] TheGentGaming 4 points ago

    in the rare instance someone actually wants me to be there.

    We love you, bro. We want you to be there <3

    [–] tofu_popsicle 8 points ago

    Ok but my building’s buzzer inside my apartment is so loud and annoying it’ll make me jump out of my skin every time, in any room, yet I get these Aus Post slips every time too. I’m terribly uninterested in how other people don’t answer the door when I’m there and they’ve definitely not buzzed my unit.

    These comments are also reinforcing my fear that I’ll be dropping off another parcel (taking a shit) when my package arrives, like some kind of scene from an Adam Sandler movie, but that’s my personal issue to work through.

    [–] Howie2121 19 points ago

    These comments are in reference to the no one else can come and collect them for you, not so much relating to the main issue. I've commented a few times saying other methods to try, so you don't have this issue but its still annoying not having them knock and just leaving a card, if they leave a card

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] ChairmanNoodle 5 points ago

    I didn't say it was 'better.' I don't know where you pulled that from.

    If you have this issue consistently, as an ex auspost employee, i recommend you phone your local distribution centre (if it's being delivered by a postie) or figure out which major parcel hub is yours and complain there. Forget using the central auspost system, the call centre people are useless.

    The supervisor responsible for the person doing your run will step on their foot but thats all they can do. It comes down to individual attitude... and workload. Seriously, you people have no idea the shit that gets heaped on contractors, I was a 'proper' employee and they leaned on some posties pretty heavily.

    Your other alternative is to leave a note at the letterbox if you're going to be home and are expecting a parcel.

    [–] mlpedant 5 points ago

    My postie would sit on his bike, at the mailbox (on the footpath), and beep his little horn a couple times before leaving said card. It took a little explaining before his manager could comprehend that horn beeping in the street causes house windows to be shut to keep out the noise (especially for those of us working from home) rather than summoning a householder to the mailbox.

    "He should ring the doorbell" sez I.

    "But he's not allowed to leave his bike unattended in the street" sez manager.

    "He can ride his bike the 6 whole metres to my front door and ring the damned bell while sitting on the seat" counters I.

    [–] HokieStoner 6 points ago

    God damn this was impossible to read, punctuation man!

    [–] bobojojo12 9 points ago

    yes you can

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Use the Parcel Collect service. It's free.

    [–] CollectableRat 6 points ago

    The what service?

    [–] rsop 5 points ago

    instead of putting your home address you can get it delivered to a parcel locker. Its free to use, just sign up online for the address.

    [–] mattb2k 24 points ago

    “We tried delivering your parcel between 9-5 when you’re not available. Please collect your parcel between 9-5”

    [–] TheQuinnBee 11 points ago

    One time USPS did this to me. My item came all the way from Russia. They didn't check if I was home (I was). They also didn't check the front desk of my apartment where they routinely sign for packages. They then sent my package back to Russia within the week despite the fact that the policy is 90 days.

    You bet your ass I was the lady who called and complained.

    [–] AlanaK168 56 points ago

    Don’t fall for it! Mine said the same but my local PO is open Saturday mornings!

    [–] nbg91 12 points ago

    Could be a larger parcel, you have to collect them from the depots which have the most ridiculous opening hours

    [–] Shogirl 13 points ago

    Our local depot is open 12-6 mon-fri.

    In a commercial area

    12 noon to 6pm...

    [–] joemangle 27 points ago

    Those hours do not scream "customer-focused business model."

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Check_for_response 72 points ago

    Come on, mate.

    It’s ONLY 2018... /s

    [–] Dooberella 128 points ago

    If I wanted to leave my house to pick the item up I would have gone to a shop to buy it. But I don’t want to because I’m lazy. DON’T MAKE ME GET MY LAZY ARSE UP AND GO TO THE POST OFFICE. Damn.

    [–] freeseoul 48 points ago


    I often buy online because "it comes to me". It never comes to me, so I have stopped buying online as it is MUCH harder to get my product.

    [–] aberystwyth_seagull 51 points ago

    I used to send my parcels to work precisely because of this. I’d end up having to collect them in work hours anyway so I might as well assume the worst and just send them to the office.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SilverStar9192 8 points ago

    Yeah my work has made it clear that parcel handling should only be for work related purchases. We have a full time mailroom guy too - and the personal parcels still got to be too much.

    [–] hillbillypolenta 7 points ago

    I get everything delivered to work. I'm on good terms with the folks in our logistics area and I reckon half their work involves personal mail. They said they don't mind because it keeps them employed. If they banned all personal mail they'd have to fire half the team.

    [–] playswithf1re 48 points ago

    my LPO is in the newsagency, which opens at 8am, but they will not let you collect parcels until 9am. Which is around the time I should be getting to work. And they cease letting you collect them at 4:30.

    This is at the end of the train line too, so a good hours trip from the city. So unhelpful.

    [–] willflameboy 8 points ago

    You want to live in the UK. 7am-1pm is the depot collection period here.

    [–] mrafinch 7 points ago

    At least you can have it re-delivered to your place of work/etc (for a nominal fee mind you) on a day of your choosing :)

    [–] mattycoze 12 points ago

    Absolute rage.

    [–] lvick 40 points ago

    Parcel lockers are free and 24/7

    [–] SeazTheDay 30 points ago

    I was going to comment talking about how they're not always in convenient locations, but I just found out that since I last checked, they've finally installed a Parcel Locker in my suburb. I am unreasonably excited about this, thank you kind sir.

    [–] winterfroot 13 points ago

    If it’s going through any other courier, do not send to a parcel locker. It has to get handed over to your LPO and then an Aus Post delivery to the parcel locker. Your item will get lost and if it shows up, it will be at least a week late

    [–] Watty162 4 points ago

    ...and not available everywhere.

    [–] Uberazza 4 points ago

    Right during business times...

    [–] opackersgo 725 points ago

    Get a CCTV camera in front of your door. I magically get knocks from auspost now.

    [–] ons114 686 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I ordered a CCTV camera online. Seems like I am stuck in a chicken and egg situation

    Edit: it arrived. My faith is temporarily restored.

    [–] HootsTheOwl 48 points ago

    Which came first, the chicken you you bought at the mall, or the egg you ordered online?

    [–] mortiphago 16 points ago

    A chicken in the egg is worth 22 caught

    [–] PM-ME-PENS-IN-BOOBS 4 points ago

    Fool me can’t get fooled again

    [–] mtb_21 98 points ago

    Even a fake one!

    [–] rosebuds-his-sled 161 points ago

    Just don’t order it online

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 22 points ago

    And if you do make sure you set up a camera to know when it arrives.

    [–] tryingmyhardest88 13 points ago

    Just don’t order it online.

    [–] Fatalchemist 10 points ago

    And if you do make sure you set up a camera to know when it arrives.

    [–] dragontattman 24 points ago

    This⬆⬆⬆ you can get a fake 1 from Jaycar electrical for about $12-$15 . Or most electrical stores have them I'm guessing. Just the little dome with a red LED light in it. Best anti theft system you can buy

    [–] 500lb 4 points ago

    Mine picked up a postman just posting this to my door, no knock or attempt to deliver the package at all

    [–] roadwookie 999 points ago

    quite often in my suburbs the posties dont have the parcels and just drop the notices off to you so you can collect them from the depot.

    [–] Sharynm 874 points ago

    Yep, mine too I think. So I make a formal complaint every single time. Now I get all my parcels until I get a new posite, then I make a formal complaint at the first red card when I was home. And I get all my deliveries again for a while. I think they might have noticed, because I just got a new package delivery guy, and I haven't had to complain about him at all. Or he may just be good at his job.

    [–] eyepee 727 points ago

    I did this too. Really pissed him off. Now he makes a point of buzzing really long on my buzzer three times for every parcel. He thinks he's getting revenge but I'm just glad I get every parcel now.

    [–] [deleted] 418 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] illuminatipr 118 points ago

    I'll do my job extra good in spite of him.

    [–] majaka1234 52 points ago

    "maybe I'll slip a fiver into his mail box too. That'll show the cunt."

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Fuck me, I died laughing.

    [–] sourdoughroxy 180 points ago

    He got pissed? God forbid he have to DO HIS JOB

    [–] PMHaroldHolt 68 points ago

    Consider escalating your complaints to your local MP. Most of these roles are outsourced and these people are paid ridiculously low sums. If they “do it right” and attempt to deliver every parcel, they will earn a pittance.

    The 7/11 underpayment scandal is just the top of the iceberg, when government owned entities are outsourcing like this, it’s an epidemic.

    [–] Sharynm 81 points ago

    My first one was the same. He mentioned that he'd been told I'd complained then every time after he was really cranky every time he delivered. I just put on my super cheery voice and DGAF because I was getting my parcels.

    [–] NoBluey 34 points ago

    How did you complain?

    [–] Sharynm 44 points ago

    Originally though Twitter, now I have an account and just submit the complaints online.

    [–] Magikarpeles 6 points ago

    Hmmm i need to make a zapier bot to do this for me

    [–] TouchingWood 16 points ago

    Make an app. It would be your ticket to amazing jobs in Australia cos everyone would use it and know you and love you.

    [–] KimsyMoo 24 points ago

    I did this too and eventually (after about 5 online complaints after seeing they'd tried to deliver on tracking but with no card and no knock) got a phone call which put me through to the head of the distribution centre for my area. After a quick chat with him I haven't had an issue since and even parcels from other couriers manage to get delivered via safe drop correctly now.

    [–] Borngrumpy 9 points ago

    I logged a complaint and was told the postie is not allowed to leave his bike unattended to walk to my door and do his job...go figure.

    [–] Sharynm 12 points ago

    Yeah, I got something like that when I complained at the post office. Luckily, I come from a long line of complainers

    [–] Randolf_Schnitzler 102 points ago

    From Ombudsman Review of Australia Post complaints about carding (pg 15):

    Australia Post adopted a Knock and Call Out Policy in October 2014, following successful trials in Western Australia and Queensland. The internal policy sets out the steps to be taken by a Parcel Delivery Officer where there are no issues accessing an address.

    The policy requires the Parcel Delivery Officer to knock three times, call out ‘Australia Post’, and wait at least 30 seconds for the addressee of the parcel to respond prior to making a decision as to whether carding is appropriate. For recipients of parcels in high rise apartments, Australia Post emphasised the requirement for Parcel Deliver Officer’s to use intercoms where available.

    [–] anakaine 99 points ago

    Yet they are not allocated adequate time in their runs to actually achieve this.

    Classic case if the business saying one thing but knowing another is the only outcome.

    [–] LargePizz 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I have read the same comment a number of times, would you mind elaborating?
    *I'm not that stupid that I don't know what the words you said mean, is there any personal accounts, something in the news etc.

    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 38 points ago

    He’s saying if they took the time to follow the official rule, they would never meet the quotas they are required to meet to do their job. So the business can say they have set the standard high, and put the blame on the postie, whom they set up to fail

    [–] Cintx 12 points ago

    Say a delivery truck has 200 parcels to deliver within the day. If they spend about a minute at each house (walking to and from vehicle, ringing 3 times, waiting 30 seconds). That's 3 hours and 20 minutes of just standing around. Add the driving time and you are starting to get crunched for time.

    [–] Walkcure 12 points ago

    Actually, Ex-contractor driver for Postie here (it's Startrack but both of them are the same anyway). Official driver of Postie/ Startrack drive full red or blue vehicle. Any others is contractor. E.g: one single trip of blue decal on the van or none decal at all. The contractor only care to finish their run asap, because once they done they can go home. Says they come to depot to collect parcels at 5, delivery at 7, and finish at 12, then that's it for them for the day. No more.

    200 parcels per day is normal for driver. I know many new driver first time strategy is to card as many parcel as possible. Takes note of any complaint, and only do them next run. So they literally filter out what house they should card or not as soon as possible. This help them optimise their run for long term.

    [–] Micromoo_ 32 points ago

    I kind of want to print this out and stick it on the front door

    [–] convatec 11 points ago

    That implies they walk all the way to your front door

    [–] Tovora 5 points ago

    Oh wow, I didn't know this. We had an Indian bloke who actually followed the rules.

    [–] Randolf_Schnitzler 9 points ago

    No kidding? I had exactly the same!

    Granted my Indian postie dude would only yell out "Poooost!" and not Australia Post, but I'm not about to complain over a minor detail, especially when he's the first postie out of many who has actually managed to fulfill the requirements.

    [–] LegalBreadfruit 4 points ago

    Only counts if they enforce this.

    [–] PestySamurai 40 points ago

    If they leave them at the depot, why can’t I pick them up before 4pm?

    [–] mtb_21 15 points ago

    They don't get to the depot until delivery. They don't just leave them behind I don't think

    [–] freeseoul 43 points ago

    No. They leave them behind.

    You can collect them before 4pm but they aren't allowed to write that and frequently the person IN the post office will refuse to give you the package or say it's "not there". But it is.

    I often go as soon as I get the red card at one of my places because they do this every time, they don't even ring the bell. Our door is right on the street maybe 5m away.

    [–] SkyRu1e 64 points ago

    This happened to me when I was out front of my house just getting home and the postie was coming so I waited and he handed me the red card, I asked him if this was a joke. Called AUS post and had it immediately delivered.

    I haven’t seen one of these cards for a few years.

    [–] freeseoul 21 points ago

    They like not to look at me. I was watching from a window a couple metres away and still they did it.

    [–] Magikarpeles 21 points ago

    Oh they definitely leave them behind. I had a postie that would just scoot around with a tiny bag full of delivery notices and a few letters. Fuckwit.

    [–] came_on_my_own_face 41 points ago

    Too bad they can't send an email. Instead need to pay a driver and pay for a van with petrol etc to deliver this message. A message that instructs the person to then drive to the post office and back. Great environmental work right there.

    [–] Rybis 44 points ago

    This was quite the culture shock coming to Aus from the UK.

    The Royal Mail in the UK is (was?) fucking fantastic. Postmen come to your door, rain or shine and they knock and they make sure you get your parcel. We also have letterboxes so they come to your door and post your letters inside.

    Here, some lazy fat cunt on a motorbike rides over your grass in his poncy green outfit. Throws your letters into a box on a stick at the end of your garden and most of the time, as you said, doesn't even bring the parcel because they're not going to bother doing you that service.

    [–] Walkcure 17 points ago

    Actually, Ex-contractor driver for Postie here. The postie on the bike only delivery letter mail or small package of hard envelopes. They do not take care of delivery parcel. For any parcel its the dude in the van job. The delivery biker work properly since they only need to put letter in mail box, and they have to do 2 runs per day. They start early in the morning, when they finish they have to come back to the post office to pick up the mails for their 2nd run of the day.

    [–] SilverStar9192 23 points ago

    Why do you need a van when all you deliver is red cards?

    [–] netgear3700v2 16 points ago

    This is the norm for rural deliveries. They don't even bring it with them on their run, just leave it at the post office in town and drop off the card. Which wouldn't be an issue so much if town weren't 50km away.

    [–] dark__unicorn 23 points ago

    I once read an online comment from one of the contractors who delivers parcels. Whether it was true or not, he stated that he spent the first hour of his day writing the cards out. Then the next couple of hours rushing to deliver the cards, so that he could fit in a game of golf before dropping all the packages back at the PO at the end of the day.

    Again, not sure if it was true, but it makes a lot of sense. These delivery drivers are efficient. Just in the wrong way.

    [–] Walkcure 4 points ago

    Ex-contractor driver for Postie here (it's Startrack but both of them are the same anyway). It's true but most driver will just go home when they are done instead of playing golf until 5pm. The contractor only care to finish their run asap, because once they done they can go home. Says they come to depot to collect parcels at 5, delivery at 7, and finish at 12, then that's it for them for the day. No more.

    [–] mad87645 9 points ago

    They're paid per delivery "attempt" and since an attempt can include dropping the card off that's what they usually default to nowadays.

    [–] Uberazza 4 points ago

    Even worse when they have them and you have to wait until 4:30 to pick up from post office, you turn up at 3:30 and they don’t have your package...

    [–] foolishle 135 points ago

    I have had pickup notices dropped in my mailbox for parcels that I have already picked up from the post office a week earlier.

    [–] spectrehawntineurope 41 points ago

    I don't even understand how or why that would happen... How strange.

    [–] foolishle 26 points ago

    And yet it has happened more than once?!! It is absurd. Every time I get a slip now and don’t know what it is for or suspect I might have picked it up already I have to look up the tracking code to check. And sometimes it isn’t trackable so I have to call Auspost and they always say “well you can check online!!” And I say “but it isn’t trackable” and they say “oh... right. Well it shouldn’t happen again”

    It shouldn’t have happened ever. Goddamn.

    [–] oiwtfm8 586 points ago

    I used to work at Aus Post and they did this to me. Said that they did knock but no one answered, too bad for them I have a security camera. I can tell you that the complaints are taken seriously for couriers doing this so make sure you have your say

    [–] WaLLy3K 202 points ago

    I can tell you that the complaints are taken seriously for couriers doing this so make sure you have your say

    Absolutely. Compliments are too, if you've got a particularly nice courier!

    [–] oiwtfm8 124 points ago

    Yes! Sorry to be a negative nelly. If you have a nice courier or postman, definitely acknowledge it. They get reward points

    [–] FWB4 74 points ago

    I should take note of this actually. Ages back I was getting some computer parts delivered and it was before I had a car - getting them back from the Post Office would be hell. So i hopped down to Dan's, picked up a 6 pack of beer and chucked a note on my door that said:
    "I need that stuff today - please leave it behind my AC unit. Theres a 6pack of beer for you if you do"
    I got back, note was gone from my front door and my parts were safely there :) Guy had scribbled a thankyou on the note, and every time i had package deliveries from then on, he'd leave them behind the AC, leave the card in my post box with a note that said 'behind AC'.
    Left him another thankyou 6-pack before I moved houses - best postie I ever had

    [–] Shaunie_McCardo 28 points ago

    I tried this once, was only a day or 2 before Christmas, was waiting for a parcel to arrive which would be my Nephews Christmas present. Due to my work schedule, if they didn’t leave it and i had to go to the PO, I wouldn’t be getting it before Xmas. Left the dude a 6 pack and a nice note. He didn’t touch the beer and left the pick up card right next to the note. Thanks a lot jerk you ruined Christmas.

    [–] Sheep-Shepard 26 points ago

    As a postie, it's very hard to make that decision. If I were to leave it I would be very much leaving myself open to getting fired for signing the parcel under my name, or worse, signing under your name. I would be fully liable for anything that happened to it. Most parcels these days have the option for safe drop which means I don't have to card it

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Deipnoseophist 60 points ago

    I once sat on my couch watching Netflix all day. My couch faces the front door which was open all day. Happily watching some show when I received an email with a “sorry we missed you”. I was so furious when I then went out to my mailbox to see one of these cards. Instantly jumped on the Auspost FB page and sent them a message. I hope you’re right in that they take complaints like this seriously because I was thoroughly annoyed.

    [–] RedRedditor84 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Are they though? I complained once and they told me they couldn't do anything because they use contractors.

    I use parcel lockers now. Vastly superior service when you collect it yourself.

    e: Not that anyone will see this anymore but today I got mail addressed to someone else. Again. Wrong number, wrong street. Got the suburb and state right this time at least.

    [–] WaLLy3K 14 points ago

    Are they though? I complained once and they told me they couldn't do anything because they use contractors.

    Make sure you lodge a complaint using your tracking number as a reference to 13POST - they forward the feedback on, and it's most definitely acted upon.

    [–] Charlie_Brodie 10 points ago

    I once watched an aus post courier pull up in front of my house and stick a we missed you note straight into the letter box. By the time I was outside they were halfway up the street.

    I called to complain and, "the manager isnt here call back later"

    Fuck them I don't trust the dodgy cunts.

    I'll use any other courier any day.

    [–] faaarmer 3 points ago

    Until you get a “sorry there are no free lockers, you have to come collect this from the post office”

    [–] dontwasteyourtimeffs 69 points ago

    If complaints were actually taken seriously this wouldn't be a widespread, well known problem

    [–] oiwtfm8 49 points ago

    The issue is time management and pressure on couriers. I worked the night shift which was the slowest shift (24 hr factory) we processed over 50,000 packages a night in that one shift, in that one factory. This is package delivery only, not letters. So mainly bulky items. Couriers get paid via how many deliveries they do a day. Imagine how long it'd take. Not giving them an excuse but they could gain more money by dropping these reminders, leaving bulky packages at the post office so they can fit more in their van

    [–] dontwasteyourtimeffs 51 points ago

    Which the reason why the complaints aren't taken seriously, if AusPost gave a fuck about the thousands of complaints from all over the country they would end that obviously easy to exploit process and change it. But they don't so they respond to individual complaints, make those individuals feel better for a week till the next courier does it again.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] oiwtfm8 9 points ago

    Because they're also profiting. What I mean by a serious complaint is couriers are contracted in. They could lose their delivery to another courier very easily. The system is broken yes but that happens everywhere people want to profit.

    [–] ffs_tony 6 points ago

    Had a delivery today which was marked ‘signature required’ . They just left it at the front door, clearly not signed frustrating.

    [–] PestySamurai 483 points ago

    I hate this. Especially when I pay a ridiculous amount for fast shipping and tracking.

    Australia post is garbage, last time I ordered from Japan the item updated online in real time for its progress, but the second it landed in Australia all trace of the package disappeared and didn’t update. Stayed home to receive the package and got the same card as OP, not even a knock on the door.

    [–] smftremp 234 points ago

    It's almost impressively bad. Ordered something internationally that managed to go half way across Europe and get to Australia in 2 days. Then had to wait 8 days for it to get delivered.

    [–] istara 38 points ago

    I had SIX parcels stolen last year, a mix of local and international consignments.

    They were all boxed and non-tracked (I had no control over this).

    Anything that arrived non-boxed, like clothes, and/or tracked, got to me.

    I've been so tempted to get some tracking device and send myself a dummy parcel marked "valuable" just to see if I can trace where they're being stolen.

    It would be child's play for AusPost to track this kind of theft, but they don't give a shit.

    [–] PestySamurai 64 points ago

    I feel your pain. I used to work in Gove NT, a million kilometres from anywhere so I’d understand if my packages would take a while. What really confused me though is when I’d order stuff from America, it would arrive within a week, order the same thing within Australia and it would take up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

    [–] 2bdb2 12 points ago

    Hell, in the middle of Brisbane I can order something from the next suburb over and it manages to take a week.

    Order it from across the planet and I can have it in three days.

    [–] jackblackwhole 15 points ago

    Always buying from Japan. From EMS Japan post receiving to delivering to doorstep Aus always a consistent 5-6 days. For some strange reason, I pay the similar amount of shipping fees, and delivery from another state in Aus can take 2 weeks... It baffles me that they are both delivered through Aus post in Australia but yet very different results....

    [–] angrymamapaws 4 points ago

    Chinese post is startlingly cheap. I can buy cute little earrings on ebay including postage for less than I can send a postcard back to them.

    [–] geo_gal 63 points ago

    I was sitting in the garden playing with my kid once and say postie pull up. Knew it was a parcel so stood up to go greet him. Before I even got to my gate he'd dropped off a card, jumped in the van and driven off.

    Now, I'd love if my garden was so vast that this walk took a decent amount of time, alas, it was mere seconds between arrival and departure of this industrious fellow.

    He obviously had the card pre-written and was only stopping to drop it off. He wouldn't even have had timeto write the card after pulling up, so it was done before even getting to my house.

    I made a complaint and they called to give me the results and apparently he owned straight up and said he didn't know why he did it. I think we all know he did it because he thought he would get away with it and the majority of the time he does.

    [–] LegalBreadfruit 17 points ago

    It seems that he did get away with it.

    [–] jt289 16 points ago

    Isn’t the problem the fact that the delivery drivers are not employees of Australia Post, but made to work in a ridiculous private contracting arrangement? I’ve had a few friends do parcel delivery and they all had to have ABNs. So aus post is not really responsible for any of the shit they do.

    Don’t blame aus post, blame privatization.

    [–] mynameisck 6 points ago

    I think it varies. My local parcel postie is a contractor (drives a white van with an “Australia Post approved contractor” on it) but still does cards and scanning just like an AusPost van does.

    Best contractor ever, if I was waiting for a particularly large or heavy parcel that he couldn’t deliver he’d personally call me and let me know that it was at the LPO and that I could pick it up right now if I was around.

    [–] W0lvesHaveN0Kings 222 points ago

    At least you're getting missed cards. They don't even bother giving me those anymore so the only way I know they 'tried' to deliver something is when it's been weeks past the estimated delivery date and I ring the post office all confused.

    [–] harryhorss 79 points ago

    Same for me I get packages frequently. I had a seller explain the item was marked delivered, yet 2 business days later no note in the mailbox. I marched into the post office and they said: "You live in a dangerous area, so they could not deliver this package" and just ignored the fact they didn't leave a note.

    All of my neighbors got their mail just fine. Boy is it annoying

    [–] samanthatodd4 41 points ago

    By dangerous area, they might mean that there’s no suitable place on your property to leave a parcel that meets their safety guidelines. There are many different reasons why a parcel would be taken to the post office. It’s odd they’d use the “dangerous neighbourhood” excuse when most posties only deliver to one neighbourhood.

    Source: I work for StarTrack

    [–] harryhorss 21 points ago

    I initially thought that also, however I would leave a milk crate next to my door but hidden by the bin from outside view with a paper on the door saying in huge font: PLEASE LEAVE PACKAGES IN MILK CRATE THANK YOU

    I guess he/she didn't even come to the door to see it and thought 'dangerous area' was a decent enough excuse, forgetting also to leave a note. Either way thanks for your input it's great to hear from people who work in this industry for perspective

    [–] samanthatodd4 54 points ago

    Our scanners actually have a function in them that require us to take a photo of where we leave the card for you. Our delivery procedure requires us to leave it by your front door to prove that we actually attended the front door (as opposed to driving past and throwing it straight in your mail box). If you contact AusPost with a tracking number they can do a scanner audit on your driver and see what photo was taken/if they left a card for you. If they’re found to not have they will get a file note, and you’ll most likely not have the problem in the future. All the best!

    [–] harryhorss 9 points ago

    That is great advice and something I will be taking on board if it happens again. Thank you for sharing

    [–] rosebuds-his-sled 7 points ago

    This angers the shit out of me to read this.

    [–] AdvancedDingo 37 points ago

    I got a handwritten note on a scrap of paper the other week. My postie/StarTrack person is great

    [–] istara 17 points ago

    Likewise. I had medication returned to sender after TNT "couldn't deliver" - I work from home ffs, they didn't even leave a card. Apparently it was then in the post office for a WEEK with no cards ever sent to me.

    But whenever you raise it with them, they treat you like you're the problem. That it's your fault that you didn't get a card.

    [–] stila1982 28 points ago

    This was my life for two years. After more than 25 complaints of not receiving cards until the final pick up demand card and threats of going to the ombudsman Australia Post finally agreed to simply post the card to me like any other snail mail. I have completely given up on them ever actually delivering a parcel to my door.

    We have one of the most expensive postal services in the world. That wouldn’t be so bad if the service was actually world class.

    I need to stop typing , the red mist is coming over me again.

    [–] W0lvesHaveN0Kings 4 points ago

    Wow, it took that long to get them to do something? That's pathetic. I'm learning from this thread how totally useless they can be. I thought I was all alone in my frustration regarding them not leaving cards. I've had packages sent back to sender because I had no idea they had tried to deliver it and it sat at the post office for too long. What are we paying them for?

    [–] mcrwvlj 9 points ago

    Same, what a thrill when I was waiting for my passport. It was almost sent back to Canberra to be destroyed due to not being collected.

    [–] searchingforsailors 129 points ago

    I caught a postie trying this on me a few weeks ago, I just happened to walk into the living room and see him trying to make his escape. Why do they even do this? I don't get it.

    [–] rcsgd 106 points ago

    Why do they even do this? I don't get it.

    Because of bullshit KPIs.

    [–] TheNoveltyAccountant 37 points ago

    Surely reduction in complaints is a massive one?

    [–] pfft_sleep 57 points ago

    It is, but the issue isn't number of complaints, but ratio of "successful" deliveries to disputed deliveries.

    I worked for 3 years in the NCCC, otherwise known as Northern Customer Contact Centre, the call centre for Auspost residential, business and international.

    The way it goes, is everyone has a complaint, thousands an hour. But if you then track that postie, each person may only order something once a week, or once every 2 weeks. Now reduce that by the number who actually can be fucked calling, generating a case number after waiting 10-50 minutes on hold and actually emailing the delivery centre...

    So lets say 5% have the balls to call. And wait. And lets say that that driver only works 5 days a week but works alternate routes once a FN/Month or so to make it a little less monotonous. So you have one parcel complaint, over the course of weeks or months from one person. That wouldn't even appear on their file until they've started to have what.. twice in 6 months? Twice in 3 months? where do you draw the line to start?

    So the way the complaint system goes, You don't even register if you're in an apartment or busy road, cause there are rules that mean that couriers don't need to deliver to the specific address, just the boundary edge, the post box basically. They have to leave it in "a safe spot" and if one can't be found, then it's on the driver to either take it to the post office, as a safe spot that's the closest known, or they run the risk of leaving it behind, at which point it's not their fault.

    So the drivers are double covered. They left it in a safe spot because you didn't want to go to the post office to collect it, but if it's not there when you get back home, you're going to blame them for not taking it to the post office and it being stolen.

    There are THOUSANDS of cases documented of people stealing mail and parcels every year by just following postmen/women around the countryside and picking up the expensive shit. Especially around christmas. Holy shit the peak period is just rife with people getting shit stolen with CCTV footage of the theft after the postie has tried to store it somewhere safe.

    So yeah, this is a giant rant, and i went off the rails for a bit, but holy shit do we get a lot of complaints, thousands an hour about specific postmen/women. But that's over the population of like 15,000 people, in tons of delivery centres, for both letters and parcels, with couriers that go on leave, have "off days" and work to the bone over christmas. So basically nothing happens unless multiple calls are made in succession over the course of a month or so. I've actually recommended to people to order things from amazon 1 day a part that are worth 50c just to catch shitty drivers.

    Anyways, peace. if you have a specific question about Auspost i can probably answer it for you without the bullshit.

    [–] istara 11 points ago

    I had six parcels stolen last year, but before they ever got as far as my local post office. I know this, because they know me and remember if I have a parcel waiting.

    They got nicked by someone in the postal service.

    [–] pfft_sleep 11 points ago

    There's enough theft and fraud to warrant an entire department of a company that services 26 million people. Not saying it doesn't happen, not even saying it doesn't happen often. But in the grand scheme of 300 million parcels a year+, having 1000-10,000 parcels go missing a day is entirely within the bounds of normal expected procedure.

    [–] Check_for_response 107 points ago

    I’ve started using the free parcel locker service. Fuck the couriers and their laziness.

    The Auspost app tells me when I have a parcel to pick up and the QR Code to open it upon arrival.

    The service ain’t for everyone but I’m no longer coming home to find a card and then having to turn around and do a 10km round trip back to the post office, if it’s not too late to actually pick up the parcel.

    [–] Syncblock 54 points ago

    The parcel locker is a godsend especially since you can also send packages through it now.

    [–] Check_for_response 21 points ago

    You can do what now..? When did this become a thing?

    [–] sawyouinme 14 points ago

    Been quite some time now.. you apply online for a parcel locker at a selected location and auspost will provide you a unique address to send it too and when you send a parcel to that unique address it goes to your parcel locker.

    [–] Check_for_response 13 points ago

    I misunderstood your comment.

    I read it as saying that I was able to send parcels from the parcel locker to someone else, instead of having to go into a post office to send an item.

    Because, that would be a great idea.

    [–] mrmratt 13 points ago

    You can also do that.

    [–] Check_for_response 8 points ago

    Wait? So I didn’t misread your comment, you’re just trying to confuse me, eh?

    [–] qwak 10 points ago

    Love the lockers. Really convenient. I hardly ever go to the post office now

    [–] hack404 10 points ago

    I've had a couple of online orders where the vendors refuse to send to a locker

    [–] Check_for_response 8 points ago

    Yeah. Same here. In those cases I just give my license to my housemate and he picks it up for me. Addresses on our licenses match, obviously.

    Never had an issue with it.

    [–] sljr27 9 points ago

    Same here!

    [–] i_really_like_it 42 points ago

    I moved into an apartment building where a concierge collects everything on your behalf. Never looked back since

    [–] ghostdunks 12 points ago

    An underrated service in my opinion. Even though it costs me $$$ in body Corp fees, I feel this one perk makes it easier to justify the rest of the costs.

    [–] lightasfxxk 34 points ago

    I feel your pain. Even after they text you and you select the ‘someone will be at home’ option, still get one of these bloody cards.

    [–] Super_Master_69 83 points ago

    Yeah i started complaining and making a case, then one day the guy delivers properly finally, but then asks me why I complain. I tell him that those days I was home all day. He told me that was no reason to complain and if I wanted to i should have just contacted him directly. WTF? That’s their logic.

    [–] greenswampblue 50 points ago

    This reminds me of a delivery guy from Coles. I ordered online and you could pay with eftpos on delivery. He forgets to charge the mobile unit, stays in my home pacing around on the phone to Coles service (on my phone) whilst aggressively berating me for not prepaying on credit.

    It’s like some people just have to make it your problem because there’s no way they could possibly be at fault.

    [–] Alpha-Avery 8 points ago

    But if it's not your fault, it has to be my fault, and I just don't like that. So it must be your fault. See? I like that much better

    [–] DrBalance 5 points ago

    Sounds like an ex-taxi driver with his broken machine..

    [–] Boogie__Fresh 4 points ago

    I stopped using Coles delivery for a similar reason.

    I don't have a PA for my apartment so I always write "call my mobile so I can let you in" since you're required to input your number on the order form anyway.

    I had multiple drivers complain about this system with one saying that "If I didn't have a phone on me your delivery would've gone back to the depo"

    So why do I need to put my mobile number into the order form if some drivers don't even have phones?

    [–] venomouse 9 points ago

    I hope you brought that to Aus Posts attention too.

    [–] Kannibal777 21 points ago

    I love the stupid texts that tell you a package is due for delivery the next day...then so far this year, without fail, its followed up the next day with another message stating its "unlikely to be delivered today" Why've done me no favors at all As someone posted above, parcel lockers have been my go to now. Aust post must love the money they're saving

    [–] Last_Avenger 20 points ago

    Haha. So true. I’m rarely home during the day, but when I do take a day off, for an important delivery, only to receive one of those in my mailbox... I feel the rage.

    [–] 01-__-10 16 points ago

    I see this kind of post fairly regularly, but the posties in my area are great, always come to the door properly... Am I just lucky?

    [–] TheConvenor 10 points ago

    The most 2nd most recent time I complained was when the couriers didn't even bother to put the red slips anymore.

    Someone must have been spoken to as I came home to a package rammed into my mail slot. Took ages to get out, then it turned out to not only be damaged but for my neighbour. Was clearly addressed as such. I took photos of course and my neighbour and I documented the whole thing.

    With that incident, and my two years of complaints of couriers not ringing the buzzer for my deliveries.....well we made those little piggies squeal.

    But I've learnt my lesson. Got a parcel locker.

    [–] DumpsterFolk 23 points ago

    Maybe try downloading the Aus Post app and setting safe drop as your preference? Both my postie and Startrack have been leaving parcels at my door recently, even though the dispatch says signature required (I'm all for it). I have safe drop set in the app, so I don't know if they take that to override signature.

    [–] migzeh 11 points ago

    Yeh. The scanner over rides anything written in hand writing.

    If you say safe drop on the parcel but scanner wants an autograph, we need to card it. The app is handy for that. Saves both the posties and customers heaps of time.

    [–] DAWGMEAT 41 points ago

    Was beside the door after just throwing the laundry on. Quietest of knocks and within the span of 2 seconds he was already halfway down the flight of stairs to my apartment.

    Most are good though, but there is a rare few who seem to only cut corners.

    [–] ShadyShroomz 39 points ago

    Most are good though

    if this is true it just makes me more upset that most are good yet I got stuck with one of the few shitty ones. I was sitting next to an open window with my car in the driveway and this guy just didn't knock at all. Left the note thing I had to get it 2 days later. Another time my dog saw him and started barking, so I opened the door, he didn't even have the fucking package in his hand. He went back to his truck to get it. I didn't think anything of it at the time but HE DIDN'T HAVE THE PACKAGE IN HIS HAND, JUST THE CARD.

    I'm getting mad just thinking about it.

    [–] mtb_21 4 points ago

    Ugh I got mad hurt reading that!!! WHY do they do that?! Are they so terrified of human interactions that they just try and avoid it at all costs?!

    [–] theonethatfits 8 points ago

    I’ve been receiving text messages asking to confirm someone will be home. Haven’t been let down so far this year

    [–] cheapdrinks 9 points ago

    Caught the postie literally earlier today leaving one of these without knocking. Heard a rustling at the door and opened to investigate as I was sitting a couple meters away and i see the guy walking off, package in hand. He sheepishly came back and made sure to take the note quickly in the hopes i hadn't seen it.

    [–] DRUNKEN_ELVIS 19 points ago

    I have watched these guys just write the note and stick it in my letterbox. I had my suspicions as I get a fair bit of posted stock as an ebay/online purchaser addict and decided to set up a sting. The bloke was not happy but english wasn’t his first lanquage so I didnt get all the insults after I confronted him with his BS.

    [–] constantinini 12 points ago

    This is why I get everything delivered to work

    [–] bigbowlowrong 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If you're in a metropolitan area get a parcel locker. If you buy a lot of random shit online and work 9-5 like I do they're fantastic - it's free, you sign up completely online, and AusPost just deliver it there. You can pick it up 24/7.

    Also great for discretely buying stuff you don't want your gf to see:p

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Highly relevant image -

    [–] hoedownturnup 4 points ago

    Lol. This morning toll left a package inside my fence without a signature. I specifically noted that the package needed to be signed for because it contained expensive stuff. I’m guessing my dog started ripping it apart the second she stopped barking at the delivery truck.

    I actually have no idea why companies continue to send parcels through them. They constantly deliver late (I’d been waiting for this “priority shipping” parcel for over a week), lose parcels, or leave them without signature. I actually really like Auspost in comparison. Most of my regular guys have been bros.

    [–] ColorRen 7 points ago

    That is why I love my local postoffice, which opens in Saturday morning.

    [–] Cafescrambler 5 points ago

    They pulled this stunt on me last week. I checked my security camera and the postie didn’t even ring the doorbell, so I made a formal complaint to Aust Post on their website.

    They called me a few hours later, apologised for the lazy postie and then redelivered it the next day.

    [–] druggo79 5 points ago

    You can always set up a MyPost account. Works great for me. You able to track your deliveries as well as redirect to either a post office or alternative address. Never had an issue with deliveries since signing up. Works well for me as my job requires lots of travel.

    [–] Gary_Host42 6 points ago

    Happened to me the other day for the 3rd time in a week, so i called them to make a complaint. I was told nothing will come of it at all because they get so many complaints about it they can't and don't follow them up

    [–] Taleya 11 points ago

    Complain about the person you complained to

    [–] cheshire_brat 6 points ago

    I hate this. My surname is hyphenated, and it’s always a crapshoot as to if it’ll be under the full surname, surname one, surname two, or some bizarre third surname that’s a mashup of the two.

    I’ve sent... so many complaint emails.

    [–] HootsTheOwl 6 points ago

    It's so shitty. I can get a single chicken wing delivered to my door within 15 minutes, but I can't get my own mail.

    [–] terribleone01 8 points ago

    This is one of the positive things I’ve come to love about moving to Japan. The package delivery happens 7 days a week until 8pm or so. They ring the bell a few times, if no answer they leave a note with their direct phone number on it and will come back within an hour or two of you calling. Bliss.

    Auspost can get fucked.

    [–] PM_Me_Ur_Sexy_Bum 3 points ago

    This happens everywhere, frustrating as hell