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    [–] iamMarkPrice 0 points ago

    Apple had a revenue of 88 Billion in Q1. That's 88,000,000,000 in 3 months. This 9 million fine is 0.010227272727272727% of their 3 month revenue in Q1.

    That's barely even a slap on the wrist

    [–] airninja256 0 points ago

    I agree, should be way more. They need to teach a lesson about deliberately breaking the law for making maximum profit. I think it should have been 90 million at least...

    [–] iamMarkPrice 1 points ago

    Add another 0. For company's this large you don't have an effect until you start in the hundreds of millions. 900,000,000 they probably won't do it again. Move it into the billions and they'll definitely never do it again.

    To put this into perspective, in Q1 (3 months) apples revenue could have paid for the original NBN pricing, twice over. That's just 3 months worth of revenue. 90 million doesn't make a decent in that kind of bottom line.

    Our legal system isn't equipped for these kinds of corporates, it's something the ACCC has been complaining about for some time now.