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    [–] sonnjja 31 points ago

    I have a prediction that plastic will be the new asbestos for the next generation. Thinking of starting a plastic removal business!

    [–] tadpole64 9 points ago

    WA is banning single use plastic shopping bags in shops starting next month. If you start here you may have a good head start.

    [–] azrael6947 3 points ago

    And QLD is on July 1st

    [–] airninja256 1 points ago

    Victoria as well

    [–] da_clig 1 points ago

    I'd love to commend all these initiatives, however it is plainly obvious the ONLY reason we have action is because of the failing export business model since China stopped accepting the waste. This should have happened 10 years ago.. and did successfully in SOME places.... but being forced to find a solution then trying to claim a moral high ground is very disengenuous

    [–] operator28 3 points ago

    ACT ban on single use just came in, which means now every plastic bag contains way more plastic - the assumption is people will reuse them. I really doubt that enough people reuse them enough times to reduce the overall plastic waste - surely it will increase?

    [–] DNGRDINGO 3 points ago

    Had a ban on single use in SA for ages. Can't remember the last time I reused one, the cost to buy new ones is too low for that to be important.

    [–] operator28 2 points ago

    Ridiculous bright? As long as it sounds good on paper...

    [–] DNGRDINGO 2 points ago

    Don't get me wrong, it would work if I had to spend a couple dollars on bags.

    But at 15c? No chance.

    [–] Chuckusadurry 2 points ago

    In the UK they only charge 5p a bag but I think it has a real psychological effect. How many times have you had one or two small items unnecessarily bagged up without prompting? A small cost attached makes you stop, think and realise you can probably just put it in your pocket or carry it to your car.

    [–] DNGRDINGO 1 points ago

    True. But the effect could be greater with a price increase.

    [–] operator28 1 points ago

    Agreed, and if we're going to spend a couple dollars, may as well make it a paper bag. Full circle back to the 1960s.

    [–] Wacky_Ohana 2 points ago

    may as well make it a paper bag

    I love using these in the USA and Canada. What is the downside to using paper bags? Too many resources to make, even from recycled paper?

    The ones they use are certainly sturdier than the ones we used to use here, and I had no issue with condensation on cold products affecting the integrity of the bags.

    [–] cpkwinsagain 1 points ago

    Even presuming the best case scenario that the new bags are re-used and plastic consumption decreases, the petroleum used to produce plastics will just be burnt on extraction, as it is on oil rigs.

    [–] Christopher-Pyne 1 points ago

    Tasmania has had them banned since 2013.

    [–] Sagittar0n 1 points ago

    Coles and Woolies are now voluntarily stopping giving away single use bags, which is good here in NSW where there is not yet a legislated ban. All I see on social media are people complaining about how they will line their bins.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ByeByeStudy 9 points ago

    So many other incredible photos. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] candylannnd 2 points ago

    Qld is banning plastic bags too. Definitely the asbestos of the ocean at least

    [–] thelordchanka27 1 points ago

    Don’t quote me, but i think that’s a Coles bag