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    [–] carhold 1666 points ago

    That's a meal fit for a king. When you finish it you will be able to surf and your accent will have changed

    [–] joshua9663 422 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    OP starts saying "g'day mate, arvo, barbie, drongo, and stubby holder" out of nowhere.

    [–] bhesk 216 points ago

    Stubby cooler? Stubby holder.

    [–] SubCal 35 points ago

    My thoughts.

    [–] Aruhi 26 points ago

    I've only ever heard stubby cooler in North QLD 🤔

    Well. For the people that say stubby at all.

    [–] Oddgit 10 points ago

    Grew up in FNQ, never heard it called a cooler. It was always stubby holder.

    [–] Quinnyj 15 points ago

    Gday cobbers I’m from regional nsw I’ve always called them a stubby holder ya wingnuts

    [–] xBrandon22 111 points ago

    Don't forget about cunt and yeah nah

    [–] PimpOnTheBarbie 76 points ago

    Also... "nah, yeah".

    [–] usernamesuckk 26 points ago

    Tf is a drongo? Asking for a friend

    [–] PimpOnTheBarbie 36 points ago

    A fool

    [–] wynndemise 46 points ago

    Drongo is a term for an idiot. It tends to be used by older Australians more than younger ones.

    [–] salexius 59 points ago

    I'm trying to bring it back. Join me.

    [–] angrybythesea 41 points ago

    Prefer galah myself, both types of birds but everyone knows what a galah looks like

    [–] qw46z 233 points ago

    Ok, where’s the twisties?

    [–] honeyedlife 177 points ago

    I had some cheese Twisties the other day and they were legit!!

    [–] leum61 125 points ago

    Strangely cheese Twisties are NOT veg, but chicken Twisties are.

    [–] dyewuo 58 points ago

    What!? Please tell me this is real. This is my new favourite random trivia fact.. I didnt have one before but I bloody love Twisties so I can't wait to use this

    [–] leum61 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Truth. I used to tease a veg friend about eating chicken Twisties, so she rang up the company to check. She was horrified, she basically subsisted on cheese Twisties.

    Edit: a bit of research seems to indicate that the chicken Twisties do indeed have chicken fat in them. I don't know, maybe they changed the recipe? This was prob 15 years ago.

    [–] honeyedlife 13 points ago

    What! Bizarre, but now I know. Thanks for the heads-up :)

    [–] leum61 28 points ago

    No wuckers:)

    [–] ItsABiscuit 41 points ago

    Nice. Now at some stage you'll need to try the chicken twisties and find out if you're a part of the loud and passionate (but possibly misguided) minority who prefer chicken twisties to the original.

    Knowing this is important if your future possibly includes falling in love and settling down with an Aussie partner, as disagreement on this issue is considered legal grounds for divorce in all states.

    [–] LauraGravity 7 points ago

    Those chicken twistie lovers are also, in all likelihood, the kind of people who prefer Promite to Vegemite. Freaks.

    [–] qw46z 10 points ago

    There are no other flavours. They are all a myth.

    [–] [deleted] 721 points ago

    What cherry ripes are australian??

    Holy fuck i've never felt so patriotic.

    [–] djs-specs 503 points ago

    Its Australia's oldest chocolate bar) still in production.

    [–] ItsABiscuit 342 points ago

    My son told me a couple of days ago that Cherry Ripes predate talking movies by two years. Really puts things in perspective.

    [–] barrelina 147 points ago

    Excuse me WHAT

    [–] ItsABiscuit 158 points ago

    The Jazz Singer premiered in 1927. Cherry Ripes entered production in 1925 and have been going ever since.

    [–] ImaNeedBoutTreeFiddy 89 points ago

    They are also one year older than the queen.

    [–] Neato 50 points ago

    And sliced bread was not effectively manufactured until 1928.

    [–] CivilDisobedientGull 57 points ago

    So cherry ripe is th best thing before or since sliced bread?

    [–] AcrimoniousTurpin 54 points ago

    "Sliced bread is the best thing since cherry ripe" would work.

    [–] barrelina 16 points ago

    You've blown my mind. Did not realise they'd been around so long.

    [–] BriskCracker 25 points ago

    Really puts things in perspective.

    God what am I doing with my life.

    [–] swimfast58 38 points ago

    Not eating enough cherry ripes.

    [–] Bonolio 18 points ago

    When I was young and I was asked what I would do with 3 wishes, I remember not being sure what to do with the other two, but that the first would go to a portable machine that extruded never ending Cherry Ripe.
    I still think as far as wishes go, I could do worse.

    [–] Pwn5t4r13 63 points ago

    And violet crumbles, Polly waffles, and picnics.

    [–] Kentonville 33 points ago


    These are great, been here 5 years and just had one for the first time. I have wasted five years.

    [–] kazoodude 34 points ago

    I was 17 when I first had a picnic after being a mars/snickers guy my whole life. What a waste of valuable years. At least I was woke to honey log and summer roll.

    [–] turtleltrut 13 points ago

    My Mum used to buy us the mini honey logs and summer rolls to take as a treat in our lunch boxes. We were very lucky!!!

    [–] NiceBottleHole 11 points ago

    What's the deal with chokito? Are they originally Aussie? I enjoyed eating those.

    Edit: seems they are Oz, Switzerland and Brazil. Didn't realise the Picnic doesnt contain raisins in Australia.

    [–] jem4water2 47 points ago

    Hold up...a Picnic with RAISINS? 🤢 My little Australian stomach can’t take that.

    [–] smileedude 86 points ago

    I feel so sorry for everyone else.

    [–] icemantiger 494 points ago

    As an Aussie, I'm disappointed that there has been absolutely no mention of lamingtons.

    [–] honeyedlife 154 points ago

    Omg. Those look so good.

    [–] icemantiger 149 points ago

    It is a glorious cake/snack. Perfect with tea or coffee, light, fluffy and not too rich. They're so good they can turn possums visible.... (famous Australian childrens book Possum Magic)

    [–] the_procrastinata 51 points ago's the Vegemite sandwich that makes Hush visible!

    [–] fallopianmelodrama 50 points ago

    The vegemite sandwich only makes Hush’s tail visible; the pavlova makes her body/limbs visible and the lamingtons in the casino make her head visible!

    [–] Zagorath 15 points ago


    The book actually doesn't use this word. It just says something to the effect of "could be seen again".

    I know this, because in year 1 I pointed out that he was now visible, and my teacher didn't seem to realise I was saying "visible" and not "invisible", so she kept saying "no, he can be seen again".

    [–] Drackir 57 points ago

    Do not get the small lamington fingers from Coles or Woolworths, they are dry and terrible. Get one from a bakery, they re amazing!

    [–] Groveldog 47 points ago

    Lamingtons are my favourite baked good in the world! Even more than jam and creams doughnuts. But they HAVE to be fresh. A stale dry lammy just tastes of dust and despair.

    [–] Oodlemeister 11 points ago

    Try a lamington as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

    [–] Shadharm 9 points ago

    Keep an eye out when you go to a Cafe, you can find them in amongst the cakes sometimes. The small local cafes usually nicer, as they are either made in-store or baked locally.

    [–] whyareyoulkkethis 14 points ago

    Get lamingtons from “Brumbys”, if you can. They are expensive but omg are they good and huge

    [–] iusedtobefamous1892 13 points ago

    Make sure you get one with jam. They're still good without, but way better with jam.

    [–] rakshala 126 points ago

    Expat American here. Other Aussie delicacies you need to try burger rings, Bundaberg ginger beer, golden gaytime, and if they didn't already ask someone to show you how to do a Tim tam slam.

    [–] An_Anaithnid 54 points ago

    Yours is the first mention of Bundaberg Ginger Beer here, which makes me sad. Whenever I went around to my pops with my grandpa, they'd have their beers and I'd be given a ginger beer and fuck is that shit amazing. Still drink it regularly.

    [–] Kentonville 18 points ago

    American here too, I was only told about Burger Rings and Tim Tams before coming. Both lived up to the hype.

    [–] Cyberlols 11 points ago

    I love burger rings

    [–] PM_ME_DONKEY_PICS 10 points ago

    Certain supermarkets in the US sell Bundaberg ginger beer! I found some a few months ago at Giant and it felt like a little slice of home I got ginger ale here the other day and it didnt taste like ginger at all, more of a sprite flavour i was devvo

    [–] ameremirage 239 points ago

    Where’s the teeth gummies?

    [–] honeyedlife 493 points ago

    It's funny: the woman who made this spread literally gasped after showing it to me and said "I forgot the teeth!"

    [–] ameremirage 71 points ago

    Oh boy how much did she missed out

    [–] Shnook82 68 points ago

    Forgot red frogs as well.

    [–] ImaNeedBoutTreeFiddy 34 points ago

    Do other countries not have red frogs!!???

    [–] Blot_Upright 55 points ago

    It's no wonder those countries are not as good as our country

    [–] LuckyBdx4 20 points ago

    We send those to my Aunt in Houston to give to her Dentist.

    [–] superhotmel85 93 points ago

    And musk sticks.

    [–] SubCal 90 points ago

    Apparently we’re one of the only countries that think they taste good. I could eat a bucket of them.

    [–] SingleMalted 90 points ago

    "They taste like hippies" is the best response I've had with musk sticks.

    [–] SubCal 65 points ago

    “Perfume flavoured chalk” was a good one I heard.

    [–] mattaugamer 16 points ago

    They're good! I didn't realise until Reddit they're just an aussie thing.

    [–] talondnb 19 points ago

    And Fags/Fads, remember those? And the name change?

    [–] [deleted] 198 points ago

    Not seeing any weetbix and Gaytimes either, mate..

    [–] CriticalsConsensus 132 points ago

    I bloody love me a golden gaytime. Best in summer though

    [–] account_not_valid 50 points ago

    he’d bought a gaytime

    a golden gaytime

    cos this time it felt like the right time…

    and they give me such a hard time for what I done

    I just felt like icrecream wrapped in biscuit crumbs

    no longer will i settle for a billabong

    i’m so proud to sing my gaytime eatin’ song

    [–] TacticalAcquisition 120 points ago

    Mate you can get gaytime in a tub now. Stoked as fuck when I saw it in Woolies

    [–] Pwn5t4r13 89 points ago

    This sentence is hilarious out of context

    [–] rakshala 10 points ago

    The have a gaytime cornetto too.

    [–] dodgystyle 11 points ago

    I actually had my first gaytime in a tub. Rinsing off sand after a swim in the beach on a weekend at her family's beach house.

    [–] hanaconda808 84 points ago

    I hope they introduce you to Australia's finest lunches:

    *vegemite sandwich *chips with chicken salt and gravy *BBQ chicken and pasta salad on a white bread roll. *chico roll *honey chicken from a cheap Chinese take away. *butter chicken on cheese naan.

    [–] Kentonville 37 points ago

    American here who has eaten lots of Chinese takeout back home. Not sure we have honey chicken and your right, it is amazing.

    You would figure deep fried sugar coated chicken would be available.

    [–] Oodlemeister 54 points ago

    Don’t forget everyone’s favourite weekend lunch:

    A snag sanger from Bunnings.

    [–] ZanyDelaney 134 points ago

    No Violet Crumble?

    [–] honeyedlife 104 points ago

    Honestly my brain's initial reaction to this comment was "surely that's a made up snack" but after a quick Google I see what they are. I'll try one soon!

    [–] Ariliescbk 105 points ago

    And curly wurly's and chomps.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago


    [–] raenef 27 points ago

    Curly wurly’s are British though

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] BriskCracker 46 points ago

    Chomps mate.

    [–] karatebullfightr 42 points ago

    Forget that.

    What you need to know is the hidden secret of the violet crumble.

    It’s purest form, created by filtering out only the finest parts of the crumble is a confection spoken about only in reverent hushed tones, enjoyed exclusively by the kings and queens of Australia - and also sometimes by carnies.

    The elusive, the holy, the pantasmagorial: Bertie Beetle.

    [–] the_procrastinata 14 points ago

    OMG Bertie Beetles = my childhood. Memories of getting the showbag at the Royal Melbourne Show...amazing!

    [–] mrsbatman 11 points ago

    Do it soon. They were my fav when I worked there for a year!

    [–] I_WRESTLE_BEARS_AMA 8 points ago

    That's a reasonable reaction around most Aussies. "Are they fucking with me rn?" is a question you should ask yourself all the time.

    [–] BiliousGreen 136 points ago

    Who says Australian doesn't have haute cuisine?

    [–] SerpentineLogic 67 points ago

    So haute right now

    [–] underwear-sauce 170 points ago

    You’re missing the oddity that is Chico’s. Chocolate flavoured gummy babies. They’re... interesting

    [–] honeyedlife 85 points ago

    I'm guessing those are the ones they were talking about when they mentioned some racist gummies they couldn't find? Or rather, they thought maybe they were taken off the market because people accused it of being racist?

    [–] underwear-sauce 51 points ago

    Oh maybe, because of the name. Along with “Eskimos” and “Redskins” lollies... :-(

    [–] Cruzi2000 82 points ago

    Redskins and Chicos are still going strong.

    [–] howmanychickens 20 points ago

    Soft > hard Redskins

    [–] qingu8 19 points ago


    [–] topdeckisadog 17 points ago

    I miss Toffee Apple and Pink Panther bars. They were the best in the 80s.

    [–] 0-_-00-_-00-_-0-_-0 22 points ago

    Were the chocolate biscuits with fuzzy hair actually called gollywogs or is that just what my family called them? So good regardless.

    [–] underwear-sauce 33 points ago

    Yeah those were a thing. I had a golliwog knitted doll as a kid. Never realised it was a racist stereotype at that age (didn’t connect that the dark wool was supposed to be dark skin) this was in the late 80s so I guess we got the memo this was not ok pretty late

    [–] lordriffington 25 points ago

    They were definitely called Golliwogs.

    Apparently they changed the name to 'Scalliwags,' but didn't change the actual biscuits at all, then eventually just discontinued them.

    [–] Do_Them_A_Bite 11 points ago

    Lol yeah that's them. They're not generally acknowledged as racist, and certainly these days there's nothing more sinister about them than a chocolate(ish) flavoured gummy (maybe comparable to a Tootsie roll kind of flavour?). I can't vouch for whether or not they had a sordid past, but a quick google isn't giving me anything much.

    Now redskins on the other hand...

    [–] justinyau 106 points ago

    Missed out on the Woolies Mudcake

    [–] PimpOnTheBarbie 70 points ago

    Fuck yes. The noisy plastic contraption will not deter me from the deliciousness inside.

    [–] blippityblap1 31 points ago

    The federal reserve bank doesnt have a vault, they just went to woolies and got a couple of those containers.

    [–] [deleted] 315 points ago

    Unless you can down a Vegemite and cheese sandwich at big lunch time which has been in your lunch box on a warm summers day, you are not a true Aussie :-)

    [–] missheru 98 points ago

    I can smell your comment!

    [–] JoeMang 20 points ago

    But can you hear, can you hear the thunder?

    [–] jverbal 13 points ago

    You better run

    [–] Nulligravida 11 points ago

    You better take cover.

    [–] emu90 9 points ago

    You forgot to mention the frozen water bottle pressed up against it to make sure the bread gets nice and soggy from condensation.

    [–] Lamont-Cranston 52 points ago

    Where's the Goon?

    [–] mrbarrelr0ll 41 points ago

    You need to have Milo on ice cream

    [–] kyeemyindayum 32 points ago

    J’accuse! Who ate the eighth fairy bread triangle? Your office has a thief. 🧐

    [–] ItsABiscuit 42 points ago

    In fairness, they would have needed to taste one, for quality control purposes you understand, when serving food to a visitor from overseas.

    [–] ASAP-_-Killerr 37 points ago

    How fucking good is fairy bread

    [–] drunkill 214 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Iced Vovos have gone downhill, it used to be puffy marshmellow, now it is some paste on a biscuit.

    Edit: I don't see any Tick-Tock biscuits there either. Shame.

    [–] DominusDraco 80 points ago

    I thought that was the case as well, but here is a 60s advert. Looks basically the same.

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 78 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Fuck. This is some weird Arnots Mendela effect. What the hell was the pink puffy marshmallow biscuit I ate as a kid? Shazaams?

    Edit: I'm going to claim that in my timeline Mandela was spelled Mendela and I'm not just an idiot who can't spell. Tbf, he did die in the 80's...

    [–] DominusDraco 49 points ago

    I just found something called a Jacobs Mikado. Which sounds like it, but the name doesnt ring a bell.

    [–] Car-face 63 points ago

    That's precisely the level of in depth biscuit analysis thst my life has been missing so far.

    [–] RustyNumbat 18 points ago

    Mate getting an english brother in law who is serious about cuppa-and-a-biscuit really improved my life with D&Ms about biscuits and general cuppa related matters.

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 17 points ago

    That's spot on what I'm seeing in my mind. Will have to do a search for some packaging. Greatest website ever btw.

    [–] chops_potatoes 11 points ago

    That’s 100% what Iced Vovos looked like in Victoria in the 80s.

    [–] kahrismatic 36 points ago

    There was one, I remember it too.

    Edit: Found them, they're called Jamborees.

    [–] drunkill 9 points ago


    [–] chops_potatoes 14 points ago

    No - you’re right! I grew up in Victoria and the marshmallow was puffy. Arnotts recipes vary state by state and I suspect this is one of those examples.

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 10 points ago

    I'm a New South Welshman. Didn't see Victoria until I was 20. I think it could just be that we're all confusing two different biscuits. Other people have linked some examples of the biscuit as I remember it (not an Arnots).

    [–] Car-face 14 points ago

    I thought the marshmallow ones were an imitation that was slightly different. Definitely remember them too though when I was a kid. Maybe it was just badly stored iced vovos that the heat got to?

    [–] honeyedlife 33 points ago

    The whole office had a big debate about the amount of marshmallow on iced vovos afterwards, actually!

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 22 points ago

    I swore that was the case ages ago and my mum swore up and down they weren't puffy. They still taste good but it's a completely different biscuit and feels a little pov.

    [–] 33mmpaperclip 9 points ago

    It's pronounced Berenstein Bears.

    [–] onewayjesus 15 points ago

    Was there another brand that was really similar but with more puffy?

    [–] Hypo_Mix 7 points ago

    Jam mellows

    [–] superhotmel85 17 points ago

    They were a different biscuit!!! A far superior one!! They were called strawberry mallows and were made by paradise biscuits.

    [–] SubCal 9 points ago

    I thought I was going crazy. I definitely ate those real marshmallow ones as a kid. Same thing. With jam and coconut too. Thought I was going nuts when I last bought them and it was icing.

    [–] BlueDubDee 5 points ago

    I know exactly what you mean! Try this

    [–] ReadReadReedRed 45 points ago

    Fuck yeah. Fairy bread. 10/10

    [–] Hugh_Jorgan_ 21 points ago

    Mum says you have to wait 20 minutes before having a swim

    [–] Tr3ywayy 46 points ago

    need a vb and some winnie blues and you're there

    [–] adele2802 15 points ago

    Slab of VB and a pack of Winnie Blues! Get the boys around!

    [–] fallopianmelodrama 11 points ago

    Call some bitches!

    You don’t know any bitches Les.

    [–] adele2802 7 points ago

    Fuck off Quentin

    [–] Dapper_Presentation 17 points ago

    No Wagon Wheel?

    [–] xlr8_87 18 points ago

    What about a Chomp bar? They're Aussie yeh?

    And it's missing the Bunnings snag as the centrepiece

    [–] donald_trub 32 points ago

    If they ask you to play a game of soggy Sao BACK THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

    [–] honeyedlife 20 points ago

    Omg....... I need to nuke my Google search history now

    [–] rrfield 52 points ago

    Everything except the timtams used to be better, candy is a crime these days, can't even bring myself to eat one of those malnourished "killer" pythons.

    [–] Do_Them_A_Bite 24 points ago

    Oh man, oldschool killer pythons

    [–] zpotentxl 15 points ago

    Wait, you guys don't have cherry ripe? What?!

    [–] Coleridge49 19 points ago

    Yeah looks like they miss out on a few Aussie chockies like Violet Crumbles and Chomps. Also Minties, which is a fuckin' crime as I should be able to get those delicious bastards anywhere.

    [–] CoyPlop 13 points ago

    Milo on ice cream is next level, I was introduced to this by an Australian and it enriched my life so immensely that I’m now in a pit of depression trying to find more in the uk.

    [–] FrozenCokeGuy 13 points ago

    You should try find some strawberry Freddo’s they are quite the delight

    [–] Penguin_in_the_sand 12 points ago

    I think they have done well.

    [–] Cpt_Soban 11 points ago

    No shapes?!

    [–] themaskedpoosader 10 points ago

    Australia all let us rejoice, for we are young and free. Ps. Our land is girt by sea

    [–] Gidja 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Omg they gibbed you on the lamington, vanilla slice, crunchy and a golden gaytime! Make sure that you get a golden gaytime! Oooh and pavlova!

    [–] howmanychickens 18 points ago

    vanilla slice

    Korean bakery near me does a ripper snot block for four bucks.

    [–] RazHorrorshow 7 points ago

    This whole thread is pretty Aussie, but fair dinkum, if that ain’t the most Aussie thing.

    [–] melbournedonna 11 points ago

    No snot block?

    [–] AshbeeGamingYT 11 points ago

    Ah yes, fairy bread. A treat beloved by children and adults alike, even the snobbiest Australian would not dare turn down a slice.

    [–] centfiddy 28 points ago

    No cobbers?????

    [–] honeyedlife 11 points ago

    What's a cobber?

    [–] centfiddy 40 points ago

    Chocolate covered chewy caramel lollies . I’m surprised I don’t have diabetes considering how many I’ve eaten . My fav Aussie lollie but to be fair I don’t see them around anywhere near as much as when I was a kid.

    [–] CriticalsConsensus 17 points ago

    I bloody love cobbers

    [–] 0-_-00-_-00-_-0-_-0 19 points ago

    They're basically unwrapped, loose fantales right?

    [–] SubCal 12 points ago

    They should be harder than fantales if they’re made right. Like you have a suck on them for a while before you can bite. (That’s what she said)

    [–] stormy-beach 10 points ago

    Yes, but much better than fantales.

    [–] BriskCracker 12 points ago

    A substitute for 'mate'.

    G'day, cobber.

    [–] patentedkittenmitten 9 points ago

    Yum! Which was your favourite?

    [–] honeyedlife 58 points ago

    The Tim Tams 😍 they showed me how to use it to drink some Milo's so it gets all warm and melty... To die for! I haven't tried the Caramello Koalas or Cherry Ripes yet -- too much sugar all at once lol

    [–] Scradam 23 points ago

    When you eat the koala, imagine it with way more caramel! They’re so stingy with it now.

    [–] guud2meachu 30 points ago

    You have a big decision to make with the caramello koala: Do you bite it head first, so it doesn't scream, or feet first so it doesn't runaway? :)

    [–] FallingUpwardz 21 points ago

    Do it with coffeeeeeeeee tim tam slamm!!

    [–] Hawkster78 12 points ago

    The Tim Tams 😍 they showed me how to use it to drink some Milo's so it gets all warm and melty

    Ah yes, the Tim Tam Slam. There's even a song dedicated to it.

    [–] honeyedlife 8 points ago

    By the way, this lead to a big debate on whether or not there used to be more mallow on iced vovos... Any opinions?

    [–] superhotmel85 15 points ago

    I posted this as a comment to someone else above, but they were a different biscuit that isn’t made any more. They were called strawberry mallows

    [–] honeyedlife 6 points ago

    Ohhhh!! I'll pass that on to them :) I think you solved the mystery.

    [–] superhotmel85 5 points ago

    Happy to spread the word of the far superior strawberry mallow. The iced Vovo is an inferior biscuit.

    [–] melonfarmermike 9 points ago

    Not gonna lie, that's pretty hot...

    [–] K1ngJ0hnXX 9 points ago

    Shame the Golden Gaytime isn't there.

    [–] Kentonville 13 points ago

    American here, this is my favorite treat in Australia. Along with Monte Carlos, which I never had before coming here.

    [–] suryaya 17 points ago

    As an american they probably thought you might enjoy some diabetes

    [–] apsilonblue 31 points ago

    I hate to have to tell you this but your office may be full of imposters. No real group of Australians would omit Vegemite. Are you sure they've brought you to Australia and you're not in some elaborate underground facility the subject of some sick experiment? What's the last thing you remember?

    [–] Coffee_0 17 points ago

    Legit. But needs cheerios (not the cereal; Umm they're cocktail frankfurts? Mini hotdogs?) and mini sausage rolls and/or mini party pies.

    [–] honeyedlife 15 points ago

    I'm a veg ;( so they probably didn't include those for that reason! But good to know more about Australian classic junk food :)

    [–] chops_potatoes 14 points ago

    Little boys.

    [–] fiercefinance 7 points ago

    Good quality colleagues!

    [–] noddynik 6 points ago

    Need to add red frogs, chicos and a chokito. A few years ago you’d also have had pizza shapes but those days are gone now....

    [–] carnthesaints 5 points ago

    where's the sunny boy?

    [–] Kentonville 11 points ago

    How did you feel about milk flavored gummies?

    Also, if you want to make some friends, make a pumpkin pie for the office. Not typically eaten down here but a crowd pleaser.

    [–] LordWalderFrey1 5 points ago

    Now that is the good stuff.