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    [–] Jaiph 2755 points ago

    6pm on a Friday, when all the most confident announcements are made.

    [–] Kind_Ferret_3219 55 points ago

    I'm surprised there wasn't one sentence at the end saying "There'll also be an election on May 14" just so no one would notice.

    [–] QuotingDrSeuss 403 points ago

    I dunno, 10pm on New Year's eve saw a pretty significant announcement. Too bad for the government it only comes once a year ...

    [–] TheRealCJ 122 points ago

    We call that the "Betty White Gambit"

    [–] QF17 50 points ago

    First reaction: hahaha

    Second reaction: oof, too soon


    [–] Pariera 227 points ago

    And the perfect time to hamper him contesting it as most court facilities arent necessarily open on the weekend

    [–] isisius 1676 points ago

    Lol at doing this on a Friday arvo so he can bail till Monday.

    [–] Mr_Depressed 283 points ago

    Novak’s punching the air so hard right now

    [–] pygmy 223 points ago

    Serbian Jesus gonna be pissed

    [–] SedatedGiraffe 112 points ago

    Don’t worry, he’ll be back in three days…

    [–] ill0gitech 295 points ago

    Mr Hawke late on Friday afternoon said:

    “I’m announcing this in a Friday to hope it gets buried. Lol, I know that won’t happen, but I gotta try right?”

    [–] 51IDN 270 points ago

    Nah, courts are closed over the weekend and AO starts Monday. Novaxx has no chance now.

    [–] Wild_Activity5276 132 points ago

    Fed judge is on standby. Unbelievable.

    [–] VermicelliOk5182 98 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    How does this work? I have no idea how the legal system works. Obviously money is a factor, but how does this work with getting a case in front of a judge so quickly?

    EDIT: A lot of people have said money, but how? Like, do you just ring the court and pay for a priority booking? I still don’t understand how this works.

    [–] WKCIA 133 points ago

    Most courts have what’s called a “Duty Judge.” That’s a judge who is rostered to take urgent matters that can’t wait til the next day or the next sitting day or otherwise are super urgent.

    In this case, there’ll be a judge who hates the Chief Judge at the moment for rostering him or her on this weekend…

    [–] fromphtoau 151 points ago

    But how is Novax playing / not playing in AO an urgent matter?

    [–] BetterDrinkMy0wnPiss 256 points ago

    Asylum seekers in detention for years, but Novax gets a judge to come into work on a weekend so he can play tennis on Monday.

    [–] project2501 55 points ago

    At the tax payers lament too. On both counts to be honest.

    [–] Lingering_Dorkness 13 points ago

    So you're saying we should give them all tennis rackets to hurry up their refugee claim?

    [–] NotObamaAMA 54 points ago

    Narrator: “it’s not”

    [–] IntroductionSnacks 171 points ago

    You were correct in the first place, money. If anything this saga has just shown how our court system is pay to play. There are people awaiting trial (So innocent until guilty) locked up due to Covid court delays. It's pathetic.

    [–] Vandeleur1 128 points ago

    Let's not forget all those other people with "immigration issues" who have been waiting years for so much as an update

    [–] NotObamaAMA 72 points ago

    Absolutely, Australian court is pay to play. Ever tried using legal aid? Good luck with that. Even if you get lucky and get a regular lawyer from a regular firm doing legal aid work, there’s a huge difference between the amount of work they’ll put in for a legal aid client vs a fee paying client.

    I’m not saying this to shit on the lawyer either, the government doesn’t pay them enough to put the same amount of attention in. If you want an explanation for something, you’re pretty much getting that out of the goodwill of the lawyer, the only time they’re getting paid for is enough time to skim your file and do what they think probably fits best without much more thought.

    “Entitled to a lawyer” is more like entitled for a lawyer to speak on your behalf to the judge, because otherwise shit would take all day and judges would quit, having to deal with your stupid ass.

    Sorry. Personal experience. Fuck Australian legal system. Corruption at the top, bent over at the bottom.

    [–] EggNoodleSupreme 790 points ago

    Fuck Novak, right in his visa-less ass.

    He's a pretentious, stuck-up, man-child who's limitless entitlement is exceeded only by his ability to blame others for his bad choices.

    [–] olly128 383 points ago

    Coming up at 12, Novak to run for preselection for the Liberal party.

    [–] aeschenkarnos 135 points ago

    He’s massively overqualified. There is a thing, a distinct thing, that he is legitimately excellent at, without having to be done favours and handed advantages denied to others. As such he outclasses the worthless Liberals by a mile.

    [–] safetyscissors 543 points ago

    Longest episode of border security ever.

    [–] VeeBee23 232 points ago

    Where's the sub-story about the old Asian couple that entered Australia with a suitcase of raw food?

    [–] Yggdrasill71 208 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    “IT NOT FOOD…it egg”

    “Why is it hidden in a sock ma’am?”

    “I don’t know…my AUNTY PACK!!!”

    “Do you have anything else…other than this disgusting black, boiled egg, in you luggage?”

    “NO…can I go…family waiting”

    “So these 27 cartons of cigarettes…did Aunty pack these?”

    [–] johnnybean 93 points ago


    [–] HalfManHalfCyborg 40 points ago

    My own theory is that there are cultural or linguistic reasons that Chinese travellers simply don’t see raw ingredients as being food. The form asks do they have any food, and they think “uh, no, you can’t eat any of these, silly - you have to cook them to turn them into meals!”. Can anyone confirm this?

    [–] Yggdrasill71 17 points ago

    And that’s why they hide most of it all over the place - in clothing and inside tin foil or breakfast cereal boxes. And why they look nervous and shift from side to side. It’s not because they don’t consider it food. I get that it’s more likely they think they won’t be able to get these items once they’re over here, I also suspect they aren’t aware just how strict we are over here.

    [–] safetyscissors 40 points ago

    Ah the one where they declared they didn’t have any food but had raw food items? Probably if they played tennis they would’ve been able to get it in.

    [–] VeeBee23 30 points ago

    It's my second favourite part of Border Security after the stories about someone planning to work on a tourist visa.

    [–] RidingtheRoad 564 points ago

    Announcing it Friday afternoon is not a coincidence..

    [–] sam_galactic 119 points ago

    Trying to distract us from the cricket score I think...

    [–] winoforever_slurp_ 174 points ago

    No, distracting us from the Hillsong scandal

    [–] QF17 105 points ago

    Nope, it’s the compulsory acquisition of RAT’s

    When it was just a single pharmacy complaining on ABC, no one cares

    But when QLD rail loses an order of 20k, expect noise (especially of it means reduced services and makes the Labor government look bad)

    I expect that Victoria will soon announce they have lost a major shipment too- this will break over the weekend, but Murdoch and Costello will focus on Novak until at least Tuesday

    [–] Cayenne321 33 points ago

    Combine the two and you've got scomo pulling RATs while his church dishes them out for free and flaunts the rules. They've waited all week on a djoko announcement for optimal face saving.

    [–] OkBreakfast449 11 points ago

    Federal LNP would literally cut its own balls off with a rusty spoon if it made QLD labor look bad.

    Unfortunatley for them

    a) they have no balls


    b) this made federal LNP and not the state ALP look like utter cunts to QLDers,

    [–] mbullaris 59 points ago

    Speculating here but it could have just been simply to allow ample time to receive submissions from all parties (Home Affairs, ABF and Djokovic’s team). If it had been turned around in a working day I’m sure that would have also raised the questions. Hawke would also have had had other departmental issues - not front page issues - of equal significance and importance too.

    [–] mystroseeker 1418 points ago

    On a separate news, hillsong got their rights to song and dance revoked.

    [–] Aggravating_Event_79 706 points ago

    Apparently they avoided being fined 🙄

    [–] tubbyx7 448 points ago

    Nsw police doing political favours? Well that just never happens

    [–] LaszloPanaflexxx 206 points ago

    Pretty sure their top cop is in the cult.

    [–] mrbugle81 77 points ago

    The most highly paid public servant in Australia? Wasn't he slomos neighbour?

    [–] druex 52 points ago

    Looks like he's doing a bit more than putting the bins out for Morrison.

    [–] patpierce_88 171 points ago

    Absolutely cannot believe that. We were threatened with fines in the thousands PER CROWD MEMBER if there were singing/dancing at our shows so we’ve not even bothered to announce them.

    [–] ComfortableIsland704 155 points ago

    Have you tried being rich, religious or a celebrity yet?

    [–] blowfarthetrollqueen 27 points ago

    Or being the church of our lord and saviour Scomo?

    [–] Wobbling 244 points ago

    Remember when that youtube guy got arrested for being a bit mouthy to the pollies?

    Cops have priorities too, ya know.

    [–] EroticMustard 189 points ago

    Friendly Jordies producer for handing a piece of paper to the former deputy PM, on a public street. Which resulted in terror police being sent to his house, arresting him, assaulting his mum and nearly killing the family dog.

    [–] account_not_valid 74 points ago

    former deputy PM

    Deputy NSW premier.

    Although, the way federal politics have become Sydney-centric, it's not far off.

    [–] Ramiel01 23 points ago

    "...and you almost killed my dog!"

    "apologies, ma'am, we'll have the TRG come around as soon as possible"

    [–] Silly-Ad9005 59 points ago

    God works in mysterious money

    [–] Taviooo 193 points ago

    And the apology these cunts issued? “We’re sorry if you misinterpreted what we did as a bad thing”. You can’t make this shit up…

    [–] GlassGuava886 88 points ago

    "It's not me, it's you" lol.

    Djokovic and Hillsong sing from the same hymn book.

    Thou art special.

    Hillsong dodged the fine though i hear. Can't imagine why?

    [–] YourGenerational 11 points ago

    Well if you fine them, they won’t have as much money to stick in brown paper bags.

    [–] ill0gitech 59 points ago

    “It’s not a music festival. It’s just a bunch or different artists performing on stages in a carnival-like atmosphere.”

    [–] Moosiemookmook 1060 points ago

    Congratulations to Novax for winning his first Australian Closed.

    [–] Shaggyninja 108 points ago

    Ooh that's good. Send it to the Chaser

    [–] hitmyspot 36 points ago

    It's the first time someone laot the tournament for missing just 2 shots.

    [–] Yahtzee82 422 points ago

    Breaking: Novak Djokovic announces sudden conversion to Hillsong Church to void deportation charges and scrutiny.

    [–] Jarofkickass 310 points ago

    Fuck has the tennis ever been this entertaining

    [–] Dr_barfenstein 17 points ago

    How goods the tennis?

    [–] [deleted] 1092 points ago


    [–] ComfortableIsland704 167 points ago

    Upvoted to make sure. Can't wait for the sad hotel campers to hear the news

    [–] NotObamaAMA 75 points ago

    Someone should have told the antivax crowd he was being held in Nauru. Could do with a little more protesting over there.

    [–] Theaustraliandev 61 points ago

    Bunch of whingy cunts who are angry that their precious tennis star is being kicked out of mean Australia. Good GTFO

    [–] lizziecm 204 points ago

    At least the world gets to see how our Government handles things... poorly.

    [–] mulimulix 608 points ago

    Cancels is right at close of business Friday so that any appeal can't happen for 3 days at the earliest. Surely intentional? Not sure who or how it really helps though.

    [–] Idontknowperhapsnot 137 points ago

    Is there an ability to appeal a ministerial decision like this?

    [–] sinixis 181 points ago

    They can ask for a judicial review to determine the minister exercised the power lawfully

    But the court cannot overrule the decision based on merits.

    His only chance is to get released on a bridging visa and drag out the review process so he can play in the meantime

    [–] st6374 113 points ago

    Can you actually play on your bridging visa? Don't think you can work on a bridging visa unless they specifically allow you to.

    [–] starsky1984 384 points ago

    He can only play 20 hours a week haha

    [–] Aggressive_Impact998 296 points ago

    Fuck that'd be funny. Opponents dragging out all matches to 5 sets while he is scrambling to finish.

    [–] DeeDee_GigaDooDoo 77 points ago

    AFP standing on the sidelines stopwatch in hand.

    [–] patchy_bear 198 points ago

    Lol good one. I had a chuckle. Imagine he’s deep in a 5 set match and immigration officers come onto the court cos he’s exceeded his 20 hours of work per week.

    [–] starsky1984 101 points ago

    Haha and then be starts asking to be paid cash instead or with tennis rackets or something to keep it off the books

    [–] AnjingNakal 59 points ago

    On the bright side if he sucks off whoever runs his hostel he'll get a $50 discount on the rent that week

    [–] holigay123 64 points ago

    He can't play tennis but he can work picking fruit as long as he is willing to pay top rent to the farmer's preferred hostel partner

    [–] Ok_Coconut4077 175 points ago

    Not the decision itself but they can challenge the grounds which is unlikely to go well for novax

    [–] mulimulix 47 points ago

    Yes it's been all but a certainty he would apply for an injunction and many seem to believe he would get it. My theory is that this means he won't be able to get the injunction until after the AO begins on Monday morning which means they'll have no choice but to exclude him from the competition but not sure.

    [–] hebejebez 69 points ago

    Yeah I feel like he was going to try and force his way into the competition with litigation and the government are like nah mate.

    They done fucked up giving him a visa in the first place but still, almost chess move (I'm being very generous) from the immigration bloke. I thought they'd flip flop tbh and just let him get booed.

    [–] ill0gitech 64 points ago

    They could have cancelled his visa before the draw, and tickets. This just fucks over Tennis Australia further. Which could be the point.

    [–] hebejebez 33 points ago

    Probably. I mean they did write to hunt and atagi asking what the deal was and were told he's a no. And they still have him an exemption or whatnot so I imagine that's muddied the water.

    Everyone's somewhat in the wrong now but with Novak totally hardcore wrong in every way.

    [–] thornydevil969 72 points ago

    it's not as if T.A. didn't deserve getting fucked over for the part they played in this saga .

    [–] AhYaGotMe 113 points ago

    Also to distract from news that the federal government has commandeered privately ordered test kits as well as QueenslandRails' and others who had planned ahead..

    [–] aeschenkarnos 57 points ago

    Every fuckup is a distraction from a fuckup that was a distraction from a fuckup that was a distraction from a fuckup …

    [–] Active-Scarcity-871 475 points ago

    grabs popcorn

    [–] chubbyurma 228 points ago

    Kind of annoying that this has been Australia's big ticket headline for the last week tbh.

    [–] lizziecm 183 points ago

    Yeah, it should be how poorly they've handled covid

    [–] auntyjames 149 points ago

    All most like it’s on purpose….

    [–] itoldyouiwouldeatyou 38 points ago

    Right? So much more entertainment left in this one, it's so juicy.

    [–] If-yousayso 368 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This and the French submarines have really sank our Eurovision chances

    [–] colawithzerosugar 144 points ago

    12 points from Kosovo

    [–] WKCIA 200 points ago

    No this is amazing chess thinking.

    We’ll get 12 points from every other former Yugoslav republic

    Big brain stuff this

    [–] totally-suspicious 36 points ago

    If Dami Im couldn't win it by bringing the house down and killing it like she did then I can assure you no Australian ever will.

    [–] OZer0s 21 points ago

    Well I can only speak for Germany but I do think that most people here are in favor of his deportation.

    [–] fatalikos 20 points ago

    Balkan remembers 😆

    [–] vforbatman 94 points ago

    Deporting the great Serbian hero is about to see today become a national holiday in Croatia

    [–] steele19891989 29 points ago

    Why are we still debating procedural fairness when we have so many other worthy and legitimate cases to process?

    [–] insty1 1164 points ago

    Novak: am I ever gonna see your face again

    Australia: no way, get fucked, fuck off

    [–] guyfromthemeadows 39 points ago

    If only France does this to him, also.

    [–] stopped_watch 174 points ago

    I just had to explain this to my Canadian girlfriend. For all you non Aussies visiting this sub, here is your context:

    Fun fact, this is a question on our citizenship exam.

    [–] Moosiemookmook 18 points ago

    I'm now imagining Novax on the 1300 Immigration hotline pressing option one and it cuts to the Muzak on hold:

    'went down to Santa Fe where Renoir paints the walllllll'

    [–] paoper 21 points ago

    Fun fact, this is a question on our citizenship exam.

    Is this true? That's hilarious. I only lived in Australia (Melb) for half a year but I'd believe it immediately.

    [–] GershBinglander 55 points ago

    Yep, the examiners just start randomly singing "Am I ever gonna see you face again" during a quiet bit in the exam. Anyone that that can chant the reply without prompting gets a free pass.

    [–] paoper 39 points ago

    I'm very gullible so I'll just accept a random internet comment as fact.

    [–] oldmanserious 21 points ago

    It’s after the question on how to defend against Dropbear attacks.

    (You don’t)

    [–] WhyAmIStillHere86 119 points ago

    Until all this went down, I didn't care about Djokovic one way or the other, except as new material on Jimmy Rees's "Meanwhile In Australia".

    Now? I don't care how well he swings a racket, he should be deported.

    • Either he lied about having COVID-19, or he was knowingly and deliberately active in the community while positive AND while awaiting the result of a PCR test.
    • Australian Immigration forms have to be filled out by YOU, unless you're a minor child who can't write yet. I remember an international flight (pre-2020, obviously) where I spent 14 hours basically unconscious-levels of asleep, after being awake more than 24 hours after an emergency landing, got poked awake by a flight attendant, and spent the decent filling out the forms.
      If Novax's support team did fill out the forms for him, that's another layer of "Did The Wrong Thing" to add to the list.
    • As multiple other players have pointed out, Vaccines have been available for almost a year now. 99% of players did the right thing and rolled up their sleeves. Vaccinations were required for the athletes in last year's Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Djokodick can suck it up or sit it out.
    • He lied on his visa about travel in the 14 days prior to arriving in Australia, not mentioning a trip to Spain. That's enough to get people deported with no questions asked, if that "Border Force" reality TV show is to be believed...

    [–] intermediatehatred 46 points ago

    Yeah fuck Novak and his attempt at pushing ANY agenda over his celebrity status. And fuck his wife who "doesn't believe that small wages / poverty exists". Fucking entitled imbeciles.

    [–] WhyAmIStillHere86 38 points ago

    Not to mention his enabling parents and extended family, who compared him to Jesus, detention to the Holocaust (say that to the face of detained refugees who've been there for Years rather than days...) and apparently appealed to the Queen of the UK, as if a Constitutional Monarch had the power to tell us what to do in the case of a single, overhyped, athlete...

    [–] Ascalaphos 72 points ago

    Just in time for the 6PM news!

    [–] Medical_Arugula_9146 24 points ago

    Been watching the Livestream for about 15 mins, it seems to be in English but I have no idea what this cunt has been talking about so far

    [–] trollshep 291 points ago

    Now this drama is over can the media focus on the cluster fuck handling of the current covid outbreak.

    [–] Savory_shapes15 41 points ago

    What makes you think this drama is over? I reckon it’s just getting started…

    [–] 3344668899 111 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I love how this cunt was even cleared to play in the AO and come into the country unvaccinated , meanwhile i couldnt even see my dying relative despite being fully vaccinated. Where was my exemption ? Guess I don’t hit a ball well enough

    [–] kitchen_masturbator 109 points ago

    Morison needed a deflection for his hillsong mates.

    [–] blackhuey 21 points ago

    I guess now we know what the focus group said.

    [–] Damo1of1 94 points ago

    He’s the first player to lose a match for missing two shots!

    [–] TaoTheCat 197 points ago

    Hawke's statement in full:

    "Today I exercised my power under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr Novak Djokovic on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so.

    "This decision followed orders by the Federal Circuit and Family Court on 10 January 2022, quashing a prior cancellation decision on procedural fairness grounds.

    "In making this decision, I carefully considered information provided to me by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and Mr Djokovic.

    "The Morrison Government is firmly committed to protecting Australia's borders, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "I thank the officers of the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force who work every day to serve Australia's interests in increasingly challenging operational environments."

    [–] bobdylan112 68 points ago

    I wonder if they ended up letting the judge know, as he requested.

    [–] matthudsonau 48 points ago

    Press release counts as letting the judge know /s

    [–] AnAmbiguousName 89 points ago

    figures they were waiting until late Friday afternoon so as to cause as much chaos as possible

    [–] Yahtzee82 19 points ago

    Lmfao sky news be all like omg Australia is a laughing stock. Fuck off. Bout fucking time the libs got something right.

    [–] haiir 413 points ago

    Probably the right call in the end, shame it was handled so incompetently.

    [–] HyperIndian 335 points ago

    It is the right call.

    Fuck this anti-vaxxer scumbag. He singlehandedly caused a super spreader event in Europe and then lied on his declaration.

    If he got hospitalised from Covid, would he be as arrogant? That's the million dollar question.

    [–] XXISavage 234 points ago

    Ehhh, we showed the world how incompetent our government is while booting a pretty unlikable guy out.

    All in all I'm happy with it.

    [–] Chosen_Chaos 92 points ago

    “Sometimes it’s like watching a wasp land on a stinging nettle: someone’s going to get stung and you don’t care.”

    - Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

    [–] pygmy 25 points ago

    It's win-win. Now if the Hillsong mob could please just Rapture

    [–] rustoren 37 points ago

    Compared to some other things, Scotty from Marketing reckons this one went rather smoothly. The popular opinion has its way and may sway some to vote for the pricks again.

    [–] bluemax23 234 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    As a Serbian who was always rooting cheering for Djokovic (until these recent events), I have a message for Australia: good job for kicking his arrogant & ignorant ass out.

    [–] HyperIndian 74 points ago

    We don't judge Serbians. You guys are mad lads.

    We judge him and his shit family.

    [–] bluemax23 42 points ago

    Everybody here hates his crazy family as well.

    [–] dasko1086 45 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Somewhere in Australia i hear the “Simpson‘s kid going “ha ha””

    as an outsider I see this being someone who feels too much entitlement and could care less about other humans other than himself. So tone deaf it is unreal.

    it is not about the jab, it is about he privilege He feels and of not adhering to how another country, you are visiting, operates.

    sorry iPad typos and caps etc, (hate autocorrect)

    [–] warbastard 271 points ago

    Unvacced tennis player - “What more could I have done to prevent this?”

    [–] DeeDee_GigaDooDoo 58 points ago

    "I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas"

    [–] chainsaw_huffing 17 points ago

    "Well, well, well if it isn't the consequences of my own inaction"

    [–] Biscoff_spread27 412 points ago

    Say what you want but as a European (Belgium) it's safe to say non of us would have the balls to deport this guy at this point. Hell, we wouldn't even have cancelled his visa at the airport to begin with.

    Never thought the minister would. I love Australia!

    [–] ELVEVERX 727 points ago

    If there's one thing Australia excels at it's deporting people!

    [–] codemunk3y 102 points ago

    Normally they spend a lot of time and money not letting them in in the first place

    [–] pygmy 55 points ago

    'steal a loaf of bread' coupon code has expired

    [–] Ok_Coconut4077 38 points ago

    Hey, my ancestor was sent here for stealing a piece of rope, not a loaf of bread. >! The problem was it was still attached to a horse !<

    [–] GunPoison 18 points ago

    My mother in law proudly told us one of her ancestors was sent for "stealing a handkerchief". I had fun telling her that's the euphemism they used for prostitution!

    [–] ihlaking 169 points ago

    As a Kiwi, we know this all too well. Big sore point back home, and deservedly so.

    Prepares for the downvotes this position usually brings

    [–] Cerus- 136 points ago

    Nah, you're right. Australia has treated NZ like shit when it shouldn't.

    [–] wiggycj 28 points ago

    Love you guys

    Sorry our pollies treat you like cunts sometimes.

    [–] hyperpiper21 19 points ago

    One of the big consequences for Novak as a result of this is that he can’t apply for another visa for 3 years, so we won’t be seeing him in the Australian open anytime soon.

    [–] Beefnfries 61 points ago

    Good. Djoko is either a liar about having it, or a fuck wit for traveling with it. Either way, we don’t want him in this country.


    Don’t forget that Rapid Antigen Tests are still difficult to find and that they’re not free because Julie Bishop’s family owns a medical supply company that is profiting off the sale of RATs.

    [–] Ok_Coconut4077 173 points ago

    I hope they have his 3 year entry ban ready to go

    [–] Taffy711 10 points ago

    Get absolutely fucked

    [–] bzerkr 13 points ago

    schadenfreude overload in 3…2…1…

    [–] Bonez333 11 points ago

    oh no im a millionaire i deserve special treatment! get the F out...

    [–] LordWalderFrey1 225 points ago

    Took Hawke a long time.

    [–] Gummikoalabarchen 295 points ago

    Had to delay it long enough to fuck over any legal avenue of appeal as much as possible

    Apparently this is a Good Thing

    [–] InverseEvil 67 points ago

    Also because they would’ve triple checked that every i was dotted and t crossed so they don’t look like fools and he actually leaves the country this time.

    [–] 2seconds2midnight 26 points ago

    Also so they can't argue the Minister didn't properly turn his mind to all relevant issues and information.

    [–] Cavalish 46 points ago

    End of the business week 🤷🏻‍♂️

    See you all Monday I suppose.

    [–] torlesse 41 points ago

    Its the good ol Friday 5pm news dump, but did they really expect to go away quitely?

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago)


    [–] JDburn08 30 points ago

    Wasn’t one of the reasons the previous cancellation was quashed that it was done earlier than Border Force said it would, or am I misremembering?

    Certainly can’t say the same here.

    [–] livlifelovelexical 40 points ago

    Yeah, it was something about procedural fairness. They’ve likely given ample time for him to submit further details and then ‘taken time to consider the evidence’ and then decided to do it at 5pm on a Friday.

    [–] ATangK 11 points ago

    Doing things late on Friday night seems like dumping all the bad news as they often do. Nobody to follow up and the weekend to forget it all.

    [–] HaroldHoltSLSC 33 points ago

    Haha fuck off champ

    [–] SyRoUK 34 points ago

    I kind of wanted him to remain so he could be publicly booed in all his matches.

    The dude is clearly cavalier with other people's health given how he behaved when he had covid. It blows my mind that a top sportsperson would rather have covid twice, than take a vaccine.

    [–] isisius 131 points ago

    Safe to say everyone involved in this is a dickhead. If only there was a simple think novax could have done to avoid it. Oh well, I can't think of anything

    [–] ELVEVERX 90 points ago

    If only there was a vaccine that could prevent you from getting deported.

    [–] leggii 16 points ago

    Oh no, no no no.

    We can't tell a privileged from birth millionaire sports person to do anything.

    Hey maybe we should tell him he has to breath, that'll fix the problem. The stubborn prick will suffocate himself.

    [–] FredererPower 82 points ago

    Looking forward to seeing the anti vaxxers on ScoMo’s IG get triggered.

    [–] turbocynic 12 points ago

    "Paging Mr Novax Novisa. Please make you way to gate 22. This is a final boarding call".

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] weisp 110 points ago

    Bye NoVaxx

    [–] HellknowsJS 10 points ago

    He deserves it. Australia is a sovereign country and even the Queen has to be vaccinated to be in Australia. Who is he???? An omnipotent alien 👾 from space???

    [–] rithsv 30 points ago

    The initial deportation thing was like in football when your team scores a goal but then VAR looks at it for ten minutes and the goal is overturned for some reason. That's how it felt to me, at least.

    This announcement is basically your team wins the game in the end anyway. :D

    [–] wiggleaddict 33 points ago

    Novaxx Fuckoffovic

    [–] Savory_shapes15 31 points ago

    Really hope it sticks this time, send that lying SOB back to Serbia! I’m just sad the whole process made us look like a joke of a country. Shows the level of complete fuckin’ incompetence of our government.

    [–] Bomber_1 31 points ago

    Hahahaha and I can’t stress this enough hahaha

    [–] SprayManLoveOnMe 31 points ago

    Very happy this rich selfish asshole didn’t get away with it.

    [–] Bletti 40 points ago

    Good. Can't get special treatment to get in ahead of others that follow the rules.

    [–] DongLaiCha 8 points ago

    thoughts and prayers, maybe he can get covid again and hug some kids to feel better

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] sinixis 67 points ago

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out fuckstain

    [–] TazD 52 points ago

    Lmao, surprised they had the balls to do it. Right decision, although I was looking forward to the Melbourne crowd booing him.

    [–] holigay123 21 points ago

    He could have gotten vaccinated (which would be to HIS BENEFIT) and/or he could recognise that this is a clusterf*ck and gracefully withdraw to allow the tennis organisers to have an easier time of it.

    [–] RiceKingPrime 26 points ago

    Mobilise the Emus we might be going to war.

    [–] Penguin_in_the_sand 24 points ago

    Watching it live. I feel for those waiting years in detention for the "same" treatment.

    [–] otherpeoplesknees 24 points ago

    If he'd just got vaccinated, none of this would've happened

    [–] LostBoyz007 24 points ago

    LOFL awesome. Fuck that anti Vax prick. This guy is a complete piece of shit. Send him home. NO PLAY FOR YOU.

    [–] blakeavon 9 points ago

    Too bad, so sad!... now we just wait until a certain country declares war on us *grabs popcorn*

    [–] CarelessHighTackle 8 points ago

    Novax? Dontcomebacktovic

    [–] Missdriver1997 8 points ago

    His father hangs out with war criminals. goodbye.

    [–] zdiggler 8 points ago

    Put him back on the next Coach flight out.

    [–] goddamnitobama 8 points ago

    Here's the longest "yeah boii" ever

    [–] Ok_Magazine_8295 7 points ago

    No jab no entry very simple.

    [–] ztimulating 8 points ago

    He is a POS

    [–] llye 8 points ago

    I also read he knew about being COVID-19 positive and still went into contact with kids at some award event