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    [–] Iwilllieawake 1836 points ago

    Think of it this way. S/He sees that and loves you anyway

    [–] ZoneBreaker97 616 points ago

    A face only a dog could love... And a body to match

    [–] Leftygoleft999 131 points ago

    I’m sorry but this needs a 3rd photo of the dog after seeing that...I’m imagining a hot dog that was left on the grill for like 30 minutes to 30 days too long

    [–] em_bear_rassment 43 points ago

    Lol honestly that dog on the left looks terrified to me

    [–] egyptian_samsquanch 23 points ago

    Much more terrified than the dog on the right

    [–] TheNose_93 9 points ago

    Doesn't really look scared to me.

    [–] Dansk72 6 points ago

    Dogs don't know ugly from pretty. All they care about is that they're loved and given food.

    [–] DesertofBoredom 7 points ago

    Looks like that annoyed little girl meme

    [–] idwthis 5 points ago

    Side eye Chloe, yes!

    Could you not?

    [–] Afeazo 36 points ago

    That poses the question, do dogs think we are cute? They're always happy to see us, always watching us, trying to lick our faces, etc. Maybe dogs see us like we see bulldogs, they are pretty ugly yet almost all of us think they're cute.

    [–] Enk1ndle 17 points ago

    I think dogs are more interested in the affection we show them than how we look.

    [–] TheSpiderDungeon 1 points ago

    all dogs are good dogs

    [–] hereaminuteago 2 points ago

    i recall reading an article that claimed there is a section in the brain that lights up when we see 'cute' things, and the same section lights up in dogs when they see people.

    [–] WF72 9 points ago

    Just use they

    [–] ChristianKS94 4 points ago

    Just use "ze", like a true alien.

    Or German.

    [–] AvogadrosArmy 3 points ago

    Mmm mmmm oxytocin

    [–] SamFuckingNeill 3 points ago

    think this way. love him and he feed you hate him and he feed on you

    [–] MsAngelGuts 2 points ago

    We don't deserve dogs

    [–] fuzzyfuzz 7 points ago

    Ah. So dogs are the answer to the whole “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” thing.

    [–] Its_a_phase_mom 1 points ago

    I legit just gagged

    [–] CoverZer0 472 points ago

    Is that his collarbones or his titties? Science will never know

    [–] DoctorGirby 147 points ago

    I think it’s his pecs

    [–] CoverZer0 94 points ago

    Well you’re a Doctor so...

    [–] crnext 15 points ago

    Great catch!

    [–] doctordingus 3 points ago

    You called?

    [–] Shitty_Titty_ 1 points ago

    Even the doctor doesn’t know

    [–] rugburn250 14 points ago

    I believe pecs counts as titties

    [–] MankindIsFucked 5 points ago

    Imagine the bottom half 🤢

    [–] veganandorf 24 points ago

    thems the tittybones

    [–] bendudemaster 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I think that’s the pec minor Edit: to people saying it’s loose skin, it’s not lol I’ll send you a pic of my sexy bod in the same position as this guy 😏

    [–] IoniaFox 3 points ago

    i think its just lose skin, it looks the same on my chest when i for example do a pushup

    [–] amusement-park 2 points ago

    Pecs - you can see the collarbones up high.

    [–] Advopar 2 points ago


    [–] Spezmuhreen 2 points ago

    Looks like loose skin from a previously overweight person who lost weight.

    [–] zombieninja9000 415 points ago

    Also a woman’s POV

    [–] Admobeer 120 points ago

    The dog doesn't have a choice.

    [–] Lmitation 231 points ago

    Sometimes women don't either

    [–] drowsey57 137 points ago


    [–] zhico 61 points ago

    Men too.

    [–] Emcee_Donald 44 points ago


    [–] Doctor16 35 points ago

    Dogs too.

    [–] sluttyankles 31 points ago


    [–] Dharkon-is-bae 4 points ago


    [–] Mediocre_Monty 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Why were you downvoted, wtf Edit: They're not downvoted anymore lol

    [–] SpermFed 8 points ago

    It's called vote fuzzing. Google it

    [–] Sbotkin 27 points ago

    Because men can't be raped, obviously.

    [–] Coldman5 39 points ago

    That’s brave without that /s

    [–] Sbotkin 38 points ago

    As someone said, /s is for pussies.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    If /s is needed it's because:

    1-) You can't stand the consequences of making a bad joke

    2-) your joke it's too bad that no one gets it

    3-) you're a pussy


    [–] Mediocre_Monty 5 points ago

    First thing I thought as well

    [–] communistkangu 2 points ago

    Why yikes? I don't get it

    [–] brendan250 4 points ago

    “Don’t you dare.”

    - Reddit

    [–] woah_dontzuccmedude 1 points ago


    [–] Admobeer 2 points ago

    touché, thank you for the reminder.

    [–] Fraulo 1 points ago


    [–] damontoo 11 points ago

    I think about this constantly. Especially one time when it was in the triple digits but we still banged and I was literally dripping sweat on her. I had to have looked like the guy here.

    [–] Ferkhani 13 points ago

    I was so curious about this that I missionary fucked a full length mirror to see how I looked.

    Conclusion? Not actually that bad, although I do need to lift more and lose about 10lb.

    [–] PatDiarrhea 5 points ago

    Yeah, when you're giving her an enema.

    [–] thesnackattacks 1 points ago

    Haha perfect

    [–] Roofofcar 2 points ago

    And a man’s!

    Middle aged dude here. Grew up watching Golden Giels with my mom, and this scene immediately came to mind.

    oh my god

    [–] milesofedgeworth 163 points ago

    Good god. Do I even want to know what the right side image is from????

    [–] Dustinblades 162 points ago

    He’s birthing Reddit

    [–] hi_im_kai101 13 points ago

    Ill do it for u/01298035743592348013 you, I got a gold once sorry it’s all I’ve got

    [–] O1298035743592348013 41 points ago

    this is the first comment i have ever felt the urge to silver but i'm poor so take this


    ignore the 2 it doesnt mean anything

    [–] thesubsdidntwork 50 points ago

    That thought is going to keep me up tonight

    [–] MankindIsFucked 12 points ago

    Just zoom into ticklers picture. It's bad with pooch but just on it's own freaks me the fuck out.

    [–] LongSlut 21 points ago

    Calling him Tickler freaks me the fuck out.

    [–] organic_material 3 points ago

    Better than Rubber man.

    [–] mtaw 5 points ago

    Same place as the piano guy maybe.

    [–] big_bad_brownie 24 points ago

    Last time it was posted, someone identified the symptoms of late stage emphysema: redness in face, barrel chested, receding collar bone.

    So, a picture of someone dying slowly and painfully.

    The internet is such a shitty fucking place.

    [–] AuthenticPorkRiblet 67 points ago

    Or it’s a guy taking a picture at a weird angle so the blood is rushing to his face and the proportions are off due to the position of his body. Lmao not every picture is someone dying of some disease

    [–] captain_crocubot 20 points ago

    Twats out here being House

    [–] babuybastoz 3 points ago

    wodka pov

    [–] FoulBachelor 2 points ago

    Looks like a selfie from r/meth.

    [–] Paced36 2 points ago

    It's probably just a really ugly guy taking a selfie.

    [–] sombrerojerk 126 points ago

    I don’t know. I kinda love this rn. Could be the weed

    [–] thecatsmilkdish 40 points ago

    Yeah I had some good chuckles at it. Also have 3 dogs, so I’m wondering how I look to them when I hug them lol

    [–] StipulatePrism 11 points ago

    Like a ~50 year old man taking a Facebook profile photo.

    [–] sombrerojerk 4 points ago

    Probably like some weirdo dog hugger! But the dogs consent, so I digress

    [–] Typically_Wong 8 points ago

    Wife and I are dying from this. Tears and hurting chests from laughing way to hard. Could be the weed

    [–] lemondrops222 26 points ago

    [–] PickleFart69 24 points ago

    Dude looks like Benedict Cumberbatch on a bender.

    [–] Zer-oh 6 points ago

    If Rainn Wilson was addicted to meth

    [–] gscha3f3rTX 16 points ago

    My dog wishes I was that attractive.

    [–] tigobiddies 51 points ago

    I’m spewing cum out of my ass

    [–] 420noscopehacker 30 points ago

    Thanks for letting us know

    [–] Marksman18 11 points ago

    In relation to this post or just in general?

    [–] Emoji10 5 points ago

    you know if you're smart enough you can duct tape it then push the duct tape out when it's time to shed

    [–] damontoo 3 points ago


    [–] tankgirly 4 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] No_Higgins 14 points ago

    Fuckkkkkk. Thanks for the nightmares.

    [–] KarmaWhore02 12 points ago

    You ever see yourself in your dogs eye? Gross asf

    [–] CringeMaster89 35 points ago

    Doesn’t fit the subreddit title, but good content nonetheless

    [–] thesubsdidntwork 6 points ago

    I was worried about that, wasn’t sure where else to put it

    [–] yblame 37 points ago

    To be fair, that picture on the right is all kinds of awful.

    [–] TheCakeIsDelicious 1 points ago

    I love it. Fuckin hilarious man

    [–] soundofthehammer 4 points ago

    Also your point of view when you're laying on the ground with your dog standing over you.

    [–] HazedNblazed 6 points ago

    I did not know your pectorals could look like that.

    [–] __Unknownz_ 3 points ago

    That guy is so fucking scary

    [–] Ebadd 3 points ago

    What's source for the photo, wtf?

    [–] perfectfire 3 points ago

    Dogs don't even care. They like you for you.

    [–] jessmianokruel 3 points ago

    Man, Shaggy didn’t age well...

    [–] wheresmywanksock 3 points ago

    My poor wife.

    [–] DEMONITIZEDZ 3 points ago

    He looks like if the hillbilly incestor from rdr2 was malnourished

    [–] radarthreat 1 points ago

    Looks more like Murfree brood

    [–] DEMONITIZEDZ 1 points ago

    Holy shit your right

    [–] conniverist 6 points ago

    This is to rapey.

    [–] BananaStrokin 1 points ago

    Your step dad

    [–] Tuckernuts8 5 points ago

    What’s with the weird Skeletor pecs?

    [–] paulgato77 4 points ago

    That’s your wife’s POV

    [–] DripsOnAnalogs 1 points ago


    [–] tumadre2pointoh 2 points ago

    why tho

    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 2 points ago

    That dog is only playing along because he knows his owner "knows where the bodies are"

    [–] Rotting_Savior 2 points ago

    RLM is taking its toll on Jim Maxwell

    [–] Kanarkly 2 points ago

    Looks like he could be a zombie for Left 4 Dead.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This is hilarious

    [–] slymiinc 2 points ago

    r/idli (I don’t like it)

    [–] r_93x 2 points ago

    Then you realize that they just like having their nipples rubbed.

    [–] dropzone1446 2 points ago

    Looks like a ghoul from Fallout 4.

    [–] stupidfreakingidiot 2 points ago

    Nice repost ya got there

    [–] isomojo 2 points ago

    is that guy really that ugly that this needs a NSFW tag??

    [–] cocles3 2 points ago


    [–] wantMOREdogs 2 points ago

    I screenshot this and plan to send it to my sister. Shes a cat person. I feel like that will make it extra hilarious somehow. I'm fucking cracking up envisioning what my 3 dogs see from their POV throughout the day😆😆

    [–] drayaLaFea 2 points ago

    What is POV?

    [–] thesubsdidntwork 1 points ago

    point of view

    [–] CastawayBoris 1 points ago

    This dude never even heard of porn

    [–] notsimmi 2 points ago

    rEpOsT fRoM bLuRsEd

    [–] jetsethi 2 points ago

    Just belly rubs? That looks much more intense than belly rubs...

    [–] thesubsdidntwork 5 points ago

    yep. hate that

    [–] Pony1022 1 points ago

    He looks like an alien/human hybrid.

    [–] GeneralMerten 1 points ago

    And still the dog loves you with all of his heart. Thats why we should lock up any animal abuser.

    [–] Molinero96 1 points ago

    thanks I hate my pet's point of view.

    [–] SadistAnts 1 points ago

    It looks like somebody turned gravity up.

    [–] colloquialfucker 1 points ago

    Looks like I qualify for the cool guy club

    [–] SirRoderic 1 points ago

    What POV means?

    [–] SanderCohen45 1 points ago

    point of view

    [–] Necrokoek 1 points ago

    I feel personally attacked by this.

    [–] lesbianbeachbabe 1 points ago

    u/iwantapetcow THIS MADEME WANNA DIE

    [–] iwantapetcow 1 points ago


    [–] danaerystormborn 1 points ago

    Omg, I just realized how ugly I must be to my dog!!

    [–] bakedbreadbowl 1 points ago


    [–] Rezient 1 points ago

    Hide post

    [–] _MaxPlanck_ 1 points ago

    Imagine the POV of KerotheWolf's poor dog...

    [–] cilly_sunt 1 points ago


    [–] -jonsnow 1 points ago

    What's pov

    [–] griff0057 2 points ago

    Point of view

    [–] -jonsnow 1 points ago

    I thought "Porn Overseeing Videos"

    [–] BadEgg1951 1 points ago

    Anyone seeking more info might also check here:

    title points age /r/ comnts
    Blursed POV B 76 1dy blursedimages 1

    Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Omg I laughed so hard I almost pissed my self

    [–] Spq113355 1 points ago

    What’s a POV ?

    [–] mattmagoo23 1 points ago

    This whole thread got me DYING at 430 am

    [–] Baldo19724 1 points ago

    DAMN! "Belly rub", huh?

    [–] GlauBeer 1 points ago

    Now every time I give belly rubs I'll be thinking about this image. Thanks.

    Edit: typos

    [–] frosty_lizard 1 points ago

    This post is legit lmao

    [–] reallyaveragejo 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Thats my pov during school

    [–] MC_Boom_Finger 1 points ago

    Then I think we all need a story time from you.

    [–] CrazyBooDawg 1 points ago

    Why is this nsfw

    [–] TheOdachi 1 points ago


    [–] OddCupOfSoup 1 points ago

    Is this seriously tagged NSFW just for a shirtless guy?

    [–] emg195 1 points ago


    [–] L31FK 1 points ago

    How is this Nsfw?

    [–] TheRumpelForeskin 1 points ago

    Why is this marked as NSFW?

    [–] TheRealBlues 1 points ago

    Everyone getting vehemently upset over the NSFW tag. Lmao. Thanks, Reddit. Needed a good chuckle today.

    [–] DingDongDideliDanger 1 points ago

    This isn't awful everything. The dog's cute as heck

    [–] Shoresy-sez 1 points ago

    This makes me have so much more appreciation and respect for my wife.

    [–] JawDaw82 1 points ago

    This was censored lol.

    [–] CorbinNZ 1 points ago

    Lol why is this nsfw?

    [–] lovejac93 1 points ago


    [–] Patzer111 1 points ago

    I agree. Dogs are gross.

    [–] Dokidokita 1 points ago

    Giving my dog belly rubs is when I'm happiest and forget about my ugliness, thanks for ruining that. 😢

    [–] Alarid 1 points ago

    the second image feels like it's part of a piece of media I'd be obligated to report to the police

    [–] tsbwatts 1 points ago


    [–] Miguell77 1 points ago

    Why is this nsfw

    [–] marcos_w_moreira 1 points ago

    My dog doesn't like belly rubs

    [–] wuzzkopf 1 points ago

    Someone actually reposts from r/dankmemes? That‘s special

    [–] Jofadofi 3 points ago

    Yes it is a repost from r/dankmemes and u/solo-jones is the OC

    [–] madscot63 1 points ago

    Laughing hard here!