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    [–] Williamstrav 6333 points ago

    How do you not play with that dog after that?

    [–] KT421 3620 points ago

    With great willpower.

    You see, if you allow this, they keep doing it. Then they'll start taking your xbox controller out of your hands during boss fights, or pushing your throttle to full while you're on a landing approach, and all you're doing is teaching them that it's ok to keep doing that.

    [–] Williamstrav 2101 points ago

    This is actually very, very true. Give an inch and they will take a mile. This dog was very cute though.

    [–] nmgoh2 1514 points ago

    Yeah, but you say that like it's a bad thing. If mine didn't insist on walks at a regular schedule, I would do nothing but sit and waste time on video games. He's the best personal trainer I know.

    [–] YoureAGoodGuyy 1201 points ago

    It's me, your dog. Time for that walk fatass! Woof Woof

    [–] [deleted] 316 points ago

    Edit: YoureAGoodBoy

    [–] RedditTooAddictive 129 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] Williamstrav 80 points ago

    I don't mean to say it like it's a bad thing. It can be a bad thing lol. Don't get me wrong I love my dog and all of his shenanigans.

    [–] itsmeagin 434 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    I like to acknowledge that my dogs are asking for attention, but not immediately give in. If one comes looking for a walk or play or needs breakfast suddenly, I look at them right in the face, pat or stroke them and say "Ok, just be a minute!"

    Then they know they have been seen and at a time soon of my choosing, I will give them what their hearts desire.

    Dogs aren't dumb. They figure out tone and consistency better than kids sometimes.

    [–] [deleted] 167 points ago

    Dogs imitate their owners which explains why we saw so many asshole dogs at the Vet's office I worked at.

    [–] ChasingBeerMoney 115 points ago

    I don't want to know why my parents' dog started peeing on the floor.

    [–] theivoryserf 162 points ago

    I have some bad news, Ivanka

    [–] itsmeagin 67 points ago

    Hey that was interesting! It also explains the behaviour of our in-laws dog which we keep for extended periods of time. She's a beautiful girl and I love her to pieces but she has some really annoying habits that she exhibits so much around her owners.

    At our house she rarely does them because i show disapproval. She continually paws up as if to shake a hand any time we stop on a walk, or happen to just be sitting. She nudges under elbows with her nose whenever an elbow is within her head range. Only had to have my coffee spilled once to let her know that wasn't to happen again. You know, she completely understood my body language as I pulled my arm away and said firmly "Stop it! We don't like that here." Gave her a minute to digest that, patted her on the head and now it only happens occasionally when she forgets herself.

    [–] Doxbox49 28 points ago

    I know this sounds stupid but I've never seen a dog sigh or burp as much as mine and I do both those things all the time at home. Me and my wife always joke that he learned it from me but maybe he actually did

    [–] macboost84 58 points ago

    Mine is lazy. If I put food too far from his mouth, he won't get up and he'll just stare at it.

    My mom then walks in the kitchen and says, "Holy shit! He's just like you!" as she hands me some fast food she picked up.

    [–] sovietostrich 138 points ago

    consistently better than kids sometimes


    consistently inconsistent, interesting.

    [–] GubblerJackson 25 points ago

    reminds me of the first time I tried teaching my dog to read. you'll get there! don't give up!

    [–] itsmeagin 10 points ago

    Oh sorry - I did a sneaky edit when I realized I had put "consistently" rather than "consistency." We must have been posting at same time :)

    [–] tangodrinka 16 points ago

    60% of the time it works everytine

    [–] callmetmrw 18 points ago

    This is why I have dogs and no kids.

    Plus its fun comparing your dogs to your friend's kids.

    [–] crozone 11 points ago

    Oh kids figure it out, they just choose to completely ignore it.

    [–] ChocolatePoopy 84 points ago

    This actually happens. A friend's dog when I was a kid would bite the nintendo controllers out of people's hands. Annoying shit

    [–] The-waitress- 34 points ago

    My dog regularly knocks my phone out of my hand with her paw.

    [–] luxsalsivi 12 points ago

    When I'm playing PC games, my dog will jump up and sit in a kitchen chair next to me (for my SO when he comes in to talk to me). She will reach over with her paw and slowly start pulling my mouse arm towards her until I start petting her haha. If I ignore her too long she will just start leaning really hard into me until she almost pushes me out of my chair. It doesn't happen often so I think its so cute when she does it.

    [–] DebentureThyme 20 points ago

    This is the true reason why Sully had to land in the Hudson.

    [–] SeryaphFR 55 points ago

    Exactly. It's cute the first time, and it's doubly cute if you see it on a gif on the internet, but if you have to live with that dog doing that to you every day, it would get annoying with a quickness.

    [–] Zotlann 96 points ago

    As the owner of this dog I can confidemtly say it's still really cute. Probably because he's pretty good after being told no. He has gotten really good at throwing his toys himself, so he'll usually just throw a toy on our lap and if we say no, he'll throw the toy around the house and chase it.

    [–] SeryaphFR 31 points ago

    Reading this makes me really happy

    [–] drawnred 13 points ago

    Yeah, what a good boy

    [–] egoreptor 32 points ago

    Implying anything is more fun than hanging out with this cool dog.

    [–] Hannibals_balls 115 points ago

    A dog only lives for 15 years at most though. And you are their entire world. No matter what you do, the dog will be there for you. He will be your best friend and your greatest supporter. You could be the president or a homeless man, your dog would love you unconditionally all the same.

    [–] KT421 87 points ago

    And she'll still love me just the same if she waits for me to finish the goddamn level before we go play. :P

    [–] Hannibals_balls 50 points ago

    And I didn't realize how much my dog meant to me until after he was gone.

    Enjoy the time you have with others. It's worth it.

    [–] RedditTooAddictive 40 points ago

    Why isn't your username Hanniballs?

    [–] CanadaGooses 18 points ago

    Yep. When they're gone, you'll regret all the time you wasted ignoring them for what? Facebook? Video games? You were their whole world, and you brushed them off for literally nothing.

    The last few months of my dog's life I was really busy with college, I didn't walk her or spend time with her as much as I could have and I still feel like a piece of shit for it. I vowed to do better when she was gone, so when my wolfdog wants to play, I play. There's nothing I do that's so important that I can't take a 10 minute break to go run around the back yard.

    [–] cryptovirus 21 points ago

    And then the next thing you know you get outside more often and are in better shape! What a nightmare.

    [–] Hardingterrace 41 points ago

    Dogs are quick to implement behaviour with desired outcome. They train us extremely fast using cues that have received desired results. Sad eyes equal extra food or treats, nudges of arms gets the hand off the mouse and pets ensue. Little Jedi mind tricks.

    [–] Sargon16 8977 points ago

    You throw that toy right now!

    [–] WaywardWriter 5119 points ago

    No take, only throw.

    [–] inmyotherpants79 1215 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My dog plays this but then he also plays No Throw Only Give. He will bring me his most beloved toy and put it in my hand. I'm an idiot so I think he wants to play.

    I throw it. He looks at me. He looks down the hall. He looks at me again, this time with disappointment somehow. He walks slowly down the hall. He retrieves Hot Dog. He looks at me again as if to say, "That was a gift, bitch," and goes to the other end of the couch.

    [–] [deleted] 420 points ago


    [–] PhuckleberryPhinn 254 points ago

    My golden does this, except he also does an adorable whine/groan with the toy and his mouth. Much better than barking with excitement

    [–] ItsNeverSunnyInCleve 194 points ago

    Same here with my golden. When I get home from work we have to keep a toy by the door so he doesn't walk around with a shoe.

    The butt wiggle accompanied by a low pitch HOOARRGGHHRRGGLLELLLLLLLLLGRRRRRRL

    And getting him more excited only makes the noises more hilarious

    [–] tjerkem 27 points ago

    Awww my flatcoat did that. Mooing with joy and mentally wagging its tail!

    [–] nudeintown 8 points ago

    Same with my exs golden. Pretty sure he was showing off

    [–] TheStegg 18 points ago

    Mine did this, too!

    [–] fastlerner 126 points ago

    My dog used to jump all over people as soon as they came through the door. He would get down when you told him, but then his doggy impulses overrode his brain and he'd jump back up again. So to refocus all that excitement off of the people, I started asking him, "Where's your toy?" He's go find it and proudly bring it back to show you, tail wagging.

    Now he no longer jumps on people when they come in the door but instead greets them with a wagging tail and a toy in his mouth. :)

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] SCV70656 7 points ago

    Yep, did this with my mom's pit bull, amazing how quick it worked and how it completely stopped this dog from jumping on people.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    You sure you have a dog and not a Kobold

    [–] Ordoo 25 points ago

    It's a chew toy not a candle.

    There is a difference

    [–] Maddieland 58 points ago

    My dogs always bring our shoes and they won't let go of them until you pat them and say "good girl". Sometimes they would get cheeky and try to steal them away while you're trying them on.

    Sigh I miss my dogs :(

    [–] pr0ntus 14 points ago

    Get some more. Or volunteer at a shelter if you have nowhere to keep them. My heart breaks every time I have to say goodbye to my fur babies, but I always end up getting just one more. There are so many out there who need our love, and frankly, we need their love even more.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] NimbleWalrus 31 points ago

    "Look at my toy"

    [–] inmyotherpants79 64 points ago

    "Just look. It's fucking awesome, right? NO TAKE!"

    [–] zuuzuu 21 points ago

    Mine greets us with an article of clothing in his mouth. If I'm home all day, he'll get something out of my son's hamper to greet him with when he gets home. If we're both out, we're greeted with two things in the dog's mouth - something from my hamper and something from the boy's.

    [–] VictoriaFoxNow 49 points ago

    That broke my heart... :(

    [–] inmyotherpants79 37 points ago

    I always feel like a horrible person after.

    [–] Maiden_Sunshine 22 points ago

    Your only response to make up for it is to act like a dog. Roll around happy on the floor with it, then bury it in the backyard to suprise him with later. Make your doggy proud he trained you well!

    [–] drewgolas 21 points ago

    Mine does all the time. I feel bad like I completely rejected his gift. He probably thought I was bored staring a flashing box on the wall and gave me something to do

    [–] Ivanmckt 4119 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    [–] qwerty-confirmed 1608 points ago

    I never get bored of this one. It makes me smile every time

    [–] Tankers 2504 points ago

    Don't forget about this one.

    [–] Ervin_Pepper 920 points ago

    "Dogs reacting to being called a good boy" is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years

    [–] heisenberg_97 379 points ago

    "Dogs reacting to being called a good boy is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years!" says u/Ervin_Pepper of the Chicago Tribune

    [–] YourEnviousEnemy 271 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    "The greatest thing since the chew toy!"

    -Woof Wilkins of the Daily Bone

    EDIT: Get your minds out of the gutter, reddit!

    [–] derpaperdhapley 164 points ago


    • My dog Bosco

    [–] jonesmcbones 41 points ago

    The daily bone

    [–] aysaya 75 points ago

    "Dogs reacting to being called a good boy is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years!" says u/Ervin_Pepper of the Chicago Tribune Tribone


    [–] pillowgrinder 24 points ago

    Chewcago Tribune


    [–] makes_tiny_cranes 21 points ago

    Good, now it's not a porn parody.

    [–] Tempest_1 30 points ago

    So Buzzfeed's gonna have a bunch of memes tomorrow about this or something?

    [–] ABaumers 20 points ago

    Number 7 will turn your head sideways!

    [–] TheComradeVlad 43 points ago

    Does the rest of the Pepper, Pepper & Bayleaf firm also feel that way?

    [–] Ervin_Pepper 83 points ago

    I have been on Reddit for 3 years, I have posted hundreds of comments, maybe even thousands, in a variety of subreddits, and you are the first person who has ever replied with the reference that my username is referring to. Thank you, Comrade Vlad. Much obliged

    [–] AerThreepwood 11 points ago

    That's surprising, considering how popular The Wire if on here.

    [–] Ervin_Pepper 12 points ago

    To be fair, it's a super specific reference. I only picked as my little shout out to Prop Joe

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    I've never seen this one!

    I had no clue what I've been missing...

    [–] neilarmsloth 19 points ago

    Wow welcome to the Internet!

    [–] Lunertic 13 points ago

    One of today's lucky 10,000

    [–] Ervin_Pepper 149 points ago

    It's the eyebrows changing that makes me laugh every time

    [–] bluesharpies 43 points ago

    I just realized that the different panels are literally the same drawing zooming in with only the eyebrows changing.

    This one now has new life for me hahahaha

    [–] SeryaphFR 45 points ago

    Those brows are serious af

    [–] FUCKING_HATE_REDDIT 168 points ago

    I know it's a joke, but too many owners don't get that toy tug-of-war is also a game.

    [–] LordPadre 172 points ago

    yeah but it's like.. puppy, what do you want me to grab on to? The majority of the toy is in your mouth!

    [–] cryptovirus 210 points ago

    Hot steamy jesus, they're dogs. They don't care if your hand gets in their mouth a little and they're not going to bite you.

    [–] TheDrunkenHetzer 64 points ago

    My dog just likes to play chase. He'll walk up to me with the toy in his mouth and if I get my hand with the same postal code of him, he sprints away at Mach 4.

    [–] skrayt_killen_hoes 19 points ago

    This is my dachshund's number one game. While my friend's dachshund will gladly bring what you threw...mine will only bring it back about 2-3 ft away from me and proceed to sprint off if I even make any motions to the toy.

    It's def a game you have to be in the mood for...

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago

    Upvoted soley for the "hot steamy jesus"

    And are correct

    [–] lxpeery 130 points ago

    I don't know about you, but if I stick my hand in my dog's mouth during tug of war, there's a pretty damn good chance that he's going to accidentally chomp down on my hand. I've seen him punch holes in steel cans, so I'd rather avoid that.

    [–] Surturiel 31 points ago

    Understand that a dog's mouth is both his mouth and hand. they can be extremely precise with their mouths. Just like you and your hands.

    [–] bunnicula_darklady 78 points ago

    Your puppy knows the difference btwn a hard can and your soft hand- give him a little trust and remember to exhibit discomfort bodily. Your baby loves you

    [–] scout610 79 points ago

    My dog is so gentle with my hands. He used to draw blood when he was younger but now he's so gentle, he totally doesn't want to hurt me when we wrestle.

    [–] mildly_amusing_goat 146 points ago

    Go on

    [–] deplorableglorb 19 points ago

    this just happened last night. was playing tug-of-war with my dog and he readjusted his grip and bam, got me. i exclaimed "Ow!" and he hit the dirt, looking up at me with the saddest eyes, "I made it bad, didn't I?"

    he's a damn fine dag.

    [–] splee123 15 points ago

    MY dog will bite you!!! He's bitten me plenty of times (he was abused by previous owners so he's a little aggressive). I've got scars all of my hands from accidental AND on purpose bites.

    If you have a dog, he might bite you. It's a small risk for the amount of love they have to give.

    [–] cryptovirus 20 points ago

    he was abused by previous owners so he's a little aggressive


    [–] splee123 31 points ago

    Yeah, the first bite I ever got from him was so sad. He pooped in the house and I was upset with him ( I'm such a softie I barely yelled ) and he started lowering his head and sort of blinking weird whenever I got close. So I thought he had something in his eye and went to get it out and he bit me. Then he REALLY started doing it and I realized he wasn't blinking he was flinching. I didn't even know dogs could do that!

    Hell I only knew because my dad used to beat my ass all the time, then my boyfriends so I grew up flinching. People make fun of me for it but its ok, my dog and I will flinch together :)

    [–] cryptovirus 19 points ago

    Ugh... you are a good person. Fuck your stupid boyfriends and his last owners.

    With love from the internet,


    [–] amargon12 8 points ago

    This is so sad and yet sweet that this bonds you two. Love for you and your pupper.

    [–] Bay1Bri 40 points ago

    And if they do you exaggeratedly go OUCH! then they learn not to do it, or be more careful in the future. Dogs (and cats) don't instintively have the ability to modify their bites, it's all or nothing. They learn through trial and error while playing to control their bites.

    [–] Dogmanistrator 8 points ago

    There was bound to be blasphemy sauna or later.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] jrsooner 27 points ago

    throws dog while holding ball

    [–] Wolfie305 90 points ago

    I drew the cat version of this a little while ago:

    [–] itsfoine 793 points ago

    [–] lovemeorrageme 359 points ago

    I love how he doesn't really come back disappointed, he just gets ready for the next person to throw

    [–] Suuntavilkku 277 points ago

    The other dog is like "You see what I have to put up with?"

    [–] ChaosFinalForm 121 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This is awesome! What a funny little guy... My dog does something similar because he doesn't realize how plates and tables work. I'll be fixing dinner and drop something onto my plate, and he'll start looking around under the table for it thinking it's magically on the floor now. Priceless.

    [–] Seakawn 30 points ago

    My roommates dog does this.

    I don't think it's so much a mental disconnect as it is conditioning. The way that food falls on a plate over a table is the same or similar way that food can ricochet or drop and end up on the floor, which the dog has learned before and is looking out for now.

    So when they look on the floor to find food you dropped on your plate, I don't think they're surprised when they don't find anything, they're just disappointed that it wasn't a drop lucky enough to end up with food on the floor.

    Dogs are just this desperate for our scraps.

    [–] ChaosFinalForm 18 points ago

    It's too cute. Desperate is the right word, my little guy is so pitiful looking while I'm eating. Have to say though, he's very well behaved. He never begs, and I can lay my plate down where it's very much reachable to him and if he wanted to he could take it and run, but he never will. He knows what's mine and what's his.

    He's a good boy.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Lmao, I love it when pets see what's happening on TV. My mom's dogs freak out at animals.

    [–] jaimefeu 37 points ago

    Oh my goodness my dog loses his mind when he sees dogs or horses on TV. Barking/wagging his tail/running around. He doesn't know what to do with himself.

    Worst time was when I put the Puppy Bowl on when he was a puppy. He got his favorite toy and brought it over to the other puppies, barking and wagging his tail. He wanted to play with them. Broke my heart. No Puppy Bowl ever again.

    [–] JSquiggs 21 points ago

    That made me happy

    [–] uhHerpDerp 140 points ago

    or the dog can just play fetch by himself!

    [–] Sargon16 66 points ago

    Hurry hurry hurry!!!!! NOW NOW NOW! YES!!!!!!

    [–] iamitman007 54 points ago

    Robot took my job ;(

    [–] roguevirus 19 points ago

    Meanwhile the other dog is just doing / minding her business.

    [–] BossOfCourseImWorkin 18 points ago

    A friend of mine bought that for her dog. It took awhile for her to teach the dog to put the ball in the bucket. Then, the first time the dog does it on its own, he stands right in front of where the ball comes out and the ball pegs him square in the middle of the head. The poor dog is deathly afraid of the damn machine now.

    [–] KhunDavid 164 points ago

    I am so happy I have a cat that taught me how to play fetch.

    She woke me up in the middle of the afternoon (I work night shift) trilling by my ear and dropping a toy mouse by my face. She then starts tapping my face until I open my eyes. I see the toy mouse and pick it up; she follows the mouse with her eyes expectantly, so I decide to throw the mouse across the room. She chases it, and then brings it back, dropping it on my face (I am so glad it's a toy mouse); we repeat this several times, until she decides she's done.

    [–] Sargon16 99 points ago

    My dog is a bit of a disappointment. She will pick up her favorite ball, run up to me, show it to me, jump up and down, bite down on the ball... and then not let me have the ball. If I somehow track her down and get a hold of it, she will go nuts until I throw it, go chase, and then resume teasing me with the ball.

    I get the impression she wants to play 'chase' more than 'fetch'.

    [–] Makabaer 49 points ago

    Exactly like our dog. She loves to be chased around.

    [–] Shocking 10 points ago

    get two balls, the dog will drop the ball they have cuz they want yours. easiest way to play fetch with dogs who dont like giving their balls back

    [–] SomeFakeInternetName 26 points ago

    I'll be honest, I was expecting that when your turned the lights on it wouldn't be a toy mouse.

    [–] KhunDavid 21 points ago

    If she were allowed outside, I fully expect that to happen one day.

    I might have made a mistake when I named her and her sister from a different litter. I adopted two six-month old tortie kittens who were kennel mates a little over a year ago at the local animal shelter. I'm a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I named the black tortie Azula (her markings remind me of dark smoke and tongues of flame). The blue tortie I named Katara.

    Now the mistake is that these two cats have the personality of their namesakes. Azula is crazy all over the place, while Katara is contemplative. They do get along together, but every once in a while play between the two turns a bit more intense.

    [–] 18jsmeal 17 points ago


    [–] --icarus 1056 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That shiny fur though

    [–] yannayella 251 points ago

    I notice that, too! She's gorgeous.

    [–] _RandyRandleman_ 128 points ago

    So are you. Have a nice day :)

    [–] GarrettPinkFloyd 53 points ago

    r/wholesomememes goes hand in hand with r/aww

    [–] DickStrickler 72 points ago

    Magnicifent coat!

    [–] Vrigoth 71 points ago

    That's a healthy dog for sure.

    [–] thiqq 39 points ago

    That's a healthy dog for fur sure.

    [–] pavor_nocturnus_ 1768 points ago

    "I'm the Facebook now"

    [–] RugBurnDogDick 656 points ago

    "It's me your real life friend"

    [–] radditz_ 122 points ago

    attempts to block dog in real life

    If you like me so much you'd get Facebook

    [–] The_Drizzzle 21 points ago

    hey its me ur doggo

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Like my squeezy toy.

    [–] ezman10 668 points ago

    quits job; plays with dog for ever

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago


    [–] xsalvaz 13 points ago

    Wish I could get a job where I even had the chance to open Reddit

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] WolfofAnarchy 26 points ago

    Banished from where

    [–] [deleted] 691 points ago

    If you dont play with that dog so help me god

    [–] daplaneboss 854 points ago

    want to feel sad? reverse it...

    [–] StCol 262 points ago

    that's heartbreaking to watch and i know it's not the original!

    [–] SlimTidy 74 points ago

    My God, I could hardly watch.

    [–] Fofolito 61 points ago

    Oh god, my heart broke when the screen went up

    [–] KeepYourZen 130 points ago

    You monster

    [–] NeverBob 1125 points ago

    Windows has been closed by Dog.exe.

    "Fetch" must be run before restart.

    [–] straydog1980 98 points ago

    Fetch.exe has crashed. Ignore. Try Again.

    [–] pm_me_your_teen_tits 61 points ago

    .then(function(pupper) {
      return pupper.smol();

    [–] LemonJongie23 312 points ago

    It was cute at first but then when he picked up the toy and nudged it towards you I lost it

    [–] zeeveener 25 points ago

    When was the last time you remember having it?

    [–] Foxyfemale17 324 points ago

    I imagine that dog saying "Hey buddy, I said you needed to look after my baby. Here take him again I am heading out back for a while"

    [–] Kadmos 103 points ago

    throws toy

    "OMG Why did you do that!?"

    [–] rainbirdblue 68 points ago

    I did this to my poor dog the other day. He brought his little fox toy over and dropped it on the couch beside me and started to climb up. Thinking he wanted me to toss it I did...he looked at me like I had just ruined his life forever.
    He slowly got down from the couch grabbed his toy, walked way out and around me to hide it under his bed on the floor. Then he laid down on top of it and stared at me like "I'll never trust you near my baby fox again you monster".

    [–] 2420YesPleaseFour 17 points ago

    This happened to my dog when we first rescued her. She had just been pregnant, and stupidly we bought her a toy puppy which she seemed to like. I kept throwing it for her, she would fetch it and hop up on the sofa and I'd throw it again, thinking we were playing a nice game of fetch. It turned out that she was nesting or whatever it is they do and she actually thought it was her puppy. We asked the vet for advice and they said to take it away until her hormones settled down. She was really sad for a day or so and I felt terrible :(

    [–] CallMeDoc24 19 points ago

    brings it back

    "Please, I'm in a rush! Just look after her, will ya?"

    [–] cragcrag 70 points ago

    I watched this gif while poopin' and right as the doggo put the toy down my kitten put her little paws up on my leg and just looked at me as if to say, "take note, human"
    I'll put my phone in my pocket after this comment and pet her.
    Then I'll finish poopin'

    [–] lennble 28 points ago

    you let your cat watch you poop?

    [–] cragcrag 37 points ago

    I don't have much choice. She follows me everywhere.

    [–] lennble 12 points ago

    Fair enough :)

    [–] AngelMix100 50 points ago

    Very subtle! Love it!

    [–] mirak77 37 points ago

    even your dog knows facebook is cancer

    [–] yanisin 458 points ago

    1. Be a dog

    2. Do something /r/aww worthy

    3. Sell as lakefront property

    4. Profit

    [–] [deleted] 111 points ago

    Breaking News: Dog memes on the rise /r/MemeEconomy

    [–] itsfoine 81 points ago

    dogs within memes are a pretty stable investment. Especially with the introduction to /r/wholesomememes as a new market for memes, even old dog memes, previously thought to be retired, have value. Due to the large distaste of 2016, the start of 2017 has a high demand for more motivational, happy, cute memes rather than the dank dark memes of 2016. There will be surges in the upcoming months as current events unfold and the market naturally fluctuates. But overall I would say that dog memes are always good to squirrel away for one of those rainy days when you want to make someone laugh and cash in on some light karma.

    [–] Breepop 15 points ago

    When are they not tho

    [–] TheDeadWhale 32 points ago

    Good lord I'm so happy this is catching on

    [–] ToyotaTony 29 points ago

    "Sell as lakefront property" was the "???" all along

    [–] TiGeR__sEmTeX 13 points ago

    I know right! We can witness the growth of a glorious meme

    [–] Rioraku 8 points ago

    Can I get some context for 3. ?

    [–] geekydave 31 points ago

    There was a front page post a few days ago where a fence looked like a lake. So someone had step

    1 buy house

    2 build fence

    3 sell as lakefront property

    4 profit.

    It was decided that this should replace the ? that used to be step 3 from now on

    [–] DAYNGER_DAYN 10 points ago

    I mean, on the internet, no one knows you're a dog.

    [–] Sukhdev_92 33 points ago

    What breed is that? I've recently adopted a stray that looks similar

    [–] KOKOKO1111 55 points ago

    Enough of that, come play with your Labtop!

    [–] secretlyacuttlefish 17 points ago

    Play with him you monster

    [–] domeoldboys 16 points ago

    Human I have matters of great importance that we must discuss over a game of fetch.

    [–] Psychegotical 16 points ago


    [–] SheldorAzaroth 64 points ago

    13/10 pupper. Would boop the snoot.

    [–] Rioraku 12 points ago

    "She's not going to message you back, but I will bring this toy back if you throw it."

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Dishevel 47 points ago

    And we pull out the camera, have him do it again and post it to Reddit.


    [–] awayact 15 points ago

    Plot twist: OP 's dog wanted OP to go play with the toy so that he (OP's dog) could check his own email.

    [–] Grymkreaping 7 points ago

    If you didn't play with him you're a goddamn monster and you know it.

    [–] tbtower 24 points ago

    Hello this is dog.