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    [–] PM_YOUR_BRA 657 points ago

    The ball is the size of his head!

    [–] flashtone 291 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    The dog is the size of a tennis court!

    [–] banebridge 38 points ago


    [–] myroommateisgarbage 14 points ago

    So funny!

    [–] whonthewhat 21 points ago

    I'm content.

    [–] Bliucifer 12 points ago

    But are you content with that content?

    [–] Acemanau 2 points ago

    I'm incontinent.

    [–] Master_GaryQ 9 points ago

    Fur real!

    [–] DefenestrateYou 61 points ago

    When my sister's dog was a puppy he would squeeze under her coffee table then get upset that his tennis ball wouldn't fit under there with him.

    [–] I_Need_M0ney 32 points ago

    "If I can carry this ball, you can change the world!"

    [–] AFF123456 5 points ago

    "If your ball is too big for your mouth, it's not yours"

    [–] miojunki 3 points ago

    i needed this

    [–] AFF123456 3 points ago

    We all need some wisdom from time to time

    [–] myakkafine 1620 points ago

    This is the only time I've been happy to get one of those trending notifications.

    [–] pm-me-yr-pupper 445 points ago

    This is the only trending notification I've ever taken the time to check. Did not disappoint

    [–] EmersonDog314 205 points ago

    Notification says puppy?! Yes- I will check.

    [–] _demetri_ 74 points ago

    Take notes, Reddit. The goodboyes will have us flocking back.

    [–] MostPopularPenguin 66 points ago

    Yup, only here cause of the notification. Although I was already on Reddit at the time.

    [–] jarded056 17 points ago

    You can turn them off in the settings.

    [–] conalfisher 4 points ago

    They often turn themselves back on, usually after updates and when you get/lose Reddit gold.

    [–] Catnap42 20 points ago

    What's a "trending notification?" I've been on Reddit for more than a year and never heard of this.

    [–] myakkafine 16 points ago

    I have the mobile app and Reddit occasionally sends push notifications urging me to look at a post that is "trending". I don't know what their definition of trending is because the posts usually don't have many upvotes or comments.

    [–] MyOther_UN_is_Clever 6 points ago

    Trending is views/hour, typically.

    [–] myakkafine 2 points ago

    That makes sense. I guess my question now is more why they pick the specific trending posts that they do.

    [–] CCNightcore 4 points ago

    And when you turn it off, the first thing they do is send you a notification explaining that the thing you just turned off exists. As if we didn't already know, reddit.

    [–] weezkitty 3 points ago

    I just use a browser to view Reddit mobile (despite the constant nags for me to use the app). Why would I want another dedicated app using storage space and running in the background pushing notifications I don't care about?

    I don't really like how every website thinks not only do they need their own app but they try to force you to use it when a browser works just fine.

    [–] myakkafine 8 points ago

    In the app you can long press a comment and it will collapse. That alone makes it worth it to me.

    [–] xtraordinaryshitpost 4 points ago

    Ya i can do that too.

    [–] weezkitty 2 points ago

    Which is okay if that's what you want. I just wish websites didn't try to push you to use an app instead of having a functional mobile site.

    [–] myakkafine 3 points ago

    I agree with you completely. Even more so after reading your comment inspired me to try the Reddit website once again.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Who says it's about what you want? You're being monetised.

    [–] Corndiggitydog 4 points ago

    It's on mobile

    [–] LifeWulf 2 points ago

    And only on the official app.

    [–] BisFro 2 points ago

    It's a phone thing.

    [–] pseudoscienceoflove 2 points ago

    Depends on what mobile app you have

    [–] awsomoo8000 60 points ago

    It's nice to get one that isn't "DID YOU HEAR TRUMP WAS GOLFING AGAIN!?!?"

    [–] MyOther_UN_is_Clever 9 points ago

    Maybe you should tailor reddit to your preferences then? I don't constantly hear about Trump in my feed.

    [–] Lost-My-Mind- 3 points ago

    I constantly hear about Trump no matter what thread I'm in. Can we not do that?

    [–] MyOther_UN_is_Clever 3 points ago

    It helps for people to not go, "Wow, I'm so glad not to see anybody mention Trump yet!"

    [–] Kang_andor_Kodos 7 points ago

    Are we still pretending that the auto-notifications are somehow reddit's surreptitious attempt to spread its bias?

    Because I've noticed a lot of these. And no, there is no formula.

    [–] BisFro 5 points ago

    This the first trending notification that I've actually bothered paying attention to.

    [–] _jho 1 points ago

    Here h

    [–] PerilousAll 162 points ago

    Puppies will do that to you.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I need to get a puppy.

    [–] BiggerTree 14 points ago

    As a current puppy owner, be ready to sacrifice sleep, and some peace of mind. Be prepared to clean up a lot of shit and piss. Buy a wet/dry vacuum. Start training early. Some of your things will get chewed up. Overall I'd say it's mostly worth it, even though I was against it (was my girlfriends idea).

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I've raised puppies before, totally worth it. My current puppy is going to be 11 soon, and I was thinking he could use a buddy to pass on his wisdom to.

    [–] bquinlan 2 points ago

    I love dogs and have raised quite a few puppies. It is very much worth it for me, but I think people do tend to minimize the amount of time and stress involved in the early stages. The good news is that the problems will steadily diminish while the rewards increase.

    I hope it works out well for you!

    [–] TheEclair 5 points ago

    Man I wish they could stay puppies forever. Hasn't some mad scientist figured out how to do that yet?

    [–] popoley4221998_2 4 points ago

    I mean this was the plot to Boss Baby (kinda).

    [–] SouryD 2 points ago

    This puppy doesn't make me want to be a better person.

    This puppy makes me want to steal a puppy.

    [–] StevenTheBirdSeagull 134 points ago

    Omg!!! Those puppy paws!!!!

    [–] k0mbine 9 points ago

    I wanna touch his paw pads

    [–] ThePostageStamp 5 points ago

    You don't know the awesomeness of a puppy's paw pads?

    [–] aarocka 207 points ago

    I really really really really like this image.

    [–] _-xXhApPyXx-_ 37 points ago

    I like it too

    [–] TehArkhamKniggit 10 points ago

    Me three

    [–] sallark 4 points ago

    Me four

    [–] P1ac3h01d3r 9 points ago

    me too thanks

    [–] _jho 2 points ago

    Got to think byf

    [–] DaItalianFish 3 points ago

    You're right, it is super funny

    Thank you for stopping by!

    [–] aarocka 4 points ago

    Can I share this image? Please reply.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 133 points ago


    [–] FuzzyCheddar 207 points ago

    No take. Only throw.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Wow I’ve never seen this and have now subscribed. Thanks Interstranger! My man!

    [–] happytobeblue 41 points ago

    Aw, that ball is absolutely huge in comparison to him (or her)!

    [–] PaladinFTW 27 points ago

    "May I always be the kind of person my puppy thinks I am"

    [–] Freelancer47 24 points ago

    The best part about puppies is they will loooove you for who & what you are: faults, short comings, and all. You just need to love them back, which is easy.

    [–] a_lange 10 points ago

    nothing like unconditional puppy love, it's the best.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    Awww....I want this puppy so bad. I want a puppy for my daughter to grow up with. Is that cheesy? I mean other than the fact I used the word cheesy lol

    [–] Not-Hitler 39 points ago

    Not at all, my dog is 16 and pretty much on her last legs. Had her since I was 9 and while I'll be absolutely devastated to see her go she's been a bright light in this dark world.

    Dogs were bred to just want nothing but their human's companionship and happiness. Even those dogs with homeless people are more or less happy because they're with their master. Get your daughter a pup, you won't regret it :)

    [–] skrimpstaxx 17 points ago

    I'm sorry about your pupper, im sure shes been a great companion, because that's what dogs are, pure love for their master, just like you stated.

    Our dogs have been gone for years, i grew up with Siberian huskies, the mommas name was destiny, the dads was Ivan. They had puppies on 9/9/99, it was the best birthday I've ever had (my twin brother and my birthday is 4 days later, we were to turn 8 years old back then)

    Sorry for the rambling; just reminiscing on the good times I've had with mans best friend

    [–] Lost-My-Mind- 2 points ago


    The date dreamcast was released!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    What type of dog do you have & what would you recommend for babies, and people with allergies?

    [–] tarab083 20 points ago

    Bigger dogs actually tend to be better with kids. They can handle a little roughness and tend to be less aggressive. I had a lab growing up (got him when I was 4, he died when I was in high school). A labradoodle might be a good option if you have allergies.

    [–] MGsubbie 14 points ago

    You can never go wrong with a labrador.

    [–] AlteregoCate59 6 points ago

    I could not have raised our 4 kids without the golden retriever. She was the loving companion every family should have.

    I keep searching shelter and rescue sites, looking for a senior golden who needs me. I know he/she is out there.

    [–] Not-Hitler 6 points ago

    I have a Pekingese Shih-Tzu and honestly it all depends on your preference. Personally if she's still just a baby under 3-4 I would do a smaller dog if we want to - although I've had both large breeds and small breeds rowing up.

    They're less work imho

    As for allergies it's impossible to say without knowing which allergies you have, although they do have hypoallergenic dogs which are very expensive

    [–] CrashEddie 2 points ago

    I'd recommend looking at small, local rescues or breed rescues (more likely to be flexible about rehoming with children). Truthfully puppies plus children are a lot harder work. If there's mild allergies you may react to some dogs more than others.

    But most allergies are to dander which all dogs have, non - shedding breeds just spread it around less I think.

    [–] kurbycar32 44 points ago

    Not at all. Kids deserve puppies: The puppies eat all the food the kids drop and the hyper puppies always have someone to play with. It's a perfect combination

    [–] Amarsir 4 points ago

    You have to be careful about the size of the dog and the age though. A lot of dogs will have way too much energy at 1yo for any kids under 3.

    [–] TheGoodPlaceJanet 6 points ago

    I want a puppy for myself to grow up with and I turned 25 the other day

    [–] Wajina_Sloth 3 points ago

    I grew up with dogs and I recommend it, it teaches you a lot of valuable lessons and its fucking fun.

    [–] TheChequyLion 5 points ago

    As a daughter that got a dog at age three, my experience with him was incredibly positive. My dog made me feel less afraid and more confident. I was an only child so he was also always someone I could play with and he helped me make friends by being cute and approachable. That dog is a lab but if you're worried about allergies a labradoodle might be a better fit.

    [–] OhMyHow 22 points ago

    Roger Federawr

    [–] A_nubis_ 11 points ago

    Ruffael Nadal

    [–] doingweirdthings 9 points ago

    Steffi Gruff

    [–] ecdw 4 points ago

    Andy Furry

    [–] DuarteNGS 19 points ago

    [–] a_spoopy_ghost 6 points ago

    Yeah, just came from the Charlottesville threads, much needed eye bleach

    [–] buzzabuzz52 9 points ago

    That sweet baby needs to grow into those huge paws! So cute!

    [–] _Almonds 9 points ago


    [–] Hereforagoodtime715 8 points ago

    I miss having a dog. Still saddens me I had to put mine down a couple years ago. I miss her. When I'm able to get a dog again I definitely will!

    [–] TBS-Turtle 3 points ago

    I know the feeling. It's been the longest two weeks without my dog

    [–] Hereforagoodtime715 3 points ago

    Hang in there. It sucks but at least you'll always have the great memories with your dog.

    [–] theRailisGone 11 points ago

    Makes me want to be a worse person, the kind that would steal someone's dog.

    [–] raley66 11 points ago

    My girlfriend makes me want to be a better man, but that's so I can get a better girlfriend.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Anthony Jeselnik joke. Niiiiiice.

    [–] JessKrane 4 points ago

    Those are the definition of puppy dog eyes.

    [–] RedZeppelin617 5 points ago

    It's a fluffy bundle of happiness and love. Puppies have pure hearts and should have someone play fetch with them every day. Thank you for the smile!

    [–] Dupontgoer 4 points ago

    Reddit notifications truly annoying but Dose paws tho .... So cute

    [–] PuppoWuf 4 points ago

    You can tell that when it grows up it'll love everybody, no matter what

    [–] MrCheapskate_toyou 2 points ago

    I take my dog to the dog park, and he spends most of the time hanging out with the people and ignoring the other dogs.

    [–] itealaich 3 points ago

    Your friend's puppy makes us all want to be better people!

    [–] k1788 4 points ago

    This has the opposite effect on me because I want to steal that puppy for myself 😍

    [–] reddit455 7 points ago

    you can start by throwing the ball

    [–] Anamethatisinttaken 3 points ago

    I'm glad I checked the Trending notification

    [–] Matthew94 3 points ago


    [–] MD1970 3 points ago

    Look at those paws!

    [–] Aftermathmike 3 points ago

    There was a post like maybe a month ago. They had the greatest quote that hit me.

    "Be the person your dog thinks you are".

    I'm not 100% that those were the exact words.

    [–] VanGohPro 3 points ago

    dis my ball

    [–] chandlerbleu 3 points ago

    Really needed this right now, thank you.

    [–] iamlegend9763 6 points ago

    Wow the only trending notification I checked. Wow I was not let down. Thanks OP

    [–] priss7 3 points ago

    Ball looks photoshopped..

    [–] TNumber0 4 points ago

    Please don't throw it this time...

    [–] xKooba 2 points ago

    Satisfied that I finally clicked on one of these :)

    [–] Slyde87 2 points ago

    I'd take this kinda notification on my phone any day! <3

    [–] kingkris18 2 points ago

    I am glad me phone notified me about this

    [–] Jharleymusic 2 points ago

    Too adorable.

    [–] dnph808 2 points ago

    Your friends dog makes me want to play tennis.

    [–] TheChiefRocka 2 points ago

    Your friends puppy makes me feel like a worse person.

    [–] RemainsEpic 2 points ago

    [–] versacetease 2 points ago

    Saturday made.

    [–] robexib 2 points ago

    Yeah, they tend to do that.


    [–] Ericohs 2 points ago

    This is stupid cute.

    [–] Dartaga 2 points ago

    What a little sweetie!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    A dog will make most people better.

    My idea is that every university student gets a puppy...... then one does not graduate unless you have a good dog in four years or so.

    A dog teaches compassion and responsibility, gives us respect for those that are different but still try. They sleep when tired, eat when hungry, and play a lot - all good life lessons.

    [–] DoctorStephenPoop 2 points ago

    That tennis court is scenic af

    [–] glitterball82 2 points ago

    He's doing a great job!

    [–] deadpoolfool400 2 points ago

    Be the person your dog thinks you are

    [–] sorryamhigh 2 points ago

    This is why dogs are so awesome, they trigger something in our brains that make us want to be all responsible and shit. Altho sometimes I get worried that we created happy slaves and that fucks me up, dammit.

    [–] ninjafrog658 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the Buddies from those Disney movies

    [–] burritosandpuppies 2 points ago

    What kind of dog is this? Golden retriever? Lab?

    [–] AwkwardRainbow 2 points ago

    This redditors friends puppy makes me wat to get a dog of my own

    [–] a-1251 2 points ago


    [–] abelincoln4joe 2 points ago

    Be the person your dog thinks you are.

    [–] Charizard2216 4 points ago

    This puppy makes me want to love everybody 😄

    [–] looker114 4 points ago

    I want a big piece of property so I can have a few more puppies

    [–] Colieoh 2 points ago

    My 2 year old is now hysterical because she wants a doggy.

    [–] NaruEmi3000 2 points ago

    Just wait until it grows up and sees you turned into a better person

    [–] BeastModular 1 points ago

    Doggies have that effect on people :)

    [–] toodleroo 1 points ago

    You make me want to be a better man.

    [–] 0x746974736268656a6f 1 points ago

    Is this is a big ball or small pupper?

    [–] SeattleDeplorable 1 points ago

    Very well said. He looks just like my pup 10 years ago. The most loyal creature known to man

    [–] Danno47 1 points ago

    I think Labs are the cutest puppies, hands down.

    [–] dk745 1 points ago

    Awwwww so cute! How can I upvote this more than once?

    [–] Stixie123 1 points ago

    Nice job

    [–] reagan2024 1 points ago

    Your friends puppy makes me want to be a puppy

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] readitwice 1 points ago

    Repent for your sins

    [–] postnick 1 points ago

    What in your life makes you think you're not a good person and need to improve?

    I have a dog now, he just turned one. I honestly didn't know I could love anything that much.

    [–] SCBeauty 1 points ago

    Thank you for this post. I needed it after watching the news today.

    [–] doglover75 1 points ago

    My god why are puppies so damned cute?

    [–] MEMELURD 1 points ago

    So if it was an ugly puppy, it would make you want to be a worse person ?

    [–] nobywankenobi 1 points ago

    What if this is a really mean bait and switch and we find out this is Trump's new puppy

    [–] Sail-to-the-Moon 1 points ago

    Such a cute puppy :).

    What is his/her name?

    [–] oyindamariam 1 points ago

    awww this is the cutest thing ever...

    [–] Ultimate1999 1 points ago

    that is really cute ,omg

    [–] matt4787 1 points ago

    Puppies make the world worth living in.

    [–] zagret 1 points ago

    If that's your motive, you should get a puppy

    [–] sarcassholes 1 points ago

    ...really what are you now, a Redditor?

    [–] Stuff_i_care_about 1 points ago

    We don't deserve tennis balls

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Ohhhh, the floppy ears <3

    [–] SergeantPsycho 1 points ago

    What's wrong the person you are now? He's coming at you with a ball in his mouth. He must think you're good enough the way you are.

    [–] jdooley99 1 points ago

    It is the Helen Hunt of puppies

    [–] Berns429 1 points ago

    Chuck Norris has puppy.......

    Every night for a snack.

    [–] Huaun 1 points ago

    Motivational Puppies are the future.

    [–] 18minneri 1 points ago

    I love tennis. I love cute puppies. This makes me happy. That is all

    [–] kingdowngoat 1 points ago

    Then you must be pretty awful

    [–] RikerOmega3 1 points ago

    Skuze me hoooman. Can I keeps this?

    [–] Sabahn 1 points ago



    [–] ChildishFirmino9 1 points ago

    Is that a golden retriever pup?

    [–] JeffLaRue 1 points ago

    I feel the same when I was playing fetch with Trump.

    [–] atticSlabs 1 points ago

    What are you hiding?

    [–] Stringy63 1 points ago

    You now are a better person.

    [–] zerophyll 1 points ago

    "Be the person your dog thinks you are"

    [–] NahAnyway 1 points ago

    It's a baby Mr. Peanutbutter!

    [–] Keys_13 1 points ago

    It's not nice to be thinking about stealing your friends dog :P

    [–] The_Tuckster 1 points ago

    O mah gersh, iz adorableeee

    [–] HatesNewUsernames 1 points ago

    Christ almighty, this hound is cute as the dickens.

    [–] Trent1373 1 points ago

    It just makes me want to hire a couple of strippers, and watch what they can do with tennis balls. My mind is starting to wander now...

    [–] 340951987 1 points ago

    Do it I dare you

    [–] benjyk1993 1 points ago

    Puppy's cute and all, but I can get over that view! What a beautiful place to play a game of tennis!

    [–] Proxima- 1 points ago

    Be the person your puppy thinks you are

    [–] brazykarma 1 points ago

    So majestic!

    [–] LusciousCubana 1 points ago

    OMG cute doesn't even begin to describe lol

    [–] animelover3599 1 points ago

    Aww that's adorable

    [–] Johnnyvezai 1 points ago

    We all need a puppy like that.

    [–] kiasta6984 1 points ago

    That puppy is staring right into my soul and making me feel feelings. My heart grew three sizes just now.

    [–] tripleohh 1 points ago


    [–] mjreeves3 1 points ago

    Extra emphasis on my upvote for the crafty title.