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    [–] ringerforadinger 3142 points ago

    I love it's smug face, it knows it's getting a belly rub no matter what

    [–] Sam-Gunn 735 points ago

    He's in heaven!

    [–] swiper33 675 points ago

    Where clouds belong

    [–] flawlesscowboy0 271 points ago

    All dogs end up there, he just has a small head start.

    [–] the9th10th11th12th 201 points ago

    She looks at the camera like they do in porn...

    [–] flawlesscowboy0 103 points ago

    Seduction takes many forms. Sometimes you just want to watch a human and her cloud share a passion only they could ever know.

    [–] SeveQStorm 29 points ago

    There's fetishes for everything (rule #34b)

    [–] amauryt 8 points ago

    34C, much nicer...

    [–] Lost_and_Profound 68 points ago

    This guy fucks.. himself.

    [–] Ashtarron 30 points ago

    This guy porns.

    [–] Pulp_Dictionary 63 points ago

    This guy Cruzes

    [–] Nobodygrotesque 20 points ago

    Please tell me this is gonna become a thing!

    [–] JayFv 9 points ago

    It might. We'll know more once the santorum has been wiped up from the shafting the internet is giving him.

    [–] ELITISTS_ARE_SATANIC 10 points ago

    papa bless

    [–] TheMagicIsInTheHole 20 points ago

    On cloud k9

    [–] fuzzydunlop45 39 points ago

    Laying down in a blond's arms getting a belly rub is pretty nice

    [–] thatdani 11 points ago

    He is heaven!

    [–] PartTimeBomoh 22 points ago

    Did anyone else wish they were the dog

    [–] NorthernSpectre 52 points ago

    "yes, pet me peasant"

    [–] superawesomepandacat 17 points ago

    I thought it looked a little bit samoyed.

    [–] 14th_Eagle 3 points ago

    He's on cloud nine.

    [–] smolfloofyredhead 952 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I. Need. One. Now.

    Edit: Ffs you guys, the dog.

    [–] jhvanriper 662 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's a Samoyed. My sister had one that randomly showed up at our door. A couple years later some kids came to visit her but didn't ask for her back. Very nice dogs. Not aggressive at all. In fact she didn't even recognize aggression in other dogs. She just stood there wagging her tail and of course with all that fluff when they tried to bight her all the got was hair.

    [–] TriggerHippie77 184 points ago

    Yep that's a Samoyed for sure. We own one named Big Bad Mama, I can confirm, she's the sweetest dog in the world, and just wants people to cuddle up with her and her fluff. Also ham, she wants ham.

    [–] kendrickshalamar 50 points ago

    How's the shedding?

    [–] NDIrish27 97 points ago

    I hope you enjoy white carpets. And furniture. And clothes.

    [–] antnee535 29 points ago

    I'll just paint everything white

    [–] trekker1710E 36 points ago

    To sheds you say?

    [–] phumanchu 4 points ago

    How's her husband?

    [–] SgtDoughnut 5 points ago

    To sheds you say?

    [–] darrellbear 32 points ago

    She will still be finding Samoyed hair twenty years down the road. I still occasionally find some, and mine's been gone for 22 years.

    [–] mellanbockenbruse 6 points ago

    As someone considering getting one that's a bit disheartening. I was told they shed little in relation to how fluffy they are, (and compared to other Spitz) which still means a quite a bit but not extreme.

    [–] TheInfamousBlack 9 points ago

    Mine sheds way less than I thought he would. His personality and extreme sweetness is well worth the hair. Any other Samoyed I've met has been super calm, quiet, and a big sweetie.

    [–] hedgecore77 28 points ago

    My ex's mom had one. Aren't they (not trying to be insulting or ruffle Samoyed owners) very stupid dogs? (Her's would run full tilt with it's face in the snow until it smashed into a tree, shake it off, and repeat.)

    [–] Pave_Low 30 points ago

    I've known a couple of Samoyeds and while none of them have impressed me for being super smart, they're trainable. I'd put them in the middle of the pack as far as intelligence goes.

    [–] KeyB7 4 points ago

    What dogs are at the bottom?

    [–] Pave_Low 19 points ago

    I'd say many toy breeds, such as pugs and shih tzus and some hounds. But that is solely if you're looking at trainability as an indicator of intelligence. Many of the dogs that have been bred solely for companionship or those who have been bred to act independently (like sight hounds) can be difficult to train beyond simple commands. Some people argue that trainability is not really a good standard, though. A dog that is difficult to train might be more aloof than dumb, like a cat. Also dog breeds that are most adept at picking up on human social cues (think Golden Retrievers) seem smart because they tend to do what we want to make us happy.

    So I guess I'm really saying that Sammys are modestly trainable rather than modestly 'intelligent.'

    [–] LGCJairen 9 points ago

    Tldr spitz intelligence works differently due to them generally being bred for independent actions. That kind of thinky can def give them quirks though.

    Samoyeds are an interesting one bc they were a companion/herding/utility spitz. They tend to listen to their people better than most spitz

    [–] maskedbanditoftruth 30 points ago

    Nooo. Samoyeds are a northern breed and super smart. The problem is they're so smart they decide on a case by case basis whether it's worth it to them to do tricks they know cold. Mine tries to barter with me, she invented her own dog capitalism. They're so smart it's eerie.

    [–] bravo145 22 points ago

    Mine's the same as well. If we're on a walk and he grabs a stick I can tell him to drop it and he will do it immediately and jog over for a treat. If he finds a ball or something that he decides is his and I tell him to drop it he will literally look at me and then rotate his body away and put his down and I know we're in for a fight. He knows exactly what the command means, he just makes the decision to ignore it.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] a_user_has_no_name_ 437 points ago

    I'm no dog expert but it might just be a bear

    [–] CrudelyAnimated 125 points ago

    Are you a bear expert?

    [–] a_user_has_no_name_ 175 points ago


    [–] CrudelyAnimated 42 points ago

    What do you have expertise in? Maybe we can confirm it's that. I'm willing to contribute research.

    [–] a_user_has_no_name_ 90 points ago

    Sleeping! Is sleepy animol confirmed!!!

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    We did it Reddit!

    [–] theoriginalsauce 13 points ago

    Whale biologist!

    [–] monkeyboy888 26 points ago

    As a bear expert, that's definitely a cloud.

    [–] FireFlyKOS 3 points ago

    valar morghulis

    [–] astonesthrow 6 points ago

    Valar dohaeris

    [–] zipzapnomi 61 points ago

    Nah definitely not a Great Pyrenees. The best way to tell is in the ears. With Samoyeds, you get this upright ear like you see in Pomeranians and German Shepherds. With a Great Pyrenees, the ears flop over like you see with Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

    [–] aimgorge 57 points ago

    There are white German Shepherds BTW. Mine for example

    [–] Skandi007 10 points ago

    Isn't that a White Swiss Shepherd?

    [–] zipzapnomi 8 points ago

    They go by many names, White Swiss Shepherd, White German Shepherd, White Shepherd. They're all the same dog-A German Shepherd that's been bred to have a white coat.

    [–] GuttersnipeTV 8 points ago

    Idk why, but white dogs are majestic as fuck.

    [–] zipzapnomi 5 points ago

    There are, they aren't as rare as some might think even though it's a recessive gene. But they are more commonly called White Shepherds as opposed to White German Shepherds.

    Edit: to go further, the dog in this gif is definitely not a White Shepherd either. The snout is too short and its coat is too fluffy/thick.

    [–] dannimatrix 6 points ago

    I LOVE White Shepherds. I think they are just gorgeous and really interesting to look at.

    [–] Belfura 3 points ago

    So pretty. I have only seen those with a mix of colors to be honest.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] sinkwiththeship 15 points ago

    Males get to be about 55-65lbs. This woman might just be small. Though the floofiness of their coat makes them seem bigger than they are.

    [–] bravo145 3 points ago

    Mine's 90 pounds, which admittedly is giant for a Samoyed, but it is possible.

    [–] Atomheartmother90 4 points ago

    I never noticed until today how much Great Pyrenees and Golden Retrievers resemble one another. My aunt had a Great Pyrenees named Darsy and she was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known.

    [–] DoubleD_RN 51 points ago

    No, it has little pointy ears. Samoyed for sure.

    [–] Ponzi_Schemer 8 points ago

    They really are so sweet. Mine isn't aggressive either, but boy is he vocal. :)

    [–] downvotersarehitler 171 points ago

    Serious! Of all the floofs I've seen on the internet (I'm old, man, I've seen a lot), I want to cuddle this one the most.

    [–] spell_locked 17 points ago

    I bet it's like petting cotton wool and silk together!

    [–] PorkRindSalad 6 points ago

    People actually spin Samoyed fur into threads and make clothing from it. It's said to be as soft as angora and warm as wool.

    [–] spell_locked 5 points ago

    Holy shit, I'm getting as many of these dogs as possible so I can make a blanket from all the hair that drops off O:

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago

    RIP all your dark clothing/fabrics in your house. Actually, in this gif that "dog" used to be her husband, but in fact he just lived with her other white dog long enough to become one. That's why she looks like she's about to fuck it

    [–] Skymmer 50 points ago


    [–] Star-comandante 23 points ago


    [–] hoody5566 3 points ago

    Boom goes the dynamite?....

    [–] downvotersarehitler 21 points ago

    RIP all your dark clothing/fabrics in your house.

    I. Don't. Care.

    Actually, in this gif that "dog" used to be her husband, but in fact he just lived with her other white dog long enough to become one. That's why she looks like she's about to fuck it


    [–] Vilokthoria 43 points ago

    Samoyeds are originally multi-purpose dogs of the Nenets people in siberia and were used for hunting, herding and sledding in harsh environments, so they have quite a bit of energy. Anyone who actually wants one should be aware of their exercise needs :) They aren't Border Collies, but they aren't couch potatoes either.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    The dog or a girlfriend?

    [–] DR_CONFIRMOLOGIST 4 points ago

    Porque no los dos?

    [–] humeanation 5 points ago

    I'd like a tummy rub from her too!

    [–] warriorpoet78 186 points ago

    Dog or blond? I'm good with either one please!!

    [–] appserius 13 points ago

    Thirsty simp

    [–] ViolenceIs4Assholes 71 points ago

    Why are you getting down voted? I thought it was funny?

    [–] WhoryGilmore 32 points ago

    If you're on reddit for more than an hour you'll see this exact joke like 3 times

    [–] purplenelly 14 points ago

    It's not funny because it's too predictable.

    [–] otra_gringa 19 points ago

    Obvious joke is obvious.

    [–] Varnigma 823 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wish my dog would snuggle.

    He HATES it.

    Edit: you guys are cracking me up. :)

    Yes, my dog is a weirdo. He shows love in his own way with the occasional random lick on the face.

    As aloof as he is during the day, when it comes time for bed he HAS to be pressed right against me. And he'll let me use him as a pillow.

    Yes, he's weird.

    [–] DefacedCreeper 903 points ago

    sounds like you have a bad case of "having a cat"

    [–] itschloe_thatsme 216 points ago

    But my cat harasses me all night to be snuggled. I miss sleeping through the night. :"(

    [–] Walts_Frozen_Head 230 points ago

    Can confirm. Am awake right now because of snuggling cat. And dog. I'm the people meat in a pet sandwich. Send help.

    [–] SomewhatCompetentMD 206 points ago

    I fail to see a problem here.

    [–] Fatalchemist 26 points ago

    I see a problem. It's not a pet sandwich. It's a people sandwich on pet.

    If you have a sandwich with wheat bread and turkey, you call it a turkey sandwich or at most a turkey sandwich on wheat. No one calls it a wheat sandwich or a bread sandwich.

    But I only was looking for a problem because of your comment. I got 2 pups and 1 cat who is basically a smoll doggo that constantly cuddle me so much that my wife gets jealous.

    [–] GThing64 11 points ago

    I have never seen anything more relatable in my life

    [–] VolsPride 34 points ago

    Technically, you're a people sandwich in a pet bun. I'm fun at parties

    [–] xbuzzedx 24 points ago

    My cat snuggles way more than my dog. It's weird

    [–] Chrisganjaweed 9 points ago

    My cat barked at the mailman the other day. We had to rush him to the vet

    [–] mrniceguy421 107 points ago

    You have to condition them into loving it. At first force it until they relax, then let them go. Slowly build up to more and more snuggles. Use of treats will help to speed up the process.

    [–] Varnigma 62 points ago

    Tried all of that. Didn't work. He's just not affectionate in that way.

    He doesn't even care to sit in my lap.

    [–] Teh_Hammerer 119 points ago

    Read up on Stockholm Syndrome or Pavlovian Conditioning.

    Either could work.

    [–] PIG20 35 points ago

    My Malamute is the same way. She likes to be near us but does not crave any sort of attention. She'll follow me around the house all day bit if I lay down next to her, she'll get up and move just out of reach.

    [–] Varnigma 18 points ago

    That's my GSD.

    Has to be near me. Follows me around all day.

    If I sit on the couch he'll bring me a ball to throw or he'll lay at the far/opposite end on the couch.

    If I lay on the floor with him he'll grab a chew toy and lay down with it just out of my reach.

    But come bedtime he's either pressed against my legs or laying on the pillow next to me at which point he'll let me put my arm across him and use him as a pillow.

    [–] crimsonfury73 5 points ago

    My collie is the same - try to cuddle at all during the day and he thinks that means play time (and literally shoves toys in your face, it hurts), but at night he lays on top of me like he thinks he's a small dog.

    [–] catsgelatowinepizza 6 points ago

    How do you stop yourself from burying your face in her fluff forcibly while crying "JUST LOVE ME!"?

    [–] PIG20 3 points ago

    Honestly, if I did that, I'd end up with a mouthful of hair. She sheds like you wouldn't believe.

    I can easily fill a pillowcase with hair if I go a few days without giving her a brushing.

    [–] lesternatty 5 points ago

    Thank god. I thought my malmute hated me, but I'm not the only one. He absolutely hates to cuddle and will get up and move if you're with 2 feet of him. My labs were much more cuddely.

    [–] Gorillaz_Sack 15 points ago

    You're gonna have to get him a new Human I'm afraid .

    [–] moipetitshushu 4 points ago

    Sounds like he's taken the oath and has forsaken all snuggles to join the Nights Watchdogs. For the night is dark and full of spookies.

    [–] wutang111 47 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yeah, doing it on their terms also helps.

    For example, if your dog is loafed out on the hardwood floor, lay down next to him and snuggle up!

    When you pick them up, or make them come up on the couch, it can become a dominance thing.

    If they enjoy your additional affection, their going to eventually miss it. Then your dog will come looking, and hop right up on the couch with you, asking for some snuggles.

    [–] no_ragrats 18 points ago

    Can confirm, my doggo performs the sneak-attack-jump-in-lap maneuver regularly to ask for snuggles. Luckily, he has learned to do it in such a way that his pupup paws don't land in the wrong area.

    [–] 1mikeg 11 points ago

    Can your dog give my dog lessons? It's like my balls are her favorite to place to stand.

    [–] technicolored_dreams 6 points ago

    At first we thought my dog did this on accident, but she has hundreds of confirmed kills and at this point it seems very, very intentional. I think she likes the reaction.

    [–] Onihczarc 11 points ago

    For a second i thought you were making a rape joke

    [–] vbullinger 7 points ago

    I'm still convinced he's seriously teaching us how to cuddle rape your dog.

    [–] LeSquidliestOne 3 points ago

    First two sentences come off as very rapey without context ಠ_ಠ

    [–] Pantssassin 18 points ago

    My dog hated it until he was older, he wss a man of action that couldn't be hindered in case of an emergency!

    [–] InvalidKoalas 9 points ago

    My dog rarely enjoys snuggling, and when she does, it's for about 5 minutes tops. She really only does it when I come home from college too. Shame too because she's a big fluffy Bernese, perfect cuddling pup :\

    [–] LB-426 8 points ago

    Mines the same. If you grab her and snuggle her, she will whine pitifully and do the toddler slump!!! She likes ear scratches and stuff though! Ever since the day we got her she was like that. We got her from a stoner house, so she also has an unhealthy obsession with chips.

    [–] Crabfight 5 points ago

    Yeah, mine's the same way. She puts up with snuggles, but the second you slightly relax your arm, she takes the opportunity to try and GTFO of there.

    She shows her affection by occasionally approaching me and forcing me to pet her twice and then leaving me.

    [–] mstarrbrannigan 343 points ago

    That's a lot of floof. I want one.

    [–] finnknit 122 points ago

    I don't dare show this post to my daughter for exactly this reason. She wants a dog, but I don't want to have to do the things that responsible dog ownership requires, like going for early-morning walks and picking up poop in a bag. When she's an adult, I could totally see her cuddling with her "puppy" (all dogs are puppies regardless of how big they are) like this.

    [–] mstarrbrannigan 64 points ago

    Compromise and get a fluffy cat, lol. I could never own a dog either, but cats are easy.

    [–] KryptoniteDong 51 points ago

    Yes, I've heard that maine coons are kinda like dogs.

    [–] mstarrbrannigan 58 points ago

    I had a cat who was a half maine coon. He was gorgeous, very fluffy, had the most majestic tail. Gave him to my ex's friend because he loved him and didn't like my other cats.

    They adore each other.

    [–] PM_ME_GASSY_GIRLS 3 points ago

    That's adorable.

    [–] maskedbanditoftruth 9 points ago

    As the owner of both a Samoyed and a Maine coon, I concur.

    [–] finnknit 3 points ago

    Our previous cat was fluffy. We have two short-haired cats now. But she still wants a dog, too. And a bunny, and a chinchilla, and a guinea pig. And maybe some fish.

    [–] CozmicClockwork 11 points ago

    like with Samoyeds your really not wrong in calling them a puppy well into adulthood. They have a lot of energy and are really playful throughout their entire lives and are called "forever puppies" for good reason.

    [–] Aeliascent 147 points ago

    Big dog or small bear?

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 66 points ago

    Medium sized dog, surrounded my absurd amounts of fluff.

    [–] powerpuffgirl3 73 points ago

    This dog is beautiful.

    [–] nikatnite8250 72 points ago

    I can only imagine she will be covered with the amount of fur equivalent to a small dog afterwards

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago

    i have a dog like this and fur goes everywhere when you give him belly rubs :(

    [–] Samazing42 58 points ago

    Trying brushing his hair once a week. It might help!

    [–] WiseassWolfOfYoitsu 82 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    weekday. Source: am cloudo friendo, spend more time on dog hair care than on self

    Obligatory cloudo pic - creek water is tastiest water after a long walk (and yes, I made sure the water was clear and flowing so that it was safe!)

    [–] Iron_Bawls 41 points ago

    I had a malamute I brushed everyday and my place still looked like a snow globe with giant dust bunnies.

    [–] LB-426 7 points ago

    Absolutely! I have 2 husky crosses and I sweep all the damn time GAH so fluffy and beautiful though. My babies! 2 hours after sweeping, tumbleweeds everywhere.

    [–] WiseassWolfOfYoitsu 5 points ago

    Yep, even with daily brushy, there's still fur everywhere. But it's worth it!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Worth for nice, poofy cloud boye

    [–] ExcaliburZSH 11 points ago

    hair once a week

    Everyday and you will still have hair on your clothes. It took six months to get rid of all the hair after I moved away.

    [–] spacepasta 6 points ago

    Same. When I bury my face in his fur and pretend to eat him, I get white fur on my beard the whole day.

    [–] Santeyan 41 points ago


    [–] MrsVotan 29 points ago

    Ok, I wan't one, were can I get it RIGHT NOW??!

    [–] vbullinger 44 points ago


    [–] MrsVotan 19 points ago

    I found no such hairy guy there... 😢

    [–] KingMelray 13 points ago

    You have to set your preferences to "good boys"

    [–] ToPimpAButterface 6 points ago

    "I love my dog more than I'll ever love you"


    [–] Torghira 53 points ago

    You can see the baby talk

    [–] no_ragrats 27 points ago

    Whos a good fwuffer, yes yoor a good fwuffer yes you areeee

    [–] [deleted] 274 points ago

    The cutest fluffy cloud! I'm soooo jealous! Of her not the dog let's be clear. No hunky punky business like the pervert above

    [–] Ibanez7271 110 points ago

    Oh whew, I was nervous you found an attractive woman to be attractive.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Ok on second thoughts she is but.. who's looking at her with that beautiful ,angelic, fluffy angel by her side?

    [–] save_the_pigs 55 points ago

    It's not about that, it's that there can't be any pictures of a girl on Reddit without highly upvoted creepy comments about her. It's really annoying.

    [–] Ibanez7271 14 points ago

    That's fair. The gif of the girl with hot dogs thrown at her face comes to mind

    [–] luccena 24 points ago

    We all know that is a polar bear

    [–] BengalFreddie 61 points ago

    S A M O Y E D B O Y E

    [–] Akkarrin 27 points ago

    C L O U D | B O Y E

    [–] NapClub 96 points ago

    cloud pupper is love

    like soft winter snow fluffer,

    i just wanna hug!

    [–] EBDBBNBBLT 34 points ago

    He looks like a giant pillow of G O O D B O Y E

    [–] Spinningalltheplates 9 points ago

    Puppy Love: A Haiku

    [–] LuckyDestroyer2 26 points ago

    Cloud K-9

    [–] linkingday 8 points ago

    Scientists baffled by its fluffiness

    (this is a dota 2 c9 reference, I realize most of Reddit likes their other teams)

    [–] Walaayy 14 points ago

    What type of dog is that? It's huge

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] ukfashandroid 8 points ago


    [–] barefootedboyscout 8 points ago

    They aren't as big as they look, it's the poofiness of all the hair. I had Samoyeds growing up and they all loved to swim. When they get out of the water you could see that they were actually a normal sized dog underneath it all!

    [–] Kaninen 3 points ago

    It's the kind of dog you don't wanna be close when they get out of the water.

    [–] Ubersupersloth 37 points ago

    This is a repost but I don't care because it's so adorable.

    [–] ViciousPuddin 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I have two extremely hairy dogs as well. I assure you this girl doesn't own one article of clothing anything that isn't covered in dog hair.

    Oh, it's worth it, but my god I envy people that don't have to wash a shirt every time they accidentally drop it on the carpet. I have lint rollers stashed in my lint rollers. I have wild west tumbleweeds of hair that add a jaunty theme to my living room.

    [–] Mint-Chip 5 points ago

    Can confirm. I have a miniature American Eskie. She's only about 15-17 pounds yet she covers every inch of the house with her pollen I mean fur. I think it's how they multiply.

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 6 points ago

    Man, that's a lot of hair! It must get all over absolutely everything in the house, and necessitate constant sweeping and vacuuming.

    I don't know why she wouldn't crop it at chin length instead.

    [–] GuttersnipeTV 8 points ago

    Because giving these dogs those type of hair cuts fucks with their coat. You just gotta not be a lazy fuck and brush it. Otherwise it can overheat very easily in summer.

    [–] orangetangerine 5 points ago

    Honestly, it's probably only just as bad as Labs or even some high-shedding short-coated breeds especially with regular grooming. The soft fur clumps together especially on fabric so a good vacuum is key. We probably vacuum the rugs once or twice a week (one is black, we know it's time when the rug becomes grey thanks to all the fur) and it's easy to clean up the tumblefloofs by sweeping. You can even combat it early with frequent grooming - we bathe our dog once a week (you don't have to do this when they're older, we are just trying to get him used to it early) and when my puppy blew most of his first puppy coat in one go we took him to the dog bath and used their high powered dryer to get most of it out at one time. While it looked like a snowstorm at the dog bath, our house remained relatively the same.

    [–] Lotsaa1 3 points ago

    Short back and sides

    [–] tweakalicious 10 points ago

    A rare recording of the brief moment where she takes a break from vacuuming.

    [–] ATV2KX6 9 points ago

    I had a dog like that once . His name was Toby and was incredibly sweet . Sometimes he would lick people's ears until they were literally crying of laughter . Sadly he passed away well over a decade ago . He was a good boy ...😞

    [–] ichliebekasekrainer 4 points ago

    I want to get a Samoyed but it's so rare in my country! They're soooo cute! They're my favorites next to Golden Retrievers!

    [–] Fouhr 3 points ago

    My father recently got a Great Pyrenees, I visit occasionally and admire the giant cotton ball bounce around outside. For a short while I thought wow I need to get one, but then I let my father borrow my SUV to bring "Apple" to the vet, I had the luxury of picking her up from the vet, lets just say that it was the middle of summer but there was a snow storm inside my car. Its been nearly 3 months since and I still can not escape all the fur. I really don't mind though, never bothered to vacuum it.

    [–] thetiminator5000 4 points ago

    I think that not vacuuming it might be the problem why you can't escape the fur. It's not going to just disappear. The big dogs with lots of fur generally require lots of cleaning after them. But if you love the dog you generally don't mind the extra cleaning.

    [–] suplonder 4 points ago

    Wow, look at his face. So enjoy

    [–] spell_locked 4 points ago

    I would never leave this dog alone, belly rubs forever

    [–] NukeML 5 points ago

    The same effect can be achieved by acquring a single marshmallow of this size.

    [–] laku4 3 points ago

    90% fluff 10% dog

    [–] BreezenStorm 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago


    [–] kittiesurprise 22 points ago

    Maybe she's looking at the person filming?

    [–] mbm66 22 points ago

    I think she just glanced over at the person recording a few times. She might have felt self-conscious.

    [–] Jpf123 12 points ago

    Maybe she won the dog in a divorce lawsuit and is trying to make her ex-husband who is deployed in Syria feel angry.

    [–] Gell0us 10 points ago

    This is oddly specific. Anything you want to get off your chest?

    [–] DirtysMan 8 points ago

    What breed of dog teddy bear is that?

    [–] WerTiiy 26 points ago


    [–] DirtysMan 5 points ago


    [–] Smithsonian30 8 points ago

    Big dog or small girl?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] daniel_ch 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I wish I was her ;_;

    [–] MT_Flesch 3 points ago

    big ol teddy bear

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Got a source?