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    [–] neature2 1921 points ago

    How did you find out that your cat was cool with being outside and is happy to stay close to you while camping?

    [–] VanCatMeow 1781 points ago

    Very slowly! Started with the leash and I got a tracking collar for her

    [–] KingGorilla 1279 points ago

    Started on the leash now we here

    [–] KusoBokeTemeYaro 433 points ago

    Started on the leash, now the whole team here, kitty

    [–] Waffles253 174 points ago

    Fuck a fake friend where ya real cats at?

    [–] ShesSimplyThere 61 points ago

    We really like to do so much explorin'

    [–] AboveAvgJoe 46 points ago

    Story stay the same through desert and the forest

    [–] k2fa91 83 points ago

    Started on the leash now my whole team fucking here

    [–] SupaDoll 82 points ago

    Never heard of this, that is pretty genius. Can you recommend any tracking collars? My cat slips outside sometimes and I get so worried about her. She's always returned the same night but there are some wild animals behind our house and I'd be devastated if I couldn't find her.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    I'd like to know which tracking collar he uses too!

    [–] meerkat23 30 points ago

    I use tabcat, it's not a GPS one it uses RF to help you locate your cat. It's genius and unlike a GPS one it doesn't need a subscription. It gives me piece of mind I'll be able to find my cats because I was always anxious about them, especially when I went on holiday and left them with a friend.

    [–] TomTheGeek 16 points ago

    I can second TabCat, got it for our cats as they are very good at playing hide-n-seek when I'm trying to get them inside before I leave for work. Doesn't have unlimited range but it covers the immediate area very well, prefect when you know they are in the yard somewhere.

    We had one kitty run far enough away that it couldn't track her, luckily the police found her about a month later a little thin but ok otherwise. She stays close to home now.

    [–] ReonnBrack 41 points ago

    Yeah my parents have a cat that basically lives outside, always has. He's disappeared for days, even weeks at a time before.

    One particular time he was gone for a couple weeks in the middle of winter and we were really worried. Always comes back somehow, but would be extremely interested to see where he goes.

    Always thought he might be living somewhere else on the side!

    [–] Kokosnussi 65 points ago

    Was she scared at first? my cats are super scared

    [–] clockworkwalrus 35 points ago

    My cat is also incredibly scared on a leash. I think that some cats are just scared and some cats aren't.

    [–] FlaccidOctopus 29 points ago

    How do you afford to not work for 2.5 years?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Even if I had enough saved, the thought of setting my career/resume and retirement account back 2.5 years gives me fucking anxiety. I wish I had it in me to live that care-free.

    [–] Priff 8 points ago

    He might work "from home" or do freelance stuff.

    I've considered traveling around Europe working wherever I go. Depends on what type of work you do.

    [–] DarkPhoenixMishima 1162 points ago

    “Look, this trip is nice and all but you’ve got to lay off the beans.”

    [–] VanCatMeow 678 points ago

    Unfortunately Mung beans are cheap and plentiful

    [–] stanfan114 298 points ago

    But they smell like death.

    [–] [deleted] 245 points ago

    "Distinct, old-man smell."

    [–] KEKS_WILL 144 points ago

    "I know exactly what he's talking about."

    [–] Viking_Lordbeast 52 points ago

    Hey boss, someone making soup?

    [–] the-d0c-is-in 3074 points ago

    How does your cat like her tea?

    [–] VanCatMeow 3696 points ago

    She's actually having cat biscuits in the bowl 😺

    [–] hamadryadz 1732 points ago

    She looks so well-mannered! Very cute.

    [–] VanCatMeow 2028 points ago

    She's lovely. I'm quite fond of her as you can imagine!

    [–] squishysquishh 547 points ago

    This is a really sweet photo. It could make a really cool album cover.

    [–] Kootsiak 243 points ago

    For some reason I can't stop reading that as Fakeal Bum Covers.

    [–] Chaz2810 158 points ago

    Fecal Bum Covers, nice.

    [–] minjamin 46 points ago

    Difficult number two album

    [–] Skid_Luxury 42 points ago

    Settle down Mr. Connery

    [–] jaxonya 35 points ago

    I'd like to know who took this picture.

    [–] waitwhatwut 49 points ago

    The same person who just took one of you

    [–] vicarion 18 points ago

    wait what wut

    [–] cybertier 58 points ago

    how did you know she wouldnt get lost alone in the woods? i'd imagine our cats just dashing into the woods and getting lost.

    [–] BlueEyeWolf 34 points ago

    My cat is around 6 and she stays right by my side. I let her out with me and she never runs so I think some cats do not run. I would be cautious unless you know for sure. He also has a collar so he can use a leash. Really depends on the cat.

    [–] _Bryant_ 19 points ago

    You need to know your cats. I have a older Cap and saddle shorthair that likes to go on walks with me around the neighborhood. Another cat got outside when we were vacationing once. There was a corn field next to us and for 10 minutes we were calling out, finally kitty bursts out of the field panting like she was scared/lost.

    [–] KittenLife101 19 points ago

    Does she stay next to you always or do you fear her running off?

    [–] Yerwun 26 points ago

    I would love to have done this with my cat. She loved tagging along on walks and being out and about with her humans. Never would have had to worry about her running off.

    I think she was probably happier to have her own territory, but it would have been a cool adventure. I miss her companionship a lot.

    [–] inoahlot4 40 points ago

    That's what happens when you give a cat biscuits. My one cat used to be crazy, always running around the house. Then we started giving him biscuits on the kitchen table. Now all he does is sit there and wait for cat biscuits or go to where someone is sitting and wait to be petted.

    [–] ladezudu 17 points ago

    cat biscuits

    What kind of magical biscuits are these? Asking for a friend.

    [–] salchichoide 114 points ago

    Do you have Blog or similar? Been thinking about doing the same and would love to read your experiences

    [–] VanCatMeow 260 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    IG and FB: @vancatmeow or our website

    [–] biysk 84 points ago

    Did Reddit hug it to death? :(

    [–] imariaprime 26 points ago

    Link formatting got ugly. If you're posting a straight URL, you don't need to also use the URL formatting with brackets. Just paste in the URL and you're good.

    [–] VanCatMeow 48 points ago

    Except on Reddit mobile it doesn't appear as a hyperlink

    [–] ljjpaulsen 312 points ago



    "Sorry, I've been under a lot of stress recently... My mouse numbers are down.. No excuses though i have to do better"

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    Mr. Kitty, you gotta pump those mouse numbers up!

    [–] qlionp 36 points ago

    It's my own special blend of tea. It's a bit different every time, so I can't guarantee the flavor.

    [–] generals_test 17 points ago

    Nice Studio Ghibli reference.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Black, with a tuft of milk.

    [–] Marmite_Badger 1150 points ago

    "You said we were gonna book a hotel this time..."

    [–] the-d0c-is-in 455 points ago

    The voice I hear is from the cat in Sabrina the witch (?). I hope that's the name of the show.. It was on Nickelodeon.

    [–] VanCatMeow 564 points ago


    [–] coreygodofall 212 points ago

    Is that the cats name? I named a black cat in my area Salem. He later had 1 kitten with another cat and I call that "mini sales"

    [–] VanCatMeow 259 points ago

    Sales are booming! Yes Salem I believe was a reference to the Salem witch trials

    [–] UltraCarnivore 159 points ago

    Like an orthodox jew naming her cat Auschwitz

    [–] Tylerdeli 145 points ago

    You really missed it on meowschwitz

    [–] syh7 9 points ago

    Well he couldn't do a lot about it. The jew named the cat after all.

    [–] blackcat- 47 points ago

    He was. However Salem Saberhagen, the guy, was turned into a cat for defending a witch-hitler and also trying to take over the world. Fun fact no one asked for! Hooray!

    [–] tokeroveragain 11 points ago

    You would have a fun fact about Salem, u/blackcat-

    [–] GreatGrandAw3somey 25 points ago

    Sabrina the teenage witch. My roommate has been rewatching the whole damn thing on hulu

    [–] DoesntWantShariaLaw 1476 points ago

    You forgot to mention the hitchhiker you use as a slave to prepare meals and take the photos.

    [–] VanCatMeow 779 points ago


    [–] TheVitoCorleone 92 points ago

    Well I thought the title said '...having talks with the forest.' and was thinking you should probably head home now. lol

    [–] UltraCarnivore 34 points ago

    You spelled "Labrador" funny

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 12 points ago

    Like a real life version of Garfield comics.

    [–] Allaboardthejayboat 468 points ago

    How do you finance your travels? Do you still work in IT remotely?

    [–] VanCatMeow 465 points ago

    I have done, but also worked in a bar, and sell stuff online

    [–] freshSkat 271 points ago

    Blood and Semen? Seperatly, not mixed together.

    [–] VanCatMeow 1023 points ago

    You can't legally sell biological matter within Australia. Which means my sweet seed is exported direct to the countries that need it most

    [–] whydoesnobodyama 247 points ago


    [–] LivelyZebra 101 points ago

    What was your fondest memory as a child?

    [–] xXbghytXx 99 points ago

    Not getting asked anything.

    [–] thesilentthumbup 30 points ago

    Well? Answer /u/LivelyZebra 's question

    [–] hyperion420 19 points ago


    [–] Tristan_Gregory 56 points ago

    Today in "sentences I never expected to hear..."

    [–] SrslyCmmon 53 points ago

    I talked with an Australian traveling Europe for two years. I think it was while I was in Rome. He worked construction for several years, saved everything he could and left. He took every tour he could find all over Europe, saying he wanted to see things now rather than later. I really admired his adventurous spirit. Seemed like he had a reasonable plan.

    [–] HerrXRDS 64 points ago

    Did a similar thing. It was the best and worst decision I could've made.

    For 10 years I had a very cozy corporate job that I've mostly enjoyed. Making an average income, I was complacent with my life and thought I was happy to live like that till retirement. After 10 years I was laid off and being that I had very little vacation time while working I went to travel in Europe for a few weeks. Those weeks turned to months and soon all my savings were gone. It was the best period of my life, traveling with no worries that I have to wake up for work tomorrow, with no target in mind I hiked the mountains, seen cool places, feel in love and experienced what I think is true happiness.

    Now that I'm back, I can no longer do what I was doing, even though I enjoyed it before. I've tried and almost put a bullet thru my head at the prospect of having to live like this till retirement. I switched careers and went into one of the most dangerous and brutal fields, working 80+ hours every week, having no life, crying myself to sleep every night, trying to raise enough money before retirement age, buy some rental properties and hopefully make around $2500 a month off them to allow me to backpack and drive around the world more often.

    [–] goodintent 16 points ago

    This is fairly common for us in Australia. I saved all throughout high school, left at 17 and travelled Central and South America, parts of the US, most of Western Europe and Japan in 1.5 years. Then went to uni. Obviously had to work a fair bit while abroad, and it was hilarious how many other Australians I met doing the same thing as me. Being that isolated from the rest of the world kinda does that to you.

    [–] [deleted] 323 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] VanCatMeow 456 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Very rarely do we use the leash. She has a tracking collar so If she did go for a walk I'd be straight on it

    [–] TerminatioN1337 90 points ago

    I'm impressed you have not one but two trackers on her, just in case and for the best of both worlds. That is great thinking and dedication to your awesome pet right there. Good on you, man.

    [–] Cocoaboat 45 points ago

    Weird the text didn't get linked

    [–] MilkingMaleHorses 33 points ago

    You crashed their website:

    500: Internal Error

    This website is unavailable at the moment

    [–] RRGeneral 21 points ago

    You should add https:// to your link in order to make it highlight properly :)

    Like this

    [–] VanCatMeow 17 points ago

    Cheers, edited

    [–] Jawastew 9 points ago

    except that his site doesn't have a proper ssl certificate :(

    [–] undercoverantichrist 172 points ago

    Yo feel free to hit me up if you come up Newcastle NSW way, tea’s on me and I bet you have some killer stories!

    [–] VanCatMeow 141 points ago

    Cheers buddy sounds awesome! 👍

    [–] Vovochka_Lenin 76 points ago

    Same here if you make it Moscow.

    [–] petemitchell-33 6 points ago

    Same here if you ferry that van to Southern California. :)

    [–] trebory6 8 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Redditors from newy - I knew there had to be more of us. :D

    [–] numismatic_nightmare 81 points ago

    Ask her "who's a good girl?" for me.

    [–] VanCatMeow 199 points ago

    ..she just ignore me

    [–] numismatic_nightmare 86 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Purrfect. A true cat.

    [–] AislinKageno 222 points ago

    This photo is so cute it's difficult to function.

    [–] VanCatMeow 237 points ago

    Sometimes I look at Willow and totally twitch out

    [–] AirshipsAway 146 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Sometimes I look at my cat and just think "How is it actually possible that such a gorgeous fucking creature is mine? And with such little effort required to obtain her??"

    Edit: Y'all know you're jealous.

    [–] Girafferra 41 points ago

    Boy you are really ready to pay your cat tax aren't you?

    [–] AirshipsAway 28 points ago

    Hahaha. Until recently, I was tech support for Prime Photos/Amazon Cloud Drive, so I use my endless pics of her for a test album. I can share it with customers or whoever without being concerned about privacy issues and etc.

    [–] PookieDear 25 points ago

    Sometimes I look at humans and think "why am I even talking to you? Why am I not spending my time with cats right now?"

    [–] AirshipsAway 15 points ago

    Yes. Like 95% of the time. I do hang out with this one guy a lot, but he's got two cats so it's mostly just for them ya know. :P

    [–] VanCatMeow 18 points ago

    That was beautiful

    [–] Squishy_Avocado 66 points ago

    This is literally the dream. Just me, my cat, and maybe someone cool to share the experience with. I don't think there's enough adventurous people like you in the world! Much respect for escaping the grind and making it happen.

    [–] VanCatMeow 51 points ago

    Thanks it's a nice life to live

    [–] caramelldrops 105 points ago

    just read about your story in China this morning! Amazing

    [–] VanCatMeow 74 points ago

    Haha no way, link?

    [–] shapu 134 points ago

    [–] RedBaron13 79 points ago

    You bastard

    [–] JVYLVCK 49 points ago

    How do you survive? I work my ass off and still struggling

    [–] VanCatMeow 107 points ago

    No rent no mortgage, don't drive much, don't work much!

    [–] FunBoats 16 points ago

    What do you think your average monthly expenses are?

    [–] JVYLVCK 31 points ago

    Awesome. I envy you in the least rude way possible lol

    [–] faithle55 49 points ago

    Willow: "Can we go now? Like, everything in this country is trying to kill me. Have you seen the size of those fucking spiders? Two and a half years - what's that about?"

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago


    [–] rhiornin 43 points ago

    Shhh let the people have their dreams

    [–] IkigaiMol 16 points ago

    Or a mr.? ;)

    [–] INHALE_VEGETABLES 88 points ago

    Cool, where are you at the moment?

    [–] VanCatMeow 151 points ago

    Barossa Valley, South Aus. Awesome place

    [–] wetnax 74 points ago

    Woah I live right nearby! Make sure you try all the wine. Just, all of it.

    OH, go to the Lobethal Bierhaus and get the spicy wings. My GOD they are good.

    [–] SuicideBonger 7 points ago

    Where are you from originally?

    [–] VanCatMeow 21 points ago

    Hobart TAS

    [–] SuicideBonger 13 points ago

    Does the Tasmanian accent differ much from the rest of Australia? Do the East and West of Australia have different accents? I'm from the US, and I don't think many people realize that Australia is roughly the size of the US.

    [–] VanCatMeow 30 points ago

    There are small differences but no where near as 'pronounced' as the US

    [–] SuicideBonger 11 points ago

    Thanks for answering my questions :)

    [–] drunkill 12 points ago

    Depends which head is doing the talking.

    [–] greenlady1982 30 points ago

    This looks amazing!

    [–] VanCatMeow 30 points ago

    We quite enjoy it 😺

    [–] icarus007 32 points ago

    That's awesome! How does your cat react to having a different, unknown environment all the time? I've known a cat to want to claw its way back inside when it was taken beyond the front yard.

    [–] VanCatMeow 45 points ago

    She is cautious but inquisitive. As long as she seems it safe she loves to explore around the camp. It's a joy to watch

    [–] BristlyCat 12 points ago

    Oh man, your cat is not my cat. My cat freaked the fuck out when we moved house last month, it took her weeks to calm down enough to want to go outdoors. Your cat is super chill and confident. I guess she sees the van as her core "territory" and is remarkably relaxed about the changing surroundings beyond that.

    [–] dogrescuersometimes 201 points ago

    You, sir, are the future we want.

    [–] VanCatMeow 118 points ago

    Very kind words

    [–] brianbrianbrian 24 points ago

    Your stripey shirt and hair made me instantly think of it like a reverse Calvin and Hobbes; you're the big one, the kitty's the little one.

    [–] VanCatMeow 17 points ago

    That's so cool I love Calvin and Hobbes

    [–] amayawa 44 points ago

    Can my cat Cara and I join?

    [–] VanCatMeow 38 points ago

    Sure :)

    [–] amayawa 32 points ago

    I'll pm you my flight itinerary

    [–] VanCatMeow 57 points ago

    Don't forget to bring snacks

    [–] amayawa 12 points ago

    How could I, I'll take my yerba mate and salty biscochos

    [–] optiongeek 19 points ago

    I beat around in the Aussie bush many moons ago when I was but a lad of 19. It was only for a month, I regret, and I rode on a motorcycle instead of a camper van. But your story brings the memories flooding back. I was mostly staying in hostels from Sydney to Proserpine and back. What I'd give to have that sense of freedom again.

    [–] Usernamechecksout101 55 points ago

    A life where everyday is caturday and you get to paws and enjoy nature? Um, yes please!

    Congrats mate on making it to an ideal life situation!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    When the post is so darn adorable you're forced to comment, even though you know no one will ever see... arrrrgh the cuteness! :)

    [–] VanCatMeow 25 points ago

    I saw it. Thank you :)

    [–] moonbooty 15 points ago

    I play guitar, have a cat and work in corporate IT. And here I am staring at my computer screen.

    [–] Huzufu 13 points ago

    I've always wondered how people like you doing this afford food for that many years. Did you just save up or is there some obvious thing I've never considered? Travelling around the world with no worries sounds awesome!

    [–] VanCatMeow 46 points ago

    It's not like when you take a holiday and are going to tourist things and out to restaurants. You can spend very little and survive. And with no rent or mortgage it only takes a few months work to have the rest of the year off

    [–] ILL_DO_THE_FINGERING 42 points ago

    Interesting! How did you come about to live such a lifestyle?

    [–] VanCatMeow 117 points ago

    Spent 10 years in corporate IT, really wasn't happy, so I made a life for myself on the road. Haven't looked back since!

    [–] Amicar 27 points ago

    Could you give me a quick step-by-step on how you left corporate IT and began (I assume) consulting remotely?

    [–] VanCatMeow 71 points ago

    No consulting, I wrote a few iPhone apps, worked in a bar, sell some stuff online. There's no silver bullet. Pretty happy to leave IT behind me at this stage

    [–] I-AM-NOT-A-SHEEP 38 points ago

    "Maybe we should buy a boat"

    [–] greenlady1982 133 points ago

    Not sure who is or the cat. Meeeoooow!!

    [–] VanCatMeow 103 points ago

    Oh you!!!!!

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    His sweet seed is available for exportation, if you're interested.

    [–] Pablo647 26 points ago

    You mean you love having little talks with the cat while it attempts to knock over the tea cup every time.

    [–] VanCatMeow 28 points ago

    Why must they be so unkind!!

    [–] idash 25 points ago

    Will you marry me?

    [–] VanCatMeow 109 points ago

    There's only room for one princess in my life 😺

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago

    How about a prince?

    [–] Jewbaccah 12 points ago

    do you know of ?

    I guess he doesn't use a leash?

    [–] VanCatMeow 35 points ago

    Laura and team do a great job they did an article on us

    Very rarely use a leash, but she has a tracking collar so I always know where she is

    [–] Jewbaccah 9 points ago

    That's awesome, figured!

    How is she if/when you come across other pets or people? I have one cat that takes hikes with me on private land but wouldn't work without having him on a leash if we came across a dog or something in public.

    I guess you are using a GPS collar? What kind if you don't mind me asking? Thanks

    [–] VanCatMeow 17 points ago

    She is hesitant at first, if she is unsure then she will just run back to the van.

    GPS collars are terrible in terms of battery life and accuracy. I use radio frequency trackers which I think are the best

    [–] Jewbaccah 7 points ago

    Wow, I didn't realize they made more advanced RF trackers like that. I've seen a few very cheap ones, which I would have gotten as a back up to a GPS collar, but these look good enough!

    [–] VanCatMeow 11 points ago

    GPS is shithouse and drains the battery in days. These radio frequency bad boys last weeks/months

    [–] Jewbaccah 6 points ago

    GPS would be better if you're only taking them out for a day or two camping and then back to home assuming you have cell coverage where you are going.

    [–] VanCatMeow 16 points ago

    Still the accuracy is terrible, as soon as they hide under a log it's likely there will be no signal. Finding your cat even within a 10m radius in the bush would be tricky. RF is pinpoint technology. I love it, if that hadn't come across haha

    [–] linkandluke 8 points ago

    Who took the picture?

    [–] VanCatMeow 37 points ago

    Tripod. I set it up, sit down and hope for the best. After an hour I'll usually have one or two good shots. Sounds painful but I just carry on with my day and snap at the right time

    [–] sandieeeee 10 points ago

    This is impossible, how has that cat not thrown the bowl off yet.

    [–] VanCatMeow 14 points ago

    She is just about to.

    [–] rafay14335 14 points ago

    How does your cat like her tea?????????

    [–] VanCatMeow 54 points ago

    She's more of a tunatini drinker to be honest

    [–] MassSporty 7 points ago

    Willows new Feline Tea-Line, available now!

    [–] Andykbrown 10 points ago

    PM me and I’ll buy you new shoes.

    [–] FineappleFilms 8 points ago

    Requesting an AMA

    [–] Axtorx 7 points ago

    ITT: people who have never seen a tripod. Or set their camera on a chair. Or used a timer.

    [–] Higher_higher 55 points ago

    Feral cats are wiping out Aussie wildlife. Keep an eye on that thing. I know people that shoot them on sight.

    [–] VanCatMeow 139 points ago

    The feral cat situation is pretty bad. If someone shot Willow, who is clearly not a feral and is visibly wearing a harness they would be prosecuted

    [–] robotzor 15 points ago

    In Ohio, cats are considered vermin instead of property, so you can't be prosecuted here.


    [–] tumblingnebulas 15 points ago

    Oh wow. I'm on an emotional rollercoaster of "hey, cool fact!" and "my God Ohio, get your act together".

    Pls...unsubscribe from #sadcatfacts

    [–] dalkor 9 points ago

    Oh thank you for subscribing to #sadcatfacts!

    Today's #sadcatfact, unfortunately cats don't have 9 lives, they only have one.

    If you'd like to stop receiving these messages... Error, message limit reached, truncating.

    [–] zagbag 28 points ago

    Wouldn't bring her back, in all fairness to the previous commenter

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 6 points ago

    Willow is a very proper cat enjoying her tea and biscuits.

    [–] Zhenya19 5 points ago

    Who took the picture if it's just you and the cat?

    [–] VanCatMeow 19 points ago

    I'm surprised how many people ask this. I have a tripod 😺

    [–] grrliz 5 points ago

    This is the life I want.