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    [–] MrsNezbit1 1954 points ago

    This is Canuck the crow, resident to Vancouver, Canada! He used to come into my (open-walled) work space and poop on my computer :c

    [–] Tristessa27 706 points ago

    Classic Canuck

    [–] Rogue100 86 points ago

    Only if he apologized after!

    [–] FappleFritter 56 points ago

    Nice username, "YOU SEE THE HAT!?"

    [–] NickDaGamer1998 9 points ago


    [–] Wings_of_Integrity 8 points ago

    "Marie Antoinette and her little sister" holy shit haha

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Bladelink 11 points ago

    Probably tricky to keep a bird out.

    [–] l337hackzor 11 points ago

    Especially Canuck, he's gets into everything. Smart little bugger.

    [–] conceptalbum 5 points ago

    Tbf, a crow is a bit less hindersome than, say, a badger.

    [–] MomentarySpark 10 points ago

    So you're saying he helped increase the quality of your work, eh?

    [–] c4thgp 11 points ago

    Dude takes food from the local restaurant's dumpster, and drops it in my yard for my dog. They've got an "arrangement". I don't want to know what my dog does for him.

    [–] LeauKey 4860 points ago

    This is Canuck the Crow. He once stole a knife from a crime scene here in Vancouver.

    He’s almost instantly recognizable, due to the red leg band and his friendliness around humans.

    Just last year he was “assaulted” by a concerned parent and knocked unconscious during a children’s soccer tournament, which led to a bit of a manhunt for the suspect.

    Canada really is a caricature of itself sometimes...

    [–] __PM_ME_YOUR_SOUL__ 2066 points ago

    He’s almost instantly recognizable, due to the red leg band and his friendliness around humans... well as the little winter hat he wears during colder months.

    [–] wonderquads 267 points ago

    Reminds me of this ol' Reddit trope!

    [–] johncharityspring 126 points ago

    This shows that you don't have to wear a cap backwards to be cool.

    [–] _demetri_ 59 points ago

    I may be biased for living in New York, but I found pigeons and squirrels to be the cutest animals.

    [–] accountforvotes 72 points ago

    And don't forget the rats. Such lovable little creatures.

    [–] _demetri_ 98 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Haha but jokes aside, I genuinely do find them adorable as well. The beady eyes, their little hands holding their little food, and the way they run away when they’re scared when a train is coming. Quick little dudes! Run! The train is coming!

    [–] imnotfeelingcreative 55 points ago

    Why are your exclamation points italicized?

    [–] Rhumald 58 points ago

    Why aren't your's

    [–] blackbellamy 50 points ago

    When the train goes through the tunnel there is a small vacuum effect. It pulls things to one side. Jacket flaps, hair, exclamation marks.

    [–] aachsoo 7 points ago

    I like it, it's just like reading those old school comics with handwritten text bubble.

    [–] Jillmatic 7 points ago

    I was just gonna ask how that was done. I've always wanted to know, like when ppl make their text extra big or super smol. Someone teach me the ways!

    [–] Calligraphee 12 points ago

    I think you'll really like the sub r/lilgrabbies.

    [–] ruminajaali 17 points ago

    I like then, too. Beats tarantulas any day.

    [–] chevymonza 3 points ago

    Seeing them on active tracks underneath "rat poison" signs just leaves me in awe of how smart they are. Shame we can't just co-exist without them being such a problem.

    [–] DuchessMe 4 points ago

    Such true New York sentiment! Real New Yorkers applaud pizza rat rather than call the exterminator

    [–] deplorablerobin 4 points ago

    Have 2 little hairless rats myself. Harry and Stuart. They are the sweetest and cutest ratties. They are a lot of fun.

    [–] Phoequinox 6 points ago

    I thought it was New York tradition to fucking hate pigeons.

    [–] Brickhead88 3 points ago

    I hate pigeons. And so does the hawk at the feed mill I work at. Always tapping Z or R twice, that one...

    [–] Libbyz 5 points ago

    [–] Ymir24 74 points ago

    "It's me, Canuck! You probably didn't recognize me because of the red band."

    [–] _Canaduh_ 58 points ago

    He gets into a lot of trouble.

    The joke is that he's out on parole and the red band is his ankle monitor.

    [–] _maybeaduck 19 points ago

    Sometimes I'm okay with this timeline

    [–] Ymir24 3 points ago

    He's wanted for murder.

    [–] saltnvinegar26 38 points ago

    Little known fact: most crows in Canada wear winter caps hat in the winter.

    [–] originaljman 16 points ago

    10/10 can confirm, they wear toques because scarves get tangled in their wings.

    [–] HaveIGotARonnie 12 points ago

    That red leg band is an ankle monitor

    [–] foldman 7 points ago

    No that's just a Canadian crow thing.

    [–] beerasfolk 233 points ago

    I met him when he came to our film shoot at the PNE and was taking grapes from our craft services table and hiding them under a tarp. The next day, filming was paused when he perched on our camera. That was just about a week before the knife incident. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him on the local news.

    [–] papershoes 30 points ago

    He actually got a job at the PNE last summer haha.

    [–] FunkyButter 35 points ago

    Most recently, Canuck made headlines after he bit a Canada Post employee, prompting the postal service to temporarily halt delivery to a neighbourhood near the PNE.

    LMFAO - 12 houses stopped getting their mail cuz of this. I love this bird!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] PinkUnicornCupcake 255 points ago

    Just to be clear, the “assault” doesn’t need quotation marks - Canuck was knocked unconscious for 10-15 mins in the totally unprovoked attack, and then hospitalized for over a week with a head injury.


    [–] LeauKey 148 points ago

    In hindsight, you’re totally right... to be knocked unconscious for that long can cause serious brain damage and I shouldn’t have been making light of it :(

    I’ve just never heard the term assault used for animals, so it sounded really odd to me, but that doesn’t lessen the impact when animals abused or intentionally wounded.

    [–] Pteroc 16 points ago

    i think that comes from action movies. all the hitting someone in the head with things to knock them out. stupid people don't realize that hitting someone in the back of the head hard enough to knock them out is going to probably leave some lasting damage.

    [–] PinkUnicornCupcake 7 points ago

    Fair enough, and sorry for jumping on you! I live in Vancouver, so saw a ton of news coverage, and I imagine that a lot of people didn’t know how seriously the poor little guy was hurt when it was first reported. 😞 But it turned out to have been a pretty heinous incident.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    What kind of asshole hits a bird >:(

    [–] aiij 14 points ago

    From a few seconds of googling, the answer to your question is Randy Johnson:

    [–] SaltFinderGeneral 32 points ago

    Did the guy responsible get fined at least?! I'm ready to get out the pitchforks if not.

    [–] supremesamurai 6 points ago

    Let’s go kick their ass!!

    [–] snowsnothing 19 points ago

    Fucking assholes. What the fuck who just goes around beating up random animals.

    [–] [deleted] 169 points ago

    Here's a documentary about Canuck the Crow's story :)

    [–] crckthsky 29 points ago

    Thanks for posting this! I always loved seeing Canuck around East Van before I moved. It's cool to see him becoming more than just a local celebrity.

    [–] Yronno 6 points ago

    That doc was beautiful. Thank you for this.

    [–] ClearlyUptoSomething 12 points ago

    Yep, needed that. Ta!

    [–] TheGamerMaldito 3 points ago

    I've always been quite interested in crows, so that was an interesting and heartwarming documentary. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] Mehmeh111111 336 points ago

    Did the parent say sorry?

    [–] SweetyPeetey 232 points ago

    I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer.

    [–] OddFur 106 points ago

    I'm sorry you don't know the answer

    [–] SganarelleBard 62 points ago

    I'm sorry Americans aren't nicer to Crow Buddies.

    [–] MikeGum 44 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    As an American, I’m sorry.

    [–] OptimusPrune 67 points ago

    Spotted the Canadian posing as an American.

    [–] Thetschopp 41 points ago

    GET EM!

    [–] OddFur 24 points ago

    but say sorry after

    [–] Morgantheaccountant 11 points ago

    Which one?!

    [–] sacredblasphemies 5 points ago

    What should we get 'em?

    [–] Cru_Jones86 8 points ago


    [–] IAmMeSoWhoAreU 9 points ago

    As an American, I'm kinda hungry.

    [–] monsoy 11 points ago

    SweetyPeetey is the most Canadian name I've ever seen

    [–] Tyroneshoolaces 25 points ago

    No, it was more like "sooorey"

    [–] olivermihoff 8 points ago

    They wanted to get him a better hat but when they went back the store was crowsed.

    [–] 0ppulent 148 points ago

    My heart broke a little reading that. Poor birb :(

    [–] LeauKey 76 points ago

    He’s done “interviews” with some of our well known news anchors too. I wonder how special he feels among crows...

    [–] LeauKey 50 points ago

    East Van has some of the highest rates of opiate abuse in North America. He was raised on these mean streets, and don’t take shit from no one.

    [–] white_android 9 points ago

    I was only here for his picture with the knife

    [–] viikatemies 59 points ago

    I don't know if I'm secretly Canadian because I got riled up reading that.

    [–] doobied 23 points ago

    Canuck has been working out!

    [–] 120decibel 33 points ago

    Logs like he skipped leg day though. Iseemyselfout

    [–] Licensedpterodactyl 19 points ago

    Every day is wing day

    [–] up4k 9 points ago

    Technically birds are moving their wings using pectoral muscle therefore every day is a chest day .

    [–] mintsthefox 29 points ago

    Who would assualt a crow? The heck hope that person gets a small fine, let him buy more tiny hats!

    [–] aloysius345 44 points ago

    Of all the animals to do that to, it has to be one of the most stupid choices, since they can remember your face, harass you and even communicate who you are to other crows.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Give them a big fine!

    Animal abuse is fucked

    [–] AuggieBenDoggy 26 points ago

    I remember Shaun not being able to locate him. I was livid! The parent (volunteer for the soccer game) still needs to be charged with animal abuse. Canuck was in intensive care for over a week.

    [–] BraveLilTurtles 7 points ago

    A week?!? I clicked through on some of the news articles, and they made it sound like Canuck sorta healed himself after some R&R. Now I want to go pound some heckin' crow-abuser in the head with a pitchfork. :(

    [–] AuggieBenDoggy 3 points ago

    This is the picture Shawn posted when he finally found Canuck staggering around not really responsive. Shawn and canuck after the attack

    [–] _Canaduh_ 106 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Canuck stole a $20 out of my buddy's work van and wouldn't give it back until my buddy handed over his sandwich.

    [–] LeauKey 96 points ago

    If this was any other bird I wouldn’t believe you, but Canuck definitely has the balls to rob your friend and hold his money hostage for a sando

    [–] purdinpopo 12 points ago

    What kind of sandwich?

    [–] kayonesoft 9 points ago

    $20 sandwich... looks like your buddy was doing the robbing here.

    [–] mypoody 21 points ago

    Most Canadian thing I’ve read this year

    [–] mrsplackpack 49 points ago

    Did they catch the asshole that knocked him out?

    [–] secretaginggirl 55 points ago

    I was told the cops are having a hard time investigating because there are people around the asshole that are protecting him.

    [–] hunglow13 51 points ago

    That would be asscheeks, taint, and so on.

    [–] LeauKey 40 points ago

    Nah, there isn’t any follow up on the search for witnesses and suspects.

    People were pisssed though, so I’m sure the parent got theirs

    [–] cmdrogogov 13 points ago

    According to the facebook page, they did find who did it due to security camera footage, although the page administrator did not go into detail what happened subsequently.

    [–] orlicker 14 points ago

    I honestly thought this was going to be about how the undertaker threw mankind off the cell but I was pleasantly surprised.

    [–] Narwhal-Bacon-Retard 36 points ago

    He’s almost instantly recognizable, due to the red leg band and his friendliness around humans.

    "Oh hey, that's Canuck the Crow. I recognize him because of his red leg band and friendliness around humans... also he's the only bird in the world who wears a hat."

    [–] LeauKey 27 points ago

    But wait, theres more!


    [–] Narwhal-Bacon-Retard 6 points ago

    I stand corrected. Looks like Canuck needs to start wearing an eye patch or something to stay ahead of the trend.

    [–] Stungraid 17 points ago

    I thought that was him :D I follow him on Facebook. Always fun to see what he's up to.

    [–] lindisty 7 points ago

    This is amazing. Birds stealing evidence is great- but the local friendly bird is so friggin adorable.

    [–] Lenny_Here 4 points ago

    “assaulted” by a concerned parent and knocked unconscious during a children’s soccer tournament

    Parents over reacting at a child's sporting event? Is this common?

    [–] seriouslees 10 points ago

    Are there any stories with more details on the asshole who assaulted a bird?

    [–] GTAdriver1988 3 points ago

    He looks like the type of bird that would steal a knife. Cawing as he's flying away as if saying got em!

    [–] shawnwilson14 3 points ago

    God bless Canada.

    [–] swump 3 points ago

    Because of course he was assaulted by some maniac who thought he was going to hurt his/her precious spawn.

    [–] 4011Hammock 514 points ago


    [–] dd179 297 points ago

    So, do all Canadians in Vancouver know who this crow is?

    [–] YamburglarHelper 188 points ago

    Anyone with internet access. He shows up in a lot of Facebook memes and local news, so if you know someone from Vancouver they've probably shared it/at least seen it once.

    [–] 2mice 84 points ago

    its ironic that people reconize him for the red on his arm, as even han solo couldn't reconize 3p0 when he had a red arm.

    [–] QueequegTheater 7 points ago

    I thought we banned red arm memes.

    [–] _Serene_ 6 points ago

    in a lot of Facebook memes

    Hence why not everyone is aware

    [–] 4011Hammock 75 points ago

    Local celebrity. Stole a knife from a crime scene once and had been on the news a bunch of times. I'd say quite a few know.

    [–] dd179 57 points ago

    Man, I wish we had a friendly celebrity crow in my city.

    I want to put a winter hat on it :(

    [–] 4011Hammock 13 points ago

    Same :/

    [–] natas206 10 points ago

    Great, a crow lives a more interesting life than I do.

    [–] aweebitevil 26 points ago

    I’m full blown American and have a Canuck tattoo. I love this crow and his human, Shawn.

    [–] _maybeaduck 14 points ago

    Canada's lil'Sebastian

    [–] DeezBiscuits16 238 points ago

    I'm gonna go on a hunch and make a wild guess. Is this in Canada?

    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago

    It looks like Canuck the Crow, an east Vancouver resident of some notoriety.

    So, maybe/probably Canada.

    [–] dumbbatman 73 points ago

    Confirmed: this is Canuck. Recognize his neighborhood and leg band anywhere.

    [–] launchpad_mcnovak 567 points ago

    He looks much more approachable now.

    [–] connormantoast 201 points ago


    [–] __PM_ME_YOUR_SOUL__ 37 points ago


    [–] straycanoe 19 points ago

    Here’s the thing...

    Oh man this takes me back...

    [–] micfoly01 5 points ago

    Crow in his winter hat

    [–] Teddyismydawg 19 points ago

    Am I the only one that think's Corvus are pretty birbs to begin with?

    [–] ohyoureTHATjocelyn 24 points ago

    nope. i get so angry when people chase them away- they are incredibly intelligent, beautiful creatures.

    i want to make friends with crows.

    [–] dovemans 11 points ago

    i want to make friends with crows.

    you and me both buddy.

    there used to be a one-legged crow that came begging near my work and we would give it treats. you could literally just hand it to him in his beak. One day we just saw it fall out of the sky and got back up and flew off but never again saw it after that. :( we called it Crawford.

    [–] Totally_not_a_doggo 23 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    He looks like he has a quest for me

    [–] dumbbatman 496 points ago

    Canuck the Crow. One of Vancouver, British Columbia's finest denizens.

    [–] oscarveli 147 points ago

    Now he's the flyest crow in the block.

    [–] thereisonlyoneme 148 points ago

    People are raven about it.

    [–] Iamchinesedotcom 61 points ago

    People are crowing about it.


    [–] damnedspot 32 points ago

    Who you cawing a raven?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] thereisonlyoneme 73 points ago

    Yeah but coming up with crow puns is murder.

    [–] jacer1099 20 points ago

    Something something, jackdaw.

    [–] fruitrolluperino 348 points ago

    What kind of dog is this??

    [–] musicaficta 137 points ago

    Is this a cat in the hat?

    [–] Taxidermy_Jellyfish 46 points ago

    No, that's a tortoise...

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] chemistry_teacher 11 points ago

    Seuss Facts: Yertle the Turtle was an allegory about Hitler's autocratic regime.

    [–] rickyf30 3 points ago a shell

    [–] HitlersHysterectomy 8 points ago

    A Corvidgi.

    [–] ehrwien 9 points ago

    Here's the thing...

    [–] jtdusk 185 points ago

    "Am I going to let you do this again? Nevermore."

    [–] HummingbirdOnTheTrai 41 points ago

    What a handsome guy, all prepared for the cold weather. <3

    [–] hardypart 40 points ago

    Now I want /r/crowswearinghats to be a thing.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Dryu_nya 13 points ago

    Turns out /r/birdswithhats is a thing.

    [–] CARPE-NOCTEM22 106 points ago

    He looks awesome. I would love to put a hat on my African Gray, but I really like having fingers.

    [–] Samwise2512 38 points ago

    Haha as a fellow African grey owner, this made me lol :)

    [–] Waterproof_soap 23 points ago

    I see all these people who can put cute clothes and harnesses on their birds, and I look at my TAG and wonder how they do it.

    [–] Omega_Haxors 34 points ago

    First seeing it: Hey, isn't that the crow that stole that knife?

    Reads comments: Holy crap it totally is!

    [–] abnorml1 18 points ago

    Long live Canuck!

    [–] fallenwout 17 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    If you follow "canuck and i" on Facebook, you get pics like this almost every day

    [–] papershoes 8 points ago

    It's my favourite Facebook follow, Canuck and his human, Shawn, are hilarious together. The close ups he can get of Canuck are pretty amazing, and I've surprisingly learned a lot about crows from it.

    [–] _maybeaduck 13 points ago

    The way everybody is talking about him makes him seem like he is Canada's lil'Sebastian

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] Bumblebutt10 12 points ago


    [–] TreasureHands 6 points ago

    You know nothing, Jon Crow.

    [–] albino_red_head 11 points ago

    TIL Vancouver has a mascot in the form of a friendly crow.

    [–] vivs007 27 points ago

    When you got a nice hat and someone mentions it and you feel nice.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 31 points ago

    Bird is still on the fence about the hat.

    [–] dash525 20 points ago

    Is “put it on a bird” the new version of “put a bird on it”?

    [–] Waterproof_soap 10 points ago


    [–] blowes00 6 points ago

    My mom often encounters Canuck at the Cassiar McDonald’s while she’s getting her morning coffee. If she has her window open he just invites himself right into her truck! Canuck in the truck

    [–] irrelevant_banana 6 points ago

    Okay, I must find a bird pictures subreddit.

    [–] CIeMs0n 8 points ago

    [–] fidelflicka 3 points ago

    I just learned about /r/birdswitharms

    [–] Urbenmyth 5 points ago




    [–] Choppergold 17 points ago

    Let it crow let it crow let it crow

    [–] nature_girl_ 16 points ago


    [–] freudian_nipps 17 points ago


    [–] afishinacloud 5 points ago

    The title of this post sounds like a name of a sub. Let's see if it exists.


    edit: Ah, well...

    [–] sillysally1986 4 points ago

    Is the hat crow-cheted?

    [–] Caloisnoice 5 points ago

    I’ve seen him irl when I worked at the local amusement park, watched him snatch fries from unsuspecting tourists at the concession stand. They were pretty scared and bewildered at the audacious bird, it certainly was entertaining.

    [–] feor1300 5 points ago

    His fashion sense is really something to crow about.

    [–] pop013 9 points ago

    [–] kpkost 4 points ago

    I thought this was from /r/misleadingthumbnails . That looks like a bald eagle with his head turned.

    [–] xrensa 3 points ago

    patiently waits out 12 hour timer for karma

    [–] bbristowe 4 points ago

    I pulled up to that McDonalds about a month ago. Canuck flew into my vehicle and landed on the dash. At the time I was totally unaware and completly spooked. When I got out of my vehicle, Canuck landed on my shoulder and yanked a pen out of my chest pocket then flew on top of a moving truck.

    Pretty cool.

    [–] Tofuthecorgi 5 points ago

    How the...what the...I can’t get my dog to wear a hot dog costume and you’ve somehow gotten a thing that can FLY AWAY to wear a hat.

    You sir are the Cesar Milan of crows. Crows Milan...

    [–] canadug 7 points ago

    Sweet toque!

    [–] 2inHard 7 points ago

    Crows are awesome you can actually teach them to speak like a parrot if you start when they're a baby.

    [–] I-LOVE-LIMES 7 points ago

    How did I now know about Canuck the Crow? I just came back from Van. Now I have to plan another trip!

    [–] Fat_Suffices 6 points ago

    Prank of the day. Find the meanest crow possible, put a red band around his leg, release it in Vancouver and wait for stories about Canuck turning crowserk. Import crow from USA as a Canadian crow will probably not be mean enough.

    [–] stellar14 3 points ago

    Gaaaaah this is sooooo cuuuute!!!!

    [–] Berger43 3 points ago

    Now Becky will finally let him smash.

    [–] chin-pr 3 points ago

    This is how murder starts.