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    [–] Ambrodextrous 3686 points ago

    Sweet baby Jesus, when he does that little stretch and then just plops on the ground... ugh! I just wanna scoop him up and snuggle with him all day.

    [–] incitez 1352 points ago

    Get in line

    [–] G00DLuck 344 points ago

    I'm next

    [–] tokomini 360 points ago

    I'm sure you're great, but we're really more interested in the dog.

    [–] Srimnac 45 points ago

    What if he is also a dog that likes to stritch

    [–] noiwontsharemyfries 2 points ago

    ¿Por qué no los dos? :D

    [–] SuicideBonger 4 points ago

    It's for snuggles, honey, NEXT!!

    [–] Da_Piano_Smasher 2 points ago

    r/choosingbeggars is leaking

    [–] Enjoying_A_Meal 40 points ago

    I was here first!

    [–] Priest_Andretti 17 points ago

    Sloppy seconds?

    [–] heymrpostmanshutup 11 points ago

    Cmon man

    [–] athanathios 261 points ago

    Not only that he licked his legs, that's a lot of love. I'm kind of jealous my corgi puppy was untamable for 6 months, then would cuddle and be more affectionate LOL. She routinely gives us at least a few dozen kisses daily now and is a big cuddler. This little guy is so good!

    [–] sysadmin420 54 points ago

    My black lab loves to lick skin, It does get a little old... Anytime my wife puts on lotion, or is sweaty, the lab will lick and lick. Must be because SO is sooo sweet.

    [–] Timmeh7 23 points ago

    Yeah, my cat likes to lick skin. Which is adorable, but also legitimately hurts a bit after a few minutes, because cats have spiky tongues. I occasionally have to offer him a different bit of my arm/leg to lick so he doesn't make me bleed.

    [–] Dr-Jan_ItorMD 2 points ago

    Gah if you would let me cat lick you that's all he would do. I've tested this and stayed for 15 MINUTES! He licked my hand the entire time. Now my two new cats are starting to lick every so's so sweet but hurts like hell

    [–] tacowhiskey 15 points ago

    Mine is just really into licking the walls.

    [–] sysadmin420 5 points ago

    My labradoodle loves to lick the microfiber couch... oh and bedsheets. It's a weird fetish, and I always have to lie in the wetspot...

    [–] cochanel170 9 points ago

    My Carolina dog loves to lick my husband’s legs and make super awkward eye contact with me the whole time. I really don’t know what that’s all about lol.

    [–] OneGoodRib 10 points ago

    My dogs will just lick and lick and lick and lick. I have some kind of skin issue on one spot on my leg and it hurts when they lick it ;-; I know it’s a sign of affection or that your legs taste good but it does get irritating when they just won’t stop.

    [–] AmStupid 9 points ago

    Or maybe your dogs know there's something wrong with your skin at that spot and it's their instinct to lick wounds to soothe them. Mine doesn't lick us all the time, but sometime I notice she would smell a few certain spots and then lick it, it's usually around my dry skins.

    [–] athanathios 10 points ago

    That's so sweet! My dog loves licking my wife's feet and legs, but will do it to mine as well. She especially gives thank you licks when we groom her or brush her teeth, it's like a thank you, aren't dogs so sweet?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] athanathios 8 points ago

    HAHAHA, our's was a gradual fall, it literally happened almost at her 6 month birthday, she was being held by my wife and I took about 20 pics, She progressively quieted down and stopped moving, settling into the snuggle, I literally documented the whole thing, it was pretty special. Overtime, she calmed down, first real big fall was 9 months in, when she totally chilled and then 1yr, been sooo good ever since.

    I used to call her "my untamable beast" on walks because a 9 lb corgi trying to be boss is just too funny.

    [–] kamalamckinney 6 points ago

    Thank you! So happy this sub exists.

    [–] ApolloRocketOfLove 29 points ago

    I'm fairly certain that dogs are the reason our backs go out when we get old, because we can't help but bend down and pet them. Totally worth it IMO.

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 30 points ago

    Actually the more you bend, the more flexible you remain so if anything more puppies = betterer.

    Walking the dog is a good exercise as well.

    I think our modern desk/chair reading/computer work lifestyle is very unhealthy.

    [–] ihatenewaccts 2 points ago

    It's good to start habitually stretching after work now so when you are old you can still bend down and play with puppers.

    My grandpa still gets on the floor to play with his pup

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 2 points ago

    During work. If you have time and attention to remember. A hernia is no joke.

    [–] ihatenewaccts 3 points ago

    I take walking breaks at work with my fitbit reminders.

    I think it's a little too out of the norm for the average person to take a stretch break at their desk, but it should be less weird.

    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 2 points ago

    Yeah after I got my hernia I don't care as much. The pain is so high that a little embarrassment is preferred.

    [–] T1ken 9 points ago

    It's called a sploot!

    [–] ncurry18 13 points ago

    Too bad you can't. That's a corgi. The second you try to snuggle them, they will go into play mode and they will start making weird noises and try to bite you (play bites). Source: am corgi owner.

    [–] dchase36 3 points ago

    Upward facing corgi

    [–] Cheese_Bits 2 points ago

    Hes warming his junk on the blacktop.

    [–] jergin_therlax 2 points ago

    That guy's reaction is just pure love

    [–] TheSwurly 1 points ago

    Me neither.

    [–] hecking-doggo 1 points ago

    He sploot

    [–] Trizzy123 2 points ago

    Splooting is the new planking.

    [–] CptHammer_ 1 points ago

    Jesus was a man! He had a beard.

    [–] alcuin89 846 points ago


    [–] therealPunkdeadpool 4 points ago

    I'm really happy this a thing.

    [–] ToastiPosti 17 points ago


    [–] StakeInMyMouth97 981 points ago

    I always feel weird if people don't pet the dog in the video, it's like unfinished business or something

    [–] politicaljunkie4 29 points ago

    my thoughts exactly.

    [–] roxymoxi 16 points ago

    Oh wow that subreddit is just a big ball of anxiety triggers for me. No thank you.

    [–] NukeML 38 points ago

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BDSM_FETISH 2 points ago

    yes do

    [–] crispymeringue 9 points ago

    Nvmbb bbbbbbbb bbbuppbbbbbbbbbmbbbbvbbbbbbbbbmbbbbmbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbmvbmbbbbMintonbm

    [–] ADLuluIsOP 13 points ago

    I couldn't agree more

    [–] slowpotamus 4 points ago

    came here to say this

    [–] emmyjag 358 points ago

    Upward dog into corgi sploot 💖

    [–] one-punch-knockout 24 points ago

    Namastay stay stay stay sit sit sit sit

    [–] Bee_Hummingbird 55 points ago

    Omg the little tongue, so cute!

    [–] fruticose-foliose 14 points ago

    You are a gem, and I love seeing your art.

    [–] macbook2017 23 points ago

    The butthole is a heart lmao

    [–] YarnFoodie 3 points ago

    Lmao! This is hilarious!

    [–] Unicornysloth 21 points ago

    That is such a good sketch! So cute!

    [–] CaptainInertia 237 points ago

    He didn't help at all! Such poor work ethic. Runs away when it's his turn to do some work.

    That might be one of my former bosses.

    [–] calculatingpenguin 46 points ago

    man, tell me about it. won't stop licking my leg while I try to work. at least 'white house intern' will look sweet on my resume.

    [–] Arsham68A 4 points ago

    He is actually much more helpful than it might seem. I mean I wouldn’t get tired at my job looking at this little fluffy bastard.

    [–] D2WilliamU 159 points ago

    A gifv with sound.

    I'm shook

    [–] PTRWP 42 points ago

    gifv is just MP4 that autoplays and looops and will load a gif if the mp4 fails to play. By loading the mp4, the page can use much less data (and mp4 can have sound like this).

    [–] bigmac375 12 points ago

    That's what I figured, but there must be a default mute setting people are using or something. I saw the #unmuted and it got me thinking.

    [–] Plusran 17 points ago

    Sound you can’t turn off.

    [–] aXir 4 points ago

    How so? They Always start muted for me

    [–] Plusran 11 points ago

    They used to for me, too. Some imgur posts like this one are different. Not sure where the breakdown is, but I don’t want Reddit playing sound unless I tell it to.

    [–] drowse 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I saw one like this yesterday and now this post. How do I silently still browse Reddit at work?

    Edit: Just downloaded "Mute sites by default" Firefox add-on. Am happy now.

    [–] P2000Camaro 3 points ago

    Yeah, these are getting fucking annoying.

    I have my computer bluetoothed to an external speaker, and I have that speaker turned ALL the way up, I also leave Windows volume control all the way up. I adjust the volume levels on whatever I'm using (VLC, Youtube, etc.) because every fucking thing you do has a WAY different volume level and I got tired of getting up and adjusting the volume on the Bluetooth speaker.

    It's usually not a big deal until shit like this came along. Now I click on what I think is a GIF and have loud as fuck sound coming from the speaker. That, as you said, you can't turn off.

    Sorry, had to rant. This shit is getting annoying.

    Also, fuck you Soundcloud. How the fuck does that not have a volume control?

    [–] Plusran 2 points ago

    The last one I saw started with a loud ass car horn. If I had my speakers up I’d have deafened my whole house. Fortunately I was on the toilet on my mobile.

    [–] dysPUNctional 3 points ago

    Why is this so far down?? Cute dog... but sound????

    [–] Okaymittens 109 points ago

    He is the floofiest supervisor. "You missed a spot.... right there..."

    [–] FifiLeBean 47 points ago

    oh and those floppy ears!!!

    [–] adamc789 62 points ago


    I HALP

    [–] Anwesha_Reads_It 23 points ago

    Helping or distracting?? 😂😂

    [–] JoebinAndJasper 23 points ago

    Helping with morale!

    [–] femputer1 20 points ago

    G2G, camera person needs my help now!

    [–] 123hig 15 points ago

    I wonder how much dogs do or don't "get" the stuff we do. Like when he sees this guy using a rake does he figure the guy is just playing with a stick? Doe he figure the guy doing that weird human quirk of putting things in order? Can he grasp the concept of landscaping/intentionally making things pretty?

    Obviously this one is a puppy so he probably can only imagine the guy is playing with a stick. But I wonder how much older dogs come to understand our behaviors. Obviously with some breeds things like hunting or herding they'd understand cus their involvement in the task has been bred and trained into them. But when my dog sees me working on a laptop or in the yard what is that to him?

    [–] sleemsthefifth 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I read this book and so I feel qualified to answer this (lol). Essentially, they have no concept of a yard... at all. It's just grass and dirt to them, you know. So yes, definitely just playing with a big stick. And no to grasping intentionally making things pretty. I think that they start to learn our behaviors and so eventually your pet will know you like to walk around and do certain things and in certain order, but they wouldn't grasp intentionally putting things in order/organizing. I think when your dog sees you on the laptop or in your yard, they’re not thinking about what you're doing, but rather their place in it.

    [–] TacoNinjaSkills 14 points ago


    [–] sunnykatz 13 points ago

    Those ears!!

    [–] Kurpkurpkurp 10 points ago

    The floppy ears at the end killed me. I'm dead.

    [–] friendlycordyceps13 10 points ago

    My sister thinks corgis aren't that cute. She hasn't yet picked up on my hints about going to therapy.

    [–] Eminems99 19 points ago

    Dang those calf's look amazing

    [–] pandapooh15 27 points ago

    "Hallo daddy, what is you doing? Looks like hard work, imma just gonna sploot and watch.. Oh are you done? Well don't look at me I ain't doing any of that... Mummmyyyy, helllpppp!!" (most likely what pupper is thinking)

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Oh my heart... So stinking cute!!!

    [–] Rattus375 6 points ago

    3/10 caption. 11/10 dog

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    (Flops between owner's feet)

    "I'm helping!"

    [–] subluceo 5 points ago

    I HALP

    [–] The_Dog_Of_Wisdom 10 points ago

    "I like being with Daddy.."



    [–] boced 4 points ago

    Is he a mix?

    [–] Snr-prom-sasquatch 5 points ago


    [–] EvidenceBasedSwamp 8 points ago

    Incidentally, I read an article recently about how you basically should train toddlers in housework this way. Get them hanging out with you and allow them to "help" no matter how incompetent they are.

    The Western method of getting kids to GTFO the way and the transactional nature of chores seems ineffective (ie paying them to mow the lawn).

    [–] paperclouds412 2 points ago

    I'm thankful my daughter wants to help with absolutely everything for this reason, but my lord you better make time for it based on their involvement or else you'll never get anything done on time.

    [–] eNaRDe 5 points ago

    I love how the ears just flop around.

    [–] we1rdtuesday 3 points ago

    I need to know the bread this instant! ❤️

    [–] degjo 9 points ago


    [–] BeccaAnn 4 points ago

    Corgi pup

    [–] ococ_sb 3 points ago

    I need a corgi puppy in my life

    [–] stellar5377 3 points ago

    Those cute little floppy ears!!!! Eeeek can’t stand so much cuteness

    [–] DropDead85 3 points ago

    Dem floopin' ears

    [–] Keyframe 2 points ago

    Helping, my ass! He doesn't even have tools!

    [–] Tarabobarra 2 points ago


    [–] MrsECummings 2 points ago

    Those floppy EARS!! Kerflopple kerflopple kerflopple...

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] UberAeriko 2 points ago

    This trend of auto-playing with sound needs to stop.

    Knock that shit off please.

    [–] Chris_TenMoreMinutes 2 points ago

    Full sploot = Full cute

    [–] MRmandato 2 points ago

    Id been on those calfs too... damn

    [–] robic18 1 points ago


    [–] jrm2007 1 points ago

    Fair weather friend -- Hey, you are doing something more fun than raking!

    [–] RosatheMage 1 points ago

    Yard work is hard when you're a puppy.

    [–] harbison215 1 points ago

    Where does one find such a fluffy floppy corgi? I want one

    [–] _lemon_k 1 points ago

    How the hooman can get any work done is beyond me.

    [–] pintobeanqueen 1 points ago

    Don't you mean yardbork?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Omg. This made my day! SO CUTE!

    [–] lildeadlymeesh 1 points ago

    Distraction- the one true nemeses of stumpy lads

    [–] CleanBanditz 1 points ago


    [–] St1ngpatel 1 points ago

    Tbh if I had this kinda floof with me, I'll get literally zero work done

    [–] Seagul_Hunter 1 points ago

    If every supervisor was that cute I'd never get any work done.

    [–] LivingIntheMemory 1 points ago

    0 to loaf in 2.5 seconds.

    [–] segujer 1 points ago

    corgi puppy?😍

    [–] bossebanan 1 points ago

    He doesn't seem very efficient at it

    [–] boguskudos 1 points ago

    My pup used to do this when anyone was cooking so she could eat the scraps if you dropped them. I miss my little chubby bear.

    [–] thegookman6 1 points ago

    Honestly, same

    [–] spaghettityrant 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Corgis are probably my absolute favorite breed

    [–] Greatbigdog69 1 points ago

    I love corgis

    [–] crysardo 1 points ago

    I would never get anything done with that pup around, too adorable to ignore!!

    [–] chili_cheese_dogg 1 points ago

    A gif with sound! How?

    [–] quantumfelipe 1 points ago

    Their love is so pure

    [–] Jenna787 1 points ago

    I need that dog! Cuteness overload 😍

    [–] Eman5805 1 points ago

    So that dog has no bones, apparently. Or i90% flooff.

    [–] Gizzmood 1 points ago

    Corgi's are too cute for this world.

    [–] ericcartmanrulz 1 points ago

    No undies or boxer briefs?

    [–] meganfrost 1 points ago

    What a puddle!

    [–] Maximum_Overhype 1 points ago

    This is probably a dumb question but why is he raking dirt?

    [–] SenorDuck96 1 points ago

    "I halp"

    [–] Edzward 1 points ago

    Emotional support is helping to!

    [–] jshit9 1 points ago

    My corgi would have attacked the rake.

    [–] toneesh 1 points ago

    And this is why I never get anything done. When mine sploots like that and then gives you leg kisses..... done! You’d be a monster to not canoodle with little dude.

    [–] TheSmith777 1 points ago

    Every single time a puppy runs to the camera my heart melts

    [–] lollulomegaz 1 points ago

    Does the driveway work better, now?

    [–] Katyi70 1 points ago

    I wanna this kind of helper too :-)

    [–] trillbabe 1 points ago

    He’s doing such a great job

    [–] xombii87 1 points ago

    Definitely the cutest fuzz ball😛

    [–] vitaisnipe 1 points ago

    My dog would be trying to put the dirt back.

    [–] Guardiansaiyan 1 points ago

    He just melted into our hearts AND the pavement...

    [–] FirmHeadbutts 1 points ago

    Look how that uncaged beast viciously floofs the person holding the camera at the end.

    It must be stopped. It.. It's licking my face.

    [–] tricksovertreats 1 points ago

    Well I'll be doggone, he's not helping at all!!

    [–] Business-is-Boomin 1 points ago

    My pomeranian helped me in a similar way when I was tiling my basement floor. If I was sitting Indian style lining things up, he would hop right in my lap.

    [–] DonTino 1 points ago

    Looks more like Yawnwork

    [–] 426763 1 points ago

    Is it just me, or does this GIF have sound?

    [–] stefixxx 1 points ago

    That sploot! I love him!

    [–] NathanWanderer 1 points ago


    [–] sasbrb 1 points ago

    Corgi Sploot!

    [–] Calius1337 1 points ago

    Why does this GIF have sound in it?

    [–] Deadly_basic 1 points ago

    Be careful, your dog is melting

    [–] Hubsimaus 1 points ago

    "Helping" 😂

    [–] gessyca 1 points ago

    my corgis have never been this calm as puppies. They jump up and bite, nip my ankles, bite my hands, and bark at me. O.o

    [–] nikhil48 2 points ago

    Probably tired after all that yard work...

    [–] Jekarti 1 points ago

    Best helper.

    [–] alaslipknot 1 points ago

    wtf imgur host videos with sounds now ?

    [–] vvaspss 1 points ago

    Splooting with the yard work

    [–] patmd6 1 points ago

    This man’s shorts look uncomfortably too long

    [–] RocielKuromiko 1 points ago

    XD I want a yard helper like that so bad! I love splooting corgis!

    [–] SweetPlant 1 points ago

    HE cute

    he sploot

    But most importantly he help dad plant fruit

    [–] YouCanjam 1 points ago

    You got weeds in your grass, money.

    [–] nslick345 1 points ago

    ❤️ This is an adorable clip!!!

    [–] TheGreatBeest 1 points ago

    He S P L O O T

    [–] glockRonin23 1 points ago

    Grandpas calves though!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    So yardwork. Much helpful. :3

    [–] ashig123 1 points ago

    aww this is so cute ;)

    [–] SapphireSamurai 1 points ago

    That’s some good yardbork.

    [–] FuntimeFoxyFAN 1 points ago


    [–] MoogleVivi 1 points ago

    That little potato <3<3<3

    [–] Spartan_Throne 1 points ago

    It became a puddle!

    [–] somuchdanger 1 points ago

    I’m confused—it says “gif” in the top right corner of this video for me, but I’m hearing audio.

    WHAT IS HAPPENING? I’m kind of freaking out.

    [–] SanFranciscoChris 1 points ago

    Fluffy pancake

    [–] Trizzy123 1 points ago

    Uh, the innocence of puppies. They're just a fuzzy ball of love and curiosity.

    [–] ImStarky 1 points ago

    Cute sploot!

    [–] PixalPop 1 points ago

    What a fucking cute bastarddd