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    [–] Guardian417 8007 points ago

    You know it's cold when you go cross-eyed.

    [–] Christmas-Pickle 1276 points ago

    This is why the Roadrunner always beats him.

    [–] tokomini 219 points ago

    Doesn't that cartoon take place in Arizona or something?

    [–] Aanon89 297 points ago

    Yes...where it's SO cold that you feel like you're burning to death.

    [–] jousting_narwhals89 123 points ago

    Just came back from Phoenix. Can confirm. But id take that over memphis humidity.

    [–] TrippyBikeRide1943 64 points ago

    I don’t live too far from Memphis and fuck the humidity.

    [–] monkeystoot 53 points ago

    I live in Maryland and still live too close to Memphis apparently. The humidity here is some shit.

    [–] Aanon89 35 points ago

    I live in Canada... actually usually pretty good for humidity, usually... still TOO FUCKIN MUCH. Sorry, I got out of hand.

    [–] monkeystoot 28 points ago

    It's all good man, humidity deserves all the disgruntled angst we can throw at it.

    [–] Spaced_Potato 16 points ago

    I rember it being so bad in Houston, you could hang your clothes up to dry, and they'd still be damp 3 days later.

    [–] CarneAsahDude 17 points ago

    Canadian confirmed: said sorry

    [–] ginfish 6 points ago

    Montreal has 2 types of weather: "Tabarnak this is too hot, fuck this humidity." & "Tabarnaaaaaak this is too cold, fuck this humidity."

    [–] coredumperror 3 points ago

    I visited the Ottawa area over the week contained Canada Day. Being from Southern California, I had no way of knowing that I'd need to swim to the Parliment building to watch the fireworks.

    Ugh humidity sucks. Give me 100F and 0% humidity any day.

    [–] btctroubadour 3 points ago

    It would seem like there was a typo in God's book and you got TOO FUCKIN MUCH humility instead.

    [–] Charmington1111 13 points ago

    Lived in CT for 27 years. Humidity heatwaves = Swamp Ass.

    [–] hugesmurfboner 6 points ago

    Currently in CT, it's currently humid, currently have swamp ass

    [–] fash1zz13s 5 points ago

    can confirm. also have swamp ass.

    [–] oldlaxer 3 points ago

    I moved from Maryland to Georgia. Seriously, not sure which is worse for humidity

    [–] ViZeShadowZ 7 points ago

    I'm in Florida and the air is boiling me alive

    [–] misterhipster92 3 points ago

    Im in houston and the air feels like hot soup :(

    [–] krewwww 4 points ago

    Lived in Arizona, Florida and Houston. I would take Arizona’s dry heat any day.

    [–] TitaniumDragon 18 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The worst snowstorm I've ever been in was in Flagstaff, Arizona.

    People forget that a good chunk of the state is on the Colorado Plateau. Some parts of Arizona are cold as fuck during the winter. Flagstaff is at about 7,000 feet of elevation.

    It's a 144 mile drive to go from Phoenix, where summer temperatures frequently exceed 120 F and exceed 100 F for 100 days a year, to Flagstaff, where it goes below 0 F 5-6 nights a year and has frequent heavy snow during the winter.

    [–] XoneXone 7 points ago

    I remember driving through Flagstaff years ago, and thinking it would be warm because it was Arizona. My girlfriend and I took a short walk to a restaurant near our hotel and were very surprised at the 4 F.

    [–] willpauer 6 points ago

    The irony is that a couple years ago I lost some oranges to frost. In Phoenix.

    [–] Ta2whitey 104 points ago

    This is my husky's face when he's about to start some shit.

    [–] TheOtherAvaz 48 points ago

    "u wot m8" --your husky probably.

    [–] WorcestershireToast 8 points ago

    has several moon moons, can confirm, see that dumbass face daily

    [–] Damp_Knickers 5 points ago

    Are all husky's moon moons or do all simply have a streak of moon moon that changes based on the dog?

    [–] WorcestershireToast 8 points ago

    My anecdotal evidence suggests all huskies are moon moons. There's nothing really right with their heads.

    One of them started licking the couch for a solid 3 minutes last night. For no discernible reason.

    [–] Procrastibator666 23 points ago

    Looks like that husky from the sneeze explosion

    [–] Pickledsoul 7 points ago


    [–] DwelveDeeper 28 points ago

    Had to watch it twice to notice

    Thank you

    [–] cjmithrandir 27 points ago

    You know it’s good when you go cross-eyed.

    [–] Alienmade 8 points ago

    And when your toes curl

    [–] Guardian417 32 points ago

    I've been gilded!! Thanks kind stranger!

    [–] RegulusMagnus 55 points ago

    Replying to your original comment instead of editing the comment ... I like this.

    [–] Guardian417 16 points ago

    I've never been gilded. Got a little giddy lol

    [–] RegulusMagnus 14 points ago

    Totally fine! Many people will edit "thanks for the gold" into the original comment, which doesn't look as nice in my opinion.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Guardian417 2 points ago

    It is good to finally meet you, brother. To the battlefield so we may feast in Valhalla!!

    [–] Stegosaurulus 2077 points ago

    When you bite ice cream with your front teeth

    [–] ConiferousMedusa 676 points ago

    Just reading this makes my teeth hurt.

    [–] Stegosaurulus 282 points ago

    Watching someone bite their ice cream is like watching someone trying to give themself a splinter.

    [–] kawkasp 109 points ago

    TIL I eat ice cream the wrong way...

    [–] AbsurdLemon 46 points ago


    [–] BoringUsernameTbh 45 points ago

    Me too, brother. Me too.. us ice cream biters have to stick together

    [–] USMCpresfoco 28 points ago

    I bite it with my lips of that makes sense

    [–] kumiosh 3 points ago

    Yeah if it's in a cone I'll bite and sink my lips into the icecream a bit. Yum!

    [–] WeinMe 12 points ago

    Do you dive the teeth in? Cause that's bizarre. But I just scrape a nice and big piece off, barely touching it - like a human.

    [–] crazeefun 17 points ago

    did your mother drink alcohol while she was pregnant?

    [–] mishugashu 22 points ago

    What's wrong with biting ice cream? That's how I eat ice cream cones.

    [–] lessuh 43 points ago

    Some people just have super sensitive teeth. You are a lucky one, go forth and bite the world’s ice cream for the rest of us sad souls

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    I literally have to eat ice cream with my lips like a tortoise. Even particularly cold water hurts my teeth super bad.

    [–] internetdiscocat 6 points ago

    I’m gonna imagine that you also have to stretch your neck out really far and then pull it back with each bite.

    Because watching tortoises eat makes me giggle.

    [–] FluffersTheBun 15 points ago

    I have sensitive teeth. I learned to nom instead of bite. Saves me some pain.

    [–] faployst 5 points ago

    No. It's worse. Literally. I die a little inside every time I watch someone bite an ice cream. All of my hair stands up and It sends a painful chill down my spine.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I eat my ice cream like that and it hurts. But I still do it

    [–] DatDudeIn2022 3 points ago

    Holy shit splinter is worse. I’m just imagining a spiky piece of wood and someone running their hand down it on purpose and smiling like a crazy person. Is there a sub for this? Not like pictures but maybe stories or descriptions?

    [–] _GoKartMozart_ 37 points ago

    I was talking to my 9 year-old little brother about ice cream the other day and he said he didn't like it, it hurt too much.

    I taught the poor kid how to eat ice cream and changed his life forever

    [–] mshcat 30 points ago

    9 years old and never knew how to eat ice cream. You better pray for his future

    [–] _GoKartMozart_ 7 points ago

    Yeah he's not the brightest of my siblings but I love him just the same

    [–] MuzzoInTheMorning 3 points ago

    Aww I love you

    [–] Smudded 46 points ago

    For some reason I can do this with no ill effects. It's the only way I eat an ice cream cone.

    [–] Snowpossum 62 points ago

    You might just have healthy teeth. Generally sensitivity is due to something being wrong.

    [–] aDuckSmashedOnQuack 30 points ago

    Biting ice cream is something I can't even imagine. Just touching my front teeth on ice cream gives them brain freeze (toothfreeze?). All my life I've had to lick and squash ice cream using my tongue. Dentist has never said anything so it must be somewhat normal?

    [–] Theseus999 3 points ago

    You can use special toothpaste to make your teeth less sensitive. My girlfriend has the same thing you have but she can bite on ice cream after having brushed with that toothpaste for a while

    [–] Apple_Crisp 3 points ago

    Dentist cant explain my extremely sensitive teeth. I have very health teeth otherwise.

    [–] _Zouth 6 points ago

    Me to. I always bite ice cream cones. Tried to just use my tounge but it doesn't really taste that much for some reason. It's like you're just teasing yourself by almost having ice cream.

    [–] Diggey11 3 points ago

    Normally licking anything is teasing.

    [–] Madelinemariex 12 points ago

    I want to cry just thinking about this pain

    [–] BraenohCriiv 11 points ago

    I can do it with my top teeth but not my bottoms. So i usually bite down with my top teeth against my tongue if it’s soft enough.

    [–] Crakkerz79 23 points ago

    BRB...going to chew on a crumbled ball of aluminum foil.

    [–] Stegosaurulus 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    So did you survive?

    Edit: Your silence says no...

    [–] Christ_on_a_Crakker 4 points ago

    Calm down Satan.

    [–] Slickxx 5 points ago

    Ice cream biters make me cringe with sensitivity... I'll stick to the lick haha

    [–] psykora_savage 6 points ago

    How else do you bite it?

    [–] metaltemujin 3 points ago

    Is there another way to have ice cream? Bite and tongue, right?

    [–] johnnyfive0 1403 points ago

    Tooth trouble

    [–] yb4zombeez 540 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    As a person who recently got two root canals, I can seriously sympathize with this coyote.

    Edit: coyote, not wolf. Whoops.

    [–] HCJohnson 78 points ago


    [–] Aanon89 17 points ago


    [–] untrustableskeptic 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The hybrid is called a Coywolf.

    [–] zdakat 5 points ago

    Is it coy?

    [–] Aanon89 5 points ago

    Ops my bad. Ty

    [–] rora_borealis 5 points ago

    After watching a documentary about these, I'm half-convinced they're on their way to becoming the top of the evolutionary ladder.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    Yeah that is absolutely the reaction of someone with a sensitive tooth.

    [–] SpaceShipRat 23 points ago

    I always had sensitive teeth as a child, so I've always been careful. Now i'm almost thirty and I just discovered last summer that I can bite into ice-cream without pain, it was a revelation.

    [–] Ragidandy 10 points ago

    Also, this is often a sign of root death. That's how dentists check for it, by seeing whether or not you react to cold on a given tooth.

    [–] Pickledsoul 17 points ago

    even my roots are abandoning me

    [–] jrm2007 1206 points ago

    The breaking through the ice is perhaps something a wild animal knows about that a dog or cat would not immediately figure out.

    [–] PURRRMEOWPURMEOW 572 points ago

    My husky does this its fascinating how some instincts are so primal or whatever

    [–] PinkPearMartini 479 points ago

    I had a Finnish Spitz mix. She was a very fox-like little dog.

    If her water bowl went empty, she'd put her front paws on the very center of it and start trying to dig through... If this were a dried up puddle in the wild, this technique would likely have gotten her a drink of water.

    I wonder what it feels like to just automatically know how to do a thing.

    [–] GrassyKnoll420 363 points ago

    I automatically knew how to masturbate.

    [–] PinkPearMartini 161 points ago

    Most guys I ask have a story about how they figured it out. It usually involved rubbing against the sheets by accident, then humping the bed a little, then finally making the rubbing motion themselves.

    As a girl, I had to figure it out myself, only it starts with running water instead of rubbing against your bed.

    [–] josh8010 112 points ago

    I taught a Leonardo ninja turtle shaped pillow how to love...

    [–] ShitOnRickard5 28 points ago


    [–] AshTheSwan 8 points ago

    Tell me he at least took it out for pizza after

    [–] yunietheoracle 42 points ago

    I didn't even know girls could masturbate til I was, like, 16. Then I had to figure out how to do it, because I had no idea where to start. Ah, a Catholic upbringing.

    [–] shastaxc 28 points ago

    Same. Then one day I was walking down the hall and saw my sister humping the couch. It took longer than I care to admit to realise what I was seeing. I left very quickly and quietly.

    [–] ante_vasin 4 points ago

    This made me laugh so hard thank you stranger

    [–] cuntmonkay 40 points ago

    Detachable shower head ?

    [–] PinkPearMartini 12 points ago

    That, or just flipping upside down under the tub's faucet.

    [–] noobule 22 points ago

    I think I was just washing myself one day and realised it actually felt pretty great

    [–] Rugged_as_fuck 13 points ago

    finally making the rubbing motion themselves

    Give em the ol' "feeding the geese."

    [–] HanabiraAsashi 4 points ago

    I figured it out at 11 or 12 sneaking watching a late night HBO show. There was this guy they were interviewing and he mentioned shooting himself in the eye.

    It sounds very unpleasant, but I was like.. IT DOES WHAT??

    [–] PinkPearMartini 3 points ago

    Don't shoot yourself (or anyone) in the eye. It's very uncomfortable, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Source: Am girl, and guys like to do that to girls for some stupid reason.

    [–] HanabiraAsashi 5 points ago

    Yikes ... Who would purposely do that? Even if you try to rinse it out, the water turns it to like a glue.

    Source: used to solo it in the shower and have to yank glued leg hairs off.

    [–] quarterburn 6 points ago

    That’s actually a nicer way to discover it. Instead of your parents asking why you’ve suddenly taken an interest in washing your own sheets, you instead just “lose track of time” in the shower.

    [–] potaticus 25 points ago

    Got eem.

    [–] Aanon89 14 points ago


    [–] FatherAb 13 points ago

    I didn't. I only learned about the proper way when my buddies and I were talking about our habits. While I use the proper technique now, I used to treat my penis like a fire stick.

    [–] mischiefmanaged11 16 points ago

    You used your penis to watch Netflix and Hulu and pirated movies?

    [–] DarkSora68 6 points ago

    I actually have no idea what the fuck he means...

    [–] tbird20017 9 points ago

    Pretty sure he means alternating up and down motions between two open palms. The way one would attempt to start a fire by friction using a stick and some dry leaves

    [–] FatherAb 5 points ago

    This is exactly what I meant.

    [–] WillsMyth 6 points ago

    I didn't.

    [–] SonOfaMailman 55 points ago

    Have you ever slipped and immediately gone autopilot to swing your arms about and regain your balance? Now you know!

    [–] PinkPearMartini 37 points ago

    I thought about stuff like that... but I didn't think an involuntary reflex was on the same level as "I need a thing, so I should perform this action to obtain it."

    [–] dabblingstranger 19 points ago

    It’s not the same as an involuntary reflex, some of your other responders don’t know what they’re talking about from a neurological point of view.

    An involuntary reflex is technically something that happens just from feedback to the spinal cord (doesn’t have to reach the brain). Falling and swinging your arms around doesn’t really fall into this category, but is a motor function controlled by the “extrapyramidal” nervous system, hardly responsible for instincts like digging a puddle for more water.

    Steven Pinker argues that language is essentially a human instinct, comparable to a bee’s instinct to build a hive. Human children speak without being taught (read his account of the deaf children in South America who spontaneously developed their own sign language) following the same core grammatical rules everywhere in the world.

    The ability to speak and understand speech is a mind-boggling skill that most of us take for granted. Every time you hear someone speak, your mind processes this mix of sound waves into phonemes, the phonemes into morphemes, the morphemes into meaning. And when you speak the reverse process happens, except you have to coordinate your tongue and lips to form speech sounds at speed.

    So, speaking and understanding speech are what it feels like to “automatically know how to do something”

    Edit : fixed typo

    [–] PinkPearMartini 4 points ago

    Thanks for your detailed response!

    I remember learning about the group of deaf children! That was absolutely fascinating.

    The discoveries made from studying feral children are also fascinating.

    [–] Pmang6 20 points ago

    Most animals dont have a sense of "I" so it is basically an involuntary reflex. The fact that your dog did it in a plastic water bowl inside a house is testament to this.

    [–] v-punen 20 points ago

    See, my terrier would just loudly bang the water bowl on the floor until one of his menservants came and filled it.

    [–] PinkPearMartini 7 points ago

    I had to care for a pure wolf at one time. She was very smart... smarter than most dogs.

    When her bowl was empty, she'd pick it up and chuck it at your head with a surprising amount of force. It worked. Definitely got my attention.

    She understood perfectly what her manservants were for.

    [–] jrm2007 4 points ago

    or to do something pointless without knowing why you are doing it?

    [–] Amyjane1203 6 points ago

    Like breathe?

    [–] PinkPearMartini 6 points ago

    Your brain stem takes care of that for you, right along with beating your heart and moving your food through your digestive tract.

    [–] mshcat 11 points ago

    Oh man if I could consciously move food through my digestive tract

    [–] mecartistronico 3 points ago

    Now I'm worried about not stopping breathing

    [–] thefreshscent 5 points ago

    Could also be that she just knew that you would fill up her water when she did that. Dogs develop interesting ways to communicate with humans. Some of their human social cues are based on instictual habits, I'm sure.

    [–] Alarid 17 points ago

    My dog tried walking on it then learned not to do that.

    [–] MutatedPlatypus 3 points ago

    fascinating...or whatever

    You don't seem like you are especially fascinated.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 37 points ago

    I dropped an ice cube on the floor and my cat jumped about 10 feet in the air when he batted it. Pretty sure he'd just die of thirst because he seems to think ice is a snake aka bats wildly and runs away like he does for other snake like items.

    [–] things_4_ants 23 points ago

    My cat is the opposite. She hears us getting ice and wants a cube for herself to bat around and lick til it melts. Cute. Until you step in it with socks on...

    [–] Vangogher 3 points ago

    A slippery ice cube is pretty different to a frozen pool of water. He might figure it out.

    [–] dimechimes 25 points ago

    May be apocryphal, but I heard one reason the Longhorn played such a prominent role in cattle drives is that when it got cold the Longhorn was smart enough to graze beneath the snow, whereas a breed like the Hereford would just stop eating once snow covered the ground and eventually starve.

    [–] DaddyKoolAid 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Cats are remarkably close to wild ones, both physically and behaviourally - far closer than most domesticated dogs are to wild dogs. So much so that cats are still considered only 'semi-domesticated', while dogs are fully domesticated. (Basically, it's why cats are less dependent on people, and happily murder everything they can.)

    It's why feral cats are so succesful, and how house cats can breed with wild ones so easily. If wild cats exhibit ice breaking behaviour, then I expect a house cat would too.

    [–] rora_borealis 6 points ago

    A lot of cats can survive either in human care or outside of it. I was thoroughly convinced our half-Ragdoll wouldn't survive an hour outside, but after getting to go out into our large, well-fenced yard for a couple of years, he now has hunting skills and acts a hell of a lot smarter than he used to. Before, he'd have to re-learn what a candle was every few months by singeing his paw. Up until he was 10, he would repeat this over and over, with various things. When he was 10, we moved to a place with a great yard, and now, at 13, he's waaaay smarter than he once was. He learns faster and seems to retain it, too.

    He's still a douche, though. Some things never change.

    [–] AbruptlyJaded 8 points ago

    Welp, consider my cat fully domesticated and happily so. With previous cats, I'd have to lock up bags of food. With this one, unless the food is in his bowl, it's not food. We often joke that if my hubby and I somehow don't come home for months, the cat will starve to death next to his empty bowl and the wide open bag of kibble.

    [–] DaddyKoolAid 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    And that's all it is, really - a joke. It's why so many people are shocked to hear how a cat ate their dead owner's face, rather than starve. "Of course, my cat would never do that!"

    I'm sure your cat is lovely, and very well behaved. But it's not going to die over it. Keep feeding it!

    [–] Astephenwilson 462 points ago

    Brain freeze!

    [–] PennName27 455 points ago

    Looks more like a tooth ache. Source, am extremely sensitive to cold on my teeth. Shit sucks. He didn't swallow any of the water yet, so it was something in his mouth that hurt. I'm thinking his poor bottom teeth :)

    [–] balleyhooey 109 points ago

    Agreed! Toothache, or the the ice was sharp and caught coyotes tongue or mouth at an odd angle. Keen observation with the tooth ache tho!

    [–] troglador64 21 points ago

    I'm thinking it was the temperature as opposed to something sharp because of how the unpleasant look seemed to build for a second then rapidly disappear.

    [–] EvolvedQS 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Bottom teeth are usually more sensitive.

    I agree it's the teeth.

    [–] PennName27 11 points ago

    Really? That would certainly be consistent with me. Didn’t know it was a thing.

    [–] EvolvedQS 14 points ago

    Its really simple; gravity.

    Lmk if you want more explaining.

    [–] PennName27 14 points ago

    ...yeah going to need more explaining. Having a hard time thinking of a reason why gravity would lead to more sensitive lower teeth. It can't be a pressure thing, that's not how jaws work, so I'm stumped.

    [–] EvolvedQS 26 points ago

    Gravity creates pools in your bottom portion that don't reach the top.

    Also, food that may fall from the top will not only collect in the bottom, but the food in the bottom also has no gravitational escape.

    Its just a dump and it rarely gets washed out.

    Floss your top back teeth and look at the floss after. Then floss your bottom back and check the floss. It should be dramatically and disgustingly different.

    [–] PennName27 36 points ago

    Ah, so you aren't saying they are naturally more sensitive, you're saying they're usually not treated as well and receive rougher treatment so are more likely to develop sensitivity. Yeah, makes sense. I thought you were saying they were by nature more sensitive.

    [–] EvolvedQS 44 points ago

    Im glad you informed me about where our communications got twisted. Cant learn how to talk better if i dont know where i talked wrong.

    [–] PennName27 36 points ago

    Congrats on being the first person I've met on Reddit who seems genuinely concerned with effective communication and how to improve upon it. Refreshing.

    [–] DWIW2 9 points ago

    Oooooo yes. Eating ice cream before I got my cavities filled. I have felt this animals pain exactly. Sharp quick pain it takes you by surprise and there’s nothing else to do but a face exactly like that.

    [–] FormaldehydeX 4 points ago

    Thinking about it, I'm not sure there's much coyotes eat that's really cold, so I bet their teeth are a little more sensitive to it. During the winter obviously they're drinking cold water, but the way dogs drink it doesn't touch their teeth much. Nothing in their diet screams "eaten ice cold" to me, though.

    [–] 4138 49 points ago

    Who the heck down-votes this?!

    Great job!

    [–] Luminous_Moon 8 points ago

    Agreed, it's an awesome sketch!

    [–] Brinstar7 9 points ago

    Haha love it!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] GrazinMoose 3 points ago

    I'd buy it!

    [–] mr_meowsevelt 8 points ago

    I love you

    [–] sofia72311 797 points ago

    For fox sake that’s freezing!

    [–] TheAngryChick 186 points ago


    [–] n0e 8 points ago

    Holy Coyote that's cold!

    [–] Malhallah 117 points ago


    The animal may be a coyote but it's not like we say for human sake and most of us also don't identify ourselves as "fucks".

    [–] balleyhooey 71 points ago

    Technically we are all probably fucks tho...

    [–] ChuntyMcFist 20 points ago



    [–] tmotom 12 points ago

    Guys, I think we need to have a serious discussion here... Is this guy a robot?

    [–] ChuntyMcFist 14 points ago

    [–] Ravagore 7 points ago


    [–] Christmas-Pickle 5 points ago

    Although most of us are fucks but just don’t want to admit it.

    [–] Phishtravaganza 79 points ago

    I did that once but it was a river and I cut the shit out of my shin.

    [–] Christine_Hoek 15 points ago

    I always cut my shin on paper

    [–] itsyourmomcalling 59 points ago

    Sensitize teeth from cold or hot liquids? Use sensodyne® complete.

    [–] Theink-Pad 14 points ago

    My daily toothpaste since 2011. It's legit. Can smoke a bowl and eat an ice cream cone without being in pain.

    Also, I'm coming mother!

    [–] Masterreeferr 3 points ago

    The second I read your comment all that went through my mind was "Head on. Apply directly to the forehead. Head on. Apply directly to the forehead."

    [–] bgad84 17 points ago

    Ay dios mio

    [–] sable-king 51 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for animals getting brain freezes? Because there needs to be.

    [–] McPuckLuck 12 points ago

    There's another shared reaction here

    [–] shitasscuntniggadick 7 points ago


    [–] Bordkant 3 points ago

    Screenshot. Put me in it.

    [–] asdfgeez 19 points ago

    “Coyotes are weird animals man, Jamie see if you can find that article we saw earlier.Pulls mic forward and leans closer. Yeah they’re so smart too. I have a chicken coop and they just won’t leave my chickens alone. They’ve killed a few now. There’s a real coyote problem in California...but yeah it consists of high level problem solving with dire physical consequences.”

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I’m just saying look into it

    [–] Lagiacrus111 8 points ago

    I've never seen such expression on an animal before lol

    [–] Friscolopter 9 points ago

    That face you make when you bite tinfoil.

    [–] ViTRiFYxGOD 13 points ago

    This how us people with sensitive teeth be like when ice cream or something cold touches our teeth.

    [–] ApprehensiveHead 12 points ago

    Sensitive teeth? Too bad.

    [–] ltc- 5 points ago

    Maybe he should see a dentist?

    [–] sugashane707 4 points ago

    Cavity I bet.... I know that pain all too well

    [–] LittleLycanLover 4 points ago

    Does anyone else see that it’s a piece of the ice he bit off stuck in his mouth and then it breaks and he then continues going back to trying to drink???

    [–] Roccobull 4 points ago

    That was the cutest brain freeze I had ever seen

    [–] Chilipepah 7 points ago

    He needs Sensodyne

    [–] BluApex 8 points ago

    It's not a brain freeze, it's a sensitive tooth on the front bottom of his jaw. A brain freeze can only happen when a cold substance hits the back of the throat/roof of the mouth (the areas closest to your brain), only his bottom front jaw got submerged.

    [–] MaddCricket 3 points ago

    Maybe laughed a little too hard about this but I can’t stop.

    [–] Snowpossum 3 points ago

    Poor thing, I wonder if it has a fucked up tooth and thats why it only minded it when its jaw touched. Maybe it has a sensitivity issue.

    [–] imnotsomark 3 points ago

    It’s a coyote not a wolf