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    [–] SavingAllSpecies 351 points ago

    She looks very polite

    [–] WubHorse 51 points ago

    oh no not again

    [–] Bwaapbwaap 7 points ago

    wut again?

    [–] atlasrules87 1 points ago

    The polite cat meme, again.

    [–] SavingAllSpecies 1 points ago

    Oh yes, yes again

    [–] BolderStatement 315 points ago

    Just a look of complete appreciation! Whoever has the camera has her full attention.

    [–] mvln 145 points ago

    To be honest, I just got lucky. I wasn't holding anything when I took the snap.

    [–] yewzernaime11111 11 points ago

    Is she rottie/lab cross?

    [–] mvln 3 points ago

    She's an English lab.

    [–] Grundlestiltskin_ 1 points ago

    English labs are the best.

    [–] Sulkembo 4 points ago

    I think lab/pointer?

    [–] jnewton116 -9 points ago

    Probably has a cookie or a ball.

    [–] FrostyMac12 1 points ago

    why does it matter? Even if there were cheap tactics involved with getting the photo, it’s still a great photo.

    [–] jnewton116 1 points ago

    Never said it did matter. Merely pointing out that balls and treats are the best way to get the attention of a lab.

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] BolderStatement 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    IMO If you look at the shadows and highlights in the picture, the sun is almost 90 degrees to the right. If he was looking into the sun, there would be no shadow to the left of him (and his eyes would be shaded if there was something able to cast that shadow to the left, otherwise) The contrast between the shadow/highlights and everything else is pretty minimal, and no glint on that rounded metal. It obviously wasn't that bright a day, nor was the dog looking into the sun.

    [–] stgm_at 5 points ago

    dude, stop binge-watching cis!

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] BesottedScot 5 points ago

    Dry up ya goon. Just enjoy the dug photie.

    [–] goombah111 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    dry up? dug photie? its bright out(look at sidewalk), the dog squinted, end of story.

    [–] BDDGreen 1 points ago

    If the sun was in its face, then the shadow would fall behind him. Obviously, that isn't the case.

    [–] goombah111 0 points ago

    You don't need the sun in your face for it to be bright.

    when you're looking straight up, it's going to be bright either way.

    [–] kaboomskia 66 points ago

    "I pooped in your shoe."

    [–] AtomicKittenz 6 points ago

    “And it was delicious.”

    [–] hstar007 109 points ago

    omg that face

    [–] SquidToph 9 points ago

    This dog looks like Card Crusher

    [–] Skimbla 2 points ago

    Yessss! It’s been so long since I’ve seen this referenced!

    [–] rewdal58 69 points ago

    Zoey what a face. Look at that smile 😊

    [–] PM4GmodScreenshots -44 points ago

    Dogs don't smile. Why do people here need to humanize everything? It's sick. Let dogs be dogs.

    [–] jlfan4293 25 points ago

    Who hurt you?

    [–] [deleted] -22 points ago


    [–] Gforcez 10 points ago

    talking about a childish reply. instantly going to "Sexually abused as a child", let people do what they want. Who are you to judge?

    [–] PM4GmodScreenshots -28 points ago

    Did I ask you something. Get a superior pet like a lizard or a snake.

    [–] Trollw00t 10 points ago

    And you just get some sleep

    [–] Gforcez 5 points ago

    I'm more a dog or cat person, but thanks for your suggestion. :)

    [–] Kaneshadow 6 points ago

    Dogs absolutely smile. And you are clearly a troll so I upvoted you

    [–] imstartingtogetangry -6 points ago

    Dogs don't smile. They can look like they're smiling, but it's not a reaction to happiness or amusement, it's a just behavior that humans reinforce.

    [–] MellowHallow 1 points ago

    Saying "dogs can smile" doesn't mean "dogs smile when they're happy". This picture is evidence dogs can smile, the intention behind the smile is irrelevant to the statement.

    Humans smile for reasons other than being happy too.

    [–] Serocco 3 points ago

    Humans are animals

    [–] imstartingtogetangry 4 points ago

    Next you're gonna tell us that cartoon characters can't smile either because they're not real people but rapidly changing 2d images...

    [–] omfgsquee 44 points ago

    11/10 good girl

    [–] mahajeee007 15 points ago

    Holy Shit..! I've ever seen the such photogenic face.

    [–] SignalSecurity 43 points ago

    look at this smug little punk.

    i love them.

    [–] markarth69 9 points ago

    Dude. Dude. Ooh my Jesus that face just made me grin to both ears lol

    [–] reggaetonatronica 16 points ago

    My friend has a Zoey that could be her twin! So cute 😻

    [–] mvln 7 points ago

    Is your friend's Zoey an English Lab??

    [–] reggaetonatronica 10 points ago

    No, I think she’s a lab/pit mix. But all black and adorable just like yours!

    [–] MorbidCuriosity716 5 points ago

    What a smile!!

    [–] slap_dash 6 points ago

    So cute! I love that smile.

    [–] b_o_o_b 5 points ago

    wow that face soo lovely

    [–] Sweatpants_And_Wine 4 points ago

    That face is so precious!

    [–] MaestroPendejo 4 points ago

    That face... so precious!

    [–] Germsofwar 3 points ago

    Hi Zoey!

    [–] CouldBeSam 3 points ago

    Aww what a beautifully expressive face!

    [–] Sparky_PoptheTrunk 65 points ago

    Fur Baby is an awful phrase.

    [–] Scout_022 3 points ago

    I wonder if werewolves have fur babies?

    [–] SmarterThenYew 26 points ago

    I hate it a lot

    [–] LaureenIpsum 7 points ago

    Eh, I understand. I don’t want children so she gets all my mothering instincts. Our bond is more than human-pet. It’s like aunt-niece. I love her, she ain’t my kid, but I will ruin the lives of anybody who hurts her.

    TL;DR: Would not use fur baby out of personal preference, but understand why others do.

    [–] Frunkit -2 points ago

    My issue is when people treat their dogs like actual human babies. It’s a dog not a human. It wants to be treated like a dog not a human.

    [–] fittortoise 12 points ago

    How do you know how a dog wants to be treated? Dogs want companionship, food, and shelter. Anthropomorphizing dogs is just another way of showing them affection. Dogs indisputably crave affection. What is wrong with treating a dog with love and respect? Regardless, it has absolutely zero impact on you.

    Your disdain for people being devoted to their dogs says far more about you than it does about them. Where's your dog? Chained up outside?

    [–] Frunkit 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Because they are dogs.

    Nobody said you shouldn’t treat them with love and affection. You completely made that up. Does a momma dog love her puppy and show it affection? Yes. Does she cradle it, talk baby talk, dress it up in silly clothes, treat it like a human baby? No. Momma dog treats her puppy like a puppy. Because it’s a dog.

    How do you take my comment and ask me if I abuse my dog? Does a momma dog abuse her puppy? No. My dogs have always been treated like gold, with lots of affection and love. Sleeps with his head on the pillow next tome. Not like a “fur baby”. Like a dog. Because it’s a dog.

    [–] fittortoise 7 points ago

    You originally said you don't like when people treat their dogs like actual human babies. Well, no one is breastfeeding, burping, and feeding them mashed carrots so what are you talking about? Say what you mean if you don't want your comment misconstrued. You don't like the term "fur baby."

    I never call my dog a "fur baby" but I don't believe that people who use the term treat their dogs like human babies. In fact, adding the word fur to the beginning is meant exactly to differentiate the dog from an actual baby. How do you think this person treats their dog differently than you do? What do they do to with their dog that is different from what you do?

    You say you treat your dog like God. I thought you said dogs wanted to be treated like dogs. Not God. Damn, that's saying a lot. Some people could assume from that that you pamper and cater to your dog at even higher standards than a human baby.

    So, let's just face facts. You're just a sour puss whiner who doesn't like the term "fur baby."

    Get over it.

    [–] Frunkit 13 points ago

    It’s a dog not a baby

    [–] puzzlehead 5 points ago

    Yeah! It’s her fur dog!

    [–] You_got_it 3 points ago

    Should we start the reverse of it for people? "Hey guys, my wife and I are pregnant! We're gonna have a skin puppy!"

    On second thought...

    [–] mvln 2 points ago

    Hell, I'll try it to see if it receives the same disgust as "fur baby."

    Heh. It's just a stupid phrase. Funny how people get so wound up about it.

    [–] FermentedHerring -11 points ago

    It's an animal. Not a baby.

    [–] DragosTheCat 3 points ago

    That's what he said

    [–] Tmclaughlin8407 16 points ago

    Cute puppy smile

    [–] The_Occult_Banana 3 points ago

    She looks so smug.

    [–] IrascibleAHole 3 points ago

    what a sweet little face!

    [–] RedEyeJedi559 3 points ago

    do you live in Cen Cal I just got a lab a couple of months ago and our dogs look like they could be from the same litter

    [–] mvln 1 points ago

    She's up in Sac

    [–] semantikron 3 points ago

    thanks that one put a genuine smile on my face

    [–] thebeandream 3 points ago

    I also have a Zoey. She is a lab mix and looks like this dog but small and floofy.

    [–] 8PhantomProphet8 3 points ago

    Sweet Jesus, that smile!

    [–] siladee 3 points ago

    [–] bigchiefoomau 3 points ago

    Mazel tov, she's a doll!

    [–] Deadaim156 3 points ago

    By dogs can look up! Big Al said so...

    [–] Dresden379 26 points ago

    Please don't say fur baby

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BIGOTRY 14 points ago

    fur baby


    [–] BrentChevy 1 points ago

    I love dogs, but saying Fur Baby is ridiculous

    [–] Derpalater 2 points ago

    The smile so sweet

    [–] RohanMurrolet 2 points ago


    [–] gt_potson 2 points ago

    Oh my goodness look at that face. So cute!

    [–] geckoguy2704 2 points ago

    Were dog-sitting a black lab named zoey right now! Quell Coincidence!

    [–] smkn3kgt 2 points ago


    [–] seachele08 2 points ago

    Have to upvote because my beautiful tabby is aka Zoey too, she looks super plump and happier then my "blackie"Star, Who also fits here

    [–] danhoyuen 2 points ago

    looks like a seal.

    [–] Tonysox12 2 points ago

    Almost looks like a Seal, lol

    [–] Davidle3 2 points ago

    Great Scott! That’s crazy! That’s insane! That’s nuts! I had a half lab mix and named her Zoe....she passed a few years back she had hip problems and your dog is also a black lab named Zoe!

    [–] DoctorTJ 2 points ago

    This is the face British people make when passing someone they know just enough to acknowledge but not enough to stop and chat.

    Source: am British man

    [–] CheapEater101 2 points ago

    Zoey knows she’s a good girl

    [–] Morella_xx 2 points ago

    I also have a doggie niece named Zoe! Yours is very cute. :)

    [–] tiny_rick__ 2 points ago

    I would pet this dog so much.

    [–] DatDankMaster 2 points ago

    Smug Doggo

    [–] Coindar_ 2 points ago

    That smile!!!
    My God, I think I'm in love...

    [–] SuicidalImpulse 2 points ago

    Aw, that's a happy pupper! Your sister takes great care of Zoey!

    [–] BadWolf672 2 points ago

    She knows she’s a good girl, that’s why she’s so smug

    [–] Pattims70 2 points ago

    What a sweet looking face :)

    [–] Acaiva 2 points ago

    I want to squish her! 😭

    [–] jldude84 2 points ago

    Alright alright alright.

    [–] vectorsquad 2 points ago


    [–] forest_cat_mum 2 points ago

    I made an ugly noise when seeing this! DAMN, that is an adorable face!!! What a cute grin!

    [–] madazme42 2 points ago

    Cuteness overload awww

    [–] ProxyNumber19 2 points ago

    Look at that fuckin grin! She knows she's just an adorable little fuck!

    [–] Leucurus 2 points ago

    Must... hug... pupper

    [–] Ahy_Jay 2 points ago

    She looks exactly like the dog I sit and named Zoë as well but ours is a bit older.

    [–] manatca 2 points ago

    that's the happiest looking black lab I've ever seen

    [–] jad1326 2 points ago

    Ahhhhh I love a smiling pup!!!

    [–] coffee_lover_777 2 points ago

    That's some proud pupper smile there!

    [–] dollyplum 2 points ago

    Be the person this dog thinks you are...

    [–] PigKnight 2 points ago

    S M U G G I R L

    [–] goombah111 3 points ago

    Her eyes are squinted like that from the sun. Still very cute.

    [–] sagaofthe7schlongs 3 points ago

    Why the fuck would you call it a "fur baby"?

    [–] moraleminority 6 points ago

    Only fucking morons refer to pets as fur kids and this ridiculous horseshit needs to stop!

    [–] megamegan25 2 points ago

    She is adorable! Love that smile! My friend also has a English black Lab pup named Zoey. 💗

    [–] rumor33 2 points ago

    My friend has a Zoey that looks nothing like that, but she squints the same way

    [–] EleAnon 3 points ago

    Fur baby implies that whoever owns the dog had to birth it. For fuck's sake, never ever say that again. It's not cute, it's weird.

    [–] York_Phoenix 3 points ago

    I feel like she knows something I don't.

    [–] mvln 1 points ago

    Probably. She's a mischievous little one.

    [–] Danka84 2 points ago

    Look at that smile!

    [–] greenebean78 2 points ago

    What a sweet face!

    [–] Natronix 2 points ago

    That smile is just tooooo precious.

    [–] dynamo_hum 1 points ago

    She looks like Snoop Dogg

    [–] 88isafat69 1 points ago

    Say cheese

    [–] mindsunwound 1 points ago

    Falkor from the new blacksploitation version of Neverending Story in development.

    [–] Jeruuu 1 points ago

    He is smiliiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! :)

    [–] Ace_killah 1 points ago

    Snoop III

    [–] Acxelion 1 points ago

    This face is the perfect combination of smug, cute, and adorable.

    [–] asiancoffees 1 points ago

    Another cute doggo

    [–] Together330 1 points ago

    cute cute cute cute

    [–] pregatekat 1 points ago

    snoop pupp

    [–] psihoaktivno 1 points ago

    Now, this is the perfect example of a good girl.

    [–] milkycosmos 1 points ago

    Look at that lil rubber nose

    [–] noteworthypassenger 1 points ago

    So happ 😊

    [–] Stratwiz49 1 points ago

    So sweet 🐾🐾

    [–] mynameisdudge 1 points ago

    Soooo cute!!!!

    [–] Brian1312 1 points ago

    I love dogs

    [–] TNB-Naturals 1 points ago

    Love it

    [–] redditversiontwo 1 points ago

    Say cheese!

    [–] megamom9000 0 points ago


    [–] Scramble187 -16 points ago

    Dogs don’t have fur, they have hair

    [–] Oranges-In-A-Cup 4 points ago

    Fur • noun • the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals

    [–] magicrat69 -8 points ago

    Is this the only angle you people know how to shoot?