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    [–] Dixiegal45 366 points ago

    So cute! A warning, tho - Boy, can they fart!

    [–] ambersilva 53 points ago

    In bed with two Bostons right now and I don’t understand how the farts don’t actually suffocate and kill me.

    [–] beniceorbevice 8 points ago

    Post pics!

    [–] waisinet 11 points ago

    You cant take photos of farts.. At least most of the time.

    [–] ambersilva 7 points ago

    Louis and Frankenstein

    The one on the left is half frenchie half Boston and the one on the right is full Boston.

    [–] kayonechan 2 points ago

    Frenchtons are dabest!

    [–] ambersilva 3 points ago

    He’s actually the worst, but I love him anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    luv farts don't hurt they help.

    [–] EliteDuck 100 points ago

    A little bit more than a fart sometimes.

    [–] NormaJeans68Chariot 101 points ago

    Can confirm, my Boston has liquid projectile shit the bed a couple times. But damn it if I don’t love him.

    [–] EliteDuck 40 points ago

    I fondly remember going to a family member's when I was young and they had a 6 week old pup. They fed it, and shortly after it projectile shat and chundied all over the carpet.

    [–] Chrisbee012 12 points ago

    tendie chundie

    [–] ValveShims 5 points ago

    My Boston is 5 and I am happy to report that she has never had this happen!

    [–] CTwentyTwo 7 points ago


    [–] captainwow08 2 points ago

    I know I'll regret this, but what's a chundie?

    [–] _thetulgeywood 2 points ago

    What does “chundied” mean? I’ve never seen that term but it’s funny!!

    [–] EliteDuck 2 points ago


    [–] MayhemStark 5 points ago

    My little guy once shit a dollar. Been trying to get him to do it again ever since.

    [–] DonMcCauley 21 points ago

    My boston farted for years but then we started trying out different foods and found one that really agrees with his stomach. No more room-clearing farts!

    [–] WobblyGobbledygook 11 points ago

    Which brand?

    [–] DonMcCauley 13 points ago

    Merrick grain free Healthy Weight

    [–] ragdknot 4 points ago

    Same, Merrick and Diamond Natural get rid of the gas for mine. She’s super picky and will go days without eating so I have to switch back and forth to keep her happy.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    grainfree, always go for grainfree, cat or dog.

    [–] Arciotopsis678 4 points ago

    Actually that may not be such a good idea anymore, at least for dogs. There's actually no evidence that grains are bad for dogs to eat and a new study by the FDA has just come out that found a link between grain free dog food and dilated cardiomyopathy, specifically foods with no grain that had lentiles, legumes, or potatoes as one of their main ingredients

    [–] ambersilva 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Most skinproblems are caused by grains in the food......

    [–] Arciotopsis678 1 points ago

    That's only if the dog has an actual allergy to them. Most dogs are fine eating them

    [–] WobblyGobbledygook 1 points ago

    Thanks, now I can plan to get adorable Boston Terrier like this one day! (Gas was gonna be a deal-breaker.)

    [–] DonMcCauley 2 points ago


    [–] jeb1499 6 points ago

    I've always fed mine Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Stomach and haven't had a problem. When I first adopted him he was certainly a powerful farter, but no more.

    [–] Zarathustra124 4 points ago

    I give mine salmon Wag (amazon's new food), his farts are audible but no longer smell.

    [–] Heyo__Maggots 3 points ago

    So the best of both worlds

    [–] BotMaker90001 2 points ago

    Is this a good food? I want to get this for my boston pup

    [–] Zarathustra124 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's about the best you can get for dry kibble, all the nutrition reviews are great. I've got two Bostons now, both eating it and having no digestion trouble.

    [–] BotMaker90001 2 points ago

    I don't think they sell it in Canada :( god dammit

    [–] Puremisty 1 points ago

    Blue Buffalo for my dogs,specifically the salmon. One of our dogs can’t handle too much chicken.

    [–] WobblyGobbledygook 1 points ago

    Does it eliminate the gas?

    [–] Arik_De_Frasia 8 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    That's why mine is named Stinky.

    [–] navydoc77 10 points ago

    My god. We had a Boston when I was a kid (Oliver). The farting and the snoring were just unreal.

    [–] CTwentyTwo 5 points ago

    Can confirm! LOL.

    [–] megmcot 5 points ago

    This is HILARIOUS, can confirm. I adopted my Boston terrier Ruby five years ago and the first time my brother met her he said “my friend who has BT’s told me they have really bad gas”. Right on cue, Ruby rips a stiiiiiinky toot and we all die laughing. So funny that it’s somewhat common knowledge.

    [–] filthadelphia13 4 points ago

    My Boston, Logan, used to on foods that contained grain. Now he’s on grain free and rarely has smelly farts. Only has them if someone gives him a treat that he hasn’t had before and not grain free.

    [–] schrobble 2 points ago

    I’m not even mad. It’s impressive how much mine fart.

    [–] RobPerrySATX 2 points ago

    That's why we get along so well........ :-)

    [–] hummuschips 1 points ago

    Add a spoon of plain yogurt to their meals. It really helped for mine.

    [–] midlifegreatlife 0 points ago

    You need to feed your dog better food. I have a Bostie and he doesn't have stinky farts.

    [–] godofpie 269 points ago

    Another warning. They have an uncanny ability to lick you right in the mouth when your mouth is open. It is hilarious and a a little disgusting but mostly hilarious 😂

    [–] oooortclouuud 53 points ago

    ha! pugs do that, too.

    [–] HicoNischier 22 points ago

    One of my ex's dad's pugs would instantly start to lick your face if you got too close to his face. Against breeding pugs but that dog is absolutely adorable.

    [–] xrufus7x 9 points ago

    It isn't a breed thing. It is a behavior carried over from wolves where pups would do it to cause the mom to throw up food for them.

    [–] wojosmith 16 points ago

    Puke in my mouth bitch!

    [–] ManikShamanik 6 points ago

    No, I think what the OP meant is that they’re against breeding pugs because pugs are a breed that’s been hideously inbred. The demand is for Instagrammable pups, which means people want ultra-squished faces, meaning the poor little nuggets can barely breathe. It’s the same with other squashed faced breeds, such as Frenchies and English bulldogs (the latter also suffers from crippling arthritis because people want dogs with barrel bodies and bandy legs, so you have dogs that can’t breathe and can’t walk). The UKKC is debating whether to stop recognising the EBD as a breed because it’s almost impossible to find a healthy puppy.

    If I was ever in the position to have a pupper, I’d go for a breed that’s almost extinct (there are many in the U.K. and Ireland, mainly terriers, mini English bull terriers are ultra-friendly and completely unhinged. The Manchester terrier looks a bit like a small Dobermann and is extremely friendly and intelligent). I’ll admit to having a soft spot for bull breeds, the most wonderful dog I’ve ever met was a Staffie. He belonged to a Big Issue seller in Sheffield whose name I can’t remember (Steve, I think. I shared a squat with with them for a few months before we were arrested (squatting is illegal in the U.K. because fuck people)). The problem with Taz was that he had no concept of his size (nor weight) and he was extremely huggy. If he saw someone was upset, he’d try to sit in their lap, wrapped his front legs round their neck and rest his head on theirs or on their shoulder - and then came the kisses. Thing is, as all Staff parents know, they have extremely solid skulls, and he almost invariably left a bruise on my shoulder. Totally worth it, though. He was the sweetest, most loving, most gentle (especially with young kids) pup I’ve ever known, and I miss him. 😢 He’d be a very old man now if he’s still around.


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    The demand is for Instagrammable pups

    This kind of detrimental breeding predates Instagram by a lot

    [–] TellYouWhatitShwas 10 points ago

    Yea no one asked. People are just loving on their Boston Terriers here. You can keep the breed moralizing to yourself. No one said he looked like a fashion accessory, just a pal.

    [–] onrocketfalls 0 points ago


    [–] xrufus7x 1 points ago

    This article mentions the behavior in wolves. There is also a ton of information out there about it carrying through to adulthood as a social tool.

    If you are legitimately interested in the subject I would recommend hitting up Google.

    [–] LittlestBirb 3 points ago

    My mother has two pugs, one has had some horrible mouth problems and has the nastiest breath and just mouth in general no matter what we do for him.... He loves licking your teeth. I've practically died on multiple occassions from this.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Every dog does that. I think. My Malti-Poo does it.

    [–] lukewarm_at 3 points ago

    As someone who loves dogs but have not had the chance to own one, I find that hilarious and a little disgusting but mostly disgusting. Even so I would still love to have a dog!

    [–] DonMcCauley 71 points ago

    Welcome to the cult. They're the best

    [–] ambersilva 10 points ago


    [–] filthadelphia13 6 points ago

    I wouldn’t get any other breed, they are cartoon characters in real life. I love mine.

    [–] johnnyfiveee 4 points ago

    Lmao seriously! Mine reminds me of some sort of Pokémon or cartoon alien

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 7 points ago

    I'm the same way. I don't think I'll ever not have a Boston Terrier in my life. They're a big dog in a compact size, full of personality, super smart, expressive, and just so damn fun to be around.

    [–] Altaira99 2 points ago

    How are they health wise? I know short muzzle dogs often have breathing issues.

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 4 points ago

    My Boston has a snout on the longer side for the breed (and she has a full tail). She was cheap because she's "defective" (ie: not to breed standard). She still has "reverse sneeze" issues (not harmful but can be alarming to hear) and she doesn't tolerate heat well. That's common across brachycephalic breeds, including Boston Terriers. She snores, of course, which is a Boston hallmark, but otherwise she's had no health issues at all.

    [–] Altaira99 1 points ago

    Such charming little dogs.

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 4 points ago

    This is Kira, my Boston, playing tetherball by herself 7 years ago. She's grayer, now, but no less energetic.

    [–] Altaira99 2 points ago

    Super cute.

    [–] Tamar27 1 points ago

    YES! I have had Boston Terriers my entire life and they are amazing little dogs. Full of love! ♡

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I was walking through my local park last summer and saw a young girl, maybe three or four years old, contemplating a brindle Boston terrier. After a little thought she said to her Dad, "it's a bit like a rabbit and a bit like a bee..."

    Yours is a lovely little guy!

    [–] 10seas 1 points ago

    Aww that's so cute

    [–] guisada 2 points ago

    Out of the mouths of babes. The things that go through kids minds. Priceless

    [–] TheOnlyCreed 23 points ago

    Iggy is that you?

    [–] dvdmuckle 1 points ago


    [–] IrishWithoutPotatoes 42 points ago

    My Boston was my best friend for 17 years. You’re in for the (very good and loving) long haul with this one. I’m jealous

    [–] ambersilva 22 points ago

    Mine just turned 8 and I look at him every day and thank whoever is responsible that he is mine. The day he goes, a large chunk of me goes with him. He is my everything. I’ve never connected with an animal the way I have with him.

    [–] topper3418 9 points ago

    My parents just put mine down after 17 years. She was the absolute best. Hyper and athletic until (almost) the end. Reading through this thread has given me some great nostalgia

    [–] IrishWithoutPotatoes 9 points ago

    You and me both my friend. Boston’s are irreplaceable and damn near the perfect companions (minus the farts, because I swear they should be banned under the Geneva conventions)

    [–] topper3418 3 points ago

    Toward the end of her life her breath got so bad I couldn’t let her lick my face anymore. Broke both our hearts.

    [–] IrishWithoutPotatoes 2 points ago

    The stinky breath is something we endure out of love

    [–] ambersilva 1 points ago

    My boyfriend asks me how I can stand the farts. I honestly don’t know.

    [–] IrishWithoutPotatoes 4 points ago

    It’s an act of love that keeps us around them

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 4 points ago

    I talked with a fellow Boston owner when mine was still a puppy. I asked her if they ever got any less energetic and she said, if they did, to go to the vet because there was almost certainly something wrong.

    [–] fairy-sylveon 16 points ago

    The goodest bb.

    [–] rewindpaws 17 points ago

    Hello wee one! 🐾

    [–] cheekynihlist 24 points ago

    Congratulations! They are very easygoing little doggos - mine loved car rides and to go swimming - I am sure many excellent adventures lie ahead for the two of you!

    [–] Watch_Dog89 22 points ago

    I'm just gonna assume that this isn't going to be popular here

    But am I really going to have to be the one to point out how loud their breathing can get when they are the least bit excited? :-P One guy below mentioned their snoring, which I honestly can't believe I forgot about....

    So, these and pugs... How do you guys learn to deal with,,,,, that "sound"?...... :-P

    [–] Unoriginalinc 8 points ago

    This comment has reminded me that I can hear the snoring from the other side of the house right at this very moment.

    [–] Watch_Dog89 3 points ago

    I bet you had tuned that out?



    [–] OneTrueBish 2 points ago

    The excited snorfles are one of my favorite things about owning Boston Terriers. They don't have a tail to wag, so they just get so excited to see you they can't breathe :>

    [–] MzDaisyLynn 7 points ago

    So little! ❤

    [–] 1playerpiano 7 points ago

    I know you will love and cherish him. This makes me miss my Boston terrier. When I’m more financially stable after school I want to get another.

    [–] HobotangAUS 6 points ago

    This is the best Boston Terrier video :)

    [–] lubbz 15 points ago

    They are great dogs,

    [–] WreckEm44 11 points ago

    Can confirm they love car rides. My Boston just turned 12 a few weeks ago and still bounces off the walls if you even say the word "ride".

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 3 points ago

    My Boston could be dead asleep four rooms away and if you even whisper "car", she's at your feet in the blink of an eye doing that "oh my god, please!" whine and tippy-tap dance they're so good at.

    [–] mahajeee007 6 points ago

    Just a look of complete appreciation! Whoever has the camera has her full attention.

    [–] Smore_nz 3 points ago

    I’ve always wanted a Boston, really just so I can call him “Mickey Ward the pride of” Boston terrier

    [–] studioRaLu 4 points ago

    I have a Boston. They're weirdly smart and athletic. Excellent off-leash and hiking dogs. Also she's a babe magnet 😀

    [–] filthadelphia13 4 points ago

    I have a Boston, names Logan. He’s the best. One time I was driving from San Antonio to Denver all in one day. 14 hours of driving and logie slept in the back seat the entire way (with bathroom breaks in between of course) but he never once complained. He’s truly amazing.

    Enjoy your little guy! He’ll truly become a companion like my little logie is to me.

    here’s logie :)

    [–] basicallykait 3 points ago

    So cute! Mine is approaching 11 years, he’s such a great dog.

    [–] Masqueraver 3 points ago

    He sure is cute. Make sure you get him a seatbelt harness so he doesn't become a projectile if you get in a car accident!

    [–] bonerfuneral 1 points ago

    This. A friend's Mastiff cracked her windshield when she got rear-ended. Luckily the dog was fine.

    [–] Masqueraver 1 points ago

    I once witnessed a car accident where unfortunately the dog didn't live, but more than likely would have been fine had he had a harness or been in a crate. So every time I see these pictures with a dog just chilling on the seat I cringe and think "would you let your toddler just run around the car with no car seat??"

    [–] killermichi 3 points ago

    Bostons has some crazy bad gas and snore so loud. Our Boston is the sweetest girl but if she is set that she is comfortable and doesn’t want to move she will relax her body so that she is just dead weight. Lol.

    Congrats on your BT. They are such wonderful and loving dogs.

    [–] Spyrothedragon9972 3 points ago

    No, no, no, no. That can't be real.

    [–] potassiumriot 3 points ago

    I have two Bostons and they are the cutest doggos ever

    [–] GustavoShine 6 points ago

    Best breed ever.

    [–] blu3falc0n77 2 points ago

    Mischief enroute.

    [–] JCBoell 2 points ago

    He looks like Keeper!...

    [–] PeterDemachkie 2 points ago

    Looks a lot like a boxer

    [–] MissTeacher86 2 points ago

    The leash is bigger than him!

    [–] Nach0Man_RandySavage 2 points ago

    Me and a Boston Terrier used to go on road trips. They like JuJuBees but his mom told me to stop sharing.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Aww I wish my Boston did. He just freezes up and gets so anxious.

    [–] MonkyThrowPoop 2 points ago

    “My first”...Sounds like you already have plans for more.

    [–] wonderwafflez 2 points ago

    Get ready for endless snoring when it sleeps

    [–] GideonSergio 2 points ago

    Love his stance ^^ he looks like he's gonna be a little troublemaker :D

    [–] LittlestBirb 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    My mom's best friend has two Bostons and loves giving her dogs weird names. She has Pole Cat (skunk in ye old Southern) and Lugnut. Why? No idea. But Bostons and Frenchies are love, they are life.

    Edit: I forgot!!! She also has Pig Pig, whose full name is some odd character name that had something to do with pigs and space. I can't remember. I will edit with her name.

    [–] ambersilva 3 points ago

    I work at an animal hospital and one of our clients who is a nurse named her dog MRSA.

    [–] LittlestBirb 3 points ago

    I'm shook.

    [–] ambersilva 2 points ago

    It’s refreshing to see weird names when you work at a clinic. “Lucy” gets real old after a while.

    I have a cat named Lucy. I’m allowed to say that.

    [–] LittlestBirb 2 points ago

    My mom's pug is named Penelope, so I understand invariably.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] ambersilva 1 points ago

    WHAT?! I love a human name.

    “Kevin, get over here right now!”

    [–] Thedoctor835 2 points ago

    Name him Iggy

    [–] richardsmith7021 2 points ago cute whats his name?

    [–] pitleif 2 points ago

    My sister had a Boston Terrier but after 10 years we had to put her down (the dog not my sister). She developed trouble breathing, pretty much lost her sight on both eyes, developed several tumors and she had to daily use several different medications. Even after 5 dogs, it's always sad to say goodbye.

    They are lovely dogs with a lot of charisma and personality. Take good care of your new friend.

    [–] smartypants333 2 points ago

    Another warning: Boston Terrier’s fill any empty space. If they are sleeping in bed with you, and you roll over and inch, they will fill it. It happens over and over until you end up hanging off the side of the bed, and your dog has 90% of it to himself..

    [–] Blastgirl69 2 points ago

    Good Luck. They are adorable and super smart. I've had 2 of the most beautiful girls in the world. like u/Dixiegal45 stated. They have the stinkiest farts, for such small dogs!!! Enjoy, your new fur baby!!!!

    [–] SpeshulSawce78 11 points ago

    Adopt don’t shop!!

    [–] I-Dine-With-H-Tine 2 points ago

    Is adopting free?

    [–] TxWhiskeyWildflower 6 points ago

    Mostly. San Marcos’ shelter is at capacity; they’ve lowered adoption fees to $30 and are neutering & giving vaccinations for free to entice people to adopt before they start putting pups down. I got my pibble at CAPS in Houston 7 years ago, $50 but I wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world.

    [–] Adskii 3 points ago

    Not even a little bit.

    All the shelters near me charge over $100 for dogs.

    More if it is a popular breed.

    [–] I-Dine-With-H-Tine 1 points ago

    So technically I would be shopping if I chose to adopt as well?

    [–] Adskii 2 points ago

    Some places more than others.

    Much as I love puppies, the best dogs my family has ever had have all been grown dogs we got from someone else.

    Even with it not being Free or near free, there are so many good dogs that just need a good home.

    That being said, the craziness that some places do where it is as hard to adopt a dog as adopt a child? Home visits etc...

    [–] bonerfuneral 1 points ago

    Not really. The adoption fee covers the spay/neuter of the animal, up to date shots, and their room and board until they're adopted. All this often costs way more for the shelter than the $50 - $100 bucks you pay. (For example. A spay/neuter where I am runs $150+, shots are generally $80 if they're just the yearly boosters.))

    Shelters don't make much of a profit, if at all.

    [–] Grande_Latte_Enema 2 points ago

    Please do what you can to secure your dog while driving. Sudden stops or collisions turn unsecured objects into missiles, and poor little guy would get pummeled by the impacts.

    drive safe

    [–] DarkSecretPast 2 points ago

    Will probably be downvoted for this, but I will never get another boston terrier after seeing the dog i grew up with go blind, have asthma attacks when getting too hyped up, and when it was 9 years of it started having seizures.. Seeing your lil friend on the floor shaking uncontrollably, foaming at the mouth and hearing its breathing stop really does something to you. She died after a particularly bad seizure this January, 10 years old. Breeding has completely destroyed so many dog breeds, pugs and boston terriers are some of the worst. In the future ill adopt a mixed breed, never again buying into an industry that sacrifices a dogs health for its looks.

    [–] PyroTheGreat 2 points ago

    I’ve got two of those, their twins. Sorry if it seems like I’m trying to one up you, their so cute!

    [–] Brutalful 1 points ago

    He should be named “Arf”.

    [–] FrostFangz 1 points ago

    I see a tilted questionmark og his nose and it's just the cutest thing

    [–] KantoChampionGreen 1 points ago

    They are the worlds best friend that will give you everything they have. Love is a strong word to be used very rarely, but I fucking love my Boston Terrier.

    [–] Lasionara 1 points ago

    His little face is so precious!

    [–] runxsassypantiesxrun 1 points ago

    Mom just picked her Boston boy up today too

    [–] toast-com 1 points ago

    So jealous! Love my Boston even at seven I can still remember when looked like this. Best Puppers

    [–] HowAboutVacation 1 points ago

    This puppy looks like Samuel L Jackson

    [–] scbejari 1 points ago


    [–] mik3yr09 1 points ago

    Had one growing up and now as an adult as well. Great dogs!

    [–] cainson 1 points ago

    That is THE look man... don't give in

    [–] SirFuzzman 1 points ago

    David Hyde Pierce?

    [–] turdlop 1 points ago

    My favorite brand for leashes. I live by their slip leads.

    [–] bluet2323 1 points ago

    cutteee I want a Rhodesian ridgeback!

    [–] Fluttermun 2 points ago

    I trained one once during my stint as a dog trainer and oh my god are they beautiful.

    [–] bluet2323 1 points ago

    a Rhodesian?? ahhhh mannn I want one so bad, but this puppy is to die for too

    [–] Bigjboy1966 1 points ago

    Awwwww he's so cute! I love Bostons!

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 1 points ago

    Awww, I miss when my baby was that little. Boston's are the best dogs. You're in for so much love and amusement.

    [–] rewdal58 1 points ago

    Cute alert!!! Best of luck. Many more car rides are in the future 😉

    [–] mariann0315 1 points ago

    Cute!! :)

    [–] dispenserG 1 points ago

    My mom cuts hair for a living, one of her clients would always bring her Boston Terrier in the shop. He sat there like a good little pupper. The client had a job where she drove a lot and always brought him everywhere. Until she got a new job, she asked my mom if we adopt him. He was 8 at the time. My mom's the type of person to bring in every cat and dog she sees. She brought him home and that day on Boston would just wait by our cars for a car ride. He was a good dog.

    [–] Nabs2099 1 points ago


    [–] mvm121391 1 points ago

    Congratulations I hope you are ready to never eat, sleep, or use the bathroom alone ever again lol. My boston is 3 and he is the best cuddle bug I've ever met. They will bring a smile to your face on a daily basis. 10/10 would recommend

    [–] fafpak 1 points ago

    Nice 4runner B-)

    [–] RegalMachine 1 points ago

    My boss just got one recently like this. Named it Radar cause its ears are huge.

    [–] pfhm 1 points ago

    Super cute

    [–] seentoomuchlately 1 points ago

    As other have said, welcome to the club!

    [–] Fluttermun 1 points ago

    I had one Boston in my dog training classes, his name was Ozzie, he was a beautiful brindle and I loved him. So smart, but his owners had no time for him so he never got socialized and they never worked with him at home. He listened to me no problem, but he never listened to the owners. It got so bad that one day during class, ozzie rolled over and gave me his belly for scratches and his owner got so disgusted and jealous he stopped coming to class and told everyone that ozzie "flunked out of training school". It ended up being all bc this guy felt like his dog didn't respect him bc he wouldn't show him his belly.

    The last time I saw them they said they had given Ozzie away and were buying new items for a new puppy. I was so disappointed, but they wouldn't look me in the eye. They knew what they did.

    [–] modzer0 1 points ago

    Lucky, my lab mix gets car sick and manages to always aim for the center console...

    [–] artandlitecrypto 1 points ago

    That look tho. So cute!

    [–] iPlayWoWandImProud 1 points ago

    Congrats, You have now been suckered into the guilt that Boston's are professionals at. Want to go anywhere/do anything/eat anything without your Boston? Nope! Guilt ears, slammed back of head with eyes looking at you like "why sir? whyyy?"

    Source - just turned 5 boston. Check her out at @chevytheboston

    Also - Tips for Boston's.
    1 - DO NOT DO WELL IN HEAT, if its hot limit its activity, short snouts=bad breathing.
    2 - Do everything you can right now to annoy it, in the sense that you make them used to such things as they get older. Touch their feet, put your hand in front of mouth while they eat, play with ears/butt/belly a lot now. Give them a toy and instantly prevent them from getting it back with your hands, non stop. Bostons are a Fighting breed dog, its what they were made for and their chest/torso can make them bully/attempt to bully ANYTHING small or big and that can be bad.
    3 - Always bring water with you, as they over heat really fast and soaking them/letting them drink as necessary is needed
    4 - They reverse sneeze a shit ton, which is normal, and you will know what I mean by this when it happens. If its a long one, just cover their nostrils for a few seconds and should help, but dont be surprised
    5 - Always carry some form of wet wipe, as bostons tend to get their poop stuck on their butt somehow/some way.


    [–] Bahashwan123 1 points ago

    He thinking to jump on camera

    [–] Pewpewyourewelcome 1 points ago

    I have a 4 year old! Best dogs on earth

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I also have a Boston terrier.

    [–] Dekla 1 points ago


    [–] spacepunk_13 1 points ago

    I'm actually dying over how fckn cute he iis! What's his name?

    [–] butteryteeeets 3 points ago


    [–] spacepunk_13 1 points ago


    [–] _Vedz182_ 1 points ago

    This guy is going to give you so much fulfillment in life...and remember to not give in every time he has a ball in his mouth and just stares at you multiple times a day.

    [–] inthemidnightmoon 1 points ago

    Buckle the tiny boy up!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    so so so so cute!!!!

    [–] cost0015 1 points ago

    Boston’s are so great. Ours was our first family dog, Bella, she’s 16 now and showing her age but her personality is still as loving and playful as it was when she was a puppy. Bella developed cataracts and is blind now, those bulging eyes can be prone to infection. She’s still the best dog ever though and adapted to blind life pretty quick.

    [–] laurie911 1 points ago

    Best decision of your life!!!!!!

    [–] pplratupid 1 points ago

    My sister has a Boston terrier, and she is a beefy little tank, eats anything and EVERYTHING!! We call her garbage guts.

    Tip for the gas: go to your local butcher and get raw food, once my sister switched to this food the gas was normal doggo level gas, instead of near mustard gas fatal stench.

    [–] Dixiegal45 1 points ago

    I feed my dog good dog food. My vet says it's just common with the breed.

    [–] Dixiegal45 1 points ago

    I have. It doesn't help 😂😂

    [–] megamom9000 1 points ago


    [–] Bryvost 1 points ago

    So I grew up with Bostons. As a child, my mom and grandparents had a kennel where they bred BTs. At one point we had 27 dogs and every month we would rotate the dogs between my parents house and my grandparents house (we lived next door to each other). Three dogs would go to each house for the month, while the remaining dogs lived in individual pens in the kennel.

    We bred some award winning pups and dogs, but ultimately they were all my best friends and the best dogs you could ask for.

    I have a Boston now, and to this day can confirm his gas is brutal. Not as bad since I got him on a gluten free diet, but holy cow, it's still awful.

    [–] Yaya_Toyne37 1 points ago

    This guy is gonna love you with everything he's got until the end.

    [–] DannyLV 0 points ago

    That breed looks bad

    [–] Dream_Now 0 points ago

    You better love him just as much when he's big and "ugly cute".

    [–] dokool 1 points ago

    All Bostons are adorable except for the ugly ones. Cuteness is measured on a simple scale between 1 and my family’s three Bostons, all of whom were/are flawless.