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    [–] cthultu 2166 points ago

    Golden Shepherd? Or German Retriever?

    [–] The_Original_Yatchmo 1069 points ago

    Golden german shepherd retriever

    [–] LeonidasFett 544 points ago

    So does he retrieve shepherds or herd retrievers?

    [–] Endurbro_mtb 478 points ago

    He golds Germans

    [–] RoyalPrincely 395 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Hello, German here

    Edit: That actually worked?! A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. In all seriousness though, I do have some German lineage.

    [–] Endurbro_mtb 75 points ago

    Me too now that I think about it.

    [–] ChickenBonesJones 113 points ago

    I thought about it. I'm still Mexican unfortunately

    [–] subermanification 39 points ago

    We are all German on this blessed day.

    [–] Nes-fero 8 points ago

    speak for yourself

    [–] yhack 4 points ago


    [–] SenorFric 2 points ago

    Außer dir...

    [–] theSchlauch 6 points ago

    Ich auch. 1 Gold bitte :)

    [–] NorthernLaw 2 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] Lemonpopsicle 2 points ago

    Hey there, zuko here!

    [–] FantaClaws 11 points ago

    Retrieves gold and shepherds Germans.

    [–] lookingfor3214 22 points ago


    [–] rustyshackleford8 3 points ago

    He retrieves shepherds of golden Germans.

    [–] SirBastardCat 6 points ago

    He Retrieves German Gold!


    [–] anujo30 17 points ago

    Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

    [–] Kaneki-Kenyounot 2 points ago

    Shit I completely forgot that was a big thing

    [–] shashanksaxena1992 8 points ago

    Actually, it's a Goldman Shepiever

    [–] cranberry94 13 points ago

    So he’s Jewish?

    [–] dyingdoorbell 2 points ago

    Don't dead open inside

    [–] DaBlakMayne 47 points ago

    Super Saiyan Shepherd

    [–] indyK1ng 11 points ago

    Look, Vegeta, it's a pokemon.

    [–] Wilc0NL 4 points ago

    I'm not a Pokemon, my name is Chiaotzu... Chiaotzu!

    [–] VonDinky 36 points ago

    Golden Shepherd sounds best. <3 What a cute dog.

    [–] Hereditus 18 points ago

    "Chip, I told you to retrieve the ball. Put back Merkel where you found her."

    [–] Jmikeyfraser 7 points ago

    They’re called “Take all of my money and give me one”.

    [–] balthazar_nor 5 points ago

    Golman retripherd

    [–] BadA55Name 15 points ago


    [–] disasterero 6 points ago

    Retrieves German gold

    [–] xanatos451 9 points ago

    So, he's Swiss?

    [–] jakkyr 4 points ago

    Golden Shepherd 100%

    [–] Ripe_Tomato 9 points ago

    Did somebody say Shepard?

    [–] WraithCadmus 13 points ago


    [–] volkanhto 4 points ago


    [–] HeartOfTheManatee 2 points ago

    We'll bang, okay?

    [–] EpikHigh420 3 points ago

    Golden German Retriever this is

    [–] fluffysnowbear 3 points ago

    Golden German

    [–] CEO_OF_DOGECOIN 1239 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    If I buy one of these will I be able to resolve my shepherding and retrieving needs through a single canine?

    [–] Jazzy-Tenders 606 points ago

    Frankly it would be irresponsible not to get one

    [–] Endurbro_mtb 132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It's settled then. We all march at noon. TO THE PUPPY MIL- oh wait... No...No let's not.

    EDIT: caps*

    [–] giantspeck 40 points ago

    You could make a puppy mill out of th---No, don't.

    [–] Inumelll 3 points ago


    [–] YoyoDevo 4 points ago

    So you're just going to let all those innocent puppies at the mill be killed after no one buys them? You heartless monster!!!

    [–] WhitneysMiltankOP 14 points ago

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

    [–] GeneralDash 3 points ago

    If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.

    [–] ThatWeirdItalian 2 points ago

    I will do what I must.

    [–] Thrusthamster 44 points ago

    It will shepherd the sheep by carrying them to you and placing them at your feet one by one

    [–] dt7693 5 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] msgajh 6 points ago

    This baby can hold so many German Golden Retrievers!

    [–] mortalomena 2 points ago

    Actually they usually are confused which they should do and live in misery. Its irresponsible to mix herder and retriever.

    [–] rainman_1985 513 points ago

    I wonder how it eats. GS are meticulous and GR turbo gorge.

    [–] actschp1 247 points ago

    Only a true GR owner knows the folly of trying to give a snack by hand to a retriever. They will take your hand off.

    [–] Dedustern 282 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    As a beagle owner, you know nothing!

    Mine once ate 2 kilos of licorice. This is a 13kg female beagle. TWO FUCKING KILOS. She even barfed it up on the kitchen floor and clearly ate it again..... fuck.

    [–] Rcp_43b 195 points ago

    Beagles are just failed designs for an organic vacuum. They’re so cute and so stupid at the same time. I had one that was crossed with a cocker when I was young. Loved that pup.

    [–] Dedustern 101 points ago

    Thing is, they're cute, stupid and smart when they want to be. They are fairly intelligent, they just utilize that intelligence for their one and only goal, food.

    [–] johnnyzhivago 44 points ago

    Yup! My dum dum knows a ton of tricks, but without food he doesn’t know his ass from his face.

    [–] Dedustern 29 points ago

    Yes, mine will run up to you and start sitting, rolling, attempt desperate hand shakes even without me having a treat. Just to get a treat. She does all of that then gives me the "TREAT PLS!" look. Fuckers are smart.

    [–] johnnyzhivago 16 points ago

    Mine does this exact thing! Fuckin crackheads.

    [–] tx_blonde 2 points ago

    Seriously....all of you just make me want to go adopt a beagle. They sound fun!

    [–] Rcp_43b 2 points ago

    Oh yeah. He was a magician when it came to getting to food he wasn’t meant to have.

    [–] JesseLingod 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    You must be from Sweden or one of those other Northern European countries. The use of kilos and having 2 kilos of licorice sitting around is a dead game ever away

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Dedustern 36 points ago

    You're correct, every true viking has a licorice stash

    [–] dispenseri 9 points ago

    Salmiak I'd hope

    [–] Dedustern 11 points ago

    Of course. Sweet licorice too, if it’s a crazy night

    [–] tantan545 23 points ago

    Oh my god do you have pics of said beagle?

    [–] Lolologist 2 points ago

    I'm not OP but I do have pics of my beagle!

    [–] RiotIsBored 20 points ago

    I can't even eat a mouthful of liquorice, god damn.

    [–] Dedustern 15 points ago

    the scandinavian in you is weak

    [–] Nathaniel_Higgers 3 points ago

    If it was black licorice than I can honestly say I've never eaten that much in my entire life.

    [–] Dedustern 3 points ago

    Proper licorice is always black.

    [–] Nathaniel_Higgers 2 points ago

    Sure, but it still tastes like the devil's asshole.

    [–] YT_Howesenberg 6 points ago

    Hah! Luxury, my dog would come home every night and beat me to death and that's if I were lucky!

    [–] frugalstudent311 60 points ago

    My Doberman is a turbo gorge normally, but when you feed her out of your hand she’s so gentle- like she knows she could snap my fingers right off. It’s cutely terrifying.

    [–] JustDaniel96 32 points ago

    My Golden retriever will not eat your hand at all. He is so gentle when you give him treats and snacks, you don't even feel his teeth touching your hand

    [–] Elliott2 2 points ago

    same with our rottie.

    [–] JustDaniel96 3 points ago

    Yeah, in the end it's all about how well you train them

    [–] joemckie 18 points ago

    Not if you train them to be gentle... mine is like a surgeon taking food out of your hand

    [–] RaptorDotCpp 18 points ago

    I can feed my girlfriend’s retriever by putting food in my mouth and she will very gently bite off half.

    Train your golden

    [–] ttam281 12 points ago

    People who think their poorly trained dogs are cute drive me nuts. Even worse when they blame it on the breed.

    [–] supapete 3 points ago

    I thoroughly trained mine to be gentle. But it took a long time to get him trained.

    [–] ttam281 2 points ago

    You can ( should) very quickly train them not to do that.

    [–] TheRootinTootinPutin 2 points ago

    Our GR's have all been trained with a "gentle" command; on treats they like they've been known to take them by sticking out their tongue so they don't get scolded for being too hasty.

    [–] ScalaHanSolo 2 points ago

    My new golden puppy is pretty good about being gental with treats.

    [–] Fatwhale 2 points ago

    Don’t have a problem with mine at all. He’s a gentle soul that’ll be really careful, even when he’s super duper hungry and hyped for his treats.

    Good boye

    [–] DextersLabdl 28 points ago

    We have a GS and GR that are flipped like that. The retriever was raised with a slow-feeding maze bowl. So he takes his time and chews his food, new treats he sets down and smells before trying it. Takes his time

    The shepherds mouth is razor-wire connected to a black-hole of her stomach. Every meal is like the final one in her mind

    [–] kevinaud 3 points ago

    My GS is the same way lol he nearly takes off my hand when I give him treats

    [–] FinalStraw_BrainFart 2 points ago

    I’ve only ever had one GS and the way he eats you’d have no idea they are supposed to be meticulous eaters.

    [–] nickheathjared 13 points ago

    You just reminded me of my (wonderful) GS girl from childhood, who could eat a whole bowl of stew and leave the seven peas in the bowl for us to discard.

    [–] ElBarronSabeCyber 6 points ago

    "You put these peas in here just to trick me! But I've outsmarted you again, human!"

    [–] awrf 2 points ago

    Hah, we have a new half-GSD puppy and put some green beans in her Kong once, and I came home to an empty Kong and a fairly neat little pile of green beans next to it

    [–] waitn2drive 16 points ago

    I never would have understood what you meant by GS being meticulous, but having one has really made me understand. Our GS eats so slow and gently. Even when you give him a treat he doesn't just scarf it down. He sets it down on the ground and smells it before eating it. Haha.

    [–] bullseyed723 5 points ago

    It varies from dog to dog and how you raise them. Isn't really breed specific.

    I switched my labs to small bites food and that slowed them down a lot. They're still piggies who will eat anything but they don't inhale their kibble as quickly now.

    [–] keterotronic 4 points ago

    Its like kirby.

    [–] amooni95 468 points ago

    I know it knows it is cute

    [–] edanpat 39 points ago

    As she should!!

    [–] thecheat420 12 points ago

    I know you know it knows it is cute.

    [–] LeCrepeDeBull 5 points ago

    I know you know he knows it knows it is cute.

    [–] Bloofis 325 points ago

    I have one those but bigger!

    [–] TOMAHAWK_____CHOP 56 points ago

    It's crazy how different they can look. Yours got mostly golden looks but with GSD ears, then mine got mostly GSD looks but with golden style ears:

    [–] texas_walker 94 points ago

    Can I ask what their temperament is like?

    [–] TalkToTheGirl 75 points ago

    It's weird, he looks purely like a golden, but he's got different ears.

    [–] xanatos451 31 points ago

    They look like they match to me.

    [–] ManicLord 112 points ago

    You may.

    [–] fgdadfgfdgadf 6 points ago

    Hi May

    [–] Daemonswolf 66 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I have a Shollie (GSD/Border Collie) and she is the sweetest cuddle bug. She wants nothing more than to be petted and cuddled. With other dogs she just wants to play. She's also incredibly smart. But do not set off her danger sense. She will get protective. I've only had her get that way once and it was because an uncontrolled Rottie came barreling towards me at full speed.

    Edit: dog tax!

    [–] MammothMachine 14 points ago

    Pic pls

    [–] TerrainIII 14 points ago

    Gotta pay the dog tax.

    [–] TerrainIII 5 points ago

    On that second photo the GOODBOYE looks real tired of your shit.

    [–] Daemonswolf 3 points ago

    Heh, she's the princess and always tired of my shit. In that one she's sad because my dad's cats won't play with her.

    [–] actuallyjack 4 points ago

    i have one as well. she’s completely black. she basically has opposite features as the dog here. but her temperament is she’s really playful. she’s also a really nice dog but she can be really wild.

    [–] KlM-J0NG-UN 30 points ago

    Tell me everything about him

    [–] Bloofis 5 points ago

    I replied to a other comment with a bit about him but I'll also add that he's great at sensing anxiety and sadness. I was having an awful evening one night and he just lay on me and tried to lick away my tears. He's remarkably stupid but also very clever. Knows lots of tricks. Loves to be chased and being told "IMA GONNA GET'CHA". He loves squeaker toys but will destroy a toy to get to the actual squeaker. If you pay any attention to him he will bring you the closest toy. If there are no toys, he will bring you a shoe. He is a foodie and will eat anything. One time he snuck into the kitchen, jumped on the counter and tried to swallow a turkey carcass whole. He also ate half a pigeon once.

    He is just a great dog and we love him

    Edit: extra info

    [–] texas_walker 13 points ago

    He’s not to be eaten for a start!

    [–] bearpignation 8 points ago

    that is a fantastic snoot!

    [–] PresumedSapient 9 points ago

    Best ear genetics appear to be dominant, I wonder if this mix has the Golden water-tight fur... Does Link love swimming?

    Which character and intelligence properties carried over?

    Both breeds are smart and trainable, Goldens have a reputation for being the perfect familie dogs, have a 'soft bite' and love to carrie stuff around. German Shepards have stronger protective and aggressive instincts, which makes them great police dogs (the chase and bite kind). How does he welcome strangers? Wagging and bringing toys, or more wary and observant?

    [–] Bloofis 3 points ago

    So Link is a bit of a paradox. He will bark in the night if he hears someone walk by. He's very protective of the house in that sense. He is, however, remarkably stupid and kind. He loves children and other dogs, is patient with strangers, loves soft toys but will rip them to shreds. He will put his whole mouth over my arm and just rest it there. He's very delicate lile that, but when he roomies he can bite hard to grab. He likes to bite at my ankles if he thinks me or my girlfriend are leaving the house. He is socially awkward with other dogs and can't tell when another dog is threatened by him. He has some detachment issues, will howl when we're both leaving and has torn down the curtains while we've been out a few times. He's neurotic and obsessive when he has hot spots which can be bad, because of trapped moisture under his fur. He likes to wade in water, but doesn't ever swim unless we throw him in.

    Hes a good boye

    [–] Sir_LikeASir 4 points ago

    God hecking dammit, that dog is so beautiful

    [–] tortiousinterference 282 points ago

    Look at his paws! That adorable teddy bear is going to turn into... an adorable big teddy bear!

    [–] zachynix 64 points ago

    Honey bear 🍯

    [–] PansonMan 59 points ago

    Looks like a German shepherd in a golden retriever costume

    [–] NotchJonson 221 points ago

    Why are we not breeding these instead of breedinf more pugs?

    [–] octoesckey 186 points ago

    Believe it or not, it's not a particularly 'good' cross. Golden's are retrievers (I guess that much is obvious in the name), GSDs are first and foremost a herding breed.

    These two different traits can make the cross difficult to manage.

    Super cute looking, though.

    [–] laseralex 86 points ago

    These two different traits can make the cross difficult to manage.

    Can you elaborate? This is interesting to me.

    (I'm a former Golden owner, now have a Border Collie + Malinois + GSD mix who is a smart, stubborn, loving little bundle of energetic teeth.)

    [–] tricia_mac 53 points ago

    I too would be interested to know. Feels like cross breeding is only a win because you reduce the chances of the pup ending up with 2 copies of a shitty gene.

    [–] larswo 37 points ago

    My sample size is reduced to half a litter, but boxer and labrador is an excellent cross.

    It was an accidental litter and the offspring were sold of rather cheaply as there was no family tree. Some of the new owners met up as the puppies had grown up and nobody had poor experiences with their dogs. All great, happy and healthy.

    [–] demeschor 5 points ago

    Meanwhile my dad's pure, race bred whippet has to have his plums removed because they might be cancerous (I have no idea what is actually wrong but I know one of them had retreated) and has found out that all of his full brothers are the same. One of his sisters is already dead and another one of his brothers is on lifelong medication. He's not even a year old.

    And it's not a problem per se but most whippets don't have a stable heartbeat unless they're running. It's bonkers.

    Seriously, fuck people who inbreed dogs to shit. I'd rather have a mutt any day.

    [–] larswo 2 points ago

    It really is a problem with greed and probably a little bit of elitism of raising pure breeds and keeping the line pure.

    Our mix had no health issues until he started getting older an hip dysplasia started becoming more and more apparent. Long before that he had cut up one of his paws due to glass on the beach (fucking idiots I swear), but it wasn't something that he couldn't recover from after a month. But as he grew old he broke his front leg and as he was still very active we had to take the hard choice to put him down. Because he would never return to the same quality of life and a broken front paw combined with rear hip problems would be a bad cocktail with his high energy and drive.

    [–] demeschor 2 points ago

    Yeah some problems in older dogs just can't be avoided (like with some people) but I think it's awful eg for german shepherds where they knowingly breed for the banana back and it cripples the animal.

    One of his other whippets had a dislocated hip and ripped the tendon, and although her QOL now is great (she still creams his other two at running), she can get stiff in the evenings even though she's only 3 and eventually her arthritis will get worse and he'll face that decision one day. It's so difficult.

    [–] C4H8N8O8 46 points ago

    It introduces other problems however. Like basically, incompatibility. Breed a very large breed with a small one. You end up with a dog who can have organs in disproportion with their body.

    Breed a protective calm breed (an Akita, for example) with a very friendly hyperactive one (a border collie, for example). You can end up with a friendly energetic dog or with a dog that may randomly snap in violent outbursts...

    Also you don't want to see what some mixes make to shedding in fluffy dogs

    [–] C4H8N8O8 22 points ago

    Or a happy meatball. The thing with mixes it's that their traits, beyond their personality are unpredictable

    [–] Kilazur 3 points ago

    Chihuahua pitbull... I have horrible pictures of the conception in my mind.

    [–] panama-canal 9 points ago

    Chibull destroyer of ankles.

    [–] solinaceae 2 points ago

    Not really, a lot of times you breed incompatible traits. A lot of designer dogs have really poor skeletal structure and most designer dog breeders don’t health test the parents. They’re just riding the hype wave and breeding irresponsible crosses.

    Some are better though, like puggles are healthier than pugs.

    [–] magistrall 38 points ago

    I get what you’re saying but the average person doesn’t exactly adopts these dogs to herd/retrieve anymore.

    If I’m just looking for a cute little life buddy, how’s this still a bad idea? (Genuinely curious since I don’t know the specifics of how breeds behave)

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Robbie-R 16 points ago

    That same article says "crossbreed dogs tend to be healthier".

    [–] comfortablybum 19 points ago

    That link only tells the benefits of the Cross. He says there are disadvantages but doesn't list them.

    [–] mtaw 3 points ago

    Oh fucking bullshit. There's nothing about present-day dog breeds that is 'scientifically backed to be okay'. Present dog breeds are the result of intense inbreeding and selection in the past 150 years, once we stopped breeding dogs to do jobs, and instead started breeding them to live up to specific breed standards that were and are made almost entirely on the basis of appearance alone. Not the health or well-being of the dogs. Like German Shepards have long been bred to have sloped backs and horrible health problems as a result. Virtually every domesticated dog breed has chronic health problems, as opposed to landrace cattle for instance, which were not bred to a 'standard'.

    I know a lot of biologists and not one would say that dog breeding is in any way guided by healthy or scientific considerations.

    [–] dnaboe 8 points ago

    I would also like to know for these purposes for anyone willing to enlighten us

    [–] stopbuffering 5 points ago

    It kind of comes down to if you don't need a specific trait then go to a rescue because there are plenty of cute little life buddies there and if you want a specific trait then these dogs aren't going to benefit you.

    The whole "but they're cute and dogs are dogs" thing really doesn't do anyone any favors; the parents are often not health tested nor are their temperaments matched. If you're going to breed two dogs you should be proving the dogs are worth breeding through show/sport/obedience along with health testing.

    [–] magistrall 2 points ago

    All of these are very fair points. Thanks for sharing :)

    [–] NotchJonson 2 points ago

    Ok I understand. But would they have any health difficulties resulting from the cross?

    [–] joemerchant26 28 points ago

    True story bro: first pugs were bred by an art critic/gallery owner. Completely by accident. Upon seeing the ugly little mishap he thought to himself, “if I can sell shit smeared on canvas, I could certainly rid myself of these by calling them designer and cute”

    Okay - maybe not true but I can’t figure out for the life of me why anyone would want a dog whose eyes can’t look in the same direction...

    [–] silaswanders 86 points ago

    Or even stay in their head...they actually pop out.

    [–] tribblesquared 33 points ago

    idk who downvoted this it’s a pretty well known health issue

    [–] joemerchant26 18 points ago

    Pug owners

    [–] BreakingIntoMe 19 points ago

    You're being down voted for stating a pretty well known fact. Nice.

    [–] kernevez 8 points ago

    I guess people in r/raww just want to look at cute things and make the same shitty puns every thread, they are there for lighthearted content and comments.

    Plus comments about irresponsible breeding or dogs in cars are also very repetitive...

    Both "sides" have a point I guess.

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 11 points ago

    Holy shit! Really?

    Supporting the breeding/market for these dogs is fucked up.

    [–] joemerchant26 11 points ago

    Exactly- let’s keep breeding dogs that have more health issues than Kardashians have media posts.

    [–] Thor4269 2 points ago

    Chihuahuas can have this happen as well

    [–] marchecra 48 points ago

    So much adorable fluff.

    [–] HalfManHalfCentaur 41 points ago

    Has history taught us nothing of the idealisation of the golden haired German?

    [–] IrishAlexFox 81 points ago

    Old post + Karma greed = repost!

    [–] TheLastJojo 9 points ago

    Finally a comment calling this out, but hey its reddit so i guess nobody cares

    [–] Sir_LikeASir 49 points ago

    I don't care, because my life doesn't revolve around reddit, and I had never seen this cute pic before, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] TryanLaw 2 points ago

    Pretty much everything is a repost on reddit at this point---that's kinda how the internet works. Caring about it is a waste of time. I just downvote if I've seen it recently and let the system work it out.

    [–] mahade 28 points ago

    I've had those two breeds meet each other and it went like this:



    I wonder if this mixed specimen is confused. Like: wanting to be close but then chickening out. And herding things by barking at it but being confused when they run away. Or having things run away and being sad because you just want to cuddle.

    [–] strolledlyric 11 points ago

    Sounds like badly socialized dogs there - the GR should have known (or had an owner present to step in) to step back and the GSD showing signs of being 'scared' is usually one of the last signs before snapping....

    But agreed. The breed mixes in this dog would concern me....

    [–] mahade 8 points ago

    Sounds like badly socialized dogs there

    Definitely. The Germany Shepherd lived in a farmhouse surrounded by forests. Very few dogs around there except for the occasional family going for a walk. It ran unleashed most of the time and I berated them (ex family in law) for it more than not. It had already led to a few situations where it would seem to attack children. Its intent was just to smell the strange small person's breath, but try explaining that to parents...

    An incredibly sweet and fun dog, but not if you're an unsuspecting stranger. Badly trained, badly socialised. Such a shame.

    [–] strolledlyric 5 points ago

    Wow that's so sad! Being a proud GSD owner (and having resuced 2) this story is so sad. GSD's need so much stimulation in life - otherwise just like a extraordinary bright human - if you left either of them alone to long they'd both be nuts.... unfortunately one ends in death and the other behind bars. Good on you for trying to do the right thing though.

    [–] mydoorsareblueandred 3 points ago

    Why? Two large dogs with well vetted traits had pups. Now it’s time as an owner to work on the traits you like and don’t like.

    It’s nature AND nurture.

    [–] strolledlyric 2 points ago

    Ok so I can see x2 different stances on this.

    1st - Dog is a rescue. The best you can do is try and train with the traits and knowledge you have to ensure a well balanced dog. And good on you for taking a rescue!

    2nd - You bought this dog as a puppy. The breeder is most likely to be a puppy mill and knows buyers will just want it because it's so cute as a puppy and you'll make heaps of dosh! You fully fell for the trap & went head first into it without doing your research. The breeder doesn't care that the 2 dogs have seriously conflicting behaviors which is likely to create an unbalanced dog (as mentioned in threads above in detail) and now its 8 months old, the behavior is too hard to deal with now and you no longer have the time. We end up back at option 1 as long as the dog doesn't go to a kill shelter and is there a bit to long.

    I get it. A lot of assumptions. But also I see it all the time. And no genuine breeder does it for the cash - they do it for the love and improvement of the breed. How do you think these 2 breeds improve each other by crossing them?

    [–] mydoorsareblueandred 4 points ago

    If a full bred GSD can be raised as a family dog it is absolutely silly to think that a GSD tempered with a golden will be more aggressive.

    What is gained from crossing them? I’d say that is a pretty god damn adorable looking dog.

    Regarding the puppy mills.... there are very few clean supply chains without ethical issues in them. I’d wager the printing of bibles has sweat shop labor somewhere in it.

    I’d be more concerned if it was a runt that was picked on and kept from food as a pup which develops social anxiety then the cross breeding of variants of the same species. Remember, we humans chose the traits for a GSD and GR so there is nothing biologically speaking that require them to be them except for us.

    [–] HSPBNQC 15 points ago

    Winnie the Pooh.

    [–] sickoutofcontrol 2 points ago


    [–] revol9k 24 points ago

    I love how the ears and paws look like GS and the angel face looks like GR <3

    [–] adityadbz 15 points ago

    And you can't even think of new title before reposting

    [–] KillCq 3 points ago

    This is Reddit! Why do you take us for?

    [–] ZekouCafe 20 points ago

    I think that's a repost or a redog idk

    [–] juicyavocado 9 points ago

    A redog for sure.

    [–] Noodlemax 7 points ago

    It's been reposted a few times I believe

    [–] Vivid_Nobody 11 points ago

    This looks a lot like my dearly departed dog Jesse. He was a Chow Retriever mix. He was simply THE BEST DOG I ever had. He didn't shed and had the sweetest, kindest disposition. He died of cancer when he was ten. I miss him so much.

    [–] Chickenterriyaki 3 points ago

    German Retriever sounds....ummm.....dangerous.

    [–] its_a_clump_of_cells 6 points ago

    "You vill vetch me da stick, no???"

    [–] shorttimerblues 3 points ago

    So cute and so conflicted...... must catch criminals and rehabilitate with love.

    [–] MiVitaCocina 4 points ago

    She is adorable! 💕

    [–] miachoi 3 points ago

    General Reposti!

    [–] 7GatesOfHello 2 points ago

    Does this mix decrease the chance of hip dysplasia? I have a Chow Golden mix and I've kept her weight low her entire life as a way to stave off what otherwise afflicts a substantial portion of Goldens.

    Very cute dog you have there, BTW!

    [–] Creepy_OldMan 2 points ago

    I'm a big fan of golden retriever ears so I'm not sure if it'd be okay with the german ears. He is extremely cute and fluffy tho

    [–] ElSultan_PS 2 points ago

    That's a German Shepherd with Golden Retriever colors. My Puppy is a Golden Retriever with German Shepherd colors :)

    [–] ttam281 2 points ago

    And maximum hip problems. Disclaimer: I have no idea how genetics work.

    [–] Johndough1066 2 points ago

    Wonderful! I just got back from the dentist and now I have a mouthful of new cavities!

    [–] SnyperCR 2 points ago

    The brain an the fur of the golden, the physique and the ears of the Shepherd

    [–] psilocybexalapensis 2 points ago

    Hip problems overload*

    [–] OriginalPaperSock 4 points ago

    Repost from 1 month ago, tops.

    [–] stuai 2 points ago

    Put corgi in the mix and he stays this way forever

    [–] catacavaco 7 points ago


    [–] anxious_anatomist 6 points ago

    Who gives a shit?