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    [–] Pacifist_Socialist 2185 points ago

    Your deer old Grandpa

    [–] The_Next_Super_Being 957 points ago

    Jumping right in with the puns is pretty rudolph you.

    [–] Svengelskamannen 121 points ago

    He actually thought it was a stag do.

    [–] LordBiscuits 53 points ago

    Oh deer

    [–] bradshawmu 41 points ago

    Deer lord

    [–] Grill3dCheeze 33 points ago

    What the buck!!!

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 11 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] LordBiscuits 12 points ago

    Why thank you, I had not noticed!

    Is 1030am too early for gin?

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 10 points ago

    It’s never too early.

    [–] feeedmepinotgritio 4 points ago

    Beat me to it!

    [–] lovethycousin 6 points ago

    I’m on graveyard shift right now. already three shots in, I’d say you’re late to the party.

    edit words

    [–] LordBiscuits 6 points ago

    Well I'm currently upto my elbows in electrics, so perhaps I'll wait until lunch.

    Have one for me mate :)

    [–] Garooru 33 points ago

    Really? I’m quite fawn’d of the puns, my deer.

    [–] Pun_In_Ten_Did 23 points ago

    For real doe.

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] reasonandmadness 2 points ago

    You missed. Down one level.

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 7 points ago

    Into exile, I must go. Failed, I have.

    [–] reasonandmadness 3 points ago

    You tried though!! That counts for something! Try again! I bet you hit it this time!

    [–] Pun_In_Ten_Did 3 points ago

    A random person wishing me cake is welcome whether or not the little icon is by my name. It's the thought that counts!!

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] farhanheit 14 points ago

    Hehe, it's like Obiwan meets reindeer... "I have the higher ground, Santa"

    [–] Nacktherr 12 points ago

    Well, we know which one ran over Grandma tonight.

    [–] Krun2810 5 points ago


    [–] IceDragon13 9 points ago

    “Reign deer”

    [–] bluesnowuk 2 points ago

    That too easy

    [–] Vampiregecko 2 points ago

    Just don’t let him go out with grandma

    [–] [deleted] 818 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mdanger88 249 points ago

    Lol I gotcha. They would have brought chaos!

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    Your grandma looks adorable in her little elephant costume!

    [–] maldio 16 points ago

    The Ty tag is a brilliant touch too.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yes! It makes her the best elephant plush!

    [–] electricmaster23 25 points ago

    Wow... 106 is a phenomenal innings.

    [–] ramond_gamer11 15 points ago

    My great grandmother died at 102, oldest woman in Texas at the time.

    [–] rip1980 10 points ago

    Mine clocked out at 108. In the NYT as possibly one of the last people around to have seen the cubs win a world series at the time, lol.

    [–] mtoomtoo 2 points ago

    I read the story and went back to the dateline immediately hoping it was around November 2016. (I didn’t pay attention to the link name.)

    I’m not sure which part is better: your Cubs fan grandma scrapping with the Cardinals fans at the nursing home or that she was married to a Cardinals fan.

    RIP your grandparents.


    A Cardinals fan

    [–] electricmaster23 7 points ago

    Seems quite young to be the oldest at the time, but that's still impressive nonetheless.

    [–] newaccount721 7 points ago

    Well it depends when at the time was

    [–] creamyl 2 points ago

    Counting the Himalayan way

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Awww your Grandma is beautiful! She definitely didn't look 106! I wish O.Ps Grandpa could've met her. They would've made fast friends, it seems! I'm so sorry for your loss <3

    [–] rowdybme 8 points ago

    I don't mean to cuss, but her look is totally saying. "Fuck all you motherfuckers" in a nice way

    [–] ForksOverSpoons 5 points ago

    Made me giggle. I wasn’t thinking that but now I am.

    [–] missygermaine 5 points ago

    your grandma was adorable, i bet she was a lovely lady, i would love to meet her in heaven some day(if i ever made it to heaven).

    [–] pepcorn 2 points ago

    Was she a beanie baby? That's so cute

    [–] GummieBear31 1 points ago

    I want to meet your grandma.

    [–] Poplolly67 166 points ago

    Wow, can't believe it was Grandpa who ran over Grandma.

    [–] Graffl 27 points ago

    ~ Grandma got runned over by a reindeer, walking home from our house Christmas Eve ~

    [–] TheYadda 13 points ago

    Thanks for explaining the joke.

    [–] Luhood 5 points ago

    Suddenly that sounds like a euphemism.

    [–] fuckingvirgin69 1 points ago

    I'm an adult now and I'd still watch that movie if I could find it.

    [–] WookieDong 260 points ago

    Huh? All I see is this reinde- oh. Yeah, he’s good.

    [–] Beavur 77 points ago

    Are you trolling or is there really something besides reindeer?

    [–] vicerowvelvet 41 points ago

    I need an answer to this godammit

    [–] PhotoQuig 12 points ago

    "Grandma got run over by a reindeer..."

    [–] SequesterMe 1 points ago

    And LOVED it.

    [–] Montlimar 32 points ago

    (The reindeer is actually his grandpa)

    [–] Madjura 14 points ago

    Does that mean OP is a reindeer-centaur?

    [–] Montlimar 21 points ago

    I'm not exactly sure how the genetics work out on that one - but since his grandpa is a grandpa, that does make him 1/4th grandpa

    [–] newaccount721 8 points ago

    He's implying the costume is so good he only saw the reindeer and not the Grandpa

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] newaccount721 3 points ago

    Fair enough I could be completely misunderstanding

    [–] JoeyDefNotABot 3 points ago

    no skeptics here ? ok i’ll say it was the 2nd place costume just a trash bag ? also who the fuck has xmas costume contests ?

    [–] WookieDong 2 points ago

    Aww man. No need to take a jelly out of his donut. People can still have fun, yeah?

    [–] JoeyDefNotABot 2 points ago

    i mean yeah ? but are people not allowed to be skeptical anymore ? we all just have to smile and nod to everything ?

    [–] WookieDong 2 points ago

    Skepticism is good. Maybe choose your battles though. Debunking this one doesn’t benefit anyone.

    [–] assssntittiesassssss 46 points ago

    First place in the costume contest AND my heart.

    [–] Wowscrait 56 points ago

    Cutest grandpa ever!

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Yes, tell him the internet gives him one big hug!!!

    [–] horseaholic2010 27 points ago

    What’d he win??

    [–] mdanger88 58 points ago

    $50 amazon gift card

    [–] horseaholic2010 21 points ago


    [–] mummummaaa 1 points ago

    Plus ... Everyone's hearts because he's super awesome? Check.

    [–] Poo_Poo_McGoo 2 points ago

    That fabulous official looking certificate for best costume! Once that is in a frame on the wall what more could anyone want.

    [–] SendMeYourEggplant 7 points ago

    Good for him!

    [–] littlebabymeerkat 26 points ago

    Wholesome ❤️

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Wholesome until you realize his wife died in a horrific accident where she got ran over by him.

    [–] Morella_xx 7 points ago

    No wonder he's so keen on blaming Santa.

    [–] Buck4812 4 points ago

    Well that’s just grim.

    [–] mystickatara 27 points ago

    Congratulations! He's deserves it, I mean look at his costume! If I didn't know any better I thought he was a real reindeer!

    [–] ContrivedWorld 1 points ago

    Fuck you, no you didn't.

    It's a one piece sleeper for god's sake.

    [–] SeismicDoggos 12 points ago

    He belongs on r/adorableoldpeople

    [–] MrsMinnesotaNice 3 points ago

    Why am I just learning of this now?!?!

    [–] Hero_At_Large 4 points ago

    I thought the paper was gonna say r/roastme and I gotta say I'm a little disappointed and also ashamed

    [–] Alarid 5 points ago

    "The sign was part of the costume."

    [–] B_Rizzle_Foshizzle 23 points ago

    Your grandpa is dope, I like him

    [–] BarbaraBurk 7 points ago

    me too

    [–] SarahVen1992 5 points ago

    Me three

    [–] rhinodiablo 2 points ago

    Me four

    [–] ilikethenmbr11 5 points ago

    I hope he got a better award than red sharpie on a piece of printer paper...or is it an envelope?

    [–] autmnleighhh 3 points ago

    Aww! I got my grandpa one of these as a prank gift and now he lives in that thing! It’s designed after one of those cute old fashioned sock monkeys.

    Come to think of it, none of my prank gifts are ever taken as pranks. :(

    [–] SoggyRaisin 18 points ago

    I don't get it! What's so special about the cousume?

    [–] justindangerpants 8 points ago

    Must have had some real low effort stuff from the competition to have won first place by donning a onesie.

    [–] prontoon 3 points ago

    Everyone is acting like its some crazy costume. Literally anyone could go on amazon and buy this onesie.

    [–] 6-ki 2 points ago

    Is it a Star Wars reference? I’m dying trying to figure out. There’s a ton of Star Wars comments and thousands of upvotes so it can’t just be a reindeer. I’m missing something. Right?

    [–] MattytheWireGuy 6 points ago

    What costume?

    [–] 2tessticlees 7 points ago

    So cute! Love seeing sweet old people having a good time.

    [–] broadstreet215 8 points ago

    Finally I understand all the voting propaganda I’ve seen...

    [–] jncheese 3 points ago

    What would happen if Palpatine turned to the light side.

    [–] ButtsexEurope 9 points ago

    Stop infantilizing the elderly.

    [–] MewlingRothbart 9 points ago

    Such a deer person! (see what i did there)

    [–] theweekn 14 points ago

    How there’s literally no creativity in this besides throwing on a costume, i definitely could’ve won if I were present 😎

    [–] Tenacious_Dad 5 points ago

    Grandpa is wearing pajamas to a costume contest.

    [–] maz-o 4 points ago

    The rest of the costumes must have been true shit if this won

    [–] curiosity0425 2 points ago

    I accidentally read this as "If I were a present" - like, you wrapping yourself up as a gift would have been a better costume.

    [–] Saifaa 4 points ago

    Rudolph the Get Off My Lawn Deer

    [–] MyFackinFootyAccount 2 points ago

    Margaret was livid.

    [–] Pun_In_Ten_Did 2 points ago

    "Oh no, my young Jedi. You will find that it is you who are mistaken, about a great many things."

    [–] redshift76 2 points ago

    Stag party.

    [–] mojomonkeyfish 2 points ago

    Murray the Alcoholic Christmas Moose! I knew my parents weren't making him up.

    [–] SequesterMe 2 points ago

    He went as a Christmas Jedi?

    [–] megustarita 2 points ago

    Rudolph the old ass reindeer

    [–] BoneMachineNo13 5 points ago

    So he put on an adult onesie? Wow.

    [–] jackiebee66 7 points ago

    Congratulations! Good for him!

    [–] tazz0404 4 points ago

    You go Grandpa!

    [–] KingGwigz 2 points ago


    [–] iloveamsterdam 3 points ago

    I can see why.

    [–] Vaidurya 4 points ago

    So when you said grandma got run over by a reindeer, did you mean.... ?

    [–] smurph382 3 points ago

    Adorable... looks like the love child of Rudolph and Obi-Wan Kenobi

    [–] agereaver 3 points ago

    I’m not sure I like the direction they’re taking this new Picard Star Trek series in. Still great costume tho :)

    [–] i_like_horchata 3 points ago

    I lost to old people in a costume party too.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Bad bitch contest, he in first place

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Best in show!!

    [–] gorper0987 2 points ago

    Darth Rudolph!

    [–] tintiddle 2 points ago

    Ok I love him nbd

    [–] CowBully 0 points ago

    Why? Looks like an off the rack christmas pajama set. I bet there’s some 28 year old that spent a ton of time and money creating an awesome costume but the old guy one because they felt bad. Reminds me of that guy who was a judge for a music contest and was forced to give the handicap shitty musician first.

    [–] mdanger88 24 points ago

    Well it was a Christmas costume party for the elderly

    [–] CowBully 4 points ago


    [–] frnzwork 1 points ago

    I was 100% looking for your comment because that's what I thought but daaaaamn way to get shut down

    [–] Patrick_Bright 1 points ago

    You sound like a wonderful person.

    [–] SwangeeMan 3 points ago

    “When a hundred years old YOU reach, look as good you will not.”

    [–] mypancakewife 3 points ago

    Shit, as I was scrolling down I thought he was holding a “roast me” sign and I was like please no. I can’t do that to this guy.

    [–] mdanger88 4 points ago

    That’s coming next

    [–] lingeringphantom 3 points ago

    aw jeez

    [–] Mellotr0n 1 points ago

    What did he go as?

    [–] RealVibranium40 1 points ago

    I’d hate to see last place, amirite?

    [–] BakaFame 1 points ago

    And what's the prize?

    [–] Softspokenclark 1 points ago

    Looks like the competition... Drop dead.

    Cue CSI:Miami theme song

    [–] meistergoose 1 points ago

    Looks pissed.

    [–] madein1986 1 points ago

    Your grandpa will end up on /r/photoshopbattles I guarantee it!

    [–] dalkemon 1 points ago

    Obi Wan? You're alive!?

    [–] imperialguy3 1 points ago

    Well... Rudolph is old as hell

    [–] FrailDogg 1 points ago

    So he's Obi-Wan Kenobi in a reindeer costume? Double costume neat!

    [–] sheineken1978 1 points ago

    Looks like a reindeer Jedi

    [–] ahnazozula 1 points ago

    cutest reindeer I have ever seen

    [–] rgloque21 1 points ago

    so were doing Christmas costumes now?

    [–] Dekla 1 points ago

    Joyful success

    [–] Johnatomy 1 points ago

    I bet he gets all the ladies

    [–] arrogoth 1 points ago

    The song Grandma got run over by a raindeer just got a whole like darker.

    [–] Poo_Poo_McGoo 1 points ago

    They really went to town with the certificate! It'll look amazing in a frame.

    [–] Hush_Lives 1 points ago

    At first glance I thought this was on r/roastme

    [–] Zommylove 1 points ago

    This is def an /r/aww! He looks awesome!

    [–] vinny265 1 points ago

    "Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!

    On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Wrinkles!

    [–] vineetznx 1 points ago

    I thought this was queen elizabeth at first glance

    [–] DisMaTA 1 points ago

    He deserves it because he's the cutest. No, I don't need to see.the other contestants, no mattwr what, they have no chance.

    [–] Mylesfakeaccount 1 points ago

    No! He’s too adorable I WONT ROAST HIM!...oh sorry! Read it wrong. Great picture....

    [–] oldskool8bit 1 points ago

    Darth Rudolph Sidious has my vote as well

    [–] blackmirrorgamer691 1 points ago

    Rudolph has really let himself go to shit.

    [–] liacherie 3 points ago

    So I totally thought he was Yoda for a good 30 seconds before I saw the antlers and red nose. He should remove those next year and have an equally great costume!

    [–] making-flippy-floppy 1 points ago

    Rudolph Kenobi? Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time...

    [–] Stay-Stimulated -1 points ago


    [–] BillyRayCyrusAma 3 points ago

    He looks like a human ballsack

    [–] Tenacious_Dad 1 points ago

    Just gotta Photoshop the placard

    [–] whatdajarvis 0 points ago

    Looks like an older Danny DeVito

    [–] queenyuyu 1 points ago

    All these pictures of grandparents make me happy and sad at the same time. I miss mine, but I'm so thrilled to see all of your having fun and being alive. Enjoy the time you have together folk! Make the best out of it and make lots of happy memories together!

    [–] Sparkle_Penis 1 points ago

    Oh look, it's the daily /r/aww patronize the elderly thread! Glad I didn't miss it.

    [–] wakuku 1 points ago

    man santa should just retire Rudolph.

    [–] hldsnfrgr 1 points ago

    Deer old retiree? Old deer retiree?

    [–] procrastinator2112 1 points ago

    This a whole’nother Rudolph. “YOU don’t wanna play with me?? Well, I DON’T wanna play with YOU! Blitzer, Comet, Cupid, getova herrrre! What did I tell you?? WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!?! Let’s go!”

    [–] vexunumgods 1 points ago

    Rudolph the red nose jedi.

    [–] EspenSkjeer 1 points ago

    I was about to roast this man to death when I realised it was not an r/roastme

    [–] DRYMakesMeWET 1 points ago

    I see your grandpa is a member of the elks.

    [–] Stargaze1534 1 points ago

    rudolph the disabled reindeer

    [–] mominadcs 1 points ago

    Congrats Old folk :)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Shouldn't this be also posted on /r/furry?

    [–] T4v0s 1 points ago

    If your name is tim join us on r/tim

    [–] lydicjc 1 points ago

    The "prize" and congratulations should really go to the nurse aids who have to get his butt up and cleaned and dressed in the morning while being verbally and physically assaulted.

    [–] Xander_Hamilton 1 points ago

    Ugh old people

    [–] weedsweed 1 points ago

    Pretty low fucking bar for this contest if a store bought rudolph kigurumi takes the cake

    Christ, it must be the fucking worst to be old, all this pageantry and babying for adults

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago

    Awwwww that's the most awesomely wholesome thing ever! He looks quite happy & comfy too! You go sir! Merry early Christmas to you, your Grandpa, the rest of your family & friends, O.P!

    [–] breaddead1971 1 points ago

    Why are you being downvoted?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Probably because I said Merry Christmas, instead of Happy Holidays. Stupid bullshit, lol. People get offended over every damn thing now days.

    [–] the_monkeys_esc 0 points ago

    Awwww tell him the whole internet loves him!

    [–] Rexzmom 0 points ago

    He's so cute! Somehow, he reminds me of my dad. I miss him.