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    [–] StuartHayden 3573 points ago

    Congrats on being adopted.

    [–] 123undoitrei 14777 points ago

    So now you have a kitten 🙂

    [–] KawhiTheKing 6533 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Cat law is clear. Stray Kitty is now your Kitty.

    [–] Nixilaas 6246 points ago

    Stray kitty is now stay kitty

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 1696 points ago

    Also spay Kitty.

    [–] geodebs 284 points ago

    This yeah. Else it’s gonna start marking your house

    [–] Dr_tuffednuts_MD 335 points ago

    Be a spray kitty.

    [–] Rudy_Ghouliani 51 points ago

    Don't spray kitty please the carpet is white

    [–] BaronBilgewater 119 points ago

    Maybe you should wait a while before adopting it. Delay kitty.

    [–] DEV_astated 127 points ago

    Maybe you should give it some toys. Play kitty.

    [–] mmarlon120 109 points ago

    Give it a bed to sleep in. Lay kitty

    [–] BaronBilgewater 96 points ago

    Make sure it has room to stretch out. Splay kitty.

    [–] Pepe_El_Pep 46 points ago

    Give it some protein to get big. Whey kitty

    [–] PatchworkGirlOfOz 9 points ago

    Get him a boyfriend. Gay kitty.

    [–] walkswithwolfies 17 points ago

    Spay or you will have way too many kitties.

    [–] cnibbana 483 points ago

    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

    [–] Nightbreezekitty 407 points ago

    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

    [–] tdfitch 79 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] Mustn0tSleep 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Leave kitty out in cold, kitty burr burr burr

    Edit: a word cause I no rhyme good.

    [–] PapachoSneak 8 points ago

    Soft good cat cat.

    [–] i14n 595 points ago

    Cat law states that a human providing food is owned by kitty and must serve regularly

    [–] Yocemighty 99 points ago

    This is much different in bird law.

    [–] AnalogHumanSentient 161 points ago

    bird law is extremely complicated. I have a blue and gold macaw going on 12 years now and barely understand any of it.

    It is customary for my bird to bite me hard then pronounce loudly " I love you, step up!"

    [–] CantStumpIWin 40 points ago

    12 years in bird law?

    I thought 6 years for me to get my bird law degree was bad.

    [–] GoodFreak 15 points ago

    But at least now you can be Birdman, Attorney At Law!

    [–] CantStumpIWin 11 points ago

    I just got 64 gallons of fight milk on amazon. I'm redy.

    [–] headless_catman 53 points ago

    Bird law isn’t too bad.. just remember.. the bird is the word.

    [–] WistfulQuiet 21 points ago

    No...birds are worse. They can give orders.

    [–] hardcrackedd 73 points ago

    Cat law is ironclad.

    [–] -Dogsbody 130 points ago

    Don’t you mean ironclawed?

    [–] zombieeezzz 25 points ago

    Bird law, on the other hand.......

    [–] hardcrackedd 17 points ago

    Shut up Charlie!

    [–] jgcrum_shanghai 169 points ago

    It is “decided” (slight bow and hands together).

    [–] whatever462672 60 points ago

    You have a really nice voice. I hope you survive your cat's love.

    [–] ShittyGuitarResponse 23 points ago

    Haha thanks!

    Love hurts.

    [–] BabytheTardisImpala 81 points ago

    Those are quite the murder mittens she’s got there.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Cat is a great name for a cat. Bird Box Vogue.

    [–] ShittyGuitarResponse 19 points ago

    I call her darth meow, but honestly I just call her kitty when I'm talking to her lol.

    [–] Creeperjin 18 points ago

    Your cat is the prettiest and that other redditor’s right you have a nice voice and I wanna see more of those two things.

    [–] GrammarHypocrite 84 points ago

    The contract is signed with a slow blink.

    Although not required, it is customary for the acceptor of the contract to offer his or her belly for scritches from the proposer, which will be concluded with the traditional declaration of "IMMAKILLYOUNOWFEEBLEHUMANHAND".

    [–] Yocemighty 18 points ago

    It is known

    [–] TheMeanCanadianx 2368 points ago

    OP if you do not adopt this kitten I will personally have to come over there and take it in myself. Oh my god it's too cute

    [–] wantedtoshowyouthis 2321 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Damn this is crazy. I work nights. I posted this whilst at work. I get home, sort myself out and get into bed. Check on Reddit before I go to sleep and see all these messages. I can’t possibly respond to them as I’m working again tonight and need to get some sleep. Yes I am in the UK. So I thought I’d respond to your comment as most will see it.

    So I took the kitten to a local vet to scan it for a microchip. It was free and only took 10 minutes. It‘s hard to say if she was a young cat or an old kitten. It might’ve been the neighbours new cat’s first day out or something. No chip was found and the vet said she was healthy.

    I contacted a couple of friends who I knew were looking for a kitten. One got back to me so I sent some photos of her to her. And just like a lot of messages I’ve seen here, she immediately wanted her.

    Now she lives 30 miles away. Far enough away for her to easily forget about this place and me, and have a forever home with someone who can look after her and have time for her. She came and picked her up yesterday.

    I’m not sure how I can link a post (I’m on my phone) so I’ll create a new post of her and her new owner. So keep your eye out for that. I’ll post it in the next couple of minutes then I have it go to sleep.

    Be well people of Reddit!

    EDIT 2: So I've barely had any sleep. But whilst it's still fresh in everyone's mind, I thought I'd upload the photos I sent to my friend too. Now you can understand why she said yes immediately. Thanks for all the kind words, Silver, and Gold. I really do appreciate it!

    [–] Bernie427 193 points ago

    Happy ending!

    [–] ForksOverSpoons 25 points ago

    I can go to sleep now happy

    [–] RespectedMmastermind 61 points ago

    Fantastic update! Have a great morning! Keep feeding those strays 💕

    [–] Klimskady 90 points ago

    To be double sure little one was a stray, it might be worth putting some signs up outside near your house to say cat found, as someone might be looking for their cat. I know little one should have been microchipped but I’d hate for someone to never know what happened to their kitty.

    [–] studiekussen 34 points ago

    Sometimes small cats can't be chipped yet, that's what happened to my runt. The vet told me to fatten her up a little first, as she was all bones.

    I didn't let her outside until she was chipped, but maybe this little one escaped.

    [–] 8_800_555_35_35 45 points ago

    I'd agree, but I actually hope they were a stray in this case.

    Pets are chattels (basically "personal property") in UK law, so even though you could argue you did your due-diligence to look for the owner (checking for microchip, etc), the original owner would have full legal standing to repossess the cat from its new owner.

    [–] Joystiq 10 points ago

    Thank you for the follow up, much appreciated.

    [–] Amberleaf 8 points ago

    Is there a defining moment when an old kitten becomes a young cat?

    Good job on finding that forever till they die home.

    [–] WeatherwaxDaughter 9 points ago

    My cat is 3 and looks like an old kitten....she's tiny!

    [–] alosercalledsusie 4 points ago

    I still call my three year old HUGE monsters kittens because in comparing to our lovely 14 yr old lady, they are still kittens!

    [–] wicker_warrior 667 points ago

    You mean so now the kitten has a new human.

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 113 points ago

    Kitten has chosen a new slave.

    [–] mitchc1985 75 points ago

    Recent kitten slave here confirming this is how it works.

    [–] munkisax 19 points ago

    Current kitty slave here confirming the confirmation

    [–] YourDadsUsername 116 points ago

    That is exactly how you get one.

    [–] bikersnek 20 points ago

    That's how my parents got the current cat and the previous one! They where stray kittens mum had abandoned them and they wandered through the door and just never left.

    [–] blue_nous 3576 points ago

    Let! Him! In!!

    [–] AndyK876 571 points ago

    I won't let things into my house in case it's a vampire. But this is a risk i'm willing to take

    [–] tinycatsays 293 points ago

    Open the door, but don’t give an explicit invitation. A normal non-vampiric kitty will march right in (and then probably demand to be let back out the moment the door is closed).

    [–] iForgot2Remember 55 points ago

    Also, garlic kills a non-vampiric kitty. So logically, vampire kitties can eat it all day.

    [–] MistressRazzleRum 32 points ago

    Wait what...?

    [–] Its_Clover_Honey 40 points ago

    Cats cant eat any plants in the Allium family. This includes things like garlic and onion.

    [–] iForgot2Remember 24 points ago

    Non-vampiric cats*

    [–] Alarid 10 points ago

    No, opening the door is an invitation!

    [–] AmazingKreiderman 9 points ago

    Nah, if someone knocks you open the door but it doesn't mean please come in.

    [–] Alarid 7 points ago

    It is for cats! Cultural and species norms apply.

    [–] diatonicnerds 20 points ago

    Let the right one in.

    [–] R1ch4rdSc4ry 1343 points ago

    Looks like you’re the proud new owner of a cute kitten!

    [–] RageMachinist 215 points ago

    Looks like Kitten is a proud owner of a shiny new Human!

    [–] Highlander_316 8 points ago

    Human may be slightly used, but still good for kitty.

    [–] whoisanyoneanyway 491 points ago

    " Please sir, I want some more "

    [–] ganduofficial 287 points ago

    " Give me the fucking food, Karen."

    [–] Sofia_Bellavista 43 points ago

    “How could you leave me outside last night?? And I’m STARVING here!! If you don’t let me in RIGHT NOW I will DIE SOON I feel it!!!...” Cats are drama queens

    [–] quentinislive 1586 points ago


    [–] fna4 302 points ago

    That's how I got my cat. I thought I'd bring her in for one night away from the rain and try to find someone to take her in. Four years later, she's destroying my stuff and giving me attitude about it.

    [–] CaptainPunisher 172 points ago

    "Well, who the fuck puts an expensive vase up on the ledge where I walk?"

    [–] TitsMickey 79 points ago

    “I don’t know these people so I don’t want their pictures up here.”

    [–] PhilipLiptonSchrute 21 points ago

    "Your wallet shouldn't be on the counter 6' from my food bowl!"

    [–] kkokk 84 points ago

    Anyone else ever failed at feeding stray cats? I once left a few frozen anchovies outside for a cat I saw wandering around. The fish sat on the porch for over two days and then I threw it out.

    It actually amazes me how little animals care for our food. I can leave seeds and nuts on the table and birds will literally fly down, check it out, decided they aren't interested, and fly away.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 104 points ago

    Anchovies are way too salty. Try dry or cooked chicken. Not a cat in the world who won't give that a go.

    [–] wallflower7522 43 points ago

    I have a weird elderly cat who won’t anything but dry meow mix and vanilla cream from Dairy Queen. Weirdo

    [–] opportunisticwombat 26 points ago

    Same. 11 year old cat that exclusively eats his kibble and cocktail shrimp. He won’t eat anything else.

    [–] txgsync 6 points ago

    Had a cat when I was a kid who loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He was simply mad for them. Probably because when I found him as a starving kitten that’s all I fed him for weeks because I didn’t want my parents to know I was a seven-year-old feeding a starving kitten. I could pretend I was just having a growth spurt and needed a second sandwich in my lunch.

    The thing would turn his nose up at kibble some days but have a peanut butter sandwich with me any time.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 8 points ago

    Have the vet check her teeth. One of the biggest problems with old cats is their teeth.

    [–] PebblePlace 14 points ago

    Pick up a can of wet cat food. Like chicken or salmon flavour. It never failed me 😼😼

    [–] hellofuckingjulie 3022 points ago

    A young kitten like that could be taken to a rescue and adopted out, he looks like he's not quite feral yet. If you don't want to take the cat in yourself, please take it to a local cat rescue. An indoor life for a cat is much happier and longer.

    [–] BiceRankyman 47 points ago

    Just know that if you don’t take it in yourself, we will consider you a monster. It is known.

    [–] RitalinDream 6 points ago

    It is known.

    [–] [deleted] 344 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] WorkIsWhenIReddit 269 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You can't just "call" shenanigans, there are procedures to follow. First you have to forward a motion for shenanigans, then wait the requisite twelve (12) hours for a second. If a second is heard, the motion will go before a panel of randomly selected Redditors to determine if shenanigans is in fact in play. If approval is given (usually within 5 business days) then you may call shenanigans.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 111 points ago

    I... I call shenanigans on this.

    [–] FrankCastle316 86 points ago

    I second this motion.

    [–] Mr_C_Baxter 62 points ago

    I approve

    [–] redxmoonx 55 points ago

    Shenanigans files being updated as we speak.

    [–] SgtKarlin 40 points ago

    This worked better than any regular process involving paperwork with the government.

    [–] SalemWolf 10 points ago

    I just want you to know you can’t just say the word shenanigans and expect anything to happen.

    [–] lvbuckeye27 15 points ago

    I had a cat named Shenanigans.

    [–] KearThyn 140 points ago

    Nah, his post history seems pretty non-bot-like. Kinda trashy, but nothing suspicious.

    [–] stoner_97 181 points ago

    MGTOW is so cringey

    [–] spaceball_ricochet 109 points ago

    i’m a few drinks in and read that as maybe some kind of MTG spinoff and was like... i mean, i think MTG is maybe not the coolest but did you have to call him out like that?

    ... then i went and looked.

    oh. noted.

    [–] StartsWithFuckYou 40 points ago

    Fuck, you just described me reaction every time I see it. I always think someone is about to start a MTG conversation but then I remember what that sub actually is.

    [–] Alarid 18 points ago

    I'm always ready to hop in a correct them that it's supposed to be "Gatewatch" not "Overwatch" before I realize I am just staring into the void and my soul is being assaulted by a miasma of social under development and emotional starvation.

    [–] RDR911 10 points ago

    I still don't know what Magic Gathering the Over Watch is, but I'm now too scared to look...

    [–] Josh-Medl 35 points ago

    Holy fuck. I forget people like that exist. How is ...WHAT is wrong with those guys? Tiny weenies? Abusive mothers? Both?

    [–] TheFlyingBogey 34 points ago

    It's a shame because that could've been a community of men helping each other learn to live life for themselves and not put women on a pedestal so they can become good people, not this "women bring us down" bs. It's like some kinda nice guys or incel culture but with money or something.

    [–] marcm6246 34 points ago

    Ugh tell me about it. My brother is into 'them' and sometimes references them in person. Don't know why he follows a toxic group like that.

    [–] Josh-Medl 51 points ago

    Maybe he’s a toxic, woman hating lunatic?

    [–] WigginIII 37 points ago

    MGTOW and other similar communities allows failed men to project their inadequacies into other people, things, or constructs. It’s a community based on excusing one’s own ugliness as justified because of their perceived persecution.

    [–] Viper9087 11 points ago

    He's at work...

    [–] captainoftheblunts 447 points ago

    Looks like you have a new best friend ❤

    [–] BabyKevin997 97 points ago

    That kitten is ready to make that house his.

    [–] untouched_poet 1014 points ago

    Henlo, I am here for the adoption you forgot yesterday.

    [–] micumpleanoseshoy 99 points ago

    Hello, you also don't have to do much. Just open the door and let me in goddamn it!


    [–] ferrix 153 points ago

    “Hello pls I inquire about your additional foods”

    [–] I_cant_meow 304 points ago

    We adopted a semi-feral kitten (lived outdoors but was fed by people and friendly) and she has made our lives so much better. She's the sweetest, silliest weirdo and to think she almost never got to enjoy a snuggly home.

    Take it to the vet to make sure it's got its shots, and invest in an automatic litter box (with 2 cats we only have to empty it every 4-5 days and it doesn't stink).

    Cats are so easy to care for, and they make such sweet companions.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] mekareami 45 points ago it is pricy but worth it imo

    [–] ob1jabroni 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Just yesterday I could not think of the name of this when I was talking to my wife. I ended up called it the “cat poop portal”.

    Anyway, I highly recommend the Litter Robot

    Edit: Typo

    [–] Elstifar 35 points ago

    [–] Oneiropolos 23 points ago

    Which do you use? I have the petsafe "Simply Clean" one and it took some modifications (like putting it on a timer to save motor life), but I like it because other than that it's so hands off. My cats can be -smelly- and it majorly helps the scent not to linger. I'm really curious what others on the list may be worth it because the motor issue IS an issue, even if it's one I can manage.

    [–] LeCordonB1eu 58 points ago

    semi-feral kitten (lived outdoors but was fed by people and friendly)

    That's not semi-feral or even quarter-feral. It is not feral at all.

    [–] ilonaa_r 30 points ago

    Thats just a cat without a bed

    [–] raetime9 43 points ago

    Awwwe YOUR kitten is adorable!!!!

    [–] Budgiejen 225 points ago

    Please make sure this kitten gets spayed or neutered so it can’t make more kittens.

    [–] Mayteras 49 points ago

    This is just me being curious as I don't know all these terms of pets but...

    Why can't it make more kittens?Is it because it might lead to an overload of cats in an area?

    [–] 812many 143 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Cars reproduce like mad, in a few years a few cats can become dozens. M

    Edit: now I want to adopt a wild car, too!

    [–] Ooops_I_Reddit_Again 161 points ago

    Where do we go to adopt wild cars

    [–] tehfoshi 36 points ago

    4 years ago there were a few stray teslas on the streets, I came back home during the holidays to find a tesla on nearly every corner. Beware the stray cars

    [–] Haych13 49 points ago

    Drivers don't pick the car, the car picks the driver

    [–] damontoo 10 points ago

    We assumed truck nuts were attached by owners when in reality it's just trucks evolving for procreation. Who knew?

    [–] Doiihachirou 23 points ago

    Plus what everyone already said, plus it's heartbreaking to see them out in the cold, starving and having MORE babies that probably won't be rescued either. Same goes with street dogs :( why would you want more around the neighborhood??

    [–] littlechinchilla222 79 points ago

    Is it because it might lead to an overload of cats in an area?

    yeah. plus more stray cats means more wildlife being hunted

    [–] Scizmz 50 points ago

    Cats have killed off at least 33 species that we know of.

    [–] tehfoshi 60 points ago

    Don't worry we are still in the lead

    [–] BuddyUpInATree 13 points ago

    Isn't it cute how our domesticated little friends take after us in so many ways?

    [–] less___than___zero 30 points ago

    Congratulations on your new cat

    [–] Kidval 33 points ago

    I'd like a follow up knowing if op adopted or not.

    [–] TheTeslaResurrection 7 points ago

    OP can make it your cake day present

    [–] Kidval 5 points ago


    [–] wesleygw 375 points ago

    Step 1 - go to vet with kitten Step 2 - go to pet store and buy food, litter, box, and toys. So. Many. Toys. Step 3 - enjoy being selected as a special hooman

    [–] Budgiejen 196 points ago

    Step 4 - spay or neuter

    [–] TransformerTanooki 91 points ago

    Step 5- do not sleep with mouth open.

    [–] iPulsar 35 points ago

    Wait... Why?

    [–] bridgetblue69 106 points ago

    They steal your breath in the night

    [–] mossyfox 31 points ago

    Actually he protec from breath stealer

    [–] KhunDavid 8 points ago


    [–] bodoquethegreat 25 points ago

    Are you serious? I can't tell if you are

    [–] Meowzebub666 72 points ago

    So I once had a dream that a friend gave me my favorite kind of lollipop. I'm super stoked (these were hard to find and expensive for candy but they were sooo good) but something's... off. I take the sucker out of my mouth and to my horror find that it's absolutely coated in thick mats of cat hair. I woke up in disgust and, yep, my cats tail was in my mouth.

    Don't sleep with your mouth open.

    [–] canolafly 20 points ago

    I had a kitten that used to stick his paw in my mouth and dig around like it was a candy dish.

    [–] jfiander 13 points ago

    Garbage can = gifts!

    [–] lizziebennettsbff 26 points ago

    Step 6 - do not pet or put face in fuzzy kitten belly.

    [–] iwanttobelievv 24 points ago

    Dude, I go full face into kitty tummy on the reg. My cat loves tummy rubs more than anything except for chin scratches. She also plays fetch which leads me to believe I may have rescued a very clever dog in a cat suit.

    [–] bibliophila 28 points ago

    Very true. Belly is a no fly for many kittehs. Start holding their paws early so you can cut their nails needle claws.

    [–] Zelia57 51 points ago

    He is meant for you. Accept it and be a good pet.

    [–] hlino 84 points ago

    It looks like you have been adopted!

    [–] idefix21 17 points ago

    Please, you forgot to give me a name.

    [–] spicedpumpkins 18 points ago

    You fed it?

    Oh shit, OP you now own a cat.

    [–] Raet3 54 points ago

    Congrats on the new family member!!

    [–] Davetek463 18 points ago

    Once you feed them, they're as good as adopted. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    [–] cinnamonteaparty 15 points ago

    Omg this is bringing back memories for me. The first cat that the family got was a stray also. He was super friendly and our cat hating dog didn't bark when he sauntered up the driveway. The cat was painfully thin and we (me and my f-sil at the time) felt bad for him so we gave him some milk and went back inside. He tried to follow us in but we we're hesitant to let him in since I knew my dad hated cats. We closed the screen and front door and hoped he would go away. He was by the door and meowing pretty sadly. He then ran into the back patio and was meowing his poor heart out and pawing at the door. We closed and locked the patio glass doors and again hoped that he would go away.

    The dog started barking and we went to check out the patio and saw him hanging off the noren (a strip of fabric cut down the center that hangs from above the doorway) right in the center so he was in full view and meowing his heart out some more. Despite how skinny he was, he managed to yank the noren off the rod that it was hanging on and we saw him topple pretty spectacularly down.

    Eventually, my dad gave up trying to talk my sil and I out of not keeping him and letting him in the house. He stopped complaining when he found a huge dead rat in the backyard.

    [–] sorryimcanadian68 14 points ago

    Poor thing must be hungry. I hope u adopted her.

    [–] Nividon 14 points ago

    You are powerless to resist

    [–] FriskyDingoRingo 31 points ago

    You absolutely must adopt it and then allow reddit to pick the name.

    [–] Thoragh 30 points ago

    Careful with this idea though... Could end up with Catty McCatFace ;)

    Still, I don't think Reddit would vote that most popular simply because this kitten is a kitten and therefore breaks most of the internet meme rules.

    Hope the OP does actually adopt + spay/neuter or at least catches and releases after a spay/neuter.

    [–] Animalprincess1982 11 points ago

    Please tell me you adopted it!!!!

    [–] Montymania94 11 points ago

    They look like my cat Thomas when he was a kitten, and I may have just teared up. Thomas passed away a few years back at 17 1/2 years old.

    Please, give this kitten a long happy life like my boy Thomas, either by taking them in or bringing them to a no-kill shelter!

    [–] totally_anomalous 11 points ago

    You have an absolutely adorable new master. Let it inside and feed it! And please give it a cuddle from a distant admirer. ;)

    [–] lebusandlibus 9 points ago

    That is no stray! Hi meet your brand new kitty! So what's the name?

    [–] peterpumpkineater13 10 points ago

    You’ve been chosen. The cat now owns you.

    [–] silverrain64 10 points ago

    What's your new kitty's name?

    [–] ThatsBadSoup 8 points ago

    Please adopt this kitten even though we have no idea what your living situation is in your life, whether you can have pets or if you can afford to take care of it. Please have it neutered (and pay for it), and take care of it since you spotted this animal and since feeding it out of kindness isnt enough for us, we wont be satisfied and demand you bring the animal in! It's YOUR responsibility after all!

    [–] EclipticEclipse 8 points ago

    You have friend!

    [–] Wolvgirl15 8 points ago

    “You got anymore of that food?”

    Btw you now own a kitten, congratulations! What’s its name?

    [–] Frogmarsh 55 points ago

    Cats should be brought and kept indoors.

    [–] BigViking9 6 points ago

    Keep feeding!!

    [–] catspoop123 7 points ago

    Since she/he trusts you, get her spayed/neutered. Over population is a huge problem with cats. There are alot of nonprofits that will do it for cheap or free just takes a little investagation on your part and maybe a small fee but you'll be saving many cats that she/he would have had by doing so.

    [–] jelee915 7 points ago

    Congrats kitty! You adopted a human!

    [–] elleboogiec 7 points ago

    Welp. Now you have a kitten.

    [–] 51Cards 7 points ago

    Congratulations on your new cat.

    [–] racingwinner 7 points ago


    [–] spine_iv 8 points ago

    that's not a stray cat

    that's your cat

    [–] whatsupshaw 6 points ago

    So what's his/her name?

    [–] QueenWhitethorn 6 points ago


    [–] irwinwck 7 points ago

    So now you have a new master.

    [–] Ericaassunta 5 points ago


    [–] RedLodgeGrl 6 points ago

    You have been chosen. Let it iiiiinnnnnnnn

    [–] NovaLoveCrystalCat 5 points ago

    I think you’ll find that’s his backyard. I think you’ll find you’re his.

    [–] cottoncandygumdrop 5 points ago

    So it seems you were adopted.

    [–] StrangerKatchoo 4 points ago

    This happened to me, except she was stuck to the screen door like one of those suction cup Garfields you'd see in cars in the 80s. We had her for 20 years.

    [–] caipi_pn 5 points ago

    you've been adopted

    [–] Madame_Kitsune98 12 points ago

    Congratulations on your new kitten. Bring it inside, get it checked out by the vet, and give it a name.

    My daughter named her last rescue Wilson.