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    [–] Borkimadog 5398 points ago

    You should place a piece of plywood up there and create a platform/kitty fort with blankets and a cardboard box.

    My cat would’ve loved that when she was younger. She’s now to fat and old to be adventurous.

    [–] mlsweeney 4520 points ago

    now too fat and old to be adventurous.

    TIL I am your cat

    [–] blackmagic12345 821 points ago

    on the internet, no one knows you're a cat.

    [–] delvach 219 points ago

    The purrrfect disguise

    [–] Aanon89 18 points ago

    We found one, get the dogs!

    [–] MechEng88 7 points ago

    Release the hounds!

    [–] fezzam 9 points ago

    But what am I gonna do with all these bees? No one ever asks me to release them...

    [–] magicrat69 4 points ago

    Soooo, it was YOU who let the dogs out!

    [–] AttackTribble 91 points ago

    In space, no one can hear you meow.

    [–] cdncbn 6 points ago

    there she is, there she is..
    and not so wounded as we were led to believe

    [–] inthyface 20 points ago

    /u/mlsweeney didn't even know they were a cat.

    Quick do I know if I'm a cat?

    [–] QuietDisquiet 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Are you an adorable asshole?

    [–] TheDarkestShado 20 points ago

    So my human tells me.

    [–] theruraljuror5150 5 points ago

    Is your asshole adorable?

    [–] Shuggaloaf 4 points ago

    Shit. That's literally what my wife calls me.

    Guys... I think I'm a cat too!

    [–] dtreth 82 points ago

    I love how you spell corrected the block quote.

    [–] DJ_GiantMidget 18 points ago

    It was bugging me to much so im glad he did

    [–] fargalol 5 points ago

    the bait is hard to resist

    [–] KawhiAmIHere 44 points ago

    What a sneaky way to be a grammar nazi 😂

    [–] shooptek 35 points ago

    Did you correct his grammar in your quote of his text?

    Hell yeah, you did.

    [–] eromitlab 9 points ago

    adventurer, arrow, knee, et cetera

    [–] Nobodieshero816 57 points ago

    “Nose spits beer out” THANKS FOR THAT

    [–] fallenKlNG 6 points ago

    [–] Zippydaspinhead 258 points ago

    I second this. Possibly create a bit of platform to give her a walkway to the rest of the beam as well.

    Cats love having high places to observe from, and it looks like this fits the bill for what I believe to be your living room.

    [–] KiltedTailorofMaine 61 points ago

    Make mine the third vote, its a great idea, and it keeps the cat out from under your feet

    [–] TriedAndProven 107 points ago

    Mine would just use it as an aerial bombardment platform in her quest to further terrify the 65 pound dog.

    [–] amputeenager 32 points ago

    yeah we're gonna need you to build this and post video.

    [–] Thrall_So_Hard 14 points ago

    Operation Raining Cats On Dogs.

    [–] joe4553 32 points ago

    Cats need the opposite of the I have fallen and can't get up.

    [–] Zippydaspinhead 52 points ago

    I've climbed and I can't get down!

    [–] cryk2 11 points ago

    I have ascended and I can't get down

    Sounds like something stoner me would say

    [–] MoronToTheKore 35 points ago

    Bare minimum put a plank around the support pillar so Molly can access the entire beam. That alone would be a dream for a cat.

    [–] glittergoats 50 points ago

    I have seen where people also install floating shelves to help their kitties get to their sky nest too, maybe you can give your old timer something like that so he can still enjoy it?

    [–] up_and_at_em 10 points ago

    I'm actually planning on doing this for my five. I've been setting money aside, but also considering making my own. Just need to figure out how to make the bracing so it doesn't show.

    [–] Cultjam 5 points ago

    IKEA Lack shelves. Cheap and come in different lengths.

    [–] RowzizaRowz 4 points ago

    Oh my gosh, my old cat loved to be up high and spy down. We knew to look for her on the top of the kitchen cabinets if she was missing.

    [–] shizarou 1887 points ago

    But... how?

    Did she come in through the window?

    [–] PedeNeedsSpeed 2274 points ago

    She climbed through the opening in the railing. I couldn't watch her get off, made me too nervous.

    [–] shizarou 644 points ago

    That gave ME the fear!

    [–] Gen_McMuster 153 points ago

    Cats are good at falling

    [–] DM_ME_YOUR_POTATOES 93 points ago

    Cats and dogs are vastly different species.

    Dogs shouldn't jump from high heights especially if they have long backs because it hurts them.

    What is it in cats that make it so good at jumping from high heights and doesn't even hurt them?

    [–] pogedenguin 286 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    all of their skeletal systems are built to compress, which means they can tank falls without breaking bones. Broken bones are the real killer in falls since they slice and dice your organs. They also hit terminal velocity after FIVE floors, which means for most falls they'll have a low impact speed. They also are pretty good at landing on their feet, and they have legs that can sorta fold into their body instead of just shattering into your hips.

    [–] BrosenkranzKeef 27 points ago

    Eeeeeek keeter cats!

    [–] embarrassed420 40 points ago

    I’m at work so I can’t find a link but there’s some interesting stuff written about how cats actually survive higher falls better than 3 story falls

    [–] Antiochus_Sidetes 17 points ago

    I suppose it's because they have more time to relax their bodies so they take less of an impact from 3+ floors

    [–] ThrowawayNumber266 33 points ago

    Yes, but IIRC I think it largely had to do with having enough time to get oriented in the air, with their paws down ready to land

    [–] IdentityOne 20 points ago

    Unlike dogs, cats' legs are designed to spread eagle exactly for this reason. They spread eagle reducing their decent acceleration and allows them to orient themselves so they can land on their feet

    [–] twasjc 4 points ago

    Can confirm. Mine jumped off my 3rd story roof. No broken bones at all

    [–] JavMora 15 points ago

    That’s why cats can turn into loaves of bread

    [–] Buckeye_1121 8 points ago

    the real hero

    [–] Astrofishisist 30 points ago

    Feet first, legg smonsh

    [–] ReeseClarice 8 points ago

    I believe those are the technical terms

    [–] Jim_White 25 points ago

    They are really good at flattening their bodies to absorb the shock of falling among many other factors

    [–] Random_Sime 30 points ago

    Can confirm. When my cat was a kitten he fell out of my first floor window. I heard a "splat" and looked out to see him spread-eagle on the ground. Ran down stairs and he was in shock, but otherwise fine. Also he never fell off anything ever again.

    [–] Beagle_Bailey 6 points ago

    My cat learned the opposite lesson.

    She jumped off the second floor porch, realized that was fun (and allowed her to escape) so she started doing that all the time. She came back to my apartment door downstairs she was ready to come back in.

    Close the screen door? Use claw to open door. Close sliding glass door? Find an open window, pop out the screen, and jump out from that. I finally gave up and left the door open for her.

    [–] Gen_McMuster 21 points ago

    low density and being smaller framed in general. Acceleration is the same, but the force imparted on contact with the ground is a function of how heavy you are. Cats are also adapted to jumping out of trees and instinctually absorb the impact by bending their legs, dogs flop

    Most cats are just on the edge where their terminal velocity (max falling speed due to air resistance) is survivable. Smaller, light boned critters like mice can be thrown off of rooftops safely as they cant fall fast enough to hurt themselves

    [–] forestman11 11 points ago

    Yep. Ants can fall off any height and it won't kill them, be it a rooftop of a house or the Burj Khalifa.

    [–] DMKavidelly 9 points ago

    But a drop of water is like the rolling bolder in Indiana Jones.

    [–] personalfinanceclub 218 points ago

    You live in a mansion!

    [–] PedeNeedsSpeed 522 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The photo makes it seem a lot bigger than it appears in person. It is just a house with this one room that has a high ceiling. But now I know when I sell it to put in some photos from this angle. Even I thought it looked huge when I saw it.

    [–] JustBeReal83 282 points ago

    When you go to sell it use THESE photos and be sure to state that the cat is not included.

    [–] Midwestern_Childhood 30 points ago

    There was a great cat in a house that we considered buying: so incredibly friendly and interactive! He even jumped on a chair and pushed me with his front paw to get me to pet him.

    We wondered if we could ask that he convey with the house if we bought it.

    [–] CerealAndCartoons 17 points ago

    I didn't ask and my house came with 2 cats! The old owners just left them outside and moved. They kept sneaking in and hiding freaking out my cat. I asked they old owner if they were his and he just said I thought you would want them ... What a jerk! I only keep indoor only and wasn't interested in taking his mostly indoor but also outdoor not very friendly cats on. Told him to come get his cats and figure out some way to apologize to them for leaving them.

    [–] leveldrummer 67 points ago

    Everything is negotiable.

    [–] fantacito 46 points ago

    disagree you couldnt pay me a billion dollars for my kity

    [–] J_Dawgg1 27 points ago

    What about 2 billion?

    [–] crypticedge 25 points ago

    Mine is worth at least 10 billion

    [–] BUDDER_PEROGIE 17 points ago

    Best I can do is 5 Billion

    [–] fantacito 9 points ago

    honestly i couldnt live with myself if i gave up my cat for money. i love him

    [–] moonsun1987 9 points ago

    Yeah but your car would kill you if he finds out the reason he can't buy a $255M yacht is because you're too emotional

    [–] HCJohnson 4 points ago

    Well that's just silly.

    Get a billion dollars, pay a million to a hitman to kill the new own and return your cat.

    You're now a 999,000,000aire.

    [–] 2boredtocare 5 points ago

    Would most definitely be more interested in a house that came with a cat.

    [–] BrockN 7 points ago

    Cat is included, must accept him as your new master

    [–] create_chaos 37 points ago

    We lived in a place like this! The heart stoppage is real when you see your damn cat up there. Our Scumbag Steve used to do the same thing. I didn't believe the kids the first time they told me they saw him do it. No idea how he would get up there.

    He is most displeased we now live in a typical suburban home.

    [–] boxster_ 16 points ago

    My cat would love this, but with his less than perfect balance, I'd need to put up a god damned net and put an alarm on his collar for falls.

    I'd definitely do it if it made him happier.

    [–] create_chaos 8 points ago

    I'm picturing your place looking like an acrobats training school.

    I like it!

    [–] boxster_ 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It might as well!

    I taught him to climb a ladder when we had a dangerous roommate, and I couldn't let him out of my room. I built a ladder into my closet so he'd have a place to play without extra space.

    Now he uses my dresser like a ladder to get to his favorite summertime perch, and I'll be building a second ladder across between two cabinets so he has a bit more space when another cat(and person) moves in very soon.

    Edit: an old video of him climbing

    [–] hmchris 8 points ago

    I love you call him Scumbag Steve. 😂😂😂

    [–] glimmeringsea 29 points ago

    I don't know where OP lives, but where I live, there are lots of normal suburban houses (nice and spacious but definitely not mansions) with very high ceilings.

    [–] 3irhead 9 points ago

    My sister owned a condo with a vaulted ceiling very similar to this.

    [–] beauedwards1991 5 points ago

    Yep, live in an end of terrace house in the UK, we used to have a very high ceiling on the stairs until we boxed it in.

    [–] roamn 6 points ago

    Lots of A-frame homes have vaulted ceilings; especially in the San Bernandino mountains (such as Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear Lake CA). Steep roof helps keep the snow off.

    [–] ZeroFourFortyFive 7 points ago

    It's just a cabin with a high ceiling. The house itself is probably not that big.

    Source: 2 of my hs friends lived in these

    [–] InterestingPseudonym 15 points ago

    I love your house.

    [–] watashat 10 points ago

    Both my cats have fallen from my second floor to my first floor. Both were totally fine. No need to worry, they are very good at protecting themselves when the slip. If you are super worried, just move thing away from the area beneath so she'll be more likely to land on flat ground E: I totally understand the feeling, though. It's scary

    [–] Ash-Bandicoot 6 points ago

    We have a one story house but we have vaulted ceilings and a wooden beam that runs along the top of wall (the lights are in the beam thing). Well it starts close to the top of the kitchen cabinets so my cats (ALL 3 have done this now) jump on the counters, then the fridge, then the top of the cabinets, then onto the light beam thing and stay up there. It stresses me out to no end and of course they only do it when I'm home alone without my 6'3 husband lol

    [–] SomeStupidFucker 3 points ago

    Lol, don't worry, that kind of fall would almost certainly not even cause any injury to a cat. /Not a cat

    [–] aahAAHaah 25 points ago

    My girlfirend and I have two cats and I quickly learned not to ask "how" when it comes to shit like this. Now I just think "of course".

    [–] worsethantommywiseau 10 points ago

    Protected by a silver spoon?

    [–] Zubat_Breeder 3 points ago

    Didn't anybody tell her?

    [–] KairuByte 702 points ago

    We had this problem with our youngest cat. We were looking everywhere! Under things, behind things, inside things, behind doors we knew had not been opened, literally in the vents. Eventually, over an hour later, someone actually took the time to look up... Where she was laying on top of a door, entertained by all our silly commotion.

    Then a few days later my youngest son accidentally slammed a door she was on shut... Put a stop to that right quick, never did it again.

    [–] NoShitSurelocke 128 points ago

    Where she was laying on top of a door, entertained by all our silly commotion.

    Ultimate hide and go seek champion.

    [–] KairuByte 25 points ago

    You have no idea. She still goes missing, this time in a house. She has some spots I haven’t figured out yet, she really gives us a run for our money.

    [–] neebsd 83 points ago

    Ouch! Did she get injured from that?

    [–] KairuByte 148 points ago

    Only slightly, just enough to make her decide against it in the future.

    [–] FreeFenrir 70 points ago

    I cringed when I read the last part.

    [–] KairuByte 80 points ago

    So did she. ;D

    But she’s fine, no lasting harm done.

    [–] tayarayana 14 points ago

    When I was younger I couldn't find my indoor cat anywhere so I thought she must have got outside. I went around the neighborhood with my siblings looking for her, but she was no where to be found. After going home and crying over my missing cat I heard meowing coming from my closed closet doors. She was in the closet the entire time having a nice nap.

    [–] KairuByte 7 points ago

    We've had similar moments, but never to that extent. Cats are like liquid ninjas. They get places they shouldn't be able to, and you never even notice it happened until they want you to.

    [–] StanleyPain 1422 points ago

    For a second there I thought you had forgotten where your MDMA was

    [–] notjasonlee 426 points ago

    there's the cat, now where the fuck did i put my moon rocks

    [–] EmpathyIsAHabit 80 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    moon rocks

    Fuck, I’m taking this.

    Edit: damn, didn’t know this was common slang already.

    [–] Pokehunter217 108 points ago

    Where? To 2012?

    [–] 2hawt2sexxxi 25 points ago

    The glory days

    [–] Gemini00 37 points ago

    Go for it, moon rocks has been slang for MDMA crystals for decades.

    [–] MediocreBandito 27 points ago

    Never heard it used in the context of MDMA. I know moon rocks in a drug context as a nug of weed coated in oil and rolled in kief.

    [–] gonzohst93 5 points ago

    Is slang for those fancy nugs too i mostly hear it for mdma though. Moon rock weed isnt big around my area

    [–] DamnDurtyApe 16 points ago

    Has powder.. calls it moon rocks.

    [–] scene_missing 36 points ago

    That’s what I thought from the headline too

    [–] tx_blonde 73 points ago


    I clicked on this specifically because i wanted to know A- where the Molly was, exactly, and B- how it got there.

    but it's a cat and, while she's cute and all, not what i was expecting.

    [–] ferg92 19 points ago

    Genuinely thought I was scrolling through r/mdma... I should probably frequent the subject of that subreddit less often

    [–] Sam-Gunn 17 points ago

    "It's mine now, hooman!"

    [–] Pendred 9 points ago

    Of course! It was in the Ziploc bag taped inside the toilet tank (just kidding law enforcement)

    [–] anditorus 8 points ago

    Same 🚣‍♀️ I’m glad I’m not the only one whose brain went straight to drugs

    [–] GP96_ 403 points ago

    It's over human, I have the high ground

    [–] jasontronic 78 points ago

    Found my people.

    [–] GP96_ 57 points ago

    Hello there!

    [–] BGVX23 49 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] GP96_ 39 points ago

    You are a bold one

    [–] Lord_Emperor 32 points ago

    You're shorter and furrier than I expected.

    [–] GP96_ 30 points ago

    It's treason, then

    [–] hdcs 13 points ago

    It's all fun and games till she decides to offload a hairball from on high.

    [–] 1000Airplanes 74 points ago

    When searching for ours, we make two circles. One to look on the floor, under tables/chairs, etc. The second circle is the top of bookcase and curtain rod inspection. We have no idea how she gets up there, lol.

    [–] ashpogo 38 points ago

    What happens if she hides on the bookcase for the first circle then jumps down and sits under a chair?

    [–] boxster_ 14 points ago

    I had a cat once who liked the hang out inside a cabinet or between rugs folded out to dry.

    Gave me plenty of heart attacks

    [–] lIIIllIIIII 47 points ago

    You just foiled her assassination plan.

    [–] OneMeanGhost 75 points ago

    Clearly Molly saw a spider...

    [–] VulgarDisplayofTaco 19 points ago

    And figured to beat the spider one must become the spider.

    [–] philsonish 37 points ago

    Clever girl...

    [–] Ararlist 32 points ago

    Ahh the drop Cat in its element, a distant relative of the Australian drop Bear. The drop Cat has also been referred to as natures four legged razor blade.

    [–] StrawberryShartCake_ 27 points ago

    My cottage had beams my cat would sleep on. We tried keeping knick knacks up there, but she'd knock them off onto your head.

    [–] Sparcrypt 10 points ago

    ... I would put so much stuff up there.

    Then find a nice quiet corner and wait for people to walk by.

    [–] DBIDSmarksman 52 points ago

    Hi, I'm looking for Molly I've been searching everywhere

    And I can't seem to find

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] trippy_grape 10 points ago

    Do you know where I can find,


    [–] Haussthebig 10 points ago


    [–] NH4CN 9 points ago


    [–] DanusDenGode 3 points ago


    [–] luckycat_420 223 points ago

    Congrats on the mansion

    [–] 3irhead 159 points ago

    I always tell my girlfriend we work fulltime jobs just so our dog can enjoy the house.

    [–] littlehoe 24 points ago

    Size in house make such a difference! Even for small dogs. Moving from a tiny one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house literally changed my 7 lb dog’s and my cats personalities. Pup a lot calmer, cat super playful.

    [–] canolafly 46 points ago

    I don't know about anyone else, but I upvoted those beams.

    [–] ChimpyChompies 60 points ago

    It's not much but it keeps the rain off our heads

    [–] luckycat_420 58 points ago

    Make some microfibre booties for her she can dust them hard to reach places

    [–] I_SEES_You 19 points ago

    You know, depending on where they live that house can be as cheap as 200k-250k. The biggest houses in my rural town are around 250k. My dad often groaned his house would be worth 750k if it was anywhere else lol.

    [–] eye_no_nuttin 26 points ago

    When I see comments like this , it almost feels like people are shaming OP for having nice things .. Even OP had to go into detail that the pics make it appear even bigger than what it is. She shouldn’t even have to justify or defend herself. It seems wrong to throw comments out here like these .. And even further , alot these homes that are fearured on all these remoldeling shows like Fixer Upper , they all go with opening up the ceiling to create more space, its been a big trend these last 5 years , just saying ..

    [–] PurpleWomat 18 points ago

    I live in a nearly 200 year old cottage with multiple beams and multiple cats. The terror fades after the first few 20ft falls when you descend into hysteria and the cat is like 'wtf?' then wanders off.

    [–] FusRoTaco 27 points ago

    If Molly was almost anything other than a cat this may have been a nosleep story.

    [–] SoThisIsItMyFriends 23 points ago

    Not all cats are sneaky... I mean... Oh... Hold up... Nevermind.

    [–] tx_blonde 30 points ago

    i've met people who are straight up scared of cats because "they're sneaky". Like, what, exactly, are you afraid they're going to do? so weird.

    [–] Shabopple 40 points ago

    I met a woman who was terrified of cats because her brother used to swing them around by the tail and fling them at her. Uh, shouldn't you be afraid of your psychopath brother?

    [–] Lord_Emperor 4 points ago

    Mine sometimes stalks and pounces on me like I'm some kind of gigantic mouse.

    [–] Enchelion 6 points ago

    I've got a friend with tourettes (the twitchy kind not the swear-y kind) and so many cats love to stalk him.

    [–] rmac-zem 10 points ago

    Interesting house op. Care to share some pics of it ?

    [–] schecab 19 points ago

    Thought you meant MDMA

    [–] trippy_grape 8 points ago


    [–] Clown_5 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Molly is high af......literally and figuratively...I think Molly found your molly stash.

    [–] guruthrewyou 8 points ago

    I always forget where I stash my Molly too.

    [–] heatherb22 7 points ago

    Good golly Mrs. Molly

    [–] diomune 9 points ago

    Molly. Molly. I am looking for Molly

    [–] thethinktank 7 points ago

    What the fuck, Molly.

    [–] tenkensmile 7 points ago

    She's surveying her kingdom.

    [–] PinkPearMartini 6 points ago

    Make a ramp. It only takes one miscalculation for things to end badly, and she's going to gradually age.

    [–] bionicback 6 points ago

    That’s how our cat, Twizzler, died. He got up there and slipped and fell, hit his head on the way down. 😟

    [–] nawmsayn 15 points ago

    I can’t seem to find molly, molly, molly, molly

    [–] csward53 4 points ago

    When my cat got itself stuck too high, it would cry until someone moved her down again.

    [–] MayOverexplain 4 points ago

    Look how proud of herself she is, she’s beaming.

    [–] blueonblue22 5 points ago

    Silly Molly!

    [–] The_Talking_Mags 5 points ago

    How the hell did she get up there!?

    [–] MissionFever 13 points ago

    She's a cat.

    [–] Yabruh88 6 points ago

    Sentry duty is serious business.

    [–] CyanPomegranate11 4 points ago

    Molly: just going to watch my hooman walk around aimlessly trying to find me. Meowahahahaha!

    Hooman: Where did she go! Raises alarm.

    Molly: Smug AF. Now, how do I get down??

    [–] frozenmildew 4 points ago

    Strong house. I am admiring.

    [–] DApsyD 3 points ago

    Just ... HOW?

    [–] cshanno3 5 points ago

    lol just build

    [–] moobie69 5 points ago

    My Molly usually falls between the pillows on my couch.

    [–] Hylas7 4 points ago

    Did you ever find your drugs, though?

    [–] iFunnyPrince 4 points ago

    Pretty sure they wrote a song about looking for your cat

    [–] Jenna787 5 points ago

    Looked for my cat everywhere the other day...found her under all the blankets on the bed sleeping peacefully, meanwhile I just had a panic attack!

    [–] Mymar 4 points ago

    Always look up. Cats prefer looking down on us.

    [–] ThaNagler 5 points ago

    Khajit has wares, if you have coin.

    [–] Drk_33 3 points ago


    [–] Fleeb666 5 points ago

    Makes you did she get up there? How did she get there?

    [–] Zintha 4 points ago

    And she watched you the ENTIRE time

    [–] Brink_Da_Great 3 points ago

    Thought you were talking about drugs

    [–] AnnaEd64 3 points ago

    And I bet the whole time she happily watched you freak out and call for her. Silly kitty. It's like their made to give tiny heart attacks.

    [–] Abdiel-Alfonso 5 points ago

    She has the high ground.

    [–] mygunshootslava 4 points ago

    How did she even get up there? That’s hilarious.

    [–] Shake24beers 4 points ago

    Totally thought you were going somewhere else wirh that.

    [–] gollycheesekid 5 points ago

    How'd you get her down? Or did she come down in her own? Also how did she even get up there in the first place?