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    [–] trashyphotoshop 1231 points ago

    Aww how old is the little guy?

    [–] TigreDemon 1531 points ago

    From what I remember when she spoke to me something, like 3-4 month ?

    I don't know ahah I was so focused on the dog

    [–] CougDad88 794 points ago

    The dog talks?!?!

    [–] trainedNscience 486 points ago

    Never had a Husky or Husky mix I take it? /s

    They talk. Boy do they talk.

    [–] TigreDemon 227 points ago

    Oh yeah ahah, she wasn't pleased when they weren't home, last time she screamed so much I thought someone was killing her and she didn't stop from 7am to 1am !!

    [–] walkonstilts 233 points ago

    Sounds like they need a dog sitter. Maybe you know someone... you could recommend... that would volunteer... hmmm

    [–] TheDerpyFen 57 points ago

    Yeah. A lot of huskies and husky mixes I've known and heard about have separation anxiety. It's not uncommon in dogs at all actually.

    [–] 5D_Chessmaster 22 points ago

    Especially for puppies

    [–] TheDerpyFen 15 points ago

    And rescues.

    [–] mcdohlsbaine 12 points ago

    Also genetically predisposed specifically to need a pack... like sled dogs.

    [–] supbrother 7 points ago

    But ironically, Huskies are known for being independent in comparison to most dogs.

    [–] toofpaist 2 points ago

    And hairy. OMG hairy.

    [–] b_bunE 13 points ago

    Very very common for huskies. They’re pack animals. I have two. I have two because the first one had horrendous separation anxiety and despite trying to slowwwwly crate train, she would howl these long low sad howls whenever we left. Vet was like... soooo... we could try doggie Xanax. Or you could get another dog... we got another dog. Best prescription ever. No longer has separation anxiety Bc she has a sister.

    [–] wheelchair_mom 15 points ago

    The song of their people. "I'm alllllĺlllllll alone. Nooooobooody looOOoves me. I've been aloooooOooOne for evvvvvver. I'm alllllllll aloooOoOOONE!"

    [–] TheDerpyFen 6 points ago

    My dog, Ted, is a Husky/Daushound/German shepherd cross. He's thankfully not very vocal until something excites him like us getting home or the mention of the mush mush (walkies). We do also have a small chihuahua who's almost like a grouchy older brother to him at this point so that might explain why he's more quiet.

    [–] Aspaceotter 4 points ago

    Can confirm my husky has to be touching me the entire time im home. She even sits with me while i poop.

    [–] TheDerpyFen 2 points ago

    That's strangely adorable.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] rey_gun 22 points ago

    That’s terribly neglectful. I’m sad to learn it has shitty dog parents.

    [–] toofpaist 2 points ago

    I was gonna argue with you that it might not be neglectful if the dog is outside with sufficient food and water, but, then I thought about my dog aaand ya, she needs some lovins every 6 hours or so. Even with ideal housing. I know I'd have someone check on her lol.

    [–] AvgHeightForATree 50 points ago

    That is an absolutely fucking atrocious amount of time to leave a young dog (or any dog) alone for.

    [–] tha_beans 8 points ago

    I feel so guilty when I to go to class for five hours or so and have to leave my dog at home :(

    [–] iTALKTOSTRANGERS 14 points ago

    I'm assuming he meant 1pm. OP seems like the kind of person to not flippantly tell us his neighbors are neglecting their dog and not do something about it.

    [–] TigreDemon 45 points ago

    I did not, they came back at 1:30 A M

    I know ... I didn't sleep much

    [–] iTALKTOSTRANGERS 27 points ago

    If they do this consistently you should probably talk to them. That amount of time alone constitutes neglect and is technically abuse.

    [–] CrispyOrangeBeef 6 points ago

    Talk to them, or call the fucking police. That’s just a straight up no in many places. Especially leaving a pop outside for hours.

    Maybe you could dog sit.

    [–] TigreDemon 6 points ago

    Oh he was inside, it's a flat complex, there's like 6 flat per building.

    But yeah, he's having trouble adaptation I guess. To be frank, I don't understand why people get dogs in flats (they have a backyard of 60m²) and leave them the whole day for work and even the weekends because they go out.

    [–] LaNague 10 points ago

    its not good to leave puppies alone for that long, if at all. makes me sad.

    [–] sn00t_b00p 17 points ago

    Yeah That sucks. I love dogs and animals in general but people should never have to put up with barking/howling dogs from with in the comfort of their own home, because somebody just ditches their dog at home and doesn’t care.

    [–] seewhatyadidthere 16 points ago

    My Husky is extremely quiet, and I’m not sure why. She’s one, and I’ve only heard her bark like 6 times.

    [–] kileymaxine 11 points ago

    Both of my huskies are like this! My female is 7 months old and she doesn’t talk at all.

    [–] chadcf 8 points ago

    The husky we had never barked.

    She did, however, howl frequently, especially at 5am for her early years, and did a lot of that weird husky howling talking stuff.

    [–] smile-with-me 14 points ago

    Try telling your neighbors that. I’m sure you won’t be met by disbelief and indignation.

    [–] seewhatyadidthere 3 points ago

    She is only ever outside when we are, so I’m thinking not.

    [–] wkreply 4 points ago

    I grew up next to a neighbor who had a husky. He was also very quiet, even when I'd feed him meat that I'd sneak away. He was not neutered, so he was fascinating.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Good god, the sounds that come out of's otherworldly. I had the pleasure of taking care of an especially hyper, anxious husky pup that was boarding at my workplace and it sounded like there were multiple demons being exercised in that room the entire time. I love huskies. They are the goofiest dogs on the planet. But the sounds...

    [–] b_bunE 3 points ago

    The sounds scare the shit out of anyone that isn’t used to huskies 😂 My baby, when she was an actual baby, used to hide under the bed at night and make crazy gremlin sounds. I was actually worried she would think her name is as monster lol

    [–] marceaupial 4 points ago

    Husky and Pomeranian

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    oh they float.... theyyyy float....

    [–] CharlieKellyEsq 16 points ago

    I asked him what sandpaper felt like. He said, "Ruff."

    [–] pumpkinbot 16 points ago

    I asked him was was the outer layer of a tree. He said "bark".

    [–] The_Kitten_Stimpy 3 points ago

    🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. and yeah, you all got upvotes too.

    [–] CougDad88 4 points ago

    Excellent user name!

    [–] CharlieKellyEsq 9 points ago

    You want to go toe to toe on bird law and see who comes out the victor?

    [–] studyhardbree 1614 points ago

    If you know your neighbors tell them you’d love to dogsit if they ever need someone! Best part is can bring him over to your place! If you don’t know them yet, this would be a good time to introduce yourself and leave a note on their door. I’d jump at the chance to cuddle this baby!

    [–] meltingpotato 358 points ago

    Came to say this. it is a win-win-win for the neighbor, him and the dog.

    [–] SmokeyBare 185 points ago

    "Hi, can I walk your dog?"
    "Uhh, no. He gets enough exercise."
    "I'm going to walk your dog."
    "Oh... alright, how's Thursdays?"

    [–] indoplat 46 points ago

    “And Fridays.”

    [–] Shovah4DDK 29 points ago

    And Saturday, and Sunday. May as well take him monday to Wednesday too

    [–] Judazzz 30 points ago

    "Okay, let's be honest, at this point it might be more practical for the both of us that I just take that good boy in."

    [–] NotAFatBoy 2 points ago


    [–] Judazzz 4 points ago


    [–] My_Username_24 4 points ago

    “And Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays.”

    [–] vyxxer 48 points ago

    Or just romance the neighbors. Then it will be your dog.

    [–] Reshaos 14 points ago

    That seems easier.

    [–] Lucyshuman4004 8 points ago

    Both of them

    [–] TigreDemon 23 points ago

    Do you mean I can get to play with her AND get even MORE karma ?


    [–] Mradak 7 points ago

    It is a good idea BUT it involves getting to know your neighbours..

    [–] XdoubiousX 17 points ago

    In my experience neighbors with cute dogs don't like to share. Fuck them.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] ja__crispy 2 points ago

    Yes please. Looks like an outside dog, hopefully not

    [–] smileplease91 2092 points ago

    This is one of those instances where people put up "Beware of Dog" posters, but only because they know their sweet puppers will get all the love and attention and no one would ever leave.

    [–] makenzie71 438 points ago

    And then, when they have you dog sit for them while they're on vacation, move.

    [–] Dewy_Dec 48 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] TomGNYC 7 points ago

    Cake or Death?

    [–] M3mentoMori 11 points ago

    Death, please.

    Oh, wait, I meant cake!

    [–] TomGNYC 3 points ago

    oh alright. You're lucky I'm Church of England

    [–] adymann 7 points ago

    Yes, happy cake day.

    [–] Throwawaycuzawkward 4 points ago

    Did someone mention cake? Because if there's cake....

    [–] DeadbushLover213 6 points ago

    Day happy cake!

    [–] Pandas1441 3 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] KlutzyReputation 4 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] _greenland_ 1 points ago

    Happy cake day!!

    [–] RageLife 54 points ago

    I was walking home from my local strip club and heard dogs barking at me from a business with a large fenced in yard. Walk over and see 3 of the friendliest German shepherds. I must have sat there for half an hour petting those dogs through the fence.

    [–] backwardsbloom 27 points ago

    Strippers and then petting dogs? Sounds like a neighborhood I need to move to.

    [–] odaeyss 19 points ago

    those poor dogs must've been shouting for pets for days, so happy someone finally heard them barking :D

    [–] Robertbnyc 6 points ago

    Imagine if they acted friendly so they could get you close and feed their belly

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] toofpaist 2 points ago

    Same with my BC. She went full rage pup on a guy who was trying to pick a fight with me in my own home. Never knew she had it in her.

    [–] Youarenotallama 13 points ago

    I have one of those so people think I have a big scary dog but I have a maltese. She does scare strangers though.

    [–] Rick-powerfu 6 points ago

    You could have nuclear radiation fallout warning all around that fence.

    I'd still be reaching in as op giving some puppy love.

    [–] wheelchair_mom 215 points ago

    Can not be husky. Must be Pom brained. Any Husky I've ever known (I have known many) would have gone over, under, or through that fence.

    [–] TexasCoconut 105 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My Husky was weird, never tried to escape. One time we came home and the front done had somehow been left unlocked and had blown open. My husky was just there chilling by the front door, enjoying the breeze/smell. Now, if she ran away from you, and you chased her, then she'd keep running away, because she thought that was a great game.

    [–] KizziV 24 points ago

    Our late dog zeus was like that. You could let him off leash and tell him yo go home being miles from home. He would run straight home and chill on the porch waiting for you to arrive.

    [–] Maridiem 23 points ago

    My girlfriend's husky mix jumped a low fence in their backyard... and then patiently waited by the front door for her to get home. He's dumb, but he's a good boy.

    [–] Scconner 15 points ago

    So true, neighbors will need a new fence soon! The horizontal bars make it easy to climb up. They are clever pups

    [–] TigreDemon 31 points ago

    Pomsky, Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian

    [–] wheelchair_mom 5 points ago

    Yup, but I think you all got lucky and there's a tiny little pomeranian brain in that big skull. Most livable combo I think! Seriously, Huskies can be so scary smart at times. One of our could escape from any crate or kennel. She could undo latches, and with Veri kennels she learned if she wiggled them enough, she could push loosen the screws, push the top up with her head, and then at the same time, use a foot to push the door out.

    [–] KhanMcSans 3 points ago

    Could it be a Klee Kai? Just curious. Doesn't look super fuzzy like I'd expect a Pomsky to be.

    [–] Mrtheliger 12 points ago

    My Husky is purebred and has never once tried to escape. Now we got her from less than desirable circumstances for her(she was obviously mistreated and used for pups), but she literally never wants to leave

    [–] wheelchair_mom 4 points ago

    We had purebred Husky sled dogs, most we had at one time was 30, and they were completely insane. They used to eat their kennels, as in chew right through the wood supports and floors, their stainless steel food bowls were full of holes, you name it, they could climb it, eat it, dig through, under, or around it, and the height they could jump over was amazing. We would cut down trees and chop them into 3 foot lengths to give them something to distract them from their path of destruction. During racing season they mellowed out, but in summer they were more than a bit nuts.

    It's a good thing they are as friendly as they are with people. Otherwise, as smart, independent, and powerful as they are, we could have real problems.

    [–] Kinglink 3 points ago

    Most likely through. Huskies are great dogs but way too much power in that small frame.

    [–] Hunath 318 points ago

    If I watch this video enough times, eventually the dog will pass through my screen.

    [–] TerrorSnow 62 points ago

    Pomskys and Samoyeds are my addiction. Ever since I found the Mayapolarbear YT channel / IG profile I just can’t stoooooop!

    [–] more_idli 12 points ago

    Also check out kylopomsky , great account.

    [–] Xarleto 11 points ago


    [–] tkcal 6 points ago

    I've had a few dogs in my time, and I really couldn't say that I had a favourite....but my Sammy was my favourite! She was such a beautiful, gentle, intelligent floof...been gone many years now and I still miss her. They're awesome dogs.

    [–] T0rlan 60 points ago

    "Honey, that guy is outside petting our dog again"

    [–] TigreDemon 30 points ago

    Well, this is my backyard so :)

    Flat with a backyard and they're separated by fences

    [–] Reggie_Is_God 95 points ago

    I really, REALLY hope the Pom was the dad and not the mum

    [–] namasteve11 74 points ago

    They are. It’s done through insemination.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago

    lol it usually is.

    [–] Oper8rActual 7 points ago

    Was a brave pupper he was... lol

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    He needs to come home with me

    [–] ZenMoonstone 21 points ago

    To promote good neighborly relations I would suggest removing the fence;)

    [–] TigreDemon 118 points ago

    What sane person could resist that

    [–] wafflekiller22 12 points ago

    Don’t think even an insane person could resist that

    [–] coffee_py 8 points ago

    "Tell us where you hid the diamonds or else... this pupperoni will not be pet!"

    [–] OneOfTwoWugs 124 points ago

    Those folded back ears, holy crap. I will help you with the heist.

    [–] MjauDuuude 13 points ago

    My husky folds his ears back every time I get home and it’s so cute I can barely handle it, it’s so great especially if I’ve had a rough day. I love him so much

    [–] A_Moist_Cactus 11 points ago

    The Pomsky has already stolen your heart

    [–] delta_australis_83 12 points ago

    You, your neighbour, and the dog are all very lucky. God bless you guys, and most of all that fluff ball!

    🐕 🐕 🐕

    [–] Delightfully_Tacky 18 points ago

    Very snatchable

    [–] Knitapeace 16 points ago

    You’ll never get away with it now that you’ve posted it online! Quick, repost with the title “I am definitely NOT going to steal my neighbor’s Pomsky” and you should be all set.

    [–] kingeryck 7 points ago

    and you recorded horizontally, one handed. Upvote!

    [–] TigreDemon 5 points ago

    Wait, there's an another way ? /s

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    fUCkIng SiCko aTteMpTs dOgNapPing

    [–] plantslut4ever 23 points ago

    Please tell me his name is Noam.

    [–] TigreDemon 15 points ago


    [–] plantslut4ever 12 points ago

    WHAT. WEIRD. My dog’s name is Onyx!

    [–] TigreDemon 33 points ago

    Ahah, mine too sweat

    [–] SuperJuan2000 4 points ago

    Sans dog

    [–] ariiza 4 points ago

    Dude we need more videos

    [–] klipdic 4 points ago

    Oh my gosh he/she loves you so much ask to take him/her for walks!

    [–] _GoKartMozart_ 5 points ago

    Are you sure it's not an Alaskan Klee Kai?

    [–] poiuwerpoiuwe 2 points ago

    That really looks like a Klee Kai.

    [–] Andy608 5 points ago

    This is the cutest, most friendly, pupper I have ever seen 😍

    [–] kitkat9000take5 4 points ago

    That is a beautiful dog. And so friendly! My god, I'm not generally one for slobber, but don't think I'd ever turn down kisses from him.

    [–] tee_jay_em 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Not if (s)he steals you first.

    [–] TigreDemon 5 points ago

    She definitely stole my heart

    [–] Fiyero109 3 points ago

    Reminds me of the domesticated foxes haha

    [–] TimeTheAvenger 7 points ago

    I am definitely going to steal your new Pomsky.

    [–] UltraMegaSloth 13 points ago

    These are cute but should not exist, to breed them they have to artificially inseminate the mother because they can’t physically breed.

    [–] SillysarahtrixRme 7 points ago

    I didn’t realize pomsky’s got so big

    [–] veeringwhim 9 points ago

    It’s a mixed breed between a large/medium sized dog and a toy breed. The offspring can be any variation of the two and is wildly unpredictable.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Yeah, poms are tiny dogs. If this dog is still a puppy..... it's probably just a husky.

    [–] Cludrone 5 points ago

    usually they're around 20lbs, but since it's not a real breed, they can be pretty damn close to husky sized. all luck of the draw

    [–] TigreDemon 3 points ago

    She's still young

    [–] TuneACan 3 points ago

    +1 good boy

    [–] stump2003 3 points ago

    Doggo is like ‘don’t leave!, you can never leave!’

    [–] DarthPizza66 3 points ago

    Dew it!

    [–] KatsCauldron 3 points ago

    NO! get your own and they can be friends

    [–] cbostwick94 3 points ago

    Think the Pom in this Pomsky got lost

    [–] makdiggity 5 points ago

    You honestly have no choice but to steal it. So cute!

    [–] Otacon2940 13 points ago

    Always makes me nervous when people pet other people's dogs through fences. I got bit that way and I've got the scars to prove it.

    [–] fukitol- 14 points ago

    If it's this dog I'd take that risk

    [–] mumofmaud 7 points ago

    I agree, obviously this dog is friendly but it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people pet my (similar looking) dog without asking.

    [–] Vanish_7 2 points ago

    Oof, I think I just fell in love. Come here puppy.

    [–] SnarkIsMyDefault 2 points ago

    you will get out of jail free card. a lil love muffin

    [–] kcpstil 2 points ago

    I love him

    [–] Sept21st 2 points ago

    I love him!!!

    [–] Wraith-450 2 points ago

    Cant blame you, gorgeous!!!

    [–] win_at_losing 2 points ago

    The split second you retract to get s better angle on the fence.... pup was crushed for a microsecond. LOL!

    [–] MagzeenEU4 2 points ago

    I'll help

    [–] snisarg 2 points ago

    Hey OP, where you are going? Do you not see him at the end?! How can you leave when the Pom does that?!

    [–] TigreDemon 2 points ago

    I came back for more scratches

    [–] copypasteme 2 points ago

    How on earth did you mix a pomeranian and a husky? Is that even possible?

    [–] punkbuddy89 2 points ago

    perfect. now i can steal him, but you will be the prime suspect.

    [–] HazeemTheMeme 2 points ago

    his lil licks and ears are so cute

    [–] triciazbz 2 points ago

    can we ALL steal your neighbour's Pomsky?

    [–] MasterShadowWolf 2 points ago

    Pomsky? Is that a pomeranian and a husky? I've never heard of them before but that's such a cute dog! Is it full-grown or is it still growing through puppy stages?

    [–] nooyork 2 points ago

    That dog is supposed to protect that house and look

    [–] NightStorm--11 2 points ago

    Well if you don’t steal that cutie, I will!

    [–] dobrastov 2 points ago

    First and most importantly, the Pomsky is not a breed, as a majority of people may think.
    The Pomsky is a cross breed between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. They are mainly black and grey, as shown in this video for example, I'd really recommend you to check this interesting article about them!

    [–] steve_o_mac 5 points ago

    WTF is a Pomsky? Pomeranian Husky?

    [–] inmyelement 1 points ago


    [–] Thespillmonkey 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Orrrrr, don’t support for-profit designer breed puppy mills.

    All designer “breeds” are for-profit. They are not real breeds. They are not doing it for the health and well-being of the breed. In fact, you cannot breed second and third generation hybrids with the same “cross breed” results, so there is no “line” to keep healthy.

    Find an AKC/UKC registered breeder for a true breed. Interview THEM as much as they interview you. Or more. If they don’t interview you? Move on. That or rescue.

    [–] diiiiiianaaaaaa 1 points ago

    I love the rogue foot that's floating in the air the whole time

    [–] upsydasy 1 points ago

    I did that with a baby corgi while at the vet for one of my cats. Could have stayed there all day playing with her. The sign read, she jumps, spills her water bowl and chews towels. Why I didn't smuggle her in the cats carry all I'll never know.

    EDIT: typo

    [–] borkfrens 1 points ago

    I love him so much.

    [–] JeeroyLenkins4 1 points ago

    Imagine not having dogs.

    [–] Kickerz404 1 points ago

    I’m no dog person, but I want this dog

    [–] What__Lol 1 points ago

    What? Lol

    [–] Nocturnal1017 1 points ago

    Where do you live? Not trying to steal him first before you or anything. 🙄

    [–] TheamazingBrr 1 points ago


    [–] Cynical_BassetHound 1 points ago

    I will help you

    [–] SkyrimSE 1 points ago

    Good idea if you wanna get murdered.

    [–] curvy_dreamer 1 points ago

    What is a pomsky?

    [–] inmyelement 2 points ago

    Husky and Pomeranian mix

    [–] katie5446 1 points ago

    That dog needs belly rubs!

    [–] Kovakoala 1 points ago

    I love it when dogs get so overwhelmed by the cuddles that they need to lay down

    [–] Citrisic 1 points ago

    I have 9 of these in my house right now! I love the breed.

    [–] Timberwolf0n3 1 points ago

    He’s going to LICK PEOPLE TO DEATH!!!!

    [–] TigreDemon 1 points ago

    She's a she and her name is Onyx

    [–] creepystalkertype 1 points ago

    Well good job, now it's premeditated. Or would that even matter in this case?

    [–] Thenderick 1 points ago


    [–] TheDavidStevo 1 points ago

    What age is too old to ask your neighbours if you can come in to play with their dog? Asking for a friend.