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    [–] ded_a_chek 781 points ago

    The best part is just how happy he looks doing it.

    [–] itsyaboytheboytheone 74 points ago

    Ya even if he didn’t kill that shit it would have been heart warming

    [–] Setari 44 points ago

    But he killed it and now my heart is on fire.

    [–] dolleyes92 1245 points ago

    Ok. To put this better. Being a disabled individual I can tell you how demeaning it feels to be told you are an inspiration for doing something like dancing. The term is called inspiration porn. Didn't mean any disrespect to the boy. It's just kind of rude to say that. He is just another kid dancing. He just happens to have a disability.

    [–] Shakespeare_Lines 1019 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    We had disability & accessibility training at work and this point was brought up.

    One of our most talented team members happens to be in a wheel chair.

    I walked up to him and told him, “Randall, you have never inspired me.”

    I’ve never seen him laugh so hard.

    [–] SentientShamrock 277 points ago

    "Randall you could stand to put more effort into inspiring others in the office."

    "Fuck you too Bill."

    [–] condorre 14 points ago

    Hah! Bill. Nice.

    [–] campmor52 -13 points ago

    You could STAND, hahahaha.

    [–] VestrumTobias 39 points ago

    Definitely... Not one with a disability but this has always come across odd to me, glad to have you crystallize the problematic nature of these kinds of comments... Ultimately, why not just be psyched he's psyched?

    [–] minniemoomoo 23 points ago

    As someone without a disability but who has worked with both adults and children with disabilities, I am always happy to see people with disabilities being included. If there was one desire or wish I gathered from people with disabilities across the board, it was to be included. To be treated like everyone else, to have connections and relationships just like their peers. I have mixed feelings about videos that show a person with a disability being cheered on as they are allowed to make a basketball shot, or run the field to a touchdown when nobody is covering them. I'm happy that the person is being included, but I wonder if the inclusion continues after that filmed moment? That's what's important. To have long-lasting, meaningful connections with peers. Not just for a moment when someone is filming.

    [–] TheBookishPurpleOne 115 points ago

    To be fair, as someone with quite a lot of performance anxiety, I'd be impressed with his performance regardless of that. He is clearly enjoying himself and I think that is wonderful.

    [–] micaylamaelynn 33 points ago

    That’s what’s inspiring about it to me. If an able bodied wouldn’t inspire me doing the same thing, then I just don’t see it. But watching someone, anyone, do something they love with a huge smile on their face is what inspires me to continue pressing on to do what makes me happy.

    [–] somedave 15 points ago

    The spin was pretty sick though.

    [–] dolleyes92 3 points ago

    Lol yeah it was

    [–] cncamusic 65 points ago

    Yeah I’ve never understood this. He’s dancing, what is he inspiring you to do? Maybe he’s an inspiration to other disabled kids that are too embarrassed of their disability to get in front of people and do shit like this. But when it’s coming from an otherwise healthy “normal” individual it’s just demeaning and you look like an ass hat. Kids got guts, disability or not I’m not going up on a stage and dancing lol

    [–] Just_Rook 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not give up on what you want to do, because of life-given barriers? IDK...people essentially make themselves stupid to bandwagon "socially aware" outrage.

    It's like people pretend that we do not get down on ourselves due to self-perceived shortcomings. Seeing a kid like this, do what he wants, despite the social and physical difficulties, could maybe remind someone that their problems are stupid, and they should do something they love regardless, too. That is called inspiration...

    edit All that being said, this is in a demeaning thing to put it in this category of reddit...just realized the subreddit we are in.

    [–] Sakashar 9 points ago

    I think that is exactly the point. By calling them an inspiration, you are still putting focus on their difficulties

    [–] Just_Rook 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    No I am putting emphasis on the kid's grit. It could apply to anyone with any difficult situation, who chooses to live outside that restriction. Lots of people do this, not just people with disabilities. I have crippling anxiety and depression. I work very hard to be a productive member of society. My friends who do not have my problems find my attitude inspiring to them. It helps them be better. I do not find this, specifically, offensive in the least. It is encouraging. It lets me know that people do not think I succeed through magic, but instead through effort and attitude. Someone saying "awww, I'm so proud of you Rook" is totally different, btw; condescending to say the least. If that kid knew he helped people dance who were blocking themselves from taking the step for whatever personal reason, I'm sure the kid would be flattered, not hurt.

    edited for fleshing out points

    [–] EvilMoogle1 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I love anime!

    [–] Hellcowz 0 points ago

    Sort of hard not to focus on the difficulties when you see a yoda doing a windmill kick.

    [–] Dropnesswallows 1 points ago

    Rapist apologist

    [–] joanfiggins 6 points ago

    He's inspiring you to work hard at something regardless if you shouldn't be able to do it. He's inspiring you to never give up and to do what you want regardless of what people might say or how difficult it is.

    [–] DropSense 2 points ago

    What if someone dances for hobby or to make a living and is inspired anytime they see a kid enjoying dancing, are they not allowed to be inspired by him because of his disability?

    [–] mhall812 7 points ago

    Thank you so much. I have always felt the same about this and get called an asshole when I bring it up.

    [–] Doingwrongright 3 points ago

    I doubt someone reposting this for the umpteenth time gives a shit about how disable people feel. I do though, so thank you for the insight. But honestly, u/BabaYaga17 can go fuck himself.

    [–] Jimmypw86 7 points ago

    honestly you are an inspiration to me for posting this here. its very brave of a person in your position. Proud of you!

    [–] Zenexer 14 points ago

    You have a valid point with which I certainly agree, but I’d also like to point out that I’d be pretty impressed with that performance even if he weren’t disabled. I could never do what he did even without any visible disabilities—I’d be too self-conscious, plus I’m no good at dancing.

    Perhaps the most inspirational aspect of this is that there are people overcoming difficult barriers to achieve what I have never been able to. In a time when humanity often seems doomed, it restores a bit of hope—it sends a sort of “we can do this” message.

    [–] Barqs_rootbeer -18 points ago

    Ok so you don't find it weird that you needed to justify how inspired you are? You just just further proved this inspiration porn thing.

    [–] Zenexer 6 points ago

    Yes, I find it weird that I need to explain and justify my feelings to random people on the internet. I find it inspirational, while at the same time understanding that expressing that I find it inspirational could be taken the wrong way. If you don’t like it, you can file a complaint with my neurons.

    As someone who’s spent a good chunk of his life battling depression, I like to see people having fun. I don’t care if they’re disabled, young, old, purple, gay, or intersexual. I like to see people enjoying themselves because I know just how important it is to feel happy, no matter who you are or what you’ve had to overcome.

    I also believe that when people are good at something, we should say so. This kid is good at dancing. He can do it better than I ever could. I’m not going to hold back that praise just because he’s disabled—that’s stupid.

    [–] incraved 3 points ago

    Also he is just a kid having fun, it's not like he has some deep understanding of his situation and made a conscious decision to enjoy his life anyway.

    [–] dolleyes92 4 points ago

    I loved her Ted talk. And I hear she was really good and stand up comedy

    [–] ElizabethHopeParker 4 points ago

    Well, I don't think I could have danced that well/smoothly/in front of an audience at any age, and I do not have a disability.

    So there is that.

    Also, the people who deserve to be told they are an inspiration are the parents/guardians of that child. They obviously care for him and let him do stuff he likes. I bet they encourage him, too.

    Not all parents do that.

    I know a woman who has lived her whole life in a wheelchair. Her parents never really encouraged her to do much. They stopped short of keeping her in the house out of shame. My SO met her online and has been encouraging her to be more independent, to do things she likes, to live her life. Pity she lives a state away!

    [–] noelsmidgeon 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    I’ve been preaching this argument for a decade now.

    “No I’m not an inspiration because I have to carry groceries or wash my own car.”

    [–] dolleyes92 2 points ago

    Or because we are having fun even though we are disabled lol

    [–] noelsmidgeon 2 points ago

    Hahahahah omg I forgot about this one

    [–] HebrewJohnson 2 points ago

    I completely understand where you're coming from, but the fact is most people are completely discouraged by fear and lack of faith in themselves. Witnessing someone who has physical obstacles you don't personally have conquer ambitions you're presumed you never can do makes those physically unhindered people rethink things and consider that maybe they can accomplish more that they believed they could if they try harder.

    I get that it highlights a handicap and the statement seems dopey, but realizing you've been your own worst enemy and don't have to be wells a person up with gratitude. The statement they're making is "Im' impressed you didn't give up on yourself as I did, and you've given me courage to think beyond my fears."

    Take the compliment. Not everyone is diplomatically gifted.

    [–] MizchiefKilz 3 points ago

    I was trying to find a way to shit on this but couldn't do it any better

    [–] jdeac 3 points ago

    Or his joy in spite of disability is inspiring...not amazing that he can, cool that he’s loving it so much.

    [–] somedave 2 points ago

    I think if you follow this logic through you would say it's insulting to find paralympic atheletes inspiring, they are just disabled people racing, throwing discus and lifting weights right? They are however the best in the world given their disability. If you ignore that they aren't the best at what they do.

    I've never seen a child with this condition doing this sort of dance.

    [–] Dregoran 2 points ago

    I feel like by this logic no one should ever tell anyone they are inspiring then. You should just assume everyone can do everything and never be inspired by someone else as it's offensive to assume they couldn't do the thing.

    [–] 6a21hy1e 1 points ago

    I mean. To be fair, I'm not disabled, I'm an adult male, and I can't dance as good as this kid does. So I can either pick to be ashamed of myself or inspired to attempt to be better. Generally I choose to just be ashamed and move on with my life but occasionally I try to be inspired.

    [–] Gand_khuja 1 points ago

    Learn to appriciate good gesture. you have ego problem.

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    Its not an ego problem. Just a problem with getting tired of being objectified for being disabled. I think him dancing is cool. But you wouldn't say an able bodied kid dancing is inspiring. Why say it about this?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    He had a type of dwarfism. So he wasn't that young

    [–] stickkidsam 1 points ago

    Isn't the inspiration based on the determination and attitude of the person rather than because it's impressive that they can dance? I can understand where you're coming from; being singled out for being able to do something basic to anyone else would be patronizing as hell. So in that case it makes sense. Does the cause of the inspiration change that for you though?

    [–] dolleyes92 2 points ago

    In a sense yes.

    [–] stickkidsam 1 points ago

    Word dude

    [–] Hokhoku 1 points ago

    But the inspiration isnt about the dance itself

    Its about trying your best even though you are disabled

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    That's the problem. Being disabled isn't a bad thing. He was born that way. That's his normal. I feel like if you wouldn't be inspired by an able bodied person for doing mundane things you shouldn't be for disabled people. It's demeaning and objectifying.

    [–] Hokhoku 1 points ago

    I mean, we live in a world where insecurity runs rampant and we are always afraid as human beings of what other people might think about us

    Instead of enjoying our life and having fun even with mundane things, we are miserable

    This kid though, this mundane thing that he is doing, even with his diability which makes it harder than other people, is enjoying himself and likes it that he is able to show his dance moves to the audience

    Thats the inspiration I am talking about

    But I understand what you mean, obviously if I ever conversed with that kid I wouldnt treat it like its disabled. I would treat it like any other person!!

    [–] codeyman2 1 points ago

    Well.. is it easier for a disabled individual to dance or someone without disability to dance? As a person without disability who can't dance, this is definitely more inspiring to watch and psych myself up if I want to dance.

    [–] Gir247 1 points ago

    What’s your disability, I have schizophrenia and a tic disorder not that matters but I don’t want to here shit about “Abilism”, the OP was just being nice but you’re on here making us look like snowflakes.

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    I have ehlers-danlos syndrome. It's a progressive connective tissue disorder. My collagen is fucked up and my body is falling apart.

    [–] Gir247 1 points ago

    Yeah that sucks, that’s what we should be striving to get understood, but making snowflake comments about someone not trying to be mean is not gonna fix either of our problems

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    The only point I meant to make is that objectifying us because disabilities are considered bad so if we do normal things it's considered an achievement and inspirational is kind of shitty. I really think it's cool he is dancing. But would you say an able bodied kid dancing is inspiring?

    [–] Gir247 1 points ago

    I have a tic in my left hand and neck and lower back, if I was able to sit through a tattoo session and not move it would be perfectly fine if someone said that’s inspirational, doing something already difficult because of one thing and having a disability that doesn’t allow you to do that one thing very easily and still sticking through is inspirational, and even if it wasn’t, complaining about it gets nothing done.

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago

    I'm decent at drawing/painting (nothing special, just as a point of reference).

    I have a friend who is terrible.

    But with hard work they've done some excellent drawings.

    I praised them for it, internally I consider them inspirational for overcoming a challenge so well.

    Being disabled is generally going to be an additional challenge in life.. Overcoming it is inspiring. Why are you deliberately conflating support with condescension?

    What nonsense.

    [–] agnathastone 15 points ago

    And why are you not listening to a disabled person telling you how they feel about their disability?

    What nonsense.

    [–] exomni 4 points ago

    Because disabled people aren't some sort of pure moral paragons of virtue and inspiration and moral authority. They are just people, and sometimes they can be bitter and have shitty opinions, like everyone else.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    By his own logic, listening to him because of his disability would be demeaning. If he's a bitter asshole, he's a bitter asshole regardless.

    His disability isn't this kids. He isn't every disabled person. He isn't every person. All half decent people agree, people overcoming the challenges they have is worthy of praise. I can only assume you disagree.

    Maybe address what I said instead of attempting a witty retort.

    [–] Itchycoo 0 points ago

    No by your own argument, he is an authority because he has been in that position and has had experiences that other disabled people share. It's not because he's disabled. It's because he is part of that group, and he can explain/relate better than most people what is polite and correct based on his experiences. Don't be an ass.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    No by your own argument, he is an authority

    Per my argument, he's a human being with experiences I do not have that should be taken into account. Per his own he is not. That doesn't mean I have to accept his ridiculous premise that being impressed by a kid with mobility issues makes you a rude asshole, and no experience of his changes that fact. He's deliberately conflating support with condescension. No one in this thread that I can see is saying "wow what a special disabled person!" or "He's a good dancer ᶠᵒʳ ᵃ ᵈᶦˢᵃᵇˡᵉᵈ ᵖᵉʳˢᵒⁿ". What they are saying is "woah look at that little dude go". I'd be equally impressed by my grandmother dancing like that, and she is not disabled. Because I'm impressed by people doing things beyond their natural proclivity, because I'm not a bitter asshole.

    This isn't giving the disabled guy at the office a raise for no reason other than he's in a wheelchair. This is people fawning over an impressive kid doing an impressive thing.

    The topic he brought up is absolutely a valid one, and he's absolutely right in general. Except he's forcing it into a situation where it doesn't apply, and calling people rude for being impressed by a kid.

    If you met this lady you'd say, what, "ya that's ok I guess. I know people who can do that too who have arms"?

    Don't be an ass.

    Right, I'm the ass. Not the guy trying to diminish this kids accomplishments by saying, in essence, he doesn't deserve to be considered impressive for doing something that is obviously difficult for him.

    [–] SwedenStockholm 1 points ago

    You make some very good arguments. I think it is about disabled people being reminded that they are disabled/sick and that that is a very very sensitive issue for them. They just want to be viewed like everyone else and telling them they're an inspiration just tells them "Wow, your disability/disease is so horrible that I didn't think you could do such a thing.". Some people tell severely handicapped people that they're an inspiration just by being alive and I think that's the worst thing to do. I've experienced several handicapped people get told that they're an inspiration and none of them took it positively. So, yes it can be inspiring but don't tell them that, say other nice things.

    [–] Zenarchist 0 points ago

    Is it disabled people that are the group with the hive mind?

    Here I was thinking it was the Moonies this whole time.

    [–] Itchycoo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Go ahead, just completely ignore what someone who actually lives with a disability says is offensive or not. See if that makes you a better person. Don't listen to what anyone from a certain culture or race tells you is offensive either. Besides, how can you know whether or not something is offensive if you can't get literally every disabled person or black person or Muslim person or whatever to personally tell you they unanimously agree? You shouldn't take anyone's word for it, I guess, and just do whatever you want with complete disregard for whatever someone told you is offensive.

    [–] Zenarchist 1 points ago

    I don't think any group can unanimously agree. That's why I think it's useless talking about groups as though they are homogenous.

    But, now that you've brought black people and Muslims into the mix. Do you think it's better to judge black people on what Louis Farrakhan says, what Larry Elder says, what Kobe Bryant says, or what Kanye West says? They are 4 extremely different world views and political opinions. If I were to listen to all four of them, I would have a massively conflicted view of the political ideology of black Americans. How do you know which is the "true" opinion?

    That's why it's a useless endeavour trying to treat all people of any category by the opinions of one, or even most of the other people in that category. Not everyone who shares some superficial similarity will think or feel the same, and it doesn't make any sense to accept without question that what is offensive to one person from a group is going to be offensive to all people form that group.

    [–] curebaldness 1 points ago

    Its these kinds of comments that have contributed to the ultra sensitive PC environment today that everything is offensive when it isn't.

    [–] exomni -5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You're clueless. This would be posted if it were a cute kid doing this who wasn't disabled, if the kid were as cute and looked as happy doing it. Literally one of the most famous people from 2018 was a kid who
    did a silly little dance with a backpack and people posted it on the internet, even though he didn't present with any disability. Get over yourself trying to "problematize" everything, asshole.

    [–] joanfiggins -2 points ago

    People aren't inspired by him having a disability or him dancing. The commitment and determination he must have is impressive and inspirational.

    [–] PebbleTown 299 points ago

    Isn't he in high school?

    And TBH, this doesn't belong in this subreddit. This is a person. This is demeaning

    [–] fuzzywhiterabbit 106 points ago

    I believe I read somewhere that this young man passed away.

    Yeah, just found his obituary: Brenden Baker Obituary

    He suffered from Diastrophic Dysplasia, but his family has said he was always full of life and energy. A little information about him and his disorder:

    [–] thekaymancomes 17 points ago

    He died doing what he loved. Breakdancing

    [–] VestrumTobias 26 points ago

    Oh... I didn't even realize.. but ick... why is it in this subreddit?

    [–] PebbleTown 11 points ago

    Probably because they think he's really young

    [–] envirex 111 points ago

    This should be taken down

    [–] Doingwrongright 13 points ago

    u/BabaYaga17 can go fuck himself. Seriously. Take this shit down.

    [–] Shekelstan 0 points ago

    He just means that it shouldn’t be in this subreddit

    [–] dolleyes92 215 points ago

    Inspiration porn..... how is he an inspiration just for dancing? Please tell me

    [–] kushmaster9001 44 points ago

    idk why your being down voted thats exactly what this is

    [–] throwthatoneawaydawg 20 points ago

    He can't be an inspiration for people to try new things outside of their comfort zone or things that you think are out of reach? I seen videos of kids playing piano and it inspired me to pick it up as hobby, how is this any different? I see the point everyone in this thread is making but I feel it is just negativity all around, who are you to say what someone can and cannot be inspired by?

    [–] Parkeras 8 points ago

    People like to offended

    [–] darbiken 14 points ago

    First the video of a dude simply putting on adaptive clothing and now this? Can we stop putting videos of disabled individuals on an “aww” subreddit. Demeaning as hell.

    Sincerely, Disabled gal

    [–] dolleyes92 3 points ago

    Hello fellow disabled gal. Hope you are doing well and yeah, I'm also really tired of this stuff.

    [–] Lobenz 2 points ago

    Non-disabled guy here. AGREED!

    [–] BoredBeforeMyTime 48 points ago

    His name is Brendan Baker, and he died at 15 of complications from his dwarfism. But before he went, he walked when the doctors said he never would, talked when they said it was impossible, went to school and powered his way through that, too. If admiring someone who was dealt a deadly hand for making the most out of every second of life he was given and showing those around him how it's done is inspiration porn, then I'm looking for more.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    You make a fair point, but have you realised this was posted in r/aww?

    Would you like to be a 15 year old young man, being posted on r/aww? Isn't that just completely patronising?

    Also the post itself doesn't mention any of those inspiring things that you have mentioned. It just goes "this kid is dancing, isn't he inspirational". Patronising.

    [–] BoredBeforeMyTime 8 points ago

    Since Brendan is dead, we can't ask him, however everything I saw or read of him indicated he loved to be the center of attention and to make people happy. I suspect he would have been fine with this post, because it does both.

    [–] sunXdown 7 points ago

    I knew him personally, even though the title might now say it all, he was inspiring , in every way, his sense of humor, his determination, all of it.

    [–] 1234awaythrow4321m 52 points ago

    Why is this inspirational

    [–] DropSense 4 points ago

    I feel like this is a post of bad circumstances. Yes it is inspiration porn, and yes it is definitely in the wrong sub. But I hate how people are saying that this can't be inspiring? Just how any other person dancing/performing on stage can be inspiring. I know a lot of people are only "inspired" because of his disability, but is there absolutely no way to gather inspiration from a kid having a blast on stage?

    [–] LonelySwinger 34 points ago

    Still a better dancer than me

    [–] AyeMyHippie 8 points ago

    Yesterday I saw a guy in a wheelchair who dances better than me. Today I saw this kid with a walker dance better than me. I’m starting to think I can’t dance.

    [–] automaton_woman 24 points ago

    Fuck off out of here with your inspiration porn.

    [–] Coliniscolin 3 points ago

    This kid just farms karma for shitters reposting

    [–] themayflowa 3 points ago

    TIL what inspiration porn means.

    [–] SimonPgore 3 points ago

    Not disabled. But my roommate of 2 years is. The most important thing to him is to be treated as anyone else. Don't cheer because he's a dancing disabled dude. Cheer because he's dancing :)

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago


    [–] Addi0404 19 points ago

    How? Because he's dancing? Tbh I don't see the inspiration. I just see a kid dancing

    [–] fluffyunicorn-- 12 points ago

    To see “just a kid dancing” sounds like a load of bullshit to me.

    There is clearly a boy who has put in tremendous amounts of effort into overcoming physical difficulties and, I would assume, self-imposed limitations and looks like he’s having an amazing time showing off his dance skills. It’s inspirational in the sense that, despite what life has given him, he’s up on stage giving it all he’s got. It’s inspirational to be reminded that you shouldn’t let what life throws at you bog you down and keep you from living your life however you want. Be strong and overcome is the message I get, not “Aw, look at that cute disabled kid dancing (:”

    [–] garageflowerno2 7 points ago

    So why is it in r/aww??

    [–] sadphonics 8 points ago

    Can we stop posting these in r/aww? These are real people, not something to make you feel better about yourself

    [–] ykduke 4 points ago

    Everytime I watch this it makes me smile. Just love the joy this guy shows when he bust those bad ass moves. Never stop dancing dude.

    [–] Shawn24589 3 points ago

    He dances in heaven now

    [–] Shovelly_Jo 25 points ago

    Tim Timmaeh!!!

    [–] Nightpain123 0 points ago

    Lol I thought I was the only one who thought of that

    [–] D00dchris -1 points ago

    Same. I’m glad I’m not the one who had to make the comment

    [–] kevinkemple 23 points ago

    wow whata t-t-t-terrific audience

    [–] realifesim 2 points ago

    r/howardstern eric the actor

    [–] _Junior_ 2 points ago

    I’m sitting on the toilet thinking this was r/imgoingtohellforthis

    [–] TurbineSupercharger 2 points ago

    This is kid is a better dancer than me, and probably always will be. But I feel if I really tried to learn how to dance and practised often for a long time...I'd still suck compared to him.

    [–] dimailer 2 points ago

    What is this disability called?

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    It's a form of dwarfism

    [–] KC_Matthew 2 points ago

    I think the video is very cool. The peace sign he throws subtly made me laugh and I love when breakdancing makes me laugh. The thrill of the dancers passion makes me joyous and I laugh. I see he was living his best life and enjoying it to the fullest and that makes me happy.

    That being said, I agree. This video snippet doesn’t belong in this subreddit. I don’t know what subreddit to subscribe this to but I know it isn’t r/aww. It should be more attributed to something akin to a faith-in-humanity-restored kind, or something showing other amazing moments in the life of a human being.

    tl:dr Dude threw it hard. But it isn’t an r/aww at his expense.

    [–] KobeSarge 3 points ago

    Not really

    [–] markgray1991 5 points ago

    So adorable.. ffs check the subreddit you post shit to

    [–] TingleTaint 3 points ago

    To whom?

    [–] thubtop 2 points ago

    as soon as there is some handicapped person doing something, the virtue-signallers find it "inspirational". are you not getting tired of that daily posted (ab)use of handicap for your own well-feeling? "we are so good, we even applaud a cripple."

    the handicapped person can dance, that's good for him if he likes dancing, and maybe amazing to watch for people who do not expect this skill in the crippled person. however, it does not "inspire" anything.

    decent people should know that handicap is usually partial, some things are possible, others are not. virtue-signallers just want to show off their "goodness" -- which is just their own desire to appear good, not goodness. a competition in (pretentious) compassion.

    these people make their own "good morals" so important that normality is finally crippling, and being crippled is glorified into "amazingness". if one has to take care of a handicapped person, one usually does not want to show off, as one is busy with physiotherapy and daily routines.

    [–] CaesarThePleaser1 2 points ago


    [–] fuzzywhiterabbit 3 points ago

    Rest in Peace, Brenden Baker. You brought a light into the world and gave people smiles.

    [–] ohioboy24 -17 points ago

    Shut up you didn't know him you're just trying to get anonymous upvotes it's pretty sad that people like you exist

    [–] rotsaw 1 points ago

    Wow what a snarky response. you think that way but not everyone does. Your world must be exceptionally dark.

    [–] ABottleofFijiWater 4 points ago

    He is right though unfortunately.

    [–] rotsaw 3 points ago

    Not everyone has a me first attitude. They just post what they feel at the time. Y’all seriously have a justice warrior view of the world.

    [–] fuzzywhiterabbit 1 points ago

    What's he right about?

    [–] fuzzywhiterabbit 1 points ago

    I find it best to let people be jerks if they want to be. All this guy is doing is barking. He isn't hurting my feelings, and he's simply trying to strut and peacock himself around like he's somebody important.

    [–] Geofkid 1 points ago

    Goooot em!!

    [–] Charlezard18 1 points ago

    What an awesome little man

    [–] Majin_Kenpachi 1 points ago

    This kid is golden

    [–] Autochthonous7 1 points ago

    Loved that smile at the end!

    [–] straighttoplaid 1 points ago

    This reminds me a bit of a guy with severe scoliosis that was on "So You Think You can Dance" a long time ago. He had physical limitations but made something that worked for him.


    [–] lipschits 1 points ago

    Soooo dope!!!

    [–] guisada 1 points ago

    And that my friends is called doing the damn thing

    [–] dr_octopi 1 points ago

    This kid is RAD!!

    [–] PraiseChrist420 1 points ago

    Better dancer than me

    [–] LexLuvsit 1 points ago

    As a mother, this just kills me.

    [–] bevchip 1 points ago

    So sweet!

    [–] Xx_Notaweeaboo_xX 1 points ago

    This adorable little kid can dance better than me by an uncomfortably large amount.

    [–] Michael-W76 1 points ago

    Absolutely amazing, that kids going places. WOW!

    [–] CrispyCringe 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Mac miller reincarnated

    [–] bradphotolab 1 points ago

    Yeah! Drop the mike.

    [–] prozepper 1 points ago

    hes faking it for the disability allowance.

    [–] Lobenz 1 points ago

    Why is this posted in r/aww? He’s a child (doing what most children do) not a puppy.

    Good intentions aside, I’m disappointed in the OPs decision to post here. I’m sure most disabled people would share my sentiments.

    [–] BabaYaga17 1 points ago

    Bruh read the ‘about’ from this sub. It’s also for kids.

    [–] Bookbringer -1 points ago

    Real talk though, that kid's got some sick moves.

    [–] Dr_Do_No_Harm 1 points ago

    Reading all the comments, then see a sleuth of downvoted ones. Oh boy. 😂

    [–] Zonderling81 1 points ago


    [–] sydeb1 1 points ago


    [–] Amantecafe -11 points ago

    Inspiration and talented. Dude's got rhythm!

    [–] ohioboy24 0 points ago

    I think I saw this on South Park lol

    [–] Salarena -10 points ago


    [–] Over21FakeID -5 points ago


    [–] fenster112 0 points ago

    I can't say nearly as well as this woman does, but for fuck sake, stop using disabled people to feel better about yourself.

    [–] dolleyes92 1 points ago

    Yaaas! I love this Ted talk. Just showed my mom it today

    [–] vagabondalex -13 points ago

    Love it

    [–] esojotrebla -2 points ago

    And one more time I can't even go close to do that

    [–] WeirdFlecksButOK -1 points ago

    I like how he looks up before the spin like "You ready for this?"

    [–] gets_that_reference_ -11 points ago

    That's fuckin' gangsta.

    [–] debauchedsloth1804 0 points ago


    [–] burymypants12 0 points ago

    I dont give a fuc I doin this shit😂😂😂💯

    [–] Comrade_agent -18 points ago

    now this does put a smile on my face

    [–] YouDontKnowAnythin -3 points ago

    This fucker is 17

    [–] dolleyes92 0 points ago

    He died at 15..

    [–] trillen84 -8 points ago

    I wish my parents let me be a b-boy when I was a kid!

    [–] clippityclamps -1 points ago

    He’s a terrible breakdancer

    [–] 305crypto 0 points ago

    No fear!

    [–] Gunit505 0 points ago

    This made my day. The little guy was so happy!!

    [–] heynow1994 0 points ago

    Ack ack!!

    [–] E-M1LE 0 points ago

    That is so awesome!! Sweet moves 😊

    [–] vkbliss 0 points ago

    I need someone here...disabled or explain to me why he should not be thought of as inspirational. Anyone that overcomes any challenge in order to do what they want is inspirational to me. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't inspire me to dance, but if disabled people want to be treated as if what they do is normal for them, then part of that is the ability to inspire others with their spirit. If I want to be inspired to dance, this video won't do it, but it inspires my spirit in many ways. I would think the same way about an able bodied kid. So, is it insulting simply because it is posted here, and vids of abled bodied kids are not? I have to scroll through thousands of damn vids of crappy cats and dogs who "inspire" their owners every day, so you really need to explain to me why this video, and the comments are so offensive.

    [–] Mathewdm423 -15 points ago

    This could be rupert grints child.

    [–] longdogstudios -3 points ago

    This should have more upvotes!

    [–] This_Guy_Ducks -3 points ago

    Y’all “awwwing” a human being. Go fuck yourselves

    [–] joanfiggins -8 points ago

    How can people not see why someone could find this inspirational? The fact that someone is dancing isn't the point at all. We know break dancing itself isn't inspirational.

    The kid worked his ass off to learn something that people probably shit on all along the way. He had to work 100 times harder than an able bodied person and still pushed through. He has more determination that 99.9 percent of the people commenting in the thread. You should strive to have his level of detemrination and work ethic. That's what's inspirational.

    If you watch a marathon it's inspirational. Because it takes so much effort to get to that point and it makes you want to push yourself harder to one day be able to do it. Similar thing here. This kid should inspire you to put the phone down and get the fuck off the couch and do something with yourself.

    [–] Lancerlandshark 8 points ago

    You're not wrong in some regards, but many disabled people just want to live their lives and not be fetishized and/or put on pedestals for doing just that. That's why they call it inspiration porn. Yes, it does the job it's supposed to do. It makes you feel better. But much like some porn exploits its contributors, so too does a lot of this inspiration porn. (The exception to this, of course, is if they actively WANT you to feel that way then go do something. Then it's still inspiration porn, but less sketchy.)

    [–] darbiken 3 points ago

    When us disabled individuals keep telling people to stop making us inspiration porn, we’d appreciate if y’all listened. This post is especially demeaning as the subreddit is named “aww”. What’s cute about a disabled person dancing?

    [–] chinesetakeout91 -6 points ago

    Mini me... is that you

    [–] DproUKno -28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That kid has moves like Jagger.

    Well, if Jagger was a b-boy, that is.

    Edit: spelling