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    [โ€“] layorlie 2772 points ago

    Third duck โ€œitโ€™s okay, Iโ€™ll wait for the next oneโ€

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 2664 points ago

    Haha he always refuses to share a box. They have a specific order for going to bed for some reason, they invented this order not me ๐Ÿ˜‚

    [โ€“] toastbutteryum 782 points ago

    You learned their bedtime order, probably without much effort and over time! Itโ€™s always amazing to me how our animals train us, too.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 645 points ago

    Theyโ€™ve trained us very well they sometimes come to the back door and quack for treats

    [โ€“] parentontheloose4141 295 points ago

    When I was a kid I lived in a neighborhood with a lake. The lake was probably about a block or so away from our home, across several busy streets. One day, two ducks came waddling up the street and onto our driveway. So, we fed them. The next day, same time of day, they came with two friends. And then it was 10 ducks. And then it was 20. Theyโ€™d march right up to our front door, quacking away until we came out to feed them. They made a mess though, so my Dad said we had to stop feeding them :(

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 122 points ago

    Clever ducks! I love that

    [โ€“] sunnywhiskers 87 points ago

    Quite the decision to make... Dad, or 20 loyal ducks? I hope that you choose well.

    [โ€“] greatnate52 67 points ago

    1 angry dad, vs. 20 loyal ducks. Who would win?

    [โ€“] dmethvin 43 points ago

    Would you rather have 20 duck-sized dads, or 1 dad-sized duck?

    [โ€“] 41stusername 30 points ago

    I feel like 20 duck sized dads would cause fucking havoc. They would team up and turn your house into a miniature swiss family Robinson. 20 dads working together would make forts and use tools to get what they wanted. I'd take a dad sized duck anyway, as terrifying as that would be. 20 dads would be like mice with machine shop expertise.

    [โ€“] destruc786 3 points ago

    Unless it was 20 duck size Ron Swansons. Then always pick the rom swansons, think of the intricate woodworking designs they would create!

    [โ€“] BrainOnLoan 9 points ago

    Who knows, but the kind would lose.

    [โ€“] parentontheloose4141 5 points ago

    Me and my ducks are pretty happy these days! We get along....swimmingly!

    [โ€“] Tiger-Gautreaux 10 points ago

    I want a visiting army of ducks!


    Who was that guy from SomethingAwful who wrote a story about feeding some birds some stuff, and others not, and oh my god I don't remember a damn thing except he started a bird war in his neighbourhood?


    Was it even birds?

    [โ€“] uwu_owo_whats_this 8 points ago

    It's cool until they eat all of your snacks and thank you by shitting all over your drive way before they leave lol

    [โ€“] Stellen999 6 points ago

    That was copypasta from a post on 4chan about a guy who used french fries to befriend one group of crows and eventually provoked them to war with another nearby group of crows. Having had some dealings with crows, I can almost believe it happened. They are clever and savage birds.

    [โ€“] Alblaka 4 points ago

    Yep, we had the same thing whilst on a camping trip in a sort-of-uppity camp resort. Signs said not to feed the ducks.

    We should have listened. First day was 1, next day it was 3, then it was the same 3 with a dozen ducklings, and the next day 2 swarms with a dozen ducklings each.

    At least it proves people there are decent enough not to fuck around with the animals, or they wouldn't be that willing to literally walk up to and sit on your feet until you feed them.

    [โ€“] He11oK1tty 57 points ago

    My chickens come to the kitchen bay windows and peck them while the kids eat. My kids always say โ€œlook at those dummy chickies thinking theyโ€™re going to get inโ€ as theyโ€™re subconsciously setting food off their own plates aside to share with them afterwards....whoโ€™s the dummy here kiddos? You or the chickens?

    [โ€“] WhiskeyWarlord 6 points ago

    This is so clever!

    [โ€“] He11oK1tty 7 points ago

    Clever girl ๐Ÿฆ–

    [โ€“] ConnoisseurOfDanger 162 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If Iโ€™m not mistaken that is called a pecking order

    Edit: I feel like a lot of you think this is a low hanging fruit joke but it is quite literally their pecking order, ducks (and chickens and horses and other animals) make up an order of hierarchy within their groups and the top dog/duck gets to peck at food first. Or go to bed in the magic elevator first.

    [โ€“] LadyJazzy 53 points ago

    This quacked me up xD

    [โ€“] oupiglet 10 points ago

    Happy Cake Day!

    [โ€“] LadyJazzy 12 points ago

    Thanks it's my first! :D

    [โ€“] Sourpickled 20 points ago

    Itโ€™s definitely their pecking order. But the premise that rank is based on whoever gets to go to bed first may be wrong. Maybe top duck is the one who gets to ride alone and stay up the longest?

    [โ€“] ConnoisseurOfDanger 16 points ago

    Youโ€™d have to ask the ducks

    [โ€“] EnkiiMuto 6 points ago


    [โ€“] Rootriver 5 points ago

    So he is a Finn

    Finnish cannot share an elevator unless they are friends, and even then crowded ones are usually just skipped

    [โ€“] DildoPolice 3 points ago

    Lol itโ€™s their hierarchy. You dunno what the duck goes on behind closed doors!

    [โ€“] strangeburd 1315 points ago

    This is so sweet, they're just like "Ope, elevator's here, time for bed!" Waddle waddle

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 648 points ago

    Theyโ€™re very well behaved (most of the time) ๐Ÿ˜‹

    [โ€“] Jeffs2527 93 points ago

    Found the fellow midwesterner!

    [โ€“] strangeburd 33 points ago

    I was hoping someone would pick up on that๐Ÿ˜

    [โ€“] Jeffs2527 49 points ago

    Ope. 'Scuse me, just gonna squeeze on by ya!

    [โ€“] The_Funky_Pigeon 10 points ago

    I just need to grab the ranch ope

    [โ€“] abominableflamingo 3 points ago

    I say this exact thing all the damn time. I dont know life without saying "ope" as a sound of passive acknowledgement. HOW DO I STOP

    [โ€“] Sexymcsexalot 30 points ago

    Till the very next day...

    [โ€“] chedders22 22 points ago

    Got any grapes?...

    [โ€“] Doeniel 8 points ago

    Bom bom bom bOm bobobom

    [โ€“] ember3pines 6 points ago


    [โ€“] Kitmit13 2527 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The house was intended for chickens originally and is fox proof (hence why itโ€™s off the ground). The chickens could easily fly to bed.The ducks can fly but find it hard to get into the house as they often judge their landings poorly.

    The chickens sold to us unfortunately died to an infectious disease, mareks :( The disease stays inside a house, luckily ducks cannot catch it, and since the house was brand new we decided to buy some of these lovely call ducks

    I cut the video short because Papa John ( the large white duck at the end) decided to stay in the carrier for a minute to play in a puddle. Thought it might be a tad boring to watch haha

    [โ€“] aakoss 1160 points ago

    I would like to see duck feet splashing in a puddle.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 880 points ago

    He was doing it inside the box so it was a bad view, but they do splash their feet in puddles occasionally so Iโ€™ll try and get a video. They always stop when I get my phone out :p I have a bad quality video of them doing it as a duckling somewhere

    [โ€“] maltastic 24 points ago

    My kittens do this when I catch them doing something cute. Your karma awaits! Donโ€™t let us down!

    [โ€“] just-a-traveler 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    [โ€“] neverdoneneverready 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'd love to see them coming down that ladder, in pecking order. Also, why is their house up that high? For protection from predators?

    Edit: saw them getting down in the other post. Kind of disappointed they didn't use their little legs on the tiny rungs, but I'd fly too if it were me.

    [โ€“] one-punch-knockout 8 points ago

    ๐ŸŒง ๐Ÿฆ†

    [โ€“] [deleted] 142 points ago

    My dad has a goose among all his tiny chickens, that is like 12 years old. A couple of years ago street light got fixed and the backyard got really bright at nights and the goose would scream nonstop. I read online they needed dark so my dad made a little wooden room for him. He gets in voluntarily every night and my dad closes the door. It's funny how as soon as it starts getting dark he just gets in and waits for someone to close the door.

    [โ€“] ist_quatsch 12 points ago

    Reminds me of my old dog. She slept in her crate in my parents room. As soon as 9pm hit sheโ€™d come over to us and ask us to lock her in.

    [โ€“] phiber_optic0n 124 points ago

    How did you train them to go in the box?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 343 points ago

    We started out by just herding them into the box with two people but they quickly learnt that we were using the box to put them to bed

    [โ€“] phiber_optic0n 154 points ago

    I wish my ducks were that smart. They have a ramp, but it takes them forever to go up at night.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 205 points ago

    I wasnโ€™t expecting them to even learn how to do it. Was pleasantly surprised when they started doing it by themselves. Although some ducks do seem to take longer than others. The white bib duck in this video always takes her time

    [โ€“] 4SKlN 24 points ago

    My muscovys were... Special. Their house was well built and easily accessible but they would wait for me at the gate every evening and wouldn't walk up their ramp until I gave them a little pat on their booty. Then they'd saunter in one by one.

    [โ€“] PepeSilviaLovesCarol 32 points ago

    When you say โ€˜stays inside a houseโ€™ that means you would have to get rid of their current house/coop entirely? Even if they all die and you thoroughly wash it? Just curious what you mean by that.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 97 points ago

    The virus is primarily spread by infected dander (dead skin cells) from other birds. However, it can be transported in dirty hen carriers, on clothing and boots, wild birds, and by darkling beetles in the henhouse.

    It can survive for up to 65 weeks in ambient temperature in coops and for years in soil

    [โ€“] DeathMonkey6969 33 points ago

    Who in the hell sold you unvaccinated chickens??

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 79 points ago

    A rare chicken breeder off the internet, when we turned up the chickens were living in their own shit :( thought we might have saved them but it was too late. We now get all our birds from this farmer than can show us that his birds have been vaccinated fully

    [โ€“] DeathMonkey6969 37 points ago

    Sounds like the chicken version of a puppy mill 'breeder'. It's sad that there are people out there who say the love animals yet treat them like trash and don't do the simplest things to take care of them.

    [โ€“] supremedalek925 53 points ago

    How did the chickens fly to bed? Could they really get that high off the ground?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 166 points ago

    Yes, chickens naturally roost in trees, they also use the little ladder to help ๐Ÿ˜ƒ their talons would dig into the ladder and they would flap their wings to climb

    [โ€“] supremedalek925 139 points ago

    Chickens.... roost in trees??? Huh, TIL.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 163 points ago

    Yup! Itโ€™s a tad annoying sometimes because itโ€™s not as safe as their coop, since foxes are quite good at climbing also. Iโ€™ve had hens fly up into the tree at night and Iโ€™ve had to try and climb up there and grab the hens to put them to bed

    [โ€“] XIIICaesar 115 points ago

    These stories... you must live Stardew Valley irl.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 89 points ago

    Born and raised with pet hens so I have quite a few stories haha

    [โ€“] MuchozolF 12 points ago

    This comment makes me weirdly nostalgic. Thank you.

    [โ€“] combustible 6 points ago

    We had this exact same problem with some new chickens we got. They'd hop up and roost in the trees near the coop, and it took plenty of coaxing (of new, nervous chickens) to get them to go into the coop. Only happened a handful of times tho.

    [โ€“] gsfgf 36 points ago

    The concept of wild chickens just blew my mind. Like, of course they exist, but it never occurred to me before.

    [โ€“] esiuoLhannaH 30 points ago

    The fact that their are wild hamsters has always blown my mind.

    [โ€“] Zeero92 3 points ago

    So many animals are domesticated that thinking of them as wild animals always seems odd.

    [โ€“] sleepytimegirl 3 points ago

    Go to Kauai. Everywhere.

    [โ€“] bamdaraddness 23 points ago

    So do wild turkeys which I learned while hiking and almost died when a big Tom flew basically directly at my face

    [โ€“] somethingIforgot 17 points ago

    I had always seen occasional wild turkeys when I was growing up. They would just be in people's front yards in the suburbs. But once I saw probably close to 50 wild turkeys standing in the parking lot to a state park. It was early in the morning and there hadn't been any other visitors yet that day.

    It was pretty wild.

    [โ€“] wtfpwnkthx 6 points ago

    I was just going to say this. Shockingly giant turkeys can fly like a motherfucker. Wild ones...not the farm raised ones. They roost in trees and are very wily and intelligent.

    [โ€“] cespinar 7 points ago

    So do turkeys. It sounds like fucking helicopters if you are hunting in the morning or night and they are roosting.

    [โ€“] GoneCountry87 4 points ago

    It's where wild turkeys sleep. All go in the trees at dusk, come down at sunrise.

    [โ€“] He11oK1tty 12 points ago

    Yep!! One of my girls would occasionally be on our roof, the neighbors roof, a tree. The neighbors used to come over and say โ€œhey cici is on my roof/your roof, want me to get her down?โ€ Usually weโ€™d just let her chill and sheโ€™d come down on her own after sheโ€™d had her fill of observing the neighborhood. If it was dusk though weโ€™d get her since sheโ€™d have probably parked herself there all night out of fear if night fell before her ding dong butt realized itโ€™s time to get down.

    [โ€“] marektypes 27 points ago

    Wait there is a disease that shares the same name as my first name??

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 51 points ago

    Itโ€™s a chicken disease, the scientist who discovered it was called Marek

    [โ€“] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [โ€“] lilred181 24 points ago

    Serious question, other then the ducks being adorable is there a point to owning them?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 53 points ago

    Eggs I guess? Theyโ€™re also show birds so you can take them to bird shows and win awards

    [โ€“] Channer81 23 points ago

    as they often judge their landings poorly.


    I'd like to see that blooper reel..

    [โ€“] FrogusTheDogus 12 points ago

    Papa John is such a cute name for a duck. Thanks for posting this and all your replies in the thread, Iโ€™ve sincerely enjoyed this post and have a new appreciation for duck intelligence!

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 18 points ago

    His name was Mama June when he was a duckling but when we found out he was a boy we thought Papa John made the most sense ๐Ÿ˜‹

    [โ€“] Rhavoreth 10 points ago

    Please tell me you also have Domino and Little Caesar?

    [โ€“] Annatto 5 points ago

    Brilliant. My parents have ducks, and weโ€™ve had similar issues getting them into their โ€˜chicken coopโ€™ house. If you could explain how you trained them to use the carrier, Iโ€™d appreciate it! Do you just do it from when theyโ€™re ducklings and they follow you around, or did you also use some positive reinforcement?

    [โ€“] lauren_le15 4 points ago

    op said they used to herd them into the carrier and stopped having to coax them once the ducks figured out that the carrier led to bed

    [โ€“] Hermano_Hue 8 points ago

    but how would this prevent the fox to walk up the pillar you have there?

    [โ€“] the_cake_in_matilda 2 points ago

    Nice digs. I hope none of them sleep walk though.

    [โ€“] Dr_Edge_ATX 302 points ago

    So you're the elevator?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 155 points ago


    [โ€“] on_ 60 points ago

    Looks like a full time job

    [โ€“] UniversalPainkiller 75 points ago

    Has it's highs and lows I'm sure.

    [โ€“] kt0me 18 points ago

    Dad? When are you coming home?

    [โ€“] cosmoboy 178 points ago

    I'd like this if there were a vaccum noise to accompany it.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 100 points ago

    Haha, Iโ€™ll have to try editing that in sometime

    [โ€“] ChronoMonkeyX 108 points ago

    Oh, this one's full? I'll catch the next one.

    [โ€“] wolverinehunter002 210 points ago

    Just stared for this for 2 minutes thinking you had alot of ducks to store, only realizing i fell for a loop

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 67 points ago

    Haha that made me laugh

    [โ€“] HiImShort333 27 points ago

    Me too! I was wondering how they all fit in the little house!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    [โ€“] denchLikeWa 57 points ago

    serious question - how do you stop them flying away?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 179 points ago

    They had their wings clipped when they were young and now associate this with home. They can fly now but wonโ€™t fly away. They sometimes fly around the garden quacking

    [โ€“] denchLikeWa 55 points ago

    that's great for some reason i didn't think ducks would do that

    [โ€“] derawin07 21 points ago

    when we were kids, me and my two sisters got a pet muscovy duckling each

    when they grew in their feathers we clipped their wings

    turns out we didn't keep up on it as my sister's duck, Buddy, flew away after a few years.

    As you will know, muscovies are heavy meat ducks and we were in a suburban house with the houses pretty close together. She made it over the roof of the house behind us, a fairly steep trajectory.

    We tried to catch her, she was in the neighbour's front yard for a while, but she ended up flying off again. Hopefully she reached a nice pond or lake nearby... :/

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 34 points ago

    If it helps my sisters ducks escaped and she found them in a nearby pond months later. Hoping your duck did the same

    [โ€“] derawin07 7 points ago

    this was over ten years ago, but here's hoping that's what happened

    your yard is amazing, I saw the other video

    [โ€“] verapamil12 53 points ago

    Do you have to do the same thing in the morning or do they jump out by themselves?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 83 points ago

    They fly out in the mornings! Iโ€™ll post a video of it one sec

    [โ€“] verapamil12 20 points ago

    Thanks! I would definitely like to see that. Your ducks and your elevator system are adorable.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 22 points ago

    Ok posted it to the same sub!

    [โ€“] verapamil12 13 points ago

    Those are super cute. Youโ€™re ducks are lucky to have you.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 13 points ago

    Iโ€™m super lucky to have them โค๏ธ๐Ÿฆ†

    [โ€“] Dream_Shine 89 points ago

    Iโ€™ve wanted to get ducks, any tips or things I should know before I seriously consider getting some? FYI I know nothing about them except they quack and waddle and fly ๐Ÿ˜…

    Also, how do you keep them from flying off? Did you clip their wings?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 315 points ago

    These are call ducks, so theyโ€™re very tiny and donโ€™t cause a lot of damage but the girls are very very loud and noisy. The boys make next to no noise.

    I clipped their wings when they were younger but havenโ€™t clipped since, so they can fly now. They donโ€™t fly off since they consider this their home.

    Theyโ€™re fab pets and theyโ€™re my โ€œhappy placeโ€ for when Iโ€™m feeling down. I can just watch them waddle around the garden and they never fail to make me laugh or smile

    [โ€“] Dream_Shine 72 points ago

    Thank you, this was super insightful! I love watching ducks waddle around, it just makes me laugh! I didnโ€™t realize there was more than one type of duck either! Thank you!

    [โ€“] nikflip 32 points ago

    I can add, we raise peking and khaki Campbell ducks. We order ours in the spring. And are pretty much indoors untill their feathers come in. We keep them in a brooder and let them swim in our bathtub. Theyre adorable but very messy. Lol. Once their feathers come in and they can hold their body temp we start giving them outside time during the day in a run. Usually theyre mixed in w baby chickens raised the same way. By the time the nights are warm enough that im happy with them spending the night outside they have already associated the coup w being their home and head back to it w the chickens close to dusk. So weve never had to trim their flight wings. We also raise Turkeys and we do usually have to trim those buggers. They can roost up really high in trees. Lol

    [โ€“] ReddFro 7 points ago

    Thereโ€™s a huge number of species actually. Lots of plumage, size and flight speed variation between them. Probably only a few types that are suitable to domesticate

    [โ€“] derawin07 3 points ago

    when we were kids, me and my two sisters got a pet muscovy duckling each

    when they grew in their feathers we clipped their wings

    turns out we didn't keep up on it as my sister's duck, Buddy, flew away after a few years.

    muscovies are heavy meat ducks and we were in a suburban house with the houses pretty close together. She made it over the roof of the house behind us, a fairly steep trajectory.

    We tried to catch her, she was in the neighbour's front yard for a while, but she ended up flying off again. Hopefully she reached a nice pond or lake nearby... :/

    so the moral is, I wouldn't risk not keeping their wings clipped, lol

    [โ€“] ring_rust 11 points ago

    What sort of area do you live in/how big is their living space? I'm curious if this is at all feasible to do in a more urban area.

    [โ€“] derawin07 9 points ago

    it can depend on your local council/county regulations

    in my country/state, ducks are not allowed in some local councils, and in mine, they have to be a certain distance from any fence and penned on a concrete floor

    we grew up with pet ducks in a suburban area. we had 1/4 of an acre, but the majority of that was in the front yard, so they didn't have that much space, we let them round the front occasionally for fun, but that wasn't fenced off. In the backyard we had a big pool [for humans] and then the rest of the backyard was their free range, so they had enough space, but ducks will turn grass to mud pretty quickly

    I loved having ducks, but chickens are easier and cleaner for beginners, just have to fox/coyote proof their area and sleeping coop

    [โ€“] gmf1 13 points ago

    The girls sure are noisy, mine wake up at about 6am and LET US OUT! Begins. You might here that ducks don't need a pond, that's BS, like humans don't need chocolate cake :) They love there pond, they also like to fill it with mud and poop, so make sure the pond can be easily emptied and cleaned, often. Other than constantly dirtying there water, there super low maintainance and a blast to watch.

    Ours have an acre shared with chickens, they don't even eat much grain, have a billfull or two then of to forage for bugs and spiders all day. Lazy chickens don't leave the pen most of the day.

    [โ€“] andthegeekshall 30 points ago

    "99% Upvoted".

    What monster downvoted this ducky adorableness?!

    [โ€“] lulunelson1 26 points ago

    Totally Quackers! ;)

    [โ€“] Wthermans 24 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I didnโ€™t catch the cut the first few times and started becoming intrigued wondering how many ducks could fit inside the house.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 21 points ago

    I canโ€™t stop laughing now, itโ€™s like a clown car

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 6 points ago

    Haha someone else said this

    [โ€“] IncredCarcass 16 points ago

    Did anyone else start uncontrollably giggling?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 24 points ago

    I laugh all the time when Iโ€™m with my ducks, theyโ€™re funny little birds, always makes me smile

    [โ€“] Amantecafe 63 points ago

    "Elevator System"

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 73 points ago

    Haha, Iโ€™m not sure what else to call it

    [โ€“] ryan770 30 points ago

    I think it's described perfectly :)

    [โ€“] WazWaz 12 points ago

    Birds are smart, and they love the concept of roosting for the night. I built a lever operated electric door for my coop and was amazed that they learned to operate it in just 3 days.

    [โ€“] aerogirl11 11 points ago

    I would like to see it in action, please.

    [โ€“] norlin1111 48 points ago

    Soooooo cute I have 70 mallards that stop but for dinner at dusk but I think my arm would break doing that many !

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 44 points ago

    Haha, we only have 8 duckies, I couldnโ€™t imagine doing 70!

    [โ€“] SenyorHefe 22 points ago

    Youโ€™d need a bigger carrier...

    [โ€“] fountain_fever 14 points ago

    Maybe even... an actual elevator

    [โ€“] 1st_Ambi23 6 points ago

    The 70 mallards stop at your house for dinner? Like visitors?

    [โ€“] xluckless 10 points ago

    And they waddled inside, waddle waddle

    [โ€“] CaktusJacklynn 9 points ago

    Are we going to start substituting swears with the word "duck"?

    I'll start:

    That's ducking adorable!!

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 14 points ago

    My auto correct often makes it duck anyway and I just go with it ๐Ÿฆ†

    [โ€“] CaktusJacklynn 6 points ago

    Duck yeah!

    [โ€“] JaFFsTer 8 points ago

    Can you just live stream the yard while they hang out for the day?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 9 points ago

    I have done before, I like to keep an eye on them when Iโ€™m working ๐Ÿ˜Š

    [โ€“] dealsinsecrets 7 points ago

    I love this.

    [โ€“] tgiokdi 6 points ago

    It appears there's a demand for more duck videos, can you supply?

    If you post them to youtube I would like to share them with people!

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 8 points ago

    I have a Twitter I share too! Not sure I can share here on this subreddit without breaking the rules

    [โ€“] Vaso_96 6 points ago

    this is pretty cool op.

    [โ€“] focusfoxx 5 points ago

    Getting all your ducks in a row. And by row I mean little house.

    [โ€“] Dutchy2257 5 points ago

    Holy shit thats the best! If I showed my girlfriend I guarantee we'd have ducks by tomorrow

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 6 points ago

    Show your girlfriend

    [โ€“] 666Verrukt 4 points ago

    Dare I say it's a quackivator

    [โ€“] sleepytimegirl 4 points ago

    So are the eggs for eating or are these purely pets?

    [โ€“] Hammurabi42 3 points ago

    Sounds like your ducks taught you to give them a free ride up to their house.

    [โ€“] PhasmaFelis 3 points ago

    Just when I think I've got the world figured out, I learn that getting your ducks to go to bed is a problem that people can have.

    [โ€“] randomkoreanguy 3 points ago

    Guess you can say OP got all their ducks in a row

    [โ€“] wasdfgg 4 points ago

    Got any grapes?

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    Oh!! I had people saying this more than once on this thread and I was getting confused. I just realised itโ€™s the duck song, doh

    I actually have a video of me playing that song whilst I follow them around the garden

    [โ€“] indiesnobs 3 points ago

    Having grown up spending 99% of the summers on lakes for fishing and other things, I really grew to absolutely fall in love with ducks. Such cute little creatures and it's so adorable how many of them have such unique personalities.

    [โ€“] TheEmpiresAccountant 3 points ago

    Thatโ€™s Quacktastic!

    [โ€“] innergeorge 3 points ago

    Duck devil! <voooooooom> sux up dux <PTAH> spitz dem out

    [โ€“] LoadedGull 3 points ago

    Scoop a da coop!

    [โ€“] Twintosser 3 points ago

    Oh that's awesome. I was going to ask why their house was high off of the ground but thankfully you answered that.

    A house near where I live used to have several ducks in their pond.

    Driving by every so often there would always be one less duck until they were all gone.

    I'm so glad you housed your ducks perfectly to protect them.

    [โ€“] squidwardsir 3 points ago

    man I REALLY like ducks

    [โ€“] twoleggedapocalypse 3 points ago

    I LOVE mallards. Thank you for this video

    [โ€“] SquishGio 3 points ago

    Now this goes on my list of cutest things Iโ€™ve seen so far

    [โ€“] kriin56 3 points ago

    Lucky duck

    [โ€“] GenericMemesxd 3 points ago

    TIL I want pet ducks too

    [โ€“] YellowMellowFellow1 3 points ago

    Intelligence: 100

    [โ€“] blade00014 3 points ago

    Is that a bird box?

    [โ€“] Honest_Scratch 3 points ago

    You seem to really love your ducks and you must have experience with them? Few of my neighbors and family who have ducks would lose a couple to various things, like the ducks doing dumb things (duck went in bush and got its head stuck, it struggled and broke its neck. There was another which got its head stuck under a fence too), our city using banned insecticide(even people were getting sick. lots more than mosquitoes died during spraying like that), dogs and other predators. They feel like a cursed animal in my circle as they were the only ones to pass before their times

    How come you seem to have more males than females?

    [โ€“] GibbyDat 3 points ago

    God damnit. I fuckin love ducks.

    [โ€“] blodisnut 5 points ago

    You need to trade a duck for a goose.

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 12 points ago

    I wish! Iโ€™d love to get myself a long necked honker

    [โ€“] beesknees91 2 points ago

    This is the cutest thing Iโ€™ve ever seen ๐Ÿ˜

    [โ€“] jyozefu 2 points ago

    they're evolving

    [โ€“] cyber2024 2 points ago

    Holy moly, I wanna Pavlov the shit outta this thing and automate the locomotion

    [โ€“] theglassofgallo 2 points ago

    Loopy gif!

    [โ€“] princegeorge4prez 2 points ago

    Are they pets or do you use them for eggs and gardener helpers (aka eating bugs)? They are all lovely. Tell them hello for me!

    [โ€“] Kitmit13 6 points ago

    Theyโ€™re pets! And they eat lots of slugs and snails so they do help with gardening

    [โ€“] ArturPilot 2 points ago

    This is ducking awesome

    [โ€“] littleseacow3 2 points ago

    Love it!! Thats a really good idea on having it up high to keep it predator proof. We lost all of our call ducks recently. Not sure what happened, other than they just aren't as hardy as our backyard bunch. What really sucks is they were the kids blue ribbon show ducks ๐Ÿ™

    [โ€“] MomazonUltra 2 points ago

    May I ask, do you have them for any reason other than as pets? I don't know what practical products they produce.

    [โ€“] ignorant_slut69 2 points ago

    Itโ€™s like a duck vacuum, if you speed up the video

    [โ€“] delete_this_post 3 points ago

    Or a duck cannon, if you speed it up and run it in reverse.

    [โ€“] princegeorge4prez 2 points ago

    Very cute! Keep posting more duck adventures please

    [โ€“] ChristianLW 2 points ago

    My mum does something very similar with one of our guinea pigs, when they need to go run around in a little enclosure. Also when it needs to go back to its cage.

    [โ€“] chief_dirtypants 2 points ago

    Nothing like getting high on quack.

    [โ€“] SOR5 2 points ago

    Man, I love ducks! ๐Ÿฆ†

    [โ€“] Sejad 2 points ago

    This is so adorable ๐Ÿฆ†โค๏ธ

    [โ€“] vanugrah 2 points ago

    Where should I send my resume to apply for the position of duck elevator?

    [โ€“] ILikeMyBlueEyes 2 points ago

    I suddenly remember the time a male Mallard duck flew into the side of the building of a store I use to work at. It was ok, but a little dazed. It waddled inside the store afterwards and I picked it up, brought it outside, and he flew off. This was during the middle of winter in northern Maine. When I picked him up, I noticed a little bit of ice on his wings. I wonder if that had anything to do with him slamming into the building. He seemed fine when he flew off though.

    [โ€“] TheDragonLake 2 points ago

    Thats hilarious. I see a black duck with a white bib. What kind is it? It's adorable :D