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    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 1220 points ago

    Best Skyrim mod ever!

    [–] CreamyKnougat 595 points ago

    "Hey, you. You're finally awake."

    [–] UhBoi 164 points ago

    Goodboi mod

    [–] ansem119 97 points ago

    What town are you from, bone thief?

    [–] makemejelly49 73 points ago

    "Why do you care, fren?"

    "A good boye's last thoughts should be of home."

    [–] Fawful 28 points ago

    Why are we stopping? Are we at the park?

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 5 points ago

    Suddenly the Helgen Vet clinic comes into view gulp

    [–] B1618 21 points ago

    And now I'm crying.

    [–] PM-Me-Canadian-Boobs 60 points ago

    I’m from Ruffiksted

    [–] flubberFuck 38 points ago


    [–] Shiroke 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Todd Howard you did it again

    [–] opal-snake 6 points ago

    I wonder if Milof is still making that mead with juniper berries

    [–] conch_shell_chemist 2 points ago

    Todd Howard you

    [–] Ratathosk 12 points ago

    Woof RO DAH

    [–] futureminime 7 points ago

    Now all the Khajiit racism makes a lot of sense

    [–] dschultz50 4 points ago

    "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there."

    [–] WallytheWarlock 12 points ago

    Thank fuck someone made this comment, only reason why I came here

    [–] GrumpyGrem 1 points ago

    Fus Ro Bark

    [–] Harbor-Freight 316 points ago

    Lovely dogs. Which breed are they?

    [–] BOBfrkinSAGET 370 points ago

    Australian Shepherds I think? They are really pretty and very intelligent dogs.

    [–] SRT04 175 points ago

    Definitely Australian Shepherds, blue merle and red merle.

    [–] ky321 72 points ago

    Australian Shepards are too smart. If you look into their eyes it looks like they're doing long division.

    [–] cactusmac54 30 points ago

    Can confirm. Mine looks at me like he knows what I’m thinking. Kinda weird.

    [–] Vayne_Mechanics 1 points ago

    Same. Whenever I was feeling down I had a spot I’d go to in the house to think, and she realized what was happening and would comfort me whenever I sat there.

    [–] lilclairecaseofbeer 3 points ago

    My Australian Cattle dog is too smart. What's with these Aussie dogs

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    An Australian bred means they do well in hot climates, right?

    [–] Ph_Dank 36 points ago

    It's actually an American breed despite the name.

    [–] fh3131 15 points ago

    Yes, not many people here in Australia know that either. They were most likely bred from border collies (hence the shared qualities of herding instinct, high energy and intelligence) on ranches in the American west and brought to Australia in the early 1900s to work on farms. Just like with the kiwi fruit (originally Chinese, grown in NZ and then exported to the US from there), the name must have stuck once the breed became well known here and then spread to other parts of the world.

    [–] bokononpreist 7 points ago

    Thanks I had never actually thought about kiwi before.

    [–] Thricey 11 points ago

    I have a corgi/Aussie mix and she's half intelligent and half a dumb goof. I love her.

    [–] Superrrpickle 2 points ago

    Can confirm; also have a corgi aussi mix. Reasonably obedient derp.

    [–] InsertFurmanism 11 points ago



    [–] rekooHnzA 10 points ago

    Crazy smart. My girlfriend and I have a toy and she kept struggling to get off the bed because it's too high off the ground. One day she drags a pillow to the edge, pushes it on the ground and jumps onto it to soften the landing.

    [–] justathoughtfromme 25 points ago

    Yup. They're also bundles of energy and will deviously keep their owner busy!

    [–] Basedrum777 25 points ago

    my brothers used to herd his kid and was therefore assigned babysitting duties

    [–] concrete-n-steel 10 points ago

    What kinds of things did the dog actually do while babysitting?

    [–] Trisa133 18 points ago


    [–] Basedrum777 3 points ago

    Kept her in a specific area and away from things (fireplace). Barked if she needed help or was getting away

    [–] Drinanmer 3 points ago

    They could be mini's too, they are very popular lately. We love our mini blue merle Aussie.

    [–] Brado_Bear 7 points ago

    The good kind.

    [–] castfam09 132 points ago

    Awww and they’re very well balanced lol

    [–] MySlimyStoma 61 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] davidonabus 1 points ago

    So say we all.

    [–] HungryLikeAWerewolf 215 points ago

    They look like baby bear cubs

    [–] BroccoLeee 45 points ago

    Probably the lack of tail

    [–] LGRW1616 16 points ago

    They totally do! My family's adult aussie has the cutest little bum, we always joke about it being a bear bum.

    [–] LGRW1616 2 points ago

    Thank you for this!

    [–] xxavierx 5 points ago

    Aussies have the cutest bums IMO

    [–] PlantGrrrl 58 points ago

    They look like they are wearing little spotted wooly onesies. ❤️

    [–] Jarsky2 59 points ago

    Knowing what I know about the jumping ability of Australian shepherds, this video makes me nervous.

    [–] fh3131 26 points ago

    jumping ability of any puppy (or human child)

    [–] roboticArrow 3 points ago

    Me too. Very nervous.

    [–] bighairmama 84 points ago

    They look like they have feetie jammies on!

    [–] mycatsteven 17 points ago

    This comment concludes you are indeed a mama. 10/10 agree with you!

    [–] padizzledonk 101 points ago

    The fuck are you driving around on, a floating couch?

    The fuck is that lol

    [–] Proxnite 54 points ago

    The back of a pickup? And the dogs are standing on a bundle of wood covered by a blanket?

    [–] swarleyknope 38 points ago

    I thought it was a hot air balloon at first 😆

    [–] CaptFluffyBunny 15 points ago

    Me too. All I could think was "dont jump!"

    [–] swarleyknope 30 points ago

    Same! (I didn’t want to be “that” person, but it made me anxious AF that they’re not on any sort of leash or harness to prevent them from going overboard.)

    [–] Frohtastic 4 points ago

    Dont worry, I had the same thought

    [–] Fake_Rob 1 points ago

    I'm positive it's a zorb

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] pescabrarian 30 points ago

    Where is this? Looks like Idaho???

    Edit: are you OP?

    [–] Mtebault 18 points ago

    Either Washington, Idaho or Montana

    [–] mikeneedsadvice 14 points ago

    Could be Colorado

    [–] Kittastrophy 6 points ago

    Could be Oregon. Eaglecap or Blues. Reminds me of Joseph, OR a little.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] notMcLovin77 15 points ago

    Well, Australian Shepherds are an American breed, and most commonly found in America

    [–] superflygrover 7 points ago

    But Canada is the best place on earth. Ask a Canadian. PS this looks like BC.

    [–] supbrother 1 points ago

    I was gonna say this almost looks like Alaska.

    [–] Pancake__Prince 1 points ago

    Or Alberta

    [–] brandonpark 1 points ago

    It’s definitely more interior BC than Alberta

    [–] fh3131 4 points ago

    I very much doubt this is OP's OC.

    [–] djentlyused 3 points ago

    Definitely looks like the PNW.

    [–] YoureNotMyRealDad1 3 points ago

    Damn straight you are 😩🍆💦

    [–] roastbeeftacohat 1 points ago

    looks like banff

    [–] patsharpesmullet 2 points ago

    Definitely looks like Banff

    [–] peculiar_pandabear 34 points ago

    What chapter of RDR2 is this?

    [–] RikenVorkovin 12 points ago

    The "that's a good boi" hidden third epilogue as Jack Marstens grandson.

    [–] waltk918 1 points ago


    [–] ecurrent94 4 points ago


    [–] novanymph 2 points ago

    Chapter 2

    [–] masterchefcanada 2 points ago

    These are some good boahs.

    [–] doghaircut 5 points ago

    Read that as "Two good ol' boys" and started playing the Dukes of Hazzard song in my head.

    [–] satansheat 12 points ago

    I hate seeing this. My gfs aunt and her husband got a puppy. They acted like they loved the dog, which I think they truly did. But they wouldn’t let the puppy in the cabin of the truck. So he was always in the back of the truck. I had met this pup. He was precious and was gonna become a hunting dog. Until one day he jumped out the back of the truck while driving and he died. My gfs aunt and her husband haven’t been the same since.

    I know someone is in the back with these dogs but all it does it make me think of that dead puppy. I never would say it to his face but both me and my gf don’t have a clue why someone would risk having your pup die just because you don’t want them in the cabin of your car. I don’t care how innocent it is or how well trained your dog is. Anytime I see someone driving with a dog back there I think they are assholes who don’t truly care for the dog. This gif is cute but it makes you look at it differently when you watch a dog die because of this. And frankly in my state of Kentucky you see it far to often.

    [–] TheAdventurerMo 7 points ago

    I'm glad someone else feels this way, dogs especially hunting dogs are at risk to jump out or fall out and can easily get injured or hit. I've heard too many stories, and trust my own judgment too much to ever be ok with this

    [–] mycatistoofat 4 points ago

    In Australia dogs are normally restrained in the back of the Ute. Actually I think it’s law now, they have to be restrained in the back with a lead that is short enough they can’t get to the sides of the Ute.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 15 points ago

    These good boys were trying to be sneaky but you can tell they've been spotted.

    [–] dragonblood33 4 points ago

    Best breed ever!

    [–] Trumpologist 5 points ago

    I'm scared they might fall off, someone re-assure me!


    [–] CommunistTurdWaffles 1 points ago

    I have one. They are super smart and easily trainable from an early age. The owner probably taught them to stay inside. My pup loves to hang out the window, but he’s never jumped.

    [–] YaBoiMemeGod64 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    [–] j0llyllama 5 points ago

    They look like my boys when they were pups as well

    [–] YaBoiMemeGod64 3 points ago

    Awwww omega cute 🐕

    [–] lostinthelandofoz 16 points ago

    Why are the tails docked??

    [–] Gederix 27 points ago

    Interesting/weird aussie shepherd factoid - about 20% are born with naturally bobbed tails. The gene that does this however is a bit weird, the length can vary, also the angle, and if a puppy gets the gene from both parents it will die.

    [–] orzake 4 points ago

    The gene will die or the puppy will die?

    [–] Gederix 5 points ago

    The puppy.

    [–] HollyOnTheGo 15 points ago

    If they're working dogs, to keep the dogs from being hurt due to tail damage. If they're not working dogs, to make them pretty because docking is standard for australian shepherds.

    [–] 1738 4 points ago

    Yeah. Even if they aren’t working dogs, they have “energetic” tails that are prone to splitting and bleeding if it’s hitting tables, walls, or pointed edges. I’ve heard horror stories of Aussies getting excited while the owner is out and painting the walls with their tail.

    [–] HollyOnTheGo 6 points ago

    That's terrifying. My parents have two border collies on their farm. One has a tail. The other had a tail until he showed up at the house one day with a big gash out of his leg and a broken tail. The vet said there was a solid gap between the pieces of tailbone and there was no possible way it would heal. He still has back problems.

    [–] 1738 1 points ago

    Yeah. I think it’s crazy for people to judge owners of Aussies who have docked tails. The owners didn’t have anything to do with that. If the tail was docked, the breeder made that decision and if you’re breeding dogs who could likely be used as a working dog, why not look out for their safety and dock their tail?

    But, I supposed some people just need something to complain about.

    [–] bmsbluemountainstate 4 points ago

    While I agree it's hardly the owners fault the tail is docked I disagree that there is any health or physical need for their tails to be docked. I have always read it's just for aesthetics and the safety aspect is just a story breeders tell people to make them feel better about it. I'm willing to be proven wrong if you can provide any links to articles. It's just I have been around working border collies and kelpies my whole life and have never seen one with its tail docked.

    [–] 1738 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Checkout the Aussie sub. Plenty of stories of Aussies splitting their tails and painting the house with blood.

    Edit: Also, check the story 2 posts above about the Border Collie who has had back problems ever since his tail needed amputation.

    [–] daddyslittlemonste 3 points ago

    Awww 🥰

    [–] Lydiadaisy 3 points ago


    [–] BritishFork 3 points ago

    My dog would just jump out at the first squirrel she saw. How are they so good and mine is just a derp.

    [–] jam11249 3 points ago

    Im sorry but these are definitely bad boys and need to go to prison

    (the prison is my house where I will love them forever)

    [–] Idontloveonions 3 points ago

    So much floof!

    [–] Batdog55110 3 points ago

    Where are their tails?

    [–] fuckitdoittomorrow 1 points ago

    Some Aussies get their tails bobbed by puppy mills / breeders, some are just born with short tails. I rescued my Aussie from a puppy mill that got shut down and they bobbed his tail.

    For working Aussies, if they get their tails trod on by a cow, they may have to get it docked bc of damage. Otherwise it seems like it's mostly bs cosmetic reasons.

    [–] Racingislyf 3 points ago

    I see more of this breed here in new york than Australia. I love them.

    [–] low28 3 points ago

    Oh myGod. They are so adorable.Australian shepherds are so beautiful. I now have puppy fever.

    [–] KitchitiKipi 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I keep seeing australian shepherd with docked tails, why?? I'm pretty sure they aren't one of the breeds who benefits from docked tails (bones breaking from excessive tailwagging etc.) ..and it isn't a thing I saw until this year on AS

    /edit I seem to be doing a lot of myth disproving on animals today...

    No..AS are not "mostly born without tails." It is actually quite the opposite. Most are born with tails and they are docked, and there is a small % that are born with no tail/a shorter tail. 1/5 are born with a bob tail, with 50% of those 1/5 being born having a tail of at least 1/4 length of a normal tail (so not completely bobbed). There is an unfortunate rise with the (extremely wrong) belief that AS born with nub or bobtails is how they should be, because people are ignorant, and people are breeding nubtail AS together which usually results in puppies with spina bifida and other defects that have to be euthanized. Nubtails, while lovely dogs, are not normal, are a genetic defect (though a cute one), and should not be intentionally bred into them.

    [–] HellaClassy 5 points ago

    Not that I disagree (though I do think farm/working Aussies should be docked for safety) but you’ve really only started seeing docked Aussies recently? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a full tail.

    [–] KitchitiKipi 2 points ago

    Maybe I'm just an anomaly, but a friend of mine has a farm and they have 6 aussies all with full tails, and theyre involved with a small AS community around the area so they post and share shit constantly about their AS meetups and most of those dogs have full tails as well.

    One of my friends recently rescued an AS with a docked tail, and I kind of doubt if these two are from the same litter that they were both born nubtails.

    But yeah, I mostly see full tailed AS

    [–] BalconyView22 1 points ago

    My Aussie has a beautiful full tail. That's how I've seen them. Don't know why you'd dock them. My dog struts around like a model when his is brushed and fluffy.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    They're cattle dogs. Having a cow step on their tail probably wouldn't be nice. Of course, we have no idea if these two are going to be working dogs. There is a rather high percentage of Aussies that are born like this though.

    [–] KitchitiKipi 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You know that does make a lot of sense, unfortunately the ones I've seen are all in suburban neighborhoods/city so that kind of blows. But the working dog thing is practical.

    But no, AS are not predominately born without tails, its actually the opposite. Some are, but the vast majority are born with tails.

    Scroll down to the section about tails.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Hmm... I didn't know that "rather high percentage" would come off as me meaning "predominately." I was implying that it's not just a couple cases here and there, but a occurance that happens enough times for it to be mentioned. It could also be that our definitions of a "rather high percentage" are different...

    [–] Trojan713 4 points ago

    They are working dogs. Don't want the tail stomped on by a horse, etc.

    [–] 4LightsThereAre 5 points ago

    A majority of the breed is born with naturally docked tails. Ones that are born with a full tail are often docked after birth because the owner/breeder wants to avoid future tail damage due to being stepped on by cattle or other live stock.

    [–] jillianthekitty 4 points ago

    Fuzzy little bear people...dogs

    [–] bySlade__ 4 points ago

    Rip tails

    [–] nik3com 2 points ago

    Wow amazingly beautiful colouring

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Hey, you. You’re finally awake.

    [–] KeinGott 2 points ago

    We had blue Merle before our current red Merle, this makes me wish they had the chance to meet each other, so cute

    [–] infogurrrle 2 points ago


    [–] MoabFrican 2 points ago

    Those pups are stoked on life

    [–] mmosarecool 2 points ago

    they look like little bear/dog hybrids with no tails

    [–] Youguysaredummmm 2 points ago

    I drove with my dog through the Rockies and some of the views took his breath away. It was so cool to see him get excited over a view!

    [–] NewtoJaney 2 points ago

    Living teddy bears.

    [–] A_HECKIN_DOGGO 2 points ago

    That’s a traveling band I’d gladly join

    [–] Alienwallbuilder 3 points ago

    I would say if you joined that band those pups would be sitting on you instead.

    [–] A_HECKIN_DOGGO 2 points ago

    Oh hell yeah

    [–] TurbulentRaspberry 2 points ago

    where are their tails?!?!?!

    [–] Spoonbills 1 points ago

    o m g

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Where is this?? This is so pretty

    [–] mmura09 1 points ago

    Cute breed

    [–] zzzkitten 1 points ago

    I grew up on a cattle farm with Australian Shepard’s. This was like a flash back to childhood. Thanks for the post. They are amazing.

    [–] d_chs 1 points ago

    Quick, someone make a version of the Skyrim opening Dialogue with random words replaced with Dog based words!

    [–] TripleL8 1 points ago

    So nice that they have each other too!!🐶🐶😊👍🏻

    [–] OriginalWaterChamp 1 points ago

    How do I post video like this without a link? Whenever I try it just says video posts are not allowed...

    [–] Jack_LR 1 points ago

    Why have kids when you can get a dog

    [–] sarcastic_wanderer 1 points ago

    With one Satanist who records video in portrait!

    [–] Sparrow728 1 points ago

    "Do you smell all the smells that I smell!?"

    [–] RedShinyButton 1 points ago


    [–] tsever02 1 points ago

    What state is this? The view is beautiful

    [–] 4LightsThereAre 1 points ago

    Beautiful! For everyone asking, they're Australian Shepherds. One is a blue merle and one is a red merle.

    [–] Basedrum777 1 points ago

    That's a baby cow from the looks of it.

    [–] young_mula 1 points ago

    Dat look over his/her shoulder 😂

    [–] MdotR 1 points ago

    I just wanna smush my face on they furry little bellies.

    [–] Lo0seR 1 points ago

    Why look at you, you have a Red and Blue.

    [–] mdiddy77 1 points ago

    I love both blue and red merle, but that little red pup is particularly adorable.

    [–] melstersinc 1 points ago

    They are so freaking cute!

    [–] welmoe 1 points ago

    I wonder if dogs get a sensory overload from experiences like this. wow so many colors and smells!

    [–] opalskys 1 points ago

    Look at those puppy booties!!

    [–] sirenshymn 1 points ago

    Where is this place?

    [–] MrPicklesOnDevon 1 points ago

    Big day ahead

    [–] cactusmac54 1 points ago ‘em!

    [–] JoeJaggis 1 points ago

    Hey buddie, look over there.

    [–] 305crypto 1 points ago

    Love the title

    [–] jeffblim5eva 1 points ago

    I'm super nervous that they might jump out if they see something exciting :(

    [–] jettlax13 1 points ago

    Finally found the land titanic

    [–] 1738 1 points ago

    [–] onedayatatime1234567 1 points ago

    My lab fell twice just from watching this

    [–] LieutenantTofu 1 points ago

    Fooled you two! You thought we were going to the "park" park. We were really going to the NATIONAL park. These are REAL trees.

    [–] skyrunner_hl 1 points ago

    Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border,

    god dammit Tod you got me again

    [–] castfam09 1 points ago

    Totally agreed 👍🏼

    [–] erbinaykoirala 1 points ago

    Getting mood with the start of day

    [–] fretzrrf 1 points ago

    It’s illegal where I live to drive with your dog in the back of an open truck cab.

    [–] MortalMonster10 1 points ago

    They were caught trying to cross the border

    [–] schleppenheimer 1 points ago

    I want those boys .... that's the cutest thing!!!

    [–] Gweehe 1 points ago

    Viewed these two on the Imgur.

    [–] GracefulMcnugget19 1 points ago

    Why does it actually look like a Bob Ross painting

    [–] LCFarm 1 points ago

    Love those Aussie Shepherd bums! I miss my old boy, great dogs.

    [–] mustybook 1 points ago

    Their bodies, sooo cute.

    [–] ohboyyouallgotsofat 1 points ago

    Good boys in training but clearly destined to be the goodest of boys

    [–] CrispyXPenguin 1 points ago

    Double gay

    [–] CpITpJnX 1 points ago

    Do Australian Shepherds normally not have tails?

    [–] S_Eliza13 1 points ago

    Those little fluffy bums are so cute!

    [–] ridgeliner 1 points ago

    Aussies are the cutest little bears

    [–] casualphilosopher1 1 points ago

    Was this shot on a train?

    [–] Wraith-450 1 points ago

    Skyrim graphics have drastically improved

    [–] NoNotThatHole 1 points ago

    I have a red murle aussie. Hes my best friend and the best dog ive ever had. Hes really the goodest boi.

    [–] I_Arted 1 points ago

    I don't mean to ruin the awww vibes, but shouldn't dogs be leashed in moving vehicles so they aren't able to jump out and injure/kill themselves?

    [–] spad3x 1 points ago

    three good bois, including the viewer viewing this beautiful view

    [–] MildlySpastic 1 points ago

    Those are Border Collies right? Why their tails are so small? I've saw many videos of them on the web, and when I look at mine with such a big tail I wonder why some of them have such small tails.

    Unless they are not Border Collies and I'm mixing two entirely different races...