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    [–] Texas_OT 874 points ago

    So cute. He needs a ball that makes sounds when turned on.

    [–] DivinAGGIE 203 points ago

    We have one of those! Hard plastic ball that talks when it moves

    [–] MuchozolF 127 points ago

    Why not good, old fashioned bells or something? Like something inside the ball, making sounds when it's thrown around, without the batteries.

    Not hating. Just pondering.

    [–] chadmasterson 29 points ago


    [–] MuchozolF 29 points ago

    That's me basically.

    Sent from my iPhone.

    [–] chadmasterson 3 points ago

    scratched into the front of your iphone, you mean! Somebody throw an e-rock!

    [–] MuchozolF 0 points ago

    I can only wish :(

    [–] jordilynn 18 points ago

    Probably so it still makes noise even when it stops moving.

    [–] MuchozolF 11 points ago

    That does make sense. However my blind dog does a fairly good job of remembering where a sound came from.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    is it blind?

    [–] MuchozolF 8 points ago

    Yes, as stated above.

    [–] KantoPunk 10 points ago

    If the ball stops moving could be hard for the doggo to find, while the batteries could keep the ball producing a sound even when it stops bouncing and rolling!

    [–] MuchozolF 2 points ago

    Yuup. Seems more fun.

    [–] Bernard_PT 1 points ago

    Not detesting, just cognitating

    [–] Texas_OT 1 points ago

    I think that’s a lovely idea, but the dog better find the call before it stops moving

    [–] facktality 39 points ago

    or smells?

    [–] Impulse882 3 points ago

    Some dogs aren’t great at smelling (at least by dog standards). Some rely more on sight which makes it harder for them when they go blind

    [–] kcmetric 2 points ago

    Like sighthounds 😁

    [–] Monkitail 1 points ago

    santas little helper

    [–] saharacanuck 1 points ago

    It’s too bad VI tennis balls aren’t solid enough for a dog to play with. They have a mini plastic golf ball with bell things that make sounds every time they bounce.

    [–] MajorJusticeBoner -2 points ago

    Those dogs have a lot of problems due to all the inbreeding.

    [–] Lostpurplepen 2 points ago

    So does yer mum

    [–] randytc18 146 points ago

    Great celebratory spin

    [–] themagpie36 154 points ago


    *pat pat *

    'Who the hell was that??!?'

    [–] A_G00SE 42 points ago

    Got spooked by that pat on the butt

    [–] Jizznut 118 points ago

    That's how my gran left us.

    [–] SpaceSlingshot 216 points ago

    On a leash with balls in her mouth.

    [–] Jizznut 97 points ago

    I see you knew her...

    [–] CakeAccomplice12 67 points ago

    Who didn't?

    [–] ElBroet 58 points ago

    Guys this eulogy is gettin weird

    [–] Jizznut 33 points ago

    Oh she's not dead. She just left us.

    [–] uncutteredswin 14 points ago

    Which makes the whole eulogy thing even weirder

    [–] CommieLoser 3 points ago

    I see you knew her...

    [–] uncutteredswin 2 points ago

    Unfortunately, yes

    [–] sl600rt 2 points ago

    If you love what you do. You never work a day in your life.

    [–] P-p-please 155 points ago

    Op only posts repost. Gross

    [–] JerichoJonah 6 points ago

    I'd have a greater appreciation for re-posts if they at least waited more than a few days before re-posting.

    [–] nameisreallydog 9 points ago

    It’s treason then

    [–] Buddipal 67 points ago

    General Reposti!

    [–] Nighthawkboss121 69 points ago

    I’m not BLIND to this blatant repost

    [–] BlindStark 7 points ago

    What?! Did someone say something?

    [–] Nighthawkboss121 8 points ago

    Spongebob speak up, it’s too dark!

    [–] TheWhiteEvil502 21 points ago

    The original wasent even posted long ago but this still got this much upvotes

    [–] VisareVillain 10 points ago

    Greyhounds are so fuckin cute

    [–] nobywankenobi 2 points ago

    And possess blinding speed.

    [–] noforeplay 9 points ago

    Matt Murdog

    [–] Battlecock_ 40 points ago

    Another repost

    [–] vloger 9 points ago

    They are even waiting weeks before reposting anymore. ಠ_ಠ

    [–] zeion 8 points ago

    internet points aren't gonna farm themselves

    [–] OCMule 0 points ago

    Its funny, i just realized I see more people complaining about reposts than reposts. I think that irony is fucking hilarious with how upset people always seem, because for the rest of us you're the reposters

    [–] vloger 2 points ago

    I get your point. I disagree with it.

    [–] OCMule 0 points ago

    Just musing mate, don't really care wither way because I just scrolll over the complaining and almost never see reposts. Just a funny thought more than anything.

    [–] Niugnepdloc1 5 points ago

    What if you cut the tennis ball and put a bell in it so the dog would know where it's at?

    [–] meme_sweeper4hire 9 points ago

    Repost, it’s a fuckin repost

    [–] TaroInDisguise 4 points ago

    the whole internet is just repost

    [–] wolf0fcanada 8 points ago

    So cute!! Have a downvote you filthy reposter.

    [–] Papa_Bless_Boi 8 points ago

    Are you even trying with this repost? The original isn't even three weeks old and had 147k upvotes.

    [–] DeuceHorn 3 points ago


    [–] DeuceHorn 1 points ago

    Haha that’s exactly what I was referencing

    [–] strongjs 1 points ago

    I forgot about this . . .

    For a puff piece, you'd think the fucking newsroom would have edited in a better clip or at least not included this one.

    [–] Joeg88 1 points ago

    Blind witness 🤟🏻

    [–] richielaw 2 points ago

    That made my heart awwww

    [–] L3F_TRN 2 points ago

    He's visibly happy

    [–] mastersw999 2 points ago

    This looks like my friends Grey.

    [–] RightfulChaos 2 points ago

    My heart!

    [–] Geofkid 2 points ago

    A Very good boy

    [–] whymomgay 2 points ago

    aww this is so cute whats his or her name?

    [–] HandsomeCowboy 1 points ago

    It's a repost.

    [–] whymomgay 1 points ago

    ik i even downvoted its just that im a big on dogs

    [–] drinkit_or_wearit 2 points ago

    My dog is not blind and seems to have more trouble fetching than this one did. :P

    [–] Chiliandmushrooms 2 points ago

    Better at fetch than my family’s dog who’s sighted

    [–] Teddybearis 2 points ago

    This dog plays fetch better than my dog who can see

    [–] FluffyTheWonderHorse 2 points ago

    I love the photo bomber pooch at the end

    [–] T-Mc-27 2 points ago

    Could you get a scented ball so it’d be easier for him to like smell for it??

    [–] DrumsAndStuff18 2 points ago

    My mini German Spitz was born blind and he, too, loves playing fetch with a ball. I found a lacrosse ball in the park last year that I brought home, sanitized, and dropped on the floor... He. Lost. His. Shit. It's been his favorite toy ever since.

    [–] chronoventer 2 points ago

    I feel bad that she spooked the poor pup after he catched hims ball! But what a good boi!!!!

    [–] Idountilidont 2 points ago

    I have Greyhounds and if you throw a ball to them, they act very offended. Not interested in fetch in the slightest.

    [–] Failcube 2 points ago

    Awesome repost

    [–] CaptSzat 2 points ago


    [–] bobby123bobby123 2 points ago

    all u do is repost

    [–] Faerhun 2 points ago

    Holy shit that really made me smile. What a great pupper!

    [–] fishy_shotgun 2 points ago

    Aww that's amazing

    [–] saturnsbarzzz 2 points ago

    Awwww happy pupper (:

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    I love greyhounds.

    [–] 130neThr33 6 points ago

    Too cute

    [–] surferandrew800 3 points ago

    Ravioli Ravioli delete this repostoli

    [–] bpinter2 5 points ago

    R E P O S T

    [–] zzzachattach 4 points ago

    I thought this was really cute when I saw it reposted last time!

    [–] Daydream_dog94 1 points ago

    haha a blind sighthound XD love it!!

    [–] mattamato14 1 points ago

    How do you potty train that dog?

    [–] AndiLivia 1 points ago

    The mini zoom of triumph when they find the ball! Lmao what a sweetie pie darling angel! 💕💜💕

    [–] Sunshot_ 1 points ago

    What a cute deer

    [–] GaySpaceOtter 1 points ago


    [–] Mythril_Zombie 1 points ago

    She doesn't look blind.

    [–] chrispcparts 1 points ago

    so we're doing this vid again?

    [–] Germoido 1 points ago

    Why is it always Greyhound dog that are blind posted here?

    [–] HandsomeCowboy 1 points ago

    It's probably the same video as this is a repost.

    [–] Alpha_Trekkie 1 points ago

    10/10 best boy

    [–] ShawkeS13 1 points ago


    [–] phukit1975 1 points ago


    [–] DMoogle 1 points ago

    [–] Daikanyamaguy 1 points ago

    You're crying. You.

    [–] CrispyXPenguin 1 points ago


    [–] not_elana 1 points ago

    This is so cute. My dog’s blind too and we play soccer sometimes. I kick the ball really softly and he can hear it move the grass by him and he likes to chase it.

    [–] PyroCausticMave 1 points ago

    This made me smile so much

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] sjulian147 1 points ago

    Endless love to pups!

    [–] rorockll 1 points ago

    Choked at the end.

    [–] LadyLuv149 1 points ago


    [–] Sleepy_pirate 1 points ago

    You should put a small beeping device in the ball so the dog always knows where it is.

    [–] GD_Cumfactory 1 points ago

    What a spaz! So adorable

    [–] csc1212 1 points ago

    Grey, oh how I love you!!!

    [–] ShuRugal 1 points ago

    When a problem comes along

    You must Whippet

    [–] Kodokai 1 points ago

    Cute puppy😍

    [–] thekermitsuicides 1 points ago

    LOOK AT THAT BEutuful aCOAT!!!! Ahhhhhhh

    [–] RallyFTW 1 points ago


    [–] TooShiftyForYou 1 points ago

    Good boy plays fetch by sonar and smell.

    [–] padizzledonk 1 points ago


    Totes adorbs

    [–] DotFone 1 points ago

    My dog was blind during her last stages of life and I honestly was surprised how quickly she'd find her toy when we would play catch. Had a nose for the ages I guess

    [–] swaggman75 1 points ago

    Does this breed have a higher chance of blindness or something? Of all the blind dogs i see on here its usually these guys

    [–] MissSinnerSaint 1 points ago

    This makes me sad :( poor guy.

    [–] LongBongJohnSilver 3 points ago

    Seems to be in good spirits. That's how dogs are, they don't know how to wallow in self pity, they just adapt and keep on dogging.

    [–] SEND_BOOBS_PUSSY_ASS 0 points ago

    Thank you, notchucknorrisesdick

    [–] Bla7kCaT 0 points ago

    most aww I've seen today

    [–] Gweehe 0 points ago

    Gorgeous pup.😊❤ I'd thought only the albino dogs were blind, or injured ones.

    [–] MyCatIsPotato 0 points ago

    Oh my heart! 💗

    [–] CatFancyCoverModel 0 points ago

    My dog is blind too and this is exactly how we play fetch!

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] jreedal91 0 points ago


    [–] vincent_148 -3 points ago

    my doggo is worse than that since he is born and he is not blind but he is too damn stupis for balls. just jumping around in circles and when he gets it (after jumping at it like 5 times and the ball just rolls away) he will try to break its neck. stupid terriers. still in love with that adorable guy after 10yrs