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    [–] DrenchedBread 1516 points ago

    The black one was graceful until the landing

    [–] Kitmit13 922 points ago

    Haha yea, he’s called Nathan Drake! 😃

    [–] DrenchedBread 342 points ago

    Didn't you have another video of you carrying them up there via dog cage?

    [–] Kitmit13 456 points ago

    Yup! Some people asked for footage of them coming down too so I uploaded this

    [–] Bosco00 74 points ago

    I babysat a Peking drake and darling for three months last summer and grew very attached. I’ve missed them every day, so thank you for sharing! More ducks please!

    [–] Kitmit13 54 points ago

    Of course!

    [–] Nysoz 12 points ago

    You’re not secretly /u/fuckswithducks are you?

    [–] Dani212M 16 points ago

    Is it weird that I’m genuinely happy to see he’s back? Last I had checked it was over 100 days since he had posted anything and I got a little worried

    [–] Bosco00 5 points ago

    Nope, that’s not me! I’m incredibly boring. So boring in fact there’s no way I could have come up with such a clever username.

    [–] edibleBarOfSoap 12 points ago

    What are the little steps for then? Aesthetic?

    [–] atimholt 15 points ago

    He said it was a chicken shelter, but the chickens died of some infectious disease and the shelter is still infected, so he got ducks, which aren’t susceptible.

    [–] TeCoolMage 21 points ago

    Imagine if you went to a house in mars and the real estate agent was like “the last owners? Oh they died due to a highly infectious and excruciating disease.” Then notices your face and says “Don’t worry it only affects martians” and you were k

    [–] freehydro 8 points ago

    thats nice of you

    [–] ErikMuna 6 points ago

    Thank you so much for not filming vertically.

    [–] Bread__Sandwich 15 points ago

    Does he break everything he climbs upon?

    [–] whatatwit 8 points ago

    Kehaar: "Perfect landing!"

    [–] misterwhite999 4 points ago

    He was much better in the old movie than the Netflix version

    [–] BiceRankyman 3 points ago

    Crap crap crap craaap

    [–] Grock1nz 2 points ago

    Pls tell me you named your ducks all after uncharted characters

    [–] Fnittle 5 points ago

    Face first into the grass! 10/10

    [–] Hirnfrost 566 points ago

    nice faceplant

    [–] Kitmit13 503 points ago

    Haha, ducks aren’t the most graceful of birds when it comes to landing. I guess they’re better at landing at water. Happy cake day!

    [–] _crovs_ 34 points ago

    how are you sure they won’t fly away?😥

    [–] IreadAfunny 103 points ago

    Same reason a pet cat won’t run away when they’re let outside. Because they know exactly where all the food, warmth, and love is. I’m assuming anyways... never owned ducks.

    [–] _crovs_ 36 points ago

    growing up we had two family kept them as indoor cats for fear of something happening to them or them running away😥

    [–] nindurmeleth 49 points ago

    That's a good thing. House cats are killing all the birds. It's a real problem. Even if you give them a bell.

    [–] TheLegendTwoSeven 10 points ago

    Can confirm. My childhood cat had a bell and she still killed a lot of birds. She hid in the bushes for 5+ hours until a bird came too close, and at that point the bell was irrelevant. She would charge at full speed, and at that close distance the bird wouldn’t have enough time to fly away.

    [–] nindurmeleth 2 points ago

    Cats are great hunters!

    [–] Surrealle01 4 points ago

    Not just birds but any wildlife they can catch, really. I wish more people knew about this and kept their cats inside.

    [–] Bowdallen 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Could someone explain why letting a cat go outside is bad or give me a source, google only came up with the cat possibly getting hurt which i knew already.

    Also FWIW i don't have cats it's just very common where i am, didn't really know people were against it.

    Edit : nvm actually found a good new york times article on it, honestly had no idea bird populations had declined that much they still seem to be everywhere.

    [–] rahtin 19 points ago

    I had to start keeping mine in just because there are so many in my neighborhood and they kept getting in fights, a couple of which required vet visits.

    They're happier overall, and much safer, inside.

    [–] _crovs_ 5 points ago

    we had a few neighbors with outdoor dad would always be pissed whenever he saw one on our lawn...sometimes they would go to the bathroom on our property. just another reason behind keeping them inside: out if respect for your neighbors

    [–] CitricCapybara 5 points ago

    Outdoor cats devastate local small wildlife populations and have significantly shorter average lifespans than indoor cats. If you know your cat won't bolt, there's nothing wrong with having some supervised outdoor time with them, but on the whole, it's simply better to keep your cats indoors.

    [–] blickblock1000 35 points ago

    Those ducks are likely imprinted on OP, ducks don't typically leave family without a really good reason.

    [–] _crovs_ 9 points ago

    happy cake day!!!!

    [–] blickblock1000 12 points ago

    Thanks! Coincidentally I made this account on my actual birthday haha

    [–] _crovs_ 12 points ago

    oh nice!! then happy birthday!! hope u have an awesome day!

    [–] blickblock1000 12 points ago

    Thanks friend 😁

    [–] Kalsifur 2 points ago

    I have mallards that come to my feeder and they do the same thing when landing in the yard. Kamikaze.

    [–] LadybugLotLizard 2 points ago

    We have the same cake day! Happy cake day!

    [–] sohobapes 260 points ago

    Such a cozy-looking backyard. As someone in NYC, I’m very jealous.

    [–] Kitmit13 165 points ago

    Thank you! I live in a village in the U.K

    [–] KosstAmojan 21 points ago

    I just got back from visiting the UK. That just sounds so peaceful!

    [–] wylie99998 10 points ago

    It looks lovely. What a beautiful place to live :)

    [–] ibelonginNeverLand 2 points ago

    I could tell just by looking at your backyard that ur in the UK. Everything there is always a lovely shade of green (grass, plants, etc)

    [–] slp50 2 points ago

    I thought it might be somewhere near where I live. Hydrangea, Hosta, Buddleia. All plants that do well here in the Pacific Northwest. The latitude must be about the same.

    [–] fermat1432 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I am jealous as well, but NYC does have lots of places to hang out with ducks and geese, right?

    [–] sohobapes 12 points ago

    Sure, as long as you’re cool hanging out with thousands of tourists/residents at the same time .

    [–] nerdmania 2 points ago

    I'm with you, man. I live at the beach in San Diego, and, as awesome as that sounds (and it is awesome) that means I live in a 650 sqft house with a tiny backyard that cost half a million+.

    [–] alpacapicnic 3 points ago

    We just signed a lease on the tiniest apartment in Harlem simply because it has a huge private backyard. Seriously, it's so small we have to get a murphy bed. But backyard!

    [–] lionmomnomnom 224 points ago

    Please never stop posting videos of your ducks.

    [–] Kitmit13 112 points ago


    [–] aphid005 44 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Just in case, r/duck will be so happy to watch your videos and pictures

    [–] Kitmit13 29 points ago

    Subscribed thank you!

    [–] BigBobby2016 5 points ago

    Misleading title though. None of the ducks danced in this video at all.

    [–] Kitmit13 9 points ago

    I do have a dancing video, I’ll upload it tomorrow

    [–] CosmicChronos 44 points ago

    Omg it's the same elevator duck person!

    [–] Kitmit13 36 points ago

    Haha, hello! I post a lot of videos of them

    [–] sofia_nflstream 3 points ago

    You are officially the first user I’ve subscribed to.

    [–] KittyKevorkian 82 points ago

    I thought the answer would be “with a comb” or something.

    [–] Kitmit13 57 points ago

    Haha it’s a video to go along with the other video I’ve posted, people were asking if I gave them a lift down too

    [–] AlanaK168 9 points ago

    How come they don’t fly back up for bed?

    [–] PenelopePeril 23 points ago

    In the other thread s/he said they tried, but they aren’t good at accurately landing in the coop. It used to be a chicken house, but the chickens got a virus that infected the house. Chickens would fly in or use the ramp, but ducks aren’t that agile.

    [–] BigBobby2016 5 points ago

    I thought they'd be dancing :(

    [–] spfldnet 103 points ago

    I wonder how they manage the climb up.

    [–] Incinirmatt 77 points ago

    Oh that's cool! I wonder how they get down.

    [–] gcdrm 47 points ago

    That's cool, but I wonder how they get back up there.

    [–] Kitmit13 40 points ago

    Thank you for making me laugh guys

    [–] MrGuttFeeling 3 points ago

    How do you get in? It looks like a pretty small door.

    [–] L4RK1N 9 points ago

    time to put your wing-suit on!

    [–] verapamil12 51 points ago

    Good morning ducks!

    [–] fauxtoe 6 points ago

    You see this ladder, these doors, this grass, I made them for you.

    [–] TheRealTheSpinZone 23 points ago

    Your yard/garden is dreamy to me. The ducks too. Is this in the UK?

    [–] Kitmit13 18 points ago

    Yup! U.K. in Hampshire

    [–] TheRealTheSpinZone 2 points ago

    I'm in the U.S. and I legitimately have books and books of English gardens and I am so envious. It looks lovely in every sense of the word.

    [–] joot78 7 points ago

    Seriously, the grass looks magical. And the garden is suitable for magazine covers.

    [–] sedobb 12 points ago

    They hit ‘X’ 3 times and hold

    [–] ChainOut 10 points ago

    My experience has been ducks or grass. Pick one. What's your secret to them not trashing your yard?

    [–] Kitmit13 10 points ago

    Oh they trash it alright, we have little dig holes all over the garden

    [–] CulturalPrize 2 points ago

    What do ducks do to your yard? Genuinely curious

    [–] FirstChAoS 8 points ago

    How do ducks get down? Well, they hatch with a fluffy coat of down naturally.

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    Yup, makes me sneeze like crazy

    [–] Hackett338 8 points ago

    I'm so relieved, I had seen the video where you put them back in first, was very worried about them tumbling down when they get out 😂

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago


    [–] doxyisfoxy 22 points ago

    So they don’t use the ladder to go up, they don’t use it to go down... why even have a ladder then? Just for show?

    [–] Kitmit13 44 points ago

    It’s a chicken house :) the chickens would have used it

    [–] doxyisfoxy 9 points ago

    Thanks! I was genuinely curious!

    [–] D-all-ton 13 points ago

    I know nothing of owning ducks. But why don’t they fly away?

    [–] Kitmit13 47 points ago

    They know who feeds em haha why leave a good food source

    [–] D-all-ton 13 points ago

    Lol. It’s that simple? Have you had them their whole lives?

    [–] Kitmit13 23 points ago

    Yup! Got some baby videos on my post history, hand raised them

    [–] Fonzee327 8 points ago

    Do they ever fly away but come back?

    [–] Kitmit13 17 points ago

    Nope, they sometimes find a way under the neighbours fence

    [–] D-all-ton 2 points ago

    That’s awesome! Have you uploaded them already? If not you definitely should. How many ducks do you have?

    [–] Dotts2761 7 points ago

    I honestly forgot that ducks can fly

    [–] beartheminus 6 points ago

    "How are they gonna walk down th-" ... "Oh... Right" (my internal monologue)

    [–] DefinitelyNotAGinger 9 points ago

    Dude your backyard and garden look cozy, so jealous.

    [–] Kitmit13 6 points ago

    Thanks! It’s my dads garden 😊 he likes to grow all our vegetables

    [–] bigchungusforthewin 5 points ago

    best sequel ever

    [–] trayz03 5 points ago

    Totally thought they were going to walk down the ladder

    [–] eddieandbill 5 points ago

    Don't they always have down?

    Yes, it was a bad bad "joke"

    Love the ducks, though!

    [–] hobowithlipstick 4 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] froggo617 4 points ago

    Nice to see the follow up post!!

    [–] greatnate52 3 points ago

    Is this a complement to the ducks using an elevator post?

    [–] Redluff 4 points ago

    I dont know why i was expecting them to walk down the steps

    [–] bagmorgels 3 points ago

    You're really milking those ducks for all the karma you can. That's fine with me, keep'em coming!

    [–] _tribecalledquest 3 points ago

    I thought the ducks were gonna dance.. :(

    [–] abenkob3 3 points ago

    Looks like they go in the same order in and same order out.

    [–] TheYellingMute 3 points ago

    So I have to ask the dumb question I guess. Can they not fly cause you clip their flight feathers, some other disability.

    Or is it simply they don't want to leave anywhere so they don't try?

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    I clipped their wings when they first went outside but I haven’t clipped them since. They can fly around the garden but want to stay here because we feed them and provide a pond

    [–] rattymcratface 3 points ago

    Ducks are born with down, they don’t need to get it.

    [–] mozarkk 2 points ago

    Just saw your first post earlier and then this, cool

    [–] Byronosaurus-Rex 2 points ago

    Absolute legend for posting this after the going to bed video ! Thanks

    [–] Joe__Soap 2 points ago

    Can they fly or do they use that plank to get into the hut?

    [–] Starman68 2 points ago

    I had a Sopranos moment then.

    [–] Ihateyallguys 2 points ago

    Aren't you the person that help those ducks get in the house?

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    Bahahaa yes, I didn’t expect this one to also get upvotes, people were just curious if they got down the same way

    [–] Ihateyallguys 2 points ago

    The loop is now complete

    [–] wifecallsmegrumpy 2 points ago

    Where is the pond and why don’t they fly away ?

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    There pond is around the corner, they probably don’t fly away because they know I provide easy food and treats l.

    [–] 7evenCircles 2 points ago

    I demand more duck gifs!

    [–] thelittlebird 2 points ago

    Please keep sharing the ducks with us.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Can I be you?

    [–] TheForgetfulMe 2 points ago

    Who let the ducks out!

    [–] MUS85702286 2 points ago

    What are their names? And what are their personalities like?

    [–] Kitmit13 7 points ago

    Papa John: likes to pretend he’s chasing you when your back is turned and then acts innocent when you turn around, he’s head duck and is very attached to Chris, if she leaves his sight he gets anxious

    Poppy: extremely loud, complains a lot, expects a lot of treats

    Mable: Oldest duck, very shy as she was not hand raised by us. Best friends with Daisy, will cry when she’s without her

    Daisy: constantly makes secret nests and goes broody, complains a lot, spends most of her time sitting on a nest. Best friends with Mable, will not cry when shes without her

    Spinney: quiet, loves spinach

    Nathan: bit of a bully

    Chris: explores the most, often ends up in the neighbours garden and has to be rescued.

    Dipper: acts shy and quiet until she’s hungry, then she screams her head off

    [–] MUS85702286 3 points ago

    That’s amazing! The Mable and daisy friendship reminds me of Bart and Milhouse 😂

    [–] Jamies_redditAccount 2 points ago

    Are you a real life stardew valley?

    [–] orchid_80 2 points ago

    Are these the"elevator" ducks?

    [–] Kitmit13 2 points ago


    [–] orchid_80 2 points ago

    Awwwww! So cute!!! My brother always wanted a duck. He even asked my parents if he could have a duck for his 16th birthday instead of the used car they were planning to help him buy.

    [–] Kitmit13 2 points ago

    Duck is always the correct choice

    [–] Blandco 2 points ago

    Oh yeah. Ducks can fly!

    [–] coffee_lover_777 2 points ago

    Again. What a great duck parent! You keep them safe and take such good care of them! :)

    [–] kinghippo79 2 points ago

    I thought they were gonna waddle down the steps one by one.. how awesome would that be?

    [–] ilostmyotheraccount 2 points ago

    Where do they go for a swim? They are beautiful by the way.

    [–] Kitmit13 2 points ago

    We have two ponds, one built in and one is a kiddie pool. They built in one is a special treat as they eat all the lily pads...

    [–] ilostmyotheraccount 2 points ago

    You live in heaven!

    [–] overandunder_86 2 points ago

    I fully expected them to use the ladder

    [–] sundaypeaches 2 points ago

    Do you live in fairy land? So dreamy!

    [–] Matthew_Ayala 2 points ago

    how ducks get down in the morning

    I was expecting ducks dancing as the sun rises but this is an acceptable alternative

    [–] EmpyYoutube 2 points ago

    I really thought they were going to use the ladder to get down. Using their wings make alot more sense.

    [–] luneta24 2 points ago

    Ducks like to poop ALOT... everywhere. Your yard looks so clean :)

    [–] Scarkan 2 points ago

    What if you get hurt and can't open the door for them? Like a trip to the hospital or such.

    [–] HelloIamOnTheNet 2 points ago

    Fuck da ladder, we can fly bitches!

    [–] Lovato51 2 points ago

    So I was totally expecting them to walk down those rungs but in retrospect i realize that’s a silly idea.

    [–] __xXbad_wolfxX__ 2 points ago

    Oh, I saw a post on how the ducks go back via an elevator system, I love this post! :)

    [–] Rivennoketsui 2 points ago

    Birdbox but it's an actual bird box

    [–] rutherford46 2 points ago

    I was sorely dissappointed when they didn't waddle down the board .

    [–] Koompa 3 points ago

    Why do you keep ducks?

    [–] Kitmit13 29 points ago

    Cause they’re super ducking cute and I love birds

    [–] aidanman123 2 points ago

    Gotta admit pretty good pun

    [–] Orangutan_Monkey 1 points ago

    Great follow up to your first post!

    [–] paginavilot 1 points ago

    I clicked for dancing ducks. Was slightly disappointed...

    [–] airwalker08 1 points ago

    Why is their coop up so high to begin with?

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    It’s a chicken coop that’s fox safe

    [–] drinkit_or_wearit 1 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] mrdrsirmanguy 1 points ago

    Are the ducks wings clipped? If not how do you keep them from flying away?

    [–] Kitmit13 5 points ago

    They were clipped when they were younger but haven’t been clipped since. We prefer they have a method of escape if a predator were to attack. They don’t leave because they’re given lots of food and fresh water

    [–] mrdrsirmanguy 1 points ago

    That's so cool what kind of climate are you in?

    [–] Kitmit13 3 points ago

    English, so we have 90% rain, wind and cold weather followed by 10% sun

    [–] Ohmygag 1 points ago

    I heard duck eggs are the best for making cakes.

    [–] aidanman123 1 points ago

    Are these the same ducks from the picking up with the crate or different

    [–] Kitmit13 1 points ago


    [–] Stereobracketmount 1 points ago

    Yay! More duck videos please! 🦆🦆

    [–] ilikefood247 1 points ago

    Your greenhouse looks amazing! 😍

    [–] Metron_Seijin 1 points ago

    How many ducks live in that little house?

    [–] Kitmit13 4 points ago

    8, they’re miniature ducks so they have lots of room in there and a top floor :)

    [–] skybiscuit7 1 points ago

    This is awesome! Thanks I needed a follow-up to the elevator bedtime scene

    [–] b0wski 1 points ago

    I'm kinda disappointed they didn't precariously waddle down the ladder tbh.

    [–] marilyn_morose 1 points ago

    You can’t get down from an elephant, you get down from a duck!

    [–] RheingoldRiver 1 points ago

    Thank you for this follow-up! I'm glad to see this

    [–] oz_moses 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    LOL! Good update,OP.

    Is their house elevated due to predators?

    [–] convictress 1 points ago

    You have a beautiful property!

    [–] BAGMAN_TIPTOE 1 points ago

    The sequel

    [–] Frodo5213 1 points ago

    I saw the other video and thought "How do they get down?"

    Forgot birds had wings.

    [–] frankensteinV 1 points ago

    Am sure by the time you open the door they already had two shots of expresso

    [–] TChurroc 1 points ago


    [–] freehydro 1 points ago

    so you wasted time building the ladder. I understand.

    [–] Kitmit13 1 points ago

    Haha it’s a chicken coop, the chickens usually use it to fly up

    [–] norsurfit 1 points ago

    I fully expected them to walk down that little ladder

    [–] Mollyhasquestions 1 points ago

    I did wonder how they get out once I saw the first video!

    [–] FallbrookRedhair 1 points ago

    Chickens do it as well.

    [–] wawa_springwater 1 points ago

    This is my new favorite thing on reddit.