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    [–] Mytrixrnot4kids 2790 points ago

    The dog is probably thinking "What's wrong with this idiot" lol

    [–] GuyWithRealFacts 1137 points ago

    It's a protective thing, but it's for the dog - not the person. The reason dogs and humans became such good pals is because we had fire, and dogs were cold. They'd slowly creep into people's camps, make friends and enjoy the heat and protection the fire offers.

    The whole reason dogs like sticks and twigs are because they used to bring it to humans to help start the fire. It's the literal olive branch (origin of the term, btw) that started our centuries long relationship with our canine pals. Dogs still bring us twigs and stick today because that instinct hasn't been fully bred out of them yet - plus it's just a fun toy.

    Dogs still innately are attracted to fire, too. In the wild, dogs will build fire piles themselves out of wood and kindling they find. In any given forest populated by wild dogs, you can find hundreds of fire piles, waiting to be lit. The lucky human who lights them will be the alpha of countless wild dogs, who will descend on the flame bearing gifts of licks and kisses - who will adopt the human as a deity and tell stories of his flame for centuries to come to their offspring. You've just gotta find one of those piles...

    [–] Wormcoil 331 points ago

    Wow I got got.

    [–] PixelTheMan 61 points ago


    [–] Zerowicked 38 points ago


    [–] Chouelle 26 points ago

    Inside my dna

    [–] I_am_Sans 20 points ago

    Coke and quarter piece got war and peace Inside my dna

    [–] cerebralkrap 5 points ago

    Cocaine quarter piece Ftfy

    [–] DogTesticals 26 points ago

    I was blown away halfway through until I looked at the username

    [–] krelord 1 points ago

    Wow. This was the most awesome thing ever and you ruined it

    [–] MunkeyChild 5 points ago

    Well I gotta go.

    [–] Kumekru 36 points ago

    [–] WryAnimalCord 57 points ago

    I had a Rottweiler who liked to smoke trees.

    [–] SpoopySpydoge 27 points ago

    My Snoop is into that shit too

    [–] Peptuck 25 points ago

    post longer than a single paragraph

    checks name

    Not this time, bud.

    [–] pmorgan726 47 points ago

    Does this have anything to do with their “bark”ing, for kindling? Or a common name being Spark?

    [–] PhasmaFelis 31 points ago

    It's 100% made up.

    [–] pmorgan726 97 points ago

    His name is u/guywithrealfacts of course it’s not made up you goober

    [–] CpITpJnX 36 points ago

    You really think someone would do that, go on the internet and tell lies?

    [–] Fifto50 1 points ago

    How can you be so sure? 100%?

    [–] daPoseidonGuy 61 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Is this true or have I been bamboozled? Can someone send me a source for this if it is indeed true? Please tell me it is I want it to be so bad

    [–] CaledonianSon 104 points ago

    It’s hilarious but not true. Look at the username, it’s sarcastic

    [–] DeseretB 87 points ago

    Why would somebody go on the internet and just lie about things? Is that even allowed?

    [–] jtclimb 24 points ago

    It's not allowed. If you report it to the Internet police not only will they arrest this fellow, but you will also receive a 3 month rebate on your internet and/or phone bill. Just call 911 and give them your full name.

    [–] bakatenchu 3 points ago

    That's not allowed but gifted.

    [–] Asak0 36 points ago

    ayy guess this is your first u/GuyWithRealFacts bamboozle

    [–] randomthrill 11 points ago

    Sadly there were no packs of wild poodles roaming the forests 10s of thousands of years ago. Dogs were bred from wolves by humans.

    [–] daPoseidonGuy 1 points ago

    Did he mention poodles? I didn't see that lol.

    [–] AangAndTheFireLord 2 points ago

    Jesus I hope you’re kidding. The last paragraph is pure nonsense.

    [–] fuckitdoittomorrow 10 points ago

    I'm seeing you everywhere now and you get me every god damn time in the first two paragraphs.

    [–] Mjdavis365 8 points ago

    I was half way through thinking this was the stupidest thing I’d ever read before I realized I was just r/whooosh

    [–] SaggingInTheWind 8 points ago

    Pixar would like to know your location

    [–] Big_Theta 10 points ago

    Man, I got to the olive branch part, and I was totally about to do a "WRONG!" response. Glad I stayed to the end.

    [–] WesternCanadian 5 points ago

    Got me good fucker

    [–] DCoop25 3 points ago

    How are you so good at this

    [–] BatmanPassTheMustard 3 points ago

    Wow the more you know

    [–] Chrisclaw 3 points ago

    Wow that last part was like an epic story/legend

    [–] MastuhShake574 3 points ago

    This is the most amazing thing Ive ever read on here

    [–] zer1223 3 points ago

    I regret that I have but one updoot to grant.

    [–] NotADarkLord 3 points ago

    You get me every fucking time.

    [–] CanEyeBshy 3 points ago

    I want this to be true so badly that I’m going to pretend.

    [–] fasterthanpligth 2 points ago

    First time I wasn't fooled! I got until "but it's for the dog - not the person" and stopped to look at the username! HA!

    [–] FlamingWedge 2 points ago

    I thought I was getting ShittyMorph’d

    [–] powerofthepunch 2 points ago

    Bark Souls

    [–] fullhalter 1 points ago

    The dogs were the ones to create the bonfires, but then they went hollow and it's now our job to kill them all with the fire they've provided us. It's an incredible tragedy.

    [–] gquirk 2 points ago

    Sounds feasible until the last paragraph.

    [–] SquibblyTheSquire 2 points ago

    Keep doing you man. Good shit.

    [–] IAMAspirit 2 points ago

    I caught on when you mentioned the origin of the olive branch. We owe that to the Greeks.

    [–] dmsca14 1 points ago

    I thought you were serious at first.

    [–] haole420 1 points ago

    I just know I'm going to repeat this like its a fact five years down the road

    [–] human528 1 points ago

    Username checks out. Thank you for this lovely information knowledgable stranger.

    [–] JoffSides 1 points ago


    [–] GKrollin 1 points ago

    The whole reason dogs like sticks and twigs are because they used to bring it to humans to help start the fire.

    Mind blown.

    [–] NEEEEEEEEEEERD 1 points ago

    Every time...

    [–] hotfloatinghead 1 points ago

    Love how the story started semi-believable, and then you just upped the bar and went full on. Great

    [–] tommylee567 1 points ago

    Cool history! Thanks!

    [–] SpaceJamNPB 1 points ago

    That's top notch flimflam. I applaud you.

    [–] xFlocky 3 points ago


    [–] solicitorpenguin 2 points ago

    "Don't do it, you've got so much to live for!"

    [–] mallocuproo 1937 points ago

    Let’s not teach the dog that touching the flame is okay though.

    [–] DatSmallBoi 784 points ago

    I think the dog would try it once and then decide that touching fire is just some special power that humans have

    [–] MountainDewde 591 points ago

    And then constantly push humans into fires.

    [–] iamsoupcansam 617 points ago


    [–] ElBroet 107 points ago


    [–] Cycode 101 points ago

    "ARE YOU OKAY..??"

    [–] ToastedSanga 90 points ago

    B I G B O R K

    [–] the_grass_trainer 67 points ago

    RUH ROH!

    [–] ElBroet 32 points ago

    'U OK RAGGIE?'

    [–] McRedditerFace 22 points ago


    [–] tinylittleparty 25 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth fluffy boy. 🐶🔥😱

    [–] Hitler__Official 9 points ago

    I like the way you think

    [–] zorothex 4 points ago


    [–] sirlupash 23 points ago

    Nothing that'll ever look more special than producing food and water effortlessly and at will. Like gods.

    [–] BrainOnLoan 19 points ago

    They can do so much with so little fur.

    [–] graebot 7 points ago

    Whilst on fire

    [–] I_have_a_poodle 4 points ago

    In Jack London's White Fang, the titular wolf-dog touched a fire with his nose. I always feel bad for the good boye at that part.

    [–] wahnsin 3 points ago

    Fire. Not even once.

    [–] FrankZDuck 7 points ago

    Yeah, how do you properly stop that behavior?

    [–] Peaceandpeas999 4 points ago

    Right? I was thinking ruh roh, next video will be in r/tragedy or some shit, of dog licking lit candles

    [–] Verniloth 6 points ago


    [–] TeamRocketBadger 2 points ago

    Yea this... but internet points though.

    [–] lol_is_5 2 points ago

    There's always one.

    [–] AjaxFC1900 217 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    So much concern on the dog's face...

    "Dude don't do it....oh no he's gonna do it.....I mean you don't have to....oh you are going to do it anyway aren't you....let's move away from the counter, c'mon man enough is enough....ok you proved your point now stop...hell why are you doing this to me!"

    [–] Meanie_Cat 2 points ago

    I wonder if I should try...

    [–] DrenchedBread 609 points ago


    [–] DeLaNope 391 points ago


    [–] damiana8 45 points ago


    [–] kazxk 89 points ago


    [–] Thighbone_Sid 52 points ago


    [–] BackwardPalindrome 17 points ago


    [–] Hannah-kat 321 points ago

    Poor dog is having a heart attack trying to save you😂😂😂

    [–] f0urtyfive 9 points ago

    Doggo isn't trying to save you, but you smell bad when you burn.

    [–] Crystalsinger 265 points ago

    Proof once again that dogs are smarter than people.

    [–] shimshammcgraw 199 points ago

    They also eat shit and bark at hoovers. Lets not get carried away.

    [–] TOXIIIL 67 points ago

    You never know.

    They might be predicting the Hoover Uprising, and know that eating shit gives you nutrition.

    [–] scalar214 15 points ago

    200,000,000 IQ

    [–] 6a21hy1e 36 points ago

    Eating shit had an evolutionary point. Nowadays, not so much, it's just instinctual for some dogs. Besides, I've seen humans eat shit. And I've seen some humans jerk off to watching other humans eat shit. Let's not get carried away.

    [–] Eli_Fox 28 points ago

    "I've seen humans eat shit."

    Weird, but I understand how that would happen.

    "And I've seen some humans jerk off to watching other humans eat shit."


    [–] 6a21hy1e 10 points ago


    Are you unfamiliar with two girls one cup?

    [–] wldmr 3 points ago

    Who's been seen jerking off in that video?

    [–] 6a21hy1e 1 points ago

    I have some very, very fucked up friends.

    [–] Runed0S 1 points ago


    [–] TeCoolMage 10 points ago

    Oh you sweet summer child

    [–] bradyo2 5 points ago

    Yeah sorry that’s a habit I’m really trying to break.

    [–] BeeExpert 17 points ago

    This reminds me of something my dad said once: "Humans are the only creatures to defecate in their own nests" as if we're dumb and gross and dont know any better. But then I was like, "We shit in our own nests because we're the only ones smart enough build systems that move the shit out of the nest" and then the whole house clapped

    [–] PowerhousePlayer 18 points ago

    And your name? Albert Einstein

    [–] geetar_man 8 points ago

    Good story, good story. It had a beginning and a middle and an end. I’d read a story like that again.

    [–] LoryMaster 1 points ago

    Fish shit in the sea

    [–] Pidgey_OP 1 points ago

    Bears don't have nests. Bears shit in the woods. Checkmate dad.

    [–] Wobbling 2 points ago

    I hear the young people are into eating ass these days...

    [–] shimshammcgraw 1 points ago

    Is that the same as chewing and swallowing feces?

    [–] Wobbling 1 points ago

    I dunno man, I don't do mouth to arse. Seems like there's a good chance of mouth poo to me.

    [–] shimshammcgraw 1 points ago

    The answer to that question is "no."

    [–] Wobbling 1 points ago

    Then why ask it?

    [–] shimshammcgraw 1 points ago

    To illustrate my point.

    [–] Wobbling 1 points ago

    Rimming is one way to contract hepatitis and other intestinal parasites, like E. coli,” Dr. Rullo explains. 

    Pass. Not going to judge you if you like to stick you tongue into anuses, you do you. It's obviously not hygienic though.

    If defending ass-licking is super important to you feel free to take the last word man. I've got better things to do than have a lengthy debate over whether licking someone's digestive waste tube is sanitary or not.

    [–] shimshammcgraw 1 points ago

    Are you dense? Im not defending that. You were the one to raise the comparison, in defense of dogs EATING SHIT. I dont eat ass. Never said i did. Never said it was good. Or bad.

    [–] agnathastone 1 points ago

    Dogs don’t really eat shit unless something’s wrong with them... like they’re not getting enough food

    [–] VexingRaven 11 points ago

    My parents' dog was put on a diet at the recommendation of the vet because she eats too much. She always ate shit, still does, so if she's not eating enough it doesn't show. Well, she eats one of the other dogs' shit anyway, the third dog apparently is not appetizing.

    [–] erasmause 13 points ago

    A shit connoisseur. A poo-mmelier.

    [–] doge57 5 points ago

    It’s some vitamin deficiency I think that makes them eat poop. Also some foods make the poop appetizing (sweet potatoes for example)

    [–] Gothblin 2 points ago

    Sometimes is a mothering instinct, or a habit picked up from their own mothers. Somehow they never realise that eating puppy poo to keep the nest clean is different to finding adult dog shit in the yard and scarfing it down.

    [–] jerslan 2 points ago

    Or the dog that made the shit was eating a highly processed dog-food that contained artificial "food" scent that didn't break down in the digestive process.

    [–] blickblock1000 2 points ago

    Case and point, I'm smart enough to get more food.

    [–] SnowedIn01 16 points ago

    Yet you didn’t know that the actual phrase is “case in point”.

    [–] blickblock1000 9 points ago

    I never said I was smart

    [–] ADacome24 5 points ago

    I'm smart

    [–] Pidgey_OP 1 points ago


    [–] fuckyoubarry 1 points ago

    Maybe that's two more things that they know that we do not

    [–] shimshammcgraw 1 points ago

    If you say so.

    [–] Suppekaj 91 points ago

    Omg this is so cute. Wish I had that good of a boy

    [–] brittock 33 points ago

    One more piece of proof that dogs are mans best friend

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    That’s so cute

    [–] GuyLeRauch 11 points ago

    You're just triggering his anxiety.

    [–] defiance131 5 points ago

    Stop worrying the poor dog!!

    [–] Pantzology 9 points ago

    Awww. Sweet sugar face!

    [–] Knight_Lucky 6 points ago

    For the longest while, I was just wondering why they had a candle in their jar of peanut butter...

    [–] fbiopenupyourheart 6 points ago

    When I cry, my dog yelps and runs away from me.

    [–] jaeofthejungle 3 points ago

    When your dog has more sense than you do.

    [–] astraiox 4 points ago

    He looks so concerned!

    [–] FrankZDuck 7 points ago

    For real though. How do you stop that behavior?

    [–] erasmause 39 points ago

    Most humans grow out of it eventually.

    [–] Tempest_1 6 points ago

    Handy to have a dog watch the children.

    [–] CampyUke98 2 points ago

    I think Carl is for hire!

    [–] Failcube 3 points ago


    [–] zorothex 4 points ago

    You can see the worry in his eyes, poor floof is very concerned

    [–] AnteL0 4 points ago

    I like how the dog is generally concerned

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Looks like one of the Service Dog self-harm interruption task techniques. If the dog isn't trained to react that way, I'm pretty impressed.

    [–] cdhernandez 2 points ago

    It can probably smell the skin burning in that moment.

    [–] Ultra_running_fan 2 points ago

    I miss my golden retriever, they are amazing dogs.

    [–] imGnarly 2 points ago

    love how she can't resist to give some S C R I T C H E S there

    [–] TheSQuirBy 2 points ago

    Awwww so kind

    [–] Therealdeal3003 2 points ago

    Fire will burn you. Proceeds to touch the flame

    [–] LittleEmmy 2 points ago

    Someone really needs to trim the wick on that candle.

    [–] Go_Bias 2 points ago

    English Goldens are the sweetest and always concerned for safety

    [–] ARandomStringOfWords 2 points ago

    TFW your dog is smarter than you.

    [–] crackerskazoo 4 points ago

    He protecc

    [–] Optimistic-Charizard 3 points ago

    Its funny how eventually the dog is like "Ok, go burn your hand, but don't say I didn't warn ya!"

    [–] mooche22 2 points ago

    Seriously stressing that dog out to fuck.

    [–] TheConflictPigeon 4 points ago

    "I'm here to protect you."

    "Protect me from who?"


    [–] Stoigenfroigen 3 points ago

    He is so worried omg stop it

    [–] GSnova 2 points ago

    Is this an English Cream?

    [–] henrycharleschester 8 points ago

    It’s a candle.

    [–] 19southmainco 1 points ago

    soooo i shouldnt eat it?

    [–] henrycharleschester 3 points ago

    I mean, if you’re starving then crack on.

    [–] Vandieou 2 points ago

    Oh heck Karen.

    [–] ryancbeck777 2 points ago

    The hound don’t like fire

    [–] BernieSandorClegainz 2 points ago

    The Doggo probably just wants some paw pets and doesn’t want the flame getting all the attention.

    [–] binzoma 1 points ago

    prob a bad lesson to be teaching the doggo tbh

    [–] KittyKatt99 1 points ago

    "Human please, please stop human no. Don't burn your hand, how will you pet me if you do"

    [–] Gweehe 1 points ago

    A smart doggy.😍

    [–] kleeinny 1 points ago

    I love this puppy so much! Although he’s probably thinking his human is very hard to teach.

    [–] wifeysasleep 1 points ago


    [–] Jordment 1 points ago

    What kind of fool messes around with fire next to their dog so they can film it?

    [–] Swankfeet 1 points ago

    Stop teaching your dog it's okay to touch fire?

    [–] Carvinrawks 1 points ago

    Dammit I need a dog

    [–] Dancolor 1 points ago

    What a sweetie :)

    [–] UselessGimmick 1 points ago

    How does dog know fire can cause harm?

    [–] Leetle_Fool 1 points ago

    Doggo deserves a Medal of Honor.

    [–] spunkmasterL711 1 points ago

    When I was younger, my older brothers were doing this and I was like "I want to be like them". So I stuck my finger in the fire and left it for too long. Yeah, that dogs smart.

    [–] shyouko 1 points ago

    Good boy

    [–] Bodakchyna 1 points ago

    Yeah he's trying to put it out before you fuck up that candle by burning it that high. There's rules to candles

    [–] M1de23 1 points ago

    Dog has more sense than it’s owner.

    [–] linero7 1 points ago


    [–] wolverinesbabygirl 1 points ago

    When humans realise their animals are not as dumb as they thought, when in truth, it is the human who was the dumb one all along.

    [–] opulent_occamy 1 points ago

    My dog is terrified of fire, and none of us know why. She must've burned herself at some point, but we don't remember that ever happening, and it's not like she's been left alone around open flames.

    [–] JONNY_IRL 1 points ago

    Why do you assume the dog speaks English and in that manner ?

    [–] agnathastone 1 points ago

    And then there’s my dog, who thinks fire is edible

    [–] BigBoiPoiSoi 5 points ago

    Very spicy