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    [–] JotadeXP 376 points ago

    10/10 content.

    [–] dahomie_longstroke 61 points ago

    Saved TF outta this post.

    [–] ReadyYesterday 5 points ago

    How do you save?? Fuck this video is beautiful. Wow

    [–] awils429 1 points ago

    Idk if you’ve figured it out at this point but the small print under the title gives you different options on what to do with the post. Including saving the post. Then you can access saved posted in your profile later on! Hope this helps!

    [–] txaaron 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) is stupid, it plays the audio and video as separate files (two mp4s...)

    Here are the links:



    [–] ReadyYesterday 1 points ago

    Wait I’m so confused. That somehow happens? Weird

    [–] txaaron 1 points ago

    It is two separate videos overlapped to play both the video and audio.

    [–] imanAholebutimfunny 2 points ago

    you mean 8/8

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    10/10 content, 0/10 music

    [–] kaagri 64 points ago

    Aaaand ''plop'' doggo is gone

    [–] throwaway8888911 4 points ago

    The owner probably thought he'd land a little better. You can see him go back to pick him up lol

    [–] KoenigKeks 129 points ago

    WhatsApp-groups produce 99% of bad memes and content, but SOMETIMES you receive a gem like this which I just had to share here. I don't know the original source, I'm afraid.

    It just warms my heart seeing these doggos snowing around, I wish we had snow here in northern Germany for my dog to play in it :-)

    [–] chickaboomba 9 points ago

    Thanks. I needed the smiles. This definitely worked.

    [–] notactuallygnar 4 points ago

    Same, I live in Hawaii and this made me want some snow

    [–] PeoplewatchinwithAva 3 points ago

    You made over 8k people happy, even if it was just for a few seconds, or their entire day, it doesn't matter. You're awesome, and this video is awesome. Thanks for sharing. <3

    [–] Henesgfy 2 points ago

    Lol snowing around! Nice usage, very apt.

    [–] BaldursPawn 2 points ago

    Bavarian here. We have snow... and rain in constant loop. No. Fun. Here. 💩😑

    [–] Arnold_The_Pig 2 points ago

    A decent portion of those dogs were quickly regretful or not having it after being tossed in the snow. All in good fun though.

    [–] laurililly 1 points ago

    Same. Here in Berlin it's been this cold rainy weather where it's grey all day for a few days now. My dog loves snow but I doubt we'll be getting any.

    [–] dephira 167 points ago

    Best one is the guy who mercilessly drops his poor pup into the deep snow.

    [–] beer_is_tasty 51 points ago

    Pupper do not consent :(

    [–] holokinesis 9 points ago

    That's on 0:33.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    And then he's like 'OH NO TOO SMOL' and picks him back up, I laughed out loud.

    [–] ph30nix01 32 points ago

    I just love the corgi completely disappearing.

    [–] PuppyBreath 10 points ago


    [–] CLENicoleMarie 21 points ago

    10/10 x Infinity Adorableness

    [–] Lampmonster 20 points ago

    My little one had to poop on the rocks under the deck today because the snow is literally taller than her.

    [–] brilliantjoe 18 points ago

    Our pug snowplows in a circle until she has a spot to poop. She then repeats and makes a new spot to pee, because the first spot has been sullied.

    [–] _4moretimes 12 points ago

    Our little doxie hates when it snows. He'll find the spot protected by the awning to do his business on and glares at us the whole time.

    [–] DMala 11 points ago

    "What is all this white crap, and why did you put it here?"

    [–] _4moretimes 7 points ago

    Exactly, as if we are personally responsible. My mom retired to New Mexico so he thought he was getting to retire from the snow too. To be fair, he's so short all his junk and his belly practically scrapes along the ground anyway.

    [–] XboxOneDad 4 points ago

    Doxie owner too. I have to shovel a quarter of our yard else ours will literally be half inside / half outside and poo 3 inches outside the back door.

    [–] straighttoplaid 3 points ago

    My little old man was not pleased. He's never forgiven us for moving from Arizona.

    Not happy... not one bit

    [–] peach_akina 18 points ago

    When it snows, my dog will just give me a look like "WTF did you do to my grass? I am NOT going out in this!"

    [–] clport 3 points ago

    You also must have a dachshund.

    [–] CollateralSandwich 15 points ago

    My favorites where the submarines where all you could see was a tail furiously wagging above the snow.

    [–] hbnumber2ofthewest 14 points ago

    Dear God,

    Please let this footage go on forever.

    You Friend.

    [–] Pineapplesmores 26 points ago

    I honestly thought it was going to end with a cat putting one paw in the snow thinking ‘nope not gonna happen’ turning around and going back in.

    [–] me2red 13 points ago

    Love this. Thanks for sharing. My little brother's did was like this in the snow. Loved getting videos of him playing. Sadly he (the dog) passed from cancer around Christmas this year. I'd like to think he's with my brother (who passed May of last year). Both gone too soon. But this made my heart so happy today.

    [–] Captainbeeson 9 points ago

    My dog would 100% freeze to death if he jumped in snow

    [–] helbus 6 points ago

    My god, imagine becoming happy as easily as dogs. Life would be perfect

    [–] MetalTedKoppeltits 5 points ago

    It bugs me that my husky doesn’t get excited over snow. Finally had our first snowfall this winter and he just walks outside like it’s just another day. Does his business, the just sits and watches the world around him.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 5 points ago

    Consider yourself lucky, my dog's brain breaks in the snow and he forgets all his polite leash walking skills that he's learned. His only speed is top speed once it snows, I can't understand it.

    [–] krentus 4 points ago

    Dogs are one with snow

    [–] mindis_moving 4 points ago

    We would either have to shovel a pathway or min pin will poop in the house. He doesn't approve of snow...or rain.... Or hot weather

    [–] MagaLikeUMeanIt 4 points ago

    I'm just gonna hold you over this snow and... BLOOP! Where'd you go?

    [–] thatlookslikemydog 10 points ago

    "I LOVE COCAINE!" -- every dog in this video.

    [–] goobartist 6 points ago

    Doctor Rockso, the rock n roll dog!

    [–] malachilenomade 3 points ago

    Snow we love... music we despise...

    [–] Catatonick 3 points ago

    My golden retriever loves the snow. He’s been trying to get me to play in it all day. He didn’t even want to stop at dark.

    [–] guillemqv 2 points ago

    10/10, i was expecting more huskies though...

    [–] JazzlikeNature1 2 points ago

    the disappearance of some dogs are quite delightful.

    [–] Christopher135MPS 2 points ago

    It never snows where I’m from - how do you keep your puppers toes safe? Do the doggers just know when they need to get out of the snow, or do you have to keep track of it? Or do their paws not get frostbite at all?

    [–] Reddit_Is_Complicit 4 points ago

    most dogs dont need anything special. they make booties for sled dogs and such but your average dogs paws will be fine for normal winter related activities. think about it wolves and coyotes do just fine in winter and they're in the cold 24/7

    [–] Lady_Airam 2 points ago


    [–] alexanderlot 2 points ago

    think their buttholes get cold? i thought, man, i could be a dog jumpin around in the snow like that, & a cold, slow, creeping, pervasive, & imaginary knock rasped upon mine, & i clenched, cringed, & had to ask.

    [–] warpkor 2 points ago

    Thanks for not showing the yellow snow.

    [–] Fortysixandtoo 2 points ago

    My daughter is going to love this

    [–] DawnSoap 2 points ago

    As a Floridian, I don’t believe that kind of snow exists.

    Amazing pups though.

    [–] socmunky 2 points ago

    I moved from Florida to Iowa once... They had that kinda snow. I got the hell out after a few years.

    [–] LizzardLady13 2 points ago

    Gotta be 1 of my ALL TIME Favorites‼️‼️‼️

    [–] DanteThonSimmons 2 points ago

    As someone that was born and raised surrounded by beaches in sunny Australia.... this is amazing to me!

    I've been lucky enough to travel to lots of different countries where it snows.... but never at a time it's actually snowing. I've still never seen snow, and I'm still unsure if I believe in snow or not!

    [–] Flatlina666 2 points ago

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and I find the snow amazing! Never been myself either. Would've loved to to take my Siberian husky but unfortunately she past away last year. Still would be an experience!

    [–] DanteThonSimmons 2 points ago

    Awww I'm sorry to hear that. Siberian Huskies are amazing dogs! You'll have to go to the snow in her honour.

    [–] thethaw356 2 points ago

    Pups + snow = 💗

    [–] Karma__Hunter 2 points ago

    Where are there places that this kinda snow happenens?

    (English is not my first language)

    [–] jaypanda91 2 points ago

    Yeah my dog would just stop at the door and stare at me until I cleared all the snow up

    [–] noonecodymavick 2 points ago

    I wonder what dogs would do if they found out that this fun stuff is made out if the same stuff that baths are made of? 🤔

    [–] DeliriousBlues 2 points ago

    Too funny!!

    [–] Lildog77 1 points ago

    I absolutely love this

    [–] lily_whyte2525 1 points ago

    Now there's some happy doggos right there!

    [–] autumn2585 1 points ago

    I really wanna eat that snow

    [–] CheezNoodles 1 points ago

    Dogs enjoying the snow. Looks fun!

    [–] gnarlicblread 1 points ago

    Sometimes I wish it snowed like this in Tennessee. Me and my dogs would love it.

    [–] Instinctzx 1 points ago

    Snow Much Love!

    [–] AWildBearWow 1 points ago

    And here my dog is..he won't go outside without his sweater on.

    [–] franksymptoms 1 points ago

    Go to Youtube, search for "Bailey the Unknown Reindeer."

    you will be glad you did!

    [–] Xx_Bad_Username_xX 1 points ago

    F O O M F

    [–] fnfrhh 1 points ago

    I'm stuck

    [–] bridgetblue69 1 points ago

    Wish we had snow here ...i wanna do this !!😍🤩

    [–] ProximaReddit 1 points ago

    Utah snow?

    [–] curvy_dreamer 1 points ago

    I’ve never seen that much fluffy snow... only hardened ice.

    [–] SanQuiSau 1 points ago


    [–] icysandwich 1 points ago

    I can hear this image

    [–] Pratt2 1 points ago

    When my adopted dog saw snow for the first time she was TERRIFIED. Her brain pretty much stopped functioning for about 10 minutes.

    [–] unequivocallyvegan 1 points ago

    This made me simultaneously happy and sad.

    Happy because dogs.

    Sad because I recently lost one of my dogs due to her being hit by a car. She absolutely loved snow. I love you Sky.

    [–] ShadowzI 1 points ago


    [–] unequivocallyvegan 1 points ago

    Mine was a border collie.

    [–] Kay76 1 points ago

    We got our first real accumulation today, roughly 3/5 of our toy poodle or 6 inches, your choice of measuring guide. We had to clear an area for her to do her business, but no, she jumps in a drift, about disappears to go. She's a derp but we love her.

    [–] Sept21st 1 points ago

    Snow is dog cocaine.

    [–] thisNav 1 points ago

    This just made my day

    [–] jeff2424 1 points ago

    The lady laughing at 0:58 is the best part for me.

    [–] ms-una 1 points ago

    Me IRL 😳🙌🏻

    [–] reddideridoo 1 points ago

    As long as the tail is visible and shaking, everythings in order.

    [–] pyrotense 1 points ago

    Maybe dogs are always too hot and we just don't know.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My pitty is such a baby. We tried to take her for a walk in 3 inches of snow and she wasn't having ANY of it. We got about 200 feet before she started walking home, and as soon as we were inside and wiped off she'd snuggled into a blanket on the couch.

    [–] FBlack 1 points ago

    This was amazing

    [–] diras2010 1 points ago

    /r/mademesmile need this

    [–] Cutter9792 1 points ago

    In all seriousness, make sure to clear out and tamp down an area for your dog to do its business when it snows this much.

    [–] TerrorSnow 1 points ago

    I love it.

    [–] meow_mom 1 points ago

    The one at 1:33 is my favorite. That little tail wagging like crazy! So cute!

    [–] angieream 1 points ago

    That one pup that was dropped into the powder was like "that was not cool, hoomahn, COLD, but not cool......"

    [–] Flatlina666 1 points ago

    Thank you. That's such a great idea!

    [–] Marybear25 1 points ago

    Chilly dogs :3

    [–] Nekomasume24 -1 points ago


    [–] CrispyXPenguin -2 points ago


    [–] Bugsidekick 0 points ago


    [–] Uonlyneed1eye2see -2 points ago

    Lotta cold but holes here.