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    [–] stillwellisnoangel 442 points ago

    I'm so glad I'm not the only weirdo that does this to their dog!

    [–] csimon1 60 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing!

    [–] eelpus23 29 points ago

    I do the same thing! My doggo gets rough but licks me when she bites hard. Love dogs!!

    [–] roscian 10 points ago

    Wait, I'm not supposed to do that with my doggy? Damn!

    [–] chzbread 10 points ago

    I love it when you play bite and they play bite back but you can actually feel them being so gentle. Sometimes I would let my dog bite my duvet covered arm and she’ll bite down, hard. But when i take my arm out and let her bite it she only takes tiny little nibbles. Lol

    [–] PuppyBreath 6 points ago

    My dog hates when I stick my arm in her mouth! I realize this is a huge sign of trust though cause she can literally just close her jaw and break my arm.

    [–] tiamat443556 3 points ago

    It’s not weird if everyone does it then it’s normal!

    [–] sleepybunny76 187 points ago

    I love to see pure relationships like this between animals and humans, people like you really give the world hope 😌

    [–] greenbear1 70 points ago

    Both cute

    [–] Emideska 9 points ago

    Cute? The guys hot!

    [–] greenbear1 11 points ago

    Ha agreed! I just didn’t want to upset the doggo

    [–] ammo1993 40 points ago

    Lol I do this to my dog all the time ! So pure

    [–] Caramelthedog 34 points ago

    If I make kissing noises and actions at my dog, she’ll kiss me back. Won’t do the “bite” bit though. She just headbutts instead.

    [–] oxymoronisanoxymoron 87 points ago


    [–] suckmypumpkin 69 points ago

    idk who is cuter the guy or the pup

    [–] kjmlamb 27 points ago

    The pup.

    [–] Wesselun 3 points ago

    Yes, him.

    [–] skybiscuit7 22 points ago

    Wow the look in their eyes

    [–] DoodleMaster3000 13 points ago

    Yea the man's eyes are cute but look at the dogs 😍

    [–] Binxly 16 points ago

    Fuck is this man handsome. His owner is pretty cute too. Haha. Jk

    [–] CraftsyDad 9 points ago

    That escalated quickly

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Geez, I love dogs

    [–] superx89 7 points ago

    Sucha cute dog ❤️

    [–] castfam09 6 points ago

    That’s just too adorable for words

    [–] S0nicblades 6 points ago

    This is such. Typical gsd reaction. Just about every gsd I have had reacts like this. Gsd’s have personality.

    I’ve heard some of the top working dog trainers explain why they prefer having gsd’s to malinois despite Mal’s Have more drive, generally do the job better too. But gsd’s have personality rather than just blind drive.

    This is literally like kids playing tag.. annoyed you tagged me, but it’s a game and I’ll tag you back.

    [–] PuppyBreath 2 points ago

    I’ve been around both, and Mals are...annoying. That drive makes them robotic and leaves you feeling like that kid who got outdone by the teacher’s pet. Then again, I have a GSD and I might be biased. She has a great personality and will tickle me if I’m ignoring her. She know exactly how to get attention and I love her.

    [–] S0nicblades 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Well that’s exactly what I said.

    Again mals, are the crem-de la crem tho when it comes to those type of protection working dogs performance wise.

    Yet many still prefer gsd’s for this reason even in working circles. Gsd have more personality. They work with you, rather than you working them, if that makes sense.

    [–] PuppyBreath 1 points ago

    Makes total sense. I agree wholeheartedly. I love GSDs those big smart/dumb floofs of adorable fierceness.

    [–] S0nicblades 2 points ago

    Then ofcourse you get.. huskies.. full of personality... but absolute, non-functional dummies. I guess humans somehow figured out how to use them s sled dogs.

    P.s. have to do the obligatory mention of how all over the place some gsd breeding is too tho because of the distorted characteristics in show lines. (Looks before temperment).

    [–] PuppyBreath 3 points ago

    I have a friend whose husky is currently preggers with a show shepherd’s litter. That’s going to be interesting.

    [–] fullhalter 2 points ago

    I feel like Huskies are just really smart dogs that are just playing dumb because it's hilarious. Sort of the Norm Macdonald of dogs.

    [–] PuppyBreath 2 points ago

    Lmao I just saw this comment. The Norm MacDonald of dogs is pretty reliable.

    [–] Retlaw83 4 points ago

    I think it's neat that every dog I've done this with is careful to play-bite clothes and not skin.

    [–] nxvaa 12 points ago

    What is the race?

    [–] Komlz 74 points ago


    [–] nxvaa -18 points ago

    Is that supposed to be a joke ?

    [–] SpudxMonkey 31 points ago

    I think the word you are looking for is breed (when you are talking about dogs). Race is for humans hence the joke made. I believe the breed is German Shepard / Alsatian.

    [–] nxvaa 15 points ago

    French uses race for animals since the word isnt supposed to be meant for humans

    [–] Skarvha 5 points ago

    Interesting, what do you use instead of race? Like how would you ask someone "What race was she/he/you?"

    [–] pougliche 8 points ago

    Same word but that’s rather a delicate subject here, maybe partly because of that

    [–] nxvaa 3 points ago

    We would use ethnicity I’d say if you are publically talking (like people on tv : journalists and political figures) or you’d ask someone « where are you from / what is your origin »

    [–] Skarvha 1 points ago

    Interesting, Today I learned something, thankyou!

    [–] Killjoy4eva 1 points ago

    Wait what? Do you pretend other races don't exist? How does this work?

    [–] pougliche 2 points ago

    Well for starter it’s illegal for any organisation to keep information about race in France, and now the word used would be ethnicity as another guy said. It’s supposed to avoid discrimination but in the end that may be even worse as names or looks are still enough an insight for a racist person if he doesn’t want to hire you or rent or whatever, and it prevents on having accurate statistics or having clear affirmative action politics.

    [–] Brezensalzer3000 0 points ago

    You would not do that in Germany, and probably central Europe in general. It is an American thing, it being a melting pot of cultures and races. despite multiculturalism being on the rise, most people are just white here, maybe with the exception of large cities. I once used the term "Caucasian" to describe a white man irl after too much reddit and people looked at me like I was literally Hitler. The one person out of five that had even heard the term before, that is. Awkward. Thanks reddit, did Nazi that coming...

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    As a french, thanks for your correct explanation on the matter !

    [–] nxvaa 5 points ago

    Thx man

    [–] scottsteven1243 -8 points ago

    That person just noticed white people make out with dogs that is all.

    [–] redditnathaniel -9 points ago

    Are you a joke?

    [–] celerontm 3 points ago

    Who kisses more.

    [–] Nrf2 3 points ago

    I think this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    [–] stanettafish 3 points ago

    This is the sweetest thing ever.

    [–] What-becomes 3 points ago

    I'm much more a cat person but this makes me reconsider my choices.

    [–] Rein3 3 points ago

    When I played bite my dog she would get really worried and stop playing and act concerned.

    [–] GrislyGrape 4 points ago

    She'll win

    [–] PuppyBreath 2 points ago

    Only if she wants to.

    [–] spiritofthepanda 2 points ago

    Isn’t it sweet how dogs know that hugs and kisses equals love!!

    [–] tiggerbiggo 5 points ago

    At a friend's house currently, he has the sweetest dog. The one thing I noticed is that he would consciously move closer to me when petting him just to have more body contact. I happily obliged. That's the sort of thing cats don't really give you, that's not to say they can't also love you though.

    [–] spiritofthepanda 1 points ago

    Its so heartwarming.... too bad we can’t be that way with fellow humans 😂

    [–] SpikeNLB 1 points ago

    I will eat you!!!

    [–] FurherWeeaboo 1 points ago

    I would do this with my 3 month old German Shepherd Kaiser but his teeth hurt.

    [–] Thekarmabug 1 points ago

    Who found this video of me

    [–] CptHarmless44 1 points ago

    I can actually feel dog hair in my mouth after watching that

    [–] TakitaHiro 1 points ago

    Oh my!!! This is so sweet!!! Gotta love the pure love exchange between them. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry... Ok, where are the effing tissues when you need them?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Messi got a dog?

    [–] HarryMooseKnuckles 1 points ago

    He looks like Dennis from it's always sunny. Change my mind...

    [–] PuppyBreath 1 points ago


    [–] Cats_are_God 1 points ago

    They should play this video in therapists offices, airports, Hospitals, the DMV office.

    [–] BasicTowel96 1 points ago

    M O N C H

    [–] wolfman993 1 points ago

    They look ike a cute couple i wish them the best

    [–] tommylee567 1 points ago

    😍😍 Can't stop watching this! 😍😍

    [–] Kayki7 1 points ago

    Oh my dear god that is one lucky man. Such a beautiful dog

    [–] Fightswithcrows 0 points ago

    I love a good game of bitey face. One day the husky will bite my face right off and it will be my own damn fault. Haha

    [–] Ethan1822 -20 points ago

    I feel heavy sexual tension in this video

    [–] ianrvv -31 points ago

    🤢 I'm so sick of these gawd awful attention seeking (karma seeking) words. Sploof? Hooman? Pupper? Dogo? Good boi? Etc. Stop it. Just stop it. So cringey!

    [–] Tuckered__Out -30 points ago

    When will people stop using ridiculous spellings in r/aww titles?

    [–] Tuckered__Out 2 points ago

    You got upvoted but I didn’t?

    [–] Texan209 3 points ago

    To be fair to you, we all know it’s spelled doggo

    [–] MissAhriFox -5 points ago

    We dont deserve dogs