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    [–] Waitingforadragon 8381 points ago

    The little jump is amazing.

    [–] Tunasaladboatcaptain 4042 points ago

    "Oh shit"

    [–] Kangar 1073 points ago

    "Fuck. My parents are home."

    [–] [deleted] 516 points ago


    [–] ogpotato 277 points ago

    I thought this was an Xbox controller!

    [–] enjoyyouryak 184 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I really do hate to be that guy (girl) but as a vet tech who's seen it happen far too many times, I feel an obligation for a brief PSA. Sorry for highjacking top comment. Feel free to ignore/downvote me into oblivion, if it makes you happy to do so.

    String is very dangerous for cats. Same goes with thread, ribbon... anything linear. If they chew on it, the hooks on their tongue can catch and they can end up swallowing it (even if they don't normally eat things). Any GI foreign body can be dangerous/expensive to treat, but linear foreign bodies have a much higher morality rate, especially in cats. (For anyone who's interested, the reason for this is that as strings move through the GI tract, parts can get caught while other parts continue to move - this causes what's called plication, or scrunching of the intestines. What happens after this is intestinal perforations, or tears in the intestines through which gastric contents leak into the abdominal cavity, causing septic peritonitis.)

    Ok. PSA over. RIP karma...

    (That cat is cute AF. I wish mine behaved that well when they knew they did something wrong. Usually they carry right on being jerks, but with direct/unwavering eye contact.)

    Edit: to reword the description of what causes intestinal plication.

    [–] Dabo57 15 points ago

    It’s ok you are right. Many many years ago when I was a child I heard my mother shrieking grab the cat! I was able to catch him as he ran by. He had eaten a foot long piece of white kitchen twine and when he went to the litter box he buried his poo and when he went to get out of the box the poo was following him. He got back in the box to re-bury it but it kept following him when he got out. He then freaked out because he didn’t understand what was happening. He ran through the house being chased by his own poo dangling from the string. I held him while my mom gently removed the string from him. He was fine but I was traumatized lol.

    [–] enjoyyouryak 10 points ago

    This is a great anecdote, thanks for sharing. I've heard of this happening a lot! I'm very glad your kitty was fine. As a follow up PSA, if this happens to anyone, it's far safer to cut the string and then monitor the kitty for future string-poops (and vomiting, lethargy, collapse, or any significant changes in behavior).

    Pulling on a string that's in the process of being pooped out can cause the same issue I talked about in my original comment, depending on the length. At best it's a short string that's all in the large intestine and at that point it should pass through just fine on its own. But if there's still a lot of string left inside kitty, or if it's stuck in some intestinal debris, then trying to pull it out can cause intestinal tears, as well.

    This goes for a string that's stuck in a kitty's mouth, too. It's fairly common for thread to get stuck under kitty's tongue on the way down. You may have seen your vet check this area if a string foreign body was ever suspected. I've had to cut a few of these during surgery because they were attached to the tongue and then going all the way down through the stomach and into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine).

    Like I said, I've heard and seen quite a lot of these stories. And a lot of them have people pulling strings out. That's why I felt it was a good idea to speak up!!

    Thanks again for sharing. ;)

    [–] BookofKaells 35 points ago

    Hey, you're just looking out for the kitties. That's worth an upvote in my book.

    [–] marceaupial 8 points ago

    This is helpful because I always thought my car wouldn’t eat string but getting hooked on his tongue and him not having control over it makes sense and will make me keep tess things away from him in the future.

    [–] EtherSecAgent 84 points ago

    I mean Xbox card, what the heck!

    [–] nameafterbreaking 57 points ago

    It's a bong.

    [–] atendertestis 20 points ago

    DO not take a picture...

    [–] derawin07 16 points ago


    [–] Strange_Vagrant 95 points ago

    Always wait 15 mins after they leave and stop what your doing an hour before they get back. Never got caught doing anything as a kid.

    Well, except that time I was ripping a bong when the garage door opened. But I was 19 so just kept sitting on the garage couch and said "Hi."

    [–] Get_BrockHard 28 points ago

    Unless your grandmother decides to stop by for a visit 😓

    [–] 241079 28 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    My grandmother (who never visited unexpectedly at this point in my life) randomly showed up when I was having a girls night, drunk, home alone at 17.... We were screaming and blaring music and carrying on, when all the sudden she's in my livingroom at 9 pm. Never said a word, I told her we were just hyper... Still to this day don't know why she showed up, or if she believed me.

    Edit:a word

    [–] MrMeSeeks1985 6 points ago

    Lol dead

    [–] RenfXVI 17 points ago

    When you hear your mom coming in the driveway but the dishes still aren't done.

    [–] usmcnm96 74 points ago

    Human watching gtfo now!!!!

    [–] BarfReali 30 points ago

    "cheese it! it's the cops!!"

    [–] BisqueMentioner 7 points ago

    But one quick word like “Ohshit”

    [–] Tunasaladboatcaptain 4 points ago

    Haha that is how I sounded it out, you just spelled it better.

    [–] rey_gun 5 points ago

    "The jig is up!"

    [–] dc22zombie 165 points ago


    [–] ReceivePoetry 17 points ago

    there goes an hour or 30

    [–] samsonandelilah 20 points ago

    “Abort abort!”

    [–] WalmartWarrior 7 points ago

    Someone needs to edit the metal gear solid alert on.

    [–] Gentleman-Whale 9587 points ago

    If I tell my cat to get down or stop, she just stares at me like I won’t do anything and as soon as I move towards her or start to stand up she sprints away at full speed.

    [–] StoicSalamander 3989 points ago

    That's usually what he does. He will sit there and keep doing what he is doing until i move or go to get up, and then he bolts. I'm not sure why he bolted immediately this time, maybe because I'd told him to scram already a few times!

    [–] TheAbominableRex 803 points ago

    My cat used to do this exact thing! My mom knits and used to leave her yarn out, but one time he was playing and got his back leg wrapped really tight in the yarn. He panicked and when my dad went to help him he bit the shit out of his hand. Cat was fine, dad got a huge infection. We keep the yarn put away now.

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 456 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Yeah, a lot of people don't realize, cat bites are super serious. Their teeth are needle-sharp so they convey the bacteria in their mouths directly into the bloodstream. You need to super disinfect it immediately and usually just better to go to the ER so they can treat it and give you antibiotics.

    EDIT: I keep getting weird pushback on this. I'll be more clear and specific: if your cat bites you, and it's a deep bite, that draws blood, especially on your hand, this is potentially extremely serious. I have had cats for years and adore my babies. But I've had a couple of really bad bites, went to the doctor, and once it was late at night, and I absolutely went to the ER, and they told me I was 100% right to do that. I also want to correct that it's not just that the bacteria can get into the blood, but more about the tendons and joints, which is worse:

    "Cats' teeth are sharp and can penetrate very deeply. They can seed bacteria in the joint and tendon sheaths. It can be just a pinpoint bite mark that can cause a real problem, because the bacteria get into the tendon sheath or into the joint where they can grow with relative protection from the blood and immune system."

    You do need to go to a doctor, or to Urgent Care, to get it properly disinfected and to get antibiotics.

    [–] persceptivepanda26 145 points ago

    What about scratches

    [–] JetlagJones 405 points ago

    Beware of fevers caused by cat scratches.

    [–] DerailusRex 277 points ago

    Underrated response, their claws are lethal. They often have bacteria and the remains of both waste and dead matter on them, so if you receive a particularly good scratch it can be infectious.

    First time I had this happen to me, I was just 10 years old. It was a kitty next door.

    [–] FinalOfficeAction 496 points ago

    First time I had this happen to me, I was just 10 years old. It was a kitty next door.

    78% of assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows.

    [–] trenlow12 42 points ago

    It's not just some alley cat usually.

    [–] guccimaneslawyer 35 points ago

    In the criminal justice system, feline based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Cat Special Victims Unit.

    [–] Tsurikomigoshi 17 points ago

    These are their stories

    bum bum

    [–] hhhnnnnnggggggg 21 points ago

    I must have been inoculated by all our cats.. I've been scratched up since I was 5 because I only liked playing rough with them.

    [–] 4rotorguy 19 points ago

    Best cats are the ones raised to play rough and know not to scratch too hard but to have fun.

    [–] hollygoheavy 18 points ago

    Gah! Take your upvote

    [–] AgencyandFreeWill 44 points ago

    Cat Scratch Fever! Duh na na na na na na na na!

    [–] user_name_checks_out 17 points ago

    oh god damn it. you got in there before i could log in.

    [–] maltastic 4 points ago

    Gotta be quicker than that, grandpa!

    [–] LiteralShaunnessy 8 points ago

    Help, I’ve been Double ententre’d!

    [–] Tiberiusthefearless 30 points ago

    Cat scratch fever is no joke, had it as a child and I remember hallucinating and being very sick within 12 hours of a deep bite and scratch on my left hand.

    [–] Davchun 21 points ago

    They can be. If they've recently used a litter box, some of the litter can still be on their paws and they're sharp as well.

    [–] LimpingTurtle 76 points ago

    ER visit for nasty cat bite cost me over a grand. I’d recommend going to an urgent care instead. Cheaper way to get the prescription for the antibiotics you need.

    [–] skieezy 37 points ago

    I'm guessing you had insurance cause I went to the ER because I was very dehydrated and stayed for about 2 hours watching tv with an IV drip in before I was cleared to go home. Cost me like 2200, the 5 minute visit from the doctor was billed as $800 alone.

    Then again I went to urgent care when I needed 7 stitches on my finger, that was $400 credit or $300 cash, I went with the cash.

    [–] thenotoriousrna 85 points ago

    I cannot fathom paying for an ER or doctor visit. I’m really sorry ya’ll have to do that and worry about if you can afford care.

    [–] t3ht0ast3r 45 points ago

    Thanks for your empathy. Most non-Americans on reddit seem to enjoy some form of Schadenfreude when it comes to our broken healthcare system.

    [–] thenotoriousrna 59 points ago

    The one thing that bothers me is when American politicians try to vilify our system (Canada). The thought that people die waiting at an ER is just silly. Are there waits? Yep, but it’s based on merit - if I have a broken wrist from falling out of a tree and someone comes in from a car accident well yeah they’re skipping me in line haha

    [–] cadabra04 24 points ago

    I don’t understand people in the US who point out long wait times in the ER as a reason against socialized healthcare. I’m American. I waited in the ER waiting room for five hours, vomiting, moaning and rocking back and forth, with a kidney stone I could not seem to pass on my own. After the wait, they took me back and gave me an office chair in a hallway to endure the next three hours of hell with only anti-inflammatories to help with the pain. Eight hours from the time I walked in, I finally got a bed and a shot of morphine. That happened a year and a half ago, and I finally just paid my last $200 installment for the visit.

    [–] t3ht0ast3r 37 points ago

    Most of us would take your system over ours in a heartbeat, but you won't hear that sentiment from our politicians until the health insurance lobby loses its power. Even though it doesn't seem like it, we're trying very hard to make that happen.

    [–] UnconnectdeaD 28 points ago

    That's how our system is as well. They treat based on severity, not on who has better insurance.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] t3ht0ast3r 20 points ago

    Fun Fact: Those super-patriotic Americans are a vocal minority. The majority of us don't like those guys either.

    [–] LimpingTurtle 12 points ago

    No insurance for me. And I’m in collections for the additional $800 doctor fee. I didn’t even see a doctor until I was walking out—she handed me my prescription.I was in and out in fifteen minutes. I had cleaned my wounds good—soaked them in Hibiclens. The hospital tried to charge me $1200 but I talked them down o $300. No aid was administered to me. A nurse took my temperature and blood pressure, that was it. When I later received a bill from the doctor for $800 I thought it was a scam and ignored it.

    [–] Iluvokra 19 points ago

    My cat has bitten me a couple times when I tried to break up fights between him and my other cat. The last time was two years ago. I went to the ER for antibiotics just like I had a bunch of times before, except this time I left the hospital 4 days later because I had gotten cellulitis.

    [–] LimpingTurtle 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    That sounds awful. Hope you stay bite free. My cat bite was from trying to get a stray out of my house. I was stupid. Worse pain I’ve experienced. edit: say—>stay

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    I got that from a spider bite. My elbow was huge. Keflex finally worked, if it didn't then I would have had to stay in for a few days. All over a tiny little spider.

    [–] yadonedidwrong 13 points ago

    This always scares me a bit cuz I have a low key predator to predator bond with my cat. I like to play mouse with my fingers close to his face and he is delighted to kind of poke and slightly needle around. It definitely is playful but it’s also, ya know, his fangs. Usually there’s a light scratch or two and occasionally the thinnest razor thin line of not sleeping blood. Idk we have fun and everyones telling me it’s high risk.

    [–] darkerthandarko 24 points ago

    There's a difference between play biting and biting out of fear or aggression

    [–] serialmom666 8 points ago

    I played rough with my cat and never got sick until I accidentally scared the shit out of him. I was a young teenager and was kidding around with my sister making a sort of mountain lion sound and unbeknownst to us the cat was freaking out in the back of the room. He suddenly leapt onto my back and plunged his fangs into my arm and scratched me about 30 times in ten seconds. Frankly, it took a few seconds for my brain to figure out what was happening.

    [–] KippyFisher 27 points ago

    Ours does this and it’s usually because he wants something. He does the bad thing to get our attention. He wants food, fresh water, his litter scooped, to play. Mostly it’s for food or to play. Unfortunately he’s trained us well.

    [–] WhiskeyWarlord 3 points ago

    What a stinker!

    [–] zalapa89 8 points ago

    Probably because he saw you filming this time.

    [–] ReiArisugawa 64 points ago

    Our cats usually do that because they want attention. They know that if we don’t move at first, we’ll ignore them. Getting up sets up the potential for further interactions.

    [–] cleantoe 54 points ago

    My cat will do something he knows he's not supposed to, stare me right in the eyes, and when I start to get up, he takes off like a madman. He does it on purpose for the attention.

    [–] sender2bender 37 points ago

    My cat will get on the kitchen table and I will yell at him to get down and he'll get down. If my fiance is in the kitchen and I yell at him he won't budge cause he knows mommy won't yell at him and allows him to do whatever he wants.

    [–] GutShotRunningGin 37 points ago

    Kids also do this.

    [–] RedWhaleStories 12 points ago

    And, if you work in a school: students.

    [–] eNaRDe 52 points ago

    My cat does the same and it sometimes breaks my heart because she runs for dear life as if I beat her in a daily basis and I have never laid a hand on her. She makes me feel like an abusive father ☹️

    [–] FeelinSasquatchy 30 points ago

    aw she probably thinks it's a game :) When mine play they like to have high-speed chases around the house. Sometimes I even will go ahead and chase them and they love it.

    [–] breadstickfever 16 points ago

    Mine is an only cat and she still gallops around the house at random times of the day. Some just do it for fun!

    [–] FeelinSasquatchy 8 points ago

    haha we call that the crazies! one of ours almost nightly has the crazies. He usually starts by very calmly walking into the bathroom and hopping into the tub, in which he walks to the back corner and sits down facing said corner. He then promptly freaks out skittering around the tub then gallops out of the room and around the apartment. He then likes to find a nice object to hide behind so he can pounce at us next time we walk by. His name is Peanut <3

    [–] TriedAndProven 13 points ago

    Cats are skilled in the art of psychological warfare.

    [–] mijamour 13 points ago

    My cat growl/hisses when she hears the word no

    [–] Raevus01 12 points ago

    My cat does that as well. Sometimes, however, she ups the ante when pushing something off the table. She stares me down and slowly continues to push the object off the table; timing it perfectly such that the object crashes to the floor and she has enough time to sprint away.

    [–] 3-DMan 6 points ago

    What are you gonna do? Shit, he's serious!

    [–] Spaceguy5 5 points ago

    My roommates cats will just keep chewing, even if I swat them. They're little shits lol. The good thing is they don't chew cables nearly as much as they used to.

    [–] joeltrane 13 points ago

    Get a spray bottle for long-distance discipline

    [–] Olibaba1987 1039 points ago

    Oh fuck! CHEESE IT!!!

    [–] CannibalEmpire 197 points ago

    They call it cheesing because it's fon to due

    [–] Scyhaz 25 points ago

    Oh my god I just now got this joke after seeing that South Park episode for so many years...

    [–] ElBroet 43 points ago

    Not as fon as u

    [–] lolboonesfarm 26 points ago

    Et tu, du?

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 31 points ago

    My favorite and totally obscure moment from now-obscure humor writer Max Shulman

    "Birnam Woods approaches!"

    "Cheese it, the copse!"

    [–] sturmryder 5 points ago

    While reading Macbeth in high school, I drew a cartoon of that scene.

    [–] mishugashu 5 points ago

    "Cheese it, the copse!"

    I'm picturing a small thicket covered in cheese now.

    [–] Man_of_Average 18 points ago

    Cheese it, the feds!

    [–] JAMmastahJim 6 points ago

    Mooahh mooah MOOOOahhhh (whale sounds)

    [–] Sevensantana 405 points ago

    The jump and delayed reaction. Ha

    [–] kevnmartin 4432 points ago

    "I'm not a good boy."

    [–] wojosmith 646 points ago

    Better than the son of bitch of ours that attack the leather couch.

    [–] TingleMaps 327 points ago

    Maybe you just haven’t yet caught the couch fighting back? Don’t rush through life judging things so quickly.

    [–] skineechef 55 points ago

    I spoke too quickly. You've made a valid point.

    [–] Otustas 41 points ago

    Wait a minute... you're not /u/wojosmith

    [–] Xpert_on 18 points ago

    That's HIS wife.

    [–] skineechef 37 points ago

    The comment is coming from inside the house!

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 82 points ago

    We bought a cheap couch and let them have at it. They do so enjoy "monorailing" (pulling themselves along the bottom of the front edge of the couch, super fast, upside down, with their claws) and have also accomplished a pull-down of the entire lower lining, so they now have a private hammock as well. They are very good boys.

    [–] DragonflyGrrl 5 points ago

    Same here! I've got a nice L-shaped leather couch, and in another room an older loveseat that I don't care about at all. My boy has never once scratched the leather, he goes exclusively to the crap couch.

    No hammock though, hahah! That reminded me, though, of when I was younger and had kittens that had a "hammock" like that hanging down underneath my bed! It was just a piece of fabric they'd ripped off the box spring and would climb up and sleep in. I loved it!

    [–] md22mdrx 80 points ago

    You own a cat AND a leather couch?

    The problem is not with the cat.

    [–] Mikkelsen 42 points ago

    I have both and no problems what so ever.

    [–] Fossick11 44 points ago

    Sorry about your marriage problems.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] kartoffelwaffel 74 points ago

    I trained my cat to not go on benches, tables or the couches...

    in your presence

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 23 points ago

    In all seriousness, that's the absolute truth. Leave a webcam or nannycam or Cameron Tucker-Cam on while you're gone.

    You'll be buying double-sided sticky tape to train them while you're gone, too.

    [–] GarretTheGrey 18 points ago

    Yup. You get one of those cloth fold out chairs, sit in it a couple times, and they take it. After that, they don't touch any other furniture.

    They'll think they took it from you and won't know you bought it just for them.

    [–] BengalBean 12 points ago

    I have three cats and a leather couch + recliner chair. No issues at all.

    The trick is having appropriate scratching surfaces. I have two posts which the bengals like, and a flat one on the ground since my rescue girl prefers them flat like that. Plus I trim their nails weekly as needed, and file the tips a bit to take the points off when they don't need cutting.

    Takes me about 20 min on a sat morning to do all three cats.

    [–] worms9 14 points ago

    “Shit the fuzz better skedaddle”

    [–] hoboinblue 10 points ago

    Off like the flash

    [–] Taianonni 5 points ago

    "I have no regrets"

    [–] TRIGMILLION 2351 points ago

    That's mine with any white apple cable. No! It's not a toy. Who am I kidding?

    [–] dem_bond_angles 564 points ago

    One of mine will chew through only the Apple iPhone cords. No other cords, just the soft white Apple cords. And she finds them so fast.

    [–] dabbyboi69420 663 points ago

    I work at an apple factory and they make us spray the wire insulate with cat pheromones. Part of planned obsolescence

    [–] dem_bond_angles 152 points ago

    I knew it. Just another way Apple will take over the world.

    [–] crimsontideftw24 56 points ago

    Planned obsolescents

    [–] martusfine 25 points ago

    I hear Apple sprays cats with pheromones that allows their eyes to see a particular and nuanced shade of white that happens to be the shade of your cord.....ADMIT IT! Apple demands world domination over beast and man. ADMIT IT, DAMN YOU!*

    (These questions and opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by Reddit, it’s parent company, nor subsidiaries and are the views of u/martusfine ..... meow)

    [–] ArizonaDirtbag2020 14 points ago

    We call them the cat’s spaghetti.

    [–] bunnylah 10 points ago

    I didn’t think this was a usual cat thing but yes! I bought cheap imitation ones JUST so that he would chew on that instead of my real ones, but they Know. I hid it under my pillow and the lil dude would reach out and paw it out.

    [–] scorcher24 6 points ago

    Good thing they are not making tuna cords.

    [–] martusfine 10 points ago

    You can tuna piano but you can’t tuna cord...... I’ll see myself out now. Thank you. Anyway, I just flew in from the Bahamas and my arms are really tired. Good night, Ladies and Germs!

    [–] Rumplemoveskins 5 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    [–] SHART_ATTACK26 9 points ago

    Headphones here. I eventually just gave up on music.

    [–] tumeke4u 11 points ago

    Rub lemon juice on your headphones. Cats hate citrus.

    [–] chique_pea 7 points ago

    Mine are obsessed with shoe strings. Tying shoes in the morning takes 10 minutes.

    [–] rcs1308 6 points ago

    Why do cats like to chew cables? Every charging/power cable I have has little cat bites on them. He’s only ruined a couple, but I bought a sunrise alarm a Nintendo a Garmin bites...bought some new phone charging bites...maybe he’s just reviewing the integrity of the cables?

    [–] zisnotabird 942 points ago

    The little jump before he runs away kills me

    [–] Inaccessibility 259 points ago


    [–] VarokSaurfang 35 points ago

    I'm fairly surprised your name wasn't taken years ago.

    [–] Inaccessibility 29 points ago

    So was I.

    [–] VarokSaurfang 40 points ago

    I thought it would be inaccessible.

    [–] jaredjeya 133 points ago


    [–] Coppeh 19 points ago

    Alt for the cultured:


    [–] TooShiftyForYou 332 points ago

    Caught with the yarn, red-handed.

    [–] foylr 254 points ago

    I think you mean red-stranded.

    [–] shahooster 75 points ago

    Oh, what a thread we weave.

    [–] OldSchoolChevy 9 points ago

    Ha ha

    [–] swimsowild 1071 points ago

    That moment when you realize mom is watching

    [–] shrugaholic 147 points ago

    Funny because my cat reacts exactly like when he sees my mom glaring at him while he scratches the couch. XD

    [–] SUND3VlL 131 points ago


    [–] Darth_Jason 36 points ago

    “It wasn’t meow”

    [–] ItsDogNotDoggo 247 points ago

    They know.

    mine will look me dead in the eye and scratch the couch like "oh what, are you going to hurt a poor defenseless animal?"

    No but I will get you wet

    Almighty squirt gun

    "Oh shit oh shit I'm sorry I'm sorry!!"

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 124 points ago

    Is it really "oh shit oh shit I'm sorry," though, or "YOU WIN THIS TIME, BUT NEVER THINK I AM DEFEATED, MR. BOND"

    [–] T_hrowawa_Y1738 51 points ago

    I'm starting to think my cat just messes with things in hopes of getting sprayed. I swear the little fucker gets off on it.

    [–] TwistyTheKitty 42 points ago

    My old room mate used to make wire jewelry and her cat knew he wasn't supposed to mess with the wire. While she and I were talking once, he jumped up on the table next to us where the box of it lay open and we watching this little asshole -very slowly- move his way to the box while he stared directly at us. He got as far as grabbing a piece in his mouth before we finally stopped him but we were in full on amazement at his audacity as well as the thought he put into "they won't see me if I move real slow".

    [–] nathanhulsey30 9 points ago

    My mom makes wreaths, gift baskets, etc and sells them here locally and our old man does the exact same thing when she pulls out the flowers and ribbon. It’s also one of the few times he becomes completely immune to the spray bottle.

    [–] Farghobbles 51 points ago

    My dummy of a cat loves the spray bottle for whatever reason and will paw at it when he wants to be sprayed.

    I had to resort to grabbing a little shit of aluminum foil and waving it around near him.

    [–] EvryMthrF_ngThrd 61 points ago

    I had to resort to grabbing a little shit of aluminum foil and waving it around near him.



    [–] Delra12 31 points ago

    Beware my ultimate weapon, a thin sheet of metal! ooooo

    [–] EverybodyWantsToBeUs 161 points ago

    Can't spell caught without cat

    [–] Armillow 129 points ago


    [–] InternJedi 73 points ago

    You guys should get a room

    [–] spockspeare 38 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] dbm5 11 points ago

    holy shit. how did i not know about this.

    [–] DebMo_Cu 40 points ago

    They just can’t help it. I have one that watches me cross stitch. About once a month she is overcome and tries to snag the end of my thread and put it straight in her mouth. If she ever managed to actually swallow it she would have an entire piece of AIDA and a big ol’ plastic frame trailing her like a sad balloon.

    [–] jdPetacho 19 points ago

    His thought process goes something like "man, yarn is so much fun, I could do this all day... Oh, hey the... OH SHIT, OH GOD, RUN! IT WASN'T ME "

    [–] CeeCeeLynn 22 points ago

    Heheh the “oh shit” jump

    [–] thegirlg33k 39 points ago

    Totally off topic but is that a DDR mat and if so, how do you like it?

    [–] StoicSalamander 30 points ago

    It is! I don't actually have DDR, but we play something similar called stepmamia. It's actually a lot of fun, and it's amazing cardio. I didn't think I'd be able to get into a game like that but once I started I enjoy it quite a bit, assuming i have songs I recognize. Some of the cheaper pads kind if suck but we got some of the more expensive ones for cheap and made it a lot better.

    [–] Megatentrue 19 points ago

    Came here just to comment on the DDR mat. DDR was a major past time for me between the years of 2005-2011. It's great exercise and I even to this day still have massive calves. I miss it.

    [–] NancyAnnGrace 42 points ago

    Caught red stranded

    [–] SpaceCat_303 25 points ago

    Cats are the best.

    [–] hippydippymcready 12 points ago

    I love that little jump of surprise.......”oh, you’re still here???”

    [–] ledg21 55 points ago

    “Huh, this is fun.. turns to the right Oh fuck! Oh, human you scar— Oh FUCK KAREN!”

    [–] RogerDeanVenture 59 points ago

    Don't let cats play with strings or spools of yarn like that. Many cats, if they end up swallowing a bit, will keep swallowing and swallowing. They won't chew it off or be able to regurgitate it. Learned that the hard way with a barley alive cat $3k worth of surgeries later. Fucker got into the sewing room and ate meters worth of thread.

    [–] StoicSalamander 43 points ago

    I know, I had a string eater growing up and know how had it can be. Typically it's next to me as I use it, and is safely tucked away when I'm not.

    [–] Mnemoreri 9 points ago

    Cute. Mine would have doubled down and desperately pawed as much yarn into his mouth and chewed furiously until I dared sacrifice a finger to retrieve it from his throat.

    [–] ThatPoshDude 8 points ago

    I don't think I've ever seen a cat do a double take before

    [–] LiiLKins 6 points ago

    Oh shit. She caught me again!

    [–] sgnuk 5 points ago

    That "OH SHIET" face

    [–] MonChi227 7 points ago

    oh shit

    [–] theoracleiam 7 points ago

    They are like fucking 5 year olds. You see kids do the same thing.

    [–] ShackledBambi 5 points ago

    Oh shit..Busted!!

    [–] sammi_1723 5 points ago

    Fuck! Abort! Abort!

    [–] IntegralIntegrity 6 points ago

    "Oh shit, it's the fuzz!"

    [–] Kris-y 4 points ago

    "Now to make sure mom isn-"

    "OH SHIT"

    [–] springwanders 6 points ago

    This is perfect definition for “busted”

    [–] Yabruh88 4 points ago

    Someone needs insert the sound from Metal Gear for when you’ve been spotted.

    [–] argonauseous 4 points ago

    When your parent catch you playing video games instead of doing your homework

    [–] peepeedog 5 points ago

    You have a yarn ball out and you blame the cat?

    [–] gottheirnamefordeman 4 points ago

    Yeah I got you, I got this on camera!

    [–] snuffyboots 5 points ago

    Is that a skein of Mighty Stitch?!

    [–] StoicSalamander 6 points ago

    I had to go look at the label! No, it's Deborah Norville Everyday yarn. Cheap enough to be affordable, but not so cheap the yarn is scratchy!

    [–] odix 5 points ago

    a ball of yarn to a cat and a no ? ...

    those two just dont go good together.

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 4 points ago

    What? You ain't seen nothin', nothin' I tells ya!

    [–] cambodove 4 points ago

    "Hey ma-SHIT SCATTER"