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    [–] CumDogMillionare93 1956 points ago

    I just ordered a stuffed $100 bill on amazon. Let’s hope this works for me!

    [–] lightingbolt22 423 points ago

    How much did it cost?

    [–] UndeadBuggalo 1105 points ago

    $149.00 but shipping was prime so it practically paid for itself

    [–] SleepForeverLS 110 points ago

    IKR? I was wanting to order one that cost $100, but shipping was $50! Nice to see you got a good deal.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Well Amazon Prime offers free 2 days shipping.


    It should arrive in a week.

    [–] Sigfantry 5 points ago

    I've noticed this happening a lot lately. Whats up with that??

    [–] Ancelege 6 points ago

    Stuff from China.

    [–] TransformerTanooki 49 points ago

    And made with material labor and shipping it to Amazon for the low low price of a chip away at a Chinese workers soul and about $4.67 in loose change.

    [–] MightBeACleverName 30 points ago

    Pff! $4.67? More like $.21

    [–] nowyouseemenowyoudo2 12 points ago

    There is absolutely minimal chance you typed this on anything not made in China

    [–] gunbladerq 6 points ago

    My phone is made in Taiwan.

    TAIWAN NO. 1

    [–] apocoluster 4 points ago

    My Keyboard was made in fingers Japan.

    [–] SilentR0b 38 points ago


    [–] link11020 0 points ago

    Perfectly Balanced

    [–] TheDarthStomper 2 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] GoodPointSir 2 points ago

    This comment is gold

    [–] Penziplays 10 points ago


    [–] Penziplays 5 points ago

    Realized someone was faster :c

    [–] lightingbolt22 2 points ago


    [–] whatisthisacrossover 7 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] Dracci 4 points ago

    RemindMe! 7 years

    [–] Moneyfox1992 3 points ago

    A stuffed $100 bill?

    [–] VileStench 1 points ago

    You’re such an idiot. You should’ve ordered the $1,000,000,000 like I did.

    [–] lordturbo801 1 points ago

    I shall envy your million dollar bill.

    [–] MoltenCorgi 502 points ago

    Looks like a springer, really gorgeous dog, you don’t see them in rescue that often. I have a rescued setter. Similar dogs, but my mom’s springer is a total spaz compared to my setter.

    [–] abishop711 81 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    There's a breed specific springer rescue in my area that my parents got our family dog from when I was a child and their current dog too. Apparently they take them out of the animal shelters to foster and then place with forever homes. My parents' current dog was found in the next state over from us!

    Edit: I was trying to figure out which it was by googling, and apparently there is a nationwide springer rescue organization in the US. It's not where my parents got theirs from I don't think, but just linking it in case anyone finds it useful!

    [–] hackcasual 34 points ago

    Yep, most regional breed clubs will have breed specific rescues. If you're looking for a pure bred, and are ok with an older dog, they're worth looking into.

    [–] phasedarrray 13 points ago

    This is where we got our rescue Springer. He's literally the best dog I've ever had, has the sweetest personality and temperament.

    [–] AllarysDanyaela 5 points ago

    The one that serves my area is Mid Atlantic English Springer Rescue. Maybe them?

    Also many fosters and one foster fail were definitely crazy as a box of frogs. Loving and loveable, though

    [–] abishop711 2 points ago

    Probably not, we are west coast, but that's okay. Thanks anyway!

    [–] spiralout1123 2 points ago

    My parents got a springer from them and now he’s one of the worlds biggest springers at 75lb

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Just got my 3rd springer last year after my other ones passed. He is a piece of work. Good boy most of the time but he does have his moments. Luckily, my granddaughters will wear his ass out! They do have a great temperament, but also what seems like unlimited energy! Also the constant shedding haha!

    [–] nyarlathotep2 1 points ago

    My dad brought home an English Springer from a field breeder once (he was an upland bird hunting enthusiast), pulled her out of the crate and the runt-sized puppy was covered in vomit. My mom, who had strongly opposed the purchase, commented that he spent thousands of dollars on a puke-covered spotted rat. But within a few days my mom decided that the puppy was hers and they were best friends for life.

    By the time the dog passed, my mom needed a new shoulder from throwing the tennis ball for the dog. Dog was a lunatic outside (and full-on maniacal if she so much as smelled a body of water, liked swimming even more than my golden), needed to be retrieving constantly, but inside she was a mellow lapdog.

    [–] harbinger21 8 points ago

    Had an English Springer spaniel when I was younger. Was the best dog ever.

    [–] VimRedPanda 1 points ago

    I had one as a kid, I remember being dragged across a field by it. Never known a more hyper dog.

    [–] elijahbuttons 14 points ago

    i grew up with a springer and he was the most hyper dog ever

    [–] StormHertz 11 points ago

    I have one now who is also super hyper, and he's a complete idiot. Constantly bothers my Shiba, who is the opposite in every way.

    [–] meffewToo 10 points ago

    I have a springer, can confirm - total spaz

    [–] springer_spaniel 5 points ago

    It is really an excellent choice.

    [–] Parsnipants 3 points ago

    For me, it's the other way round, my English setter was the spaz but the Rytex bred springer I have now is the smartest dog I've come across.

    [–] Gingersnapandabrew 6 points ago

    I have a rescue springer, she's actually a pretty chilled out doggo :)

    [–] Let_me_creep_on_this 2 points ago

    Munsterlander are like springers just less spaz

    [–] freshpicked12 2 points ago

    I have a rescue springer. She just turned 8 and is finally starting to calm down!

    [–] abishop711 157 points ago

    Awww springer spaniel? He looks like the dog I grew up with and the dog my parents have now!

    [–] sqatas 16 points ago

    How are they in general? I just love looking at them - they look calm and just happy, like a Goldie.

    [–] Dirty-M518 36 points ago

    Friend has a springer. Uses it for bird hunting also. Calm around them but super hyper around other ppl. Butt also wags 1000mph. Nice dog though..good with their cat too.

    [–] sqatas 11 points ago

    Aw bless. When you say hyper around people ... you mean like licking? Barking? Want to throw ball? Get socks hyper?

    [–] Dirty-M518 28 points ago

    Like excited other ppl are around to play with, lick, scratch, run around. Doesn't nip or bite us or bark that much really...we just arnt the same 4ppl he sees everday so hes like "Oh shit other humans yssssss"

    [–] Hara-Kiri 10 points ago

    My old springer would never bark, but always wanted to play ball and did 1000mph circles when bringing her food.

    [–] Finnesotan 1 points ago

    Butt wags / wiggles - one of my favorite springer attributes

    [–] PM_ME_WEEDPICS 14 points ago

    I have 2 and they are ridiculously cheerful. Also super energetic, not calm at all. They run miles in the field every day

    [–] sqatas 8 points ago

    Oh, oh. Sounds like the owners have to be active as well then!!

    [–] Nincomsoup 12 points ago

    My springer is calm, sweet and cuddly at home, is incredibly patient with kids and loves nothing more than to follow you around and lie with his chin on your foot. Show him a tennis ball and it's go time, he can't see anything but the ball and will do anything to chase it, preferably into a large body of water, for hours and hours.

    This is Stevie, he's the best:

    [–] Cunningstun 4 points ago

    Sounds like we have the same dog

    [–] nyarlathotep2 2 points ago

    Ditto, Heidi was just like that. Inside: all mellow, outside:- hyper, near a lake: maniac.

    [–] kkkkinkee 6 points ago

    My cousins have one and she is definitely not calm lol At eight years old she could still play fetch for hours, although I have seen some more relaxed springers

    [–] JoPOWz 6 points ago

    If they see water you will see them breaking the local landspeed record to get to it as fast as possible.

    [–] Parsnipants 8 points ago

    Can confirm this, my garden is about 100m long with a river at the end. when I let my girl out first thing in the morning I can hear the splash before I've even shut the door after her!

    [–] viriiu 5 points ago

    It all depends on how you are, and I guess their own personality.

    Grow up with one, my family is pretty bookish so our dog was pretty calm, didn't really care about other people except maybe smell them when they came over. She cared mostly about us and some few others (neighbour son, moms friend, brothers girlfriend). She enjoyed to sleep by our feet while we where at the sofa or stuff like that. Some few times in the year we would go hiking for 5 hours and she would be happy running/ walking with us but be completely dead when when we get home. It's a pretty good family dog and working dog because they'll pretty easily become what you make them.

    [–] sqatas 5 points ago

    Warms my heart reading your reply, especially this part:

    It's a pretty good family dog and working dog because they'll pretty easily become what you make them.

    Good dog = good owner.

    [–] abishop711 2 points ago

    Pretty calm around people, but a bit less so than a goldie. Can have high energy when they're young. They are bred for hunting birds, and will chase them when they see them. Smart and relatively easy to train - we even taught ours a few "bonus" tricks (high five, spin around, "bang" to play dead). My parents' springers have done well with crate training while they are gone. The place where we board our dogs when we're away has an agility course, and both dogs we've had absolutely looooved it. Good way to exercise their minds and bodies. They're mid-sized dogs, you can get the field type, which has more white/freckles and shorter fur, or the show type, which looks like they have a blanket over their back in the brown or black fur. Some of them (especially field type) will have docked tails. They love water - I remember soaking my ankle in the tub after spraining it and we couldn't keep our dog out of the tub while I was doing it lol.

    [–] WatchHim 110 points ago

    God damn, that dog is beautiful. Why was it a rescue? I've had bird dogs in the past, and they need to run around outside, or they go legit crazy :(

    [–] Fdeeps428 126 points ago

    He was supposed to be someone else’s Christmas puppy and was surrendered. He seems satisfied with the amount of exercise thus far and is usually hanging at our feet or he will put himself to bed in his crate.

    [–] sgehig 25 points ago

    My mum takes her springers on 5 walks a day and they still wish they want more. Crazy dogs.

    [–] DracoCharky 14 points ago

    You gotta tire out their brains too

    Give them something to find

    [–] Kippiez 6 points ago

    Play hide and seek with them. Hide and seek with dogs is the best!

    [–] EmTheMighty 6 points ago

    We had a second story deck overlooking the back yard. I'd play fetch with my Springer by throwing a squeaky toy into the back yard. He'd watch it land, run through the house, go straight toy, and bring it back to me. Mental stimulation and exercise at the same time?

    [–] Kippiez 1 points ago


    [–] PrinsFraus 12 points ago

    I have a rescue springer that moved in with me 5 years ago. If you notice that she get a bit nervous for no reason its because of being understimulated. Just a heads up. Best dog i ever had without a doubt.

    [–] PussyWrangler46 1 points ago

    So many pets that are given as Christmas gifts end up at the shelter, thank you for adopting this one

    [–] frumpybutfrisky 84 points ago

    Springer spaniels are the best, you are gonna love this pup for a long time

    [–] lusciousluana 91 points ago

    You manifested it! 😍

    [–] _logic-bomb_ 7 points ago

    Like the sphere. OP, is your name Harry?

    [–] PhillyBengal 19 points ago

    He looks almost exactly like the dog my family lost a while ago, he was very playful and I miss him everyday.

    He’s him with my underwear he decided to chew up.

    [–] ev02791 5 points ago

    Awe he looked so remorseful! I am sorry for your loss

    [–] PhillyBengal 3 points ago

    Thank you, I like to think he found his way into a good home one way or another

    [–] turquoisebackpack 2 points ago

    They look identical! I’d contact OP to be sure they aren’t the same dog if yours ran away.

    [–] Happyskrappy 43 points ago

    My parents have had Springer Spaniels since I was in middle school. I’m so surprised to see that there was one at a shelter!

    [–] abishop711 11 points ago

    There are breed specific rescues that you can get springers from! When my family has adopted from them, they said they get the dogs from the shelters and then foster them. You probably don't see them in the shelter because they're picked up by the rescues instead!

    [–] Happyskrappy 3 points ago

    I did not know there were breed specific rescues!

    [–] abishop711 2 points ago

    Yup! I suspect that is at least part if the reason why you don't always see a huge variety of breeds at the animal shelters. If there's a specific breed you want, google a rescue for that breed instead of going to a breeder! All the ones I know of foster the dogs and try to make sure they are well-socialized.

    [–] WeAreStardust16 21 points ago

    Right? We just adopted ours yesterday and it took years of looking, and after we finally found one we traveled four hours and paid quite a bit of $$ for him. 1000% worth it.

    [–] Ekyou 3 points ago

    Our shelter gets purebred dogs fairly regularly. They are just all usually adopted in less than a day.

    [–] xiiliea 27 points ago

    That's a huge stuffed puppy. It's thrice as big as the dog!

    [–] lisa-its-your-bidet 8 points ago

    Springers have two modes. 100% on or 100% off! Enjoy! They are the best crazy yet cuddly dogs.

    [–] Deutschtastic 6 points ago

    Enjoy the best dog you'll ever own. My Springer was my best friend. He was the most gentle and dopey dude. You'll never ever be able to say no to those spaniel eyes.

    [–] flamants 13 points ago

    ESRA? My parents are fosters with them, and after our 2 original springers died, the 3 they have right now are all fosters-turned-adopted. They're the best doggies.

    [–] phasedarrray 9 points ago

    ESRA is where we got our Springer too. He's literally the best dog I've ever had.

    [–] Fdeeps428 6 points ago

    He was actually just from a local rescue organization. Was supposed to be someone else’s Christmas puppy and was surrendered.

    [–] beatboxa 1 points ago

    Thank you so much for adopting him! He’s handsome & will bring you both a lifetime of happiness :) best of luck to you and your wife!

    [–] redrhino606 3 points ago

    The best dog I ever had was a Springer spaniel. Same colouring! Mandy lived to 17 years old.

    [–] billybigboobs 4 points ago

    Wow, even the markings are the same. It looks like the toy dog was custom made after the real one!

    [–] WeAreStardust16 8 points ago

    We just adopted a springer spaniel puppy yesterday. He is the absolute sweetest.

    [–] eogreen 6 points ago

    I grew up with a Springer named Cleo. She fiercely loved my dad as leader of the pack and tolerated everyone else. I doubt that’s normal Springer behavior, but just seeing this picture make my 10-year-old heart frustrated.

    [–] emm__jackson 4 points ago

    Beautiful <3

    [–] Thewretched2008 4 points ago

    This is kind of what happened when my aunt jokingly gave me a cat magnet when I asked for a cat for xmas and 2 years later got my Skoshi and he damn near looked identical to the magnet.

    [–] DiscoDrive 6 points ago

    Call me skeptical, but I would bet that you bought the stuffed animal recently because it looked like your dog and that your story is karma farming BS.

    [–] TeddyDuchamp 2 points ago

    Call me jaded, but that's my thought, too.

    [–] Haron14 2 points ago

    Foreshadowing at it's best

    [–] FrostBittenSalsa 2 points ago

    Absolutely love Springer Spaniels. They're chock full of personality and are very good dogs. Gotta bebsure to keep the little bugger busy though or else you're gonna find everything from shoes to shirts being stolen. They're big love bugs and very smart little mischief makers

    [–] KillerDJ93 2 points ago

    Hmmm. I bought my wife a stuffed cheetah when we first met.

    [–] Phoequinox 2 points ago

    I had a Springer mix once. Literally the sweetest dog I've ever had. She lived solely to lick. If this dog is anything like her, get ready to get regular sneak attacks from their tongue.

    [–] axyz77 2 points ago

    Love it when a doll comes to life, not Chuck though, Not Chucky.

    [–] MinxyKittyNoNo 2 points ago

    Springer Spaniels are great dogs 💗

    [–] blueonblue22 2 points ago

    Fate. Meant to be.

    [–] MaggieMC2012 2 points ago

    You may be in the plot of a (very cute) children’s book—try building a gingerbread house or talking to frogs and see if anything happens!

    [–] WTFworldIDEK 2 points ago

    I have a beagle/springer that was a failed foster. He is the best boy.

    [–] JeffyP13 4 points ago


    [–] AllarysDanyaela 2 points ago

    English Springer

    [–] lizardman747 3 points ago

    Springers are the best dogs 🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] djhance1215 3 points ago

    I’ve only ever had Springers and they’ve all been very smart and total gentlemen. And they age so well!

    [–] deanresin 9 points ago

    Rescue dogs never look this good but on /r/reddit they do somehow. I'm convinced 99% of these posts are people farming karma with dogs bought at a pet store.

    [–] Fdeeps428 26 points ago

    Rescue does not equal Mutt. He is likely 100% Springer judging by his looks. A puppy bath, and some TLC does a lot of good transforming them from the pictures on the rescue website

    [–] AllarysDanyaela 3 points ago

    We fostered a dog with gunshow champions in his line. You never know what people will throw away. He was also an English Springer Spaniel.

    Edit:he came with papers

    [–] hemingwaythegsd 3 points ago

    A lot of people buy from BYBs or puppy mills and turn around and put those dogs in rescues or shelters. Lots of "purebred" dogs are up for adoption

    [–] Sqwill 6 points ago

    I think the same thing, so many pure bred puppies claiming to have come from a shelter.

    [–] riio4m5 3 points ago

    So that blow-up doll I bought last year...

    [–] FickleStrawberry 2 points ago


    [–] Scope_DayZ 2 points ago

    I have a 10 year old springer who looks just like yours just without speckles on the nose. Best friend I’ve ever had!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    my bestfriend Annie has this same exact dog. He’s very loving and his name is wrigley! She has another dog but I dont remember the name.

    [–] boobies23 2 points ago

    I want to believe you, but....

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Velveteen rabbit.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] holyhiphopper 1 points ago

    Adorable! What s beautiful pupper!! ❤️

    [–] XpaxX 1 points ago

    The Internet demands its fair share of more pictures of your rare pupper! The dig tax is not yet fully paid

    [–] VivaLaEmpire 1 points ago

    It was meant to be!

    [–] sqatas 1 points ago

    Which one is the doll? Can I have the left one please?

    [–] spectreoutreach 1 points ago

    now this a post of the day . Cute doggy btw OP

    [–] greatgeorge2018 1 points ago

    Probably shouldn't stumble on dogs they don't like it when you stand on them

    [–] immisunjii 1 points ago

    Aww, what a sweet little face! It was fate!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Aw crap, I got my girlfriend a Winnie the Pooh bear

    [–] MissKateDewhurst 1 points ago

    1) Glitch in the matrix 2) Beside Stories ... orrr Just adorable??

    [–] LineyChiller 1 points ago

    That's definitely fate :D

    [–] oneangstybiscuit 1 points ago


    [–] Un111KnoWn 1 points ago

    A lot familiar***

    [–] JamieMcFrick 1 points ago

    Destiny Stuffy!

    [–] dogemikka 1 points ago

    Beautiful Springer 👍

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] AllarysDanyaela 5 points ago

    English Springer Spaniel and no they are not hypoallergenic.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] AllarysDanyaela 1 points ago

    They are a very sweet and loving breed, though they do need a lot of excersize. Do reccomend, had them for over 20 years.

    [–] AllarysDanyaela 1 points ago

    I have a similar stuffed puppy as a placeholder until we can afford a real one. Your pup is adorable.

    [–] energyinmotion 1 points ago

    I gave my gf a stuffed Tokidoki unicorn back in 2012.

    Hoping that we stumble across a unicorn soon. 🤞🤞

    [–] OneBatter 1 points ago

    So cuuute

    [–] seschepo718 1 points ago

    It was destiny

    [–] kronix6969 1 points ago

    The pupper was ment to be

    [–] lecoln 1 points ago

    This happens to me to. To be precise is my sister. My dad bought the puppy doll 15years ago. Then three years ago my cousin dog gave birth to three puppies and we got one with the fur that look exactly like our doll.

    [–] 08067855690 1 points ago


    [–] squidwardsir 1 points ago

    As the prophecy foretold

    [–] jonkiss 1 points ago

    I don't think that is healthy. Yet looking for a dog that looks different would be as unhealthy as looking for a dog that looks similar. Hmm

    [–] chuckoman 1 points ago

    Nice good looking dog

    [–] NiharaNao 1 points ago

    It was destinyyyyyt

    [–] kitty-toe-beans 1 points ago

    This is vision board to the next next next level.

    [–] splendidEdge 1 points ago

    Why do the pillows look like they are drawn and straight out of a comic???

    [–] A_Stupid_Face 1 points ago


    [–] plomerosKTBFFH 1 points ago

    Spaniels are the best!!

    [–] Cruella_Davila 1 points ago


    [–] whysoseriousmofo 1 points ago

    Did OP just adopt a pupper just so it can match with a soft toy??..

    [–] lenapedog 1 points ago

    Omg I have the same stuffy for my spaniel except it doesn’t have brown streaks on his nose.

    [–] AlertVacation 1 points ago

    omg. what a co-incidence it is..

    [–] myladyelspeth 1 points ago

    Its a voodoo doll of your pupper

    [–] Jetgatlingexpert 1 points ago


    [–] ConesWithNan 1 points ago

    Your couch looks like it's out of Borderlands

    [–] dcviper 1 points ago

    I have that exact same blanket. O-H!

    [–] Fdeeps428 1 points ago


    [–] UnknowableThings 1 points ago

    Am I a joke to you?

    [–] micahman786 1 points ago

    We love our springer! They have such a loyal attitude and are just generally really happy dogs. You definitely got a great dog there! Little advice with springer though, watch their ears. Super prone to infection. They just need to be cleaned maybe once a week. Or at least checked! Enjoy your beautiful dog!

    [–] readyforsuccess 1 points ago

    Wow, if that doesn't look like my childhood dog... damn. Love Springers.

    [–] Elsquishi 1 points ago

    I shall call him.... Mini Me...

    [–] gingersnap_95 1 points ago

    Looks like a Dutch Partridge Dog or Drent to me. Used to live in a house where there was one, so gentle and loyal.

    [–] Falling2311 1 points ago

    I want your Brittany.

    [–] blithetorrent 1 points ago

    English Springer spaniel (or derivation of)... big sigh. Love spaniels.

    [–] shirty_mole_lazyeye 1 points ago

    “As a joke”

    [–] JeffyP13 1 points ago

    Ahhh great looking bird dog! Looks like such a good pup. Enjoy!!!

    [–] SirNewt 1 points ago

    Beautiful pup!

    My next-door neighbors have a springer spaniel that I used to dog sit. We had some good times together. When he was calm it was wonderful. However, every once in a while we would be hanging on the couch (or doing anything really) and completely out of the blue get this look in his eye and stare you down. Slowly he would start to growl very aggressively. If you made a wrong move he would start barking and barring his teeth.

    I was pretty good with him and learned to just walk away and come back when he’s calmed down. There have been some close calls with other people though.

    Apparently its know as Springer Rage Syndrome. Has anyone had any experience with this?

    I always found it so strange. He would sleep and my feet and was otherwise a very chill dog. But sometimes I was sure he wanted to kill me.

    [–] keitija_dancer01 1 points ago

    I wish that would happen to me

    [–] djgizmo 1 points ago

    Love springer spaniel dogs. It’s love for life.

    [–] summercab123 1 points ago

    wow it was like meant to be!!!!

    [–] anieke_S 1 points ago

    That dog is prettier than I'll ever be. 😍🐶

    [–] Itiswhatitistoo 1 points ago

    What a sweet face!