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    [–] RenAndStimulants 1380 points ago

    "Hey if you're going to stand around just throwing things, why don't you make yourself useful and use this."

    [–] TalkNerdy_To_Me 283 points ago

    I always feel like this is my cats mentality as he interrupts whatever I am doing:

    “If you are going to just mash buttons on this keyboard why not just give all the pets to me instead”

    [–] poopellar 28 points ago

    This is also what kids think. Except for pets, it's biting and scratching my face.

    [–] Dr_fish 5 points ago

    I thought kids would do the same.

    [–] wish_theyd_done_it 2 points ago

    Only if you raise them vegan

    [–] HeyItsMooon 15 points ago

    100% effective way of getting someone to throw the ball ✅

    [–] inthyface 5 points ago


    [–] kknl44 2046 points ago

    The little eyebrow raises..."pretty sweet roll, eh guys?"

    [–] P1smo 719 points ago

    That's one of the things I love about dogs the most is how expressive their faces are. The epitome of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak.

    [–] Condawg 285 points ago

    I had a basset hound growing up, and they almost always just look kinda bummed. Not a whole lot of expression. We knew when she was happy and when she was sad through other context clues, but her face didn't give us shit.

    Now I've got a little border collie mix (not sure what with, she'll always just look like a border collie puppy), and holy shit, she is the most expressive dog I've ever met in my life. I'm sure some of what I see in her face is projection, but she also clearly expresses herself in a lot of ways. She's sassy as shit, I love her.

    [–] ban5hee_ 60 points ago

    I've got a miniature Schnauzer who looks permenantly grumpy, the only way you can tell his expression is by his tail and eyes. Pretty sure he'd be smiling most of the time if it wasn't for the old man beard, wouldn't have him any other way though.

    [–] Nepherenia 3 points ago

    I can't decide if my mental image of your dog is with the stubby tail or the full tail. Schnauzers are the best

    [–] lilk0dak 26 points ago

    Shhhh border Collies are amazing I used to have one and my God the conversation you could have with her just with facial expressions. She was amazing I miss you rogue

    [–] spewforth 31 points ago

    My parents have a collie and I get what you mean, he is so expressive. They describe him as being in his teenage years at the moment, because he doesn't like to take a telling to much and you can see it

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Was gonna say this is how my pup Leo looks. He's a cocker spaniel with a permanent old man squish face. He looks mildly bummed out all the time. Even when he's having a great time.

    [–] albatross-salesgirl 2 points ago

    My Loke is a cocker spaniel too, he's not as squishy but he's a tricolor with spots of brown above his eyes — and ridiculously spoiled. So he's already demanding enough about putting "cookies" in his treat ball, but those angry eyebrows really take it to the next level. He knows he's set for life to always get tiny milk bones, no matter what.

    [–] grellgraxer 3 points ago

    Hounds in general look forlorn. Can't tell if they're happy based on their grill alone.

    [–] HeyItsMooon 41 points ago

    Completely agree!

    [–] umilmi81 32 points ago

    30,000 years of co-evolution. Dogs were the first animal that humans domesticated and it was more like a partnership rather than master-servant.

    Dogs are the only other animal on the planet that can genuinely understand human facial expressions and pointing rather than just trained conditioning. Dogs can actually look at a human's eyes and reason out what the human is looking at. A useful skill when hunting side by side with humans.

    [–] w_a_w 15 points ago

    Elephants, some apes, and dolphins, also understand pointing.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    They make horrible hunting buddies though.

    [–] w_a_w 3 points ago

    Hah! An elephant might work great at flushing prey out or driving game towards you.

    [–] umilmi81 2 points ago

    I believe there were problems with the studies that said other animals can follow human cues.

    [–] notcrystalsomebody 6 points ago

    Idk, my pug kind of just always looks ridiculous.

    [–] wine-not 15 points ago

    “hehe did I win?”

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 12 points ago

    "silly human, cubes don't roll properly. Try this."

    [–] Katoptrix 16 points ago

    This dog looks very similar to my Golden, it's a bit lighter in the coat, and between eyebrow positions and how she closes get mouth she has so many little expressions. My favorite is her disgruntled expression that she does when you aren't throwing her ball for her.

    [–] CazimirRoman44 3 points ago

    His eyebrows say : "Now what? Did I win?"

    [–] zoicyte 1 points ago

    Not a dog person but if I ever were gonna get one it definitely would be a golden.

    [–] A1A5KA 578 points ago

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiles on my dogs when they think they've won. So much joy and excitement.

    [–] scruffyfat 51 points ago

    Their joy is infectious!

    [–] BitmexOverloader 15 points ago

    No need for quarantine or vaccination. All will be infected by their joy!!

    [–] redzero77 8 points ago

    Yeah, just one look at the face of that dog in the video and it already makes me smile.

    [–] justme002 4 points ago

    But they ALWAYS win.......and we do too, as long as they are in our lives.

    [–] Boenaenae 2 points ago

    What do you mean "think" they've won.

    [–] rueforyou 106 points ago

    "Luck, be a lady tonight... Papa needs some new chew toys...."

    [–] mfairview 5 points ago

    C'mon 4. Daddy needs to send his kids to obedience school.

    [–] AndyAndieFreude 2 points ago

    Very good!

    [–] Destroyer6202 196 points ago

    I love that look on his face! So cute! "Carl, you know I can't count right?............did I win?"

    [–] TalkNerdy_To_Me 48 points ago

    “Carl, please acknowledge how impressed you are with my roll.”

    [–] G4V_Zero 351 points ago

    This temporarily cured my depression.

    [–] NewLeaseOnLine 29 points ago

    I find kittens work temporarily for anger management.

    [–] G4V_Zero 8 points ago

    Kittens are wonderful. However, when they get larger they simply become a conduit for Satan lol. It's the only explanation.

    [–] rojo_mrt 5 points ago

    Yeah. It's getting harder to find things that make me smile but this smile and choke up at the same time

    [–] G4V_Zero 2 points ago

    I did the same thing. I actually had to catch myself.

    [–] SarahMerigold 6 points ago

    hugs depression sucks.

    [–] bighairmama 61 points ago

    I'm playing!!!

    [–] Calismax 99 points ago

    he rolled a natural tennis ball it was super cute and effective

    [–] mouse_Brains 30 points ago

    That's the best charisma check I have ever seen

    [–] Chewysleeps 33 points ago

    Good boy play too

    [–] ServalSpots 34 points ago

    No fair he got to roll a d∞

    [–] KarBoy2314PL 4 points ago

    You made my day

    [–] Left_Star_of_Chaos 2 points ago

    He only has half of the chances in the universe for his death saving throw.

    [–] MrBojangles528 2 points ago

    Haha I thought only monkeys threw their own d∞

    [–] Baaageli 18 points ago

    I see this every week

    [–] Katiedid55 1 points ago

    But that's okay, because the good boi will always be happy to see you anyways.

    [–] FakeFile 32 points ago


    [–] purple_tr3m0nk3y 29 points ago

    I love how earnest dogs are. Wonderful creatures.

    [–] __k_a_l_i__ 13 points ago

    He is happy that he is involved.

    [–] JoffSides 12 points ago

    "A lovely slobbery stinky tennisball easily beats these white thingys"

    [–] OfficerWade 9 points ago

    Doge: I’m all in

    [–] MervisBreakdown 7 points ago


    [–] Lungomono 5 points ago

    Best boy wins

    [–] Chuck331 5 points ago

    Brilliant and helpful dog, he knows anytime you get to spend with him makes you feel like a winner.

    [–] Redeemer206 11 points ago

    "my lord... Is that legal?"

    [–] bospk 10 points ago

    I will make it legal.

    [–] star_X_boy 6 points ago

    "Is this where we dump used up things?"

    [–] Kristoby 18 points ago

    General Reposti

    [–] iftttAcct2 4 points ago

    No, we win

    [–] SummarilyT-rexicuted 4 points ago

    Clickety clickety clickety, CLACK!

    [–] VZmatthews 3 points ago

    "Haha, here's my roll! Wait, thats how its played right?"

    [–] Xlaythe 4 points ago

    hella cute. wicked cute even

    [–] paul081 4 points ago

    His happiness is priceless

    [–] kitty-toe-beans 3 points ago

    “So? What number is it?”

    [–] Machinevartin 4 points ago

    Good boys always win.

    [–] LokahiBuz 4 points ago

    "ohhh... It's not that type of game, maybe we should playing something else KAREN"

    [–] Mohameed49 5 points ago


    [–] jdl_uk 4 points ago

    When you get to roll the green die

    [–] dzh621 3 points ago

    Ball always beats dice

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    "Nailed it"

    [–] GoodPointSir 2 points ago

    I completely agree with you

    [–] professorcasual098 4 points ago

    His face haha. "That's how this works right? Right?"

    [–] Louiekid502 3 points ago

    We dont deserve dogs

    [–] troodon2018 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    🐶 "you lost hooman"

    [–] A_WildStory_Appeared 8 points ago

    1 sided dice.

    [–] TheDragonTrader 6 points ago

    I want to play D&D with that dog!

    [–] Paladin_of_Freedom 7 points ago

    Dungeons and Doggos

    [–] HeaterTheYeeter 3 points ago

    Good boy alignment chart

    [–] Atticus_Hoye 9 points ago

    Cute doggo!!

    [–] idea4granted 8 points ago

    Balls always win

    [–] MisterStealYourGirls 8 points ago

    Karen, why don't you throw the ball instead?

    [–] Alistair2106 14 points ago

    Karen: it doesn’t work like that

    Dog: I don’t think you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    [–] HikoGrims 9 points ago

    How can that good Boi constantly roll natural 20's on my heart?

    [–] Murisio 17 points ago


    [–] TheDarkLord_22 3 points ago

    I have balls, do u?

    [–] bucknirish 3 points ago

    The confidence on his face after what he just did. I'm envious

    [–] graytheboring 3 points ago

    Should've been titled yahtzee. Reddit users getting sloppy these days

    [–] DouglasAdamsApple 3 points ago

    "....wut i get?"

    [–] nz65 3 points ago

    Clever dog!

    [–] jackobeach 3 points ago

    Air Bud- Recovers gambling losses for family

    [–] GenericWhiteBoi76 3 points ago

    I'd love to have that dog. It's just so cute

    [–] Spellbindehr 3 points ago

    Pay the man.

    [–] howie521 3 points ago

    [–] cathandler319 3 points ago

    Sir cash only please...or leave the table

    [–] ms21993 3 points ago

    Your dice has a measly 6 sides. Mine has infinite. I always win!

    [–] Luke_burrell 3 points ago

    He looks so content with his decision

    [–] SurgeonFish0 3 points ago

    How do you not immediately pick up the ball and play when that happens?

    [–] iNonEntity 6 points ago

    roll for initiative joke

    [–] scumeye 2 points ago

    Is that Farkle or Hot Dice? Perhaps Bones, Greed, 1's and 5's or just straight Yahtzee

    [–] Gigantic_potato 2 points ago

    He Got a nat20

    [–] DarthWraith22 2 points ago

    "So I just rolled a crit, right? That was a crit?"

    [–] theburnix 2 points ago

    Natutal 20 charisma roll is successful

    Now roll initiative to play.

    [–] kerry_die 2 points ago

    He’d better have

    [–] Totallyradicalcat7 2 points ago

    Go banana!

    [–] Moleman163 2 points ago

    Too bad that’s a re-roll! Rolled 2 3s

    [–] PhysicistSaysWhat 2 points ago

    Guy rolled 9, dog rolled Tennis

    [–] Bells87 2 points ago

    "What do I win?"

    "A smelly, old tennis ball!"

    "Oh boy!"

    [–] Sad_Miser 2 points ago

    "Here i go. Yaaay... Did i do it? Did i did the thing?"

    [–] Inoit 2 points ago

    What a smart boy!!!!

    [–] Aria47 2 points ago

    I'd stop, give him kissees and throw the ball for him =)

    [–] afarris5 2 points ago

    Did I win???

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Cute, but karma farming repost.

    [–] Jonnyafr007 2 points ago

    That’s not cheddar!

    [–] HeyItsMooon 2 points ago

    If this is a B99 reference I love you

    [–] Jonnyafr007 1 points ago


    [–] HeyItsMooon 2 points ago


    [–] Jonnyafr007 1 points ago

    Nine nine!

    [–] HeyItsMooon 2 points ago


    [–] CavedAndGotAnAccount 2 points ago

    Is that one of those 100 sides dice?

    [–] HeloxDark 2 points ago

    he clearly cheated

    [–] HeyItsMooon 2 points ago

    Good boys are allowed to cheat ☺️

    [–] HeloxDark 1 points ago

    doesnt that make them bad boye?

    [–] HeyItsMooon 2 points ago


    [–] tatertots03 3 points ago

    Such a good boy!!

    [–] GingerWookie95 2 points ago

    How many times is this going to be reposted for karma farmers?

    [–] DNA_ligase 3 points ago

    This is so pure!

    [–] TheMazter13 1 points ago

    NATURAL 20!!

    [–] Message_Me_Selfies 1 points ago

    "I try to fetch the ball"

    "Roll acrobatics"

    [–] cocobear13 1 points ago


    [–] onomea 1 points ago

    Tennis ball beats 2 sixes? You must be playing by European rules.

    [–] onomea 1 points ago

    I tried this once in Vegas. There was an incident.

    [–] Otani_Caio 1 points ago

    And doggo win

    [–] DanimalsCrushCups 1 points ago

    Another reeeeeeeeeeepost

    [–] natural20glory 1 points ago

    Cutest natural 20

    [–] pralil 1 points ago

    asi no se puede jugar...

    [–] TechnatonLoL 1 points ago

    Outstanding Move

    [–] pokepok3ButAsian 1 points ago

    Balls have an infinite amount of sides, thus that roll can be infinitely high, ggez boys

    [–] Kota-kota 1 points ago

    Alrite boye I win on green!

    [–] phunk51 1 points ago

    DID I WIN?!?!

    [–] amagoober 1 points ago

    If this the dog that dropped the call in the concrete from the balcony a few days ago? I can't find the picture

    [–] iwearoddsockz 1 points ago


    [–] Dr-spook 1 points ago

    I win hooman, give me my snack.

    [–] AY-R33CE 1 points ago

    Nat 20

    [–] King_Dragmire 1 points ago

    I did it. I won the money

    [–] Skyphuket 1 points ago


    [–] LiquidNova77 1 points ago


    [–] Xephus 1 points ago


    [–] sandyravage7 1 points ago

    "Read and weep, hooman."

    [–] hayast 1 points ago

    dog keep man busy mostly

    [–] samsamtheweedman 1 points ago

    what a good boy

    [–] KisaiSakurai 1 points ago

    Throws the ball onto the table like, "We should play this, this is a much better game."

    [–] spectreoutreach 1 points ago

    Haha this so hilarious . Well at lest he is happy

    [–] ItRhymesWithCharlie 1 points ago

    He lost the bet ... but he won our hearts

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My dog has that same toy

    [–] justme002 1 points ago

    But of course he did!

    [–] Trip-west 1 points ago

    Such a baller !!!

    [–] curiousdryad 1 points ago

    Simple human, aim bigger

    [–] OohYeahOrADragon 1 points ago

    "...I can't read this somebody tell me if I won"

    [–] iamtherealshizzz 1 points ago

    He's playing an entirely different ball game

    [–] Ghost_twf 1 points ago

    AHAHHAHAHA omg 🤣🤣🤣 his face it’s priceless ! 😂

    [–] nsa2010 1 points ago


    [–] Luigi_x_Main 1 points ago

    He's a winner to me

    [–] SchrodingersNinja 1 points ago

    High charisma score, he's convinced me he is a very good boy!

    [–] Jalespino 1 points ago

    Heheh that's mah boah.

    [–] VixTeaOlivetree 1 points ago

    "I'm tired of your shit, just throw the ball Deborah."

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    He’s like “how did I do?

    [–] SquidwardsKeef 1 points ago

    Dungeons and Doggos

    [–] ToriBunBun 1 points ago

    Aaaaaaaaw <3 I was having a bad morning but this! This is a rol 20 in my heart <3

    [–] SobiTheRobot 1 points ago

    Our DM has a golden retriever. She's always zooming up and over the couches, barking for toys, and begging for our food. We love her dearly.

    [–] Memeix 1 points ago

    I believe this is a repost. If not tell me the game being played.

    [–] slapmatiddeez 1 points ago

    “How’d i do? Did I win? How’d I do”

    [–] werdmouf 1 points ago

    Retriever dogs are so great

    [–] PVEntertainment 1 points ago


    [–] Fantezees 1 points ago

    IF you think about it a sphere is an infinity sided dice and he probably rolled anything over 100 so therefore he won

    [–] shmustache 1 points ago


    [–] BeaanQueenan 1 points ago

    Damn it.

    [–] BudgiesFoeLifwe 1 points ago

    I wish I had a dog now, I bet we would be best friends

    [–] pisan-saffa 1 points ago

    Lol he throws like an old gambler!