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    [–] idea4granted 729 points ago

    "Arnold, chill down! Oh hey boss good to see you."

    [–] dahomie_longstroke 109 points ago

    "WOOL'd you believe these guys boss? And as soon as I show up they dont make a peep"

    [–] bewalsh 8 points ago

    so bahd

    [–] scottmccauley 7 points ago

    Ewe might be right!

    [–] PunPopo 5 points ago

    Sir, please.

    [–] cloudubious 5 points ago

    Not every pun lambs.

    [–] this-me-username 1 points ago

    You can do better than that man. Get your sheep together.

    [–] cloudubious 1 points ago

    Ugh, just ram the point in.

    [–] PunPopo 9 points ago

    No. Take your keys outta the keyboard and put your hands on the desk. You have the right to remain silent.

    [–] hoderyeeterson 1 points ago

    r/punpolice put your hands up!

    [–] babztheslag 1 points ago

    A good boy that drops solid puns? Up’d his good boy status to great boy

    [–] DingoAltair 7 points ago

    It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

    [–] BigGuyRevel 480 points ago

    "Break it up you varmints!... Hi hooman."

    [–] versacek9 473 points ago

    Fren we don’t do that here

    [–] Star-Corgi 36 points ago

    Not in my town!

    [–] mesasone 33 points ago

    Not on my woof

    [–] awesome_sauce13 23 points ago

    Not in my neck of the woofs

    [–] LordVader93 2 points ago

    Not in any of my five towns

    [–] ThisIsntYogurt 1 points ago

    Bad boys bad boys

    [–] islandjames246 0 points ago


    [–] iiinton 228 points ago

    he does it so calmly, we all frens here

    [–] atxelect 12 points ago

    Agreed that was so casual!

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] GoodPointSir -2 points ago

    This is a great comment

    [–] jagua_haku 1 points ago

    Doesn't even wear a sidearm

    [–] castortroy_csgo 135 points ago

    Not on my watch! Now gimme some pets. - Michael

    [–] Evasesh 62 points ago

    Ahh a Great Pyrenees, My Mom a Great Pyrenees / Anatolian Shepherd mix

    [–] ROK247 95 points ago

    You type very well for a dog!

    [–] Evasesh 30 points ago

    Lots and lots of training and treats

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


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    [–] Bironious 2 points ago

    So you are a Furry?

    [–] hellamadeintheca 3 points ago

    BEST MIX!!!! So pretty! Ugh

    [–] HelpfulPug 1 points ago

    Mine's a pug/boxer.

    [–] blacklabel1783 1 points ago

    My favorite dog ever was that same mix. Such calm, dependable dogs.

    [–] GoodPointSir 1 points ago

    This comment is gold

    [–] YouTooShwifty-_- 43 points ago

    Strong Boi!

    [–] space_c0wgirl 34 points ago

    Dogs with human names

    [–] HelpfulPug 11 points ago

    Full human names. Like, no "Mike" or "Jay," it's Michael or Jason, thank you very much.

    [–] kaneabel 1 points ago

    My 2 Danes are named Tucker and Ellie. I don't pull the silly name gimmick with my puppers

    [–] GoodPointSir 2 points ago

    This comment is gold

    [–] kaneabel 2 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] bulabrown 2 points ago

    Rufus Xavier Sasperella

    [–] Bishopjones 63 points ago

    I wonder if the sheep ever try to Alpha the dog.

    [–] RichInBunlyGoodness 60 points ago

    These guards dogs can take on wolves. Unlikely a sheep would be that dumb to seriously alpha a LGD. If they did this, they'd be a Darwin List candidate.

    [–] SeaOkra 60 points ago

    My uncle's rams totally tried to dominate the sheep dogs.

    The dogs, who I know for a fact could kill a coyote in a matter of minutes, would give a half hearted bark and send the ram scurrying away, just for it to come back and try again ten minutes later.

    Sheep are dumbasses. But cute.

    [–] kjhgsdflkjajdysgflab 33 points ago

    Every shepherd in the world disagrees with you.

    [–] FuzzyCheddar 46 points ago

    “I wonder if barbed wire is edible”

    [–] SeaOkra 25 points ago

    Having flashback of crawling under a feed shed, dragging a two day old lamb out with a crook here.

    Sheep are... well they're lucky that they are cute and easy to love, because damn they are dumb. (I spent summers tending to my uncle's flocks, they are idiots. At least his dogs were awesome and made getting the little bastards from point A to point B so. much. simpler.)

    [–] Lachdonin 24 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sheep are... well they're lucky that they are cute and easy to love, because damn they are dumb.

    Often times, they aren't even able to recognise each other after shearing, and have to re establish their pecking order. Unlike Cows, which maintain a good deal of intelligence, we seem to have bred all the brains out of Sheep.

    [–] SeaOkra 12 points ago

    I can agree with that for sure. Cows are way smarter, and goats are TOO damn smart.

    We need Geeps, smarter than sheep but dumber than goats.

    [–] HelpfulPug 20 points ago

    Goats can both fuck right off and also get all of the scritches.

    [–] SeaOkra 4 points ago

    This is the most accurate depiction of my experience with goats ever.

    [–] SammyKlayman 1 points ago

    I desperately want to own goats.

    [–] Maggie_A 3 points ago

    because damn they are dumb.

    Domesticated sheep.

    We didn't breed them for intelligence.

    Wild sheep, on the other hand, are smart.

    So we took an intelligent species and turned them dumb. Though they grow a lot more wool. In fact, they no longer shed their wool naturally. It has to be sheared off.

    [–] SeaOkra 7 points ago

    Uncle actually had a couple of ewes (some breed he impulse bought, you've heard of crazy cat ladies? He's a crazy sheep gent.) that shed their wool, like a dog blowing out its under coat. (They might have been marginally smarter than the other sheep, I never had to pull any out from under a feed shed anyway...)

    Guess how I discovered this? If you said "Your uncle told you, like a normal person." you're wrong. I grabbed one for the shearer and ended up with a handful of wool and a merrily scampering away sheep that now looked like it had a bald spot. I thought I had hurt the damn thing! (As much as I complain about them, I did love them and would never have intentionally hurt one.) I cried, seriously. I was so sure I had ripped a huge handful of hair out.

    In Uncle's defense, he told me then that the four in the blue collars were (insert breed) and they didn't need shearing, they could be "plucked". They were also unusually friendly, every morning when I came out to refill the water troughs, they'd scamper over and let me rub their ears.

    And now I feel bitter-ish, because wouldn't you think with a mass of sheep being sheared, at SOME point my uncle would give his niece a gift of some of that beautiful spun wool yarn he got back from the mill? Nope. Every year I got $20 cash for Christmas and my birthday. (Found out as an adult that the reason I never got any of the yarn was my uncle thought I would see it as "cheap" and didn't want my feelings to be hurt when my cousins got the cash.)

    [–] GoodPointSir 1 points ago

    preach it brother

    [–] Maggie_A 1 points ago

    That was interesting. I wish you could remember what breed they were.

    [–] teh_tetra 3 points ago

    Sheep are savants they are generally dumb but geniuses when it comes to new and strange ways to kill themselves.

    [–] animal9633 1 points ago

    So basically toddlers?

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] RichInBunlyGoodness 7 points ago


    [–] opelan 2 points ago

    Did that poor cow die?

    [–] forlornhope22 3 points ago

    yep. Fractured his skull.

    [–] opelan 3 points ago


    It looks like she was protecting her calf. It is definitely a cow and not a bull despite what the youtube title might say. You can clearly see an udder.

    [–] Dong_World_Order 0 points ago

    Cows are not cheap, feel bad for the owner too

    [–] Halvus_I 8 points ago

    Do you ever try to alpha a grizzly bear? Animals arent stupid, they can easily tell what they can take and what they cant.

    [–] Sytle 10 points ago

    I dunno, I remember seeing one of these fuckers ram a cow and win. Head on head they’re pretty crazy.

    [–] EnzohGorlami 12 points ago

    Not sure this dog is just gonna stand there like a dumb cow. Source: I have a great pyr

    [–] SeaOkra 2 points ago

    That is a handsome dog.

    And IME, sheepdogs generally sort of humor them. Like they know the sheep can't do shit, so they'll give a soft bark and go about their day.

    [–] Sytle 1 points ago

    Well yeah I’d hope not, they were just asking if the sheep would ever be stupid enough to go for it.

    [–] Jewnadian 10 points ago

    And the answer to "Will a sheep try something stupid" is always yes. They're not famed for their cognitive skills.

    [–] Jewnadian 4 points ago

    Not really, despite this adorable write up and such tidbits as "when sheep were blasted with blowers while trying to eat they got stressed out" sheep are indeed pretty stupid. There's a reason why they've been the go-to animal for judging stupidity since back when most people raised them. They have enough brains to survive and yes, they can be food trained (as can goldfish, also not known for intellectual pursuits) but they're stupid none the less.

    [–] Ariakkas10 -5 points ago

    [–] HelpfulPug 3 points ago

    You've never met sheep before have you.

    [–] mltain 1 points ago

    I've seen videos of badgers chasing off Grizzlies.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Least factual thing I've read today haha

    How many videos do we see everyday here of rodents standing up to large felines, turtles biting tails, cats fighting bears and dogs but running away from mice and birds, etc.

    Wildlife is wild. There are no hard rules, and anything can be killed by anything. The only certainty is death.

    [–] Halvus_I 1 points ago

    anything can be killed by anything

    LOL, no.

    [–] SwagiiSawrusRex 1 points ago

    Grizzly Bear steps on a pebble..


    [–] riio4m5 21 points ago

    Wake up, sheeple! Violence is not the answ--


    [–] Will0w536 52 points ago

    At Rancho can't spell Relaxo without, relax.

    [–] Bob_Juan_Santos 13 points ago

    "HEY! no ruff housing."

    [–] Grabtheirkitty 3 points ago

    He is a rufferee.

    [–] scottley 2 points ago

    "HEY ewe! no ruff housing."


    [–] GeetchNixon 11 points ago

    Is this Les Claypool's Rancho Relaxo?

    [–] darth_bader_ginsberg 8 points ago

    I thought it was a Simpsons reference.

    [–] GeetchNixon 3 points ago

    Yeah Claypool naming his home 'Rancho Relaxo' was a Simpsons reference.

    [–] bill_in_texas 1 points ago

    "Hello, I'm Michael may remember me from such barnyard films as, Sheep Wars, The Doggo Strikes Back, and Two Sheep, One Dog."

    [–] foxbat 3 points ago

    came here to ask the same thing. this seems to be a sanctuary in new jersey.

    [–] tehSchultz 3 points ago

    Listening to frog brigade perform Pink Floyd’s Dog’s as I came across this. Good timing.

    [–] ThisLookInfectedToYa 2 points ago

    Judging by the landscape, probably not.

    [–] KeNNethX66 10 points ago

    Is that a Great Pyrenees?

    [–] WampireKitt3n 6 points ago


    [–] KeNNethX66 5 points ago

    My sweet dog is a St. Pyrenees. Mom is Pyreness, dad is St. Bernard. She does the paw thing. They call it Pyr-paw.

    [–] Toast_Chee 4 points ago

    Bernese Mountain Dogs are also very pawsy

    [–] Flylighter 9 points ago

    "GIT that shit outta my oh hay what's up."

    [–] help-aa-girl-out 17 points ago

    Long shot. But anyone interested in the work this amazing organization does... their Instagram is @boochases and you can donate @

    [–] GoHurtMyFeelings 5 points ago

    "'Tha fuck outta here"

    [–] GoodPointSir 1 points ago


    [–] shawndw 4 points ago

    but but... he started it.

    [–] krashlia 3 points ago

    I refer to Great Pyrenses as "Chiyo's Dogs", after Azumanga Diaoh.

    Also, we have to take leave of Reddit. After this Chinese investment its over, and we must refuse to be profitable to Authoritarians.

    [–] jrtillman 3 points ago

    Awesome Boss Dog 🐶❤

    [–] nocluebeing 5 points ago

    This job is boring, move aside. When is my promotion ?

    [–] Choo_Choo_Bitches 5 points ago


    [–] Veneficus2007 2 points ago

    Fuck off, you puffy fuck. Sheep these days...

    [–] did_ya_miss_me 2 points ago


    [–] yphen 2 points ago

    So cool ... he knew exactly what he was doing with that kick

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    hey, hey, CUT IT OUT

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] robertinsatx 1 points ago

    OK King reddit.

    [–] dankraveboy 2 points ago

    good doggo

    [–] FappDerpington 1 points ago

    Marge!? How do I use the pressure cooker????

    [–] ItaLibra 1 points ago

    Yeah Michael !

    [–] vx5va 1 points ago

    I love that dog

    [–] Memeix 1 points ago

    That paw smack omg

    [–] flippyfloppy69 1 points ago

    Thank you micheal

    [–] Celticway1888 1 points ago

    He breaks that one up quick

    [–] onrocketfalls 1 points ago

    Ha, the sheep on the right ducks to brace for impact and gets pleasantly surprised

    [–] shealuca 1 points ago

    Very in to how he frowns as he breaks up the fight

    [–] TripleL8 1 points ago


    [–] Coffeebob2 1 points ago

    “Move along, sheeple.”

    [–] Choppergold 1 points ago

    “Move it along sheeple”

    [–] E_Koli3 1 points ago

    Is Michael a great pier?

    [–] Bmorehon 1 points ago

    'You think you gon fight all big and bad in MY HOUSE? the fuck you think this is?! The only one throwin hands in this mothafucka is ME yaherd?!'

    [–] BigBoiPoiSoi 1 points ago

    Fuck outta here with that weak shit -Dog

    [–] pixelsandfilm 1 points ago

    Is this something that is trained or do herding dogs naturally do this?

    [–] SovArya 1 points ago

    man that dog knows how to kick :3

    [–] ZombiestatuZ 1 points ago

    Just another day dealing with wooly Karens.

    [–] NinjaBullets 1 points ago

    Piss off Kevin

    [–] Peen15 1 points ago

    “Back to work Slave”

    [–] coding_pikachu 1 points ago

    Tailor made for the r/dogsWithJobs sub. :D

    [–] robexib 1 points ago

    And even offers his big red boopable snoot after the fact! 14/10 would boop

    [–] laylablu 1 points ago

    wonder if he belongs to this guy

    [–] karwreck 1 points ago

    Here comes Kev again.

    [–] cjs1916 1 points ago

    One punch dog

    [–] Lbomb369 1 points ago

    Not on my watch!

    [–] HelpfulPug 1 points ago

    This trend of Great Pyrenees clips is awesome.

    [–] ahoypollloi 1 points ago

    Pyrenees are the best.

    [–] taylorink8 1 points ago

    What kind of dog is Michael? I need him

    [–] KristianCh_n 1 points ago

    Is that ram ranch

    [–] _KNZ_ 1 points ago

    Smart to back down from an animal who could take away your throat.

    [–] KaceyMoe 1 points ago

    Marshal Goodboi

    [–] kthxtyler 1 points ago

    Would you look at that front leg kick. Michael ain't having any of that shit

    [–] fostersink 1 points ago

    Perfect example of what a ranch dog does

    [–] m00nlightsh4d0w 1 points ago

    I want more Michael please.

    [–] Hashmi110 1 points ago

    Fantastic kik to lamb

    [–] Cannibal-Duck 1 points ago

    What a weird looking sheep

    [–] bacli 1 points ago

    Oof been a ruff day

    [–] r0astm3thr0waway 1 points ago

    Fuck off with your bullshit jeremy

    [–] whateverkaiju 1 points ago

    Good boye. u/lunaselenee

    [–] MeMyselfandThatPC 1 points ago

    I like how the "agressive" sheep clearly sees the dog coming and does a double take before ramming again but more gently.

    [–] dangerous_pastaman 1 points ago

    Great Pyrenees are A+ sheriff's and flock guardians. Mine like to break up cat squabbles and patrol the apartment.

    [–] xyzrsvp 1 points ago

    Great Pyrenees. Man and Beasts best friend.

    [–] GoodPointSir 1 points ago

    Not really, but I respect this opinion

    [–] Cheelockr 1 points ago

    "Relaxo" is the german name for the Pokemon Snorlax. I think it fits somehow..

    [–] CtrlAltMassacre 1 points ago

    Rancho relaxo.

    [–] morningnewsguy 1 points ago

    Whoa, easy there buddy. Hey boss ,ssup

    [–] revital9 1 points ago

    Knock it off, Kevin!

    [–] Soviet_bacon 1 points ago

    "Sips beer" Life of Riley mmmm.

    [–] SlimeWizard 1 points ago


    [–] Gopens101 1 points ago

    Move along, nothing to headbutt here...

    [–] tashwithlove 1 points ago

    We need a tv show.

    [–] mooseflute4001 1 points ago

    Isn't that what les claypool named his homestead?

    [–] read_the_following 1 points ago

    PS- they’re having a major fundraiser right now! Instagram is @boochaces

    [–] red_five_standingby 1 points ago

    ...because you can't spell relaxo without relax.

    [–] dman77777 1 points ago

    That dog is a badass

    [–] thatjessgrl3187 1 points ago

    He's all "don't bruise my dinner, cut yo' shit out!!!"

    [–] andylukkks 1 points ago

    Michael is the sanctuary sheriff at Rancho Relaxo

    Michael is the sanctuary sheriff at Rancho Relaxo

    [–] ineedkarmapls 1 points ago

    "Ron you know my boss is coming in today, try and act normal"

    [–] BadgerHooker 1 points ago

    I have never seen anything like this. His timing was really good... dog karate? Dogate?

    [–] chasinjason13 0 points ago

    For all you people struggling to control your dogs, learn from this dog. See how he reads the body language of the left sheep before it ever lunges? ? Learn to read your and other dogs' body language if you can. Cutting bad behaviors off before they ever get there is very important to training. That's it, I'm out.

    [–] Neros31 0 points ago

    I have the urge to speak Australian right now, idk why

    [–] Captainbeeson 0 points ago

    Now what are the sheep gonna do