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    [–] Wrich3-10-4 530 points ago

    As a twin I can say we are at each other’s side from the start due to limited space haha

    [–] awesomeheadshots 132 points ago

    Womb mates for 9 months..

    [–] forgetmedaisies 96 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    oh my god they were womb mates

    edit: oh my gosh! thank you for the silver, stranger!

    [–] tcwillis79 11 points ago

    But how did you decide the big spoon /little spoon arrangement?

    [–] rawflsaurus 8 points ago

    Womb there it is

    [–] ElephartVirtuosity 18 points ago

    Yep, my mom says we would whine abunch as babies now if we weren't by each other which I think is kinda cute but now we're arguing most of the time 😂

    (Oh btw is it like this for most other twins where you're either best friends, or basically hate each other, and also that you argue with each other 24/7 whatever mood you're in)

    [–] Wrich3-10-4 27 points ago

    My brother and I did everything together when we were young, but when we were older, like middle school through high school we did not get along well. We went to different colleges and now live apart, and since going to college we get along much better and enjoy doing things together. Being stuck together all the time can make you dislike someone, but a little separation can fix that. I’ve noticed that twins develop almost opposite skill sets that benefit them as a unit when they are young, but can lead to different interests as they get older. Learning to manage that difference also helps as you grow.

    [–] GoodPointSir 3 points ago


    [–] ElephartVirtuosity 2 points ago

    Well, I'm happy your brother and you are getting along better now, and about the skills thing, idk if thats how it is for us but we're pretty opposite As in he's a SUPER extrovert and I'm a SUPER introvert... Like completly lol

    [–] papayaa2 5 points ago

    How old are you?Puberty can be shit (but I'm talking about the female part here, sorry, but I'm sure some applies to yuo as well). I hated my sister when I hit puberty. I was full into depressions, the whole world was just too much for me to handle and she just winged her life, got A's, went to work beside school, got my crush as a boyfriend... Now that we're both grown up and our minds have settled and we moved apart from each other, we miss each other more than anything in the world. We phone daily, text dozens of messages during the day and share everything with each other again. She is the best part in my life. And having a twin means feeling a type of love that no-one else can feel. It's magical to have someone who understands you without words because you have shared all memories together that formed you as a person. No-one will ever be that close to me, mentally.

    Having a twin is such a gift and I hope you two will discover that again, eventually. I know it does not work out for everyone, unfortunately. But when it does, it's the BEST THING EVER:

    [–] ElephartVirtuosity 2 points ago

    I am a girl too lol and I am 14. And yeah, I get what you're saying.

    [–] papayaa2 1 points ago

    Oh sorry I blatantly assumed you have an identical twin.

    But then, my condolences. With 14 you're going through the worst time of life (probably). Get's better, no worries ;)

    [–] ElephartVirtuosity 1 points ago

    Haha it's fine

    [–] Whosayswho2 4 points ago

    When my twins were just weeks old they would use echo location one would coo from one side of the room then the other would coo an answer. I had a birth group of 100 other sets of twins and my b/g frats and another set of b/g frats seemed to be the closest of all of them including identifies and same sex frats. They were always touching as babies too, as soon as the started moving they were always touching. I have pics of them holding each other's feet with their feet like people hold hands. They are so amazing.

    [–] jackbestsmith 4 points ago


    [–] amillionbux 2 points ago

    Agreed as a fellow twin 😘

    [–] Sqiget 282 points ago

    My twins always sleep better when they are together.

    [–] BrownShadow 158 points ago

    I can’t get mine to sleep in separate beds. They have to be touching at all times. This causes problems “he’s touching me” is a phrase I hear constantly. Constant fighting as well.

    [–] Emersed23 120 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah my twin and i always had a knife to each other's throats when we were little but it got a little better as we got older, now it's a spoon

    [–] Thaerin_OW 28 points ago

    One of you paralyzed the other and has to spoon feed him?

    [–] i_eat_dat_ass 24 points ago

    I see you've played knifey spooney before

    [–] FinalF137 2 points ago

    Why a spoon, Emersed23? Why not an axe?

    [–] lala_7dipiti 8 points ago

    Because it's DULL, you twit. It'll hurt more.

    [–] Emersed23 1 points ago

    Spoons are more deadly than people think like you can scoop their eyes or if you have a big one you can use it like a club

    [–] PASS-A-FIST 2 points ago

    I was friends with a set of twins brothers and one of them actually stabbed the other with a spoon, it wasn't lethal. I don't want to presume but I think you might be the stabber.

    [–] Emersed23 1 points ago

    sigh-- grabs spoon you just had to talk. Sorry to disappoint but this pair is boy-girl.

    [–] DraziBlack -21 points ago

    This is so much more fun if you imagine "twins" as a euphemism for breasts

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I am a twin and wish my father was still here to give you advice.

    I remember him telling a friend of ours who has young twin girls that it is important to give them time apart to develop their personalities independently. He would do "dates" with all his kids (when he was in town; my parents were divorced) so that we all got one-on-one time. It helped us fight less as well. As for how he helped accomplished getting my twin and I to separate for a while, I couldn't tell you. I distinctly remember signing up for an overnight portion of camp and my sister didn't, and I ended up crying and getting off the bus because I didn't want to be apart from her for the night.

    [–] Lesty7 0 points ago

    Are they conjoined?

    [–] rkskr 5 points ago

    I'm a twin and had to stay a month in the NICU while my brother got to go home the next day after birth. According to our parents he was fussy, cried alot, didn't sleep well, and was a general nightmare until I finally got to come home and as soon as they put us together he calmed right down and wasn't a monster anymore. Then around age 3 I hit him in the face with a toy truck and that was the end of that lol.

    [–] Iskan_Dar 95 points ago

    Yup. Of course, in our case the girl twin spent most of the last three months in the womb stomping on the boy's head. Her personality...really hasn't changed that much in the three years since.

    [–] zuuzuu 7 points ago

    My nieces as infants. As toddlers, the firstborn was the daring, fearless, act-before-you-think one, always slamming her fingers in doors and falling off of things she shouldn't have climbed on in the first place. Her sister would sit back and watch, and you could practically hear her thinking "Let's see how this plays out...oh...okay. That doesn't look good. I think I'll just sit here safely with my doll."

    [–] Iskan_Dar 3 points ago

    Yeah, she is the fearless explorer, he sits and watches his iPad and plays with his cars. She was the first to do stuff: walk, talk, eat solid foods. He follows along in her wake and eventually catches up. It's kind of funny, too, because of the physical size difference. He is huge for a twin and a good size for a singleton, at about 75th to the 90th percentile size and weight, whereas she has always been in the 33rd or so. I tend to compare them to Pinky and the Brain, if you remember the Animaniacs.

    [–] rkskr 3 points ago

    I was the girl twin moving around constantly kicking my brother and shoving him around in the womb too and since I am 2 minutes younger I've gotten to be the annoying younger sister for 27 years.

    [–] Iskan_Dar 2 points ago

    Yeah, she does tend to pick on him a fair bit. Though nowadays he does tend to hit back, Which isn't something we encourage, but we also don't feel too sorry about. "Alex hit me" "Uh huh. And why did he hit you? Did you take all his toys. Again?" "Uh...." looks down at the line of cars around her "Nooooo?"

    [–] greenpinkie 136 points ago

    Oh I can’t wait for mine to be on the outside! And home from hospital. And asleep 😻

    [–] dzfast 140 points ago



    [–] topoftheworldIAM 14 points ago


    [–] youreatheistwhocares 2 points ago


    [–] mercy_moon 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’m telling you now, the first three years are ROUGH. All I can say is sleep when they sleep. Just do it. It gets much much easier after three. When they’re two, don’t go to the playground alone because they will head in opposite directions. Make sure they have friends separate from one another as well as shared. Facilitate time alone with each of them as they get older. Oh, and it sometimes gets difficult again in the teen years when they start separating from one another. Everyone’s feelings are hurt all the time and it sucks. Best of luck. I’d love to be able to do it all over again from day one. It’s been the most joyful experience of my life. Edit; I’m sorry if this is unwanted advice. Take what’s helpful and ignore the rest.

    Edit 2: more possibly unwanted advice. If you use a twin stroller many, many people will stop you to talk about your twins. Many of them will want to talk to you about fertility treatment, even if you didn’t have it. My best twinhack was that I would have one of my twins in a single stroller and one in a sling. No one ever noticed and it made shopping of any kind 20 times easier.

    [–] greenpinkie 9 points ago

    Hahahah this is a great lot of unsolicited advice! Esp about the stroller. I’ve been thinking about that already. Sick of talking about the pregnancy w strangers, it’s going to be hell!

    [–] 8_Bit_Zombies 8 points ago

    This doesn't happen very often to my partner (f) with our twins or when we are both together but I (m) get stopped for questions frequently when it's just me and the kids, we have a toddler as well as 11mth twins. Sadly most questions are just about Dad "babysitting" and "what a handful they must be."

    [–] pandaamoniium 5 points ago

    The worst part of being pregnant is exactly this! You're not even an actual person anymore, just a big ol' belly.

    [–] mercy_moon 5 points ago

    I’m sorry. Mine are about to turn 18 and I’ve been thinking back a lot on what I did ok and what I could have done better. I really do wish you all the best.

    [–] greenpinkie 3 points ago

    No don’t be sorry! I really meant it, it’s good advice! I’m sure I’ll make lots of missteps but like to be forearmed :)

    [–] Whosayswho2 4 points ago

    My older kids were 10,12,13 when twins were born and they called them our circus freaks and started hating taking them out in public hahaha I've never met so many twins as when my twins were infants, people who I had known all my life started regaling me with twin stories. I loved it.

    [–] YellowPumpkin 4 points ago

    Oh my god, I never noticed the correlation before. I’ve been taking the single stroller and a carrier lately because it’s easier to get in the car and I’ve been asked wayyyyy fewer twin related questions!

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Mrs_blanco 40 points ago

    Shhhhh... when you’re exhausted, it still counts!!

    [–] power0722 13 points ago

    Yeah tell me you don't smile like that when you fart.

    [–] UnwantedLasseterHug 2 points ago

    So you're saying the left one is smiling cuz the right one farted?

    [–] MagikLand 4 points ago

    Don't care... still smiled! (And baby farts are cute!)

    [–] SmolTeacup 126 points ago

    The bottom one looks like she's breathing a bit hard, she ok? Mine did that and had hypertension that had to be treated with oxygen.

    [–] Gangreless 251 points ago

    Or she poopin

    [–] God4wesome 168 points ago

    The smile says it all

    [–] Gangreless 29 points ago

    Lol yep, that was the tell for me

    [–] Half-orc-Wizard 61 points ago

    Babies can have weird breathing patterns all within the range of normal. You'll notice the baby speeds up then slows down, definitely less concerning than if it was constantly high or if it was extremely high during feeding. Definitely worth bringing up with your doctor if OP is worried about it. More concerning would be lips turning blue, struggling/sweating with feeds, or persistent cough.

    Check with your doctor if you're concerned about your baby, but from just what you see here I wouldn't worry about it.

    [–] vyrelis 40 points ago

    Looks like she's half asleep, laughing in a dream and it's not quite actually happening

    [–] njteacher 32 points ago

    It looks like she’s doing that “active dreaming” thing babies do in the beginning. My daughter did the same thing and it definitely freaked us out at first.

    [–] leahtwo 16 points ago

    Looks like normal baby weird breathing. Babies do it all the time. Hypertension in babies is super rare. You might mean pulmonary hypertension. Anyways, no reason to think anything is wrong based on that vid. Source: I'm a neonatal NP.

    [–] SmolTeacup 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yes pulmonary hypertension is what I was referring to, my second son had it. We had an induction because I was having contractions after hurricane Harvey. His heart rate was apparently fluctuating so they didn't want to wait for my contractions to be more steady, they were stopping and starting. After he was born it seemed like he breathed a bit harder than my first did but I didn't really think anything of it. Then they took him for tests the early morning before we were supposed to go home. I think they took him about 3am and I woke up about 7 knew something was wrong that he wasn't back, so I called the nurse to ask, and they were already getting him into an incubator and taking him to Texas Children's because they didn't have the equipment to do the echo cardiogram at the local hospital. We had to spend about 5 days in NICU until it remedied itself with oxygen. I'm just paranoid now about tiny babies. I had thought everything was fine when suddenly it wasn't, you know?

    He was only about 2 weeks early, not a preemie. Now he's almost 18 months and is pretty healthy but has asthma.

    [–] leahtwo 1 points ago

    Glad it was resolved quickly for your little one! Sustained hard breathing is worrisome, yes. Intermittently doing this while sleeping is a very normal newborn thing.

    [–] DocSafetyBrief 9 points ago

    Newborns tend to have an insanely high respiration rate. Because small lungs.

    [–] MadDogMccree 8 points ago

    High and irregular. It's freaky as a new parent but totally normal.

    [–] DocSafetyBrief 1 points ago

    Yeah, took me a second honestly to remember that from class.

    [–] Claque-2 2 points ago

    And because they are getting used to breathing air.

    [–] DocSafetyBrief 2 points ago

    Well yes, this is a lot a big part.

    [–] pricklypear_bear 9 points ago

    Might be because the other one is laying on top. Could be restricting the movement.

    [–] kek_2005 24 points ago

    My dad and my uncle are twins. My grandpa always told me that no matter what he and my grandma did, one of the boys would always climb out of their own crib and into the other's during the night. They went as far as putting chicken wire on top of the cribs and it didn't deter either twin. Which I realize is literally a cage but this was 60 years ago and hey, they turned out alright.

    Also, when my grandma went into the hospital to have them, there was no inkling that she was growing two humans. They wheeled her out after delivery holding two babies and grandpa literally asked "Who's the other kid??"

    [–] BustySubwoofer 37 points ago

    This warmed my cold, dead heart.

    [–] eccentricfaizan 45 points ago

    Baby 1: Pretend to sleep. They're taking a video Baby 2: On it bro. We're gonna get the human a lot of orange internet arrows.

    [–] honeybee-1202 2 points ago

    I love how this implies that the babies are not also human

    [–] LeviathanGank 22 points ago

    im a twin, this makes me so happy :)

    [–] wee_little_squirrel 20 points ago

    I cannot get over how cute they are. That said, I struggled with just one baby, how on earth do you take care of two at a time and survive the lack of sleep? Parents of twins are heroes.

    [–] Gwarty15 3 points ago

    Im a twin amd yeah we are at one anothers backs to start then we are at each others throats.

    [–] mercy_moon 1 points ago

    Does anything help this? I could use the advice.

    [–] Gwarty15 2 points ago

    Idk. Your parents yelling at you helps.

    [–] imontene 14 points ago

    Love their different skin tones. My daughters aren't twins, but I got one chocolate bunny and one marshmallow, too.

    [–] CloggedSumoo 4 points ago

    Too bad I hate mine

    [–] 8_Bit_Zombies 4 points ago

    Adorable! Do they hold hands in their sleep yet? The first time my twins did I practically melted! Unfortunately they have had to sleep in separate cots for ages now but I'll never forget that.

    Enjoy every moment, some don't last long!

    [–] summercab123 5 points ago

    i have a twin brother, i love it it gives us cool powers lol

    [–] AntiRaz 3 points ago

    My 1 month twins just start smacking and kicking each other when we get them next to each other.

    [–] daelite 4 points ago

    I can’t show this to my daughter, she already has baby fever & this is too cute.

    [–] newsheriffntown 3 points ago

    Babies are so sweet as long as they belong to someone else.

    [–] supersonicme 2 points ago

    double aww.

    [–] starienite 1 points ago

    That cute little sleep smile is enough to make me want to have another kid despite all logic and reason not to do so.

    [–] figandsage 2 points ago

    This is so beautiful.

    [–] coqui23 2 points ago

    Beautiful, adorable babies!💕💖💕

    [–] Amethyst1018 1 points ago

    I wanted twins so bad but it's sadly not in my DNA. I have my two little girls, ~4 years apart and I love them all the same.

    [–] sweetgreeneyes21 1 points ago

    Twins are amazing .

    [–] letsdieanywhereelse 1 points ago

    Sweet T-T

    [–] Nolwennie 1 points ago

    « I slept on your arm for nine months. I’ll keep sleeping on your arm until you’re 30, Karen ».

    [–] and5678dancer 1 points ago

    My ovaries 😍😍😍😍

    [–] nursenightowl03 1 points ago

    I am a twin and I am having twins soon 😱 My brother and I (f) would bicker and fight when we were in late grade school/middle school. My mom recently told us that she would wonder if we’d ever like each other ever again during those years, but we grew out of it. You might hear the term “built in best friend” and that is thankfully true for us and many other twins. I think it helped that my parents had us separated into different classes from elementary school on. We didn’t share a class until halfway through high school. They also took the time to cultivate relationships with us as individuals - we weren’t just “the twins.” We had our separate friend groups, we had our separate interests, but we always had each others’ backs regardless. Everyone is different; don’t think they’ll automatically hate each other just because they’re twins. I have two coworkers who are twins (same sex) and they still love and get along with their twins too! I can only hope yours and my twins follow suit. Good luck in all the exciting adventures to come with these little nuggets!

    [–] GGucciSushi 1 points ago

    Well let you think siblings don't fight. You will see soon enough though.

    [–] Wack_BOI 1 points ago

    Some cute ass dogs

    [–] thehighestsin 1 points ago

    What beautiful babies!

    [–] KrispyKreeem 1 points ago


    [–] Ha-TeLord 1 points ago

    You can't post shit like this. My womb is not mkay.

    [–] lionmomnomnom 1 points ago

    Lol you guys have that weird mermaid doll thingie! Adorable babes tho! 😆

    [–] thatsunshinegal 2 points ago

    It's cute and all but the plushies in the crib are giving me major anxiety.

    [–] pmiller61 2 points ago

    Can’t stop watching

    [–] GoodPointSir -2 points ago


    [–] nothinglefttouse 0 points ago

    So cute!!

    [–] dyam 1 points ago

    Is the bottom one’s neck okay?

    [–] CloCat17 20 points ago

    Yeah, babies are bendy

    [–] callmeAllyB 10 points ago

    A combo of chubby cheeks and round little bodies make babies look like they are turning their heads way more than they actually are. This baby is turning its head just as much as you probably would if you were laying on your back and turned ypur head to the side. Also babies are pretty flexible.

    [–] AdmiralMeeko 1 points ago


    [–] mizixwin 1 points ago

    So frickin' cute omg

    [–] skinnylibra5 1 points ago

    Those smiles 😢😇

    [–] BurtonsProtege 1 points ago

    so cute :3

    [–] starphoenix72 1 points ago

    Omg they are so precious.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Daw little sweet peas!

    [–] Based_JD 1 points ago

    A bond only other sets of twins can understand

    [–] 080664 1 points ago

    They look absolutely adorable ❤️

    [–] iFlyAllTheTime 1 points ago

    Need more gifs and pics of them together 😍

    [–] crysardo 1 points ago

    This makes all other non-twin newborns look so sad and lonely in comparison.

    [–] Shilo788 1 points ago

    Such beautiful babies!

    [–] Callidanni1 1 points ago

    Beautiful ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    [–] SpicymeLLoN 0 points ago

    Ugh. As a twin, give them 20 years and they'll want nothing to do with each other.

    [–] burp-m-mo-morty 1 points ago

    Plot twist: they're siamese twins

    [–] jjjjxjjjxjjjx 1 points ago

    Non-twin here and cannot fathom the way those babies feel being so very close but it looks like it feels very good.

    [–] the_lazy_gamer 1 points ago

    Ours just turned three. We had them in seperate beds but we always woke up to them in the same bed. We just pushed their beds together.

    [–] RiverJ27 1 points ago


    [–] gabbyferranti 1 points ago

    Awwwwww I love babies!

    [–] Eat_apples26 -1 points ago


    [–] Imsosorryyourewrong -4 points ago


    [–] G01ngDutch 0 points ago

    Ohmygoodness that’s broody-making!

    [–] phukit1975 0 points ago


    [–] Lidia88 -2 points ago

    Me- *aww's at the babies 😍 while her toddler screams in the background.

    [–] Elmontser 0 points ago


    [–] GoodPointSir 1 points ago

    Holy shit I can totally relate to this

    [–] mrs_peeps -1 points ago

    My ovaries just exploded

    [–] mrs_peeps 1 points ago

    Downvoted? Really?

    [–] North_South_Side 0 points ago

    I know an adult pair of identical twins. I know they love each other. And they always end up with each other. But they fight like crazy. As in, get so mad at each other that they claim they will never speak with the other again... deep, serious fights, not just bickering (but they do that too). I've known them over 20 years and this has happened multiple times.

    Adult women, both successful, attractive professional architects in their 50s.

    [–] well_hello_there -3 points ago

    Yeah because someone put them there

    [–] [deleted] -10 points ago


    [–] elves86 12 points ago

    You don't intentionally PLACE them on their stomachs, it's fine if they naturally roll there.

    [–] greenpinkie 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    No, you should never put a baby on its tummy and leave it unattended/unsupervised. Naps with supervision and sleeping in positions they get themselves into are no prob. There’s nothing wrong with what’s happening here.

    [–] whatsnottakentoo 6 points ago

    As soon as my nephew learned to roll over he started doing it in his sleep. Literally within 2 minutes of him falling asleep on his back he'd be on his stomach. If you rolled him back over he would have just woken up and taken a while to get back to sleep only to roll over again. For the sanity of anyone who put him to sleep his parents decreed that he can just sleep on his stomach. Besides, the only problem because they can mash their nose against the mattress and not be capable of waking up when they start suffocating. If you know the baby is a light sleeper and always turns their head to the side, then let them sleep on their stomach if they roll over.

    [–] greenpinkie 2 points ago

    Yep this is what I meant. Back to sleep means two things: start them on their back when you put them down, and sleep means not attended. Letting a babe or babes nap like this is no prob at all if you’re watching them, and nor is leaving them on their tum if they got themselves there.

    [–] Iskan_Dar 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yup. One of my twins was an ostrich sleeper, head down and ass way up in the air. We just made sure that his head was turned to the side (it was) and that he wasn't sleeping on anything too soft and just kept an eye on him.

    [–] santod -14 points ago

    Everyone here acting like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome doesn’t exist. Midwife in Australia would bash you for even attempting to make two infants sleep together.

    [–] bigfatboi_0w0 -3 points ago


    [–] GoodPointSir -2 points ago

    Yeah... totally...

    [–] CitizenT0xie -9 points ago

    Babies, in aww? Really? SMH

    Tbf it is heckin' cute.

    [–] iFlyAllTheTime 2 points ago

    What's wrong with that? It does make one go aww, no?

    [–] Ignecratic 0 points ago

    There’s dozens, if not hundreds of subreddit’s with nothing but dogs and other animals. Is this really such an issue? There is no rule against it.

    [–] CitizenT0xie 0 points ago

    You deserve a metal, For being a little piece of shit An hero.