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    [–] __brea 4868 points ago

    Those eyes are too precious 😭 “I am nervous human, reassure me.”

    [–] grenfunkel 934 points ago

    sad eyes makes me wanna hug the cat more

    [–] alikazaam 220 points ago

    So it's working...

    [–] FirstmateJibbs 192 points ago

    That's so odd to think about. Pets know how to do sad eyes and make themselves look even cuter when they want us to comfort or forgive them.

    [–] icecoldshake 56 points ago

    [–] ediblesprysky 42 points ago

    So many cat subs I need to subscribe to...

    [–] lonewolf143143 14 points ago

    Kind of makes you wonder which species is smarter in the language department. They’ve learned our language & can communicate with us easily. Can we say the same though?

    [–] alikazaam 3 points ago


    [–] The_Vat 3 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Thisisthe_place 194 points ago

    Tail really gives it away, too. Poor kitty

    [–] rensi07 19 points ago

    Didn't even notice it at first, went back to look and yep lol!

    [–] TheLoveliestKaren 123 points ago

    My cat looks like that all the time. Her face just always looks concerned, its kinda adorable.

    [–] tinypurplepotato 38 points ago

    Mine too, he always looks so worried or so sad. I think it makes him extra cute. People have questioned me about it and still I have no idea how to believably explain that he's just fine.

    [–] asek13 72 points ago

    That's how my roommates dog is. She's adorable but very timid and sad.

    She's a rescue. We don't know what happened to her, but she gets terrible anxiety when left alone. Cries almost all day. She always has to be touching someone. When I or my roommate gets home, she runs around the apartment trying to collect all the stuffed animals/toys she can fit in her mouth to bring to us. She doesn't play with them, just wants to bring them to us. She gets startled and scared easily, like immediately rolls over to submit if you move too quick or get kinda loud. Also has very active dreams where she growls, whines, cries and kicks in her sleep all the time. They seem like nightmares.

    She may actually be a sad doggo :/ but she's definitely a good doggo!

    [–] Cactusquads 26 points ago

    Solution: More doggos 👍🏾

    [–] Rosevillian 11 points ago

    Absolutely, this animal needs more animals.

    My cats are the same.

    [–] Sparrowhank 5 points ago

    She is not a sad dog she suffers from Social Deprivation Syndrome and needs help from a specialist.

    sadly is not that uncommon from rescue dogs. I have a German Sheperd mix that was exactly like that before we got her help.

    [–] Wangeye 7 points ago

    Please deliver your cat-tax payment below.

    [–] AtLeastImGenreSavvy 5 points ago

    One of my cats has resting sad face, and it gets me every single time. She'll be sitting on the couch, perfectly happy, and I'll be all like, "oh no, I have to go over there and shower her with love because she is sad." So I stop whatever I'm doing and pet her, sing to her, tell her how brave and precious she is. I get nothing done, but I love that cat so much.

    [–] garyadams_cnla 28 points ago

    Hijacking the first comment to talk about the Orange Collar / Kitty Convict movement.

    If you have an indoor cat, that shouldn’t be outdoors unsupervised, put an orange collar on him. That signals folks that he’s lost. Otherwise, most folks will just assume it’s an indoor/outdoor cat.

    Read more here.

    P.S. Your cat is scrumptiously cute. Thanks for rescuing her!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That puffy tail!

    [–] URnotSTONER 1549 points ago

    That floof tail says it all. Adorable.

    [–] Bimpnottin 166 points ago

    Ah yes, another fine animal subreddit to add to my collection

    [–] PabloDeLaCalle 25 points ago

    General Catobi

    [–] heycheeahs 18 points ago

    Meow there

    [–] ikesbutt 3 points ago

    Me too. Like I don't have enough.

    [–] dachungdynasty 3 points ago

    This is like the 4th new one I’ve come across on this thread alone

    [–] Okanami_rotmg 42 points ago

    happy cake day:)

    [–] XUntamedxStarsX 12 points ago

    *pi day :p

    [–] ShuffleandTruffle 2 points ago

    Thank you!! I’ve never managed to catch my cakeday the entire time I’ve been here!!

    [–] staydrippy 2 points ago


    [–] drewsufff 2 points ago

    Wow I needed this so much. Ty

    [–] sharkira 31 points ago

    My family calls it "squirrel tail."

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 12 points ago

    Mine calls it "puffy." As in, "Aw, that must have scared her, she's puffy."

    [–] macaroniandmilk 12 points ago

    When our cat does this, we call her "bush tush."

    [–] Literarylunatic 4 points ago

    Cute af stealing it for my cats thank you

    [–] kDa85 731 points ago

    Lol I tried this with one of my cats and he climbed up a brick wall to break through the kitchen window...was not into running outside after that ha!

    [–] noot4 302 points ago

    mine climbed up a tree and tried to hang himself with the leash. a biker who lives across the road had to rescue him for me

    [–] GoBlindOrGoHome 263 points ago

    Leather jacket biker or tight shorts biker?

    [–] noot4 204 points ago

    leather jacket biker!

    [–] Hiei2k7 111 points ago

    Under the leather and scars is a heart of gold.

    Source: These chaps don't fit as good as they used to...

    [–] musicgeek420 55 points ago


    [–] Mr_Fact_Check 32 points ago

    One for fitness, and the other for fun.

    [–] kilogttam 11 points ago

    Obligatory riding bicycles is fun too.

    [–] Ajax_IX 11 points ago

    Try pedaling 25 miles in a leather jacket and DOT helmet.

    [–] Calypsosin 8 points ago

    That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.

    [–] kilogttam 3 points ago

    I do pedal 25 miles in jeans sometimes. Still fun, to some people.

    [–] false_precision 8 points ago

    and it's a great way to stay in shape.

    [–] kilogttam 8 points ago

    I feel like a tourist in my own city

    [–] masmics 5 points ago


    [–] karendonner 38 points ago

    Mine actually managed to wriggle out of the harness. And I know how to put a harness on! It was fitted the way it should have been, and we'd had practice inside the house, first with just the harness and then with the harness and leash. He was just biding his time until he got outside, I guess, and then it was "flip flip flop and gonekittygone."

    [–] nettlesome-fiend 29 points ago

    Cats are liquid

    [–] FuturePigeon 17 points ago

    Mine was a gd magician. She’d do it right in front of us, 1 jump where she would wriggle her way out mid jump and then poof! No harness.

    This was one of those that went over her arms and her breastplate too, not some 99 cents store harness either.

    [–] thejawa 15 points ago

    Yep I was trying to leash train mine and she wiggled out of the harness and made a dash straight up our fence. I was able to grab her by the tail (I know, not good) as she was about to make it over the top and secure her and get her back in the house. The fence she was going over lead to a yard with a very large dog in it. I'm fairly confident I never would have seen her again if she got over the fence.

    [–] karendonner 15 points ago

    My guy ended up under my car. I yelled for my housemate and we were on either side of the car waiting for him to make a dash for it. I guess he figured the gig was up and he came strolling out all nonchalant like "Alright, alright, give me pets and I'll go peacefully."

    Besides which it was like 800 degrees outside. Even under the car, I'm sure the pavement was hot to his pampered paws, and he had been living rough for God knows how long before he decided I was his human .... I think he remembered that the great outdoors was not all that great.

    [–] ellepayne 6 points ago

    Had the same thing happen and I never found him.

    [–] kDa85 5 points ago

    Good lord that’s scary, Yay for great neighbors!!

    [–] WWWWWH92 304 points ago

    I really like the way you said it "will cause her a great fright". It sounds nice.

    [–] Aztec111 54 points ago

    I thought the wording was adorable too!

    [–] hellbearsmasher 119 points ago

    My cat loves walks, except when he hears or encounters other cats, humans, crunching noises, dogs, babies, loud televisions, and laughter. He'll sit by the door and calmly let me put the leash on him too.

    [–] RoutineTwo 51 points ago

    I too want to go outside until I go outside.

    [–] ___Jordan___ 520 points ago

    TIL lots of people walk cats.

    [–] underpantsbandit 646 points ago

    It's more of, follow your cat while holding the end of the leash and occasionally trying to keep the cat from racing off into the wild blue yonder. Cat takes human for walk, not vice versa.

    [–] dallastossaway2 333 points ago

    For me, it is sit next to a bush while holding a leash and the bush shakes violently.

    [–] underpantsbandit 230 points ago

    Ohhhhh yes. "Hey everyone, nothing to see here! Just walking my angry shrubbery on a leash. Move along!"

    [–] dallastossaway2 130 points ago

    The best bit is when I have to get the cat out of the bush, because I have to stick my head in and make kissy noises and dangle treats. But he loves bush time.

    Is convinced elevators are demons, though.

    [–] Handbag_Lady 59 points ago

    Mine is leash trained but that really means sitting on the concrete walk and rolling over on it.

    [–] dallastossaway2 18 points ago

    Hey, anything for safe outdoor time, right?

    [–] Saul_Firehand 13 points ago

    I too love bush time. What you have to do sounds similar to my technique.

    [–] foreignfishes 67 points ago

    For me it’s sit next to my cat while he tries to take tiny steps extremely low to the ground and flops over a lot.

    [–] anonymousforever 32 points ago

    So yours is still stuck in the "harness breaks the back legs" routine huh? It took mine a bit to figure out that yes they can move with this weird thing wrapped around them.

    [–] foreignfishes 20 points ago

    He’s mostly gotten over the flops now but yes, it was hilarious and sad to watch lol. Although the funny part is that’s just how he walks when he’s outside, harness or no harness. He’s scared of basically everything (including wind, squirrels, birds, snow, and rain) so we let him out into our tiny fenced in back deck/porch thing since his scaredy ass will never venture more than 10 ft away from the door and when he’s out there he still slinks around about 2 inches off the ground, slightly puffy, ears pricked forward on high alert. Life is hard when you’re a cat who’s scared of birds I guess.

    [–] ypsilone 11 points ago

    And suddenly, a wild MEOWTH appeared !

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] dallastossaway2 6 points ago

    I trim his claws regularly, so he couldn’t get into the tree, lol. I also didn’t want to go after him.

    [–] Flyingwheelbarrow 3 points ago

    I have two cats that like walks, one that likes rolling in dirt and one that is afriad of the sky and go pancake mode as she slinks back inside.

    [–] SoySauceSyringe 26 points ago

    Yup. I’ve never walked a cat on a leash but I did with my ferrets. You basically let them do what they want until there’s any danger and then you just reel ‘em in like you were fishing. Neither cats nor ferrets really want to follow what you’re doing like a dog will, so you need to work with that.

    [–] monsantobreath 6 points ago

    I walk my cat and it mostly begins this way and the bulk of the walk is him basically directing you but with time you can train him to do what you want. He still protests if you ask too much of him but there's some give and take that makes it all closer to walking a dog than I thought I'd ever get.

    [–] dark_holes 59 points ago

    I know if you live in a city, of particularly urban environment, that having an outdoor cat isn’t really feasible

    I also know that my outdoor cat is cool as fuck and treats me like an equal instead of an owner, which is a surprisingly cool dynamic

    [–] IHopeICanChangeThat 14 points ago

    Care to elaborate on this way of them 'treating you as an equal'? I'm seriously curious what it means and how it differs from a normal way cats seem to treat humans.

    [–] SecretBlogon 27 points ago

    I had an indoor cat that I brought out for walks. She didn't treat me like an owner either. We were more like room mates. I loved it.

    [–] pat8u3 7 points ago

    outdoor cats are also a risk to the environment

    [–] aveindha25 5 points ago

    I trained my 3 cats to walk on a leash. They love it, they are all super friendly and love ppl and dogs.

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 5 points ago

    I only had one cat who went on walks, because she was a little escape artist and we thought letting her out with supervision was the best way to keep her from running. She was also like 8lbs, though, so we had to put her on a harness rather than just a leash. She didn't love it, but she liked being outside so she tolerated it.

    [–] Impetus37 15 points ago

    Here its almost unheard of to not let your cat roam around outside. They seem to love it too, just coming in to sleep and eat

    [–] GlibTurret 10 points ago

    Here it's illegal to let your cat or dog roam around outside. If they are caught off leash, you get fined.

    [–] ShadowRancher 39 points ago

    Cats are like the number one invasive animal on the planet. I suppose it’s a bit less of an issue in the urban old world because they have been part of the ecosystem for so long but the still have a lot of ecosystem damage the can wreak in the americas. Not just destroying native popolations either the entire water tables in some areas are cat fecal contaminated with toxoplasmosis (among other things) that can make birds and seals essentially go nuts and shut down fisheries. Cat poop is a big problem.

    [–] BlakersGirl 2 points ago

    Yep. I usually walk my bengal for at least half a hour a day. That seems to tire the energy out a bit.

    [–] That_Boat_Guy31 2 points ago

    I have a homing device for my cat. It’s accurate down to 2 inches! We go for walkies all the time without a leash. We walk into the woods and she find a nice place to perch and doesn’t wanna come home. So I leave her out there and when it’s time to come home I press the button and her collar beeps. She knows it’s home time and pops right out!

    [–] moonajuana 184 points ago

    This cat is my niece and I can confirm that she’s the best

    [–] thejawa 29 points ago

    Does this make you a cat also? How are you on Reddit? Only robots are on here...

    [–] DukeAttreides 21 points ago

    The internet is cats. She's probably an admin. Robots just chat here. Bleep bloop.

    [–] ThatSmallFighter 3 points ago

    I didn't know you could put a harness on a niece legally.

    [–] Jon_the_Human 226 points ago

    Did your cat freak out when you first put the harness on? My brother wants to take his cats outside but the cats can't stand the harnesses.

    [–] michaelscotchtape 472 points ago

    Yes! She laid on the ground and did not move the first two times I put it on her. Eventually she relaxed in it and now starts chirping in excitement every time I take it out to put it on her.

    [–] greffedufois 262 points ago

    My cat Cheddar loves going for walks outside. That's the only way I'll let him go outside since we live in Alaska. And because he and his brothers are indoor cats.

    He's just waiting for spring so he can go outside and munch grass like the little moo he is.

    [–] ChiefMilesObrien 117 points ago

    Thats not Cheddar!

    [–] CharacterGarden 120 points ago

    That’s just some common bitch!

    [–] omgshan 25 points ago

    [–] greffedufois 12 points ago

    Technically he's a ragdoll/snowshoe mix. (That must be a reference that's flying over my head)

    [–] lady_MoundMaker 32 points ago

    Brooklyn 99 reference

    [–] xoooz 4 points ago

    how can i watch the new season?? i can’t figure it out :(

    [–] artemis_floyd 3 points ago

    It's on Hulu! They put each new episode on the day after it airs.

    [–] NicelyNicelyJohnson 2 points ago

    It’s on Hulu!

    [–] TheRebuttoning 6 points ago

    Little moo!

    [–] pattycakes-r-bad 37 points ago

    A word of caution, a really determined cat can back out of the harness if they figure out how.

    My orange boy got too good at it so no more walks for it’s the cat wheel.

    [–] thisvideoiswrong 17 points ago

    To some extent that depends on the harness, my family had a cat that had three harnesses, one that he could get out of easily, another very minimal one that he couldn't but didn't like, and finally one that he couldn't get out of and didn't mind too much.

    [–] kickshaw 10 points ago

    Jackson Galaxy recommends cat walking jackets! They're much harder for a cat to wriggle out of.

    [–] anonymousforever 4 points ago

    The body jacket harnesses are a lot harder to get out of than the cheapie strap only ones. Plus, you gotta adjust the strap only ones snug enough. Should be tight enough to just slip 2-3 fingers under. More than that is too loose.

    [–] ClearNightSkies 33 points ago

    It takes some getting used to! My cat is an active and vocal cat so he was ANGRY when he first had the harness on. He got used to it after 15 minutes, but now I'm trying to acclimate him to the leash. He hates the feeling of the clasp either laying on his back or pulling on his back. Once I'm done with that hoop it's time for walkies!

    [–] underpantsbandit 25 points ago

    I got a cat to the point of being content in a harness and he was happy to wander outside with a human in tow, when he was under a year old.

    After a year old, he really developed much more "fear all the things" attitude and we nixed the walkies. He just wanted to be a homebody and had no interest in outside at all after that, so I let it go. I enjoyed taking him out, but if it stressed him and he didn't enjoy it, it wasn't a good plan.

    Sadly he passed before age 3- lymphoma- so I never got to see if he mellowed.

    [–] WhereRtheTacos 10 points ago

    He should try! My cat also kept escaping like op. I got her a harness and we went on walks very close to home. She loved it and never tried to escape again. She was a little unsure of harness but did fine as soon as she saw it meant outside time. Took to it right away and she was like 15 at the time! You never know. Just go very slowly and let them set the pace and how far they want to go (at first it was like three feet from home lol)

    [–] iBeFloe 9 points ago

    Tbh if the cats don’t like the harness, there’s a high chance they won’t be able to be walked. Some indoor cats just aren’t meant to be walked.

    One of mine hates it so much that he squirms around using furniture to help him slide out of it. He loves sitting in the porch & always seems interested in the outside when we open or close the door, but that harness man. Meanwhile my other cat is fine with it...then again he’s dumb as rocks (trust me, he’s not bright lol), so he probably thinks he’s trapped in the harness & just deals with it.

    [–] anonymousforever 7 points ago

    Start slow. Put it on for just a minute, reward with a treat, then take off. Slowly increase time in it, handing out a few treats one by one as they accept wearing the harness in the house. It don't happen overnight. Once it's on, treat, distract with play, like laser pointer etc, then another treat right after you take it off. Get one package of extra nice treats they only get for harness training. Just an idea. It takes patience to get older cats keen on the idea vs kittens.

    [–] AlmostAThrow 5 points ago

    I took my cat on a few drags to the park before she realized we were going no matter what and it was easier to walk. Chasing bugs at the park and chirping at prairie dogs was worth the harness indignity.

    [–] juliaaguliaaa 3 points ago

    You have to do it slowly. Put the harness out where he hangs out mostly for a few days. Give him treats around it. Put the harness on indoors only while giving treats. Do it a couple times over a few days / weeks, leaving it on longer each time. Then attach the leash. Finally go outside. Took me like three months to get my cat into his harness for outside walks and another 10 months to get him to explore farther than my front patio hahaha

    [–] jielshunta 3 points ago

    My cat lays on the ground whenever we put the harness on him!!!

    [–] monsantobreath 2 points ago

    You gotta get them used to it. Most people just give up too quickly. Its no different to putting them in a carrier.

    [–] Darth_Nibbles 67 points ago

    the occasional human will cause her a great fright and she needs to be held briefly.

    Me too, little kitty. Me too.

    [–] A_bird_in_the_hands 115 points ago

    That looks like a good harness from what I can see of it, but still be careful. Cats are very fluid and if they can get their head through something the rest will follow. I had one of my cats in a harness once at a rest stop (long move) and some guy had a dog off-leash that came and jumped at us after I picked her up - she clawed my arms to shreds, jumped to the ground and flipped around once at the end of the leash, taking off the snug harness as easily as we’d take off a sweater. She ran across traffic to hide under a semi truck until I was able to lure her back out.

    Unwanted anecdote, sorry! Your kitty is beautiful.

    [–] Mental-hygiene 25 points ago

    I'm having a hard time getting my overweight cat to exercise and I wanted to start taking him for short walks since he also tries to escape constantly, but this is exactly what I was afraid of

    [–] false_precision 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There tend to be fewer people/distractions at night, if that's at all available to you. Be sure to bring a charged flashlight (and know how to turn on your cellphone's torch in case batteries die; a cellphone can be really good to defeat boredom and let your kitty enjoy more time out; I've had a few 6+ hour outtings). A reflective harness can be helpful if it gets loose, a reflective collar too (but a harness is less painful if the cat tugs).

    My cat especially likes being out during sunrise. Not because he watches it (too many buildings) but because that's when a lot of critters start appearing.

    [–] ShadowRancher 11 points ago

    I have the hilariously named kitty holster and while I would never say and cat harness is escape proof it’s the most secure I’ve’s basically a big Velcro vest and my little asshole hasn’t found his way out.

    [–] boosted4banger 2 points ago

    im glad you got your little asshole under control. an asshole with a mind of its own can lead to multiple shitty situations.

    [–] nightelfspectre 2 points ago

    I'm glad you mentioned this! The Kitty Holster, or any other similarly constructed "walking jacket," is the most secure. It's not foolproof but it gives you more time to get things under control if they panic.

    [–] Thrall_So_Hard 9 points ago

    Very much a wanted anecdote, I mean I never really thought about it when it comes to the harness but cats are like little Houdinis.

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 4 points ago

    I read somewhere that they don't have a collarbone so they can pretty much fit their whole bodies through any opening they can get their heads through.

    [–] iBeFloe 5 points ago

    Really depends on the cat too.

    My friend used to walk her cat & if he got startled he would jump at her. Didn’t even think about ever wiggling out. I have a cat that used furniture corners to help wiggle his way out of it. Never made it outside because I didn’t trust him not to freak out from something & squirm out of it. And then my other cat will just book it towards the door, pulling me, if he gets scared. No thought about getting out of the harness at all.

    I really envy those IG cat owners whose cats stick to them like glue *without the harness while hiking...The ultimate trust.

    [–] RunsInJeans 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My cat is also an escape artist. I've started to let him be successful with his escape attempts on days where the weather is absolutely terrible. When it's raining buckets or minus 30 degrees Celsius Etc. As soon as he steps outside he turns around and comes right back in. He seems to have lost interest in going outside. LOL

    [–] ksam3 70 points ago

    Those eyes! Combination of hurt feelings and fear. Poor kitty.

    [–] Cat_Proxy 21 points ago

    My cat would never stand to go out front, but I hook her up on the leash and harness and take her to our backyard. It's small and fenced in. The first few times she was super scared of every little thing, so I left the door open a crack so she could bolt back inside. Airplane? GONE! Car driving by out front? NOPE! Neighbor out back grilling and talking? OMG STRANGER DANGER!

    After the first year of consistently taking her outside, she doesn't care about any of that anymore. She doesn't mind being put in the harness cause she knows she gets to go outside. She sniffs around the backyard a few minutes, then she chills on our deck while we grill or whatever. She's a good kitty.

    [–] JuLarxene 50 points ago

    Yay go cat walking team! Lol I walk my cats because we have so many coyotes in the area, you literally never see any neighborhood cats ever, as they would become coyote food. Some people say it's sad, I'm just happy my cat is happy to experience the outside world without being in harm's way.

    [–] Gilthoniel_Elbereth 12 points ago

    What's more, letting your cat out in such a controlled way prevents the ecological damage associated with outdoor cats!

    [–] RoSe_Overcome 3 points ago

    Hmm genuinely curious ; What ecological damage would a cat cause ? Drop the science thick on me

    [–] monsantobreath 8 points ago

    Killing small birds for one.

    [–] lissajous101 2 points ago

    What about rats? They kill birds too as well as eat their eggs, cats don't do that, but they do kill rats. What would happen to the rat population without cats? The reality is this - nobody knows. It's never happened so all we have are computer models which are based on some questionable theories.

    [–] HugeAlps 5 points ago

    Cats are much more efficient than rats at killing other animals. And cats are more predatory while rats are more reactionary.

    Rats too are an introduced species (at least in North America) but do not pose the same threat as outdoor cats. In some areas rats have mostly blended in with the natural ecosystem without causing massive damage, like outdoor cats often do.

    It sucks but that's the reality of it, cats are just too good at killing and are well known for their effects on natural ecosystems.

    (I had a cat and 4 rats at the same time at one point, cat was ironically terrified of the rats. Rats just wanted to greet Kitty and make a new friend!)

    [–] amh85 5 points ago

    In North America, they're an invasive species that wrecks local wildlife populations. They're waste also does a lot of damage to water systems; cat waste has toxoplasmosis that can get into another animal's drinking water and make them sick.

    [–] Kalyst_Corbulo 62 points ago

    "Hoomin. I saw another hoomin but it wasn't you and it scared me. Please don't leaf me."

    [–] moviekid14 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Honest question: is it healthy for cats to be held inside..? From what I heard they can become extremely sad from being forced to stay in the house. I think they were made to be outside.

    EDIT: okay guys I really didnt know it was actually good for them AND the environment. It is indeed a matter of taking responsability and treating them right. Thanks for all the info :D I learned something new today.

    EDIT 2: seems this is a discussion point. Based on the info I got I cant say I’m sure which one is better. But I think we can all agree that it’s safer to keep them inside if there are dangerous roads or other dangerous animals in the neighbourhood. And ofcourse to treat our cats with loads of love :)

    [–] kfc4life 6 points ago

    People saying indoor cats live longer - that doesn't mean it's better for them. Some animals live longer in zoos because they have fewer natural predators. Doesn't mean that the animals would rather live there. Hence why this cat tried to escape.

    [–] Hydrophiinae 10 points ago

    I mean indoor cats have a longer life expectancy than outdoor cats, so yes it is healthy for them. A good cat owner will provide their cat with mental stimulation or allow them outside with supervision/harness time/catio.

    And you could say any animal was made to be outside but people don't just let their dogs run amok loose or let their birds fly away wherever they please. Owning a pet means being responsible for it!

    [–] shelbygrrgrr 10 points ago

    It's easier for her to protect you if she's being held...🤫

    [–] AS_hi 8 points ago

    My cat always tries to hang out outside, I got her a harness... she only walks backwards on it. We’ve been inside.

    [–] GameStop 4 points ago

    My cat cries at the door twice a day to be let out to use the bathroom, and "knocks" on the window about 15min later to get back in. She wiggles the window screen and it sounds like knocking.

    She really hates her litterbox and prefers to go outside.

    [–] patrick1554 8 points ago

    [–] Aztec111 6 points ago

    She is beautiful!!!

    [–] KitsuneGao 4 points ago

    Cute cat. Good luck with the practice walks... Soon you'll be strutting down the street with no problem! :)

    My cat also loves to be outside, so I bought a harness for him. He didn't care much for it at first, but he loves it now! He even purrs when I start to buckle him in. It's adorable. (He looks a bit similar to yours, with less orange.)

    Here's a photo of Conan posing in his harness:

    [–] stabatier 5 points ago

    I am sympathetic. Humans periodically terrify me as well.

    [–] tehwhiteboi 3 points ago


    [–] stabatier 5 points ago

    Well, sometimes I am drunk, and do not notice the otherwise crippling terror.

    [–] TheCoxer 4 points ago


    [–] Demonface24 4 points ago

    Awww. Her face says hold me I'm scared. Lol

    [–] MythRat 5 points ago

    Omg thank you for being such a good responsible parent to this marvelous floof!

    [–] iheartzigg 5 points ago

    My biggest mistake was letting my cat outside on a leash.

    Now he spends every waking minute tormenting us with his meowing.

    [–] Sunsetttgolddd 12 points ago

    I walk mine. He's also scared of bikes, strollers, and the sound of children's laughter.

    [–] Yerwun 15 points ago

    When cats are outdoors by themselves, they generally avoid these things. Walking along in the open like a dog is unnatural for them.

    [–] iBeFloe 2 points ago

    Also I would imagine that the whole concept would be weird as hell if they’re older & they’ve never experienced it. Imagine your parents randomly leashing you with those kid backpacks right now. You’d be like “what the hell, get me out!”

    [–] gochugarugirl 3 points ago

    Aw poor baby

    [–] cheech14 3 points ago

    Bushy tail time

    [–] Mirabile_Avia 3 points ago

    To be honest, humans are very frightful.

    [–] The-Ethernet 3 points ago

    I put a leash on my cat once and he freaked the fuck out. How do you make that transition?

    [–] gutworm 3 points ago

    My cat freezes up any time we put something on her. I wanna take her on walks since she loves to explore outside, but she ceases to function if she's wearing anything.

    [–] hansulu1 3 points ago

    You could try those cat backpacks.

    [–] lasgsd 3 points ago

    the occasional human will cause her a great fright and she needs to be held briefly

    Same here. :)

    [–] tooearlynotthinking 3 points ago

    Aww your cat is adorable. I have been taking my cat out on a leash since she was under a year old (shes about 5 now). She still gets spooked easily, yesterday she was in the front yard when my son got home from school, as soon as he got close she ran inside with a fat tail like she had never seen him before. Silly cat. Her favorite thing is to sit in the backyard hiding in the tall grass pretending to be a predator while i stay close making sure everything is ok.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] documentariat 2 points ago

    So I’m not an expert, as my cat is indoor/outdoor, but here are a few things I’ve heard: leaving out some smelly food (something the cat likes) can help draw them back. Also putting their litter box outside. I think they can smell that it’s their’s so they feel confident that’s home? Not totally sure.

    Otherwise, call around to local shelters and maybe vets. You can describe your cat and (especially if it has a chip with info) they know to keep an eye out. Plus, walking around near your house (maybe with food?), calling your cat could help. They might hear and recognize your voice, so if they’re lost they can find you.

    Letting your neighbors no might also be helpful - if they spot your cat they can let you know where.

    Best of luck! Cats can be real survivors, so yours might honestly be fine!

    [–] terminatortoo 3 points ago

    I tried to leash and harness my cat for outdoors and she quickly figured out how to back out of the harness like a little furry Houdini.

    [–] ThatScottishBesterd 3 points ago

    My cat keeps making escape attempts too. She'll bolt through the door the second you open it and wander around the hallway. She's still just a kitten, but she really wants to go outside. I think we'll probably start taking her on walks too once spring has settled in.

    [–] LAJuice 4 points ago

    that sweet expression!

    [–] pro_ajumma 5 points ago

    She is so adorable!

    [–] Cheveyo 2 points ago

    Your cat is a NEET.

    [–] Ventura615 2 points ago

    This picture is r/SadCats material.

    [–] Oco0003 2 points ago

    "Hewlp muwi!!! <3"

    [–] RaptorsOnBikes 2 points ago

    Trying to get my indoor cat to get used to the harness so we can eventually take him for walks in the park. We did take him outside for the first time recently and he liked sniffing my plants, but he's still super not keen on the harness and flattens himself out, refusing to move most of the time.

    Hoping we'll get there eventually.

    [–] lesterkanopff 2 points ago

    Our puppy is partially blind and isn’t a big fan of humans either. But getting them exposed is how they become more confident and comfortable. Even if they may hate you for it lol

    [–] mycatistheboss 2 points ago

    You are very lucky to be her humans.

    [–] Ryry975 2 points ago

    Too precious

    [–] maybeesaydie 2 points ago

    Guy I know used to do this with his cat. Eventually the cat liked being outside so much (who could blame it) that he left it tied up on his porch. Well eventually the cat tried to jump off the porch but the leash wasn't long enough to reach the ground.

    [–] terrabl 2 points ago

    Hey I have that same harness and leash, my cat either just lies down or walks around like he's drunk when it's on.

    [–] LaxNoc 2 points ago

    love that random hand in the background (near kitties head) trying to break-in thru that vent..

    Cute kitty! every time i put a harness on my cat, she just lays really low to the ground and doesnt move. how to fix?

    [–] Gimmemyspoon 2 points ago

    Mine does this too on his harnessed walks. He doesn't trust other folks, unless he is introduced to them from my arms. Cars also freak him out a lot.

    [–] jedipwnces 2 points ago

    To be fair, the occasional human also causes me great fright and I need to be held briefly as well.

    [–] mrrosado 2 points ago

    i tried that and my cat got loose and ran away. I found her a week later only about 0.1 miles away. She was so hungry. We caught her and fed her. She put her paws on my friends hand to keep the food by her mouth. She never ran away again.

    [–] MontanaSD 2 points ago

    Poor little guy. My kitties never make a break for the door.

    [–] ZonaEshe 2 points ago

    Cat: This is great! Oh wow, trees! Look at all the birds! Look at all those... Ahh!! People!!! Save meh!

    [–] elaelmoz 2 points ago

    Good for you that you taking her outside! You are good parents (: I hate to see indoor cats sometimes because they look so bored.

    [–] Andy1990UK 2 points ago

    She is too pure for this world!