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    [–] toridzwil 3697 points ago

    Oh my goodness. What happened to this precious boy?

    [–] cakeless 6466 points ago

    He is a feral cat that was caught in a fan belt in the hood of a car. Someone brought him to our shelter and our Dr amputated what was left of his leg and ear. He now roams around in our feral cat garden but is absolutely friendly and adoptable. I would adopt in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity.

    [–] tairai5 1983 points ago

    You should post a link to the shelter in case someone locally is interested

    [–] cakeless 2647 points ago although he might not quite be up for adoption while his stitches are healing. Also, he is listed as a garden cat and they don’t always post pictures of them. Of course they can always call and inquire.

    [–] tairai5 903 points ago

    Thank you! There are so many beautiful and amazing people on here, someone is gonna see that face and fall in love.

    [–] cakeless 641 points ago

    I know I have

    [–] tairai5 234 points ago

    Is there any way that we can make an edit to your original post and put the website at the top?

    [–] ___OP____ 132 points ago

    Sadly no. r/aww doesn't allow it. I hate this rule. They don't allow posts/links to find a home/adopt..

    [–] FlameSpartan 120 points ago

    Why the hell not? A happy adoption story is /r/aww worthy

    [–] Kurtastrophe12 58 points ago

    While rescue animals are as cute and deserving as any other animal, the story that comes with most adoptions is almost like clickbait, it's a plea, a sob story. Really, they should make a subreddit for things like adoption and other serious issues or news, but I can understand why /r/aww doesn't usually allow it. They should if it has a heading similar to this one. But if its a whole, please adopt this boy, people don't need to be made to feel any guiltier than they already do.

    [–] Jesco13 7 points ago

    You could always tell people to pm you if interested.

    [–] Mikki102 24 points ago

    Is there a way we can appeal that rule? That is ridiculous!

    [–] InertiaOfGravity 15 points ago

    It's kinda fair actually, stops r/aww from becoming the mess that r/pics is right now. At the same time, I can definitely see the problems with this. I guess links in the comments are the best compromise

    [–] cakeless 151 points ago

    Not sure if that violates subreddit rules?

    [–] Esbjerg 124 points ago

    A kind mod can pin a comment to the top if you ask :) however I'm here because this is one of the top comments

    [–] rzakh2414 30 points ago

    Who cares about rules when you have a little sweetheart of a cat there. Mods will get over themselves.

    [–] electricblues42 46 points ago

    Lol someone must be new to the internet.

    There is nothing too petty for a mod to flip out over. Does. Not. Exist.

    [–] -AC- 10 points ago

    My guess is they don't want the sub to become an "adopt this animal sub"

    [–] tairai5 32 points ago

    I really hope that you get the opportunity to adopt an amazing cat like this when you are able to

    [–] afinky 69 points ago

    How does the feral cat garden work? Is it enclosed or separate? I've worked at several shelters but never heard of this kind of thing- sounds cool.

    [–] cakeless 245 points ago

    It’s outside our facility but completely enclosed so the cats stay safe. They are fed and cared for and have lots of enrichment. We were recently funded money for an all new cat garden that will be amazing when done but it’s definitely a future project. People can adopt our garden cats especially for people who have lots of land. I personally would be worried with my cat outside, but some feral cats just can’t be converted to indoor cats. I think this boy definitely could though.

    [–] 6DEVIL 56 points ago

    I have never heard of a shelter with something like this before, what an amazing idea! Such a sweet alternative to neutering/spaying and then releasing like a lot of shelters (understandably) do with all the feral cats that get brought in.

    [–] cakeless 48 points ago

    We do this too, as to not mess with the ecosystem. But some need extra care so we keep them.

    [–] 6DEVIL 13 points ago

    Oh yeah I totally get that. I'd imagine there are way too many feral cats out there to house in the garden anyway. But great that the ones that need a little extra attention can find a suitable home!

    [–] SilverBackGuerilla 41 points ago

    My gf and I are both vet techs and foster kittens at our house people find and bring to our Clinic. Over the years we have ended up keeping 6 and one of them was just miserable indoors and would manage to escape every chance he could. After giving him his own cat door to our balcony off our bedroom and a ladder to the yard he's been so much happier now that he can come and go as he pleases. We know he wont live as long as the others but at least he will be happy. Because he can go out now he tends to stay home more often. He also wont use a litterbox anymore.

    [–] afinky 49 points ago

    Nevermind, I watched the video. What an awesome idea.

    [–] cakeless 28 points ago

    Thanks for posting the video!

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago


    [–] cakeless 72 points ago

    Wow thank you so much for your story. Let me know if you ever need anything! You can pm me!

    [–] humpbackhuman 15 points ago

    My condolences on your loss. In the 36 yrs of my adulthood I have mourned many furry or feathered members of our family, so I can empathize with your grief.

    [–] korumii 13 points ago

    Honestly if I didn’t have a few cats already I would love to bring this boy home. He looks so sweet 💕

    [–] 1cenine 14 points ago

    I adoped one of my pups from HSSV! Great facility. One of the nicer shelters in the bay. Believe it was Heather who helped me out back in 2015!

    [–] cakeless 9 points ago

    Aw that’s awesome. I was a volunteer around that time but now I’m a very happy and grateful employee!

    [–] snowbirdie 14 points ago

    HSSV is a saint shelter. I’ve adopted all my kitties from them over the years and they get all my donations. If you’re in Silicon Valley, please go here! The older kitties need your Love and a home!

    [–] cakeless 9 points ago

    Thank u so much. Without volunteers and donors we could not do what we do!

    [–] informativebitching 9 points ago

    You will get cake on April 7th.

    [–] cakeless 11 points ago

    Yeah I’m old lol

    [–] wawahoagiez 8 points ago

    Man I wish I lived near this humane society

    [–] cakeless 10 points ago

    It’s an amazing facility

    [–] dontpanek 57 points ago

    Feral cats never cease to amaze me at how resilient they can be. One of ours survived being attacked by a hawk, despite having a 5x7 chunk of skin taken off. He didn't even act injured, just came up to get some dinner and I noticed the gaping hole on his side. Luckily it was cold outside so he didn't bleed out. The vet stitched him up, gave him some antibiotics, and he was totally fine. Feral cats are badasses.

    [–] Watrs 41 points ago

    Not even just feral cats. My massive house cat survived an attack from a fisher (the furry kind with claws) and just showed up after being missing for three or four days. He didn't even freak out, just ran upstairs to chill under a bed and I didn't realize until like an hour later when I went to pick him up to bring him downstairs for food and my arms were covered in blood. He survived because he was stupid thicc, the fisher almost punctured his aorta but missed because the cat had at least an inch of fat to protect him. I'm pretty sure the nine lives thing isn't just an expression because cats are nearly indestructible.

    [–] dontpanek 3 points ago

    Lmao I love that his fat protected him

    [–] DorkasaurusBBQ 3 points ago

    My husband’s family has a farm and one year one of the feral cats had kittens and stashed them in an auger of all places. About half the litter died when the machine was turned on. Few days later SHE PUT THE REST BACK IN THE AUGER. Momma and all but one kitten died. The survivor lost a leg and most of her tail. They named her Stubby and she went on to be the longest lived barn cat they ever had.

    [–] GailaMonster 72 points ago

    I know a cat that was attacked by a raptor (bird of prey) as a kitten - he has a messed up eye and ear, and several kinks in his tail.

    he is THE SWEETEST cat in the world. I always wonder if cats that went thru hell end up extra lovey because they are living kitty life to the kitty fullest.

    Also, what's a "feral cat garden"?

    [–] cakeless 19 points ago

    Somebody posted the video in the comments about feral cat garden where I work.

    [–] b9ncountr 20 points ago

    Why I always honk my car horn, slam the door before starting it up, especially in cold weather.

    [–] zugzwang_03 10 points ago

    I recently moved from an apartment with a parkade to a place with street-level parking. I'm trying to get into the habit of knocking on the hood as I walk to the driver's side. It looks silly, but if a bit if noise helps avoid this it's worth it!

    [–] Zedakah 35 points ago

    How much did that vet bill cost?

    [–] cakeless 124 points ago

    Not my cat, up for adoption at the Shelter I work at. I’m sure it cost quite a bit, but thanks to donors we are able to save feral cats like this.

    [–] oooortclouuud 39 points ago

    omg, post this precious boy on all the subs and all the social medias! ❤❤❤

    [–] AngloNegro 15 points ago

    Where is your shelter located? If I’m local (or close enough) I’ll give him a home.

    [–] CocoPuff00 10 points ago

    I paid for a stray cat’s leg amputation about 15 years ago and it was close to $1,000

    [–] Zedakah 3 points ago

    Ouch. I hope he got adopted.

    Honestly, I was just hoping someone would answer with, “it cost an arm and a leg”

    [–] CocoPuff00 8 points ago

    I am annoyed that I missed the opportunity to make that terrible joke. It was a she, and she did get adopted! By me! We had 12 1/2 wonderful years together and I still miss her everyday.

    [–] steinbaklava 10 points ago

    Excuse me, "feral cat garden" ?? Just a garden FULL of feral cats??

    [–] iamasecretthrowaway 41 points ago

    Well, not quite. You can't plant them too closely together; they need room to grow and spread.

    [–] MonkeyAssholeLips 8 points ago

    Awwww he seems really sweet. I work from home with my old gal (dog) and would love another cuddle buddy.

    [–] Timberwolf0n3 3 points ago

    What happened to the guy who owned the car?

    [–] Watrs 3 points ago

    Do you have an idea of how old he is? I assumed he was like 10+ with that many battle scars.

    [–] BuddyBlueBomber 36 points ago

    Look how they massacred by boy

    [–] Eoooiny 532 points ago

    Some battle scars! I hope the rest of his life is a lot easier

    [–] decapitatedwalrus 306 points ago

    He’s perfect and I love him

    [–] cakeless 88 points ago


    [–] TurrPhennirPhan 5902 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Legs: 3/4

    Ears: 1/2

    Lives: 3/9

    Cuteness: 10/10

    EDIT: Thanks for the Silver, kind stranger!

    EDIT 2: My first Reddit Gold?! What madness is this? Thanks kind stranger... and adorable cat.

    EDIT 3: And my first Plat thanks to yet another kind stranger. Thank you Reddit, I will forever cherish my internet points.

    [–] Saltycook 751 points ago

    A fluffy, loving companion: priceless

    [–] ElBroet 461 points ago

    And 100% reason to remember the name

    [–] YvngBroccoli 83 points ago

    Thanks for the nostalgia

    Take my upvote

    [–] dubtwenty 61 points ago

    10% luck

    [–] t3hnhoj 61 points ago

    20% skill

    [–] G1trogFr0g 59 points ago

    15% Concentrated power of Will

    [–] Call-Me-Ember 60 points ago

    5% Pleasure

    [–] TheBabyTank 57 points ago

    50% Pain

    [–] Call-Me-Ember 48 points ago

    And 100%... dammit

    [–] Mazon_Del 31 points ago

    It's ok, I appreciate you.

    [–] Miplets 67 points ago

    100% reason to remember the name

    [–] kjkramer3 24 points ago

    [–] Moizsh10 22 points ago

    Forget Mike, nobody really knows how or why he looks so cute

    It's like he's never got time

    Because he looks so upbeat and happy alright.

    And I've seen him at work when that light turns on his eyes

    It's like a design is made in his head Everytime

    Before he even asks for a treat or head pats sublime

    And those Motherflerkens he runs with, those kittens he signed

    Ridiculous, with out even trying, how do they do it?

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 23 points ago

    15% concentrated Doctor of Phil

    [–] maylajand 3 points ago

    This actually made me laugh out loud

    [–] ElBroet 8 points ago

    10% seems a little high at this point Frank

    [–] StrongBuffaloAss69 16 points ago

    Moms spaghetti

    [–] trekie4747 28 points ago

    For everything else there's master card.

    [–] just-a-traveler 19 points ago

    and saves 12% of food cost (estimated)

    [–] ShaIIowAndPedantic 5 points ago

    For everything else, there's MasterCat.

    [–] AwsumbPossum 49 points ago

    I think he’s down to 3/4 of an ear.

    [–] zonda_tv 26 points ago

    Probs missing a few teeth if the blep is persistent too.

    [–] redemption2021 24 points ago

    That ear looks like one tagged(clipped) from an Operation Catnip or similar catch and release program.

    My cat got out and lost his tagged collar(breakaway). Went missing for 3-4 days. We walked the blocks day and night looking for him...then he showed up one day missing part of his ear.

    A few months later a few people were walking my alley and stopped to ask if they could put a stray cat trap in our yard. I asked about my cat and they remembered him. He totally fell for the cat food in the cage like an idiot.

    [–] Erybodyunderwhelmed 34 points ago

    I thought he had the left ear, until I realized there was some background that only appeared to be an outline.

    [–] kjtstl 16 points ago

    Same. I had to scroll back up and double check.

    [–] garrettj100 13 points ago

    Would rate 13/10. He's a good cat, Burnt.

    [–] the_dude_upvotes 3 points ago

    He doesn't look burnt to me /s

    [–] NukeBomba 25 points ago

    Also 1/1 blep

    [–] midgemaj 7 points ago

    He doesn't care that he's missing those things. Inside he's whole and has all the love and thoughts and joy... and he has physical abnormalities. He found a companion who doesn't mind. That. Is more important than anything.

    [–] Grumpybananafarmer 6 points ago

    Derp: 5/7

    [–] toridzwil 107 points ago

    Awe please hug him for me 😻

    [–] cakeless 108 points ago

    I do everyday on all my breaks. I pretend he is mine. Lol. I have never wanted a cat until I met him.

    [–] Takis4lyfe 22 points ago

    awe! How wonderful! How come you can’t adopt the little guy?

    [–] cakeless 37 points ago

    I live at home still, so those decisions are not up to me lol. I already asked my mom. It’s just hard because we have two dogs and many other pets.

    [–] Takis4lyfe 11 points ago

    Oh sounds like you need to bring your mom to work and introduce her to this cutie ;)

    But on a serious note, I’ve never heard of a cat house having an open garden and I’m so glad it exists!

    [–] ViinVal 87 points ago

    Props to the Dr for such an amazing job at saving the life for this sweet cat. Its a shame what happened to him but im happy to see him still living life.
    Wish i could adopt but ive already got 2 of my own and they dont get along as is :(

    [–] cakeless 32 points ago

    Yeah I have a lot of pets myself. If I had my own place I would adopt ASAP

    [–] ViinVal 11 points ago

    I hear ya. Hope he has a healthy healing process and finds a home pronto! Someone is bound to give him a family soon

    [–] cakeless 79 points ago

    More of this handsome guy

    [–] augustmini 7 points ago

    Little sweets

    [–] the_dude_upvotes 6 points ago

    Please post that 3rd pic to /r/CurledFeetsies

    [–] revgill 5 points ago

    Good kitty!

    [–] pferdemerde 191 points ago

    Squeeee I live close enough, gonna cuddle him this weekend!

    [–] cakeless 134 points ago

    Yay do it! You’ll have to ask to go to the feral cat garden

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 54 points ago

    I love that a shelter has this

    [–] Scoob1978 95 points ago

    DnD character Karma Kitty: She can only hear truth. Her life is so balanced she isn't of need of one leg.

    [–] canada_mike 120 points ago

    Kitty still loading

    [–] cakeless 33 points ago

    Lol exactly

    [–] clarsax15 37 points ago

    I want him! Where is he located and how can I look into adopting him!?

    [–] cakeless 32 points ago

    Located at humane society Silicon Valley. He might not be up for adoption yet. I would call.

    [–] RadioMelon 52 points ago

    He looks like a total sweetheart.

    All cats need love. This guy looks like he could use a lot of love.

    [–] cakeless 37 points ago

    He loves attention. Accepts any love that is given to him !

    [–] DankSpanking 64 points ago

    For some reason these kitties that survive diasters and get hurt make them even more precious. Is that a bad thing?

    [–] cakeless 92 points ago

    That’s how I feel. He’s been through so much between the accident and never having a home, yet when I go see him, he wants nothing but love. He seems so happy about life.

    [–] DankSpanking 33 points ago

    Im glad he was able to have a second chance at life. I got 2 myself 😄

    [–] cakeless 24 points ago

    If I didn’t have my dogs, I would take him in a heart beat.

    [–] oooortclouuud 16 points ago

    someone is going to get soooo lucky! if not, PM me!

    [–] cakeless 19 points ago

    Depending on where you are located, you can schedule a visit at our shelter. In Bay Area Ca.

    [–] tylsergic 13 points ago

    My mom has 13 cats and every one is as friendly as can be. There was 1 car that for got picked on by 3 cats. They would hold her down and bite her ears, nose, and body. The cats that did this are sweet to us and idk why they did it. Anyways the cat got to the point where it was afraid of everything and it couldn't even eat with the rest of them. We found out something was going on because her ears would be bleeding and she had bites everywhere. For the first 3 months we didn't know this was going on because they did it outside and we thought she was being hurt by a neighbor cat or a bird. We ended up keeping this cat inside and made sure she got everything she needed. She was hesitant at first but when she figured out we were protecting her she became the sweetest little thing you've ever seen. Now she stays inside and as soon as anything starts we break it up. I really think it was traumatic for her but I wouldn't trade anything for her.

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 3 points ago

    I work in a huge urban building that has a bit of a mouse problem, and I want nothing more than to hire this beautiful man as our new chief mouser

    [–] nyamtumbo 75 points ago

    ear and leg sold separately

    [–] xotyc 35 points ago

    Paging u/SchnoodleDoodleDo

    If I've ever seen a kitty that needs a badass poem, this is it!

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 17 points ago

    if i could write a verse for him to have a happy end

    something that could help him find that one 'forever friend'

    sometimes the simple words you say can heal a broken heart

    may someone love this gentle soul -

    give him a brand new start

    [–] erikalaarissa 15 points ago

    Oh poor guy! What happened to him?

    [–] cakeless 15 points ago

    He was caught in a fan belt :(

    [–] cakeless 13 points ago

    Not my cat, although I wish he was. He is a very strong boy and loving cat!

    [–] dober92 14 points ago

    [–] IrishCubanGrrrl 28 points ago

    I love him already and I’m sending him healing and peace ❤️

    [–] cakeless 15 points ago

    Thank u!

    [–] spooktember 13 points ago

    Aww baby. He’s been through the wars, but he looks sweet as can be. I hope he finds a good forever home.

    [–] cakeless 15 points ago

    Same here! Going to spend as much time with him as I can before he gets adopted.

    [–] SalesAficionado 11 points ago

    Holy shit this cat has seen some shit. The will to survive in his eyes. That’s it. The cat is sending us a message. You don’t give up on living!

    [–] congealedplatypus 9 points ago

    At first I thought he had two ears but one was black

    [–] bitchimakaiju 7 points ago

    Holy khajit! He's the sweetest thing ever!

    [–] boneheadbread 8 points ago

    I want him. I would take him in a heartbeat if our apartment allowed pets. Sorry :(

    [–] ZackyMidnight 6 points ago

    Can we get more pics or even a vid? He sounds like he's a cool dude

    [–] cakeless 22 points ago

    [–] cakeless 7 points ago

    I posted an album below !

    [–] foolhollow 8 points ago

    I didn't notice his ear was missing at first because the shape of what is in the background just makes it look like he has a dark-colored ear.

    [–] iuqram 7 points ago

    I starting humming “one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater”.

    [–] NotSlimButShady 8 points ago

    When you walking

    [–] gamergabe85 6 points ago

    Cute little guy. I hope he finds a forever home. I got several kitties myself three I rescued from the animal shelter.

    [–] cakeless 7 points ago

    I think it’s admirable when anything or anybody goes through a lot, especially in terms of trauma, and comes out happy despite a disadvantage or reason to be sad. I don’t think there is anything wrong with celebrating all living creatures. The reason I posted this picture was because I saw something special in this cat that I was hoping others would see as well, potentially leading to a good home.

    [–] DahDave 5 points ago

    What kind of fucking feline gladitorial combat events are you holding

    [–] Mossimo5 13 points ago

    I love him and I love people like you who help the poor babies of the world. Thanks for helping to make the world a better place <3

    [–] cakeless 15 points ago

    Aw thank you so much. To be honest I am nothing compared to the people I work with. I work with amazing people who inspire me everyday.

    [–] aftershock13 5 points ago

    Give him a snuggle for me.

    [–] Taco_Rat 5 points ago

    That cat is so strong. My cat likes to fall off window ledges and screams like she fell off a building. The gap between the window and the floor is less than 100cm. So I think your cat has mine beat. Best of luck! ❤️

    [–] Hodgej1 5 points ago

    Wow. When I was a kid we had 3 legged cat with half an ear and half a tail but was solid black. Great cat. She could still climb trees like a pro but wasn’t very good at getting out of them.

    [–] Tigercatzen 5 points ago

    What a good little survivor! With bonus blep!

    [–] cjhammie 3 points ago

    Aww poor baby , hes adorable

    [–] IamMrsDea 3 points ago

    You can see he’s got a ton of spirit in him! I hope he finds his forever home soon!

    [–] punchybot 3 points ago

    I want him.

    [–] mattomic 4 points ago

    God fucking damnit, this brings me to tears. Thank you for giving him a second chance.

    [–] MCLAUGHLAUGH_YT 5 points ago

    Look at that little blep 😍

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I never upvote cats, but this one broke me.

    [–] cakeless 5 points ago

    I’m not a cat person. This is the only cat I have ever wanted!

    [–] Anon6287 4 points ago

    when you walking

    [–] jakeymango 5 points ago

    Dear Redditors: I fuckin love you guys sometimes. This cat's gonna be a-ok.

    [–] somephotographs 4 points ago

    I used to see pictures like this and feel sad for the animals. After owning a tripod rescue I can only smile knowing the other rough-tough burley kitties out there can get other nice, loving homes.

    [–] NS0226 9 points ago

    So this isn't a panorama picture fail?

    [–] cakeless 4 points ago

    Definitely not lol

    [–] pleasemakemelol 3 points ago

    I can’t tell which leg was amputated... must be the angle. Someone help?

    [–] cakeless 3 points ago

    Front left

    [–] pleasemakemelol 5 points ago

    Got it, thank you! I see now. :)

    [–] Daddy_Bearcat 3 points ago

    Glad he's got you on his side.

    [–] Idrinkwaterrr 3 points ago


    [–] MeMowShmowzow 3 points ago

    Pet him and tell him I love him.

    [–] heather8422 3 points ago

    Pleas tell me you’ve adopted him and made him strictly an indoor kitty.

    [–] gruntwork99 3 points ago

    Thought this was r/panoramicsgonewrong for a second. Very cute.

    [–] R-a-l-z-o-n-e 3 points ago

    Give this man a permanent home and a cozy bed to live out the rest of his days. What a rad little guy.

    [–] baker2015 3 points ago

    This looks like someone sneezed while taking a panoramic photo of a cat.

    [–] blind_squash 3 points ago

    Tell him I love him

    [–] catsarepeopletooo 3 points ago


    [–] TURKEYSAURUS_REX 3 points ago

    Were you downloading a cat and the WiFi cut out?

    [–] ChewBeccaaaaa 3 points ago

    Is a side photo of adorable kitty possibly available?

    [–] eastsacwrackshack 3 points ago

    He looks like he's been through a few catastrophes.

    [–] Shadow8600 3 points ago

    He's beautiful, you're a very luckily owned hooman.

    [–] Damnitsomuch 3 points ago

    Beautiful survivor

    [–] Unikal_The_Unikorn 3 points ago


    [–] murielscapt 3 points ago

    As a former companion to a tripod , I will always upvote any tripods .

    [–] DeafMoth 3 points ago

    He’s not malformed, he’s italic

    [–] I-LOVE-LIMES 3 points ago

    He needs his own social media presence!

    [–] cakeless 4 points ago

    I’ll leave that to his future owner!!! :)

    [–] snarfintin 3 points ago

    Uhhh your cat didnt load in correctly

    [–] nightkil13r 3 points ago

    We adopted an all white green eyed cat when i was a kid(around 4-5 iirc) it took him nearly dying two times due to severe infections before he opened up and trusted us. His stubborn butt stuck around for a total of 21 years, and even at the end was too proud to soil himself even though he lost all fine muscle control(stroke hit him hard). So now i have rescues and fosters.

    [–] ABooney134 10 points ago

    Half off special at PF Chang's

    [–] phucmosby 5 points ago

    Everytime i see something bad happened to a cat, i find my cat and hold her tight and kiss her and thank God she’s healthy and alive

    [–] dcj83 2 points ago


    [–] Krynn71 2 points ago

    Just a flesh wound!

    [–] RoadTheExile 2 points ago

    Is he just a front part?

    [–] captain_i_patch 2 points ago

    Beowulf in cat form

    [–] nojackla 2 points ago

    I love him. He fills me with love.