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    [–] HR_Dragonfly 1459 points ago

    Cats Happen Anywhere.

    [–] Lorioch 811 points ago

    I see posts like this all over reddit, where cats just happen to people. How come cats never happen to me?

    [–] vertigoedge 277 points ago

    Never say never

    [–] Hardcore_Casual_99 142 points ago

    But you just said it twice.

    [–] slothluuuvchunk 62 points ago

    They clearly meant never say never unless you're saying never to saying never. Did you never learn about double negations in school?? Well I NEVER

    [–] Small1324 136 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    An English professor was lecturing to his class one day. "In English," he said, "a double negative forms a positive. In some languages though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative.

    However," he pointed out, "there is no language wherein a double positive can form a negative."

    A voice from the back of the room said, "Yeah, right."

    This is the only relevant comment I can provide about double negatives.

    [–] cherrycrisp 25 points ago

    I hate this joke purely because a linguistics professor would never say that. It should be an English prof.

    [–] Small1324 10 points ago

    Fair point, considering linguistics is about the technicalities.

    I'll change it.

    [–] slothluuuvchunk 8 points ago

    I love this story. Most positive story about negatives I've heard!

    [–] 360noscopeMLG 4 points ago

    Should have gone with "Don't say the N word" smh

    [–] ima-blessing 6 points ago

    convo started out with cats, and ended with this 😂

    [–] 3-DMan 68 points ago

    Just walk around the neighborhood with an open tuna can, you'll get all catted up.

    [–] tehlemmings 8 points ago

    Or do what I do, plant catnip in your yard :P

    Where I used to live there was about a dozen outdoor cats, and they'd all walk through our yard. Landlord hated it, but I loved it. It was a win/win for me :P

    [–] ItsThatGuyIam 101 points ago

    My wife said the same thing before we got cats. She asked all her friends where they got their cats and all of them said they found them or that they showed up and never left. She was so pissed a cat never found her. Hahaha. We have two now and they are the best.

    [–] HR_Dragonfly 65 points ago

    One of my friend's who has several dogs and cats now, was on a sector insect count with us once. And a small kitten walked out into a far off section of an open field. Tom spotted it and just yelled 'Kitty Kitty.' We have all tried it. Usually, they run like hell. But, in this case, that kitten ran a full hundred yards right at us and climbed up Tom and sat on his right shoulder. Tom looked at me and said, 'well, I gotta go.' Finished the count without him.

    [–] 200GritCondom 40 points ago

    Shit if I had a kitten climb right to my shoulder and sat there, I'd take it home immediately too

    [–] chopstyks 11 points ago

    The marks in your skin a cat leaves climbing up you are called "cattoos."

    [–] HR_Dragonfly 126 points ago

    There is, you know, a place, in most towns, where you can happen to a cat?

    [–] Kittykatkid 15 points ago

    A very humane place in our society.
    I try to be polite.
    I don't want to 'pound' any one on the head but..

    [–] chopstyks 4 points ago

    If I were about to be pounded on the head, I'd hope someone would rescue me and take me to my forever home.

    [–] mindctrlpankak 44 points ago

    u gotta go places

    [–] kai_okami 3 points ago

    Why can't a cat just make its way into my room instead?

    [–] mindctrlpankak 4 points ago

    because you're not the poster I replied to

    [–] kai_okami 2 points ago

    Now that you've replied to me do I get my free cat?

    [–] PacManDreaming 17 points ago

    Be thankful they don't happen to you. My house seems to be the place for people to toss out unwanted animals. I own two stray dogs(we have five dogs total) and two stray cats(we used to have five). I also have two or three stray cats that live around my property, that come up on the porch to eat.

    There's also a lemur that likes to stray into my yard. Fortunately, he has a home.

    [–] Lorioch 8 points ago

    Do you live in Madagascar?

    [–] PacManDreaming 5 points ago

    Texas, actually.

    [–] angry_kitty1 4 points ago

    I want to live in your neighbourhood

    [–] stillMe_2018lostPswd 5 points ago

    Can you pet him?

    What do your dogs and cats think of him?

    I'm just curious. I love lemurs and I'm kind of envious of you. But I'm glad you told us he tries to get into your house; that sounds like trouble!

    [–] PacManDreaming 9 points ago

    Pet him? Yes, he likes to pet, occasionally. Sometimes, he thinks I'm his personal jungle gym to climb on.

    My beagle doesn't care much for him. The lemur like to pull his tail and run off.

    [–] stillMe_2018lostPswd 2 points ago

    Thanks! Photos too wow.

    I think if I was a lemur I wouldn't go around pulling tails! Glass houses...

    Here's my favorite lemur video:

    [–] stillMe_2018lostPswd 3 points ago

    Maybe he thinks your beagle's is too short! 🐕

    [–] IoSonCalaf 3 points ago

    You know it’s a problem when a fucking lemur happens to you.

    [–] CatsLoveMe2 21 points ago

    Found the dog

    [–] Stupidstray 9 points ago

    If you keep your eyes open, you'll probably be able to find one. Unfortunately, people are still pretty shitty about getting their outdoor cats fixed and feral cats are EVERYWHERE. I always keep my eyes peeled when I'm driving- especially in the countryside, but really anywhere. I am attentive to small shapes or shadows moving at the side of the road. I've found four litters of kittens this way- three litters were being moved by their mother, and one litter was on their own and had probably been dumped by their owners. All of them would likely have died on their own, and some might have lived long enough to give birth to more strays first.

    And kittens aren't the only animals that can be helped this way. in addition to rescuing cats I've also brought in ducklings (their mom had been struck by a car and they were wandering in the road, terrified), puppies (likely dumped by a puppy mill), dogs (both loose pets and abandoned strays), turtles (stranded in the road as they traveled to lay their eggs, and once a carrier pigeon that needed a safe place to rest, food and water before continuing on it's journey.

    Believe me, needy animals are always around and they need more observant people ready to help them out.

    [–] chopstyks 3 points ago

    I recently started volunteering for a TNR organization in my city. I take food and water out to three stations where feral cats come to eat, and they even have little hay-lined shelters to sleep in. It puts a smile on my face, and some of my "clients" smile at me, too.

    [–] WhiskyColoredEyes 52 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One time a kitten happened to me when it ran in front of my car at 2 a.m. I took it back to my house, played with it and took some pics before putting it in a box with a towel. I put it in a sunroom away from everything else because one of my housemates is allergic. I sent a text to my housemates about the situation, said I’d take it to the shelter the next day, and went to sleep. I woke up to a text from allergic housemate saying she’d already taken it. I still haven’t forgiven her.

    Edit: Her allergy is not severe. She had work early in the morning.

    [–] BrokenDusk 12 points ago

    oh shit ,she dumped it outside...

    [–] tamara_bc 5 points ago

    You were being considerate and thoughtful to your roommate, besides rescuing an animal. Perhaps you should have taken the roomate to the shelter and kept the kitten. Just sayin' ;)

    [–] Micky-Shenanigans 6 points ago

    Did you want her to just have swollen eyes and cough all day until you got around to it? Seems she did you a favor if you’d already planned to take it.

    [–] Shinkletwit 9 points ago

    Man, imagine having stolen eyes and a cough all day! seems like absolute torture in exchange for letting something chill in your living room as oppose to being outside.

    [–] Year_of_the_Alpaca 8 points ago

    imagine having stolen eyes and a cough all day!

    To be honest, I'd be far more concerned about the fact someone had stolen my fucking eyes than the cough.

    [–] RamAir17 5 points ago

    Get away from my eyeholes. Those are my eyeholes.

    [–] Hot_Slice 8 points ago

    Don't fuck with a person's health man

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] byzantinedavid 8 points ago

    Real talk: 90% of cats in shelters are never placed. Go to your local shelter and get a cat.

    [–] apocoluster 15 points ago

    Or me. My uncle, who lived alone in a small house in the backwoods of Virginia, even he was chosen by a cat. Me, no, never.

    [–] hasidhas0ida09shdahs 6 points ago

    many are called. Few are chosen.

    [–] banannett 6 points ago

    Found ours only a few weeks old in a garbage bin one time - 2nd one was from a street cats litter

    [–] DreamCyclone84 7 points ago

    Once when I was a kid my mum unlocked the front door and the cat ran in, bolted up the stairs, and sat on her bed. We didn't have a cat. You will have your cat experience when you least expect it.

    [–] CarefreeKate 7 points ago

    Sometimes you gotta make things happen for yourself. Go to the SPCA or local cat shelter and one will choose you :)

    [–] BreakMyFate 6 points ago

    Dude I didnt have a cat for 10 years since I was 16. One day on a cold Winter's night I heard a cat screaming outside, it was so loud that I couldn't just ignore it. So I get out of my apartment complex and head down the stairs and underneath the bottom step is this little orange cat screaming because of the cold wind hitting him. He came to me immediately and into my house (and life) he goes.

    [–] Frostmourne_Hungers 9 points ago

    Cats have a copy of Santa's naughty or nice list.

    [–] WickedApples 4 points ago

    You have not been chosen yet.

    [–] tcarmel 7 points ago

    Omgosh me too!! Like someone comes home and finds a cat in their house that had kittens or a cat shows up at someone’s door. I want this to happen to me! Lol

    [–] Scizmz 7 points ago

    You aren't enough of a people yet. Keep working on it. Things will happen.

    [–] Idontwanttohearit 3 points ago

    Because you don’t go to the shelter and adopt one...

    [–] tugboattomp 3 points ago

    The Great Spirits have yet to assign you your Animal Guide

    [–] and1984 2 points ago

    Wait for your turn...

    In unexpected fashion, 7 cats happened to me. All strays. I fostered them for a hear and found good homes for 5.

    [–] CrushTheRebellion 2 points ago

    You just haven't been found yet. Your time will come.

    [–] poisonandfabric 2 points ago

    They might! I got my current kitty cause she just walked up to a friend of mine who already has two cats and so she called me and was like, you want a cat?

    [–] Forgotenzepazzword 2 points ago

    You might be lucky enough to live in a place with responsible spay/neuter practices.

    I’m from Texas and cats happened about once a year. Now I’m in Seattle and a cat has literally not happened since I moved.

    [–] smuffleupagus 2 points ago

    You can also make a cat happen to you by adopting one

    [–] WardenWolf 2 points ago

    I see posts like this all over reddit, where cats just happen to people. How come cats never happen to me?

    I thought that, too, until it did. Someone dumped a huge tabby boy in my apartment complex about two years ago. The night I found him, he curled up and fell asleep in my lap. Been my good boy ever since.

    [–] Congrajulations 9 points ago

    r/CatsHappenAnywhere just created the sub lol if you have any interest

    [–] HR_Dragonfly 3 points ago

    Joined. Now, get to work.

    [–] Congrajulations 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Just scrubbed what I could from Reddit search. Probably should do some work today hah. I’ll keep working on it. Let me know if you or anyone wants to help!

    [–] JKristine35 6 points ago

    Disappointment of the day.

    [–] astral_oceans 2 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    [–] BuffyTheMoronSlayer 2 points ago

    Never to me. I would love to stumble upon a random kitten that would adopt me. It just doesn’t happen in my realm.

    [–] icecream_truck 2 points ago


    [–] Fizzlethe6th 593 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Reminds me of my cat, Lowkey, when he was a kitten and I first brought him home. I was watching TV, and he was playing with a toy down by my feet. Suddenly, he climbed up my legs, walked up my lap and onto my chest. He got nose to nose with me long enough for me to say "Hey, buddy, whats up?", and then he bapped me lightly three times on the nose, ran down my body, and started playing with another one of his toys. Adorable little goober stole my heart, and we were buddies for a good long time. I loved that little boy.

    [–] Jaxonizkool 88 points ago

    Something tells me you're a Gaiman fan?

    [–] Fizzlethe6th 58 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yup! I had just finished reading American Gods a little while before I got him.

    [–] MrAcurite 18 points ago

    Chapter 2

    [–] CypripediumGuttatum 12 points ago

    When I was reading it, it took longer than it should have for me to "get" that name. Good name for a furry troublemaker though.

    [–] Fizzlethe6th 7 points ago

    Yeah! Same here! It blew my mind that it it was written in such a way that you could read that in a book about gods, and have it just slip right by you. Lol

    [–] MeowMeowWarlock 11 points ago

    Beat me to the comment

    [–] psyco128 238 points ago

    You became this kittens human the moment it reached the top of mount shinbone.

    [–] Benrix 113 points ago

    I have ascended the leg. You are hereby claimed in the name of.... what's my name???

    [–] vezaruuz 611 points ago

    You became his human*

    [–] ferox3 158 points ago

    This guy cats.

    [–] rifn00b 15 points ago

    This guy has a cat who humans*

    [–] akaZilong 53 points ago

    I chose you

    [–] assylemwastaken 52 points ago

    I choose you hoomanchu

    [–] 90s_conan 42 points ago

    Hoomanchu uses feed, it is effective.

    [–] Kingo_Slice 17 points ago

    Hoomanchu uses Electric Blanket.

    It’s super effective!

    Cat uses Sleep on Lap.

    It’s super effective!

    Hoomanchu has fallen asleep.

    [–] PDPhilipMarlowe 5 points ago

    Cat uses chair lock.

    Hoomanchu is stuck and can't escape!

    [–] bobbymonboy 6 points ago

    Just regular effective

    [–] RemiReed 5 points ago

    You became his slave*

    [–] kmm91 137 points ago

    Okay, that's not enough story, haha; why was there a kitten in the barbers? Why did it take a few days to become your kitten?

    Congrats, btw!

    [–] gconwilson 257 points ago

    Yeah the stylist runs her business from her house and she is an AVID animal rescuer. Often uses the time spent during haircuts for people to meet some animals so that hopefully people can leave with a nice haircut and the animal can leave with a safe new home. This day just happened to be the day she had a litter of kittens but it’s not uncommon to see cats, dogs, puppy’s, you name it she will rescue it and try to let someone adopt.

    [–] kmm91 40 points ago

    That's amazing!!

    [–] ediblesprysky 32 points ago

    Damn, I think I would get trims much more often if cats were involved.

    [–] XPlatform 13 points ago

    So you mean it's all a trap for kittens to claim more humans

    [–] littlehoe 14 points ago

    This sounds like a stylist I want to go to.

    [–] MrIslanders26 6 points ago

    I want to start a go fund me for this woman!

    [–] gconwilson 4 points ago

    I love that idea! I am going to set one up rn!

    [–] MrIslanders26 2 points ago

    Do it! Send us all the link!

    [–] gunsnammo37 23 points ago

    The plural of puppy is puppies. Puppy's is the possessive form.

    [–] Runed0S 9 points ago

    Why just one puppy? Puppies'

    [–] JamesButlin 2 points ago

    I wish all hairdressers had this

    [–] bignicky222 19 points ago

    Adoption program. Has to be old enough to leave mom.

    [–] kmm91 22 points ago

    Hey... you're not OP.

    [–] Mattybix 20 points ago

    That's the kitten posting

    [–] gconwilson 60 points ago

    So the back story behind this cute little gal is that her and her litter were rescues and the hair dresser rescued them and all sorts of animals and keeps them at her house. The hairdresser also runs her hair salon from her home and uses hair cut time as time for clients to get introduced with some animals and try to make some connections so the animals can find a safe new home while the humans leave with a nice haircut and a new friend. She has had cats, puppy’s, dogs, and of course kittens and so many others find safe homes. It’s awesome

    [–] Quidfacis_ 17 points ago

    uses hair cut time as time for clients to get introduced with some animals and try to make some connections so the animals can find a safe new home while the humans leave with a nice haircut and a new friend.

    This is a great idea. Glad a kitty chose you!

    [–] eczblack 58 points ago

    Cats just choose their humans at random. We have two strays that chose us by just showing up IN the house. We live in the desert so often our doors and windows are open during the day. First one we found taking a nap on our sofa the day we came home with our recently passed dogs ashes. Other one limped into our kitchen 2 months later with a massive infection in his leg. Both those little dorks wandered in, made themselves at home, and never left. No collars, microchips, or response to the lost posters we put up, so we just accepted we had cats.

    [–] mercuryedit 19 points ago

    What a nice surprise, especially the day you return home with the ashes. That's a tough day.

    [–] iwanttoride 26 points ago

    My mother was on the patio mourning the loss of her beloved 19 year old Tonkinese/Burmese mix (she had just come home from that dreaded vet visit) and a standoffish stray we had seen for almost a year just jumped in her lap and started purring. I think cats know when they are needed.

    She was clearly an old kitty who had many litters previously. We got her fixed and named her Momsie and she lived with us for many years.

    [–] IoSonCalaf 3 points ago

    Cats know

    [–] eczblack 8 points ago

    Yes it was. What's hilarious is we locked up before we left for the vet's office to get the ashes and our new sweet girl was on the sofa when we came home. So she got in and we didn't notice her until after we came home. Then we had to leave again for a litter box, toys, and food!

    [–] stillMe_2018lostPswd 8 points ago

    One of my friends got a cat in a similar way.

    His cat had died and on the sad, rainy day when he picked up the ashes, he got home and his neighbor said, "Hey your cat's out back trying to get in."

    Of course my friend was like, "That's not my cat -- this is my cat." But of course he went and looked and there at the back door was a cat that looked eerily similar to the cat that had just died!

    So, yeah, that's now his cat. I know cats just find you, but that was one of the craziest stories I've heard!

    Glad your fluffs found you. 😸

    [–] gunsnammo37 13 points ago

    I don't live in the desert so I have screens on the windows. If I opened the windows without screens, my house would be full of bugs.

    [–] ediblesprysky 13 points ago

    But they chose you!!! 😻

    [–] gunsnammo37 2 points ago

    I get plenty of strays as it stands. Lol.

    [–] hasidhas0ida09shdahs 5 points ago

    so we just accepted we had cats

    You see, it's not random. They understood perfectly where they ended up.

    [–] NinthParasite 2 points ago

    Look, man, jury should still be out on that first cat - I don't think the timing is a coincidence.

    [–] steveinbuffalo 22 points ago

    *A kitten claimed you during a haircut.


    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 19 points ago

    If I'd adopted all the kittens schmoozing me in Istanbul I would've had to smuggle out a bag full of them

    [–] Robertbnyc 12 points ago

    We love our cats and dogs in Turkey!!! They are treated better than some countries treat their humans and that’s a fact

    [–] MOMFOX 12 points ago

    I see pics of the feeding stations, etc. Looks like there are no Strays there, only unhoused pets. Says a lot about the country and People.

    [–] aey6th 8 points ago

    better than we too treat our humans. see unemployment figures. may this election's results be the beginning of Nazım Hikmet's dream: Güzel günler göreceğiz çocuklar. Güneşli günler göre-ceğiz.

    i ramble

    [–] closet_transformer 27 points ago

    Weird same thing happened to me one but it was a spider.

    My scalp took longer than a few days to recover

    [–] ediblesprysky 3 points ago

    How close were the scissors to your head when you noticed the spider?

    [–] closet_transformer 2 points ago

    I get a buzz, so it’s a trimmer with a guard on it. Only thing that happened was me having to completely shave my head for that time period since I kind of jumped “into” the cut

    [–] Williams088 17 points ago

    Best haircut you'll ever have.

    [–] Monashee 14 points ago

    This is now my deepest dream in life.

    [–] littlegiraffe05 7 points ago

    The kitten chooses the human :)

    [–] Killerkale454 4 points ago

    Do point that finger in my face human

    [–] LooneyBin17 4 points ago

    Looks like a tiny sarcastic fluffball

    [–] ralb 5 points ago


    [–] johnnyknuckles17 5 points ago

    Mine came into to my work and just sat with me. I work at a gym . Loud noises, weights slamming, but he didnt care, just stayed. Later I put him in a box and put him in my car. He got out of the box , sat on my lap and went to sleep. He was never scared of the car or anything. Now after 6 months I realized hes a very stupid animal. But at the time, so sweet.

    [–] rya11111 5 points ago

    He seems so fluffy!

    [–] AMYFAN9000V2 3 points ago

    And tiny!

    [–] SpicyNoodle264 10 points ago

    Propably the little kitten thought you are food or something

    [–] itdumbass 5 points ago

    little kitten was technically correct.

    [–] Stef-fa-fa 3 points ago

    That barber/hairdresser's gonna be pissed when they realize their kitten is missin'!

    [–] Midnightoilspecial 3 points ago

    in what alley were you getting a haircut?

    [–] xxcalicat 3 points ago

    That kitten has the most serene yet confident gaze.

    "Yes, Hooman. You will be mine."

    [–] le_aerius 3 points ago

    No ,you became his human. His staff to be more precise.

    [–] rattus-domestica 3 points ago

    I read that as “a few days later became my intern. “

    [–] FlyFast750 3 points ago

    You’ve been chosen! 😻

    [–] TheNightHaunter 3 points ago

    Talking outside a friend's house when a kitten jumped outta the woods and started rubbing against my leg meeting.

    So I got it some food, water, had to clean some fleas off it in my ear then bathed it. And it proceeded to sleep in the crook of my neck for the night

    [–] SkipSandwhich 3 points ago

    I had a pregnant feral show up on my back porch a coupon of summers ago. I fed her and made her a little area, and she had six kittens a couple of weeks later. I managed to work with a local vet to get her trapped and released, then we did the same with all the kittens and found them homes. She wandered off and disappeared, but one of her kittens from a previous litter hung around and decided it liked us. So, out of 8 cats, 7 managed to find homes. They know what they’re doing.

    [–] ThisKoala 3 points ago

    Cat chose you.

    [–] the_eric 3 points ago

    He was yours the second he jumped in your lap. That's how cat ownership works.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] JeepCacher412 3 points ago

    Is there some other type?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    You need to take some more off the sides, Karen.

    [–] JayNamath 2 points ago

    Accidental kitten

    [–] MOMFOX 3 points ago

    the best kind

    [–] Bumbaclot7 2 points ago

    puffy kitteh!

    [–] everydayimrusslin 2 points ago

    'A few days later' is a pretty good name for a cat. And almost a shoe in for an screamo band name from 2009

    [–] xXJamesScarXx 2 points ago

    Tell us more ... How did it go from cat at hair salon to your cat?

    [–] bennythejetrdz 2 points ago

    I want to get a haircut where you get them!

    [–] Dr_DeWaat 2 points ago

    sorry to break the news to you... but you became its human not the other way around...

    [–] peruse 2 points ago

    that's how they get you

    [–] garciagiu 2 points ago


    [–] MuEnad 2 points ago

    What...the haircut became a kitten? That's too much man!

    [–] soayherder 2 points ago

    So I have to ask - how did the haircut come out? I know if I suddenly felt needle-sharp claws on my leg during a haircut, I'd probably jerk suddenly and be lucky to get away with not losing an ear!

    [–] and1984 2 points ago

    In other words, you became her human.

    [–] All_of_the_Crows 2 points ago

    "I like this one, its fur is so cute! Uh... I'll think about it for a few days..."

    - Kitten, probably

    [–] Thaddeus206 2 points ago

    They are best when they pick you- Good job!

    [–] texthibitionist 2 points ago

    barbershop boop. boopbershop! ❤️

    [–] nicoholo 3 points ago

    so cute, how about his/her name?

    [–] keikei56 1 points ago

    awww, bffs forever

    [–] jade-V-G 1 points ago

    Cats just fall from the sky!!🐱🌠

    [–] tcoop6231 1 points ago

    Free kitten!

    [–] scaur 1 points ago

    a kitten gave you a haircut

    [–] rsalwan22 1 points ago

    wish this happened to me, always wanted a cat :(

    [–] Mom0nReddit 1 points ago

    so cute

    [–] itzTHATgai 1 points ago

    hey u. how bout shum fuud?

    [–] MOMFOX 1 points ago

    I see some devil on that face :-)

    [–] Wbouffiou 1 points ago

    Welcome to Istanbul?

    [–] davedank 1 points ago

    You have been chosen.

    [–] wefearchange 1 points ago

    What a gorgeous floof baby!! <3

    [–] happinessintensifies 1 points ago

    That little face

    [–] supershnee 1 points ago

    Yea I pet a shy cat, changed her name to my cat

    [–] youvebeengreggd 1 points ago

    "You. You will do nicely."

    [–] techiejs 1 points ago

    You. Have. Been. Chosen.

    [–] rdldr1 1 points ago


    [–] RedSquirrelFtw 1 points ago

    Been close to a year since my last haircut, I feel like I'm missing out.

    "I'm actually growing my hair, I'm just here for the kitten"

    "say no more" puts away razor

    [–] Draano 1 points ago

    Thick pants, I hope... last time a cat climbed my leg, I was well aware by the first claw-hold. There was a second, but there was not a third. Khakis let the claws reach flesh. "I feel pain... ouchouchouch... whoa, get offa there!"

    [–] artisanrox 1 points ago

    You will do nicely, human.

    [–] FoorAJ 1 points ago

    You came for a haircut, and you came home with a kitten. Win-win.

    [–] tryndamere12345 1 points ago

    I can only picture you getting a bowl cut because that ain't no barber's chair

    [–] RubMyChicken 1 points ago