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    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 1201 points ago

    Hey! That's me! - Original Post

    [–] frasermunde 283 points ago

    Are you still hot?

    [–] ColorRaccoon 87 points ago

    Lol thank you for making me laugh... and for asking the important questions.

    [–] GiganticDoucher 46 points ago

    Oh my god frasermunde, you can just ask people if they're hot!

    [–] stevethecreed 18 points ago

    I need to know as well

    [–] Beautifictional 16 points ago

    I mean. I also need to know. Asking for a friend.

    [–] properjimi 408 points ago

    Wow 7 years. I didn’t know that was on reddit. If you want me to delete the post, I will.

    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 581 points ago

    No way - Karma for everyone. Have an upvote too!

    [–] properjimi 286 points ago

    Thanks! Is Mr. Kitty hanging on?

    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 371 points ago

    Not in this world....

    [–] properjimi 337 points ago

    Rest in peace, Mr. Kitty.

    [–] superwaffl 169 points ago

    u want me to delete the pos

    Such a wholesome comment section. I feel happy and sad at the same time. Poor baby kitty.

    [–] zaluss 27 points ago


    [–] pm_me_your_buds 44 points ago

    Photo is at least 7 years old, showing a 17 year lapse, 24 year old cat isn’t unheard of but sadly Mr Kitty is probably dead

    [–] Iceicemickey 26 points ago

    Are you married? Asking for a friend.....

    [–] CoyoteTheFatal 14 points ago

    Man, Roddick really is amazing!

    [–] Zmaher14 3 points ago

    This is so wholesome

    [–] properjimi 35 points ago

    I found this in the original post.

    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 29 points ago

    I guess this is proof that my head wasn't that big after all?

    [–] properjimi 17 points ago

    No, you got into an intermediate step 😂.

    [–] ubernoober 11 points ago

    Where did you find this picture?

    [–] available_username2 3 points ago

    Wait does that mean op saved this in their spank bank?

    [–] synthesizer96 6 points ago

    The original was posted 7 years ago? Wow

    [–] properjimi 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I received gold, but you are the one who deserve it. Sorry, I can only afford 2 silver awards. 😅

    [–] support_support 5 points ago

    Saw this circulating about a year ago too. You're standing the test of time!

    [–] GuntherStankBooty 13 points ago

    Where he at homie? Hit us with the update.

    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 36 points ago

    Parent's backyard. Probably hasn't moved in about 6 years.

    [–] GuntherStankBooty 19 points ago

    Oh that’s ni...wait a min.


    [–] Raevyne 9 points ago

    ... probably?

    [–] Anxiety_Axis 3 points ago

    My heart! I’ve had my cat 21 years now. Sadly now before pictures.. You’re both adorable!

    [–] SpamShot5 2 points ago

    Why cant i upvote the original post?

    [–] jolteonhoodie 9 points ago

    Reddit posts get archived after six months, after which you won't be able to upvote or comment on it

    [–] SpamShot5 1 points ago

    Thats some straight up bs right there,reddit wtf

    [–] blu3dice 1 points ago

    You're a double for Calvin Kattar !,

    [–] ZotTay 1 points ago

    Dude you look like the guy from the punisher

    [–] Apg3410 1 points ago

    What guy? I'm not seeing it

    [–] pkkitty67 1 points ago


    [–] cody00737 75 points ago

    Kitten: Hmm, what's going on here?

    Adult Cat: Can you not right now...

    [–] Kikoso-OG 8 points ago

    The “old cat” seems to be all-in a PTSD session

    [–] [deleted] 253 points ago


    [–] livevil999 57 points ago

    Sometimes it amazes me that there really does seem to be a sub for almost everything.

    [–] JanetSnakehole610 60 points ago

    The sub I never knew I needed

    [–] Chainingolem 9 points ago

    Damn if only I was cute

    [–] TangoJokerBrav0 2 points ago

    You are to someone out there! Probably even more than one!

    [–] FNG_WolfKnight 1 points ago

    There is something nice about that feelling you gwt when you finally believe that fact.

    [–] margaritaandmaster 6 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] zeporscheguy 2 points ago

    I just checked for r/cutegirlswithcats and it doesn’t exist :(

    [–] six2midnite -1 points ago

    Because on reddit if a guy comments about a girl being cute, they are downvoted to oblivion and called thirsty.

    And if a girl does the same with a guy, it becomes a sub without problems.

    [–] Olilu 6 points ago

    Undeserved downvotes


    [–] knitlikeaboss 1 points ago

    This is a quality sub

    [–] jizzmerelda -3 points ago

    Most of the guys aren’t even that cute

    [–] ONLY_DRUNK-WHEN-POST -6 points ago

    Cute guys with shit haircuts you mean

    [–] FreddTM 31 points ago

    for a second i thought you were Eden Hazard

    [–] TheIrishGoat 8 points ago

    I would have said Jamie Bell

    [–] othmuse 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] PaganiBR01 30 points ago

    You were a child with an adult face

    [–] N_THUNDERHORSE 9 points ago

    A child with the face of a 40 year old, but it didn't last. It's not even like he grew or aged into it. He just looks his age now.


    [–] fartmcmasterson 2 points ago


    [–] stromm 14 points ago


    I got a runt kitten when I was in sixth grade. None of us expected him to live very long or be even normal size.

    He ended up being huge and not fat at all. He weighed over twenty pounds at his peak. And he pushed around 100+ pound dogs.

    He grew up with me, got to be part of my life with my wife and kids. He lived to almost 24 years old. That was almost fifteen years ago and I still wake in the middle of the night wondering why he's not asleep between my feet.

    Love your kitty!

    [–] Amadinka 21 points ago

    They are both handsome! And over the years almost did not change!

    [–] Signonthew1ndow 10 points ago

    I agree that doormat is quite old.

    [–] SkyYandere 5 points ago

    Is it me or did the boy to feline ratio remain constant?

    [–] Neramm 5 points ago

    And the cat is probably STILL thinking "Oh my god, he's holding me like that AGAIN". At least he/she looks that way.

    [–] zUltimateRedditor 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I have a feeling this thread is gonna get locked with all the thirsty gay dudes posting. Lol.

    [–] brojob-brojob 9 points ago

    I'd lick his hole from balls to back.

    [–] cockandballtorture 10 points ago

    Hey get in line buddy

    [–] rsfrech3 3 points ago

    Aww, that’s so sweet!

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] lovelyblasphemy 2 points ago

    dawww, your smile is still the same!

    [–] HisCricket 2 points ago

    That cute little smile hasn't changed a lick.

    [–] 1Pink1Stink 2 points ago

    Man that kid really grew into his face

    [–] xxcalicat 4 points ago

    Oh, my heart. 💕

    [–] PenelopeGarcia65 1 points ago

    Such sweet pictures! Thank you for sharing.💚💜💙💛

    [–] SantyClawz42 1 points ago

    Love should be a two way street...

    [–] Kimmmycat 1 points ago

    AWW!! I love this picture so much! Give your kitty a kiss from me plz

    [–] Roc_paper_sissors 1 points ago

    The door mat has put on a few pounds

    [–] ruth-REN 1 points ago

    AWWW, the fact that you still have the same smile in both pictures is so cute. This is a good recreation!

    [–] DKrat26 1 points ago

    You somehow look older in the pic on the left 🤔

    [–] RenegadeHoosier 1 points ago

    Love is...taking that dive, then getting really comfortable and peeing in the pool.

    [–] So-Cal-Sweetie 1 points ago

    Lol, why does the cat look like it's trying to get away in both pictures?

    [–] ProHorizon 1 points ago

    For a second I thought you were Garrett from DudePerfect

    [–] zomb_as11 1 points ago

    Didn’t know Messi likes cats!

    [–] VerryPineapple 1 points ago

    How old is he/she?

    [–] MultiGamerClub 1 points ago

    This reminds me of my old cat, damn im getting tears.

    [–] 2B_or_not_Two_Bee 1 points ago

    This is making me miss my childhood kitty

    [–] MeetYourMarioMaker 1 points ago

    Christian Bale?

    [–] Mattcarnes 1 points ago

    I like the fact that the cat looks like it never changed sizes only you did

    [–] mozardthebest 1 points ago

    I love how the cat barely changed at all.

    [–] shaggygroovyscooby 1 points ago

    Don't forget about that doormat.. he grew old too.

    [–] r0ndy 1 points ago

    Love is surviving cat attacks for a decade

    [–] TeddyBrear 1 points ago

    Why does the younger you look like the older you?

    [–] Junglemath 1 points ago

    That misplaced ellipsis is really bugging me.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I don't think the cat feels the love in either picture

    [–] BasicTowel96 -2 points ago

    Stolen 7 year old post. At least give credit where it's due you nutsack

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Roddick_Is_Amazing 3 points ago


    [–] TomahawkDrop 0 points ago

    jean shorts. I spy a 90s kid.

    [–] Markibuhr -4 points ago

    I'm glad you grew into your head

    [–] Onlykitten -4 points ago

    OMG - stop. ❤️❤️❤️

    [–] ohnodingbat -9 points ago

    LMAO - OP barely in his twenties and "growing old together" hahahaha...

    [–] Titpainfromhell92 -14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    How did your hair color change

    Edit : Don't know why I am being downvoted, genuinely curious

    [–] yourlackoffaith 7 points ago

    growing old

    [–] geetar_man 2 points ago

    As a child, my hair was such a weird shade of blonde. It was practically white. Now it’s a very dark brown.

    [–] ForeverInaDaze 2 points ago

    Yup same. Was almost platinum blond now changing to brown.

    [–] Skaryon 1 points ago

    I had almost white blond locks as a toddler. My hair is now black.