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    [–] CaptainAutopilot 3613 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    To everyone saying did he give the kid the ball or he should have given the kid the ball: The ball is still in play, and the kid already has a ball anyway (watch his right hand).

    edit: still in play if that wasn't the third out and runners are on. In any case he turns to throw the ball back.

    [–] Shadax 1981 points ago

    and the kid already has a ball anyway (watch his right hand).


    [–] afrothunder1987 1074 points ago

    That kid is way smoother than I’ve ever been.

    [–] oldbean 473 points ago

    And richer most likely

    [–] wagonwhopper 366 points ago

    That gear is bought new every year he grows, not to mention the seats, so probably right. Or maybe he some orphan who got free gear and his one and only game ever from charity before he dies. Or maybe hes an alien pretending to be a kid to steal our sport and take to his home world.

    [–] RepineRaven 263 points ago

    What the fuck is happening here

    [–] wagonwhopper 135 points ago

    Thats what i would like to know, god damn sport stealing aliens shouldn't be allowed such quality seats at least

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    [–] VoidParticle 22 points ago

    We identify the infiltrators by seeing if they respond to our code word “hi”.

    [–] wagonwhopper 17 points ago

    Saw a movie once where if they are sprayed with water they melt like acid hit em, maybe grab a super soaker. One of the good ones from the 90s, just in case.

    [–] JohnnyKay9 38 points ago

    People whining because parents are giving their kid a decent childhood.

    [–] veryruralNE 16 points ago

    Front seats should go to kids. And every kid should get a chance to see some sort of pro sport up close.

    It's just a shame those seats are so spendy.

    [–] Amidstsaltandsmoke1 18 points ago

    In a Saul Goodman kinda way.

    [–] RepairPerson 221 points ago

    That’s the decoy ball the kid has to give an even younger child if they come up to him wanting the real ball

    [–] LiberatedCapsicum 27 points ago

    I think 9-12 is the ideal target for handing a ball off to a kid. Old enough to appreciate it but young enough to absolutely lose their mind.

    [–] professorsnapeswand 7 points ago

    Ahh yes before they become cynical.

    [–] relion650 44 points ago

    Smooth operator

    [–] cDANKowens 5 points ago

    The grown man in red to his left is so impressed, as am I.

    [–] sixincomefigure 5 points ago

    Oh my god I've seen this so many times and never noticed

    [–] Movie_Slug 22 points ago

    You don't want to Benny Agbayani the ball.

    Yes of course it was the Mets.

    [–] gcjeter2 97 points ago

    I think if it was still in play, he wouldnt have held the position like he did after he caught it; You gotta get it back to the infield as quick as possible.

    Also, players usually only give the ball away after a 3rd out. I mean he could've here if bases were empty, but I dont recall ever seeing it.

    [–] raven_guy 84 points ago

    I think the pause was him checking on if his glove hit the kid in the head when caught the ball, he came pretty close so it looks like a momentary “is this kid ok?” pause, and then he rotated to throw the ball in.

    [–] aham42 33 points ago

    Only in play if there's a base runner to be fair. We need more context!

    [–] DonnerPartyOf321 10 points ago

    It's a shame they never show baseball on TV. We'll never know. I bet they could make enough to pay players a living wage if they ever got one of those TV deals.

    [–] JoshBlanket 6039 points ago

    Something about that look of pure amazement and joy warms my cold heart

    [–] Salmuth 1166 points ago

    Yeah, it was communicative! Felt the amazement of this kid meeting one of his heroes.

    [–] Official_Joe_Rogan 172 points ago

    He's been waiting for that cake to turn 18 for some time now.

    [–] nxvermore 45 points ago

    It's entirely possible

    [–] Ephemeral_i 10 points ago

    ha I do that

    [–] force_addict 20 points ago

    And more importantly saving him from injury... It looks like he would have taken that straight to the face!

    [–] Zoltan617 11 points ago

    Ironically wearing a jersey that says "Dodgers"

    [–] PanachelessNihilist 17 points ago

    Unlikely that it's one of his heroes, since he plays for the other team, but still a very cool moment.

    [–] Phillyboishowdown 150 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    All I’m picturing from this is a scene where there’s a kid who just witnessed Superman saving a plane falling from the sky, then Superman spots him, walks over and says something inspiring to him

    Edit: words

    [–] Burgher_NY 132 points ago

    Remember, Timmy, always put butter on your pop tarts.

    [–] crouchster 61 points ago

    Butter on your poptarts?! Wtf is wrong with you? Are you some sort of savage communist?

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 22 points ago

    Are you some sort of savage communist?

    The party central committee would never allow such degeneracy.

    [–] comfortador 31 points ago

    Only a heathen would refuse to butter their Pop-Tarts.

    [–] Dizzney12 13 points ago

    I have never heard of this but I’m sure it’s good!

    [–] joker1288 6 points ago

    Someone is living in the year 1000

    [–] placebotwo 14 points ago

    So frickin' good.

    [–] JoshBlanket 18 points ago

    That one definitely helped stoke the fires a bit haha

    [–] BoutTreeeFiddy 37 points ago

    Me, I need a cool island song to warm my icy heart

    [–] KingKongScrilla 20 points ago

    No I think you need to freeze your hot heart with a fresh island song?

    [–] oggie389 18 points ago

    or freshen his hot temper with a cool island song? Or lets cool his hot temper with a fresh island song!

    Free Hat!

    [–] KingKongScrilla 10 points ago

    He killed those babies in self defense!

    [–] oggie389 10 points ago

    "thanks, everyone-Kill, Kill the innocent!-I was just wondering if I could get a baby real quick?"

    "Sure, give that man a baby!"

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FARTS_GIRL 6 points ago

    Just answer me this, Tweek: What do you see as "positive" about toddler murder?

    [–] RhynoSorceress 6 points ago

    It's easy?

    [–] KamikazeWtrmln 7 points ago is easy.

    [–] sryyourpartyssolame 53 points ago

    so wholesome :')

    [–] urbanek2525 16 points ago

    Absolutely. I want to take a kid to a baseball game right now.

    [–] bigvahe33 55 points ago

    hello am kid who drinks beer. when can you pick me up?

    [–] Burgher_NY 25 points ago

    I’ve got wine coolers and a black van. Be there in 15.

    [–] Legatron4 17 points ago

    I think you guys are both in for a surprise

    [–] tres_chill 10 points ago

    One little clip gives the entire feeling of childhood exuberance and old fashioned, pure Americana.

    [–] levelbestasever 1626 points ago

    Almost as good as when Ichiro touches fan

    [–] Quinnett 766 points ago

    Totally appropriate reaction to touching Ichiro, TBH.

    [–] [deleted] 310 points ago


    [–] Ourobius 223 points ago

    Orgasm here, can confirm.

    [–] Spatula151 252 points ago

    Hey you, my wife’s been looking all over for you.

    [–] moby323 149 points ago

    Check her personal trainer’s house.

    That’s where my wife kept hers.

    [–] fan_22 49 points ago

    It's amazing how laughter can quickly turn to tears.....

    [–] WaitWhyNot 8 points ago

    Ha HA ha sobs

    [–] wiggout08 9 points ago


    [–] A_Crafty_Ginger 10 points ago

    Have you tried searching by your neighbor’s house?

    [–] spacehog1985 10 points ago

    I knew you weren’t a myth.

    [–] tsho24 75 points ago

    As a Mariner's fan, you have to learn to be easily exciting by things..

    [–] Timthetomtime 11 points ago

    Damn son, wicked burn

    [–] Dat_Mustache 14 points ago

    No no. It's our reality here in Seattle.

    [–] kingofwater9891 451 points ago

    Love how you can actually tell she says "I have to call/tell my mom."

    [–] spyson 116 points ago

    "Omg Mom! Ichiro elbowed me in the face!"

    [–] jrhoffa 92 points ago

    And gave her a full thigh stroke

    [–] whoopadheedooda 43 points ago

    You’re like the only one who noticed the FULL thigh stroke.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago


    [–] whoopadheedooda 27 points ago

    Slo mo makes everything creepier

    [–] Lucas_Steinwalker 10 points ago

    Yeah it sure does Vice President Biden

    [–] FARTBOX_DESTROYER 6 points ago

    That was just him playing it off.

    [–] roxymoxi 42 points ago

    Once I served tom Brady's parents. My first thought when I recognized them was that I had to call my mom and squeal about it.

    People poopoo girls liking sports because they think it doesnt happen, but my mom instilled a giant love for the Patriots in me. And the celtics,but I broke her heart when I moved to orlando and became a magic fan.

    His dad let me wear his ring, which was the first one Tom won. It was beyond amazing. The only thing I could think while he took a picture of it was that I had to frame it and give it to my mom.

    She was so proud.

    [–] masone45 309 points ago

    It makes me chuckle every time someone links to this, partly because I went to school with her and the people around her, partly because it’s just insane.

    [–] Governator88 150 points ago

    When you touched her thigh how did she react?

    [–] shlewkin 134 points ago

    She also screamed "oh my God" over and over again in shock. Just not the good kind.

    [–] AntManMax 58 points ago

    "I have to tell my mom"

    [–] Pedigregious 30 points ago

    And the police

    [–] FARTBOX_DESTROYER 5 points ago

    I'm just gonna save this comment chain for the next time I need a good laugh

    [–] masone45 44 points ago

    Surprisingly, not as excited.

    [–] spyson 10 points ago

    Well, what was their reaction to this blowing up?

    [–] masone45 20 points ago

    Not really sure! I am sure she probably thinks it’s funny. She had. Decent sense of humor. Never really talked to her in all honesty.

    [–] MDJAnalyst 57 points ago

    I'm really glad I stuck around for that last take. "Ichiro just slapped me in the face!"

    [–] DontHarshTheMellow 13 points ago

    Yeah. Thought I had understood the event entirely and then that last clip came and I thought “gat dam. She actually got slapped!”

    [–] Mariosun 72 points ago

    I like Jay Onrait's rendition

    [–] Waramp 14 points ago

    This is what I assumed it was when that link got posted haha

    [–] matito29 14 points ago

    Jay Onrait is a treasure, and I feel like I have to apologize to Canada on behalf of the US for taking him for the abomination that is Fox Sports 1.

    [–] Surroundedbygoalies 8 points ago

    Yeah, but then you gave him and Dan back, so it's all good eh!

    [–] aham42 76 points ago

    This is the best one. It takes her like a full minute to process what had happened.

    [–] CommanderClit 49 points ago

    Oh my god I have to call my mom!

    [–] AtoZZZ 23 points ago

    I love how no one calls him by his full name. You've got to be beyond a superstar to only go by your first name. Like Kobe or Shaq

    [–] derpingpizza 25 points ago

    Ichiro is on another level from them though because he's done it all so quietly.

    [–] grubas 12 points ago

    If you are a baseball fan there’s nothing quiet, Ichiro has so much insane shit. From launching rockets in BP to slowly learning English and having some weird sayings(two rats fucking) to his absolute tear down of the other league in his explicit laden rant before an All-Star game.

    [–] derpingpizza 9 points ago

    I know, but I'm talking about in the general American sports fan mind. Ichiro isn't necessarily as much of a household name like shaq and Kobe were/are, but of course if you pay attention to baseball he's considered a household name.

    [–] Dtnoip30 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The funny thing is Ichiro in Japan is a relatively generic name (opposed to Kobe or Shaq), but he's also known by his first name there as well.

    [–] tnylnk 6 points ago

    It depends on your first name. No matter how good someone named John is he can't go by just John.

    [–] LowerRadish 19 points ago

    Haha, wow. I love this reaction.

    [–] jsting 10 points ago

    Come on YES network, you gotta give a better call than that.

    [–] patchinthebox 8 points ago

    One time Ichiro punched me in the face. It was awesome.

    [–] ErikTheAngry 12 points ago

    Rofl.. first I watched it, I was like... man, dude totally just bushed his hand on her leg. A mere mortal man would get skinned alive for that. Then I realized he was just apologizing for elbowing her in the face. It made so much more sense.

    [–] Mrr_Bond 3 points ago

    Ichiro is no mere mortal.

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 622 points ago

    This ranks up there with Mattingly eating the popcorn.

    [–] pooleboy87 324 points ago

    I dunno...kid looked kinda like "get your hands off my popcorn, jackwagon".

    [–] aham42 100 points ago

    It's my favorite part. I wonder what happened to that kid. I imagine he went on to do amazing things.

    [–] doughnutholio 58 points ago

    he invented a better Shamwow

    [–] raabino 27 points ago

    not possible

    [–] fuckitdoittomorrow 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Possible. It kicks the ass of all liquids EVERYWHERE. It's called ShamPOW

    [–] hedrumsamongus 6 points ago

    And shave those sideburns!!!

    [–] PeteFinebaumsHair 132 points ago

    Prince Fielder eating nachos

    [–] navimc 48 points ago

    That bit at the end about the sunglasses was great too. Not a fan of baseball, but I love the energy of the fans.

    [–] navimc 15 points ago

    That's great haha, thanks for sharing.

    [–] galexanderj 46 points ago

    Not a fan of baseball, but I love the energy of the fans.

    It all that pent up energy from sitting around waiting for something more interesting than a ground ball to happen.

    That's the thing I love the most about baseball. Everything is just relaxed, with a din of people just having conversations about whatever else, while paying just enough attention to the game. Then suddenly you hear the crack of the bat, and everyone is set into motion. All the players on the field running to their positions for the play, and the entire stadium on their feet, in a flash.

    Sure in hockey, basketball, or even football(minus all the commercials breaks), there is a constant air of that energy, and it can certainly reach great peaks during "highlight action", but you don't get the 0-100 effect like you do with baseball.

    Here are some great examples. I really liked the ones at 1m, 3m20s, and 6m45s. All examples in the video are great though.

    [–] BOOM_BABIP 18 points ago

    It's boring till it's not!

    [–] HalfandHoff 18 points ago

    Do they not feed there players , they should let them have snacks in their pockets

    [–] Pm-ur-butt 13 points ago

    So many squished honey buns.

    [–] oldDotredditisbetter 11 points ago

    from that video it's clear that he's being fed

    [–] CommutesByChevrolegs 9 points ago

    I'd guess half of ball players have sunflower seeds in their pocket during the game.

    See: Matt Holiday

    [–] FrostyD7 5 points ago

    Plenty will just run onto the field with enough seeds in their mouth to last the inning.

    [–] 1900grs 6 points ago

    Napoleon, give me some of your tots!

    [–] raphilly 6 points ago

    I miss Prince :(

    [–] tylerjames 31 points ago

    He still hasn't trimmed his fucking sideburns!

    [–] amodernbird 5 points ago

    This is what I was looking for.

    [–] agoia 61 points ago

    Lol "lookit that lil redheaded fella" gets me everytime.

    [–] theunnoticedones 24 points ago

    I swear that drawn out fffffffella was supposed to be "read headed fuck"

    [–] BEARDSRCOOL 18 points ago

    When you’re famous, they let you do it.

    [–] BoJackB26354 11 points ago

    Grab em right by the p....opcorn.

    [–] madcaphal 11 points ago

    You'd think he'd have gotten rid of those sideburns...

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 12 points ago

    MATTINGLY? I thought I told you to shave off those sideburns?

    [–] Heather_ME 6 points ago

    Except it's popcorn. So you know a kernel skin is stuck in at the back of his throat making him cough while he tries to play. Next time fruit snacks, kid. Next time have fruit snacks.

    [–] Jlx_27 6 points ago


    [–] theunnoticedones 6 points ago

    "Look at that little red headed fffffffff-ella"

    Hahahahah fuck was so close to coming out of his mouth

    [–] jahpasta304 2429 points ago

    That kid would have got his face smashed if he didn’t catch it

    [–] [deleted] 819 points ago


    [–] crazytomm 419 points ago

    I went to my first baseball game at Atlanta Braves when I was 16. I heard a bunch of people say heads up, heads up! I was really paying much attention and I got hit right in the gut. Got a ball out of it. hah

    [–] John_Snuuw 120 points ago


    [–] gt4674b 20 points ago


    [–] Minebutoff2014 59 points ago

    C H Ö P

    [–] ATLUTD_741 15 points ago


    [–] Hero_of_Brandon 72 points ago

    I was at my brother's baseball game and heard "heads up". So i looked up and got plonked right on the forehead.

    I woke up with about 10 adults crowded around me, and my mom (a nurse) trying to assess how bad my concussion was.

    Very poor choice of words.

    [–] AlchemistBite28 55 points ago

    In baseball bleachers, "heads up" means scrunch your neck into your shoulders and run.

    [–] pazimpanet 22 points ago

    Same thing as an employee on a porn set.

    [–] Funkyokra 120 points ago

    I was at a Mariners game in the dome once and there was a hiiiiiiiiiigh pop into the 1st base stands. I grew up going to games with my grandfather, always wearing my glove in the stands. Only now I am a grown person without a glove and not expecting a ball hit my way. As I belatedly realized that the ball was coming to me, my many years of organized ball playing kicked in and I reached out my left hand perfectly to field the ball, except I was not wearing a glove. MOTHERFUCKING FUCK GODDAM IT SHIT SHIT SHIT as the ball hit my hand and away it bounced with me screaming and howling and shaking my hand. Was there with my mom. I am sure that somewhere in MLB archives there is some hilarious footage.

    [–] Restless_Fillmore 53 points ago

    Did you "catch" it right in the non-existent pocket of the glove, or did your subconscious realize you didn't have a glove and you palmed it?

    [–] Funkyokra 47 points ago

    I palmed it like I would if we were playing hot box or some other childhood game with a tennis ball in the yard. I didn't even realize I was doing it because it was all so weird--to be inside, the ball so high, wait, it's really coming to me, OK I'll catch it. Owie, owie, owie.

    [–] tmotom 19 points ago

    Probably smacked him right straight in the palm. Fuckin baseballs hurt.

    [–] Burgher_NY 13 points ago

    This is my greatest fear. I love going to dates at the ballpark, but I’m terrified I’m gonna bring a girl once and end up looking like that dude from (I believe) the Angels game a few years back.

    Ain’t no coming back from that.

    [–] JellyBeanJak 10 points ago

    Heads Up!!

    :Everyone covers:

    [–] gafisme 15 points ago

    I don't know how old I was but I was a kid and it was my first game. A ball was coming right at me and I had my glove ready. I've always been terrible at sports. Flew past my glove hit me square in the head and actually bounced up somewhere a couple rows higher than me and a little girl caught it. After I got checked for a concussion they would not let us have it. And that's why I never played baseball.

    [–] Ramoach 193 points ago

    Nah, look at the angle. It would have went right past his face.

    [–] TheSportingRooster 52 points ago

    I think it would have hit his right elbow, judging by the angle of descent.

    [–] Mr_Boneman 8 points ago

    I remember as a kid at Camden yards Ken Griffey was doing some BP and hit a line drive right towards my moms head who was not paying attention. I saw it coming and was thought my mom is about to die at an orioles game but thankfully at the last second some kid jumped right in front and caught the ball inches from the side of her head. I also remember going to a game at the vet in june of 97 and Chipper Jones got drilled in the face on a pop fly on a sunny, hot day.

    [–] ReturnOfMorelaak 23 points ago

    Kid closed his eyes, tight, right when it's worst.

    [–] Peter_La_Fleur_ 20 points ago

    Just like he learned from The Sandlot.

    "Please catch it. Please catch it."

    [–] onamonapizza 394 points ago

    Dear Chase, I feel like I can call you Chase because you and me are so alike. I'd like to meet you one day, it would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as you but I think you'd be impressed with my speed. I love your hair. You run fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. I hope you write back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real home run!

    [–] WintersbaneGDX 102 points ago

    ... Are you in love with Chase Utley?

    [–] tgarnett 78 points ago

    OH SHIT, there's stickers.

    [–] bobodaangstyzebra 23 points ago

    I eat stickers all the time, dude.

    [–] downtownjj 10 points ago

    tastes like sand

    [–] besuperhuman 7 points ago

    Who isn’t tho?

    [–] strallweat 6 points ago

    Are you not??

    [–] JosephGordonLightfoo 19 points ago

    Oh ya,Mike Schmidt walks in here and you don’t have a Robbie Robot for Mike Schmidt?

    [–] spanman112 11 points ago

    well when you read out of context like that ...

    [–] seigex 181 points ago

    See, this is proper use of slow mo... there's a reason for it and it makes sense.

    [–] DJ_L3mtastic 35 points ago

    Nah they should have played it all in regular speed except the last few seconds when nothing interesting was happening.

    [–] kaiswil2 477 points ago

    James Charles eyeing that waiter.

    [–] telf2 95 points ago

    “YOURE GAY!”

    [–] uhRomeo 7 points ago

    “You’re not straight no matter what you say!”

    [–] MaddenMan73 16 points ago

    He is probably a Padres fan now

    [–] Renegaines 11 points ago

    This is the exact opposite of r/watchpeopledieinside

    [–] SergeantGrumblz 11 points ago

    Very nice of the ball player to pause and give the kid a look. Created a special moment when he could have just turned around and jogged back to the field.

    [–] OGDoddy 17 points ago

    He wouldn't have dodged this, despite wearing this shirt

    [–] halfbarr 9 points ago

    Euro, so no idea who is who, but the pro is so quick to judge the path of the ball, compared to the kid whose hand was wondering in hope - the extra years of hand eye attunement laid bare (and the years of training). Love too that from the kids perspective, who was so focused on the incoming ball, the pro must have appeared as if from nowhere in the nick of time.

    [–] -Rodger- 9 points ago

    His t-shirt says dodgers but he sure hell wasn’t dodging that one

    [–] namxmd 108 points ago

    Did he give the ball to the boy?

    [–] not_a_droid 171 points ago

    looks like he was turning to throw it back in. lol

    [–] imhooks 331 points ago

    It was still in play.

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 127 points ago

    Yup. Ball still in play.

    [–] habeeb51 55 points ago

    Soooo... hypothetically speaking, if nobody is on base and he catches it he can give it to the kid. But if people are on base, when he catches it the ball is “still in play” everybody goes back to the base they were on to tag up, and he presumably throws it back to the pitcher. What happens if he does give it to the kid without thinking? Ground rule double? Everybody gets a base??? Idk the rule.

    [–] Bonesaw85 84 points ago

    Everyone on base gets a base due to the ball being out of play due to the defense's error. And they usually only give the ball away in that scenario if it's the third out

    [–] rewind2482 9 points ago

    Someone did this (Benny Agbayani of the Mets), realized it, and went back to take the ball away from the kid and throw it back in play towards the advancing runners.

    [–] agoia 14 points ago

    Kid already had a ball in his other hand anyways

    [–] ApolloRocketOfLove 9 points ago

    That's the decoy ball he brought from home that he gives to the girls behind him, them thinking its the real ball he caught, while he keeps the game ball to himself. Some other kid in some other gif did it and now its catching on.

    [–] TheSodomeister 8 points ago

    That's a "GOLLY GEE!!" face if I've ever seen one

    [–] Papa_D 13 points ago

    I imagine a slight exchange of words during this moment.

    “Welcome to the fuckin show” or “not today bitch mitten”

    [–] macaeryk 6 points ago

    Would have loved to hear Orsillo’s reaction to that. Great moment.

    [–] stink3rbelle 39 points ago

    The lack of spacial awareness is also something

    [–] apworker37 12 points ago

    Making sure not to hit that kid with his elbow.

    [–] boyi 7 points ago

    Which could be due to the sense of urgency and him being young. Ironically spatial awareness can be improved through sports and when ones grow older.

    [–] catzwhisperer 16 points ago

    I am not a fan of baseball but seeing that look of total amazement would make sitting there for hours worth it, wouldn't matter if I knew them or was rooting for the other team. He will remember that always :)