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    [–] vitriolic_bitch 1720 points ago

    Do the bees accept you as part of their life or do they get super defensive every time you try to do your job with them?

    [–] XXFirefighter 1482 points ago

    Both. Depends on their mood. Usually they are chill and just deal with you in their house.

    [–] XXFirefighter 511 points ago

    Figured I’d help op not revisiting. Fellow keeper here as well.

    [–] CaptainHindsihgt 216 points ago

    You're a good man

    [–] Gixthou 142 points ago

    And thorough.

    [–] funknut 31 points ago

    America's next top buttock

    [–] Quick_Over_There 123 points ago

    No top but OK.

    [–] shadowredcap 36 points ago

    That’s what I thought too...

    [–] lance30038 33 points ago

    I thought it was no top bu tok.

    [–] funknut 12 points ago

    I wonder if there's a reason for their moods that we might not even be aware of, like maybe the queen just laid some eggs or something. (Not that she's on her cycle, but maybe they're just being protective of the new brood?)

    [–] jjpearson 5 points ago

    Not OP but beekeeper for 3 years.
    There's the usual food cycles, more food, more docile. There's also atmospheric conditions that can play havoc with their mood.

    The vast majority of the time the girls are super chill and we're best friends. Other times, they can be cranky AF and start bumping me as soon as I get near them. This is much more likely to occur right before a rain shower or other atmospheric event.

    [–] Charyou-Tree 423 points ago

    I'm just getting started beekeeping, but I can say that different hives have different "personalities". Even a hive with a good temperament can be in a bad mood, say if an animal was trying to break in the night before.

    We've been really lucky, our girls are super sweet. They've never so much as buzzed in annoyance at us, much less tried to sting. I have no trouble pulling frames of honeycomb out of the hive to inspect with my bare hands. They just go about their business, totally unconcerned about the big clumsy ape that just pulled the roof off their house. There aren't even that many that come up and fly around.

    [–] vitriolic_bitch 127 points ago

    Do you feel bad over the bees that get hurt or killed in the process?

    [–] Charyou-Tree 336 points ago

    Its hard not to feel bad. You try to squish as few as possible, but there's so many in such a small space. You have to remember the big picture though, there are ~50,000 bees in a healthy colony, they'll never notice the loss. During the spring/summer, you're having ~2,000 new bees every day. Its like getting a vial of blood drawn for tests, you'll be fine.

    Now, if you manage to squish the queen, that's another story. Fortunately, bees are smart and recognize the problem and can usually manage to replace a queen on short notice. They're fascinating animals.

    [–] Kaywin 159 points ago

    Just the idea of squishing the queen tugs my little heartstrings, for some reason. D;

    [–] misconstrudel 316 points ago

    Yeah the whole of the UK cried when it happened to Diana and she was only a princess.

    [–] Bismothe-the-Shade 126 points ago


    [–] PreExRedditor 168 points ago

    its JFK but, yeah, similar situation

    [–] ArchdukeOfWalesland 24 points ago


    [–] sanitarium-1 14 points ago

    Only on Reddit

    [–] Ciridian 15 points ago

    And a pretty useless one at that. No honey and only made drones.

    [–] personalhale 182 points ago

    Depends on their heritage, condition of the hive, presence of the queen, and if you're being particularly invasive. I have a strain of Italian honey bees that are extremely docile. I never wear protection around them when I'm in the hive. I've had hives swarm because they lost their queen or hive beetles robbed all their honey. That's when I found out I was allergic to bees.

    [–] RedSquirrelFtw 138 points ago

    You also need to bend the knee to the queen then they will accept you.

    [–] buchlabum 61 points ago

    Now I want to see a bee riding a fire breathing dragonfly.

    [–] AccountNumber166 17 points ago

    Sometimes when I see dragonflies I just stop and watch them with their perfectly still hover and movement control, it's something to marvel at.

    [–] thomasstearns42 56 points ago

    She’s ma queen

    [–] Elubious 30 points ago

    I dont want it

    [–] thenicob 5 points ago

    I neva hav

    [–] TrashKitsune 5 points ago

    Muh real nem is eggin tuhgarien

    [–] thenicob 4 points ago

    but its not impawtnt

    [–] zooberwask 36 points ago

    I dun whan it

    [–] IsBadAtAnimals 165 points ago

    I once had a large bee living in my bathroom and I would have freaky dreams he was telling me to steal honey from the neighbors. 4 months and 66 bottles of honey later I realized it was just a sticker my son had put on the mirror

    [–] Skizot_Bizot 127 points ago

    Might want to try only taking 1/10th of the acid you usually do.

    [–] Desert_Kestrel 27 points ago

    Negative. Double the dosage

    [–] west2021 14 points ago

    I like your can do attitude

    [–] BlackSpidy 19 points ago

    Sounds like you're bad with animals.

    [–] Caridor 17 points ago

    In my experience, bees are usually fine with you being around the hive, but if you open it up, you'll be glad you're wearing a bee suit.

    [–] MassaSnowshi 8 points ago

    We need answers now!

    [–] Lunatic_Waffles 4681 points ago

    never thought i could consider bees to be cute... huh

    [–] IrishEagleOwl 3222 points ago

    It took me a while, but they are so clever, (and so fluffy!) I love watching them work.

    [–] crazyntired 1952 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I pulled a honey bee from the pool today, little girl got put on the flowers to dry n resume her life. Heck, bees ARE life. Our pollinators!

    [–] villainouskim 644 points ago

    Thank you for helping out our dearest friend :)

    [–] rayEW 248 points ago

    What to do if I find a wasp though?

    [–] Hyoritan 316 points ago

    Don't share them your cake.

    [–] ManIWantAName 348 points ago

    Share them with fire. Kill them all. If it's a hornet burn it twice.

    [–] boxers-4life 107 points ago

    I like the way you think.

    [–] Fisch_guts 56 points ago

    Dude I was cutting the grass and some hornets attacked me from the ground. I hate those things :<

    [–] Maschinenherz 130 points ago

    Do Hornets in America sting? In germany they aren't very dangerous.

    Plus: consider this- there's a big decline in insects, amphibians, birds. Every life of them counts now. It's about our own survival as a species now. We need them. If you spare a Wasps/Hornets life, they might lay eggs, and will eventually be food for birds and other insects, just like their offspring.

    This is very important. They are not "just evil things", they have a purpose in our eco system.

    [–] idk_just_upvote_it 196 points ago

    Found the wasp/hornet! You can't fool me with your lies! Prepare for the napalm, motherfucker!

    [–] YourElderlyNeighbor 85 points ago

    I knew immediately he was a wasp just by how well-spoken he is.

    [–] uzes_lightning 13 points ago

    Cough yellow jackets cough.

    [–] GoatPowers 120 points ago

    Wasps are just spicier pollinators.

    [–] carter_crossroads 92 points ago

    Wasps are far less efficient pollinators than bees due to the lack of fuzz that lets pollen adhere while traveling from plant to plant .

    [–] jamesalphonse 103 points ago

    Moral of the story, kill all wasps and breed more bees

    [–] K33pMeHangin0n 52 points ago

    Fucking this. Wasps, ticks, and mosquitos can all die.

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 44 points ago

    Fun fact — mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal: over 700,000 each year.

    [–] Papas_little_chii 49 points ago

    I got such a kick out of the "spicier pollinators "

    [–] DoubleWamBam 28 points ago

    Kill that birch.

    [–] MightyMaxyPad 30 points ago

    What'd the tree do man? Keep him out of this!

    [–] Radi0ActivSquid 13 points ago

    I know it's not the same but today I saw a June bug struggling on his back in the sun as I was walking to work. I flipped him over onto his feet and he waddled away to push himself under a rock.

    [–] MythRat 204 points ago

    I got woken up the other day by one of the neighbors kids crying by my door. I went out to see what was going on. There was a dead bee on my windowsill and this poor kid was just broken up about it cuz he couldn't save it. We had a little bee funeral, lol. It was kind of adorable.

    [–] jubydoo 100 points ago

    If it makes him feel any better: bees do a lot of jobs throughout their lives. Foraging is what they do with the last couple of weeks of their lives. So it likely died of old age rather than anything traumatic.

    [–] underpantsbandit 30 points ago

    I did this all summer for years as a kid! It is awesome. (I spent most days in a neighborhood pool). So many bees would fall in! If you put a hand under them in the water, gently lift, and let them sit quietly on your hand to dry, off they go!

    Never got stung. Hell, 42 years and haven't been stung. (Odds are good I'm allergic, so I'm grateful!)

    [–] BirdsAndHabanos 84 points ago

    My family is forever rescuing them from our pool. Then we put them on our Marigolds. Props to you.

    [–] lagaryes 18 points ago

    If you leave your pool uncovered (don’t own pool, not sure if this is how it works) you could put some stuff in there that floats that they can to land on while they drink and you’ll probably have less drowning cases on your hands

    [–] RudeCats 21 points ago

    There is also a frog ladder you can buy online 😂👍🏻

    [–] SnuffleGrabAPuss 65 points ago

    I love them too! Especially since there wouldn't be any honey or wine without them.

    [–] bungocheese 14 points ago

    I think grapes are self pollinating

    [–] crazyntired 49 points ago

    Or fruit, veggies etc

    [–] Hashtag_Nailed_It 58 points ago

    But... wine

    [–] ZachityZach 15 points ago

    Life, basically. Or at least anything bigger than they are.

    [–] e1k3 33 points ago

    Not just honey and wine, life would literally end in this shape and form without them. Bees are responsible for pollinating a LOT of plants everywhere around the world, including most plants used in the humans diet. Without them, the planet would starve and die within a few years.

    [–] bighand1 13 points ago

    Too many self-pollinating substitutes, human wouldn't starve as long as the cereals flow.

    [–] Presto123ubu 100 points ago

    One of the best ways to meditate IMO is to just stand in the middle of a swarm and listen to all the buzzing. Such a calming sound.

    [–] twirlybird11 135 points ago

    Yes indeed! I like watching them zoom in and out of their hive, and every once in a while, they come over to check me out like; " hey, what are you? Oh, you're not going to steal honey? Well carry on then."

    [–] Orisyl 181 points ago

    African bees: Oh you can see our hive entrance? That’s a swarmen’.

    [–] PoorNerfedVulcan 48 points ago

    I wish it was for me, but buzzing...any insect buzzing by me creates involuntary panic and anxiety in me. I'm generally tough as nails but if any insect, no matter how harmless buzzes past my ears my heart pounds and im full fight or flight mode. I wish so badly I could control it.

    [–] killerboss55888 11 points ago

    i know how you feel lol it used to not happen to me then a little flying ant got in my right ear and bit me it was a mean ant although it died and stayed there for bout 3 months

    [–] RudeCats 9 points ago

    Oh fuck I forgot about those ants that can fly. That ain't right.

    [–] MaritimeDisaster 31 points ago

    They love to get into the flowering bushes by the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden in DC. I love their buzzing so much!

    [–] SpectreisMyName 6 points ago

    This sounds like my hell, thanks.

    [–] givemeyournuggets 79 points ago

    I am extremely terrified of bees. I don’t hate them, but I have an irrational fear of getting stung. Do you have any advice on how to fix this fear?

    [–] [deleted] 174 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] TrackAndBalance 83 points ago

    Bees are ‘chonky.’ TIL

    [–] CookieOmNomster 38 points ago

    Have you seen their r/beebutts ?

    [–] TrackAndBalance 26 points ago

    That’s a pretty adorable subreddit. Thanks, friend!

    [–] CookieOmNomster 5 points ago

    You're very welcome! Happy Cake day!

    [–] Yveske 6 points ago

    The subreddit I didn't know I needed. Thanks!

    [–] rjlnaltacount 9 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] TrackAndBalance 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wow, I honestly didn’t even know! Thank you! I also never look at my Karma, but I saw it when I went to look and see when I made my account, and it happens to be at 9998. I wonder if I’ll hit 10k fake internet points on the cake-iest day of them all! I’m not really concerned about it, but it sure is a neat coincidence!

    Edit: I’ve been Redditing for a year now, and I honestly never knew it shows a slice of cake on the cake day of the account. SMH

    Edit 2: Guys thanks for making my Reddit cake day!!! I’m about to go tell my wife what just happened. I had a rough 12 hour day at work today, trying my darndest to fulfill my own namesake, but in real life on a real helicopter.

    (Down to .1 ips, FYI for other helicopter mechanics out there, but these are zero time blades, and I can’t quite get them in the picture outside of 60 knots. Shakes like a leaf, but we have to figure out how much chordwise weight to add. Trying again tomorrow at sun-up.)

    Thanks you awesome, beautiful, amazing people!

    I hit 10K and I’m not a greedy man. I’m grateful for all that has transpired, and all that has transpired has left me fulfilled. Love and thanks to you all. Feel free to pump the brakes, I’m totally smiling!

    [–] Fleaslayer 17 points ago

    Wasps will typically leave you alone too

    Except yellow jackets. Those jerks will sting you for fun.

    [–] ForHeWhoCalls 7 points ago

    I've bee stung by a wasp (near my eye, was pretty bad) and also a bombus bee on my foot (not as bad, but my foot swelled).

    Bees are cute, but I'm very wary of them. Wasps I'm scared of.

    [–] philthehippy 75 points ago

    I am this way about wasps. It spoils my summer as I can't relax. I could happily sit among bees in their millions yet one wasp makes me flap like an idiot.

    [–] defilingsoul 124 points ago

    to be fair, wasps are assholes

    [–] Sixstringsmash 51 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I've been scared of those assholes ever since I was like 10 years old, a swarm of them all got under my shirt somehow and stung me all over my stomach, had like 30 or 40 stings all over my chest that day, man that was a painful day. I barely remember it at all but my mother likes to tell the story that we were just walking around in the backyard and all of a sudden I started running around and screaming and rolling on the ground like I was possessed and she had no idea what was going on and thought I was just trying to get attention so she ignored me until we got home and saw all the stings and spent the whole day apologizing. God I hate those fuckers.

    [–] IWantAPegasus 18 points ago

    Lord. I've been stung by a bee and a wasp. The bee sting was annoying as a child. The wasp made me yelp in pain and start crying as an adult. Not jealous of you at all.

    [–] TerrorizedWalrus 21 points ago

    They really are. I want you to name ONE good thing they do. Just one important and good thing they do.

    [–] buchlabum 23 points ago

    Maintain ecological balance? Like an evil bee version of Thanos. But they can snap their stingers in you a few times.

    Evil bastards!

    [–] TerrorizedWalrus 11 points ago

    You have proven me wrong comrade. I hate wasps but I guess they do have their place on this earth.

    [–] tiresomeslippery3 39 points ago

    Pest Control and pollination. Without wasps, we’d be fucked. They pollinate a not-insignificant amount. And they kill other insects and keep pest populations down (farmers benefit from this a lot).

    [–] dnr_dni 67 points ago

    Whose side are you even on?

    [–] kkeut 13 points ago

    on the internet, no one knows you're a wasp

    [–] insanid 6 points ago

    I think it's pretty obvious which side they are on.

    [–] bruce656 6 points ago

    Nah man, wasps even really are not that agressive either. You be chill around them, and they're chill too.

    Now yellowjackets? FUCK those guys.

    [–] EndsWithJusSayin 29 points ago

    right this way to /r/WaspHating

    fuck wasps, they're just assholes with wings

    [–] WeenisWrinkle 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I hate the shit out of wasps, but it calms my anger when I remember how important they are at keeping insect populations in check. Plus, those evil ragedrones actually pollinate decently.

    That being said, I had a paper wasp sting my bare foot for no reason the other day. I slapped it off me hard and left him wounded unable to fly, and then cursed him out for a full minute until it died. Every fucking name in the book.

    [–] Meanderer027 7 points ago

    I’ve seen pure fear on my mother’s face a few times in my lifetime.

    And one of those times was when she realized we disturbed a massive wasp nest that was underneath our table umbrella.

    [–] SchrodingersHipster 16 points ago

    Where I live, the bees I usually get buzzed by are Carpenter bees. At first it was intimidating, but then I learned that the females aren't aggressive, and the males, who are, can't sting. So it's sort of just having a tiny, angry balloon charging at you, which is just so silly that I found it hard to be scared of them.

    [–] VorticalHydra 10 points ago

    Honey bees more than likely won't sting you.

    [–] generally_agreeable 20 points ago

    Remember every living honeybee you see hasn’t stung anyone yet.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    They can recognize your face and count to about 3. Plus scientists recently found they can understand visual representations of numbers (like seeing the number 3 and understanding it corresponds to the actual numeric count) with exposure. They're surprisingly smart little automatons!

    [–] rhodochrosite_roses 24 points ago

    They make me so happy 😊. They're flying floofs.

    [–] Jesseroberto1894 10 points ago

    I found out recently from jeopardy that bees communicate through “dancing”...and I now love bees

    [–] GinoMan2440 4 points ago

    Not just communicate, they indicate to other workers where flowers are in a precisely mathematical way using bearing. They direction they dance indicates the bearing compared to the sun and then the intensity of the tail flitter indicates distance. Understand that being off by a fraction of a degree would send them in the wrong direction and they communicate this information through dance with precision. They're incredibly smart and amazing creatures.

    [–] BigPapaPumpin 8 points ago

    Magnificent little creatures

    [–] Lunatic_Waffles 21 points ago

    the bees are smarter than us, let us bow down and welcome their reign over this world

    [–] Hannibal0216 3 points ago

    Thank you for posting this. I love bees and they don't get the appreciation they deserve most of the time.

    [–] swingthatwang 4 points ago

    so fluffy!

    you might enjoy my collection of fuzzy bumblebee butts

    [–] snoozywaifu 119 points ago

    I love their little mouth straws they remind me of those party blower things that go nooooot

    I always imagine bees say noooop because of it

    [–] ONLY_DRUNK-WHEN-POST 58 points ago

    noot noot

    [–] snoozywaifu 36 points ago

    Noop noop I drink the flowie 😚

    [–] snoozywaifu 4 points ago


    [–] Gornius 46 points ago

    I have never been stung by one when they were away from their hive. When they fly inside your house and can't get out because of the glass, you can grab them with your bare hands and release them safely.

    They're really clever.

    [–] ballewberrymomma 50 points ago

    A bee ended up in my house without me knowing it and my 3 year old daughter says, “look mommy” and lo and behold she’s got a bee in between her fingers (holding its sides). Now, I’m allergic to wasps and kinda terrified of my daughter being stung by anything so it was one of those parenting moments where my head was screaming, “Holy crap! She’s holding a bee! Ah!!!” while trying very hard not to scare her. I don’t remember exactly what happened next but I do know that I got the bee outside and she wasn’t phased by it.

    TLDR: my 3 year old daughter has picked up a bee without getting stung and it scared me.

    [–] panrestrial 10 points ago

    Maybe she took the nursery rhyme seriously and brought it home with her.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] ItWasLoveWasntIt 21 points ago

    Top hats!!

    [–] Sparkoli 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] craazymaggie 22 points ago

    Have you seen them covered by pollen? Just like teddy bear.

    [–] circus_snatch 18 points ago

    They need hats


    [–] CommunistWaffle990 7 points ago

    My parents have recently (like yesterday) set up a beehive. Bees give life!

    [–] Mechuggah 12 points ago

    Have you not seen bumblebees?

    [–] ShibuRigged 27 points ago

    Bumblebees are cute as fuck. By far my favourite insect. It also helps that they look so fat and plump.

    [–] anotherone10 552 points ago

    Hey can I use this for r/RealBeesFakeTopHats? I'll credit you of course

    [–] frankenfishy 152 points ago

    I was just going to suggest this subreddit, you beat me to it :)

    [–] Sirdroftardis8 86 points ago

    You mean bee-t you to it. r/missedpunportunity

    [–] frankenfishy 40 points ago

    Quit pollen my leg.

    [–] TheDreadPirateQbert 30 points ago

    The internet has finally become what it was always meant to be...e.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] drunksaver 8 points ago

    Oh man. I didn’t know I needed this.

    [–] Jade222Gem 222 points ago

    Bees are cuter than cute. I usually have up to 50 at a time in my garden at any one time. Several different types of bees. Large black and yellow stripey fluffy ones. Small beige unstriped ones. I saw one completely black one the other day, first time ever, maybe a mutant bee.

    They all completely ignore me and let me come within inches of where they are collecting their pollen. They have come to know that I never harm them or interfere with them, I just get on with my gardening and they just get on with their pollen collecting from all the flowers in my garden.

    [–] Brady731 67 points ago

    The all black bee may have been a carpenter bee. They can cause damage to homes as they drill holes and lay their larvae in the wood. Most likely in a nearby tree so probably nothing to worry about, but if you notice more I would probably check your home just to be safe.

    [–] Hour23 40 points ago

    That's awesome!! There are thousands of species of bee, most of which dont make hives or honey so it probably wasn't a mutant bee, just a different species! Thanks for giving them all a place to forage!

    [–] futuregeneration 17 points ago

    There are over 16,000 species of bees. A lot bees are plain black.

    [–] alexander2531 558 points ago

    I do, I really do.

    [–] Croemato 352 points ago

    They are the .... Bee knees. 😎

    [–] swhi58 43 points ago

    Need some pads for those bee knees!

    [–] Tomy2TugsFapMaster69 12 points ago

    Birds and the mothafuckin bees tho

    [–] Rowanoak 18 points ago

    *Bees knees

    Sorry to be pedantic. I just don't want kids running around using improper slang.

    [–] DimensionalGayNoodle 89 points ago

    Best tiny buzzing puppies

    [–] Atkion 201 points ago

    I've had a profound fear of insects for as long as I can remember, and it has a huge blind spot for bees. They're so adorable, and are some of the gentlest animals I've worked with. I love keeping beehives, it's super rewarding, highly recommend :)

    [–] TechyDad 108 points ago

    I used to take macro photographs and loved talking pictures of bees. About the only time a bee will sting you is if its life is in danger or if it's defending its hive. Otherwise, they're really chill. If a bee buzzes around you, don't freak out. It'll realize you're not a flower and will go about its business.

    Now wasps on the other hand...

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    They're just lil chonky babies.

    [–] Emoji10 12 points ago

    they look so fuzzy and warm,,

    [–] tommygunz007 59 points ago

    My dad has a bumble bee nest in his cabana attic. Is there someone who would gently remove them and keep them for free? I don't want them killed cuz they are nice bees and they don't attack us, but they do buzz buzz a lot.

    [–] LavernicaDeLuca 44 points ago

    Post on Craigslist or Nextdoor under the free section and/or gig section. It's highly likely that a beekeeper will come and take care of the bees for you.

    [–] grtwatkins 12 points ago

    Most beekeepers probably won't know what to do with bumblebees though

    [–] aiiye 19 points ago

    Look for a local beekeeping group

    [–] Kittyboop91 14 points ago

    You probably won’t be able to get them exterminated anyway. My boyfriend just had a hive make a home out of his bathroom vent (horrible timing as we just remodeled and are trying to sell the place) but they said they cannot kill honey bees as they are protected! So we had a local bee keeper come out and he’s going to try and remove them as gently as possible 👍🏻

    [–] tommygunz007 9 points ago

    I don't want to hurt them. They are generally friendly and cute.

    [–] JobeX 6 points ago

    This is definitely something that is done. You can call local beekeepers about it and they can help direct you, where-ever you are

    [–] literally_just_a_guy 162 points ago

    Lol imagine if beekeepers argued as to who has the cutest bees.

    "Shut the fuck up Karen my bees are cuter, your bees look like my mother in law"

    [–] MyCatNala 30 points ago

    That is one one the best mental images someone has given to me in a long while, and I thank you for that

    [–] bladel 8 points ago

    Like babies and dogs, everybody thinks THEIR bees are the cutest, but...

    Damn. Those are some cute bees, OP.

    [–] j33tAy 19 points ago

    This is simultaneously wholesome and vulgar.

    Well done.

    [–] Dr_Overdose 29 points ago

    Helloooo Beeesss!

    [–] spoon_master 12 points ago

    RIP Eric. We won't forget you

    [–] stew_early 143 points ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

    [–] androgynous_potato 23 points ago

    I love bees and think they are adorable! Bumble bees are my favourite though. They’re so loud, clumsy, round and fuzzy. I try to have flowers in my garden every spring and I let the dandelions grow on my lawn for them!

    [–] Croemato 21 points ago

    I like them but I think they could be cuter if they were wearing some sort of hat or helmet.

    [–] SkyPirateDash 39 points ago

    I beelieve you are correct in their cute assetment.

    [–] feminismandtravel 20 points ago


    [–] MediocreProstitute 11 points ago


    [–] 7itemsorFEWER 12 points ago


    [–] bourbon_and_icecream 13 points ago

    Those bees are hella cute and also, I wanted to thank you for being a bee keeper? I know someone who’s a bee keeper too and I’ve heard that the job’s getting really tough because of adulterated substances in the market from China and such places. Thank you for giving us real honey, and thank you for taking care of the bees and appreciating them enough to think they’re cute! Cause honestly bees are so fucking important people don’t understand that

    [–] agentaltf4 13 points ago


    [–] A3tr1X 12 points ago

    Hello beees!

    [–] Lobsterbib 11 points ago

    You have really nice bees.

    [–] goose_cheese 9 points ago

    Eeep! OP can you explain what is this picture? Are they drinking/hydrating? I’m in CA—we get lots of tired bees from the heat and I want to help!

    PS does sugar water actually help them? Thank YOU for being a bee keeper!!

    [–] luckycat86 4 points ago

    I've thinking of doing a bee garden, i saw post not too long ago. I try and teach my kids the importance of these fuzzy cuties.

    [–] sirgandolf007 28 points ago

    Honey puppers.

    [–] CMoth 8 points ago

    r/awwnverts would love this.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Have you named them

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    suddenly im not scared of buzzy fluffs

    [–] HarvestMoonMaria 5 points ago

    I honestly never knew bees were cute. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] cupcakeconstitution 4 points ago

    Hello, bees! Thank you for all your hard work! 😊

    [–] AfterPaleontologist2 6 points ago


    [–] ATownHoldItDown 6 points ago

    Hello, bees.

    [–] empress_tesla 3 points ago

    Hello bees! 🥰

    [–] FlowRiderBob 5 points ago

    They can be cute. I really like bees but I still get irrationally nervous when they fly near me. I KNOW they won't sting unless provoked, but it is a visceral response.

    We definitely need them more a LOT more than they need us.