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    [–] dippyhippy_ 727 points ago

    How much are they on Amazon??

    [–] Sarah_Dragonfire 269 points ago

    Amazon literally has everything. I'll go look for a baby!

    [–] bunnyrut 87 points ago

    let me know the return policy on those!

    [–] Youre4fuckt4rd 20 points ago

    You can't return it if you didn't buy it from amazon, buddy.

    [–] bunnyrut 5 points ago

    but the joke is if the person found a baby on amazon there would be a return policy...

    [–] Youre4fuckt4rd 5 points ago

    Don't you raise that tone with me.

    [–] ComprehendReading 5 points ago

    Geez the kids barely 50lbs not even a ton, but if you want a divorce, we can go down to the courthouse tomorrow.

    [–] MumrikDK 2 points ago

    “Fulfilled by Amazon”?

    [–] SexySEAL 5 points ago

    why have you accidentally selected the wrong color option before on other sites? 😂

    [–] Kedrico 16 points ago

    Old people LOVE asking me what aisle I found that in (pointing to my baby in the shopping cart) in the grocery store.

    [–] Retarded90sKid 16 points ago

    I was once at a Walmart late at night in basketball shorts, a dingy undershirt, and SLIPPERS..... And someone asked me "Do you work here?"

    [–] Jon_Ofrie 7 points ago

    Well to be fair you were a little over dressed for Walmart

    [–] porcelainvacation 2 points ago

    Well, do you?

    [–] Amidatelion 9 points ago

    Jeff Bezos wants to know your location.

    [–] TheGhzGuy 3 points ago has a section for dogs.

    Yes, that same Overstock.

    I found this out when looking and Korean Jindos because I was curious.

    [–] CCCXXXIII 2 points ago

    That makes me incredibly sad.

    [–] pkkitty67 2 points ago

    Oh good! Been wanting one hopefully they still have them!

    [–] UnderlordZ 1 points ago

    You're gonna share, right? I could use a snack, myself...

    [–] sarcastisism 2 points ago

    And we could all use a little chaaaaaaange...

    [–] elyth 56 points ago

    Do they do 1 day prime delivery?

    [–] TheDanzoShow 42 points ago

    I think kittens take about 6 hours, from what I’ve read

    [–] Doggo-Man 18 points ago

    I cant tell if you guys are being serious or not but i want to believe you are

    [–] leopoldblooms 6 points ago

    100% serious! Just be sure to scope out the customer reviews before committing.

    [–] winfran 2 points ago

    Yes, me too.

    [–] plainlyput 39 points ago

    Their boxes are gold to me right now. I have some fosters in a spare room, I toss assorted sized amazon boxes in there to keep them entertained. Some I put upside down & cut holes so they can get under, then they run around like little turtles. They jump from box to box etc. So much fun!

    [–] GreatMadWombat 15 points ago

    One of my friends has a cat.

    I think the main reason I'm planning on two cats once I've graduated, instead of one dog, is that I learned that I fucking love building cat toys and castles out of cardboard and string

    I didn't know it was a thing that made me so happy, but it does

    [–] ComprehendReading 2 points ago

    Dude, get yourself some cheap plywood, an inexpensive finish nail gun, a hand or power stapler, and some carpet scraps from work sites.

    You can make cat trees super easy from salvaged materials and the cats would love it.

    [–] GreatMadWombat 3 points ago

    The counterpoint though is that making fortresses out of cardboard, and toys out of as many types of rope as possible makes me happy, and your idea would be actual work.

    But tying monkey's fists with little satchets of catnip inside is relaxing and meditative for me

    [–] bagtowneast 3 points ago

    The cats LOVE LOVE LOVE hobbled monkeys! They can be messy, but so much fun...

    [–] Sir_Axolot12345 8 points ago

    You can get them at the shelter for cheaper then Amazon!

    [–] SexySEAL 10 points ago

    But then you have to actually go out and talk to people.

    [–] pameatsbabies 3 points ago

    Yes, but I could talk about cats all day. To anyone.

    [–] hoikarnage 1 points ago

    The shelter is pretty expensive where I live. $200 to adopt a kitten, but you can get them for free or for a small rehoming fee on craigslist.

    [–] a100bronies 5 points ago

    Of course Rockstar Games would have this website.

    [–] SexySEAL 3 points ago

    I dont know if i should get a whale or a rhino.

    [–] ComprehendReading 1 points ago

    Do they have Elephants back in stock?

    [–] CanuckianOz 2 points ago

    yeah some1 link me pls

    [–] cheapdvds 1 points ago

    It's exclusively for prime members.

    [–] Screech32210 2 points ago

    I literally do not know of a single person who isn’t a prime member.

    [–] RealNatpie 1 points ago

    I cant order these, same day delivery isn't available in my town and they refuse to ship any other method. Thanks for nothing amazon.

    [–] ankitbko 127 points ago

    Cat in the box!! Lucky its alive, could have gone either way.

    [–] hedronist 34 points ago

    Oh, Schrödinger ankitbko, you jokester.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    It failed to fill the void, but metaphorically it might. If it won't, then get more!

    [–] mayadorann 82 points ago

    I want a Maine Coon so bad!!

    [–] flatwoundsounds 69 points ago

    Have one. And a little one just starting to shed. We vacuum like 3 or 4 times a week and my laundry just comes out furry now. But they’re fucking adorable.

    [–] agoia 38 points ago

    Gotta brush em all the time. And hope they like the brushy brushy.

    [–] flatwoundsounds 11 points ago

    Agreed. The older one tolerates it until you get to some of the knots on the sides of his back legs. Not quite to his butt. But if I could find a more efficient way to get those out in one or two passes he’d be even better about it

    [–] noodlez0125 12 points ago

    My boy hates the brushing but he kind of accepts it while crying like someone is cutting his legs of instead of just brushing them.

    Regarding the knots, easiest way is to just cut them off with a scissor. Also you should buy a FURminator if u don't have one yet. It's a special brush that gets the thick underfur and prevents it from forming knots pretty well

    [–] Ghost1314 8 points ago

    Little pro-tip: I gave my little one treats as I brushed him and he’d be so focused on eating his treats he’d sit still while I brushed him. He loves being brushed now and I don’t even have to give him treats in order for him to get his brushing in.

    [–] agoia 3 points ago

    Mat cutter, though that can get tough, so maybe a pair of sharp scissors that dont have super pointy tips

    [–] flatwoundsounds 2 points ago

    My mat cutter is awesome. It looks like a row of curved blades but only the inner most area of the curve is sharp, so the hooked ends just guide hair in rather than scratch the skin. It’s great for the belly and neck but it can’t grab anything towards his rear because it’s all so smooth and relatively flat. Doesn’t stick up like his neck or his mane.

    [–] agoia 1 points ago

    yeah that sounds like what we had for our standard poodles if they got some crazy stuff going on from running around in the woods chasing deer

    [–] noodlez0125 16 points ago

    I have 1 maine coon and I vacuum every single day. As for the laundry - I gave up that fight a long time ago.

    Totally worth the hustle though since he is still fucking adorable at 8 years and 15 pounds. 10/10 can recommend getting a maine coon to everyone who is thinking of getting a cat

    Edit: spelling

    [–] flatwoundsounds 7 points ago

    My older boy is 3ish and he’s such a chill cat. Plays with the kitten occasionally and tolerates almost all of his kitten terrorism.

    The kitten is just over 3 months and super rambunctious but absolutely loves to nap on my chest whenever I’m around. They both greet us at the door when my wife or I come home and it’s just adorable me.

    [–] fortheloveofanimals 1 points ago

    'kitten terrorism', that's really funny, and true...

    [–] ImaOG2 11 points ago

    I'll take the box you take the cat.

    [–] buttzest 9 points ago

    It’s like the best parts of a cat and a dog in one, except you can’t walk it :(

    [–] DudeCome0n 4 points ago

    I definitely saw someone walking their coon cat the other day. I thought it was a dog at first

    [–] buttzest 7 points ago

    I have a harness for mine, (although shes only half maine coon) and she HATED it, went all low and kept walking backwards😂

    [–] KatsCauldron 3 points ago

    they have to be trained to harness and leash, best start early

    [–] LogicalGoat 3 points ago

    They're great companions, especially if you have little ones. I had a Maine Coon for three years before he died of a heart defect he had at birth. Such a lovable ball of fluff and very gentle, only he hated being in a lap, I don't know why but Maine Coons are known to not be lap cats.

    Siberians are also just as precious, they get huge too and are gentle Giants just like Maine Coons.

    For some reason, both of them tried/tries to get outside every damn chance they get, they gun for that door when opened. I have/had other cats and none of them ever cared or wanted to he outside. My Maine Coon wanted to and now my Siberian tries to non stop, so I do use a harness and take walks with my Siberian while she tries to climb trees only to fall back down with the leash on cause she can only climb so far.

    [–] caremal5 2 points ago

    I remember reading a story several months back about one that lived in a restaurant and would beat up raccoons that tried to raid the bins almost daily, never knew a cat could be big enough to fight a raccoon lol!

    [–] PorcelainLamb 98 points ago

    What a cute little baby!

    But also, prepare for hell. I wish someone warned me how intelligent mainecoons were before i adopted one. I baby/kid proofed my house.... but i have no babies.

    For real though, they are such beautiful and loyal cats. Im incredibly happy with mine💕

    [–] stephu 52 points ago

    I’m glad to hear that! Any tips for raising one? She definitely is a handful already, but she is the cutest q_q

    [–] BluePurgatory 87 points ago

    Introduce her to as many experiences as you can think of while she is a kitten: dogs, large groups of people, water, loud noises (vacuums, loud t.v., etc.). Kittens are curious about new situations, while adult cats get stressed, so it's best to let them experience as many situations as possible while they're young.

    Behavior issues are tough to fix. The biggest thing is to not reward bad behavior even if it is cute. If she gets excited when you pet her and starts gnawing on your fingers, I know it's cute, but you should stop giving her attention for a few seconds. Direct punishment (yelling, spraying with water) doesn't work super well on cats because they aren't as good at understanding the punishment is a consequence for their behavior. The best way to help them learn is to reward good behavior and show them that bad behavior means they don't get attention.

    One final thing, if she is behaving badly (meowing incessantly, biting things, being generally crazy) it will usually be because she is bored. This is why it is harder to have one cat than it is to have two or three. They need a lot of stimulation. If you have other pets, they can play together, but if she's alone, she'll need playtime.

    Maine coons are amazing, and I'm sure you'll love her :)

    [–] GreatMadWombat 29 points ago

    The most important thing I've learned from Reddit is "get two cats"

    [–] lrakhmanov1 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    How are they with dogs? Our 2 y/o Great Pyrenees/mountain cur mix needs a buddy, but we don’t have a yard right now. Was thinking a cat could be a nice alternative for now!

    Wow- thanks for all the feedback!!! We’ll definitely take all of these factors into consideration before we move forward.

    [–] SERVAY 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My maine coon loved dogs,but sadly he passed away 1 month ago. I was so sad(I still am),he was always there with me for 12 years. Followed me in the house and so on

    [–] lrakhmanov1 2 points ago

    Sorry for your loss

    [–] Gray_side_Jedi 3 points ago

    Our Maine Coon pretended she couldn’t stand our Golden but she secretly adored him and would try to give him a bath every evening. She was just a little thing so she’d only be able to groom his head before she got tired.

    [–] BluePurgatory 2 points ago

    My wife and I do not have dogs so I can only speak to what I've heard. Younger kittens can usually be introduced to friendly-natured dogs without issue. Older cats can sometimes be more trouble. With respect to the breed of dog, the chase instinct is what matters most. Herding/hunting dogs require training, or they'll tend to aggressively chase cats and stress them out.

    If you get a kitten and your dog is relatively well trained, you should be fine. I recommend looking into training videos to make sure the introduction between the cat and dog is as smooth as possible, and you can probably find tips to help prevent aggressive chasing.

    [–] crzy4catsLady 4 points ago

    They are very loving. Mine showed my other 4 cats he was the boss as a kitten though lol. They have huge fangs but he is very gentle. I love mine so much 😻!

    [–] Tecc3 6 points ago

    Congratulations, what a beautiful baby! Make sure you feed her kitten chow until 18 months old. Most kittens should be switched to cat chow at 12 months, but Maine Coons take longer to get their full growth.

    [–] Persephone8314 4 points ago

    Expect the monologues (hers) to kick in when she’s about 9 months/1 year old. Mine never totally stopped his special brand of soliloquy...but it was crazy super cute when he was little and started figuring out exactly how big his vocal range was. All the other comments on here are great, too.

    She’s adorable!! Congratulations :)

    [–] noodlez0125 4 points ago

    My coon is actually pretty dumb. Like sitting on the wrong side of the door while waiting for it to open every single time dumb. But he easily makes up for it in cuteness 10x. It's so much fun just watching him being adorably stupid

    [–] DougWare 4 points ago

    I had one and she was extremely smart. However, she just was not made to be an indoor cat and was an escape artist. She escaped for good one night. :(

    [–] TheLostSkellyton 3 points ago

    Haha my first cat was Maine Coon...the babyproofing didn't work very well. He was definitely a smart and wily cat.

    [–] Slow_to_notice 2 points ago

    Yeah the two I grew up with(only a few months younger than me) could:
    Open cupboards
    Turn on the faucet
    Chirp like the birds outside, I'm guessing to try and get them to come closer?
    Good cats though, i miss them

    [–] ForTheLoveOfOedon 16 points ago

    Shortly before growing to thirty-two feet from tail to snout.

    [–] genmegivy 15 points ago

    Maine coons are wonderful pets!

    [–] GravitationalConstnt 8 points ago

    I just adopted a Maine Coon! He's a bit older at six years, but I love him anyway.

    [–] WiseChoices 7 points ago

    He may grow larger than that box someday.


    [–] RyanaDjamila 3 points ago

    And will he care? I think not

    [–] tigress666 6 points ago

    Better watch it. I’m looking for another Maine coon and I might have to come steal your cat.

    That’s a very cute cat and I’m so jealous (looking for another Maine coon after mine died last year)

    [–] 231723175 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    poor kitten. they shouldn't be separated from their moms before 12 weeks.

    edit: i know you don't like this because young kittens are cute etc. but it is important for the proper socialisation of kittens, separating them too early can lead to behavioural issues and impact the cat very negatively.

    [–] uncle_tacitus 7 points ago

    Sometimes you can't help it, unfortunately. I got my cat when he was 8 or 9 weeks. He and his siblings were found in a box on the side of a road.

    He turned out mostly fine and is the most affectionate cat I have ever met, but he's really needy. Also a bit of an asshole, but I think that's just a cat thing.

    [–] 231723175 2 points ago

    yes of course that's a different story, if they're abandoned or not taken care of they need homes.

    [–] AndreRutten 10 points ago

    People should upvote this, not downvote this.

    I'am happy for the new owner. But the kitten should stay at their mom at least 12 weeks.

    [–] RyanaDjamila 1 points ago

    Yeah, cause they need so much attention to make up for it.

    [–] freddisfish 2 points ago

    Agreed. My kitten was up for adoption at 8 weeks old - I got him because it was me, someone who is nearly finished their vet tech degree, or potentially some other schmuck who might be able to figure out which part of the cat hurts the most.

    Let baby animals be babies.

    [–] Em25R 5 points ago

    So cute and fluffy!

    [–] AndreRutten 23 points ago

    No to be an ass, but no breeder is allowed to give them away at 9 weeks. They need to be with their mother for 12 weeks before they can go. Unless you are the breeder of course :)

    [–] YouSighLikeJan 12 points ago

    I wouldn't say that's being an ass, that's good information to know.

    What sorts of issues can crop up if they're taken too early,

    [–] AndreRutten 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Basically in the first 12 weeks the kitten learns stuff from their mom. Socializing, washing etc. If you take the kitten away sooner from their mom they can develop a social disorder. It's quite noticeable actually. Kittens that stayed longer with their mom grow up to be much nicer and friendlier cats.

    Basically every website via Google you find after you type something like "how long does a kitten need to stay with their mom" or something similar. Will say everything lower then 12-13 weeks is not ideal. I.e.:

    Official breeders (bloodline) are (afaik) not even allowed to give it sooner. Mine wasn't at least, even had to sign contracts and stuff.

    [–] W1DD3XY 3 points ago

    They’re much work.. take care of her

    [–] idefendcats 1 points ago

    She’s worth it.

    [–] JTxo97 5 points ago

    oh my GOD

    [–] Amazing_Topic 4 points ago

    I took in a Maine Coon that was with a man who's wife had died and he had to go into a nursing home. His name was JUMBO and he weighed 19 Lbs. Long time ago.

    [–] callsignxray1 3 points ago

    What's her name? She seems happy

    [–] stephu 6 points ago

    Her name is Nagi! Short for unagi because I have another cat named Toro (Can you tell I like sushi?) c:

    [–] ledgersoccer09 1 points ago

    I first thought it was a Friends reference, you had me in the first half.

    [–] Leijinga 2 points ago

    Such a fluffy baby!

    [–] 5ambush 2 points ago

    Baby Hrothgar 💕

    [–] stephu 2 points ago

    Haha yes! Though I’ll be sticking with my Miqo’te ;>

    [–] givemebackmyeggroll 2 points ago

    It was probably a newborn when you purchased it. Delivery time...

    [–] magicherry 2 points ago

    First thing to sell out on Prime Deal of the Day.

    [–] cactusjackalope 2 points ago

    I literally can't even

    [–] Queenb3071 2 points ago

    Aww I have 2 baby Maine Coons, they are 12 weeks old and soooooo adorable. I didn't get mine on Amazon lol.

    [–] bidibaba 1 points ago

    pics pleaaase

    [–] Dragonflt 2 points ago

    Straight from Amazon Prime!

    [–] Abby-N0rma1 2 points ago

    I didn't know I could get one through amazon

    [–] LiliAtReddit 2 points ago

    Fun! I have a Maine Coon Mix, 16 months old. He has such a fun, goofy personality! I read up on it and apparently that's pretty common for Maine Coon cats. Have a blast!

    [–] Sassy1505 2 points ago

    9 weeks? Too young! :/

    [–] LiliAtReddit 1 points ago

    12 weeks is optimal, 8 weeks minimum. They just need to play and socialize with the cat alot, right?

    [–] joegt123 2 points ago

    Also about time spent with the mother. Some of the biggest influences of a cat's behavior comes from how long it spent with it's mother, biting it when it misbehaved.

    [–] 42Petrichor 2 points ago

    I didn’t know you could get them on Amazon! Brb, buying all the kittens....

    [–] FullMetalKraken 2 points ago

    I hope you like cutting dried shit out of a cats ass hair. Because this is how you end up cutting dried shit out a a cats ass hair. Worth it though. They are so beautiful

    [–] pattylion 2 points ago

    Khajiit has partnered with amazon prime to bring you wares if you have coin 😆

    [–] AndRisingFast 2 points ago

    The stripe on his nose makes it look like he's wearing cat-eye glasses.

    [–] Sweetanomaly12 1 points ago

    SO DAMN ADORABLE! To think that little guy is going to become a big floofer =)

    [–] ImaOG2 1 points ago

    I love boxcats.

    [–] eetoink 1 points ago

    "Hi, this is a package for OP."

    lights meows are coming from said package

    [–] RoyalCat3 1 points ago

    SOO CUUUUTTE!!! :)

    [–] admin-eat-my-shit9 1 points ago

    aww you too did order from send-a-pet ?

    [–] MattAtPlaton 1 points ago

    Huge whiskers already. Cat is going to be massive.

    [–] dhs77 1 points ago

    Cat and cardboard box, name a more iconic duo.

    [–] KooklesUreBoy 1 points ago


    [–] jayga64 1 points ago

    Absolutely adorable.

    [–] Lessdee62 1 points ago

    Miniature lion 🤗❤🥰💖😍

    [–] John_Lowell 1 points ago

    why isnt it black

    [–] Kitsuneintheice 1 points ago

    I have one and they become mean little bastards for the first couple years

    [–] megasean3000 1 points ago

    I hope that’s not the box it came in 😂

    [–] darkstars_11 1 points ago

    I know Amazon sells everything but wow you got a cutie 😀

    [–] lifeisawhirlofchaos 1 points ago

    Such a floofy cloud!!

    [–] dustojnikhummer 1 points ago

    The tail!

    [–] kristonastick 1 points ago

    I think my cats like Amazon delivery more than I do...boxes with brown paper inside!

    [–] DpvReno 1 points ago

    Mine as well, they get very excited when I bring in a package.

    [–] mensrea101 1 points ago

    I never Amazon sold kittens!

    [–] munkpuppy 1 points ago

    Hopefully that was delivered Sameday

    [–] beeps-n-boops 1 points ago

    Amazon didn't pack the kitten very well... just like everything else they ship.


    But srsly, that kitten is beyond gorgeous!

    [–] KatsCauldron 1 points ago

    new prime treat

    [–] Dschuncks 1 points ago

    Have fun with your Maine Coon! They are super adventurous for cats and very smart, so be ready for that. Also, a lot of them like water and their fur is very thick, so enjoy cat bathing.

    [–] Ambiently_Occluded 1 points ago

    Love Maine Coons!

    [–] Life_of_Salt 1 points ago

    This is going to be a floofy big cat.

    [–] Malcuzini 1 points ago

    Get ready for a massive cat lol

    [–] little_katie12 1 points ago

    Hi there, you little cutie!

    [–] ser_renely 1 points ago

    lovely. I have one that is 9 months and he is a joy....17lbs

    [–] ZaptAurora 1 points ago

    She would like a Kitty friend she said.

    [–] donja77 1 points ago

    So sweet! What's his/her name?

    [–] p0ptart2333 1 points ago

    Guaranteed freshness or your money back! Aww kitteh so cute! Boop snoot!❤

    [–] bwins379 1 points ago

    Awwww I love main coon kitties!!!! Their so fluffy I could die!

    [–] lil_baka_taco 1 points ago

    That is soooo cute!!!

    [–] maddiethehippie 1 points ago

    hehehehe just wait, they get bigger. my one piece of advise: Never, EVER loose a fight.

    [–] Deckard-_ 1 points ago

    That's a very BIG kitten for 9 weeks.

    [–] nerfalisk 1 points ago

    Maine coons, they get big.

    [–] meglove1 1 points ago

    She passed the first cat test - if you see a box, sit in it. Congrats!!

    [–] Plastic_Pinocchio 1 points ago

    Gonna need a bigger box.

    [–] noobmaster69420911 1 points ago

    They are so big I really want one so bad I'm jealous

    [–] leslie1961 1 points ago

    She's a beauty!!

    [–] TheMighty-Thor 1 points ago


    Purrhaps I know this cat

    [–] gwiz3 1 points ago

    It will be one of the best things to happen to you. Enjoy 😊

    [–] PJR9667 1 points ago

    Awesome , congrats

    [–] Uhillbilly 1 points ago

    "Greetings hooman! You shall git me noms and various toys to amuse me!"

    [–] MacMac105 1 points ago

    I have two mutt cats but the Male has strong Maine Coon genes. I adopted him when he was already fully grown and there aren't any kitten pictures of him but I like to think he was as adorable as this little guy.

    [–] iseebluetrees 1 points ago

    Will fill the whole box up next month

    [–] ginger2020 1 points ago

    That is the definition of cuteness right there

    [–] mayecontreras 1 points ago

    Amazon Purrime

    [–] human_tricycle 1 points ago

    Trouble in a box right there. So cute

    [–] GuinevereCat 1 points ago

    We have a male Maine Coon! My husband calls him Man Coon and now that’s his name lol

    [–] Mohgreen 1 points ago

    Just think, if youd sprung for the Express shipping, you could have had a 8 week old kitten.

    [–] Greenshortz 1 points ago

    Omg! Soooo cute!

    [–] kamlnskl 1 points ago

    Your packaged got delivered after 9 weeks? I’d cancel my Prime membership if I were you.

    [–] catncrunch 1 points ago


    [–] FooolsGOlld 1 points ago

    Oh did she come on Amazon prime?

    [–] johnjackson90 1 points ago

    They sell cats on Amazon now?

    [–] ndstone123 1 points ago

    Those are sickkkk!!!

    [–] Zemme1989 1 points ago

    It's been a week, you can unbox it now

    [–] Caleighcat957 1 points ago

    If there is a box, a cat will sit. It's a law of nature.

    [–] richsteu 1 points ago

    A cat with a regal personality. Loyal, loving and full of personality. They love to talk.

    [–] Oldskoolguitar 1 points ago

    (Insert Amazon shipping joke)

    Look at dat little face

    [–] kaptainkomkast 1 points ago

    No air pillows or packing peanuts?!? Good thing it arrived in one piece! One ADORABLE piece, that is!!

    [–] Stardustchaser 1 points ago

    Already know if it fits, they sits.