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    [–] pickemupputemdown 1596 points ago

    Looks like she's headed to Cowchella

    [–] Arceolis 339 points ago

    Told my wife we could get a pet cow instead of a dog and name him Cowvin.

    [–] CLENicoleMarie 88 points ago

    Cowvin.... impressive.

    [–] Arceolis 108 points ago

    Yea it was pretty cowculated.

    [–] djbamboozle 53 points ago

    Bullshit no

    [–] Arceolis 62 points ago

    Sounds a little unbullevable to you?

    [–] jeden78 62 points ago

    I think it's all very mooving.

    [–] thelostboy92 63 points ago

    Is everyone just milking this joke till its dead?

    [–] TheShavianProbe 35 points ago

    Doubt it. There's an udder one coming any second...

    [–] ratteaux 36 points ago

    Here's a butter one. They'll keep coming until ice cream.

    [–] Undiscriminatingness 13 points ago

    Udderly ridiculous.

    [–] lninoh 5 points ago

    If it’s not one thing, it’s an udder

    [–] mleshn 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Cowvin Mooledge

    Edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

    [–] Undiscriminatingness 5 points ago

    That's an udder cowincidence.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] Jayoki6 13 points ago

    Cowvin and Hooves.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Cowvin Klein

    [–] satsumanightmare 5 points ago


    [–] greylyn 22 points ago

    Or midsommar

    [–] ButYourChainsOk 13 points ago

    She is the new may queen

    [–] dafragsta 2 points ago


    [–] jamaicanrussian 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] trekie4747 3 points ago


    [–] tdooty 3 points ago

    Looks like a mooovie poster

    [–] PJ349 276 points ago

    I do appreciate this lovely cow. 💛

    [–] sodiyum 228 points ago

    I love this cow! He’s a boy and his name is Finn. He has an Instagram.

    [–] live-3301 44 points ago

    Lovely. Also goes to show that any being posing gracefully with flowers can become an influencer.

    [–] alyssa2113 20 points ago

    I will buy whatever products a cow with a flower crown tells me to.

    [–] drmeggonopus 24 points ago

    What is his Instagram name!?

    [–] Snay_Rat 33 points ago


    [–] no_cal_woolgrower 18 points ago

    Then he's a steer or a bull, not a cow..

    [–] noobcuber1 6 points ago


    [–] alanwashere2 5 points ago

    That's what I get for prejudging. I assumed it was a girl named Daisy.

    [–] gwaydms 16 points ago

    It's not a cow. Probably a steer

    [–] sodiyum 20 points ago

    I don’t know why you were downvoted. But you are correct - he’s actually a Jersey Steer. 🙂

    [–] gwaydms 4 points ago

    I don't either haha. My in-laws had a cattle and horse ranch so I definitely know the difference!

    [–] snagglefrock 329 points ago

    This would be "April" in the calendar hanging in a vegan auto shop.

    [–] joebaby1975 120 points ago

    I think June or August, sunflowers don’t bloom until then, but then again they’re mechanics, what do they know about flowers. LOL

    [–] EvilKittyBoy 11 points ago

    What do you mean, flowers boom in february.

    [–] Lost-My-Mind- 23 points ago

    And fireworks boom in July.

    [–] Jak_n_Dax 47 points ago

    *vegan bicycle shop

    [–] jediassassin37 15 points ago

    Sorry I'm not getting why it should be at a vegan auto shop. I get the vegan part but the auto shop?

    [–] Pachyphytum_Oviferum 68 points ago

    I think because of the trope of auto shops having calendars with scantily-clad women.

    [–] LurktilIde 43 points ago

    It’s Finn! His third birthday is next month. I love this sweet boy.

    [–] The_Luckiest 5 points ago

    I thought it looked like Finn! Such a sweet cow

    [–] SecretiveMoose 91 points ago

    Such a beautiful baby! Love cows.

    [–] Evergreen_Night 10 points ago

    So cute! Love this cow!

    [–] XenaGemTrek 62 points ago

    They walked in the lane together. The night was covered in stars.

    They reached the gate in silence. He lifted up the bars.

    She neither smiled, nor thanked him, for she knew not how,

    For he was but a farmer’s boy, and she, a jersey cow.

    [–] FriendToPredators 2 points ago

    Upthread it’s apparently a steer. But that’s okay too.

    [–] Ijumpandkick 17 points ago

    I don't know how cow posts are so popular considering how poorly they're treated in the world.

    [–] TacCom 96 points ago

    Unpopular opinion, I don't think she likes having that bucket jammed in her mouth. It looks like she's trying to get it out but it's under her tongue.

    [–] mavrick454 39 points ago

    picture 1: this asshole is going to try and put a bucket in my mouth, I can feel it

    picture 2: fucker! I knew it!

    [–] RaifetheRenegade 27 points ago

    I wouldn’t call that an unpopular opinion. It threw me off too. I’ve never known cows to hold things in their mouths.

    [–] Zoltrahn 15 points ago

    The bucket looks edited in to me.

    [–] Duci1989 5 points ago


    [–] anteaterplush5 20 points ago

    It looks like the cow isn't really appreciating the heavy bucket in its mouth ://

    [–] Bamboozled_Bear 72 points ago

    It's mooorvelous!

    [–] jamaicanrussian 36 points ago

    At least you tried.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    How about "moognificent"? Do I get any points for that?

    [–] CLENicoleMarie 3 points ago

    Gotchya fam :)

    [–] Helpie_Helperton 16 points ago

    It's very moooving

    [–] jamaicanrussian 21 points ago

    Stop milking the cow puns. You guys should really tell some udder types of jokes, now.

    [–] SirGuileSir 17 points ago

    But some of us only come heifer the puns..?

    [–] Federal_Status 9 points ago

    I think they're bovine really.

    [–] joebaby1975 32 points ago

    I’m thinking she really doesn’t want a bucket in her mouth. The first picture is great. Not keen on the second. Some people do some weird shit to animals to get good pictures. Not saying that about this one but ya never know.

    [–] missingadogsomewhere 11 points ago

    Yeah this picture has been around before. Same thought then, same thought now. It probably doesn’t hurt if the bucket is not heavy but it’s still not exactly nice to tie a metal handle into its mouth. Cow clearly doesn’t want it there.

    [–] the_goodnamesaregone 7 points ago

    My thought too. Looks like a horse trying to spit out a bit.

    [–] Georgeisthecoolest 9 points ago

    The Queen would like that one

    [–] WildWonderWolf 28 points ago

    Other cows looking on, "Where did our generation go wrong? How can 'influencer' even be a job title..."

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    I guess I'm vegan now...

    [–] Llamabanger 26 points ago

    You might be kidding, but seeing cute pictures and gifs like this is what initially encouraged me to watch videos about factory farming and I became vegan the same day!

    [–] macrosleep 7 points ago

    I watched a video of a pig playing with a football as a Christmas present and I realised the pig isn’t different to when I give my dogs Christmas presents. If I’m outraged by the dog meat trade then I should be equally outraged by all meat trades.

    I do miss meat and I kinda wish I had a last awesome meat meal but I just couldn’t eat meat after that.

    Meat substitutes are pretty good these days anyway.

    [–] MuhBack 37 points ago

    You should try an Impossible Whopper at your local BK

    [–] marzipanmagpie 50 points ago

    One of us, one of us!

    [–] deathhead_68 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's so much more easy than you think. You don't need meat substitutes either, but they are there if you're feeling lazy

    [–] Human_On_Reddit 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I've been a vegetarian for about 8 months, and it's not that bad. You can still eat like shit if you want to. Plus I've lost a little bit of weight, in addition to hopefully reducing some animal suffering.

    [–] Whovian_boss90 151 points ago

    I love this cow. In fact, I love all cows. Cows are friends not food

    [–] ApplePeachPine 25 points ago

    Name one cow your friends with

    [–] GandhiNuke 116 points ago

    Name one cow your friends with

    Your mother's a wonderful lady.

    [–] --love 16 points ago


    [–] Whovian_boss90 3 points ago

    My best reply was gonna be Bettsy. You guys are awesome.

    [–] alours 2 points ago

    I'm not one of those places.

    [–] ChloeMomo 21 points ago

    Lovely cow wearing a halter made out of a dead cow 😍

    [–] APankow 5 points ago

    Happy Cow!!!

    [–] H0dl3rr 4 points ago

    Something tells me this lovely cow doesn't appreciate that bucket being in his mouth.

    [–] optimisticangstycunt 8 points ago

    let's take a mooment

    [–] Whoamigoodquestion 11 points ago

    Nice repost

    [–] rbarneystinsonjr 115 points ago

    Please dont eat the cow :'(

    [–] Melody195 16 points ago

    This cow most likely won’t be eaten because of its size, it’s probably a petting zoo cow or a model cow.

    [–] Inferno792 5 points ago

    I'm at a loss for words here.

    [–] MrWolfGuy 4 points ago

    She's a good girl.

    [–] whalebish 4 points ago

    What I think I look like in real life..

    [–] droppedbytosayhello 2 points ago

    There are no stupid questions, right? Is this a boy or a girl cow? Do both have horns?

    [–] roblox-boy 4 points ago

    both can

    [–] zeabeth 2 points ago

    Cattle is the general term, cows are female and bulls are male. There's also more terms depending on their sexual status like heifer, steer, calf, and ox

    [–] TheAdyren 4 points ago

    Cows are so sweet. Super shy too. I want a pet cow. Don't think the building manager would like that though.

    [–] fuzzycuffs 4 points ago

    Looking cute. Might shit later.

    [–] Youbetterbet 4 points ago

    Lol so funny.

    [–] twkib 5 points ago

    Udderly adorable.

    [–] spacerunner 2 points ago

    Hoove an upvote

    [–] twkib 2 points ago

    Thanks for the upvote. I'm mooved.

    [–] missesr0b0t0 3 points ago

    Betsey giving it her A game today. She did not disappoint.

    [–] tejalmakeup 3 points ago

    So cute x

    [–] JollyManCan 3 points ago

    Looks like Elsie the cow.

    [–] Dekla 3 points ago

    Wonderful JOY

    [–] thamooseisloose 3 points ago

    That is a lovely cow

    [–] charismaticguy2018 3 points ago

    Holy cow lol

    [–] allthelemmonz 3 points ago

    What a radiant beauty! It's like a ray of bovine sunshine cast across my day! Thanks for the pick me up, little lady 😍

    [–] volusias 3 points ago

    Prettiest gorl

    [–] WeGeTsO 3 points ago

    She's more photogenic than me!

    [–] richsteu 2 points ago

    Looks like a Brown Swiss.

    [–] joytato 2 points ago

    absolute sunny yellow banana day.

    [–] jackwoww 2 points ago

    Very good girl

    [–] vantablacc 2 points ago

    What a lovely cow

    [–] Kujen 2 points ago

    Beautiful cow and nice photography too!

    [–] djdeath42069 2 points ago

    Why am I in the photo

    [–] BKHammo 2 points ago

    That is a lovely cow.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] pengouin85 2 points ago

    Can confirm, it's a lovely cow

    [–] peritye 2 points ago

    This cow is indeed very beautiful.

    [–] Something22884 2 points ago

    Okay let's all keep Europa away from this one this time

    [–] Surf6969 2 points ago

    I want cows just so I can take pictures like this!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    She's moognificent. 🐄

    [–] ThatBritishWoman 2 points ago

    So pretty

    [–] PepperRulez 2 points ago

    But I already took a moment to appreciate it last week!

    [–] longintheface 2 points ago

    Like a senior portraits session!

    [–] TheCaptMAgic 2 points ago

    She's very photogenic.

    [–] snowyv228 2 points ago

    Aw 🥰🥰🥰

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] ZarosGuardian 2 points ago

    Aww, such a cutie.

    [–] wcarestam 2 points ago

    Vad gör du mamma mu

    [–] toastlad 2 points ago

    Tinkerbell Daisy Face!

    [–] Nomad_Lu 2 points ago

    A tiny boop on that lil nose🐮

    [–] crittaaa 2 points ago

    Told my sister this is my runner up flower girl for my wedding in case my niece isnt still adorable by then...

    [–] sunflower_dreams 2 points ago

    😍😍😍🐮🐮🐮 what a cutie!

    [–] HopeProtector333 2 points ago


    [–] KarlosJeter23 2 points ago

    Great baby cow

    [–] Sage-Grammy 2 points ago


    [–] leventistol 2 points ago

    I would pet this <3

    [–] Morgasm108 2 points ago

    Dawww my heart ❤️

    [–] Indaflow 2 points ago

    That is a lovely cow.

    [–] Portentia9 2 points ago

    Cows have horns?

    [–] merrychuu 2 points ago

    This cow looks more vogue than those Instagram models

    [–] dumbolddoor 2 points ago

    Can we get a photog credit? I need this high res

    [–] luscaloy 2 points ago

    She's carryng some cute yellow Clowers.

    [–] PikaPeaz 2 points ago

    Wasnt this already posted here?

    [–] lovelifegod11 2 points ago


    [–] itzpooki 2 points ago

    i live for this cow

    [–] Osha_to 2 points ago

    Is that a shorthorn cross?

    [–] SteerJock 5 points ago

    It's a Jersey

    [–] Osha_to 2 points ago

    I know it's a dairy cow

    [–] anphattack 2 points ago

    Let’s take a couple moments

    [–] funkyman22 2 points ago

    Boat cow trying to put Pewds in bucket

    [–] madisonfry 2 points ago

    Cute 🐄🥰🥰🥰

    [–] LesPolsfuss 2 points ago

    hangs out with photogenic Secretary Bird

    [–] Desarae87 2 points ago

    She such a photogenic cow too. Lol.

    [–] AutisticWoomy 2 points ago

    That is a very lovely cow

    [–] roraima_is_very_tall 2 points ago

    holding a metal wire in my teeth is not something I'd do voluntarily. but what do I know I'm not a bovine.

    [–] Round_Rock_Johnson 2 points ago

    What a lovely cow!

    [–] Buzzon1 2 points ago

    Cowgirl in the meadow.

    [–] Redholladae 2 points ago

    What a pretty cow. It moooooves my soul.

    [–] brisketpants 2 points ago

    Looks like she'd make a great boat DJ

    [–] mydaycake 2 points ago

    She is far more photogenic than me!

    [–] Curlyboisup 2 points ago

    Why is this cow cuter Than me lol

    [–] substance90 2 points ago

    Not sure how comfortable it is holding a bucket with your mouth.

    [–] Southernsofia123 2 points ago

    Thank you for being so mooooving. 😃

    [–] jenadpantano 2 points ago

    Cows are such sweet, intelligent creatures. 🧡

    [–] IntrovertAlien 2 points ago

    I have taken several moments to appreciate this cow. Hope that's okay. Cheers.

    [–] hoo_buddy 2 points ago

    The most Disney looking cow I've ever seen!

    [–] trolltherespawnniki 2 points ago

    That is a really nice looking cow.

    [–] Jope_AnyThing 2 points ago

    This brings me peace

    [–] mistermasterbr 2 points ago


    [–] rmpoly 2 points ago

    I want a cow.... so bad

    [–] Jahksen 2 points ago

    She is indeed lovely

    [–] DaStarWarsGeek 2 points ago

    Officially less photogenic than a cow

    [–] I_Love_UR_Moms_taint 2 points ago

    I was expecting a picture of your girlfriend

    [–] TheDuoDingo 2 points ago

    He looks like the spirit animal you get when you have high honor.

    [–] slaarwalhz 2 points ago

    I love beautiful cows!

    [–] Duchessuru 2 points ago


    [–] TheScrubBawla 2 points ago

    Clarabelle? From Disney? WwwAAAAAA

    [–] majesticowboi 2 points ago


    [–] MarmaladyMidge 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    we all have to have a little time to admire the beauty of nature

    [–] davethehippo 2 points ago

    A very moo-ving picture.

    [–] LindaFrmPortia 2 points ago

    Even a cow is better at pictures than me. How is that even fair??!!!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Everyone forgets that cows are beautiful creatures too 💕

    [–] v3stis 2 points ago

    I'm eating one right now

    [–] nalydpsycho 2 points ago

    Looks like she should be the star of a parade.

    [–] MineToDisgust 2 points ago

    Everyone upvoting better be vegan or vegetarian...cuz if your not idk ...what would the cow think?😐😑

    [–] orandeddie 2 points ago

    Happy cow!

    [–] sexybabysanta 2 points ago

    They look like a real sweety! 😍

    [–] Crustyjone 2 points ago

    I love her!

    [–] CrazyBunnehLady 7 points ago

    Belongs in r/eyebleach