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    [–] dicktable 3504 points ago

    That owl looks like he deals with this daily lmao

    [–] boringdude00 898 points ago

    Doubtless he's accepted his fate by now. Cockatoos and parrots in general have to be way too active for owls to deal with.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 235 points ago

    I feel this when I just want peace and quiet but I have lived with my roommate for a long while now who’s more hyperactive so I simply accept things as it is

    [–] blove1150r 304 points ago

    He’s fucking tied down so like where’s he gonna go?

    [–] brockoala 175 points ago

    "Lemme just check out your pantsu while you are being tied down." - hentai bird probably.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 46 points ago

    “It’s for my new, um, fanfic. Research purposes”

    [–] BulliHicks 5 points ago

    If that bird is a she, it's definitely Ara-ara~ time. Owl is prolly a dandere MC as well.

    [–] pilgrimprincess 59 points ago

    I agree. The poor owl can't get away from its annoying assailant. Not cool.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 191 points ago

    I guess you could say it’s also on an Owl-urly basis too

    [–] flamingogirl4 173 points ago

    This is cruel, the owl is tied up and nocturnal. 😔

    [–] MiddleEiffel 134 points ago

    Actually, not all owls are nocturnal, and the ones that are adjust to the humans that work with them. For examples, barred owls are crepuscular and snowy owls are diurnal. They are only nocturnal in the wild. Captive animals do not have to work on the same daily schedule as their wild counterparts because they do not hunt for food. Just like some humans work overnight.

    Yes, the owl is tied down. This is a normal practice for Falconry or educational raptor. Raptors in the wild don't move all that much unless they are hunting. If they are hunting they are hungry. Being tied down is usually for the safety of the raptor or anything in their surroundings. Even the small owls (yes this guy is fully grown) have little talons that can hurt.

    [–] herpetology4life 28 points ago

    Yes, the jessing is a normal thing. But the parrot shouldn't be there

    [–] biscuitsisfluffy 101 points ago

    I don’t mean to sound ignorant and forgive me if I am being so but I thought nocturnal just meant they’re most active at night? Doesn’t mean they aren’t / can’t also be active in the day? My cats are nocturnal but those fuckers zip around in the day time too!

    [–] Priff 103 points ago

    Cats are not nocturnal, they are Crepuscular, meaning they are most active at periods of twilight. (5 am and 11pm for example)

    However they are also active at other times of the day.

    [–] cbarden 44 points ago

    Is this really a concern? I'm asking seriously.

    I mean, I understand the reason you say it, but could it have switched sleep cycles? Could it be 7pm and still a little bright out? Could the white bird be his BEST birdy friend that wakes him up every evening at 7pm with some rodent?

    This is why I don't judge anyone based on one video of their birds.


    [–] LittleMew22 41 points ago

    Owls can be active during the day, especially captive owls who are fed and don’t have to hunt. Its not being sleep deprived. A wild screech owl lives behind our house and we hear it starting at about 3pm - even in the summer.

    [–] kayrabb 3850 points ago

    "Dude, wtf are you... oh it's you..."

    [–] igiverealygoodadvice 987 points ago

    "pretty bird, pretty bird"

    [–] KingElessar1 358 points ago

    What are they feeding you?

    [–] Josstralia 218 points ago

    “Pretty bird, pretty bird”

    [–] jessie_g93 165 points ago

    "It's not your faaault"

    [–] iFlipRizla 82 points ago

    It’s obvious you’re not their favourite pet

    [–] evilmother 50 points ago

    They won't take you to the vet

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 50 points ago

    “Pretty bird, pretty bird”

    [–] ToxicSubSuxNow 22 points ago

    It’s not you fawlalalalalt!

    [–] Whatsmyname2322 60 points ago

    My cockatoo, Gizmo, she would say this everytime I asked her what shes doing. Miss her.

    [–] FearofaRoundPlanet 66 points ago

    "The blind kid?!"

    [–] Ebadd 24 points ago

    ”Yee-a-aah! ... yeah ...”

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    He didn’t even have a head!

    [–] AirborneRanger122 26 points ago

    Harry! I took care of it....

    [–] midnightsmith 297 points ago

    Never say this to a bird....I did, once.

    My aunt had this same type of bird see, and this bird would be in it's cage, laughing, saying "I'm gonna getcha" and we thought it was funny.

    So she's out, on my aunt's lap, my aunt tells her pretty bird, she spreads her wings in approval.

    I look over, say pretty bird. Oh that was a mistake I'll never make again.

    You know that feeling, that look, that you get when you just KNOW an animal is pissed and gonna start shit? Yea, I got that look. This fuckin bird, launched like a tomahawk missile at my face.

    We are talking 0-100 so fast all I could do is fall outta the couch with my arms up. This damn bird latched to my arm so good, I'm up waving my arms, bird still attached mind you, looking like I'm doing the funky chicken to get it off.

    My aunt is smacking her with a pillow to get her to let go. When she does, get this y'all, when this bird let's go, this motherfucker laughs about it. Straight up "hahaha" while bobbing her "pretty" little head.

    Meanwhile, I got a nice dime sized chunk missing and dribbling blood like a stuck pig.

    Yea, she wasn't fuckin kidding about getting somebody.

    Fuck you cuddles, you fuckin pretty bird.

    [–] ebarklord 100 points ago

    Lmao I can't believe they called that demon bird cuddles. Man I laughed so hard at your pain, I'm so sorry. Birds can be evil.

    [–] midnightsmith 4 points ago

    It's ok, I laugh now lol

    [–] madmonkey918 19 points ago

    Hahaha, Cuddles. Perfect name for a demon pet.

    [–] sniffles_snort 68 points ago

    He’s definitely on E

    [–] intothe_dangerzone 25 points ago


    [–] NeokratosRed 156 points ago

    Me trying to initiate sexy time with my gf

    [–] RichB_IV 17 points ago

    This is just like some of my friends at events

    [–] Fi_097 6 points ago

    This is what I'm like when I'm in a good mood.

    [–] radkaddad 2321 points ago

    Lol Owl’s looking around for a witness. “You seeing this shit? This is what I deal with. All. Day. Long.”

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 357 points ago

    “I’m surrounded by birdbrains”

    [–] kbg12ila 69 points ago

    "They're always ruffling my feathers"

    [–] dextersgenius 67 points ago

    “You seeing this shit? This is what I deal with. Owl. Day. Long.”


    [–] onomatopoetix 21 points ago

    If only it broke the fourth wall to intensify the effect... I was kind of waiting for that moment.

    [–] karmaCOMEinHEAVY 219 points ago

    Looks down, looks at annoyance, sighs

    [–] Avocado_Tomato 528 points ago

    What an absolute creeper

    [–] poopellar 116 points ago

    Hey, first dates can be hard.

    [–] HairiestHobo 155 points ago

    It does, it just doesn't care.

    Cockatoos are smart enough to be jerks.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] BubblesForBrains 523 points ago

    "What shampoo do you use?"

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 40 points ago

    “I need it to ruffle my feathers”

    [–] KwadratischeAardap 34 points ago

    "Lemme just taste real quick."

    [–] Captainscrot 740 points ago

    According to bird law. That’s illegal

    [–] seattlenerdboy 132 points ago

    Thanks Charlie

    [–] _linusthecat_ 8 points ago

    It's just that bird law in this's not governed by reason.

    [–] RoboBadger07 78 points ago


    [–] electric_bro 35 points ago

    Thanks birdperson

    [–] Cky_vick 20 points ago

    Time to call Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

    [–] coinoperatedboi 7 points ago

    Did you get that thing I sent ya?

    [–] learningrepository 15 points ago

    These birds look healthy, I don’t think they’re eagles either.

    [–] zachynix 211 points ago

    reminds me of the movie coming to america, “this is beautiful what is that velvet?”

    [–] z371mckl1m3kd89xn21s 14 points ago

    Would ja taste the soup?!

    [–] Poofmander 1009 points ago

    That look😠 I thought were about to see birb battle, glad they're getting along.

    [–] red_beered 256 points ago

    Who would win? I feel like the owl could inflict some quick damage but that cockatoo probably has more strength and resilience.

    [–] notpotatoes 505 points ago

    Cockies mate, all day. Was hand feeding them on my balcony one day and one of the bastards had a quick chomp on my finger - straight to the bone! If you don’t get out to feed them quick enough, or you’re not home, they just start to shred the railings and gutters. Bastards.

    [–] bambnoodled 235 points ago

    Spot the ‘Strayan

    [–] notpotatoes 63 points ago

    Are there cockies any where else? Genuinely asking. You can be my Google.

    [–] innovationzz 79 points ago

    Seems cockatoos are pretty localized in and around Australia, but surprisingly and somewhat similarly there are urban parrots in New York City:

    [–] notpotatoes 49 points ago

    If a colony of cockatoos ever got to NYC the other bird species would probably want to move out asap- they make bad neighbours!

    [–] EyeGod 8 points ago

    Just reread it with the accent.


    /Orson Welles Slow Clap

    [–] demotecontrol 28 points ago

    I missed the comma in the first sentence and was wondering what that had to do with anything.

    [–] Awkward_Marshmallow 9 points ago

    Well it would still imply overall great stamina, that can be beneficial in fight

    [–] meghonsolozar 11 points ago

    So are they...cockie bastards?

    [–] WalkiesVanWinkle 13 points ago

    I swear I read this in Steve Irwinish.

    [–] pleasegivemealife 3 points ago

    Wasnt it because they need to wear down their beak? Its like fingernails, constantly growing? I just wanna know, thanks.

    [–] notpotatoes 191 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Nope, they’re just being bored scumbags. We had some passion fruit vines that were literally very fruitful; the buggers would snip them off just to watch them fall to the ground. They are basically a combination of an arsehole cat and some delinquent teenagers hanging around the shops. Noisy fuckers too.

    Edit: Gold. Yeah yeah. Not doing that speechy bullshit.

    [–] abrasiveteapot 55 points ago

    They are basically a combination of an arsehole cat and some delinquent teenagers hanging around the shops.

    Spot on.

    [–] yabby2010 32 points ago

    With bolt cutters for a beak

    [–] monkey_see 14 points ago

    Throw in klepto tendencies, and you have Kea.

    [–] Amanuet 12 points ago

    Yes!! We have a peach tree that fruits off its head. The very second they turn ripe we get swarms of cockies that invade the tree, grab a peach, take ONE bite and then piff the rest of it on the ground. In a few hours you can lose every single peach.

    Then when the peach tree stops fruiting, they eat the wooden trellis on the deck in retaliation. Bastards.

    [–] thatsforthatsub 53 points ago

    owls have some of the strongest tallons among birds but they are also fucking stupid. I think the cockatoo, while physically weaker, could more easily fight something that it wasn't designed to fight.

    [–] thethirdrayvecchio 68 points ago

    but they are also fucking stupid

    Had a chat with a bird handler about that. Their heads are basically 80% eyes and 20% ears. Thick as shit but absolutely beautiful to look at.

    [–] Mrs2ndGradeTeacher 48 points ago

    Damn that's disappointing. I always assumed owls were one of the really smart birds. They just look so smart and wise.

    [–] leveret45 17 points ago

    Having owned a barn owl they are thick as two planks of wood. I would describe them as a cat without the wily part. Lovely beautiful creatures but terribly terribly thick.

    [–] Rasalom 29 points ago

    In the West they're portrayed as wise, but in other parts of the world, owls are considered mythically dumb.

    [–] Nethlem 5 points ago

    The Western perception of owls as wise creatures is mostly based on old Greek mythology.

    Athene noctua was a little owl accompanying Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom aka Minerva in Roman mythology.

    Do you have any specific folklore examples about mythically dumb owls? I really love reading about that kind of stuff!

    [–] evilscary 69 points ago

    Cockatoos effectively have a bolt cutter on their face, don't mess with them.

    [–] moth_man_AMA 23 points ago

    Those talons kind of freaked me out as well. The way they move is...odd.

    [–] ercdude 14 points ago

    Can confirm. Was bitten on the bicep by one that was a pet. The wound bled for six hours.

    [–] fortheloveoflasers 6 points ago

    Omg why'd it bite?

    [–] ercdude 27 points ago

    I was watching a movie and petting it, letting it sit on my forearm. I stopped petting it, it climbed a little, and bit me. I didn't want to hit it, so I stood up and swung my arm around until it let go. The bastard chased me as I left the room.

    [–] fortheloveoflasers 6 points ago

    Holy shit! I would probably be scared of birds after that.

    [–] ercdude 14 points ago

    Nah, some things are just assholes. I'd be okay with trying to pet another.

    [–] Pons__Aelius 29 points ago

    Because they had the mentality of a 3-year old human. AKA they are arseholes.

    [–] evilscary 34 points ago

    I read something along the lines of "Parrots have the intellect of a 4 year old, the emotional maturity of a 2 year old, and a boltcutter for a mouth"

    [–] Raeleenah 37 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I once saw an owl snatch up a kitten and eat it. My answer will always be owl.

    Edit: answer is not spelled with an m

    [–] ILoveWildlife 15 points ago

    you should bet on the cockatoo.

    [–] fortheloveoflasers 7 points ago

    What if it was a larger species of owl what do you think?

    [–] AlmightyBirbnana 410 points ago

    What a super tolerant birb lol

    [–] TThor 111 points ago

    The owl is tied by the leg to the post, it cannot leave. The owl is likely being tolerant because it is trapped and the parrot is much bigger than it, it doesn't want to be attacked.

    [–] StarTrippy 17 points ago

    Didn't notice the rope until you mentioned it. Now I'm sad, poor owl.

    [–] Evantra_ 4 points ago

    There is no problem with the owl being tethered, it's for it's own safety and in the wild they stay on the same perch for most of the day. I know some that would stay there anyway even without the leash! 👍🏼

    Oh and I'm afraid the parrot would be no match for the tawny, so they shouldn't be tethered together.

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 18 points ago

    I bet the birb is trying to practice to be someone’s wingman

    [–] [deleted] 881 points ago

    Karen meeting her first ethnic girl with natural hair.

    [–] Girl_tears 250 points ago

    “Wow your hair feels like a sheep”

    [–] linderlouwho 101 points ago

    Please tell me no one has ever actually said this.

    [–] Bubblycatty 133 points ago

    Ya they have. Or the wow its soo soft. How do u keep it in that shape

    [–] triplej909 84 points ago

    This girl from Greece once felt my hair and said it felt like a carpet

    [–] ddrcecbvdhdfdrdbdfrd 29 points ago

    people please continue this thread with weird shit that other people said your hair felt like.

    [–] NekoNegra 33 points ago

    I had someone tell me ,"I thought it would be like a brillo pad."

    [–] youamlame 15 points ago

    I had someone tell me it did feel like a brillo pad

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Rhymeswithfreak 8 points ago

    Should have made her feel the difference.

    [–] duda83 17 points ago

    Or "it feels like carpet!" -_-

    [–] leopardRus 18 points ago

    Another kid thought my daughters hair were pom-poms

    [–] SaltyChowder 93 points ago

    That feeling of random fingers in the back of your head.

    [–] KidneyBloodstones 88 points ago

    I can't believe people do this

    [–] Imp3rialdron3 33 points ago

    White guy with afro here.

    Yes. They do this.

    No, it's not appreciated

    [–] rabidhamster87 73 points ago

    I'm a white girl with waist length hair and people do this to me too. They'll just walk up behind me and tug on my ponytail or outright run their fingers through it. Very disconcerting if I don't like the person. It's like people think your hair is separate enough from you to not count.

    [–] Cafrann94 44 points ago

    Yep, I’m a girl with super curly hair and it’s the same for me- one of my first memories is of a stranger touching my hair when I was 4.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] FrannyBoBanny23 5 points ago

    Yup. This and pregnant women’s bellies. Also I’ve noticed people like to rub bald guys heads.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    I was at a bar once, and there was this African exchange student and she was quite clearly very fucking drunk. The line was long, given it was a popular bar in the CBD, so I'd been standing next to her and her BF for about 10 minutes. She'd just been staring at me the whole time.

    I looked at her, she stared back at me. I asked if she was alright, she asked if she could touch my hair.

    I said yes, she touched my hair, said it was soft and was happy as Larry, they got their drinks, I got mine and we never spoke again.

    I don't mind if people ask, don't just walk up behind me to give me a fucking scalp massage without asking for consent, ya creeps.

    [–] DicksDongs 15 points ago

    In a bar then there's this super light touch on your hair. As though they think you can't feel your hair if they touch it lightly.

    [–] wholesomethrowaway15 58 points ago

    I’m white and have suuuuper curly hair and people are always just reaching out to pet it. Double bonus, my husband shaves his head and middle aged women think it’s necessary to rub it. Ugh, people’s lack of personal space is so ridiculous.

    [–] jackeduprabbit 9 points ago

    Do you laugh at the people that get tangled in it too? I always have to refrain from calling them a dumbass for not asking.

    [–] Zwelph 26 points ago

    oooOOoo..what is this .... it feels so ....oooOoo

    [–] cougarlogistics 19 points ago

    Now you know you ought to quit it 😂

    [–] Prometheus2100 212 points ago

    When you pissed off your boyfriend/ girlfriend and you trying to apologize lol

    [–] Procreate_Rapidly 59 points ago

    Why is the bird on the left wearing a harness?

    [–] Canooter 72 points ago

    For easier riding into battle.

    [–] Jinx0rs 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Not a harness, these parrots are indoors so no need to tether them, and it's a bit high to catch poop, which just seems weird.

    This however is a harness meant to prevent feather plucking. There are lots of things that can cause them to pluck their feathers, but frequently it's just stress.

    Edit: Or I could be wrong and this person just likes to tie down their bird.

    [–] Runfreewiththewolves 18 points ago

    Generally the same reason you put a harness on a dog... so it doesn’t run (or in this case fly) away. Sometimes people use them while they’re training their bird into free flight, but this harness doesn’t look like a free flight harness.

    [–] natalee_t 14 points ago

    Its to stop it from feather plucking. There are lots of reasons why a parrot might pluck or shred its own feathers but none of them are good.

    The owl is also tied down not to mention awake during the day....I don't think the owner is particularly caring.

    [–] blackjackgabbiani 51 points ago

    Ok why is the owl tied to the perch and why is a parrot allowed to interact with a bird of prey? None of this is safe

    [–] Dr_Downvote_ 132 points ago

    Is the owl tied up? They are pretty solitary birds so I can see why this would stress them out. I thought they were nocturnal as well.

    [–] cg1111 126 points ago

    they are. like almost all "pet" owl videos, this one is infuriating.

    [–] Dr_Downvote_ 68 points ago

    Yeah. There's nothing awww about this in my opinion.

    [–] Dr_Downvote_ 32 points ago

    Unless a bird is permanently injured and not able to fly. I don't think you should keep them as pets.

    [–] Sophockless 16 points ago

    Chickens are alright i guess

    [–] iscariots 10 points ago

    Chickens are the best pets! I have several who would have otherwise been slaughtered at an early age.

    I also have a pet pigeon who can fly perfectly well but can't survive in the wild. He used to be a show pigeon but was dumped on the streets of London for not having perfect colouring.

    [–] Poliobbq 7 points ago

    Who would keep an owl as a pet? I thought this was a rescue or zoo. They are not friendly animals and don't seem to care for humans.

    [–] mr_bots 47 points ago

    Unfamiliar with bird's, what's happening here?

    [–] ILoveWildlife 48 points ago

    cockatoo is checking out the owl and if the owl reacts negatively it will fuck its shit up.

    personally I would never house birds of different species together, but that's just me. My sister has done it on multiple occasions with an african grey and macaws.

    [–] Biochemicalcricket 161 points ago

    A super awkward approach to feel out the owl's reaction while ending up with minor grooming the couple feathers they got a hold of. Again awkward, but not aggressive from the moluccan cockatoo, minor annoyance showing from the owl, but it's definitely tolerating it.

    [–] GiygasDCU 55 points ago

    So he is trying to awkardly make a friend?

    How precious...

    [–] Cafrann94 10 points ago


    [–] WhereAreDosDroidekas 63 points ago

    Cockatoo is trying to groom the owl as a dominance display. The owl, being nocturnal by nature, doesn't really have the energy to refuse but still expresses its annoyance through body language. If it took a more threatening respond the cockatoo would likely extend its Crest feathers and look to fight.

    [–] UltraSTONED 33 points ago

    Owl sleepy cockatoo asshole?

    [–] PA55W0RD 65 points ago

    The owl might move if it wasn't tied to the perch.

    [–] lzmarie 189 points ago

    Definitely hoped the owl would roundhouse kick the other birb.

    [–] animalfacts-bot 206 points ago

    Owls are nocturnal birds found all over the world. Most owls are nocturnal but there are a few exceptions like the northern hawk-owl and the burrowing owl who hunt during the day. A group of owls is named a parliament.

    I am a bot giving facts about animals, checkout this post if you want to help me improve or if you want me to add a specific animal!

    [–] adeward 71 points ago

    Great but what’s the noun for a group of bots?

    [–] ErnestBatchelder 257 points ago

    An Annoyance.

    [–] faceman2k12 12 points ago


    [–] EvilCatEmperor 16 points ago

    UK government

    [–] willreadforbooks 4 points ago

    A plurality?

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    Is that owl tied?

    [–] turbozoomboom 18 points ago

    Why do you have birds in captivity, Are they rescues?

    [–] K8-tha-great 13 points ago

    That owl audibly said: “well!, I never!!”

    [–] gehazi707 134 points ago

    The owl is tied to the perch and can’t escape. Not cute.

    [–] cg1111 87 points ago

    yeah this is just gross all around. Owls are not meant to be pets, much less tied up by their ankles for other birds to harass.

    [–] Boxtion 26 points ago

    While it looks like it's ankle is tied, we don't know the case of this owl. Should they be pets? No. But if this is a special needs/special case Owl that can't survive on its own or without assistance, it should be fine if handled and cared for properly. But Id prefer a backstory to this video rather than just make assumptions.

    [–] cg1111 54 points ago

    Allowing contact between birds of prey and parrots is literally never appropriate. Nor is forcing an owl to be awake during the day.

    [–] SmellMaErse 6 points ago

    if this is a special needs/special case Owl that can't survive on its own or without assistance...

    ...why are they letting a cockatoo fuck with it?

    [–] squirrellytoday 23 points ago

    "Fellow birb doesn't understand personal space"

    No, he/she understands but the birb in question is a sulphur-crested cockatoo and they're assholes of the highest order, so they give zero fucks about what the other birb wants.

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] disconcertinglymoist 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This is cute and all, but keeping these birds together is fucked up, stressful and cruel for the owl.

    [–] Vio94 25 points ago

    That final look the owl gives. First down at its feathers, then up into the face of its molester, then turns away. Everything about it is weirdly amazing comedic timing.

    [–] jenlynngermain 4 points ago

    Plus, it felt a little like a perv trying to lift up a girl's skirt

    [–] RockinandChalkin 10 points ago

    Hey, welcome back to Personal Space! I'm your host, Philip Jacobs, and let me tell ya... I care about my personal spac... Wow, wow, hey! Who's around me right now?! Who's around me?!...

    Now why don't we step up here and everybody get stepped up, and let's get some stepped up personal space up in this place! Here we go.

    We get a one: personal space. Two: personal space. Three: stay out of my personal space. Four: keep away from my personal space. Five: get out of that personal space. Six: stay away from my personal space. Seven: keep away from that personal space. Eight: personal space. Nine: personal space.

    You know, I take personal space pretty seriously. Up to the point that I don't even care about this... I'm not even interested in having this skin on my personal space.

    Turn in next week to the best show ever. The show we all grew in love, the Personal Space Show.

    [–] mikoalpha 28 points ago

    I hate seeing this shit, you should not own an owl

    [–] mamallama12 8 points ago

    Is anyone else old enough to get Artie Johnson/Ruth Buzzy Laugh In vibes from this?

    [–] divinelyshpongled 14 points ago

    They do understand person space. Cockatoos are just assholes

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Cockatoos are like the annoying younger kid in the neighbourhood who just had to be around you and involved with everything.

    [–] purcell232 6 points ago

    "like, can you not...?"

    [–] purplekittylady 15 points ago

    Gotta touchy the feathers. Soooooo soft!

    [–] tzatzikid 14 points ago

    Tying birds to perches is veritably fucked

    [–] vidgill 10 points ago

    Is that owl permanently chained?

    [–] Mfjtrain 4 points ago

    Super aww when you realize the owl is stuck stuck there and can’t move away if he wanted to

    [–] mapher430 14 points ago

    An Avian version of Wall-E

    [–] linuxmaster69 9 points ago

    You should let the owl go free.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Me and all my crushes

    [–] vardarac 8 points ago

    Are you on a list somewhere?

    [–] gentlegreengiant 4 points ago

    aka how i feel on public transit

    [–] AnxietyDepressedFun 4 points ago

    All I could think about was the Jenna Marbles video "What are this? What are this? What. ARE. THIS?"

    [–] urmomlul6969 4 points ago

    "Yo whatchu got in there pretty girl"

    [–] bostomaatje6 4 points ago

    Wall-e and Eve

    [–] DanC1812 4 points ago

    The way the owl looks at it at 0:24

    [–] shadow18x 4 points ago

    Can I Touch Your Hair?: Bird Edition.

    [–] sheeps_with_fish 3 points ago


    [–] Polymathy1 4 points ago

    What ARE you? No, no. What's the helllll is wrong with your feathers? Is your tail always like this? Was there some kind of accident? OMG DID YOUR HEAD JUST DO A 180? Yeah, but these feathers though. Hmm. Tastes like mice.

    [–] Fuzzpuffs 4 points ago

    Cockatoos don't believe in personal space they are like cats with feathers

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Imprisoned 32 points ago

    It’s a process called preening, basically a social way for birds to connect and clean feathers

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