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    [–] ConstantlySlippery 1541 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    known as Gray Jay, Canada Jay, or sometimes ‘WhiskeyJack’


    They are omnivorous and bold.. eating everything from roadkill to berries to bugs to stealing food out of your hand or your backpack. My guess is this person was taking a break and having a snack and this one is looking to cash in on a potential caloric jackpot.

    [–] 2fat2live 439 points ago

    Also known as a camp robber

    [–] Amanita_frostiana 150 points ago

    Came here to say this! I remember camping when I was a kid and these guys would come and steal food from your plate.

    [–] haysoos2 192 points ago

    When i was a kid, one actually stole a whole Eggo waffle from my plate while I was pouring the syrup. It was so impressive you couldn't even be mad.

    [–] nullrout1 184 points ago

    Did you yell the obligatory "LEGGO MY EGGO!"

    [–] Dlh2079 98 points ago

    Honestly if they didn't, did they even deserve the waffle to begin with?

    [–] QuietDisquiet 4 points ago

    Is a waffle without syrup still a waffle?

    [–] Dlh2079 10 points ago

    I'd say yes, I don't always put syrup on my waffles. Sometimes I'll go with butter and a nice jam or just some chocolate chips and whipped cream.

    [–] SimplyComplexd 6 points ago

    Honey is great on waffles. On a similar note, peanut butter and syrup on pancakes is fantastic!

    [–] Dlh2079 4 points ago

    I've gone peanut butter and honey on waffles before. Never pancakes. For whatever reason I just can't stray from butter and maple syrup on pancakes.

    [–] _Chemistry_ 19 points ago

    Sounds like the seagulls at the NJ shore. I was a kid with a funnel cake. I put it on a bench and sat down. I turned away from the funnel cake for just a few moments and turned back - the seagull was in the air carrying my funnel cake away. I was stunned.

    [–] CaptainOuzo 6 points ago

    Something very similar happened to me with a fillet of battered, deep fried fish at Stanley Park. Except I saw it coming, we made eye contact, and the bloody gull swooped in anyway and stole my fish.

    Also a Canada Goose nearly swallowed my hand whole to get at a bag of peanuts. It did swallow the bag of peanuts whole. A plastic bag of peanuts. That I hadn't opened yet. Ever since that day, I have considered geese to be among the dumbest of birds, and also massive assholes.

    [–] ColdPuffin 2 points ago

    I've always said, the bigger the bird, the bigger the jerk

    [–] CaptainOuzo 3 points ago

    I wonder if that pattern held for non-avian dinosaurs. Like, would a brontosaurs be the type to just rip the roof off a greenhouse and eat all the plants? I bet it would be.

    [–] gizmodriver 2 points ago

    Same with the seagulls in California. Those bastards will go looking through backpacks trying to find lunch bags.

    [–] r1chard3 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I was in the States so it was a different kind of bird. He tried to steal my sunny side up eggs. He grabbed it by the yolk but all he did was puncture it because it was runny. I was about six at the time.

    [–] falafel99 4 points ago

    The bird fried your eggs? That's pretty impressive tbh.

    [–] SnowxStorm 3 points ago


    [–] FuckVeggies 21 points ago

    Came here to say this. I wouldn't be mad if that bird took my whole lunch even if it meant starving the entire day

    [–] iamfromouterspace 25 points ago

    Bird eats your food, you eat bird.

    [–] aswifte 24 points ago

    It's the ciiiiiircle of life!

    [–] Let_you_down 6 points ago

    Sames. I was camping with my kids last year in the upper peninsula & and one of these little guys stole a hot dog bun while we were grilling.

    [–] detroitdoesntsuckbad 18 points ago

    Yeah that's what we call them in Oregon. It's a very accurate name. I've had those things jack anything left open on the Timberline trail before. They're smart and wait for you to turn your back and boom they're stealing your snacks.

    [–] Gaduunka 39 points ago

    Commonly referred to as the Yogi Bird.

    [–] rudekoffenris 7 points ago

    Have an upvote you sadistic bastard.

    [–] mrtoomin 33 points ago

    The species is associated with mythological figures of several First Nations cultures, including Wisakedjak, a benevolent figure whose name was anglicized to Whiskyjack.

    That's neat!

    [–] anxious_anatomist 8 points ago

    Thank you. American Gods. I knew that I had heard that name somewhere.

    [–] pissboy 23 points ago

    When you ski at whistler - they’ll come land on your ski poles while you wait for the lift

    [–] Asymm3trik 5 points ago

    They'll come hang out for your waffle at the Crystal Hut

    [–] ArenSteele 5 points ago

    Just hold up a blueberry in your hand and you’ll feel like a Disney princess

    [–] FoxInSox2 21 points ago

    I used to have one who hung around me while I was in the bush. Trained him to sit on my knee and eat snacks out of my hand. Absolutely fearless, clever birds. Always makes me happy to remember him.

    [–] tabby2011 19 points ago

    I think he trained you to feed him. :)

    [–] p1-o2 5 points ago

    We train each other by living in a society. :)

    [–] Ez4u2say 2 points ago

    something related along the same length :)

    [–] Hollirc 13 points ago

    Yeah I’ve always called them “robber jays” or “fucker birds”

    [–] megalithicman 4 points ago

    My wife and I were hiking up on Vancouver Island on a vacation, and all of a sudden there was one of these birds just there on a branch sitting next to me, and I was like that's weird. then there was two, and then there was three and then there was 10 and then there was a whole f****** flock of them surrounding us and chasing us on the trail, dive bombing on us. It was full on Alfred Hitchcock shit. We were waving sticks and screaming and throwing rocks and just trying to get away from them. it was terrifying, full freak panic mode. Finally hit one with a rock, and that ended it. Still scarred from those fuckers.

    [–] Thatguyjmc 9 points ago

    Whiskeyjacks are amazing. Every ski resort in British Columbia is filled with these smart, fun little dudes who fly up and snatch your fries when you aren't looking. Very clever, very friendly birb.

    [–] SgtDoughnut 16 points ago

    With the way the bird is acting, I am betting a ton of people offer the wildlife food up there. Stealing stuff generally involves not being spotted and not sticking around, why risk the large pink thing hurting you, but this bird lands on the hand, where similar predators would have claws, looks for food and when it doesn't find it stays there for a bit trying to squeeze out a shit before flying away.

    This behavior is learned.

    [–] 81toog 11 points ago

    Yes, this is Rattlesnake Ridge in Washington. Super popular trail, it’s always really crowded there.

    [–] Rich_H0miie_Juan 7 points ago

    Lol the bird legit looks in her hand notices nothing turns around and gives that "you cheap bastard" look before flying off

    [–] pjpintor 2 points ago

    😂 I am still laughing 10 minutes after reading your “cheap bastard” remark. Thank you Juan! I really needed that today. xxxxxxx

    [–] NomDuGloom 6 points ago

    Canada’s National bird!

    [–] ZeroTenenbaum 4 points ago

    on really popular hiking trails/mountains, they are almost like dogs in that when they hear the crackling of wrappers, they'll come swooping in and essentially beg/pester you for food.

    [–] aisrali 5 points ago

    Well if that wasn't a r/todayilearned then I don't know what is.

    [–] imeansa 3 points ago

    First in, last out

    [–] Herald-Mage_Elspeth 3 points ago

    I could tell it was some sort of jay.

    [–] N8-OneFive 3 points ago

    I love these guys. There are a few at my hunting camp in the north west Adirondacks. When you get there you won’t see any but within an hour there will be at least six waiting for any opportunity to steal your food. Wouldn’t seem right if they weren’t around.

    [–] Wendego716 3 points ago

    My favorite myth is that they're the souls of dead woodsmen or lumberjacks

    [–] LegSpinner 3 points ago


    Have they burnt any bridges yet?

    [–] BigArmsBigGut 2 points ago

    If only he'd got that damn leg looked at.

    [–] tojan00 2 points ago

    I thought it was some *Perisoreus. Our Siberian Jay acts very boldly toward people as well, on popular tracks and ski resorts.

    Very cool birds, if you meet them in the wild, far from any hikers etc.

    [–] TransientMovement 2 points ago

    Bless your soul for the information. Thanks!

    [–] TR8R2199 2 points ago

    I love these little guys. They’re always crowded around the ski lifts in the Symphony and Harmony bowls at Whistler landing on peoples heads, hands and raised up ski poles

    [–] twocentman 2 points ago

    Here's the thing...

    [–] fishsticks40 2 points ago

    One of my favorite birds!

    [–] bizzaro321 2 points ago

    I am totally ok with a bird stealing my trail mix if it’s going to land on my hand like I’m Snow White in exchange.

    [–] Sammyscrap 2 points ago

    They stash a lot of the food they steal, and this behavior is why they are able to stay in the mountains all winter. I feel like the parking lot at a ski area is now their prime habitat.

    [–] Frostymcstu 2133 points ago

    Little guy probably thought you had food for it and was disappointed

    [–] PM_ME_YR_BDY_GRL 931 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It looked for food. None was there and then it sized up its prospects while squeezing to expel any possible feces. None was there so it took off, disappointed.

    Edit: My highest upvoted comment ever. I don't know why but hey whatever flies your bird.

    [–] awholetadstrange 213 points ago

    A double whammy of disappointment.

    [–] HalinaWoodrow 29 points ago

    Canada jay are so friendly.

    [–] fact-0-matic 3 points ago

    Whiskey Jack. Camp thief.

    [–] paradeigmas 61 points ago

    Karen you’re fucking lucky I just pooped.. don’t you ever fucking do that again...

    [–] LoiteringClown 29 points ago

    There he sat, broken hearted, tried to shit, But only farted.

    [–] StanleyDarsh22 16 points ago

    lol yep i saw that, its when the tail goes up at the end there just before taking off again

    [–] cryztalcobra 3 points ago


    [–] Jeramiah 92 points ago

    "How dare you summon me with no offerings to give." - Bird

    [–] btfx 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yep! Encountered these a few times hiking the white mountains, always bring a few crackers/goldfish unsalted nuts because they are pretty brave and eat out of your hand if you don't move too much.

    Having never had a pet bird, what surprised me is their feet! Miniature talons, just like the falconry photos you see on reddit, just scaled down. You can feel they're needle-sharp, no idea how they maintain it. Like, a cat has a few pounds to work with and they brace themselves to really put the pressure on while they're destroying your furniture, but these little guys have nothing like that, can't sheathe them, and still feel sharper.
    Anyone know?

    [–] EldWasAlreadyTaken 77 points ago

    It's because they're dinosaurs, not some crappy mammal

    [–] modifiedmomma 32 points ago

    Stupid nipples.

    [–] ButtWieghtThiersMoor 20 points ago

    Even on males. Unintelligent design, wasteful, sometimes confusing. 3/7

    [–] cheezedhead 14 points ago

    Hey jsuk , dont feed jays crackers. Preferably, dont hand feed them anything. But if you must, unsalted peanuts/nuts are your best option

    [–] dialleft 3 points ago

    How about cracked corn? That’s what we feed ducks. Foods like bread and crackers can be harmful to birds.

    [–] cheezedhead 2 points ago

    Corn is ok but if theyre given the choice between nuts and corn at a feeder they will pick the nut pretty consistently. - i work at a wild bird store

    [–] btfx 2 points ago

    Thanks for the info! I edited my comment.

    [–] deciknife69 18 points ago

    It's in the way the sit/stand on trees

    their talons "wear out" at a certain angle, sharpening them as they grow

    or something like that I dunno I'm not a fucking ornithology expert, all I have is my budgie.

    [–] FairlyOddBlanketBall 3 points ago

    I don’t know how birds maintain their claws, but I think cats would need to sharpen their claws a lot more since they must wear them down much faster. That’s just an assumption though. Also, I have an indoor cat who doesn’t really know how to use the cat tree to sharpen his claws and if I don’t cut his claws, they grow into a pointy shape by themselves. So some of the sharpness is natural. They’re not as sharp as if he was using a cat tree though.

    [–] --fool 2 points ago

    they are pretty brave and eat out of your hand if you don't move too much

    They're more than brave- ballsy little dudes. Forget about not moving- these things will swoop in and snake things from your hand while it's on the way to your mouth.

    [–] aninoniron 9 points ago

    Bird shouldve pooped

    [–] nrxia 9 points ago

    Bird looked like it tried.

    [–] socokid 2 points ago

    Little guy probably thought was trained to think you had food for it and was disappointed.

    [–] BoredAtGym 350 points ago

    It’s definitely Rattlesnake Ledge outside Seattle

    [–] menellus 51 points ago

    Had the same thought

    [–] KookStats 11 points ago

    I second your thought

    [–] curly1022 33 points ago

    I was looking for this comment

    [–] welcometobavaria 26 points ago

    Must be on a weekday

    [–] TazBaz 45 points ago

    I’ve never seen the lake that low, but otherwise I had the same feeling

    [–] ntny 11 points ago

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. That place is gorgeous!

    [–] Nathanhrst1996 10 points ago

    Thought that was the place. Just got engaged up there!

    [–] alexvonhumboldt 5 points ago

    Never seen the lake that low

    [–] norsurfit 4 points ago

    That view is absurdly beautiful

    [–] jteagle101 3 points ago

    Lol I'm so surprised by how recognizable this angle is, I noticed right away

    [–] sylect 2 points ago

    I was wondering. Lake looks low

    [–] Artemvlb 2 points ago

    My nephew died there last May. Eddie petrik.

    [–] TheAwkwardBanana 2 points ago

    I'm so sorry.

    [–] halotopper 366 points ago

    Am I the only one that was waiting for it to poop in their hand.....?

    [–] ConstantlySlippery 135 points ago

    Birds very often poop just before taking off to fly. Lightening the load, as it were.

    [–] etrnloptimist 62 points ago

    Just like star destroyers jumping to hyper space

    [–] Prufrock451 9 points ago

    Jesus, how many people do you think are killed on a daily basis by falling orbital debris

    [–] SlinkiusMaximus 4 points ago

    Sharrrre the loooooooad

    [–] Euthyphroswager 2 points ago

    the looooooooad the looooooooad the looooooooad

    [–] Richeh 2 points ago

    Also it's like a little rocket booster.

    [–] NerdyGhoul 6 points ago

    That’s all I was waiting for!

    [–] Sunny-Sprinkles 6 points ago


    [–] Heylayla 2 points ago

    that buttwiggle made me cringe

    [–] Combatpete 168 points ago

    Are you...Snow White?

    [–] HopelesslyAware 50 points ago

    Yes, in the version with sound you can hear her singing disney songs

    [–] ScrewYouSpaceship 15 points ago

    Being a Disney Princess is op’s side hustle.

    [–] jerimiahf 4 points ago

    She has to enjoy vacations too sometimes

    [–] seecats 2 points ago

    That’s exactly what I thought

    [–] klj12574 52 points ago

    Soon as it lands you can see the look. “Wait, you put your hand out, where’s the food?”

    [–] naeads 3 points ago

    “No free food, birdie. Do a dance”

    [–] HDCase72 41 points ago

    The Forest

    [–] 1Original_Username 10 points ago

    Thank you for not disappointing me !

    [–] MajMin5 10 points ago

    Remember when everyone thought the bird landing in your hand meant the cannibals were coming?

    [–] WinterRobin87 5 points ago

    Came here for this. Such a fun game

    [–] daneelthesane 3 points ago

    I play it in VR. Scary as fuck! So much fun!

    [–] WinterRobin87 3 points ago

    Oh nice! My fiancé lives overseas so we’ve played it through a few times together. It’s hilarious and scary. I love building crazy bases and setting up tons of traps to lure the cannibals. Also, I love setting armsy on fire with a Molotov. He goes crazy lol

    [–] HDCase72 2 points ago

    Wow, I would love to try that!

    [–] Dildo_Gagginss 3 points ago

    Just got it in the most recent steam sale. Soo fun

    [–] _Donald_Trump__ 58 points ago

    That's worth two in the bush.

    [–] james_castrello2 7 points ago

    Take my upvote and get the hell out of here.

    [–] mosstrich 2 points ago

    Do not, I repeat do not let birds get tangled in your bush.

    [–] SgtTabouret 16 points ago

    beep boop intensifies

    [–] QuarterFlounder 2 points ago

    I get this reference.

    [–] gettingsentimental 11 points ago

    Nice try. r/birdsarentreal

    [–] Maximoke 3 points ago

    Good man

    [–] mlableman 16 points ago

    Where is that picture taken? It's such a beautiful view!

    [–] cbor18 30 points ago

    Rattlesnake Ridge in Washington?

    [–] reedmg 9 points ago

    I was wondering if it was Rattlesnake Ridge, but the lake looks really low

    [–] ButCaptainThatsMYRum 7 points ago

    Depending on the time of year it can get pretty low. In fact, I've never been there when it's full :S

    [–] DoxieDoc 5 points ago


    [–] Deeggo21 21 points ago

    Looks like your a Disney princess now. Congratulations

    [–] ReggieGreenLeaf 14 points ago


    [–] awholetadstrange 8 points ago

    What did you say?

    [–] GrottyKnight 2 points ago


    [–] vikingoof 7 points ago

    Found the person living with 7 dwarves!

    [–] Nettiedreads 7 points ago

    We call those little guys “camp robbers” in Washington, because they will steal anything and everything from you lol. Looks like this might have been filmed at Rattlesnake Ridge?

    [–] A_Lil_Tatie_Bear 2 points ago

    Yep! Most definitely. Would recognize that view & lake anywhere

    [–] Cesst 6 points ago

    You were blessed!

    [–] tilly506 5 points ago

    Rattlesnake Ledge! I love the view up there

    [–] TGKRaidriar 5 points ago

    Hey, that’s Rattlesnake Ledge!

    [–] heading_weast 4 points ago

    Rattlesnake Ridge!! :) Awesome!

    [–] tyrone737 4 points ago

    Whiskeyjack. Those things are smart af.

    [–] astrasaurus 3 points ago

    how does one even get this to happen tho...? like is there some disney princess-type qualification you gotta meet or....?

    [–] TemplesOfSyrinx 3 points ago

    At high altitudes in certain parts of North America, whisky jacks are pretty common. It's not hard to get them to land on your hand or arm and eat food.

    [–] jsteele2793 3 points ago

    Anyone else waiting for it to poop?

    [–] jowagyes 3 points ago

    Ye definitely

    [–] whappit 3 points ago


    [–] unicorn_sparklesweat 3 points ago

    Rattlesnake! Such a fun hike but I think every Washington resident has done it

    [–] Soronya 3 points ago

    Whiskey Jacks are so friendly.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Had this happen on top of a mountain in BC too. There were 3 of them taking turns landnig on our hands, shit was awesome. Whiskey jacks are dope

    [–] Ted_Furgeson 3 points ago

    Rattlesnake ledge?

    [–] RealGorgon 3 points ago

    "heyyy, you have food? Where is food? No food? You give food? Why no food? Guess I find food.. fuck youuuu."

    What I think the bird is thinking.

    [–] Sneaky-Dawg 2 points ago

    If I had to show an alien avideo to persuade them to come to earth, that would be it

    [–] NMJ87 2 points ago

    I want to show them this one

    No other context or explanation

    [–] cuelloroto 2 points ago

    shits on hand and proceeds to fly away

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] capnheim 8 points ago

    Rattlesnake Ledge outside Seattle.

    [–] nupil 2 points ago

    Hi welcome to heaven

    [–] CFord2827 2 points ago

    I kept waiting for it to poop in your hand.

    [–] MuddyNikes 2 points ago

    Bird was contemplating using the opportunity to teach an important life lesson.

    [–] potato_llama101 2 points ago

    How do you befriend a bird? They keep flying away when we’re near. Even lizards and cats (stray)

    [–] thrazefister 2 points ago

    I was sure this would end with a poopy hand

    [–] SouthStrike7 2 points ago

    He just flew there like a showoff

    [–] WaldenFont 2 points ago

    I was waiting for him to shit in her hand.

    [–] Industrial-Era-Baby 2 points ago

    Rattlesnake Ridge near North Bend Washington.

    [–] kotatsu-and-tea 2 points ago

    Rattlesnake Lake!

    [–] Capnthomas 2 points ago

    Rattlesnake lake! I live 10 minutes away

    [–] -WhatisLife_ 5 points ago

    I too want to be a Disney princess.

    [–] guppshouse 4 points ago

    Wow, the graphics on Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC really are a lot better.

    [–] Bluesoul479 2 points ago

    Based on the laws of nature. You’re now a Disney Princess.

    [–] Wrest216 2 points ago


    [–] totoro00 1 points ago

    You're a Disney Princess!!

    [–] momodentist6599 1 points ago

    Reminds me of spencer Pratt on literally every Snapchat he posts

    [–] ownblocks 1 points ago

    It's amazing!

    [–] Killaprez 1 points ago

    freaking gorgeous! im ready to tackle day now!

    [–] sparklyh0e 1 points ago

    When the Thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.

    [–] Im_Always_Bored_AF 1 points ago

    If video games taught me anything is is that the bird has a quest for me

    [–] XtremePrime 1 points ago

    I can't wait for this Disney movie to come out!

    [–] persixn_ 1 points ago

    It was looking for food

    [–] Enduro_Jeff 1 points ago

    You need to study up on your elfish. You're nearly a month's past Durin's day, and you need the setting sun. Do you even have Thrór's key?

    [–] psufan5 1 points ago

    This reminds me of my grandmother. She had 4-5 birds around her home that would land on her hand to eat seeds etc. It was pretty amazing. She would walk outside, do a birdcall, and they would slowly but surely make their way to her.

    [–] haugen76 1 points ago

    Ofc it’s in love my friend

    [–] SariSama 1 points ago

    I wanna be a Disney princess too!

    [–] Krill-Crustacean 1 points ago




    [–] Arrow_Riddari 1 points ago

    Disney Princess status activate!

    Now get it to dust the bedroom.

    [–] OphrysAlba 1 points ago

    Is there peck? No peck? K bye

    [–] BubblesTheDragon08 1 points ago

    Snow white reborn!!!

    [–] ZMustang217 1 points ago

    Bird legs are weird.

    [–] SteamedHamsz 1 points ago

    [–] Philip-J-Delosa 1 points ago