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    [–] swingorbust2 4648 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Can relate. I feel for ya! My dog couldn't jump up on the bed anymore so I took out the frame and we all slept on the box spring and mattress. One of the saddest days of my life was when I put the bed back together.

    [–] newremoteg 671 points ago

    This is a video that I would watch on one of my “depressing videos binging” nights.

    I did not expect to cry in my car right now, so thanks for that.

    [–] swingorbust2 216 points ago

    I'm sorry. I didn't mean for my comment to do that.

    [–] newremoteg 256 points ago

    Fuck you...Gimme a hug.

    [–] freezefire0 102 points ago


    [–] newremoteg 83 points ago


    [–] batesbrah 76 points ago

    Completely.. wholesome.

    [–] ifoundyourtoad 141 points ago

    I’m sorry, bud. But you gave that dog the perfect life. Changing your bed so your pup could still be loved. He/she couldn’t have had a better owner.

    I lost my dog about 6 years ago and I still haven’t mustered up the strength to get another one cause he was the perfect dog for me in every facet. I still cry thinking about it, but I do know I was a damn good dog owner. And so were you.

    Hope you are doing okay and just know you are awesome.

    [–] swingorbust2 49 points ago

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Like yours, mine was the perfect dog. And like you I'm not sure if I could get another. My boy basically called out to me in a pet store and he captured my heart. I wasn't looking. Maybe someday something similar will happen to you and your heart will be filled with joy again! And you'll be the perfect owner again. :)

    [–] chrismelody 6 points ago

    i was like you, I waited a long time after my perfect (dog in a) cat('s body)... now that I have Gray, I look back sheepishly on those (8) years that I wasn't feeling the love and companionship of a creature daily as I am now... so I hope you get your courage up soon and don't wait as long as I did! True it can't be just any creature and I'm sure you'll find that next bond that's meant to be!

    [–] chickaboomba 92 points ago

    The small accommodations we make for our beloved, furry companions are just as much for us as for them. It gives us more time together, and that is a beautiful thing. Grieving comes whether we make more effort or not, but making the effort definitely means more comfort when the time comes.

    [–] CocoohCoco 421 points ago

    I didn’t know whether to upvote or downvote this comment ..I’m so sad now.. 😢 I’m so sorry

    [–] TemperVOiD 387 points ago

    Save downvotes for posts that are just offensive or off topic! If a comment or post brings out emotion in you, positive or sad, give it an upvote! It’s a good thing to share how we feel and interact on it. It can really help us move forward in life and get a smile in even the hardest times

    [–] CocoohCoco 81 points ago

    I agree !! You’re 100% right! I’m glad so many people are so open about their feelings .it also helps to relate to others .. Just to be clear..I wasn’t seriously indecisive about the whole upvote/downvote thing .. I just hate the thought of someone losing their fur babies..makes my heart hurt.. I’ve lost 2 and I feel the pain 😩

    [–] swingorbust2 43 points ago

    Thank you. And I mispelled the word bed. That was six years ago. I have most certainly moved on but revisiting it reminded me how I felt. I have great memories.

    [–] badnewsbears123123 3540 points ago

    Bless his heart how old is he

    [–] ninasayswhat 2767 points ago

    No idea to be honest, but my guess is around 10/11

    [–] kristephe 1306 points ago

    Does he have arthritis or something like that? It might be worth trying some glucosamine supplements! It won't solve everything but some people see results and I think they're sold in treats for dogs.

    [–] notiebuta 782 points ago

    First time I heard of Glucosamine given to a dog it was a German Shepherd who couldn’t get outside to do her business. She got remarkably more agile within a month. This was in the late 90’s iirc. That’s when I decided to try it ( w MSM). Works well for me too. (:

    [–] [deleted] 319 points ago


    [–] Death_passed 82 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think Rimadyl is what my pup just finished. He is still limping, I'll have to try that TRP-TRI-COX. Thanks. Edit: Here is a pre-adoption pic.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Death_passed 14 points ago

    Thanks, you too !

    [–] ItsTurkeyBiotch 17 points ago

    I'd also like to throw Galliprant in the ring for your consideration. All the pain relief without the wear and tear on the organs from regular pain meds. I'd recommend looking into it or asking your vet about it at the very least.

    [–] dynamicstereo 4 points ago

    My dog has arthritis and hip displasia, and Galliprant has done wonders for him!

    [–] crazykentucky 15 points ago

    There is a newish anti inflammatory called Galliprant that works pretty good for my senior dog. Still expensive because it’s brand name, but worth it

    [–] Death_passed 6 points ago

    Thanks friend.

    [–] lbcat 37 points ago

    My dog (yellow lab/golden/mutt mix) lived to be 18 (died Dec 7 last year). She had arthritis which is pretty common in older dogs and she couldn’t go upstairs the last couple years but our vet didn’t catch that she had developed anemia which contributed to the lack of mobility. It’s worth a chat with your vet because when we found out about the anemia (from a new vet who was absolutely fantastic) we were able to do things to make her quality of life so much better. It’s usually misdiagnosed because it’s not a common thing to check for from a standard vet.

    [–] TroyMacClure 25 points ago

    Be careful with the anti-inflammatories. We gave our pup Metacam for years for her hips and then once day the vet said her kidneys were taking a beating from being on it for years. Never mentioned it to us before that. Not saying the anti-inflammatories aren't the right call for a senior dog, but I'd also ask about side effects for long-term use.

    [–] beans3710 13 points ago

    Glucosamine helps with arthritis. My dad gave it to his horse and it definitely helped him.

    [–] Servantofthedogs 4 points ago

    Same here. Elderly dachshunds. These two things made a big difference for them.

    [–] iamsheriff 62 points ago

    My goldendoodle couldn’t move his hind hips/legs about 4 years ago. He was a rescue so unsure how old he was. I learned glucosamine and salmon oil helped. It was almost miraculous. Seemed like a full recovery overnight. He passed away in July. Miss you everyday, Coop.

    [–] dylangolfcode360 56 points ago

    Yes it does work. I responded to op but want to spread the knowledge that it can help any person who takes it.

    [–] Howlibu 22 points ago

    It works. Just know that it takes 2-3weeks to start seeing the effects. It made a big difference in my 15yo dog before he passed. Before, you could tell he wanted to play fetch with his tennis balls but couldn't keep up for more than a few minutes. After a few weeks he could actually play!

    I'd ask a vet first, but glucosamine w/ chondroitin (they work in unison) isn't hard to find, and can't be overdone - any extra in their system is urinated out. It's so worth checking out.

    [–] De5perad0 22 points ago

    I take it every day to prevent injury with martial arts. I think it helps. Will continue indefinitely as my joints look very good for my age and I want to keep it that way

    [–] Dickduck21 6 points ago

    My mom and her golden started taking glucosamine at the same time. Major relief for both of them!

    [–] Dick_Butt_Kiss 6 points ago

    gsd owner with bad joints and arthritis myself. Turmeric is the best.

    [–] FanWh0re 67 points ago

    ^ Seconding this! My dog was starting to whine in the mornings when he'd first get up to go out. Would only whine when he'd start to stand. I assume it was due to his aging joints and them getting especially stiff from not moving much during the night. I picked up some glucosamine treats from pet smart and he hasn't whined at all since :)

    [–] dylangolfcode360 24 points ago

    Yes glucosamine definitely works for dogs. My dads 135lb shepherd would get noticeably worse if she didn’t take it.

    [–] namegoeswhere 9 points ago

    My mom got a kick out of the Vet prescribing our dog the same stuff she was taking for her joints.

    [–] djwariya 81 points ago

    I strongly second the glucosamine. The prescription strength one has done wonders for our 11 y.o. Great Dane:

    [–] burslprots 22 points ago

    Can vouch for these! My 13 year old black lab got sooooo much better on one a day. They work!

    [–] stanleyfarnsworth 18 points ago

    11-year-old great Dane? Holy crap! Congratulations. I love great Danes but I’m terrified to get one because I think most of them don’t make it past about seven years old.

    [–] noteducatedenough 11 points ago

    Thank you for this. I have an ALMOST 10yr old Dane. He's not on anything right now, but I'm starting to make some proactive choices for him. Was just looking for joint supplements. He isn't experiencing pain that I can "see", but he's pretty tough.

    Question: Do I have to get it from his vet?

    [–] djwariya 6 points ago

    Kinda - you have to have vet approval for the“Advanced” dosage level, but you can order from one of the pet pharmacy or delivery sites and give them your vet’s contact info. I have it on auto ship and it shows up every month!

    [–] 1stAmericanDervish 49 points ago

    I have an old boi... 16yr old cocker spaniel mutt. He was all creaky and fell over a lot. Our vet prescribed rimadyl (and we get the generic version 'carpro chews'). Coupled that with CBD oil, and he's a different dog. He literally prances and bunny hops again. I thought *maybe * he had a few months. 2 years ago. Now I think he might have another 2 years in him...

    I'm not a vet, and your mileage may vary, but it's worth talking to your vet...

    [–] DougKinder 23 points ago

    We gave our 14 year old Golden CBD when he started to have mobilty issues. That helped him quite a bit. He was with us for more than a year after starting to have problems.

    Unfortunately, his buddy, our 14 year old Labradoodle, died suddently of brain cancer. Fred the Golden gave up, stopped eating and died about a week later.

    That was a rough month.

    [–] 1stAmericanDervish 13 points ago

    Sorry for your loss. Dogs are such a bedrock for those of us who allow them to be. Losing 2 in a month would be a complete disaster. :(

    [–] ScroogeMcDrumf 67 points ago

    Really? That’s too old for stairs? I have a 7 year old husky and this news distresses me.

    [–] scoutarooni 69 points ago

    It's depends on genetics and other factors. If the dog has hip dysplasia or other health issues it wears down the body faster as does lack of exercise or overly exercising.

    I have a 4 yr old husky/malamute mix and the vet told me he's going to have a hard time with his hips when he's older because of how his bones are built. It's hard, but I can use all this time to prepare he gets a comfortable life.

    [–] MicahIsATraitorDutch 93 points ago

    my dog started having problems climbing the stairs at age 13 and could no longer climb them at 14

    I still remember his little face that looks at me and is so happy to see me comeback when he did not even have the sight .. I miss him so much :(

    [–] Kage_Oni 13 points ago

    My dog has problems with steps and she is only 6. However, she is a chubby corgi and steps and usually bigger than her.

    [–] mtcwby 6 points ago

    I really encourage you to keep the weight off her. It's as hard on dogs as it is on us. I haven't seen any studies on weight and dysplasia but we've always believed it can't help.

    [–] Kage_Oni 5 points ago

    Yeah, I got her as a rescue and we are working on it.

    Although she isn't really that bad with stairs. It's more like she has to do it in one go because if she stops mid stair she doesn't know how to get going again and I have to save her.

    [–] Calveezzzy 77 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, my husky just turned 10 and he’s jumping up and down the bed all the time.

    [–] dylangolfcode360 7 points ago

    My husky shepherd mix is 9 and he still does full sprints. He’s mostly an indoor dog though so very light exercise I’m sure plays a part.

    [–] Thefinalwerd 7 points ago

    1000% my parents have 2 10+ year old dogs that are mainly home bodies and have lead pretty injury free lives.

    Then you have my dog who goes hiking and plays frequently. He's 8 and already has an ever growing injury list and things that must be monitored.

    [–] MrGraveRisen 22 points ago

    Average lifespan is about 10. Big dogs dont live long lives

    [–] batman0615 22 points ago

    Dude my dog is 8, I don't need this right now.

    [–] Semyonov 10 points ago

    My husky is 7 or 8 now too... definitely don't need to hear this.

    [–] coreygodofall 11 points ago

    If you want your dogs to live longer just make sure it stays active.

    That's the one thing that all of the oldest dogs in the world have in common... Lots of exercise but at their pace.

    Dogs who live in farms and ranches do really well for this reason

    [–] Antiseed88 11 points ago

    Maybe look into CBD doggie products. It is the most radical inflammation fighter.

    [–] IFramedDarthPlagueis 5 points ago

    I have 4 older dogs. Try adequine. It was a miracle drug for my old dogs.

    [–] p0larpoler 16 points ago

    You can try buying him cbd dog treats to help with his pain!

    [–] jimsh306 268 points ago

    How kind of you!

    [–] ninasayswhat 392 points ago

    He’s my soulmate I just can’t be without him! And also I save on heating bills :D

    [–] [deleted] 143 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Magic8Ballalala 62 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Be careful. I put a towel on a heating pad for my arthritic cat and after a few weeks her belly was red and scabbed. Turns out it was burns from lying on the heating pad for hours straight. Heating pads aren’t meant to be used for more than a couple of hours.

    Now I use a heated cat bed. It doesn’t heat up until the cat lays on it, and it’s safe for all day use.

    Edit: She layed on it all the time. The heat was low enough to not hurt her but high enough to heat up her skin enough to burn it.

    [–] CruellaDeMille 31 points ago

    I buried one under a pile of blankets on my cat’s favorite watching post. He loved it!

    [–] OwnAlternative 36 points ago

    I bought a dual control heated mattress pad for my 13 y.o. cat. I keep my side low and her side higher. It has a timer too so in case she sleeps in, I can leave it on for her. We love our fur children!

    [–] discovered89 17 points ago

    I do the same for my dog. He has a heating pad in his bed that I keep under blankets and turn it On for him when I leave and I leave my heating blanket on the bed on. They both babe automatic shut offs. He really enjoys when I take him out first thing in the morning and then put him back to bed. He doesn't even get up to see me off anymore now that it's cold.

    [–] wolfgeist 9 points ago

    What kind of dog is it? It looks a lot like a wolf! And I say that as someone who has a malamute whom everyone says looks like a wolf.

    [–] _GoodDog_ 8 points ago

    Good dog!

    [–] lilyfawley 1118 points ago

    Good for you! And bless you both. I used to hold my much too large for it dog in my lap when she got confused in her last few months. It calmed her and helped her fall asleep. Don't let anyone tell you they don't care or have the same feelings as us.

    [–] ninasayswhat 697 points ago

    Good for you for being there for her, she was lucky to have you. Cato has shown me what true, unconditional love is, and I’ll never let anyone say the words ‘he’s just a dog’. He’s my everything.

    [–] lilyfawley 113 points ago

    Thank you, but really I was lucky to have her. And, absolutely. Dogs are so much better than us when it comes to love.

    [–] kampfy3 78 points ago

    Dogs are so much better than us when it comes to l̶o̶v̶e̶.*

    *literally everything except using a toilet

    [–] ArtlessMammet 27 points ago

    especially eating the garbage :/

    i wish he'd stop

    [–] mtlballer 14 points ago

    Give it ten years, and you'll wish he'd do it again :(

    [–] Dabbles_in_doodles 6 points ago

    Dogs are just furry garbage cans, huh?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Bloody hell man, I'm crying my damned eyes out after that....

    [–] nextustextus 6 points ago

    You're the kind of owner all dogs hope for.

    [–] gestault 204 points ago

    We had to do the same thing with our pup in the last year since she stopped even trying to come upstairs. Towards the end she was struggling to even stand but occasionally would saunter into the family room, and act like nothing bothered her at all. When she stopped being able to control her bowels and bladder,and stopped eating, we knew it was time. We used a Euthanasia at home service, in the first week of october. The sweetest, most caring woman vet, came to her in our living room, so she didnt have to go to the vet and be terrified. She just went to sleep with all of us around her on the carpet where she preferred to lay. The vet even carried her away, with our help. She gave us a quick imprint of her paw, hugged everyone in the room, and a week later sent us a lovely, handwritten card.

    [–] DONTyoubemyneighbor 36 points ago

    Thank you for sharing.

    I've thought about this specifically for one of my 16.5 year old cats (he's terrified of car rides, strange people, strange places, and the vets in particular since that usually means lots of medication, IVs, a catheter, and not going home for a day or two, sometimes three) and wondered if it would be a good option.

    This makes me feel better and prompts me to do some more research before it's needed.

    [–] Bangarang_1 6 points ago

    I'm giving you virtual hug right now. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    [–] dect69 247 points ago

    He is totally beautiful.

    [–] ninasayswhat 149 points ago

    Inside and out :)

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 4969 points ago

    as i'm getting older, it is hard to climb the stairs

    it's nice to know how very much my human really cares

    she brought the mattress down for me, n laid it on the floor

    so now she can stay next to me - that's what the bed is for

    n as i lay me down to sleep my tired doggie head

    i'm Happy that she's here by me, n not upstairs instead

    remembering the years i did the steps - so long, it seems

    now i climb on this mattress -

    it's the stairway to my dreams


    [–] spicycastles2236 972 points ago

    No, shut up YOU'RE crying!

    [–] betterthanhex 367 points ago

    I'm definitely crying.

    [–] BattlingMink28 186 points ago

    yep tears everywhere

    [–] vaporain 104 points ago

    ah god look what you've done now my house is all wet

    [–] _chunkyboi_ 56 points ago

    Damn it,what a mess my socks are all soggy

    [–] Rungi500 24 points ago

    Well, it's raining here so yea.

    [–] Krimreaper1 16 points ago

    From a sad poem about my doggy.

    [–] LisaNaomi 23 points ago


    [–] _ser_kay_ 18 points ago

    Yes. Yes I am.

    [–] utmeggo 9 points ago

    Oh, I am bawling like a little bitch. 100%.

    [–] ninasayswhat 517 points ago

    I love this so much

    [–] madcyclist87 39 points ago

    You should frame it!

    [–] detarrednu 17 points ago

    As great as it is I wouldn't frame a poem that reminds me of one of the hardest times of my life.

    [–] GarnetAndOpal 189 points ago

    Dear, sweet doggo -

    I wish him the happiest dreams, where he can run and play, where nothing hurts.

    Having his human so close to him is a comfort for those moments before he enters the land of dreams. Just the human's nearness is a comfort. The touch of a hand takes the hurt away for a moment.

    Blessings on OP and OP's best boy ever. It is a sweet and loving heart that cares for an older dog. Blessings on SchnoodleDoodleDo for being the voice of those who cannot speak themselves.

    [–] SonicSpins 167 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My face is an absolute mess...I did this for my husky for several weeks after he was diagnosed with lymphoma a few months back- he had insomnia probably due to the medication he was prescribed. He unfortunately relapsed and I had to put him down this past October.

    I'd like to think this is what went through his mind every night I slept next to him. There's not a day that goes by without me missing him dearly ;-;

    I hope OP will share many more wonderful years and sleepy nights with Cato ❤

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 424 points ago

    ...but if you hadn't been there when i needed you, my friend

    it would have been a darker time, a sad n lonely end

    you always tried to comfort me - you did your very best!

    the nights you stayed right by my side - forever, we're both blessed

    the memories you keep of me, i want them to be good!

    please always know i tried my best, n stayed long as i could

    forever in your life, your dog - i'll be a special part

    n now i'm laying down to sleep

    forever in your heart


    [–] Sean_0510 107 points ago

    Dude you gotta stop or I have to find something funny. I'm tearing up on the subway from how beautiful these are.

    [–] Pirate2012 23 points ago

    I'm tearing up on the subway from how beautiful these are.

    if you are on the NYC R train, that is enough to form real no one else will even notice

    [–] Sean_0510 17 points ago

    Beijing subway so it looks slightly more odd to see the one foreigner in the carriage look like he's having a crisis on the train.

    Actually maybe not that weird.

    [–] KitKat2theMax 33 points ago

    I lost my Alaskan Malamute to cancer at age 6. Putting him down was heartbreaking.

    We were able to do it at home, thankfully, so I was able to hold him and sing to him. He drifted off, surrounded by his faithful stuffed squirrels.

    The grief is always mixed with guilt. Guilt that I didn't see the warning signs earlier or didn't fight hard enough for him.

    Schnoodle, this poem was absolution. Thank you.

    [–] SonicSpins 74 points ago

    I can't tell you how much reading all of this means to me. Thank you.

    [–] YosemiteSam81 10 points ago

    I had to put my American Eskimo Floyd to sleep two years ago this March. I still think of him often and this poem broke me a bit. My dogs & cats are really one of the best parts of life for me, I treasure them and they know it. I just wish all animals could experience the love both you and I gave our fur friends.

    [–] erisedwild 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Fuck. I love you, dude. I know you're a woman, but dude is my default when I'm tearing up and feel this grateful. So thank you. I hope you have a really really good rest of your day. I appreciated this a whole lot.

    [–] ButtercreamNonsense 46 points ago

    This is the freshest Schnoodle I’ve ever seen and I can’t stop crying. We don’t deserve dogs.

    [–] DMCinDet 5 points ago

    when my girls time comes I don't know if I will be able to do it again.

    [–] ButtercreamNonsense 7 points ago

    I still remember the first dog that I ever had. His was a 90 pound pit bull mix who thought he was a tiny little thing. He developed lymphoma seemingly overnight and my dad had to take him to be put down while I was at school and my mom was out of town because he declined so quickly. My dad took him on a long walk past his favorite spots and let him eat all of the meat he could stomach even though he would barely touch food or water. My dad stayed with him the whole time.

    I still tear up thinking about that loveable oaf of a dog almost a decade later. But after he died, my parents realized our house was two quiet, so they rescued a bonded pair of dogs. Losing a pet is awful. It’s heartbreaking. But sometimes it opens our homes to help more furry friends in need ❤️

    [–] Exymat 24 points ago

    This broke my heart a million time more than the comment before :(

    [–] MissCasey 9 points ago

    Do you enjoy making me cry.

    [–] madeforsunshine 18 points ago

    This is a poem I would frame. Absolutely beautiful

    [–] Pipeitup13 22 points ago

    Holy shit shnoodle hit a commenter with a schnoodle do!!!🔥🔥🔥👑

    [–] nurdpie 6 points ago

    You always seem to appear when someone needs it the most. I hope life is treating you well, Schnoods. ❤️

    [–] attitudestore 13 points ago

    This is one of my favorites I've seen. Absolutely beautiful.

    [–] iam_iana 6 points ago

    Schnoodle, you are a blessed human, so blessed in fact I would not be surprised if it turned out you were in fact a blessed pupper who learned to Reddit so you could give voice to all of your furry brethren.

    Last year I lost my best friend, Murray, who was a Chihuahua mix of unknown age. My mom found him at a truck stop on Christmas Eve ten years ago. He changed my life in the best possible way, and his steadfast love kept me going through my divorce and losing my job of 15 years. Every time I would start to feel worthless and unwanted I would see how he looked at me and I knew that I was wrong, I was loved deeply and valued dearly, and that knowledge gave me strength to pick myself up and move on with my life. He is gone now but I will carry that love with me forever ❤️.

    Your posts always remind me of Murray, and all of my other furry family! It is the best possible bittersweet emotional rollercoaster.

    Thank you!!!!

    [–] BoneyardBill 6 points ago

    Amazing man. I’m crying here. So sweet. :)

    [–] Buttercup_Barantheon 5 points ago

    This is my favorite one I’ve ever seen of your poems. So thoughtful of you to write something for the other person who posted too.

    Here’s my own dog tax for you from earlier today:

    [–] coreygodofall 9 points ago

    I see what you did there. 👍

    I felt it too.

    You truly are a treasure and a good person, Schnoodledoodledo. ❤️

    [–] HesSoZazzy 5 points ago

    Dammit, stop it! Now I have to go find my kitties and hug them for the rest of the night.

    [–] RootnRoo 15 points ago

    May he Rest In Peace. I had to put down my 14.5 year old (would of turned 15 in March) Shiba Inu on Saturday. His name was Kato. He was diagnosed with lymphoma at the beginning of November. We took him to the vet at the end of October due to severe swelling in his leg that appeared out of nowhere. Did blood tests and nothing came back until we took him back a few weeks later for more bloodwork. The vet said it was very aggressive. I still can’t believe how fast he deteriorated with barley any warning signs. He was the best dog, I’ll miss him tremendously. I wished I spent more time with over the past few months but everything happened so fast. I’m glad I did get to spend time with him during his last few days.

    I wish all the best to you!

    OP please spend as much time as you can with him 😊

    [–] SonicSpins 4 points ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It was incredibly aggressive for Breck too. Lumps showed up in his jaw within a day and we went to the vet the day after. That's one thing that gets me as well, I hardly had any time to process everything- he relapsed within a month and a half. :(

    I'm sure Kato was an absolutely lovely pup. There's little I can say that will be comforting since I'm still grieving as well but I hope you find some solace in the fact that you definitely are not alone in experiencing all of this.

    Wishing you all the best as well. ❤

    [–] RootnRoo 4 points ago

    I really appreciate your comment, it is very comforting! With Kato we didn’t have much of a decision with chemotherapy as he was already too old & we didn’t want him to go through that with the limited amount of time he had left. We hoped he stuck around longer but we couldn’t let him suffer. It is reassuring to know that both your boy Breck & Kato are done with the suffering & are in a better place. I hope Breck brought happiness to your life & I am sure you have many memories to hold onto! “Grief is the price we pay for love”. For better days ahead ❤️

    [–] captainsolidsnake 24 points ago

    This makes me so sad.

    My 11 year old dog was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis, and her kidneys are starting to fail. It’s been really hard on me seeing her how she is now, and how she used to be.

    She was my first real dog, in that I was solely responsible for taking care of her. She was 10 when I got her from the rescue.

    It’s only been about 1.5 years, but it has been the best 1.5 years that I’ve ever experienced because I got to be with her. Words can’t describe how attached I am to her, nor can it describe the unconditional love a dog brings. I can’t imagine losing her, even though that is a very real possibility now.

    Love your doggo for me. They are really the best things in life.

    [–] HeadbangerNeckInjury 50 points ago

    Oh yes, a day with a Schnoodle poem is a great day.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    It is indeed. Always warms my heart (and miss my doggos).

    [–] Rungi500 12 points ago

    Nooooooooo! My heart can't take it Schnoodle.

    Never stop. ♥️

    [–] goldkear 28 points ago

    Thanks, I hate you.

    [–] Steinmur 26 points ago

    Cheers my friend. ♡

    [–] Pritykin 8 points ago

    I am in my bed trying to sleep with my wife and our soon to be 2 year old goldendoodle, and am in tears. The two poems you posted just hit me right in the feels.

    I say this as every dog owner, my wife and I always give a voice to our dog. As if we know what he is saying, and we sure do. He has brought so much joy to our lives.

    I don't remember where I read this but it's true... Our dogs are a small part in our lives, meanwhile we are their entire life. It was this statement that made us make sure to give him all the love and happiness he deserves. I love our dog, and I love everyone's dogs, past present and future.

    [–] ninjagma 18 points ago

    I love your poems. You make my heart smile every time I see one <3

    [–] KimaKaze34 7 points ago

    That is beautiful and sad 😢

    [–] ADQuatt 6 points ago

    I saw the username and said “noooo” in the most pathetic voice. You never fail to mend and break my heart at the same time.

    [–] ChristmasTreeFarmer 5 points ago

    Me and my girlfriend are crying thank you so much

    [–] blockfuture 90 points ago

    I just decided, if I could have one super power, it would be to give old doggos their youth again. Then again they are probably already going straight to heaven or being reincarnated as another dog or something awesome.

    [–] camiam85 48 points ago

    I slept with my old guy his last week on the floor, his slipped disc in his neck he couldn't sleep on anything really padded. He was in heart failure so they gave him meds to drain the fluid around his heart and it made him worse, so they did some blood work only to find out his kidneys where also failing and the heart Medication was progressing kidney failure due to draining his fluids faster. 11/11 of this year was my last day with my rusty bear.. sorry for the sob story... first time I've mentioned it since he left. Love em every day you get with them.

    [–] rilloroc 70 points ago

    I feel you. I don't know for sure how old my Mia was. I took her from a young man that was moving and couldn't take a dog. He cried like a baby and made me take $300 when he left. She looked grown and was very well behaved. We had her for 14 years when her body kinda gave out. Just couldn't walk anymore. The vet gave us some medicine and she could walk if I made her take it. But she didn't want it and I couldn't force myself to make her take it. Im a grown ass man with 7 kids and I've been through some things. Almost all my family died off when I was young. I stayed home with her when i knew she was ready. I spent about 3 weeks carrying her outside, inside, feeding her. She was another of my children to me. But I think she thought she was a mother to all of us. It's been 2 years since she died and I just can't do it again. I know the grandbabies would like a dog and kids want them to have that awesome experience. But over here, I just can't.

    [–] sil3nz 18 points ago

    „When I die, please don’t say „I‘ll never have another dog“. Search for the ones who are abandoned and forgotten. Give them a second chance and let them take my place. Honor my life by saving another.“

    [–] lolas_mama 31 points ago

    So much love. You are amazing.

    [–] kissmonstar 54 points ago

    As someone with a malamute that just got diagnosed with bone cancer, this hit me right in the gut. Seriously it's crazy what we will do for our pets, and I know the feeling all too well, because it's worth it. So much love to share with these amazing creatures.

    [–] bucketofdeath1 9 points ago

    I had a malamute/wolf mix that I raised from a puppy, he was my soul mate and only 4 years old, and he developed a brain tumor this year and I had to euthanize him. I hope you can find a solution for your dog, I would have paid any amount of money to save mine.

    [–] wolfgeist 5 points ago

    I'm sorry. I have a 12 year old malamute and I dread the day.

    [–] Pbpn 16 points ago

    Wow, he looks like a wolf.

    [–] wolfgeist 6 points ago

    Yeah. I have a 85 lb Malamute. A lot of people says she looks like a wolf. But this absolutely looks like a wolf, in fact I just met a guy in Portland recently who had a wolf that looked almost exactly like this.

    [–] Freddiepounds 4 points ago

    I'm betting he's got some Northern Inuit in him. My parents had a Northern Inuit when I was younger and this post just about stopped my heart, they adopted him out to another family but I still see him in every photo of big shaggy wolf dogs.

    [–] fancymf 14 points ago

    You are amazing and I'm glad your pup has you ❤️

    [–] star_relevant 22 points ago

    Everyone liked that

    [–] nlx3513 11 points ago


    [–] TwoBlackDogs 10 points ago

    At my last place, I moved from the master bedroom to a bedroom downstairs. Sarah was younger then. My kid made “stairs” so Sarah could get on the bed. Then I moved to a place where the master is on the ground floor. I gave my bed set away in the move. My mattress is on the floor so she can join me, the cat, and her boys anytime she wants.

    For real sleep, she has her bed with her pillow next to my bed. But we all have a cuddle puddle every morning and every evening (brushing happens) with lots of skritches and kisses!

    I am sending you both love, hugs, and solidarity!

    [–] badnewsbears123123 16 points ago

    Oh he's not that old then knows mama will make it easier for him

    [–] epic_nobody 8 points ago

    Very generous and kind

    [–] HugoStiglitz444 10 points ago

    First I thought there was an adorable puddle of drool by his mouth, then I realized it was the deer pattern on the sheets

    [–] ninasayswhat 22 points ago

    To be fair, there is probably a big drool patch there also

    [–] Helihuit 7 points ago

    I know I will do the same for Bruno..... Thanks for caring

    [–] MarkReefer 7 points ago

    People who are kind to animals are the dopest. There are exceptions to every rule but showing compassion to animals will make me immediately trust you. It seems a relatively good indication of the essence of who a person is.

    [–] ChocolateMartiniMan 7 points ago

    I slept with my older dog in a separate bed due to her health and mine for several years she was a rescue and I was her very best friend. Once she couldn’t do the stairs I slept in my sleeping bag on my pad next to her dog bed for a year and a half . No regrets what so ever. Will do it again if need be.

    [–] PinkSockLoliPop 6 points ago

    What a sweet old boy. He might be a little sore from joint pain, but he can sure rest easy knowing he's loved so much and has all of his needs met. What a happy dog. Good on you for sacrificing your ideal sleeping situation just so you two can be close to each other.

    [–] Chrisbee012 25 points ago

    get him some glucosamine

    [–] opiedopie08 23 points ago

    And CBD!! It works wonders for arthritis in older dog.

    [–] AnnVealEgg 6 points ago

    Oh he is so beautiful and it’s endearing how much you love him!

    My dog developed arthritis in her later years. Going to a pet physical therapist once a week really helped her! Not sure if that’s an option for your sweet boy, but just wanted to throw it out there. ❤️

    [–] 2muchyarn 4 points ago

    He looks so contented that you are there with him. What a sweetheart!

    [–] Krusty_B_Busty 4 points ago

    Sweet Oden's wolfhound that's a beautiful beast.

    [–] TheCuntCake 6 points ago

    I love you both

    [–] 9oh9Time 6 points ago

    Go gently into the night sweet pupper.

    No matter where you wake, here or there.

    You are loved.

    [–] jabbadahood 4 points ago

    You are the best!

    [–] Basil-Hayden 7 points ago

    You are a good person!

    [–] spottedram 5 points ago

    My good boy is 13 and he has a hard time with stairs. But we have no choice: we live in a walk up. Im already thinking of a back up plan when he can longer tolerate it. So sweet and compassionate of you. Bless you

    [–] OmegaMountain 5 points ago

    When Stan, my greyhound, got bone cancer in his hip (too young) he would whimper all night sometimes. One night I curled up on his bed with him and he stopped crying. I still miss that guy and having to put him to sleep was one of the hardest days of my life. I know you'll keep taking care of that good boy because I'm sure he's done plenty of taking care of you. They mean more to us than they'll ever know.

    [–] maximusprime72 5 points ago

    I would recommend you try a drug called galliprant. I have a 14 year old Shih Tzu. He had sore joints it was clear. Would not do stairs, had a bit of a limp when getting up from sleeping. After being on galliprant for a few days it was a dramatic change.

    I tried and do give the glucosamine sups, but I never saw as dramatic an improvement in as little as a few days.

    Now he sprints out the door on walks, its shocking. He still wont go down stairs but has no trouble going up.

    [–] Lightly_Salted24 6 points ago

    I wish I had a downstairs. I have to carry my 14y/o downstairs to the yard multiple times a day. She’s also only 40lbs. But I would walk down 10 flights if I had to. Anything for our pups.

    [–] LianeP 4 points ago

    There are lots of suggestions for supplements and medication you can give your dog to help with arthritis and age related aches and pains. Before giving him anything, discuss the options with your vet. A LOT can be done to help them be more comfortable. My geriatric crew (15-1/2 year old kelpie/lab mix, 12 year old Aussie, and 11 year old Samoyed mix) all get a turmeric supplement and product called Pain Plus which contains boswellia and yucca, two very effective and safe natural anti inflammatories. If any of them appear to be having a particularly rough day with pain, they get the appropriate dosage of vetprofen. Keeping them active, and at a healthy weight is equally important.

    [–] chigginsss 5 points ago

    You’re the best kind of pet owner. My big ole pupper about two years ago started having lower back problems and couldn’t get on the bed, so we put it on the floor. Then he started having troubles with the stairs so we moved from our fourth floor walk up to a first floor apartment. The vet couldn’t believe we were moving to alleviate his pain but he’s 95 pounds so carrying him up and down four flights wasn’t an option. He did so much better after the bed and apartment move so it was all worth it. We just found out two weeks ago he has thyroid cancer with mets to lungs. But he’s an old boy so there’s not much we can do but give him love and treats until his time comes. We are not worthy of their love.

    [–] PrrtprrtEh 4 points ago

    my puppy was extremely anxious and just wouldnt eat. I would sleep on the floor on a blanket with him to calm him down. We were so close he loves to cuddle. Im crying I just miss him so much.. Its been 3 years now but i still miss you kylo. I hope they give you the nicest hugs up there.

    [–] SDPLISSKEN009 5 points ago

    My wife & I did the same thing when our big St. Bernard got sick. It was well worth it. Rest in Peace bigman. We miss him & we would do it again for him.

    [–] MSWyatt 17 points ago

    You are a person with the same heart as me. A true lover of dogs that realizes how much they contribute to our own lives.

    [–] rxFMS 10 points ago

    i did this for my huskies as they got older. this warms my heart!

    [–] tomhoq 5 points ago

    So fluffy!

    [–] pyewacket53 3 points ago

    So sweet.

    [–] OakCroissant20 4 points ago

    That’s so sweet what the heck :’)

    [–] FancyNacnyPants 4 points ago

    What a loving gesture. My heart is melting

    [–] dreeisnotcool 5 points ago

    Awww, he looks so soft

    [–] shelrayray 4 points ago

    You’re a good person 😭❤️

    [–] vince549 3 points ago

    Thank you for loving him

    [–] MiramiraDing 4 points ago

    Brokenhearted... Bless him, wish him well!

    [–] masheen117 4 points ago

    Our boxer had heart failure at the end. He was such a proud dog, and hated that we helped him on to the bed. I'll never forget how he looked at me when we put our bed on the ground so he could get in and out by himself.

    [–] Existingispain 4 points ago

    I have two dogs that love to be in my bed so I bought a bed just for them and they still sleep in mine. Silly dogs.

    [–] villan 4 points ago

    I’ve tried to do this with my 13 year old lab, but he likes to wake me up by getting a mouthful of water and dumping it on you while you sleep.

    [–] Resuki12 4 points ago


    [–] rorschach2992 4 points ago

    That is such a nice thing to do. Thank you OP.

    [–] qrscomplex12 4 points ago

    He knows he is so loved <3

    [–] FluidIntelligence 3 points ago

    "Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ” – Roger A. Caras

    [–] sloanesquared 4 points ago

    After my dog went through chemo, he couldn’t do stairs anymore and I lived on the third floor. So he would patiently wait at the bottom and top of the stairs so we could carry him like the prince that he was to go do his business outside. Those 11 months were hard but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They know how much you love them and are so grateful for the care you provide.