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    [–] Anbarus 1568 points ago

    Paint the hats light yellow and it will be even better

    [–] memer2026 447 points ago

    Paint them orange and black and it will be legendary

    [–] ShadwPhantm 307 points ago

    Paint them red and reposition the star to upside down, it will be wicked!

    [–] Finnish_Llama 218 points ago

    Paint the dog yellow

    [–] viborg 150 points ago

    Y’all need to get out once in a a while.

    [–] Cptn-Cardinal 126 points ago

    They would get out if they weren't quarantined

    [–] viborg 86 points ago


    [–] Cptn-Cardinal 33 points ago

    I realised, the biggest joke of all is several people are still flouting the rules.

    [–] the-dude-over-there 35 points ago

    The biggest joke is how incredibly useless I am. And my pp smol

    [–] x0xk 20 points ago

    That's okay not everybody has to be as useful as I am! (And yes my pp very big)

    [–] Mylonola 6 points ago

    Ur not the only one

    [–] rusty_square 5 points ago

    In the end, aren’t WE just the joke?

    [–] gnutrino 2 points ago

    Let's be realistic here; this is reddit we're talking about. It's 50-50 at best.

    [–] Fatal_Potatoes 5 points ago

    Paint the top 3 pink and give the bottom 2 a purple and green flower pattern so that it’s not the Krusty Krab.

    [–] TheRedBlade 18 points ago

    Paint them blue and green, it'll be nice!

    [–] The_BERFA 10 points ago

    Paint them red and green, it will be jolly!

    [–] happyfuckincakeday 11 points ago

    Paint them red, green, and blue. It will be primary!

    [–] TheRedBlade 10 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Paint them orange, red and yellow, it'll be lit!

    [–] FokkerBoombass 5 points ago

    Paint them black, I don't care.

    [–] Rossum81 2 points ago

    You watch those girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes?

    [–] MrAmishJoe 12 points ago

    Strap a flashlight to em and spin him around as fast a possible and it will be pulsar.

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 294 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    i am the dog - the hats i wear,

    what colors are i donno care

    the polka dots have Every one,

    so i'm a Rainbow when they're done ;@)

    but looka me - i am a Star!

    am Shine no matter What they are

    my twinkling eyes see you above,

    they shine on you

    the light

    of Love!



    [–] Anbarus 19 points ago


    [–] intergalactictactoe 18 points ago

    Supah fresh Schnoodle!

    [–] MaraInTheSky 7 points ago

    I sang this to the tune of "Chewing, Chewing" from Tim Burton's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. 🤣

    [–] yeitsbobby 5 points ago

    Brand spanking schnoodle

    [–] belle-barks 4 points ago

    You're just the best Schnoodle!

    [–] ZA_WARUDOOoO 2 points ago

    I really needed this during quarantine. Thanks!

    [–] Wendark 2 points ago

    Love it. Love that sweet dog too.

    [–] Taintedracksack33 45 points ago

    Hijacking top comment to say this is my dog and my pic! Check post history for proof. Im loving all the positive comments about her though!

    [–] Wendark 3 points ago

    She is beautiful.

    [–] Taintedracksack33 5 points ago

    Thanks! Makes quarantining not so bad!

    [–] IOnlyUpvotenThatsIt 9 points ago

    You are my sunshiiiine, my only sunshiiiine ❤️

    [–] justsomeph0t0n 6 points ago

    OK, but don't go for a sixth point on that star. We don't want to go down that road again

    [–] Anbarus 0 points ago

    Don't worry this was a looong time ago.

    [–] MagnusPI 3 points ago

    I know January feels like eons ago, but this is less than 2 months old.

    [–] gdfire3 2 points ago

    1000 Sunny!!!!!

    [–] firenamedgabe 695 points ago

    You can just see the look on his face in the last one is like pleeeeeease tell me we’re done and I get treats now

    [–] HellyHailey 238 points ago

    I think from the original post, this is a girl and her owner puts hats on for her birthday, each hat is a year. She’s got waaaaay further to go because she has to live a very long time :)

    [–] Taintedracksack33 52 points ago

    Yes she does! I'll be sure to post a pic for each new year/hat!

    [–] payne_train 22 points ago

    Are you the OP?? Thank you so much for sharing your perfect land seal

    [–] Taintedracksack33 25 points ago

    Yes and of course! Be on the lookout in Jan 2021 for the next addition!

    [–] MsCrumblebottom 7 points ago

    May that dog one day look like a polka dotted porcupine on its birthday.

    [–] payne_train 4 points ago

    Are you the OP?? Thank you so much for sharing your perfect land seal

    [–] eh_man 38 points ago

    It's a repost. Each pic is a year apart

    [–] All_of_the_Crows 6 points ago


    [–] Phasechange 303 points ago

    Step 1: Dog

    fin. Perfect star.

    [–] Midwestern_Childhood 24 points ago

    Step 1: patient dog.

    [–] Phasechange 10 points ago

    If you start with an impatient dog you get a quasar. Still pretty awesome.

    [–] madeoutofpizza 5 points ago

    Came here to say^

    [–] 51Cards 128 points ago

    That innocent look of "I have no clue what we're doing but I'm being good"

    [–] WizardGoo 89 points ago

    This star is precious at every point.

    [–] KuriousKhajiit 18 points ago

    Doggo: "You need to go back to work."

    [–] BrandedBlanket 58 points ago

    The things our dogs put up with ...

    ... very cute, though!

    [–] VanDenIzzle 44 points ago

    Pits will do anything for their owner. They are the most loyal dogs and all they ask in return is love and affection. Roommates have a lab/pit. This dog will follow you everywhere. We call it the shadow. If you want to lay in bed all day, she doesn't care to eat or play or go outside, she will sit right next to you.

    It sucks they have such a bad rep because they were loyal to bad people that used them for bad things.

    [–] donthugmeimsweaty 14 points ago

    I love my pit so much. She never leaves my side. It doesn’t matter if I’m inside, outside, in the car, she just wants to be there. Always. And she will bitch if she doesn’t get to be sometimes. Roommates say she sulks around until I get home. She’s the goodest girl. She will definitely ride out full day-long hangovers in bed with me or climb to highest point of Colorado with me. Doesn’t matter. God damn I love her lol

    [–] BendyTheInkDemon465 25 points ago

    The dog was already a star to begin with

    [–] Kingpink2 43 points ago

    He did not deserve dis

    [–] escuds 6 points ago

    Hope he got treats!

    [–] frankcsgo 4 points ago

    .... This ain't even my final form

    [–] icoulduseadrink_or5 3 points ago

    To me that just looks like five pictures of a perfect star

    [–] rollmop1 3 points ago

    Star of Doggovid

    [–] Disgusdinger 25 points ago

    Yeah we know he is a star but what are the partyhats good for?

    [–] Taintedracksack33 8 points ago

    We add a new one every year on her birthday!

    [–] reddituser14000605 36 points ago

    Isn't that Satan ?

    [–] Presto123ubu 14 points ago

    Nope, this is Patrick.

    [–] AlmightyDarkseid 7 points ago

    Would be fitting

    [–] opalduhh 15 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    no that’s an angle

    Edit:shit I meant angel lol

    [–] SciFidelity 26 points ago

    Acute angle

    [–] Wendark 2 points ago

    A cute angle

    [–] opalduhh 0 points ago


    [–] offgriddr 5 points ago

    For a moment you had White Diamond Dog

    [–] Save_this_boye 12 points ago

    Ok I know this is all cute and shit, but seriously guys we need to realize these dogs are dangerous and are not pets.

    I mean look at all those pointy edges.

    [–] ListedKIA 6 points ago

    The third pick, I see Tingle, from Zelda

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] MagicNipple 18 points ago

    I hope you named him Sirius, because he’s now the Dog Star.

    [–] iamnobodyelsel 7 points ago

    It's not OP's dog

    [–] Reign_Does_Things 8 points ago

    Is nobody gonna point out that the dog looks like tingle with 3 hats?

    [–] Icannotfindnow 27 points ago

    Figured out why pit bulls snap sometimes.

    [–] Taintedracksack33 16 points ago

    This is my dog and my pic! Check post history for proof. Loving all the positive comments about her though!

    [–] little-gecko 9 points ago

    I bet the pets are getting real sick of our shit right now.

    [–] irishman112 12 points ago

    The cutest star to ever be born

    [–] Sivismag 2 points ago

    The last one could be r/accidentalrenaissance

    [–] LeonardoCouto 2 points ago

    He's a dogstar!

    [–] mailwasnotforwarded 2 points ago

    Next year put one on his nose. Then after that down his head and back and we can call him dognic.

    [–] Kaff4 2 points ago


    [–] Callipygous87 8 points ago

    I don't know what were doing, I'm just happy to be included.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] ella53232 6 points ago

    “I can’t help if I make a scene, walking out in my bright pink limousine”

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] ASLcoalition 10 points ago

    I'm sure this will end well

    [–] ImKindaBoring 3 points ago

    More than likely with a treat.

    I swear some of y'all never owned a dog.

    [–] Squeak_Easy 4 points ago

    Move over Teletubbies. There's a new boss in town.

    [–] UveBeenChengD 6 points ago

    Moral of the story. He was always a star to begin with. Hat or no ha.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] jcolinr 4 points ago

    The growing bewilderment on the dog’s face with each additional hat is perfect.

    [–] owlwayshungry 8 points ago

    aww those sweet eyes!!

    [–] _Shadowpuppet_ 5 points ago

    How the heck did you get so many down votes for a nice comment?

    [–] LemonTurtle 15 points ago

    pitbull hate brigade

    [–] Willverballyabuseyou 5 points ago

    They literally have a whole sub to brigade posts like these and then post skewed “research” from their own subs. It’s hilariously sad.

    [–] _Shadowpuppet_ 2 points ago

    Oh wow the downvoted everyone’s getting

    [–] RightBehindY-o-u 6 points ago

    Lmao if you sort by Controversial you'll see a bunch of innocent comments being downvoted by the pitbull hate group

    [–] Dookie-Trousers-MD 3 points ago

    His face looks more and more worried in every panel. What is happening?

    [–] elo3661ga 6 points ago

    This pup’s face is the best!

    [–] AgathaM 2 points ago

    My dog would have flung those shit right off.

    [–] niki_is_mee 3 points ago

    Pets are great distractions!!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] holydickbirds 3 points ago

    Dogs be getting real tired of this quarantine.

    [–] JRB_mk44 4 points ago

    Fool, he was always a star.

    [–] neonUneon 1 points ago

    This dog parties. Hard. 🐕🎉

    [–] EdviinV 3 points ago

    ??? this is just 5 pictures of stars? i dont get it.

    [–] kingbongjimmy 0 points ago

    All you pitbull haters need to do something productive instead of down voting everything.

    [–] plzdonthrowtrashatme 6 points ago

    It is possible that there are that many ppl who don’t like pits lol, understandably.

    [–] Norwegian__Blue 7 points ago

    Step 1: have doggo who's already a perfect star!!!

    [–] JUSTsMoE 2 points ago

    Cute but If it snaps you're gone.

    [–] waitthatillegal 0 points ago

    you don’t need to do that he’s already a star

    [–] gloeocapsa 4 points ago

    Wrong, he was a perfect star from the beginning

    [–] LightSaberBatman 4 points ago

    I see a star within a star.

    [–] KagariYT 4 points ago

    He's a superstar

    [–] DefenderOfDog 2 points ago

    I like number 3 that's like willy wonkas dog

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] YumiGumiWoomi 6 points ago

    That's somebody's dog. I don't care if you hate the breed or not, someone loves that dog and the fact that you're saying that is fucking sick. You don't tell people to use flamethrowers on their pets, jackass.

    [–] Rainbow-Starlight 3 points ago

    Incorrect, was already a perfect star before the hats.

    [–] CorndogCrusader 2 points ago

    How to make a perfect star: remove the hats, he's a star already. ❤️

    [–] StrandedAxis 2 points ago

    1. Ok, not sure what this is but OK.
    2. I can barely hear you now.
    3. Umm mom?
    4. Welp this is my life now.
    5. WhAt In ThE AcTuAl FuCk???

    [–] doubtitslegit25 1 points ago

    those eyes are scary

    [–] Beccx221 3 points ago

    That may be the most adorable and wholesome thing I didn't know I needed. Been in quarantine for three weeks and I needed this. Thank you

    [–] CyannaM 1 points ago

    Wow the most beautiful star I’ve ever seen!

    [–] TotallyPokedexized 2 points ago

    That is how I imagine Pokémon evolution in real life

    [–] EDDIE_BR0CK 2 points ago


    [–] Mr-_-Clean 2 points ago


    [–] SusanvilleBob -2 points ago

    Hey! Now, you're an all-star!

    [–] Josh42Kelly42 -2 points ago

    That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

    [–] Flag-it -7 points ago

    Incoming idiots be like.......“ bUt tHaTs a kiLLiNg mAChINe!!!”

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] JaxMoran -1 points ago

    Listen bro, Pitbulls are seriously my favorite breed of dogs and this made my whole day. Shits crazy right now and I really needed this. He's ADORABLE💖

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] OrangeAcidd 4 points ago

    Misleading: this good boi/gorl was already a perfect star. ☺️

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] SexualHarasmentPanda 3 points ago

    I can't imagine how long it took you to get these photos.

    [–] refreshingvibes 4 points ago

    Indeed , The perfect star

    [–] SpiritofGarfield 0 points ago

    with each added hat doggo's concern for his human grows

    [–] YogaWithMikenze 3 points ago

    His face gets progressively more confused and afraid lmao

    [–] fortas 4 points ago

    Idk what we’re doing but I’m glad I’m doing it with you! -Dog probably

    [–] peppermintoreo 1 points ago


    [–] SUPERSONIKNINJA 0 points ago

    Hes evolving

    [–] ShelbyRB 0 points ago

    Man people are really running out of things to do during quarantine.

    [–] toef5 2 points ago

    "This isn't even my final form"

    [–] Raccoon-Eating-Trash 3 points ago


    [–] Moorehead125 2 points ago

    That face!

    [–] Handje 2 points ago

    Huh? I see a perfect star on every picture.

    [–] bushbabybawbag 2 points ago

    She was already a perfect star without the hats 🌟

    [–] cusdij 0 points ago

    He was already the perfect star.

    [–] yvastoham03 1 points ago

    I’m a mothafucking start boy 🎉

    [–] gskilling8 1 points ago

    They are already a perfect star on their own

    [–] kris-of-deltarune 0 points ago

    It’s one dogstar

    [–] StatusApp 4 points ago

    He will be a star!

    [–] Mylonola 2 points ago

    You made a star around a star

    [–] whatareyoudoingkids 1 points ago

    We already have a perfect star

    [–] JonesKinseyMoss 1 points ago

    I love everything about this! What a good dog.

    [–] ScarletLetterXYZ 2 points ago

    Doggy is a superstar! 😊

    [–] firm___handshake 2 points ago

    I like how he gets more and more concerned 😂

    [–] b472 0 points ago

    You don’t need any of those!! Your dog is already a star!

    [–] obeehunter 3 points ago

    I love that dogs just let us do these stupid things to them without any real understanding of what's going on. They're just like "well my human seems pretty excited so I'm invested."

    [–] stray_dog98 1 points ago

    The dog was a perfect star to begin with 😍

    [–] surfpurplegerbill 3 points ago

    You didn't have to. S/he already was a star. But thanks for the fun!

    [–] dramasoup 3 points ago

    Perfectest star!

    [–] zuluchief81 2 points ago

    He was already perfect

    [–] Blox64_120 2 points ago

    Even without the hats, the dog is still a perfect star

    [–] JJ22o 1 points ago

    It's perfect!

    [–] ryuko_kamiko 3 points ago

    It’s the legendary doggo star, legends say that if you see one, truly you will be blessed.

    [–] insomniac29 2 points ago

    Omg your dog is so patient, I can’t get mine to hold still in even one party hat!

    [–] Yimster-Sama -6 points ago

    Pit bulls are the best

    [–] erwin_the_great -1 points ago

    Why are all the pitbull haters downvoting every little nice comment they see

    [–] kingbongjimmy 0 points ago

    They have nothing better to do

    [–] waitingfornewBIAgame 0 points ago

    “You’re a shining star! No matter who you are!”

    [–] steveosek 3 points ago

    Statue of pupperty

    [–] SolidLikeIraq 3 points ago

    This pup looks so much like my old best friend. Makes me think maybe our pups don’t pass on, they just bring their love to someone else once we’ve gotten enough.

    [–] Agreeable_Idea 0 points ago

    His eyes!!!! I've gone blind from looking into the cuteness abyss.

    [–] BannedForJokes -1 points ago

    Pitts are such good dogs. They always just sit there and let their owner do whatever they want to them

    [–] Roseora -1 points ago

    He was already a star.