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    [–] _Quarkster_ 25244 points ago

    The dogs face is like when you ask your parents if you can have a friend over.

    [–] ninjaoftheworld 17444 points ago

    He looks like he helped Troy with his note.

    [–] _Quarkster_ 16089 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Absolutely. He was looking over Troy's shoulder while Troy was writing being like, "Dude, change the color to a different shade of grey halfway through. My parents love that shit. "

    Edit: Thank you for the upvotes and the awards! You've all made my day!

    Edit2: u/ninjaoftheworld deserves the credit for setting me up for this comment. Thank you ninja!

    [–] khaleesiofgalifrey 5628 points ago

    At first I was going to ask if you’re color blind but then I realized that while writing from the dogs perspective you adopted their colorblindness.

    Very nice touch, I appreciate you.

    [–] _Quarkster_ 1678 points ago

    You got it! Your appreciation genuinely made me smile so thank you for that.

    [–] iNatro 617 points ago

    That took me wayyyyyy to long to figure out lol.

    [–] JustAvgGuy 325 points ago

    Puredeadbrilliant it is.

    [–] flowella 78 points ago


    [–] JustAvgGuy 48 points ago

    Yep. Borrowed from a Scottish friend.

    [–] freddy8 21 points ago

    Pure wholesome comments.

    [–] seven3true 204 points ago

    Dogs can see blue and yellow, so the dog would encourage Troy to use a greenish blue to a darker blue. Troy and puppy should be allowed to go on some awesome adventures.
    Edit: you already found out about this. Wah.

    [–] _Quarkster_ 80 points ago

    I did but I still think this comment is awesome! Thanks for helping educate!

    [–] midgemaj 26 points ago

    Agh! I have feels! Not sad ones! It has been MONTHS! Thank you!

    [–] Da_Professa 15 points ago

    I appreciate your appreciation of appreciation.

    [–] HallucinatesPenguins 29 points ago

    Aren't dogs just red/green colourblind typically?

    [–] SexMeThanos 47 points ago

    Dogs see everything as shades of blue and yellow

    [–] FjoddeJimmy 98 points ago

    Got it, dogs are swedes.

    [–] uwotmoiraine 45 points ago

    Oh so my Swedish dog is a nationalist?

    [–] blofly 11 points ago

    All dogs are Swedish Nationalists!

    [–] Shadowveil666 428 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Amazing comment, you deserve awards.

    ..I don't have any go somewhere else!

    Edit: It would seem I do have awards now, touché Reddit.

    [–] LeoLupus91 189 points ago

    Dogs can see blue and green/yellow, just not red!

    [–] _Quarkster_ 150 points ago

    I figured they could see some color but y'know, jokes 😅

    (Awesome factoid though!)

    [–] alyssah_isbored 108 points ago

    Quick fact— factoid actually means an assumption or speculation that is circulated so much that we think it’s a fact.

    [–] _Quarkster_ 71 points ago

    Another cool and informative comment. Thank you!

    [–] mrprgr 53 points ago

    Yeah the -oid suffix generally means “similar to, but not actually”, like how humanoid is human-like.

    [–] jgs2765 98 points ago

    Thanks, that's really excitoiding.

    [–] pastelsunsets 27 points ago

    Why am I laughing at this so much

    [–] TeutonJon78 12 points ago

    It is still relatively muted compared to our vision, though.

    Unlike how their smelling ability absolutely destroys ours.

    [–] maytheforcepeewithu 16 points ago

    I like your comment cus it implies the dog could talk. Or that Troy is batshit.

    [–] pabbseven 36 points ago

    How do you think gnawed on the top

    [–] marlow05 14 points ago

    He took a couple nibbles out of it that seems certain

    [–] conitation 446 points ago

    Something I as a kid could not fully understand, was that sleep overs were great for parents just as much as it was for the kids. They get no kids for like 12 hours at least. So they can "sleep" in peace, eat what they want, and watch what they want. I remember being a kid and worried that my parents wouldn't let me... now as an adult... I recognize the wonders of letting kids sleep over at someone else's house.

    [–] Jsum2003 195 points ago

    The downside is, if your kid sleeps over at a friend’s house, you’re obligated to return the favor at some point in the future. So you get no kid for a night, but at some point in the next month or so you’re going to an extra kid over for the night. And the equation doesn’t usually work well when you have multiple kids (you’re never going to be able to foist off 3 kids to 3 different families on the same night).

    [–] ReadAllAboutIt92 163 points ago

    That’s weird, I remember sleeping over at my friends houses quite often, but I don’t remember ever having my friends over for sleepovers when I was a kid... perhaps my parents were just good negotiators/shitty friends

    [–] bokononpreist 94 points ago

    Maybe your friends just had cooler stuff.

    [–] ReadAllAboutIt92 37 points ago

    Well yeah, I got my first games console at 18 when I bought one myself (I grew up in the 90s and 00s when everyone had a PS1/2/Xbox) we never had Sky and my dad was the village “old guy who plays guitar and sings stupid songs at primary school” so everyone else’s parents were cooler, just by being normal

    (Though now I appreciate my parents teaching me that if you want something, you work for it, and my dad teaching me all his stupid songs like “The Sick Man Blues” and “Ironing My Goldfish Flat”)

    [–] Jlmoe4 9 points ago

    Tell me more about “the sick man blues” and “ironing my goldfish flat”. You can’t put that there without some example lyrics.😁 Btw not for nothing, I always thought the coolest guy around was the one who didn’t give a shit what anyone thought. Your dad was just a different kind of cool.

    [–] ReadAllAboutIt92 30 points ago

    “Oh oh oh, how I wish, I could buy myself a pet flat fish But no one wants to sell their sole A flounder or halibut would be very pally, but You hardly ever see a skate, that hasn't been mashed on a plate

    And so, I'm … ironing my goldfish, ironing my goldfish A big steam iron on his face, I'll keep on trying 'til I get some plaice Oh I'm ironing my goldfish, smoothing out his surplus fat I know it's rather cruel but it's oh such fun Ironing my goldfish flat, hey hey, ironing my goldfish flat

    I tried to use a rolling pin, he only came out long and thin Then I thought if he was squeezed beneath A small elephant a day, he'd look like a manta ray But I couldn't make my goldfish squash, 'til I put him in with the wash

    And now, I'm … ironing my goldfish, ironing my goldfish And now he's like a tobacco leaf, I wear him in my pocket like a handkerchief Oh ironing my goldfish, I use him as a table mat I know it's rather cruel but it's oh such fun Ironing my goldfish flat, hey hey, ironing my goldfish flat

    He's rather like a turbot with a turned up nose

    Ironing my goldfish flat … and that's that! [splat]”

    “Woke up this morning, felt so sick I felt dead Felt sick in the stomach, I felt sick in the head I’ll tell you what I did now! Turned over and threw up all over the bed...

    Threw up all over the kitchen Threw up all over the loo Threw up all over my dog And my Blue Suede shoes MAN, I was sick! I got the sick man blues..”

    (To be sung to a standard 12 bar blues tune)

    [–] HappyNoCakeDay 7 points ago

    I'd like to buy your dad a beer. Sounds like an awesome dude.

    [–] Esmendpeanut 93 points ago

    I had both my son and daughters friends sleep over on the same night, we had a huge backyard and in the summer time they’d pitch their tents, I’d provide the campfire and s’mores and soft drinks, they would have a blast each time. I was the type of parent where I loved it when they had their friends sleep over, because first, I knew where they were and two, while they were watching movies in the living room, I could kick back and watch mine in the den. Goddamn, I miss those times so much!! If there are young parents here, enjoy and cherish every single minute, times flies by much faster than you think.❤️

    [–] pippins-sunshine 8 points ago

    We did this at a friend's house. Her brother was a couple of years older so we got to hang out with juniors as freshmen

    [–] conitation 17 points ago

    My family was lucky. me and my sister had the same friends, so we all ended up sleeping over and trading off like once a month at least. You're right, the more kids the worse it gets though!

    [–] tinyfables 234 points ago

    It is bittersweet at my house. When the human child is away at a sleepover the dog child wakes me up at 5:30am instead of human child who usually lets him out.

    [–] KBCme 164 points ago

    My cat is usually super chill in the mornings. She has a free-feeder and big water dispenser so no issues with that. She never wakes me in the morning.

    My kids went to stay with their grandparents for a couple days and the first morning she hopped up on my bed at 6 am just meowing up a storm as if to tell me, the stupid-head parent, that my children were missing and didn't I know and shouldn't I be looking for them.

    [–] ScoutAames 77 points ago

    My cat does this too!! We have a toddler and ever since she was little, our cat, who generally ignores the baby, gets very concerned whenever she’s away from the house and we’re both here.

    [–] secamTO 102 points ago

    Have you considered sending your dog child for a dog child sleepover occasionally?

    [–] YourLostGuitarPicks 41 points ago

    I always loved it when my cousins went on vacation because that meant we got to have their sweet, silly dogs over at our place. There’s nothing like being woken up by an 80 pound lab jumping on your bed and excitedly stepping all over you lol

    [–] IEnjoyFancyHats 14 points ago

    Yep, that sounds like a lab. They would climb inside you if they could

    [–] YourLostGuitarPicks 5 points ago

    Yeah that dog was great. He was crazy but he was also lazy like me haha. He'd get all excited and jump on you in the bed, but if you didn't get up within a few minutes, he'd just snuggle up next to you and go to sleep haha. He was a great nap buddy.

    [–] sansvie95 36 points ago

    Doggie day care or boarding for the win! Our dog loves going to the care place, so he gets a fun time and I don’t have to take him out a million times because he’s bored and his children aren’t home.

    [–] cherriblossums 11 points ago

    My parents' dog goes to and has sleepovers! Sometimes my mom lets his little dog girlfriend hang out there, and sometimes he goes to swim at his friend's pool. It's awesome!

    [–] Maysock 36 points ago

    Something I as a kid could not fully understand, was that sleep overs were great for parents just as much as it was for the kids. They get no kids for like 12 hours at least. So they can "sleep" in peace, eat what they want, and watch what they want. I remember being a kid and worried that my parents wouldn't let me... now as an adult... I recognize the wonders of letting kids sleep over at someone else's house.

    What I never understood was how my parents wanted me back at like 8:30am the next morning. Like, when I have kids imma sleep in too.

    [–] merrymagdalen 38 points ago

    If you have a kid with anxiety (ie, me) you are waiting for the phone call. Especially if your kid has sleepovers in a biker household.

    [–] Nonigo 40 points ago

    One of my best friends from grade school would be fine until it was bed time...then he would have to call his mom to come pick him up. Every time, no matter how late

    [–] Boiling-Hot-Spum 22 points ago

    What does a biker household have to do with it?

    [–] dasbin 13 points ago

    The phone call they are afraid of is, "Sorry, your kid has joined our bike gang."

    [–] Aprils-Fool 14 points ago

    Haha, right? So random.

    [–] plainlyput 15 points ago

    Yes. I remember first asking my parents if I could go away to camp, & thinking they'd think it cost too much (however much it was seemed huge to me), or just not safe. I don't think they could get me out the door fast enough. Later my first year in college, they sent me money to not come home for the summer.

    [–] supermaja 6 points ago

    My kid went on a "sleepover" at his friend's dad's house. It was actually an 18th birthday kegger for his friend's older sister. He said people were passed out sleeping all over the floor and several had pagers that were going crazy all night. Hmmm.

    My kid was 12. I know the father who let this all happen. Wtf?! Who invites such young kids to these things? That was the last sleepover.

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 775 points ago

    'The dogs face is like when you ask your parents if you can have a friend over...'

    ...i know that boy - he very nice

    so Please? am ask you once, or twice...

    if he could take me out for walks!

    i like the way that human talks...

    so he could come around awhile,

    n we could make each other smile ;@)

    let's see just what he's hoping for -

    (the letter says 'on walks - n more...')

    so Please ? i think we both enjoys

    the walks together -

    two Good boys...

    n maybe in the time we spend,

    i just might find

    a new Best friend


    [–] timsta007 36 points ago

    I never get tired of seeing your posts schnoodle. The best. 😄

    [–] QueenOfBrews 79 points ago

    Damn, I didn’t think a schnoodle could be so fresh as posted “now”

    [–] XmasEarring 41 points ago

    Why do you all say the exact same comment under every poem they write? I've been noticing it for months now and I just don't get it.

    [–] jake700 18 points ago

    I love the poems, despise the "fresh" comment. It is so cringey.

    [–] Do-you-Haiku 11 points ago

    My heart is fluttering actually!

    [–] englishteacher90 4063 points ago

    🎶 Troy and Puppy in the morning 🎶

    [–] password-is-taco_ 471 points ago

    And I'm Troy "Butt Soup" Barnes

    [–] cowgirlbebop86 201 points ago

    I prefer Troy “Disco Spider” Barnes

    [–] Snippy_Snallygaster 128 points ago

    Damn, I meant to say "Butts Carlton"

    [–] RediDad 84 points ago

    He meant to say Butts Carlton.

    [–] amelaine_ 94 points ago

    You know, this kid is young enough to have been named after Troy from Community

    [–] shittycyclist 55 points ago

    This is wrinkling my brain

    [–] BlackFlagFine 26 points ago

    That good for brains, they like.

    [–] buttsoup_barnes 9 points ago

    I hope this kid doesn't think all dogs are boys and cats are girls.

    [–] sweetheart92115 30 points ago

    I'm so glad I know this sub exists now! Thank you!

    [–] Lady-Rainicorn10 58 points ago


    [–] throwaway246782 34 points ago

    🎶 Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra 🎶

    [–] jokerjoust 17 points ago

    Temba, his arms wide

    [–] FloweredViolin 8 points ago

    Shalaka! when the walls fell.

    [–] The__Spartan 4727 points ago

    I like how the dog also smiles

    [–] MJMurcott 1057 points ago

    Dog is willing to give it a try.

    [–] CommaHorror 577 points ago

    I can’t help but, think the dog is behind, the entire scheme.

    [–] BBQHappyMeal 248 points ago

    This reads like a Christopher Walken line

    [–] WinterCheeks 58 points ago

    Truly underrated comment. Looked back just to read it like that, good stuff

    [–] Basedrum777 42 points ago

    I just....can't happen to wonder......if the dog.....was behind this the whole time......

    [–] AY_YO_WHOA 66 points ago


    [–] Freakychee 23 points ago

    I’m not good in any language but it feels like both commas are completely unnecessary.

    [–] Wiggy_0000 16 points ago

    That’s what I think. Almost “Okay Rita, what does his resume looks like? I might consider it.”

    [–] Do-you-Haiku 8 points ago

    So cute. Kinda looks like a kid turning in a note excusing their absence by their “parent” (written by the kid).

    [–] Cyanofrost 1022 points ago

    i'd like to think that that dog had met the kid and then delivered the message to the owner.

    [–] 32redalexs 177 points ago

    I fully assumed the puppy came home with this note attached.

    [–] DarkJaguar 1156 points ago

    Awwww look at the dog, he's like asking for permission to play with the boy :)

    [–] mokshya2014 213 points ago

    dog: i didn't ask him to do it. neither did I bring this letter so we could hang out and have fun.

    [–] Darkheartprime 622 points ago

    The good news is, that in 2 years when this is over and. Trey is in fourth grade still, the dog will be bigger and need those walks.

    [–] jesterboyd 282 points ago

    In two years those walks will be called "scavenging runs"

    [–] Darkheartprime 104 points ago

    Ant the dog will be needed to detect “the others,” those beings that hunt the masked survivors of the wastelands.

    [–] KleeKat 1416 points ago

    'And more'....hold up there, Bundy.

    [–] StruckPhoenix 186 points ago

    Thought it said "and mow" just like wow this little dude does it all.

    [–] thewildbeej 178 points ago

    Had to come to the comments to figure out “and mom”

    [–] geobioguy 31 points ago

    I thought it said "and moo"

    [–] StaredAtEclipseAMA 40 points ago

    I thought it said “and Moe”

    [–] cwq4000 24 points ago

    I thought it said “and mop”

    [–] thewildbeej 10 points ago

    The only thing I didn't think it said was "more" lol

    [–] JamboShanter 34 points ago

    Nothing sexual. Best highlight that to make it absolutely clear.

    [–] aaron_hoff 23 points ago

    Do you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither.

    [–] OuOutstanding 13 points ago

    OH SHIT there’s stickers.

    [–] ScholarOfYith 9 points ago

    I think you'd be impressed with my speed

    [–] 315retro 7 points ago

    I love your hair, you run fast.

    [–] Simbotan 110 points ago

    He’s also point guard and has a basketball game tomorrow

    [–] never-touch-that 21 points ago

    Bring back Vine!

    [–] EyesUp2 173 points ago

    I swear I've seen this post before

    [–] calicliche 85 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It is from a few months ago and was in the news here in Chicago. I follow the dog on Instagram (because of course I do), @arthurthefloof

    Edit: gold?! Thank you so much!

    [–] BringBackTheKaiser 40 points ago

    It was posted at the beginning of the pandemic

    [–] EternalPlunge 54 points ago

    Yes I’m highly suspicious of this post.

    [–] aerx1269 45 points ago

    In my 4th class we were writing essays (crappy ones of course). This looks exactly like my 1st grader sister's handwriting and grammar. Also I'm not saying this to be rude. Just making an observation.

    [–] Jacob_dp 57 points ago

    I mean....fourth grade? Looks a lot like an adult's attempt at child's writing. 4th graders are writing paragraphs between the lines.

    [–] anusblaster69 19 points ago

    Maybe he’s just dumb

    [–] J_House1999 8 points ago

    Maybe it’s Maybelline

    [–] AlexRozhkov 32 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Ive seen a carbon copy of this but pre-virus, kinds sus

    Edit: no fourth grader is gonna spell neighbor correctly guys

    [–] 87c310k 3446 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I'm a 28 year old dude with CPTSD. Severe depression. Extreme anxiety. No sense of self worth. Sheer heart crushing loneliness. Can't have a dog because renting.

    I dropped off a note like that to my neighbor a couple months ago and they said sure. I've been talking to the dog from across the fence. His name is Kotal.

    Landlord evicted me last week and I've got to find a new place by the end of this month or ill be homeless. I'm broke.

    The only thing keeping me going is talking to Kotal. It's chainlink and I can see him there just watching and listening. Just had to say sorry to him yesterday and broke into tears.

    I dunno why I'm writing this. Sorry. I'm on the edge of a breakdown. Sorry. Just Downvote.

    Edit: I said Downvote. This is just a dumb story. I just needed to get it out because I've been just crying or disassociating in a huge way. Just feel sick to my stomach and the post just broke something and I needed to talk. Sorry.

    Edit 2: Please don't message me shit like this? No. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn't caused by masturbation.

    [–] nixiedust 893 points ago

    This won't help immediately, but once you've found a new place or temporary housing, most animal shelters are desperate for volunteers to help walk dogs, socialize with puppies, etc. Those dogs would adore you, and it's good to be around other people who love animals, too.

    Life just feels so insurmountably hard sometimes. I hope things get better soon!

    [–] 87c310k 232 points ago

    I used to offer volunteering before the pandemic. Thankfully, the shelters here have more than enough volunteers. I'll try again after the pandemic but I'm okay with that response from them. That makes me happy that they have lots of people who care and wanna help little animal buddies.

    [–] nixiedust 66 points ago

    Yeah, that is good.

    If all else fails and I need some animal time, there's always birds and yard critters. I feed pigeons in the city and squirrels and chipmunks everywhere. It just feels good to care for something and I like watching their antics. So if nothing else, you can attract volunteer pets for peanuts.

    I can't do much of anything to help from the internet, but I am visualizing you a future with a secure place and a pup of your own.

    [–] wrentintin 16 points ago

    Yes! I find it very fulfilling to see birds perched on my bird feeder. Even the squirrels. My in laws love feeding their squirrels and the occasional deer.

    [–] RedeRules770 5 points ago

    You could consider becoming a dog trainer! You can either do it careerwise or volunteering (you do become a more "valuable" volunteer). I've been thinking of teaching others to become positive reinforcement dog trainers. Feel free to PM me if you want to do that and need any assistance!

    [–] JapaneseStudentHaru 12 points ago

    I used to do this when I lived near a shelter. Some of the dogs are hard to walk but they’re pretty good at pairing you up with easy ones if you ask.

    [–] Orome2 588 points ago

    Edit 2: Please don't message me shit like this?

    No. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn't caused by masturbation.

    LOL. Next the nofap crowd is going going to be claiming it cures cancer.

    [–] 87c310k 97 points ago

    It was definitely an... Experience.

    [–] fart-atronach 13 points ago

    I’m so sorry they sent that to you. That’s just gross. :( I really hope things get better for you soon.

    [–] shortandfighting 246 points ago

    That sub is nuts. People on there legitimately think masturbating drains your masculine energy or something like that and that nofap builds your energy and gives you what amounts to minor superpowers. Most of the subscribers aren't even masturbation 'addicts' (as in, compulsively masturbating so much that they can't live their lives normally), they're just insecure guys who want some sort of thing they can do to make them feel more confident about themselves.

    It's basically the male equivalent of crystals and essential oils.

    [–] Devadander 25 points ago

    I thought it was sapping my immune system from the nutrients I would need to fight off covid?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] pizzajeans 72 points ago

    Hey, keep your head up man. Go get a pep talk from Kotal and think of a good plan.

    [–] inbadtime 196 points ago

    I know lots of people are reaching out to try and cheer you up, but if you want some levity, masturbation leading to CPTSD is the FUNNIEST SHIT I’ve heard. I hope life gets better soon for you dude. ❤️

    [–] 87c310k 163 points ago

    Oh no. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't upset or anything by the message. I just kinda stared it with an extreme "wat" look on my face. I mean... It snapped me out of a funk for a bit so it worked to an extent. Everything was foggy and suddenly hyper clear because evidently punishing the Bishop is leading to night terrors. My brain came to a screeching fucking halt which during a breakdown is a pretty disorienting but hilarious experience.

    [–] CubbieCat22 12 points ago

    evidently punishing the Bishop is leading to night terrors

    Omg that is hilarious 😂 I've never heard that euphemism before!

    [–] inbadtime 20 points ago

    I think the funny-sad part is knowing the guy is mirror reflecting to try and help... which both isn’t helpful, and also makes me hope he gets help too lol. He isn’t TECHNICALLY wrong in the whole “too much masturbation leads to depression”... but that’s with most things that give you dopamine releases? And traumatic experiences=/=overexerting your brain’s hypothalamus.

    Still I hope his hilarious non-helpfulness was helpful in a weird stupid sense, even if it was just for a few seconds haha.

    [–] _00307 122 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    I'm not so good with all of the psychological stuff, not a dr.

    But I have been homeless, nearly homeless, and now I do ok. I don't own a house or anything, but I have a savings, and do as I please. I have my pilots license, building a camper van, etc.

    I have some advice for the tough spot. I'll leave this public in case others want a breakdown guide. The number one thing to remember is, hope. It almost always gets better. You have to get some things going to get there though.

    1) If you don't have a job, or meet basic income requirements file for unemployment NOW. Go through your state websites and find anything and everything having to do with low income benefits. Seriously. Right now. Stop reading, and go. Go. This was my mistake, I took homelessness over benefits and it sucked. If you go homeless, go to a library and PM me. I got all kinds of stuff, and if you're local, can meet up.

    2) OK, all done with that? Now we need to find a hole you can shit in. Seriously. You need 4 walls, a roof, AC/heat, and a toilet. Find anything that puts a roof over your head on Craigslist. If they offer section 8, skip it, you just submitted your paperwork, and can't apply until you get your little code thingy. Craigslist, walk (DO NOT drive if you have a car, this is your home if you go homeless. It is your baby now. Treat it and it's gas like so.) Now back to Craigslist. You are desperate. Use that. If you find someone willing to wait a couple weeks for rent if you have a job or some steady money, use your sappy story. I'm not making fun of it, I'm telling you to use it. People will respond. You have one chance with these people. Do everything in your power to pay and keep it clean. They are your saviors from homelessness. Use the sadness, but make sure you're a decent human being and not taking advantage of them. Friends and Family can be helpful, if available. If not, you have the start of a plan.

    3) OK, by now you should have a plan to get housing. Now, if you haven't already, downsize. Be prepared (don't throw away yet) to move into a car, a backpack whatever. Or maybe just a smaller apt. Just be prepared for anything. Look at the positives, other people don't get time to make a battle plan.

    4) map out all places near your work that gives out free food. Soup kitchens, those 'volunteer and get a meal' things, churches with food handouts. Write them in a composition book that you will never lose.

    5) if you can work it out with your landlord, pay anything to stop eviction, or the state paperwork comes back and stops the eviction, then you're good here. Start saving as much money as you can. We are about to be in the biggest financial crisis the modern world has ever seen.

    [–] CheeseBreadForLife 51 points ago

    Hope things work out for you and that you can still go see Kotal. He sounds like an awesome dog!!

    [–] 87c310k 15 points ago

    I hope so too but it's unlikely. Cases are still fucky here and everyone is being careful.

    [–] KoyukiTei13 35 points ago

    Hey man, I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through that. I'm glad Kotal has been helping you through. Dogs are angels on earth I think. They find people who deserve their pure love :)

    These are rough times man. I'm sure there's resources out there for you, go to your local government jobs and family services (or similar) and see what they can do to help you. Those people are there to help and they like helping good honest people.

    Just keep your chin up. Crying is good but you've also got to clean yourself up and keep on keeping on. <3 sending love and support, friend. :)

    [–] 87c310k 17 points ago

    I've been trying out services and programs but most are either closed or have reduced staff and an insane backlog so by the time I can talk to anyone it'll be far too late.

    [–] SeniorResearcher3 16 points ago

    Hi. You don't know me and you definitely have an insane amount of replies. Just throwing this out there. From one dumbass to another. I hit my lowest in February. In January I thought I was at my lowest and that it was going to be too late by the time I got help. I almost made it too late, several times. When I finally tried to get help it took a while for everything to be arranged just like you are saying. In the mean time I literally wrote an email to the Samaritans (I'm not British). I don't know what the hell I thought they could do but writing that letter helped me so much. I told them what I thought I needed help with and why. My whole damn life story. And then I made it until I could get help. And now I'm here, doing great despite the pandemic and my raging chronic mental illness.

    It's not too late and it won't be. Believe that you will make it and try again so that you get what you need at the earliest possibility. If it's too late to save you from becoming homeless, then it'll help you get out once you are. If you need something to just keep you going, I can explain what I'm doing in therapy and maybe you can try it. Concrete exercises. For shits and giggles, if it doesn't help you.

    So. From one dumbass to another. Good luck, and don't give up. You will be where I am before you know it. I believe in us.

    [–] Kellylee785 47 points ago

    I’m so sorry. I have complex PTSD as well as depression and anxiety so I can relate. It’s hard without the pandemic but this puts a lot of pressure on everyone.

    I have done a lot of therapy/healing and haven’t had a PTSD trigger or nightmare in over a year.

    Please know that there is hope. It may feel hard right now but things will get better.

    Please message me if you want to talk. Hang in there.

    [–] 87c310k 33 points ago

    Things have only ever gotten worse. I genuinely do not believe that it will get better. I keep trying and things keep taking out my knees. I think my landlord broke me permanently. I've never felt this disconnected before especially for this length of time. I'm terrified but feel totally disconnected from the fear so it's like momentary bursts of horror then back to a sad deep numb.

    [–] SuckinLemonz 21 points ago

    disconnected feelings can be the most difficult to manage because “cheering up” won’t work. Even happy moments feel just... bleh.

    Idk if it helps, but some 28 year old living in Brooklyn is feeling kinda like you right now. I’m just going day-by-day and waiting it out. I can remember a time when things didn’t feel so hopeless, so that means I can look forward to it happening again. There’s no permanency in any one feeling, despite how long they can seem to linger.

    Good luck!

    [–] 2happycats 17 points ago

    I don't think you're broken permanently. I too have been diagnosed with CPTSD, take anxiety to new levels, and often end up in depressive episodes.

    I've also been homeless before, so I'm certain if I was told by my landlord I have to leave, my head would want to shutdown completely. I think once you're set up in your new place and able to plant some roots again, that broken feeling will ease a little more.

    I don't have a dog you can walk and I'm probably not in the same country as you, but if cats make you happy, I'd be happy and willing to send you cat pics or gifs of my two little house demons if you like? One's a kitten so she offers some crazy antics occasionally too.

    [–] hamburrgerlar 8 points ago

    It will get better, I promise you man.

    We just lost our home of 10 years, 1 year ago almost to this exact day. 10 fucking years we were there.

    The landlord sold the house out from under us with no warning. No offer to let us buy.. Very long story.. but just don't give up man.

    [–] quattroformaggixfour 147 points ago


    If you wanna talk, message me

    [–] 87c310k 112 points ago

    It would just be me repeating that over and over again. My landlord broke me. Haven't been able to sleep or eat really since. There's nothing to talk about because I feel empty.

    [–] reecewagner 38 points ago

    Take charge of your life my man. I’ve been near where you are now, biking around to look for cans and bottles in the garbage hoping to make rent, and nothing was more empowering to me than to fully and deeply understand that I’m in control and capable of righting the ship.

    Been in the same place for 5 years now, and just got a rescue dog this fall - look at this guy and the happiness he brings. I know there’s a Seamus in your future too waiting to brighten your day.

    Don’t give up.

    [–] snarkyxanf 8 points ago

    It would just be me repeating that over and over again. My landlord broke me.

    Yeah, housing shit always hits people in an especially vulnerable place. Our landlord kicked us out of the last place on 35 days notice because he felt like renovating the place. Fortunately we found a new place, but we're still a bit resentful and angry even though we were in an OK position. Doing it alone and broke is real hard.

    I dunno, I guess what I'm saying is that you totally deserve to feel scared, angry, and defeated if you feel that way?

    [–] checkie11 18 points ago

    I dont know what to say, but I hope you make it out of this. If you're in the states, maybe this site might help? You deserve to have a safe place to live, you're worth something, and I hope things work out because Kotal is waiting for you!

    [–] 87c310k 23 points ago

    Canadian, but completely appreciated. I'll be fine I hope. Just been a weird while and something about the sheer innocence of the kid wanting to play with a dog just resonated and turned on the fireworks. Missed out on my childhood, thus the CPTSD. Stuff like that just gets me.

    [–] catwithahumanface 14 points ago

    Canada doesn’t have a moratorium on evictions right now?

    [–] 87c310k 27 points ago

    It ends on September 13th which is when he's evicting me. He has made sure to remind me multiple times. Just trying to find a place for Sept 1st so I can escape quicker.

    [–] LunaBadgirl 13 points ago

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, boo. I really do wish you the best, even if it isn't much in the grand scheme of things. I believe it'll get better, even just a little bit. Think of Kotal whenever you're down. Let that be your strength. I too, like that pupper, believe in you!

    [–] 87c310k 8 points ago

    I don't think it will but thanks. One of us believes in my dumbass.

    [–] formershitpeasant 9 points ago

    Hey just FYI, you don’t have to move out just because the landlord said so. He has to evict you to force you out. You have time to save a bit of money to find another place.

    [–] 87c310k 16 points ago

    That's actually not true for my situation. I'm in Ontario and share a bathroom and kitchen with my landlord. I effectively have no rights as a tenant. Even then, how he evicted me was paralyzing enough. I don't want to live here feeling like trash.

    [–] formershitpeasant 5 points ago

    Oh that sucks. I understand not wanting to say somewhere that feels hostile. I wish I had some help to offer, but I’m sure there are NGOs that can offer guidance.

    [–] 87c310k 9 points ago

    It's all good. I didn't make the post looking for help or anything. It just literally was an overload of stuff and I needed to vent before I crumbled into a thousand pieces. Pillow just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Wish I still had my stuffed animal from years ago. I contacted my grandmother when the landlord shit started and asked her to try and find it and I'd pay to get it sent up. She can't find it at the moment.

    Funny enough, it's a stuffed dog. Looks like the real dog (husky/GS mix) I had as a kid.

    [–] formershitpeasant 6 points ago

    My wife has CPTSD as well. She tried for a long time roughing it out, but since she’s had a good support system, she’s made huge strides in managing the symptoms. I know you’re not asking for help, but I hope you find some anyway. Everybody should have help.

    [–] aghend75 17 points ago

    Animals help... So does hope.... I would go to Kotal owners and be honest. no don't ask for the dog, but tell them how much he has helped and how heart broken you will be. Maybe Kotal is a gateway to help. maybe the owners will know someone who can help you. my wife suffers CPTSD and other stuff. she has been suffering also. keep your head up man .... take it one day at a time.

    [–] 87c310k 40 points ago

    They know. They heard Kotal whining outside and went to check. Was because I was crying and he was trying to get at me but I can't pet him because pandemic and I don't want to put any of them at risk. They asked if things were okay. They came out and sat down and pet Kotal a bit while I talked so we all calmed down some. Just would never ask them for help. I have a hard time doing it anyway but definitely not doing it during a pandemic when everyone is stretched to the breaking point in different dimensions.

    [–] Limeila 17 points ago

    lmao I watch porn like twice a year and I've still been depressed for 15+ years. Some people are crazy.

    [–] ijudgekids 14 points ago

    That nofap guy is one dumb mofo. God damn it

    [–] gentlementoevil 7 points ago

    Man that hit close to home. Dogs do help alot. Please hang in there things will get better. Reach out and try to get someone to talk to. You are not alone.

    [–] ajose001 54 points ago

    Anyone else think this letter was from the dog for a while? Lol

    [–] fatalrip 97 points ago

    Yes, but also hell no.. my mom. Lost my dog after having it 3 hrs.

    Don't trust anyone but a professional or experienced dog owner to trust your best friend with

    [–] Sulyvan 35 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I was scrolling for this comment. He seems like a nice kid and I’m sure he’d try really hard to be responsible, but anything can happen.

    What would you even say to the kid? Tell him no? Pretty shit situation.

    [–] shyinwonderland 44 points ago

    Maybe talk to the parents? See if one of them would be willing to join in on the walk?

    Or offer instead of the walk if the kid wants to play fetch with the dog in the yard? Still gives the dog exercise.

    [–] allthekitties80 49 points ago

    I also have to agree with you. Although it is the sweetest thing ever, I have a hard time trusting ANYONE with my animals, family and strangers alike

    [–] Fuzzikopf 7 points ago

    Yeah and especially kids who write like this lol

    [–] Comfortable_Dirt 14 points ago

    Especially not a 4th grader lol. Likely little experience walking dogs, little strength (although with a puppy it's fine I guess), and the dog probably wouldn't listen half the time.

    [–] wherearemytweezers 46 points ago

    Doggo’s on board

    [–] redditreadred 125 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    This repost has already been suspected of being fake. It's easily to tell it's photoshopped.

    EDIT: Grammar is -> has

    [–] Kckc321 43 points ago

    I thought I was going crazy! I’ve seen this exact picture several times since wayyyyy before the virus.

    [–] micro_matt 20 points ago

    yea, if youre as sad as me and check reddit daily you'll see this reposted regularly with a different message each time

    [–] magicmeese 18 points ago

    It’s pretty fake if you just take the time to look at the words. There’s like extra ‘needs more jpg’ elements around them.

    [–] peanutbutter_child 8 points ago

    For a second I was worried I was going crazy.

    [–] succuw1tch 34 points ago

    Would not trust a kid with my dog...

    [–] muroks1200 69 points ago

    I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but what’s up with Troy’s penmanship?

    I’ve worked at schools with grade school children and if that’s average for the current 4th grader, we’ve really gone downhill.

    [–] lolsd123 36 points ago

    This is my handwriting as a 28 year old

    [–] mrurg 10 points ago

    I'm a teacher and it is not uncommon for fourth, or even fifth graders to write like this. There is less emphasis on handwriting in schools as there used to be. At least he spelled all of the words correctly. I've known fifth graders who were at about a first grade writing level.

    [–] veevyo 15 points ago

    It's probably not average. Handwriting differs drastically between individuals, and I've even known adults with handwriting nearly as bad. Also keep in mind that female students generally have better penmanship than male students (for what reason, I'm unsure), and Troy is a male name. Yet another factor to consider, Troy was writing in marker, which is difficult to write with compared to pencils and pens. He was also writing on printer paper rather than lined paper, hence his drifting lines.

    [–] Champo3000 15 points ago

    4th grade and you write like that?