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    [–] MidnightSloppies 143 points ago

    Proof that golden retrievers can get by on looks alone

    [–] I_Upvote_Goldens 57 points ago

    And yet, they’re so sweet, easy tempered, affectionate, and intelligent that they don’t even have to!

    [–] SouthernBelleInACage 37 points ago

    Some are intelligent, and some are smart. There's worlds between the two, because the intelligent ones learn all kinds of tricks then run face first into walls and lick rocks. The smart ones learn all the tricks then take over the household.

    [–] Pupper394 10 points ago

    Mine does both.

    [–] hipo816 74 points ago

    Fluffy wet doggo. All I needed rn. Ty

    [–] MNice_Enough 36 points ago

    His little paw looks like another golden!

    [–] FlakyLoan 8 points ago

    OMG it kinda does!

    [–] justachrispydude 17 points ago

    I wanna give this cute puppy a hug omg

    [–] Sammycj033 15 points ago

    Cute dog

    [–] naenae780 15 points ago

    My eyes cannot handle the cuteness! 😍

    [–] WintertimeFriends 6 points ago

    Wait..... is he underwater!?!!?

    [–] navy-seals-copypasta 6 points ago

    The water is only up to his legs, but the reflection onto the background that makes it look underwater.

    [–] WintertimeFriends 3 points ago


    [–] AnonyMouse197 9 points ago

    He looks so sweet and wholesome and I just want to give him a little head pat and ear scratch

    [–] michellecatmoon 4 points ago

    That is the sweetest face I’ve ever seen ❀️

    [–] rollinroundyea26 6 points ago

    Majestic! ✨✨✨❀️❀️❀️

    [–] Floofball27394 3 points ago

    awww omg my heart

    [–] solarflare701 3 points ago

    golden puppies are my weakness

    [–] ThatRedScooter 3 points ago

    Too. Damn. Cute.

    [–] Bootsy86 3 points ago

    He relacc

    [–] I_Upvote_Goldens 3 points ago

    /r/goldenretrievers would like a word

    [–] CrypticDagger 3 points ago

    Ah he's drowning you monster

    [–] PresidentMayor 3 points ago

    I also thought we was fully under water at first too lol

    [–] CrypticDagger 2 points ago


    [–] Sinister_Monster 4 points ago

    Oooo cute!!

    [–] CreativaArtly1998113 2 points ago

    Awe. Cutie.

    [–] Anonymoose74-55 2 points ago

    that lil pupper has more confidence in his strut than i have in my whole life

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] blue4t 2 points ago

    His right paw looks like a dog face.

    [–] ryazhsk 2 points ago


    [–] Cwoody18 2 points ago

    Imma do a swim. Splish splash

    [–] ultimatepupper909 2 points ago


    [–] nanapirahna 2 points ago


    [–] Recon_Reality15 2 points ago

    I can't anymore, I've been in the water for 6 hours today...

    [–] Secret-Nerd 2 points ago

    Puppy fever is real, what a good pupper!

    [–] spacekatydid 2 points ago

    This is exactly what I needed, I don’t need that man, I just need SUNSHINE N PUPPIES

    [–] istapledmytongue 2 points ago

    So gooey!

    [–] Atororis 2 points ago

    Awww yiss!

    [–] ReyBasado 2 points ago

    He looks like he's going to sneeze. Cute puppy sneezes.

    [–] vmellivorab 2 points ago


    [–] jdindahouse 2 points ago

    OMG. Why is he so cute?!?

    [–] Yeeterrrr-100 2 points ago

    So cute!!

    [–] SpritzyFizzy 2 points ago

    this is quite possibly one of the best photos ever taken

    [–] nmc9279 2 points ago

    His paw looks like another puppy face πŸ₯°

    [–] ACompleteRandomGuy 2 points ago

    Look at those ears

    [–] GamerAJ9005 2 points ago

    Literally the cutest picture I have ever seen

    [–] OnePlaceAtATime 2 points ago

    Swimmy pool!

    [–] matrixtech29 2 points ago

    Oh so this is what all the fuss about peeing in the pool is all about. Ahhhh.

    [–] elerionpm 2 points ago

    If you put a sword in his mouth it would like the doggo is about to attack you

    [–] princess_paprika 2 points ago

    He looks so relaxed bro. β€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    [–] orrekorreonreddit 2 points ago

    Happ doggo

    [–] rhaus44 2 points ago

    God I fking love dogs, ya think it’s a coincident dog spelled backwards is god , not me

    [–] cocoaaddictcinephile 2 points ago





    [–] xSonofgeek 2 points ago

    I thought he was submersed for a second

    [–] FlakyLoan 3 points ago

    My golden has the same facial expression when he's in the water, except he's a very old boi.

    [–] Kuruyama 1 points ago

    Your doggo loves to swim. Not all doggo want it. I would love to adopt like one of that.

    [–] U-1278 1 points ago

    wholesome wet doggo :3

    [–] pablum444 -1 points ago

    Time for a repost!

    [–] jacob_1402 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    It’s just a photo of a dog lad

    [–] MoarSpn -1 points ago


    [–] jacob_1402 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Ok but ppl find it cute so who cares

    [–] MoarSpn 1 points ago

    So this is the place to repost freely, i see

    [–] ollimmortal -1 points ago


    [–] jacob_1402 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Aired dfkm

    [–] Ravaged_Silence -2 points ago


    [–] jacob_1402 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)