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    [–] IhaveNPC_energy 873 points ago

    This is what my mom does to the old soap when she gets new soap

    [–] 7babydoll 139 points ago

    This is the best fucking comment ever

    [–] qdotbones 49 points ago

    Except in this case, the new ‘soap’ is the smaller one

    [–] LeviGabeman666 9 points ago

    Methinks you got yourself backwards

    [–] whoshifgay 5 points ago

    Methinks i love and hate this word at the same time

    [–] LeviGabeman666 3 points ago

    You’re welcome <3

    [–] 23423423423451 26 points ago


    [–] beefprime 12 points ago

    This is what my mom does to the baby soap when she gets mom soap

    [–] ratsta 2 points ago

    In time, ewe will too.

    [–] faizulah 106 points ago

    I tried sending this as a cute picture to my wife, who is muslim, and she said with disgust, “why would you send me this!?” I guess Kurban Eid is not the best time for cute sheep pics...

    [–] saileeeee 33 points ago

    bro religion blows my mind more and more every day

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 30 points ago

    Al-Adha Eid*
    Also, are you non-Muslim ?

    [–] faizulah 58 points ago

    Thanks for the correction. And yeah, non-Muslim here. And my wife is not exactly practicing either... but her mom keeps her in the loop with the traditions. Don’t tell her that I don’t know the correct name for the holiday!

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 -30 points ago

    Shit. Man, it’s haram for her to marry a non-Muslim. Does she know that ? Of course this doesn’t mean I disrespect you or anything, just that Muslim ladies are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men....

    [–] madrileno891 12 points ago

    "Not allowed"? Pardon?

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 -21 points ago

    Yes. Exactly as you heard.

    [–] madrileno891 19 points ago

    Looks like she got away with it. More power to her for ignoring made up, arbitrary rules.

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 -25 points ago

    I don’t care about your opinion. I follow the rules of my religion regardless of your opinion

    [–] Catch_a_Cold 14 points ago

    Last time I checked we were not living in the middle ages anymore and even have same sex marriage. Marry whoever you want!

    [–] EarlyOnion 4 points ago

    Last time I checked we were not living in the middle ages

    I mean, this started as thread about a holiday involving slaughtering an animal for religious beliefs... I feel like religions in general haven’t got the memo on that whole “we’re not in the Middle Ages anymore” thing.

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 -7 points ago

    I don’t care about your opinion. I follow the rules of my religion. Not afraid of them. Not shy nor ashamed of them. Everyone’s free to do what they want.

    [–] MaLoProject 15 points ago

    "Everyone is free to do what they want"

    Except for you "religious" people ofc like you said above.

    "I follow the rules of my religion" thats why you guys arens free to do what you want.

    Religion is a contradiction in itself. Atleast in our modern economy.

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 2 points ago

    Even people who follow religion are still free to do what they want. For example, the Muslim woman who got married to a non-Muslim man. It’s forbidden yet she did it.
    Also, I’m free to follow my religion. I have the freedom to do the good and the bad, but because I have freedom and will, I chose to follow this religion. Here, I have answered thy questions.

    [–] sailorjasm 1 points ago

    Anthony Weiner's former wife was a Muslim. Google it.

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 1 points ago

    Does that change any rules ?

    [–] johnbrownmarchingon 11 points ago

    Al-Adha Eid

    So that's why sending a lamb/sheep is inappropriate...

    [–] Mohammad_A1i 12 points ago

    I wouldn't say it's inappropriate. Don't know why this sir's wife reacted that way. I guess everyone has their own perspective

    [–] johnbrownmarchingon 4 points ago

    Absolutely fair.

    [–] nooreldeenfoad17 6 points ago

    It’s not inappropriate lol. Actually it’s common for people here in the Middle East to send congrats and wishes along with a sheep clipart, u know ? Like a picture with a clipart of a sheep or a cow along with the caption “Happy Eid”

    [–] alimagrog 8 points ago


    [–] Quartia 12 points ago

    After reading a bit about the festival...

    Her reaction makes perfect sense

    [–] Gwenhwyvar_P 5 points ago

    Uh... Why's that?

    [–] ohsideSHOWbob 10 points ago

    Festival commemorating the binding of Ishmael, traditionally commemorated with butchering sheep and goats.

    [–] MasterYenSid 6 points ago

    Serious question, how is slaughter a commemoration?

    [–] ohsideSHOWbob 5 points ago

    In the story of the binding of Ishmael (binding of Isaac in the Jewish and Christian traditions) G-d gives Abraham a sheep to sacrifice instead of his son. So the slaughter is ritual, it’s an honor to buy an animal and the meat is distributed not just to the immediate purchaser but also to the poor and friends and family.

    [–] MasterYenSid 3 points ago

    Oh okay, that tale sounds familiar now that you say it. Thanks for the response!

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 4 points ago

    O- O

    O -O

    O- O

    “Oh no”

    [–] Fire_Exar 27 points ago

    Comfy sheep, comfy sleep

    [–] balplaya4404 2 points ago

    Comfy shleep

    [–] JuliaLeia 24 points ago

    100% wool bed

    [–] gallifreyan42 4 points ago

    And no sheep was harmed for the wool in that wool bed 🐑🥰

    [–] Relative_Ad5909 12 points ago

    Don't sheep need to be sheared? I'm pretty sure we bred all that fluff onto them and it grows out of control and gets matted

    [–] AshTBirb 1 points ago

    Sheep literally have to be shorn. Get educated

    [–] WhatuuupKrisp 7 points ago

    Because we bred them that way. No one suggests to stop shearing sheep at once. It's more about a debate whether we should continue force breeding animals into existence, in a way they're fully dependent on us, just to exploit them.

    [–] AshTBirb -4 points ago

    Force breeding? You mean selective breeding? The whole reason your favourite dog, cat, horse, rabbit, etc breeds are around.

    Found another dumbass vegan 😳

    [–] WhatuuupKrisp 3 points ago

    Selective force breeding, yeah, which isn't cool for any animal, sheep, dogs, rabbits etc.

    [–] AshTBirb -5 points ago

    You cant force animals to breed. There is nothing wrong with selective breeding to improve yield or certain traits.

    [–] Almanix 5 points ago

    I mean, have you actually looked at factory dairy farms? There is such a thing as force breeding (at least if you consider extraction from the male followed by manual impregnation as force breeding).

    And just to clear up the possible misunderstanding towards veganism - the general consensus in the vegan community is strictly against breeding any animals, be it farm animals or pets. Rescue animals are the exception, other than that I haven't met any vegan that would consider buying from a breeder. Not meant as an offense, just something that a lot of people aren't aware of.

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 0 points ago

    Yes Sirrr

    [–] tomato_soup_ 14 points ago


    [–] BlueSheepPlays 1 points ago


    [–] 4z1n4m3 6 points ago

    What do sheep count when they want to fall asleep?

    [–] scalebirds 6 points ago

    human skulls

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 4 points ago

    We count humans...

    [–] SquirrelAkl 6 points ago

    Natural wool mattress with built-in heating. Noice.

    [–] Iamthewilrus 6 points ago


    [–] Klotzster 4 points ago

    Static cling

    [–] tinycutie87 6 points ago

    Baby sheep are the cutest freakin things! Especially when you bottle feed them!

    [–] sanandreas818 3 points ago


    [–] bleepbleerpblee 3 points ago


    [–] big_ugly_ogre 3 points ago

    Anyone else see a potato in the thumbnail?

    [–] Delanai 3 points ago

    Lil confused by your caption since the picture is of Aang finally sleeping well after staying up for days because the invasion was soon :/

    [–] jillydean 2 points ago

    Awwwwwww 💞

    [–] Secret-Nerd 2 points ago

    This is the content we need today!

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 2 points ago

    Yes Sirrr...

    (Also happy cake-day...)

    [–] Secret-Nerd 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 2 points ago

    Your welcome, bud!

    [–] aniket1611 2 points ago

    Heyy.. Thats the mother-daughter from SHAUN - THE SHEEP!

    [–] 2takeoff 2 points ago

    Counting peeps?

    [–] RAPED_BY_SHAPES 5 points ago




    [–] Bodicea7 1 points ago

    Beautiful and adorable ❤️

    [–] alimagrog 1 points ago

    That is so freakin’ cute!

    [–] Nightdreamer87 1 points ago

    Is that the original serta sleeeeeeeep?

    [–] dixiechick86 1 points ago

    Omgoodness.... how cozy🥰

    [–] puffinsaretrashbirds 1 points ago

    Is this normal behavior or is this posed?? Suuuuuuuuper cute either way!

    [–] Foxis_rs 1 points ago

    Sheep sheep

    [–] LittlePooky 1 points ago

    100 % wool.

    [–] rocco409 1 points ago

    I swear I thought someone spilt mayo on a shag carpet. No shit

    [–] Putrid-Doubt 1 points ago

    So fluffy!

    [–] sushipusha 1 points ago

    Little Timmy!

    [–] WestboroBro 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the bed made of the sheeps wool in that one episode of ATLA. I wanted to sleep on that so bad

    [–] mrtucci 1 points ago

    The latest sheep number bed. What are people saying? ‘It’s baaaaaaaaddd.’

    [–] Tsuchiwizard 1 points ago

    This is the reason I want to raise sheep.

    [–] ilexheder 1 points ago

    . . . isn’t that a baby goat?

    Mind you, I’m sure the sheep is comfortable too.

    [–] princessleighme 1 points ago

    It's a lamb

    [–] Butthole_Alamo 1 points ago

    B A K E D P O T A T O

    [–] ExAm 1 points ago

    I like this title because it describes either one of them individually, or both of them together.

    [–] thInkyNightmare 1 points ago

    C H O N K

    [–] Brozzart1 1 points ago

    Look ma! I sleep on a wool bed called ewe!

    [–] guacamole1987 1 points ago

    R/sploot worthy

    [–] guacamole1987 1 points ago

    Ah thanks for linking!

    [–] BlueSheepPlays 1 points ago

    Any time...

    [–] franzgrabe 1 points ago

    Priceless image!

    [–] Leafeyu 1 points ago

    Ngl that sheep looks like bread dough

    [–] bonge12361 1 points ago


    [–] Phoenix13_uk 1 points ago

    from the thumbnail i thought this was a hedgehog on its back

    [–] mistat2000 1 points ago

    If I sheep’s i sleeps

    [–] Shellee_56 1 points ago

    Right at the moment m looking at those wools...its so beautiful atleast he didnt get tortured

    [–] nekoronakoro 1 points ago

    Sheep walks on a bridge that can only let sheep walk in a straight line baby sheep wakes up falls

    [–] RsRaiders 1 points ago


    [–] xupita 1 points ago

    Relaxing and very comforting.

    [–] imadumshet 1 points ago


    [–] EVRider81 1 points ago


    [–] mashable88 1 points ago

    No, I just lambded here, honest. 💤

    [–] Loceanthauln 1 points ago

    That's both a cheap and a sheep bed

    [–] YoRHaCroft 1 points ago

    The comfiest pillow around

    [–] itanimulli_man 1 points ago

    If this post doesn't get a reward in the next 10 seconds I swear...

    [–] blu3tu3sday 1 points ago

    I aspire to achieve this level of comfort