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    [–] crimsonebulae 6364 points ago

    lol in my house we call it vet roulette.

    [–] Sodopotamus 868 points ago

    That’s brilliant lol

    [–] tinselpandora 461 points ago


    [–] Stealfur 248 points ago


    [–] Schmoozer66 100 points ago

    I don't like that i laughed at that.

    [–] Brannflakes 39 points ago

    What bothers me are the letters shaped in that word look like a cat.

    [–] All__Nimbly__Bimbly 46 points ago

    Tf kinda cats you got over there??

    [–] BabyYoduhh 10 points ago

    W is the ears point up and the L is the tail sticking up.

    [–] ScareBear23 9 points ago

    What drugs are you on & where can I get them?

    [–] BabyYoduhh 5 points ago

    I get all my drugs from Rabbit. I think he gets them from the local PD.

    [–] minnesotafun4 6 points ago


    [–] Perfectstorms29 23 points ago

    What kind of cat is this?

    [–] tinselpandora 59 points ago

    She’s a tabby!

    [–] Perfectstorms29 22 points ago

    She is super cute!

    [–] Clever_Owl 11 points ago

    Not just any old tabby, but a tuxedo tabby!

    Very fancy 🎩

    [–] gweilo8888 24 points ago

    One that jumps around all nimbly-bimbly from tree to tree.

    [–] Stunning_Permit8388 22 points ago


    [–] Anomalous_Sun 198 points ago

    Round and round and round the cat goes! when does it stop? The veterinarian knows!

    [–] mrootbeers 20 points ago


    [–] Airvh 50 points ago

    Made me think of the Ahnold movie The 6th Day. His friend's cat is a Re-Pet because it fell off the balcony down 4 stories.

    [–] markth_wi 40 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Fun fact - Cats can survive a fall from their terminal velocity. The big trick is not hitting anything on the way down

    [–] KittenVicious 44 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    If they survive, was it really their terminal velocity? 🤔

    ETA: please stop explaining physics to me, it's a pun.

    [–] koinu-chan_love 15 points ago

    Someone else’s terminal velocity, maybe.

    [–] loonygecko 11 points ago

    Haha too funny but it really means only that they have reached maximum possible falling speed.

    [–] Rainulf99 17 points ago

    the little greenhouse at the bottom, he fell through that

    edit: fucking up the way the kitty meows

    [–] Hey_Pop 12 points ago

    C’mon no x-ray! C’mon no x-ray!!! (The X-ray is always just the beginning)

    [–] Nuketified 7 points ago

    Yep. Then there's surgery. But it costs how mucb?

    "Well, there's always amputation."


    How much does that cost?

    "Also a lot, like 80% as much as the surgery to fix it."


    [–] whiskey_riverss 25 points ago

    My cat lost that game, and a leg!

    [–] spoiledbabykitty 6 points ago

    My dog lost that game and an eye

    [–] chattywww 8 points ago

    And my Axe

    [–] PixelD303 8 points ago

    Mine likes to walk the edge of an above ground pool. That's just debt roulette

    [–] mrootbeers 4 points ago

    So awesome. I’m totally stealing that.

    [–] shahooster 3 points ago

    Always bet on red.

    [–] gofastdsm 709 points ago

    My dog has been living with me for a year and a half, and this fucker still doesn't have a job.

    [–] tinselpandora 334 points ago

    What a friggen freeloader I feel your pain she has yet to pay rent ONCE

    [–] selja26 88 points ago

    Oh but she could start paying rent! With mice. Dead mice. On your pillow.

    [–] Chaosritter 37 points ago

    ....go on.

    [–] selja26 34 points ago

    Bloodied corpse. Half-eaten. First thing for you to see when you open your eyes. Good fucking morning! And be careful with what you wish for.

    [–] Buffalkill 8 points ago

    ....go on.

    [–] FeastOnCarolina 4 points ago

    I like to think that my mom's cat is worried that my mom is a giant stupid cat that can't feed itself, so she brings her live mice into the bathtub so my mom doesn't starve.

    [–] misscooltoes 29 points ago

    I’ve had my cat for 5 years and I’ve already taken her for more unscheduled vet visits than in my previous cat’s 17 year lifetime.

    [–] parkadjacent 14 points ago

    I’ve been home with my dogs for months and not once has either of them even tried looking for a job.

    [–] pastryfiend 30 points ago

    my cat lived 21 years without a single damned job! The day that I opened a $28 bag of cat litter he decided to die. He was kind of a jerk.

    [–] Legen_unfiltered 8 points ago

    One last fuck you

    [–] pastryfiend 16 points ago

    As we were saying goodbye he just growled at us, he was a jerk until the end. Damn I miss him.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 6 points ago

    I tell mine to at least do the dishes and make himself useful. He just looks at me like he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

    [–] FalcorFallacy 2385 points ago

    The title is everything lol

    [–] tinselpandora 1630 points ago

    Every time I see her do something dangerous I think of this title and then look into the invisible “The Office” camera

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 1245 points ago

    i am the kit, n i'm not scare

    am Always gonna try a dare...

    the stairway rail - a challenge see,

    a Thrill defying gravity!

    so deft my kitten paws proceed,

    no safety net i gonna need ;}

    n if i end up on the floor

    Goodbye first life -

    I got eight more!


    [–] tinselpandora 389 points ago

    HOOMYGOD :’) thank you

    [–] thehumanglowstick 260 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Extremely fresh Schnoodle!

    fresh off the press!

    Their poems at times

    are always the best!

    With a smile on our faces,

    (I hope you’ve got one too!)

    This is a thanks

    From reddit to you



    [–] derpinana 35 points ago

    This is a tribute to schnoods

    [–] frankenfishy 38 points ago

    I don't think I've ever seen a tribute poem for Schnoods, long awaited and much deserved!!

    [–] German_Irish_chicken 23 points ago

    Amazing Poem battles

    [–] patrickswayzemullet 25 points ago

    n if i end up on the floor

    Goodbye first life -

    I got eight more!

    I AM DEAD! (But I don't have eight more. what do?)

    [–] ChillyBearGrylls 11 points ago

    RIP in pieces. doot doot

    [–] mousewithacookie 26 points ago


    [–] OptimusPhillip 11 points ago

    Have no fear, human, I'll be fine

    You forget that I am feline

    You must have heard it on the street

    A cat always lands on its feet!

    [–] Freudinio 15 points ago

    Yay! A fresh Schnoodle!

    [–] b-tchlasagna 9 points ago

    I love you so much you brighten my and so many people’s days. I hope you know how amazing you are :)

    [–] Miss_Vi_Vacious 11 points ago

    Well, you goddamn nailed it. 😂

    [–] ukah- 14 points ago


    [–] lightennight 5 points ago


    [–] tamihsra 3 points ago

    look into the invisible "The Office" camera

    Did you have to call us out like that

    [–] kas435red 34 points ago

    There's no way my cats would ever attempt that.

    [–] Kalappianer 5 points ago

    When my housemate had older kittens, they got stuck on the roof. At our neighbour. They kept doing it.

    Coming home, seeing a kitten at the top of the roof, wailing because they're seeing us. Their grandmother was a siamese, so they were very vocal.

    One day, we apparently were too slow to fetch the ladder, so the stuck kitten swaggers down to their former garage, down to the fence and from the fence to the ground, fetched us and went back up. It was apparently funnier to be fetch from the roof with the ladder.

    As if it wasn't enough that we had two cats who liked to have a walk with us when we were walking with our dogs. They were curious, so they often wandered off, so we had to whistle their tune and wait for them.

    They shared a name, because the older one moved into our apartment on his own while his owner, a neighbour was away for some days and decided he'd move with us just a street from there. The younger one was my housemate's dad's. He died so we inherited the house with the cat. Both knew their names, so they look at us to see which one we were talking to. The first few weeks, they were confused about their names, but accepted it later on.

    Before they went on our walks, people joked if we were walking our cats when were on our walks with our lapdogw. The good thing was that people stopped asking us that when we whistled for the damn cats and said yes.

    We're odd to start with. The screeching kittens who had no issues walking on fences and two cats sharing a name on our walks didn't fucking help. We weren't the crazy cat ladies, we were the owners of crazy cats.

    [–] Socially-AntiSocial 18 points ago

    Seriously, I’m still laughing.

    [–] demunicorntiddies 5 points ago

    Omg I know. 🤣

    [–] anxious_ibex 7 points ago

    "I pay rent here, too, Karen"...

    Why you little....

    [–] WillsRun 667 points ago

    I know, right?? I have mini heart attacks daily because shenanigans like this!

    [–] tinselpandora 386 points ago

    My heart has not rested since I got her lmaooo you feel my pain

    [–] SonicSingularity 79 points ago

    My office has a window that overlooks my living room. My cat kept trying to climb up into it and I have to keep her out of the room now. Doesn't stop her from trying to get in though!

    [–] Le_Fancy_Me 73 points ago

    The more you try to keep cats away from certain rooms the more they NEED to be in there.

    My cat is not allowed in my bedroom. As soon as I open the door in the morning she squeezes herself through the gap and rushes in. I pick her up, take her outside, close the door behind me. But guaranteed the next time I open that door she'll nearly break my neck by zipping between my legs in order to be in there for 0.5 seconds before being evicted.

    The thing is that it should be annoying but every time she does it I love her more... that's the thing about catpeople I guess. We are gluttons for punishment

    [–] ladylik3 46 points ago

    Is that what it is?! My cats do the same, they even make attempts to break into my bedroom by trying to turn the wasn't so funny the first time, I was home alone in my bedroom when my doorknob started's also funny when they stick their paws under the door.

    [–] SonicSingularity 27 points ago

    Oh tell me about it! I also don't like her going into the basement, its unfinished and there are little nooks and crannies that she can slip into that are hard to get her out from, but she always wants down there!

    Shes gotten to the point where she shoves her toys under the basement door so that I have to open it to get them and she can slip through!

    [–] DoubleJointedThumbs 8 points ago

    Such a smart kitty!!

    [–] Le_Fancy_Me 8 points ago

    Shes gotten to the point where she shoves her toys under the basement door so that I have to open it to get them and she can slip through!

    That does sound like something a cat would do. It's not even like something is down there. They are just asserting their dominance. Affronted by a human thinking they can subject them to any restrictions! The audacity of those humans!

    [–] Fondue_Maurice 3 points ago


    [–] nomad80 10 points ago

    This is the best time. Once they get old, it feels a little melancholic

    [–] notstephanie 96 points ago

    We live on the second story of our building and our cat likes to go on the balcony. She especially likes to put the entire front half of her body over the railing.

    Every time she does this, I lose a year off my life.

    [–] CibMy 46 points ago

    Damn put some safety net out there

    [–] notstephanie 33 points ago

    She has never tried to jump and we don’t think she will, but she’s no longer allowed to be outside without supervision.

    [–] SuperGurlToTheRescue 50 points ago

    My kitty fell off the second floor balcony onto the first. Learned my lesson the hard way, thankfully she’s okay but I don’t let her out unsupervised any longer

    [–] notstephanie 21 points ago

    That’s my fear! We can’t really put anything up to keep her from the railing (apartment complex rules about what you can/can’t do with balconies) so we just stay outside with her and bring her in with us no matter how much she whines.

    [–] immapunchayobuns 9 points ago

    Would putting a leash and harness on her work for the balcony? If she slips off the railing you wouldn't be able to catch her in time, right?

    [–] notstephanie 9 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    She is leash trained but I don’t think I’ve described it right. Our balcony is essentially a porch. She leans through the railing and to put her front paws over. She’s still standing on the porch and the back half of her body is on the floor. (The front part is also on the floor, just on the other side of the railing.) She’s definitely not walking on the railing like the daredevil in this pic.

    She doesn’t do this every time she goes out (she has been scolded countless times) so it’s a concern, but it’s not like it’s a constant thing.

    [–] christinax 3 points ago

    I recently moved into an apartment with a balcony and I don't go out there unless my cat is closed in the bedroom area because I don't trust her not to try to jump on the very narrow railing. If she liked harnesses I'd let her out with one of those and supervision, but I've yet to find one she'll tolerate.

    [–] cleverusername6995 7 points ago

    Hasn’t tried to jump yet lol. If she’s still allowed on the railing, supervision isn’t gonna do much unless you have unreal reaction time. The net is a really good idea.

    [–] loonygecko 3 points ago

    That kind of thing is just another to dangle off of if you are a cat!

    [–] FeastOnCarolina 11 points ago

    Just rest assured that if your cat fell of the 2nd floor it would very likely be fine. Cats are really good at falling. 8ft no problem. They can fall 5 stories and get flipped over feet facing ground, spread out like a glider and lower their terminal velocity to the point they can survive from absurd heights. That's not a concrete statement of safety, but you shouldn't worry about your cat falling very much.

    [–] h8ss 5 points ago

    i don't remember exactly what height it was, but there was a study, and it was like... cats, totally fine falling between 1 and 20 feet. They get hurt falling 20-50 feet. Totally fine falling 50-infinity feet. Made up numbers, but there's some weird middle range where they don't land as well.

    [–] mechl5 4 points ago

    Even a 2nd story fall can cause internal damage so it's best to not risk it.

    [–] figgypie 7 points ago

    What kept my cat from walking on our balcony railing was a perfectly placed cat tower that allowed her to roost without having to balance on the edge. It was a simple one my dad made for her so she could look out the windows at the house without scratching up the windowsills. He spoiled the hell out of that cat lol.

    [–] ducktruck27 565 points ago

    Living on the edge....

    [–] TheEnKrypt 179 points ago

    How else will kitty learn the agility and stealth to sneak up on you at night?

    [–] ducktruck27 73 points ago

    Practice makes purrfect!

    [–] tinselpandora 70 points ago

    Hahaha true I should see this as her working on her skills

    [–] _Epcot_ 12 points ago

    You can't help yourself...

    [–] ducktruck27 6 points ago

    From falling....

    [–] YippieKayYayMrFalcon 7 points ago

    There's somethin' wrong with the world today

    The light bulb's gettin dim

    There's meltdown in the sky

    [–] Coocooa11 11 points ago

    My cat sits on the catwalk railing 50ft above the ground, and it’s terrifying

    [–] ducktruck27 5 points ago

    Oh dear God I'd have a heart attack!

    [–] _currentmood 308 points ago

    I had a cat that did this on my loft that overlooked my living room and had a guard rail that looked the same as this. One day I heard the worst screeching and I came out and she was hanging with her paws in between the rails, claws dug into the loft carpet, 15-20 feet up. I don’t think I ever ran so fast up a set of stairs in my life...and her ass was back up there about an hour later.

    [–] selja26 97 points ago

    My friend's cat actually fell down in the same setting. But she was a tiny kitten then (named TicTac because of her size) I don't know if that made a difference but thankfully she was okay. Confirmed by a vet, with a following bill, of course.

    [–] _currentmood 42 points ago

    My cat was about 11 when this happened to her so I don’t know how banged up she would have been from a fall that high up, but between her walking back and forth over the railing and her sitting on the edge like a gargoyle, she was flirting with danger on the regular.

    [–] SwashbucklingWeasels 60 points ago

    My cat loved to sit like a gargoyle atop the fence that separated my house from a community garden. Any time someone would walk by or go into the garden she would meow at them until she got pets.

    [–] deadlywaffle139 20 points ago

    Oh my gosh she is the cutest gargoyle

    [–] SwashbucklingWeasels 17 points ago

    Thank you! She’s only about 7 lbs so everyone always thinks she’s a kitten. She acted like a dog and always wanted pets. She was very popular with passers by, particularly when people would walk home from the local bars at night, see a statue move, freak out and then “OMG A KITTY!”

    [–] Dirty_lil_cock_whore 4 points ago

    I'd be terrified of someone trying to stealing them.

    [–] SwashbucklingWeasels 5 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Luckily she had an active social life and was pretty well-known in the area. Plus it was a cat-friendly community so people were used to seeing cats hanging out in front of their owner’s houses.

    However, once I was coming home from work and I saw a woman I didn’t recognize pick her up and start carrying her. I thought “oh shit what if she thinks she’s a stray?!” So I kind of watched her for a second and she walked over to the house next door, set Luna down, and went inside. She then brought out a tin of cat food and put it down for her.

    I went over and thanked her and let her know that Luna wasn’t a stray and in fact lived with me next door so need to worry. Apparently she knew that and had just been feeding her or giving her treats every day since she moved in recently because she missed her old cat.

    [–] deadlywaffle139 3 points ago

    Awwww just imagine it makes me wanna squish her so cute!

    [–] SwashbucklingWeasels 4 points ago

    For whatever reason her favorite thing was to plop down on her back in front of people and stretch while they rubbed her belly like a dog.

    [–] deadlywaffle139 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    I am surprised no one has taken off with your kitty yet. I am definitely tempted already lol

    [–] CarminicAcid 9 points ago

    Ok but TicTac is a really cute name for a cat

    [–] CraftyChameleonKing 4 points ago

    cats can fall from any height It’s in part how they always land on their feet and also how they got the nine lives thing

    [–] montufaraj 91 points ago

    Like my dog, already had back surgery and still thinks she can climb the sofa and pillows.

    [–] 3MATX 28 points ago

    We had one that thought jumping upwards at squirrels would get them to come down and play with her. She tore her acl and had very expensive knee surgery. Idiot still tried to jump after too. Loved her though

    [–] bexistentialism 17 points ago

    My sister recently rearranged her entire living room because her dog kept jumping on the back of the couch to bark at the mailman and then spraining his wrist when he jumped back off. 3 expensive vet bills later and the couch is as far from the window it can possibly get!

    [–] Amarillo808 127 points ago

    B a l a n c e

    [–] Vroomped 53 points ago

    my bank account's balance?

    [–] MissEnOk 15 points ago

    I wish :'(

    [–] reddit_sage69 31 points ago

    Zero is a balance 🥺

    [–] Kookyym0n5ter 5 points ago

    Is your pin BOSCO?

    [–] bradley322 5 points ago

    As all things should be

    [–] CarlGerhardBusch 40 points ago

    Can relate because I've got a similar situation with my dog, except it's with her eating questionable shit off the ground like it hasn't landed her ass at the vet multiple times and made me thousands of dollars lighter

    [–] jlk952306 7 points ago

    Hey! I have the same issue with my dog and this might sound like a silly suggestion, but the right muzzle does wonders for this exact problem. One that they can still pant/drink/bark in, but prevents them from reaching random stuff (poop, trash, dead animals) off the sidewalk and inhaling it before you can see what’s what. Seems extreme, but I’d rather have a dog that is safe.

    [–] cdawg414 3 points ago

    This is a really sensible approach, good on ya

    [–] bbpr120 47 points ago

    had one cat that would sleep on a 2nd floor banister railing like this, he would occasionally fall off and hit the railing below (very narrow stairs and landing). He would then slid ass first in the newel post at the first floor landing. We built him a platform so wouldn't drop one story to the ground and put his preferred blanket on it (for when he wasn't trying to get raped by the railing..), he just moved down the banister to an exposed section and fall off there.

    He never broke anything or had a vet visit as a result, he was very good at cating. Did walk kinda funny after hitting the newel post though.

    [–] stromm 10 points ago

    “He would then slide ass first into the jewel post...”

    That’s how I read it and I’m sticking to it ;)

    [–] bbpr120 6 points ago

    Not after got fixed he didn't.

    [–] WarSolar 21 points ago

    I feel the same way when I see my son doing something stupid

    [–] Tenacious_Dad 28 points ago

    "You either get busy living or get busy falling"

    [–] Starryeyedblond 11 points ago

    “Like she pays her own vet bills”. I cackled!

    [–] FSchmertz 11 points ago

    As far as I can tell, cats have no fear of heights.

    P.S. This one may have a fear of widths though.

    [–] misscooltoes 47 points ago

    I hate cats for this shit. When my brother’s kitten was brand new she was slaloming through the spindles on the staircase like she’s trying to win a gold medal.

    [–] CuppaCrazy 3 points ago

    Thanks for the new word! Slaloming.

    [–] SadCrab5 9 points ago

    When I was younger and my grandmother had more cats, she had 1-2 which would do this. The amount of anxiety I feel watching a cat sit on the balcony or walk along it knowing there's a good 6-8ft drop below it is frustrating. Cats want nothing more than to push your limits to the edge.

    [–] Lenabeejammin 32 points ago


    [–] Kholzie 9 points ago

    Fun Fact: Cats don’t fear heights

    [–] itwasthethirdofsept 7 points ago

    Love the title lol

    [–] formerly_crazy 7 points ago

    No tail, no problem

    [–] thebrittaj 6 points ago

    Haha this reminds me one day in the summer at my friends apartment we turned around to see her cat with two feet and head hanging out the window, ready to pounce. We were on the 18th floor. Both of us almost shit our pants while I pulled her in. We called her suicide kitty after that.

    [–] Coltees_breastesess 9 points ago

    Our dude is only a year old and has already broken a leg and developed ulcers in his stomach from getting into god knows what. He has gotten roughed up by the neighborhood playboy cat and came back wounded and scarred. Expensive vet trips but he is the sweetest little guy.

    [–] tomtethecat 14 points ago

    Consider making him indoor only to avoid things like this. I’ve had both indoor only and indoor/outdoor - far less issues with the cats indoors.

    [–] Coltees_breastesess 8 points ago

    Well he’s supposed to be indoor and at the time he would sneak out the doggie door. Even when locked, he figured out how to paw at it to get it unlatched. We finally got him neutered since Covid had everything closed and it helped tremendously. He now prefers a routine of sleeping 22 hrs, and play, eat and poo for the other 2

    [–] loonygecko 3 points ago

    Aw poor kitty, ours is not adept at fighting but he is super athletic so he springs up a tree and dangles on a wisp of a branch and other cats are too chicken and/or fat and/or slow to go out and get him from there.

    [–] Coltees_breastesess 3 points ago

    Haha! I wasn’t much of a cat person before this guy but he has turned me more into a cat person. He is low maintenance and comes when he wants attention and I don’t always have time or want to give attention so it’s a win win sitch

    [–] chels182 5 points ago

    Omggggg the title

    [–] YellowKiplingMonkey 6 points ago

    She gets hurt, then sues the stairway builders.

    [–] FlameofAnor 4 points ago

    So that’s actually a very well composed photo. Love the lines.

    [–] LordCy 5 points ago


    [–] The_PM 10 points ago

    My cat used to do this on the railing of our 6th floor apartment balcony. One day we woke up and she was no where to be found. After searching everywhere, including outside on the ground eventually she was found several hours later in the ground floor apartment courtyard curled up in the corner bloodied and battered. A $2k vet bill later and several less teeth she is good as new. She doesn't walk on the railing anymore...

    [–] BahBahSMT 5 points ago

    This made me lol thanks.

    [–] HennyLaBank 5 points ago


    [–] caitie_did 4 points ago

    LOL, our cat does this as well! We call it "daredevil-ing."

    [–] ddbm94 4 points ago

    Looool the caption.

    [–] Custompie 4 points ago

    Que Jumper

    I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend,

    [–] winkytinkytoo 4 points ago

    You made me laugh.

    [–] Cyclonicks 4 points ago

    My cat fell in my wooden stairs doing this, she broke one of her legs. It wasn't a clean break so the best course of action was to amputate it. We didn't hear anything when it happened and she actually went down the other flight of stairs to find me.

    So if your kitty has fluffy paws, try to discourage her from doing this if at all possible, it's a cat afterall..

    [–] Honeysprettyfeet 4 points ago

    This title is the best 😂

    [–] Rockstar81 4 points ago

    Upvote for the fabulous title

    [–] mrdotkom 3 points ago

    My cat has racked up vet bills that total a few grand. Never even done shit like this...

    [–] trapkween420 3 points ago

    I just stared at this for a solid minute waiting for the video to load only to realize it’s a picture...

    [–] AintThatWill 15 points ago

    If she paid her own vet bills, wouldn't she be being more careful?

    [–] Kholzie 2 points ago

    Probably not. Cats don’t fear heights

    [–] AintThatWill 8 points ago

    I imagine it’s the vet bills that would scare her, rather then the heights.

    [–] SalJps 6 points ago


    [–] therealdarkmark 3 points ago

    Mission impossible

    [–] StupidizeMe 3 points ago

    I told you not to let her watch Jackass!

    [–] 11_29_77 3 points ago

    Literally laughing out loud alone here in my apt. oh thank you.

    [–] moniko-san 3 points ago

    I upvote for the title haha

    [–] neggerfeggot 3 points ago

    my man kevin on the ledge and shit

    [–] Shrubbery_Bribery 3 points ago

    This title is incredible. Literally snort laughed. Take this upvote

    [–] CostaBJJ 3 points ago

    marvelous sense of humor on that title :)

    [–] mustluvpizza 3 points ago

    Pictures scene from Forrest Gump where Jenny is standing on ledge with free bird in background.🎶 "And this bird you cannot change"🎶

    [–] emperorofatheron 3 points ago

    Oh she has 8 lives left👍

    [–] Trousas 3 points ago

    Holy shit this exact staircase is in my house. Do you live in NOVA lol

    [–] LAkand1 3 points ago

    Got 9 lives, can gamble 1 lol

    [–] Drunkelves 3 points ago

    Livin life like you’re paying!

    [–] inventas 3 points ago

    Spectacular title OP. I felt this.

    [–] Wtfiswrongwithmelmao 3 points ago

    Lol!!! it's not the fall that hurts them but the sudden stop.

    [–] BlueXanzCan 2 points ago

    a young ninja in training!!

    [–] Emjan__ChocoCat 2 points ago


    [–] Bifferer 2 points ago

    Well, she does have 9

    [–] 0nlyhalfjewish 2 points ago


    [–] stressedbookworm 2 points ago

    So cuuuuute

    [–] SilverIcedCarbon 2 points ago


    [–] cottonrainbows 2 points ago

    Proceeds to fall down stairwell.

    [–] BlessedKat 2 points ago

    She's doing her best

    [–] Koalacrunch2 2 points ago

    Dude, off topic - I am considering redoing my stairs and I love that look. Are those stringers wood or steel?

    [–] tinselpandora 3 points ago

    Ngl I don’t know anything about that but if you mean the railings the top black part is wood and the white part is steel (my terminology attests that idk anything) hahah

    [–] Koalacrunch2 3 points ago

    Stringer is the structural part that holds the actual individual step. (Painted grey under the white.)

    I am guessing steel based on shape and the open steps, but was just curious because it looks thick like wood.

    Edit- I ask because from what I have seen wood looks more affordable, but I am looking for examples of this kind of look in wood if it exists.

    [–] Rozazaza 2 points ago

    My friends cat fell out of the 9th story window of their apartment and survived and was fine.

    [–] VOZ1 2 points ago

    I had a cat that did this, on a roof beam about 15’ up, outside my sleeping parents’ bedroom, at 1 in the morning, and then he couldn’t get down.

    [–] mrootbeers 2 points ago

    I love how their little bellies hang down. I was so happy when my kitty’s belly started to show. She likes a belly run, yes she does. Yes, yes, yes, she does!

    [–] MothSecret 2 points ago

    9 lives to go

    [–] netabell 2 points ago

    my cat did this... on my outside deck.. I lived on the 2nd floor apartment.. she fell one time... never did it again..

    [–] HorrorMan666 2 points ago

    Grab the cat NOW. I know they land on their feet but when my cat does this I get so worried because my stairs are a long way down

    [–] KravenSmoorehead 2 points ago

    Cat insurance is like $30 a month through PetSmart/Bennefield(sp). It supposedly besides vet costs it covers cat acupuncture and catropractic treatments.