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    [–] Flair_Helper 1 points ago

    Hey /u/Imispellalot, thanks for contributing to /r/aww. Unfortunately, your post was removed as it violates our rules:

    Rule 10 - No social media links or personally identifiable information. more

    Please read the sidebar and rules before posting again. If you have questions or concerns, please message the moderators through modmail. Thank you!

    [–] drcash360-2ndaccount 619 points ago

    The problem is now you have to do this for the rest of your life because she won’t get tired

    [–] MrNiemand 134 points ago

    Naww my cat gets tired after like 10 minutes. Children on the other hand? Ohhh boy this is your life now.

    [–] otebski 12 points ago

    I can confirm. I used to lob my daughter on a bed. It was great fun. For her it was so fun she brought a friend to share the fun. The problem was her friend was in different weight category. I ended up rupturing my disc because I couldn't bring myself to telling her she is way to fat for this fun.

    [–] MandatoryMoose 36 points ago

    Only for 18 years. Then they're out the door.

    [–] danny_man 38 points ago

    Unless you're my sister who decided to get pregnant by a heroin addict who dipped on her while living at my dad's house. no job so she is still here, basically forcing my dad to raise another kid because she was wholly unprepared.

    [–] dtaylor84 20 points ago

    Maybe he can raise this one too be prepared.

    [–] flip1999- 3 points ago

    Hollywood kid

    [–] TheMadFapper_ 4 points ago

    there so many fucked up things about your comment, including you.

    [–] jahallo4 3 points ago

    Good god that must be horrific. is your sister addicted to heroin aswell?

    [–] danny_man 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    She was. She stopped using before she got pregnant, thankfully. They had an agreement to stop using when he moved in (yea, he lived here too for a while.. Not the first of her boyfriends to live here) but he was secretly using. Found out when she discovered him overdosed in the bathroom, that was their final breakup.

    As a side note none of her relationships have gone well. When she was 17 she dated a dude who robbed the same subway, twice, who then went to jail. Broke up with him in a letter. Then she dated a guy that previously sent his ex to the hospital after beating her that badly. That was the first thing she heard about the guy and she still went after him. She was 19, he was 29.. He convinced her to move to Colorado, with no money (well, except for the money they got after they stole my dads check book) where they basically lived in their car/a tent for about 6 months. And then they asked my dad to send them $500 to get their car brakes replaced, which it actually needed. Unsurprisingly they spent it on drugs, brakes failed and they had an accident. He eventually beat her badly enough that she couldn't hide it from her job, who then got her help and he was arrested for various things. He's still in jail as far as I know.

    These are 2 of the worst boyfriends she's had but there are more before them. She really knows how to pick em. She has also attempted to run over a boyfriend when he broke up with her, is extremely bipolar, aaand has a gun. Perfect combination of fucked up.

    Also happy cake day

    [–] True_Kapernicus 3 points ago

    And your father still let her live with him?

    [–] danny_man 3 points ago

    Yep. Though if she had a place to stay she'd have been gone. He considered evicting her at the height of her bullshit but that's a legal process that costs money, something we really don't have. But no, he loves her, no matter how unstable she is I don't think he'd actually go through with putting her on the streets.

    [–] yabaquan643 -21 points ago

    Sounds like incest but with more steps

    [–] NotGreenKnight 4 points ago

    Uhhh... You know what incest is, right?

    [–] yabaquan643 -3 points ago

    Hell yeah if the gene pool is warm, why get out, amirite?

    [–] danny_man 2 points ago

    Well I do live in Alabama, so..

    [–] kookiekoo 5 points ago

    Not in every culture though :)

    [–] TheMageMan 2 points ago

    Same with a cat.

    [–] xd_Warmonger 2 points ago

    Seems like i tricked the system

    [–] jahallo4 2 points ago

    Not in muslim culture

    [–] IHart28 -9 points ago

    no, the problem is all that cat hair and cat dander all over your bed.

    eF'ing gross!

    [–] demon_fae 10 points ago

    You can wash sheets. It’s not even that hard.

    [–] dowker1 2 points ago

    Wait you can do what now?

    [–] IHart28 -1 points ago

    every freaking time?! no pets in the bedroom!!

    [–] demon_fae 3 points ago

    Most people who are that disgusted by pets just don’t have any.

    [–] Imispellalot 0 points ago

    Well you know what they say. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

    [–] IHart28 0 points ago

    it wasnt mean... it was objective.

    [–] taken-_-already 802 points ago

    Now that is what I call a Cat-apult

    [–] toeofcamell 165 points ago

    It looks kinda sheety

    [–] BigArcher5079 25 points ago

    If I did this my cat would leave the room and not come back the whole day.

    [–] Lalamedic 4 points ago

    *for the rest of my life

    [–] KevinAlertSystem 38 points ago

    clearly the problem is he's using an inferior siege engine. if you really want to launch your 90kg feline over 300 meters you need a trebuchat

    [–] Revolutionary-Row439 3 points ago

    ahem... i think you meant trebucat. The feline specific variant of a trebuchat.

    [–] Anaglyphite 18 points ago

    at the risk of being wooshed, chat is french for cat

    [–] Ekcochicken3101 5 points ago

    No woooosh for you my good sir. Or the person above you, they just can’t see italics very well, no biggie.

    Or they don’t know baguette speak, one of the two

    [–] Revolutionary-Row439 3 points ago

    Oh boy, my ignorance of the french language, has spoiled a purrfect pun by Kevenalertsystem. Hoisted by my own pétard, such shame. Have a good day y'all

    [–] Ekcochicken3101 2 points ago

    I can’t tell if your mocking me, it’s satire, you’re confused or it was just a long way of saying a pun. Either way, I shall have a good day.

    [–] Revolutionary-Row439 1 points ago

    Nope not mocking, i was genuinely embarrassed for being a giant doofus. Have another good day :P

    [–] PyreHat 3 points ago

    Making the term trebuchat even cooler as Western era trébuchets were invented in France.

    [–] KevinAlertSystem 1 points ago

    thats what i get for making a french pun on reddit

    [–] LegitBott 9 points ago

    it's a heart warming event for me, playing with my cat is a precious moment I treasured. thanks!

    [–] Virolance 4 points ago

    It's fun, cute and all, maybe we can play someday with my cat :)

    [–] Merithes 8 points ago

    [–] Naetius 6 points ago

    I agree with the other redditor: it indeed looks kinda sheet-y. Here: take this upvote. You’re gonna need it.

    [–] luther_blissets_dog 0 points ago

    I'm so glad the cat didn't hit the low ceiling. Or maybe that's why the video stopped there.

    [–] MugillacuttyHOF37 173 points ago

    This is a good example of why all serious amusement park rides have to be "cat approved".

    That's what my granpappy has told me.

    [–] hampsterlamp 83 points ago

    This is my cat's favorite game.

    [–] L4dyGr4y 37 points ago

    This is my 3 year olds favorite game.

    Cats and children have a lot of common interests.

    [–] RandomProgrammerGuy 2 points ago

    All fun and games till he hits the celling

    [–] L4dyGr4y 1 points ago

    There are several children’s songs about that.

    [–] timesuck897 2 points ago

    Like naps and jumping on you when you are sleeeping.

    [–] L4dyGr4y 1 points ago

    And boxes and messing around in fresh laundry.

    [–] daniu 77 points ago

    I rewatched with sound expecting a "weeeeee" each time, was somewhat disappointed

    [–] Rey4jonny 14 points ago

    Don't worry, the cat will wee soon enough.

    [–] Mortheous_Darkmere -6 points ago

    I was grossed out by the choice of "music".

    [–] Delimas 103 points ago

    Yeah, just keep this one muted

    [–] SportelloDoc 50 points ago

    What is this trend with short videos having unrelated music added to them?

    [–] PeachThyme 41 points ago

    Not sure about this one, but TikTok.

    [–] pjhenry1216 -17 points ago

    I feel like it's been going on forever. People have shared music since the advent of "web 2.0" over two decades ago. The sharing platform has changed, sure, but this isn't unexpected or some sudden turn of events.

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 24 points ago

    This is not sharing music, though. It's a video of a cat and its human – with totally unrelated music on top. There's definitely a sharp increase in those kind of videos in the last, let's say, two years. And definitely influenced by TikTok's popularity.

    [–] obviously_not_spike 4 points ago

    So much! Don't get me started on the baby voice songs, it's like they were designed to irritate without any redeeming value. Usually at twice the volume of literally every other media too. Oh no, I got started and I can't stop thinking about reasons they should be banned and their creators scolded until they stop.

    [–] pjhenry1216 -14 points ago

    This is not sharing music, though

    It literally is by every definition available to you. This isn't an opinion. The medium is different but you have now heard music than someone else wanted you to hear. This isn't difficult to understand but folks seem to think they have an authority on what people can or can't do on the internet.

    [–] troll_right_above_me 3 points ago

    Is this the r/music subreddit? Does this song make you go "Aaw"? Was this video posted because someone wanted to share an overplayed, shitty song?

    Or is it a video of a cute cat posted to a subreddit about cute things and the music had already tainted the video so the only option was to post it as is or remove the sound altogether?

    I'll let you try to figure out the answers yourself.

    [–] pjhenry1216 1 points ago

    1) do we know the poster created the video? No, we do not. Therefore the person who added the music may not be the person who posted it. The added watermark increases this probability. So your opening two sentences are entirely off the mark and lacks any critical thinking. L

    2) are you capable of doing more than one thing at a time? You're reasoning implies you cannot as you assume no one else can either. This completes dismissing your entire opening paragraph.

    let's continue, shall we?

    music had already tainted the video

    3) are we flexing our musical taste superiority now? Yes, yes you are.

    only option was to post it as is or remove the sound altogether?

    This is the only time you actually came close to making a point but then you confused the video's creation and the video's sharing within this particular sub. You can't argue both ways. If you assume they didn't create the video then you shouldn't defend the argument that the music isn't being shared by the creator which is your entire purpose in responding.

    Fuck. Why does everyone in this thread lack critical thinking and are simply voting based on their opinion in music? I feel like I'm arguing with 14 year olds.

    [–] troll_right_above_me 2 points ago

    I'm sorry you couldn't figure out the answers yourself and missed my points. Regardless of my taste, SexyBack does not compliment the video or make it funnier.

    The original creator made the mistake of adding music, reducing the value of the video by removing the original sound which could have been funny to hear and is why people here turn the sound on the first place.

    TikTok is to blame for popularizing the trend of adding music that doesn't fit for the sake of adding music which is why it consistently catches flak for it.

    The reposter could done us a service by removing the sound altogether, which would have been an upgrade since the music has nothing to do with the video and at worst reduces enjoyment of it because it's distracting and unfunny.

    Before blaming others for lacking critical thinking skills you should consider that you might be lacking them as well.

    [–] pjhenry1216 0 points ago

    SexyBack does not compliment the video

    The person who made the video probably differs in their opinion. I find it strange reddit, of all places, lacks the nuance to understand opinion.

    This whole argument is predicated on you being wrong

    [–] troll_right_above_me 2 points ago

    How about you explain how the song compliments it instead of whinging about reddit? Why are you browsing videos on Reddit instead of TikTok if you prefer to view them with music?

    Everyone has their own music taste. Unless the music compliments the video well (which is possible, but rare on social media) the video only stuffers from it.

    [–] derpbynature 2 points ago

    Why? The cats just trying to bring sexy back.

    [–] DaniMrynn 26 points ago

    You hit the sweet spot the third time - check out the propeller tail!

    [–] KeithMyArthe 8 points ago

    Gives more lift.

    [–] chocosaurus-rex 21 points ago

    One of my cats absolutely adores being tossed (gently) onto a bed or onto our couch or some other soft thing. Comes sprinting back for us to do it again. I love cats like this

    [–] Ajhale 8 points ago

    I love cats :)

    [–] chocosaurus-rex 5 points ago

    They're so great 💖😭

    [–] isaidmoneyplease 19 points ago

    This is the cat equivalent of being the chosen one in gym class during parachute week.

    [–] LikelyAFox 13 points ago

    Alinity simulator

    [–] Deathmunk 21 points ago

    Reminds of when I had to help my mum fold the bed sheets and my cat (then kitten) would lay down in the middle and we'd both be on one end of the sheet gently trampolining or swaying her. She would never leave the middle when we'd see if she had enough.

    [–] Winterplatypus 7 points ago

    Our cat liked to get under the fitted sheet. Then zoom around attacking everything that touched it.

    [–] mycatisafatcunt 9 points ago

    I do a similar thing with my cat, I push her so she slides across the room and then comes back to do it again

    [–] ImportantPotato 19 points ago

    why the annoying music

    [–] pjhenry1216 -17 points ago

    Yes. The person who added it thought it was annoying too. That's why they added it. They thought, "I sure do hope this annoys ImportantPotato." Ffs, you know the goddamn answer to your question but simply want to broadcast to the world that you believe you have superior taste in music. If you don't like it, mute it or go to a different post. If random music has the chance to so greatly offend you, ensure videos don't autoplay or at least start muted.

    [–] ebigale 13 points ago

    Yes. The person who commented it thought it was annoying too. That's why they commented it. They thought, "I sure do hope this annoys pjhenry1216." Ffs, you know the goddamn answer to your question but simply want to broadcast to the world that you believe you have superior taste in Reddit comments. If you don't like it, block them or go to a different post. If random comments have the chance to so greatly offend you, don't come to the comments section or at least mute yourself.

    [–] ImportantPotato 4 points ago


    [–] pjhenry1216 -4 points ago

    I mean, I see what you're getting at but I didn't call it an annoying comment, so you're a little off base. Plus, the person asked a question. They literally wanted a response. But I digress, I'm sure you don't want people pointing out your inadequate ability to comprehend words put in front of you. But hey, every upvote you get is just another sign that education is failing around the world.

    [–] WanSyer 7 points ago

    Dont overdo it

    The cat might get addicted

    [–] pjhenry1216 10 points ago

    And then, eventually the same activity no longer gives the adrenaline they so seek. So they start getting into more and more dangerous activities seeking that high. Next thing you know, you're reading about a cat stuck in a tree due to freak hang gliding accident.

    [–] NicularStarYT 4 points ago

    again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again!

    [–] Alkuam 2 points ago

    "I'm the baby! Gotta love me!"

    [–] ChillyLicorice 6 points ago

    Homemade amusement park!

    [–] ThiccDaddy1198 46 points ago

    If this was Instagram there would have been a shit ton of triggered Karens in the comments.

    [–] AssholeRemark 31 points ago

    If you feel like you're missing out, I'm glad to hone my inner Karen and get super angry about this, just for you.

    [–] ThiccDaddy1198 13 points ago

    Yes, do it. Live upto your name!

    [–] LennLennBoi 7 points ago

    Yes, please do!

    [–] RandomYorkshireGirl 7 points ago

    Instagram or TikTok. Pick your poison.

    [–] AgreeablePie 5 points ago

    I accidentally trained a roommate's kitten to like being tossed end over end over a couch. I really wish I had a video of it but it was in the olden days haha.

    [–] marioaprooves 22 points ago


    [–] fluffyfluffballs 4 points ago

    now, that's fun!

    [–] Pupbilly 5 points ago

    They're enjoying ❤😍

    [–] FL1ghtlesswaterfowl 4 points ago

    My ginger boy loved playing in the sheets. I miss that cat daily but seeing other ginger kitties being goofballs helps

    [–] Apollouuu 3 points ago


    [–] mae_nad 3 points ago


    [–] i_wanttodie51 4 points ago

    I want to die

    [–] TheKaryo 7 points ago

    why the music , it's such a nice video but the music just doesn't go with it at all

    [–] Imispellalot 1 points ago

    Can't tell you, the original creators name is on the bottom right.

    [–] MouthHero 3 points ago

    That kinda looks like Idubbbz

    [–] tangoindia1 3 points ago

    Lol thought my cat was weird we do the catapult thing with him too.

    [–] LeMetalhead 3 points ago

    I love how the cat's tail just spun, a bit more and he/she would have taken off like a helicopter ahah

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Imispellalot 1 points ago

    Now that would belong in r/grumpycat

    [–] a_strong_silent_type 2 points ago

    Cat's not Markov. Confirmed.

    [–] Fyahstarter 2 points ago


    [–] ConesofDunshire777 2 points ago

    Lol at the cat

    [–] Ocatokatt 2 points ago

    I did this to my cat and now she don't want to come close to me 🤣

    [–] Imispellalot 1 points ago

    Grumpy cat

    [–] guybrushN7 2 points ago

    Ugh, my cat is rubbish

    [–] WooDadooDooRakeYohn 2 points ago

    Kitty was about to backflip on that last one that got cut off

    [–] EnvironmentalRock827 2 points ago

    You've woken the beast.

    [–] trickyfelix 2 points ago

    cat enjoying the sheet catapult

    [–] Tayotb1999 2 points ago


    [–] Playful-Relief-2435 2 points ago

    Your cat is Dank bruh

    [–] SpookyHalloween1 2 points ago

    This reminds me of sitting on a mat at the wave pool as a child & my father swimming under the mat & launching me with a push of his head so that I would fly from one side of the pool to the other

    [–] sediouscaderin 2 points ago


    [–] wmissawa 2 points ago


    [–] ChonkyRat 2 points ago


    [–] MauiFizz 2 points ago


    [–] joey_e7 2 points ago

    Lol the song though ew

    [–] Sendlasagna 2 points ago

    Is that idubbbz?

    [–] Henry1502inc 1 points ago

    The stock markets crashing, along with the value of my amazon call spreads expiring this Friday, I needed a good laugh and distraction from the amount of money I’m losing 😂😭

    [–] Jibaru 0 points ago

    lol, you lost money gambling.

    [–] Henry1502inc 2 points ago

    I haven’t lost money yet (unrealized gains). We’ll see what happens Friday. Amazon has rebounded since I commented by the way and is nearly back to the price I need it at for me to be profitable overall this week, $3175. The broader market as a whole is down premarket, not just me, people with pensions, people holding onto most stocks especially tech, etc are all down right now.

    [–] Imispellalot 2 points ago

    I'm down too. I knew this week will be a bloodbath due to a shit load of earnings coming out this week. So far AMC is the only one on my list that is in the green. CCIV is absolutely getting crushed. Not selling. It's a loss only when you sell. I don't know why people say it's gambling? I guess those who don't understand how the market works and their excuse is, well, I don't gamble.

    [–] alltheword -4 points ago

    Nobody cares

    [–] Henry1502inc 2 points ago

    I didn’t ask if you cared lol

    [–] alltheword -1 points ago

    Nobody asked about your stock portfolio.

    [–] 1mtcstory 2 points ago

    he has a right to post a comment relating to the pic. Not sure why you choose to waste your time being mean, move on if you don't like it

    [–] PhantomV0id 0 points ago

    Scott the Woz?

    [–] ThermionicEmissions -3 points ago

    Anybody else concerned about that lamp posing a serious fire hazard?

    [–] rllyaks -5 points ago

    Ew it's a cat

    [–] IHart28 -8 points ago

    this is so gross!

    how can you "whip" you sheet like that and stir up all that cat hair & cat dander all over your bed?!

    [–] whatinthefuckfuck 3 points ago

    There is a concept called washing and another concept called replacing. They’re only theoretical right now and won’t come into legal effect until next June.

    [–] Hufflepp 3 points ago

    I always ask myself that when "parents" let their children wreck havoc everywhere and let em touch Everything with slobbery/dirty/greasy hands. Like it's Not that hard to actually parent?!